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March 9, 2023
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March 25, 2020
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March 30, 1964
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Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 - Ned EYES ONLY Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 . 1IL,_, ij _4L1 -- !VI UL,t'N. LIN UtSJ t+, L.) evit , � )Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 �11�01 NNW SUBJECT: Project Mockingbird Background: Routine review of the daily syndicated column of newsmen Robert S. Allen and Paul J. Scott in early -1962 developed indications that classified information, sometimes code word material, was being utilized as the basis for a high per- centage of their columns. Although much oi the information contained in the columns was garbled, it was apparent that key points were frequently direct quotes from classified reports and summaries of recent vintage. � The Director of Security received a requirement from the DCI in March 1962 to attempt through appropriate investigative activity to determine, if possible, the identities of the source or sources of classified information to the two newsmen. it was recommended to the DCI that telephonic monitoring would be the most productive. In addition, certain investigation limited to discreet checks of records sources was recommended. With approval of the DCI, around the clock telephone monitoring was conducted of telephone lines to each of the newsmen's homes and to the office which they shared jointly. (b)(3) (b)(3) The activity was continued until mid-June 1962, at which time the tele- phonic coverage was discontinued to coincide with the retirement of the Director of Security. Knowledge of the activity, beyond a limited few in the Office of. Security directly involved in processing the acquired data, is indicated as being limited to the DCI, the DDCI, the Executive Director-Comptroller and the General Connsel. Subsequently the DCI advised that he had briefed the Attorney General, the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the Defense Intelligs.ence Agency. Regular briefings of the DCI were conducted by the Director of Security throughout the tunure of the operation. Information Developed: Project Mockingbird was extremely productive in developing sources of data, both classified and unclassified, to the two newsmen, as a result of a daily telephone conversation the two men would conduct after the senior mem- ber of the team, Col. Robert S. Allen, would complete the re-write of raw data left for him in the office by Paul J. Scott. It became apparent that Scott acquired most of the sensitive data, and that he acquired it in highly accurate form. The obvious garbling of the data occurred in the re-write by Col. Allen. At first it was believed that the garbling was a by-product of Col. Allen's reiu- lar state of intoxication; however, SECRET EYES NLY MOCKINGBIRD (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 IV ILI 1.1 1.1`4 .LJ � Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 - The newsmen's sources were wide-ranging, and much of the information provided to them by these sources never saw print. In a number of cases the writers specifically noted that such-and-such an item could not be used in any form because it could be directly attributed to the source. During its short tenure, MOCKINGBIRD established the identities of significant number of sources and "cooperative" individuals. Much of this information was of a partisan political nature or was in the nature In those cases of direct interest to the purpose of MOCKINGBIRD, i.e. national defense information, it was possible in many cases to establish a specific iden- tity of the source providing the information. In other cases, it was pos- sible to establish only a general, non-specific, identification of source, such-as "my friends over in Navy," "he works right in their office," etc. Because of the frequent compromise of sources by the newsmen, either by name or essential elements which could lead to identification of an individual, it became apparent that over an extended period of time most, if not all, such sources could be identified, (As noted earlier, it was de- cided to terminate MOCKINGBIRD with the retirement of the Director of Security, rather than to continue the activity for a more desirable period cc Sources of information of all sorts used by Col. Allen and Scott can be generalized as follows: The Speaker of the House Members of the Senate and House of Representatives Congressional Staff members Members of the News Media Employees and staff members of the White House, the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the Agency for International Develo/pment, the Department of Justice, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Central Intelligence Agency Staff members of the Office of the Vice President The Republican and Democratic National Committees Lobbyists Retired Federal officers and officials Miscellaneous others, ranging from a union official to a priest There appeared to be a fairly clear division of source types between Col. Allen and Paul Scott, which might be generalized as follows: a. Col. Allen appeared to have most of his contacts among former Army associates and Col. Kehm, for example) and "old New Deal" personalities, (Oscar Chapman, for example). SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962p n _La 1 � 1VL \ 11N T Id Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 - b. Paul Scott, by far the most active of the two men, had the remaining contacts. 