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July 13, 2023
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February 10, 2022
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February 25, 1954
Approved for Release: 2021/12/07 CO2071349 U.S. Officials Only COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED (BY SOURCE) DATE ACQUIRED (BY SOURCE) DATE (OF INFO SOURCE CEINTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY IN ORMATION REPORT Goveramen. Offer of China, Liaison ::issionj For Sino Refugee T;epatri- ?Oil DOCUMENT COSTA NS INFORMATION IIFFECTINO THE NATIONAL OEFENS, OF Tot uOITID STATES, WITHIN TmEMEANIND OF TITLE IS. SECTION' HIS AND 704, OF TmE U.S. CODE. AS AMLODUH ITS TRANSM121100 OR RIVE. LOTION OP Tii CnNTENTS TO OR RECEIPT ET AN UNAUTOORIZED PINION IS THIS IS UNEVALUATr INFORMATION REPORT NO. DATE DISTR. Feb 54 NO, OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. SUPP. TO REPORT NO. 1. The Imperial Covernment, China Liaison mission, known to be a reli,-ious and political party, recently forparded a note to the Hongkong Rennie's Mill Refugee Camp Relief committee, offer44 a donation of 3,000 taels (4,0oo oz.) of gold, equivalent to US$130,000, tcpe ear.-narked especially for the repatriation to Formosa of refugee-soldiers ( Dationalists) now in Rennie's Mill Camp, Hong Kong. 2. In two notes, sent to the Ohillese Chamber of Commerce of Hongkon and forwarded by them to the Rennie's mall 'yam committee, the Liaison mission stated that upon instructions received from their "Recency Co:ncil'', a donatio.-J of 3,000 Laels of ,;,old to he used for repatr:Aition purposes woud. be made the nomple- tieu of arranementp between -their party and the (_;rmosa Liou. 3. Tang ;'7an-lcui, Luardian ih Hongkong of the Imperia Ooverpment, China, L7;.aison mission, said that the "party' Was first established on Suaday. Ueptember 16, 1951 at Yiyang district, Ronan prov'ince. 4. The party, which is of a religious and political nature, was said, to be advocating the establishment of an imperi government in China. 5. Operating "somewhere in China" the party, Mr. Tang said, was under the authority of a "Regency CounciSl." at present underground. He said that the party drew its strength from many peasant synroathizers and that it also had strong military ties both in the China mainland and ih Formosa. 6. Tf arrangements can be completed, he said, an application would Ce made to Hong Kong authorities for the import Of the 3,000 taels of gold which, added, would come from their (the party's) stockpile In Formosa. Robert Der (variant of Char or Tee), chairman of the executive 2ommittee of the Rennie's Kill Refugee Cago Rejje conunittee, and chairman of the Kowloon Chamber of Commerce, into whose hands the offer was placed, swid LI a re!nrn notE, to the a�ifi c S- Only e� 1.1:7.TIAL DI STRIBUT IONAO. STATE -E Rm NAV: .�X A IP �X IA .1 0 I tepor,:injr the me within ale USA of the Intelligence components of the Torments or Benciea indicated ithove. It not to be Oft11111 c,---7 tht. concuuence o4 the ctrieigv.ins office 11000051. the Aesietine PireC or of the Mee. of Collection and Dissentinatio�. CIA. LospoQMs (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) (b)(1) (b)(3) proved for Release: 2021/12/07 CO2071349 Approved for Release: 2021/12/07 CO2071349 Liaison mission that ne had repiid that his comanittes would be glad i. arlrange a meeting between this party and the ?ree Assoo.iaktion (Formosa), the natural body to :omplete any urrancoment, 8. Mx.. Der, commenting on the offer, continued hc:;ever, that et present was no tangible evidence of thegenuinerEss Jf the of.Zer, and unless soph� concrete proof, apart from the notes, was fort71;comir, he was for..!e to slightly skeptical of the materialization of the taels oful donation. . At present, Mr. Der said, there are ahout 6,C;; de-oolrliers at Mill Camp. - end - (b)(3) US 9TFICIALS ONLY/COMnDENTIAL pproved for Release: 2021/12/07 CO2071349