'Monitors of MOCKINGBIRD were frequently amazed at the sheer bulk of information Scott would acquire in the course of a day. Most of the highly classified information mentioned as such in the conversations is directly attributable to Scott's sources. Scott made frequent reference to his close association with the Speaker of the House, and in one discussion with his White House source promised a "McCormack cigar" in exchange for a report he sub- sequently received from White House records. (Scott had taken a leave of absence from the column the previous year to assist in the unsuccessful political bid of the Speaker's nephew.) MOCKINGBIRD was not successful during its three months of operation in identifying Col. Allen and Scott's source or sources in this Agency. The prin- ciple source of concern, Mr. "(", appeared to be in the Office of National Estimates. A blind memo regarding him, including references to his written comments on certain National Estimates and statements he is supposed to have made, was shown by the Director of Security to Mr. Sherman Kent. Mr. Kent was not aware of MOCKINGBIRD as the source. Mr. Kent subsequently ad- vised the Director of Security that he was unable to identify "Mr. X" from the information provided. One significant factor developed by MOCKINGBIRD was the ability of the newsmen to obtain warnings or guidance regarding possible threats to their activities. For example: a. In mid-March 1962,. Paul Scott advised Col. Allen that they were under investigation by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations as a re- sult of their accurate overflight stories. According to Scott, the Secretary of Defense had directed the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency to conduct an investigation of the newsmen in an attempt to develop their sources. The Director of DIA Subsequently held a meeting with regarding the pro- posed conduct of the investigation. A "friend" of Scott's was present in a office when a participant of the meeting was discussing it with other personnel. Because there were too many people present at the time, the "friend" was unable to obtain full details. Subsequently, the "friend" was able to obtain further details, had discussed such an in- vestigation with the a week or so earlier. He was not told, at the time, of MOCKINGBIRD, but it was suggested that he initiate no investigative action. When the foregoing information was obtained, .he was immediately 'briefed on and shown the transcript of the pertainent conversations. General Carroll insisted that he had adhered to the instruction and that the meeting described by Scott had not taken place.) b. In May 1962, Col. Allen indicated that he had recently been visited by a man from CIA, an old Army friend, "Stanley." The apparent tenor of (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2020/01;14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 'goof of the meeting dealt with "pot shots" being taken at the DCI and the DCI's concern that the Administration was planning to "unload him or kick him upstairs." In a subsequent conversation, Paul Scott advised Col. Allen that he (Scott) had been cautioned to be a little careful in what he said to "Col. Grogan." Col. Grogan, he said, is very close to another person in CIA, with loyalty like that to Mr. McCone. Scott indicated that his source had advised that Col. Grogan had "a couple of meetings" with this other, unnamed, person "this week," and that Col. Grogan's visits to Col. Allen "may be both friendly and a surveillance job." (Col. Grogan was not aware of MOCKINGBIRD, but was cooperating with the Director of Security because of the mutual concern at Col. Allen and Scott's classi- fied revelations. He, indeed, had met with the Director of Security both prior to and after his visit to Col. Allen.) Scott's source of this informa- tion was never identified. Attached is a list of contacts and sources of Col. Allen and Paul Scott. Those indicated by an asterisk provided information to them, ranging from incidental political data to sensitive military information. Parenthetical numbers indicate a specific report in the attached MOCKINGBIRD notebook. Those for which no number appears are those persons identified in other conversations. These latter conversations were not transcribed because they did not deal directly with the inforruation leakage of concern. SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO23539627-'3.9 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2.353962 vtedit Known Contacts -- 1962 U.S. Senate Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator Senator R. Vance Hartke (D) Indiana* Wayne Morse (D) Oregon* Strom Thurmond (D) South Carolina* Hubert H. Humphrey (D) Minnesota* (78) Margaret Chase Smith (R) Maine* Clinton P. Anderson (D) New Mexico* Karl E. Mundt (R) South Dakota* J. William Fulbright (D) Arkansas Daniel K. Inouye (D) Hawaii (*? -- "is with us") Warren G. Magnuson (D) Washington* E. L. Bartlett (D) Alaska* Henry M. Jackson (D) Washington* Ernest Gruening (D) Alaska* Jacob K. Javits (R) New York* John G. Tower (R) Texas* U.S. House of Representatives Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative John W. McCormack (D) Massachusetts Speaker of the liouse=,'� (50) Wilbur D. Mills (D) Arkansas* (58) Omar Burleson (D) Texas John E. Fog-garty (D) Rhode Island* Wright Patman (D) Texas* (33) John J. Rooney (D) New York* Daniel J. Flood (D) Pennsylvania* (75) Paul G. Rogers (D) Florida John D. Dingell (D) Michigan Francis Walter (0) Pennsylvania* Michael A. Feighan (0) Ohio* (61) Leslie C. Arends (R) Illinois* (62) Congressional Staff Herman Clay Beasley, clerk, Special Sub-Committee on Regulatory Agencies, House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. (His wife, Helen, is a staff member of the Special Government Inforiliation Sub-Committee of the House Committee on Government Operations.) James B. Naughton, Counsel, Sub-Committee on Inter- Governmental Relations, House Committee on Government Operations. * SECRET EYES NLY MOCKINGBIRD Approved for Release. 2020/01/14 CO2353962 � EYESONLY-- MOCKINGBAp Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 41,101 Congressional Staff (Continued) Robert G. Baker, Secretary for the Majority, U.S. Senate* Mace I. Broide, Asrninistrative Assistant to Senator Vance Hartke* Tony Scott Smith, Press Secretary to Senator Barry Goldwater* William C. Lewis, Jr. , Ekecutive Assistant to Senator Margaret Chase Smith* (11) James Sundquist, Administrative Assistant to Senator Joseph B. Clark Harry Shuler Dent, Administrative Assistant to Senator Strom Thurmond* J. Fred Buzhardt, Legislative Assistant to Senator Strom Thurmond* (67) George F. Murphy, Jr., Staff Member, Atomic Energy Joint Committee:4'. Carl M. Marcy, Chief Of Staff, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations* William M. Cochrane, Administrative Assistant to Senator B. Everett Jordan* Francis R. Valeo, Administrative Assistant to Senator Mike Mansfield "Tower's man" * (See Unknowns) "Ed," Armed Services Committee* (See Unknowns) "Humphrey's aide," *(See Unknowns .1711iforgan"* (See Unknowns) l'Arnold," Armed Services Committee* (See Unknowns) "Thurrnond's people(See Unknowns and Buzha.rdt and Dent, above "Marcy"* (See Unknowns) "J,..vits' man" * (See Unknowns)(88) "GUT in KastcUeir's office"* (See Ur14--,ew-r) "Pat McNamara's assistant"* (See Unknowns) 1Feeney," aide to Representative McCormack. In Washington on temporary basis* Executive Branch Thomas It. McEntegart, Bureau of Ships, U.S. Navy* (32) Joseph A. Camelio, Economist, Department of Commerce (Scott's personal friend) Col. John Boocharsky, Walter Reed Medical Center (Col. Allen's doctor George E. Reedy, assistant to Vice President Johnson* (86) Willie Day Taylor, aide to Vice President Johnson* (86) Myer "Mike" Feldman, information officer, U.S. Department of Justice John A. Baker, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture* (72) Thomas A. Kennedy, Director, Management Inspection Staff, Agency for for International Development* (28, 45, 69) William J. Cronin, Office of Chief of Engineers, Department of Army James T. Ramey, Executive Director, Joint Committee on Atomic Energy* (15) Joseph F. Dolan, Deputy U.S. Attorney General* (54) William P. Connors, clerk, the White House* (57) Joseph L. Marks, U.S. Naval Photographic Interpretation Center.* (63) Larry Fillipelli, National Aeronautics and Space Administration . -1-�:177^ .r-VNT nr�-ccrNic-,BIRD Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 AApproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 News Media Representatives Alice Widener, columnist and publisher of USA Magazine* Edward J. Michelson, correspondent, Berkshire Evening Eagle * Earl Mazo, corespondent, New York Herald Tribune* John Henshaw, correspondent, New York National Enquirer, American Mercury, leg-man for Jack Anderson* (Scott feeds him stories) George Dixon, writer, King Features Syndicate (Scott feeds him stories) Robert Y. Crater, correspondent, Cincinnati Post and Times Star* John Goldsmith, United Press* (Now shares column with Col. Allen-1970) (1) Willard Edwards, Chicago Tribune Syndicate* Don Larabee, correspondent for unnamed publication* Sam Shaeffer, Newsweek* (88) Esther Coopersrnith, Hall Syndicate* Clark IvIollealiolf, Cowles Publications and DesMoines Register * Phillip Potter, Baltimore Sun* Frank Edwards, Indiana newsman and newscaster Joe Neil, Hall Syndicate Unnamed newsman who covers the U.S. Department of State for the Washington Evening Star.* Other Oscar Chapman, former -Secretary of Interior, of Chapman, liVoldf=zohn and Friedman * � Michael Deane, President, American Finance Conference, Inc.* Carl A. Shipley, Chairman, Republican State Committee for the District of Colurnbi General Arthur Trudeau* (Misc.) (84) Edward Hunter* (former employee of CIA) (37,38) Clayton Fritchie, Democratic Digest James Patterson, former member, House of Representatives* Retired (former CIA) (b)(3) Charles Ashman, attorney for Miami fishing interests and some Cuban exile groups "Pat" Young, Democratic National Committee Robert Hill, former U.S. Ambassador41) Joe Keenan, official, Machinists and Electricians Union.* Donald Saltz, Republican National Committee Rev. (fnu) McEvvan, Consumers League* Langdon Marvin, former Capitol Hill aide George Feldman, Commissioner, Communications Satellite Commission* Leonard Marks, law firm of Cohn and Marks (later, Director of USIA)* Clyde Kluckholn, public relations consultant, former State Department official*(65) William John Webb, at the time with General Treudeu's staff, subsequently joined staff of Senator John Tower. Former CIA employee* (65) Col. Harold D. Kehm, Retired. Former CIA assignee* SECRET ApproNie-d-f-jr-ReleaS-e: 2020/61714'602.3-5-39-621D J-4 Ulf) Eggir 'Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 .00.1 Others - Unknown Friend of Col. Allen and Paul Scott. Works on the House Committee on. Un-American Activities. (Allen and Scott also deal directly with Chairman Rancis Walter)* "Ed, " friend of Scott who has contacts with Cubans, called Miami for Scott, would talk to Cardona for Scott.* (Possibly Ed Michelson, newspaper- man; however, see next :item) Friend of Scott on Armed Services Committee who has contacts with the Cuban exiles* (Tentative identification is T. Edward Braswell, Jr., staff member, Senate Armed Services Committee) "Humphrey's aide!*(Aides to Senator Humphrey identified as William Connell, John J. Flynn, Winthrop Griffith, Violet Williams; no positive identi- fication) "Tower's rnan"*(Staff of Senator Tower includes these professionals: LaMaster Leroy, Horace B. Clay, Pierce Langford and Herschel Schooley; no positive identification) "Morgan (Tentative identification as Phillip William Morgan, Chief Counsel to the Minority, Senate Permanent Sub-Committee on Investigations, Committee on Government Operations "Thurrnond's people" *See Congressional Staff references to Dent and Buzhz_vrdt. Other staff professionals are Ed Kenney and Sammy Stilwell; no ident) "Mrs. Beel-tn" Contact of . Not identified. (b)(6) Sam Block - organizing testimonial dinner for Senator Vance Ha_rtke;- not identified "Arnold," Armed Services Committee* No such member on the Committee staff; however, John Arnold is press assistant to Senator Clifford P. Case, a member of the Committee. No positive identification.) "Bill" - In some way associated with the U.S. Supreme Court. (Not identified, but other information indicates it may be William O. Douglas, a friend of Col. Allen.) SECRET ONLY --MOCKINGBIRD pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 ,...fpc5oLwv-p VIPF Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 'grate ALEX - See previous page. as This individual was identified February 1972 who in 1963 lived with Washington, D.C. In 1963, at a time when he was cultivating Agency secretaries, was described as being of apparent foreign birth, possibly French, between 40 and 50 years of age, fluent in several languages, working at the Library of Congress, working as a contract translator for the Pentagon, and having been and still desiring to be a seaman. (See file of pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962' UPI � Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 �44,se Others--Unknown (Contin.ued) "Osher" * - re California political developments. Not identified "Irwin." * - re tax hearings. (Tentative identification is Leo H. Irwin, chief counsel for the House Ways and Means Committee; no positive identi- fication) s "Dr." - .does research at the Library of Congress for Scott; not identified "Alex" - "Polish fellow" who translates for Scott at the Library of Congress, possibly the same as "Dr.," above. Known associate of John Henshaw. Not identified "Javitst man"*- (Professionals in the office of Senator Javits are Theodore Crolius, Allen Lesser, Herbert Blitz, Richard Aurelio, and Stephen Kurzrnan.; no positive identification) "Matty" Matthews* - re TFX data. Not identified "Guy in Kastenrnier's office"* - (Professionals of the staff of Representative Robert W. Kastenrnier are Kaz Oshiki and Gar Alperovitz-; no idenf-) "Pat MCNamara's assistant"* - (Professional aides to Senator Pat McNamara are Robert Perrin, Harold Beaton, Edwin Winge, George Lenches, Denis O'Donnell, Thomas Finnerty and James Reid; no positive identi- fication) "Luther Hodge's assistant,' -Not identified * Friends in Pentagon, "my people," etc.*- Not identified "Works right with them " (McNamara, Nitze, Bundy)* - Not identified "Kea.tin.g's source in Naval Intelligences' "very much the same source" as Scott's.*-- Not identified Individual with access to CIA estimates and documents*- Not identified Other "unknowns" appear in this case, but no elements of identification capable of exploitation,due to the sensitive nature of the case, were developed. r".� ,-MOCKINGBIRD pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 BIGOT LIST PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD__ Non-Agency Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, the Attorney General General Joseph Carroll, Director DLA Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense Non- OS Mr. John IVIcCone DC1 General Carter DDCI Mr. Lawrence Houston GC Mr. Lyman Kirkpatrick ED Office of Security Col. Edwards Mr. Bannerman Mr. White Mr. Charles Kane L____ (not briefed, but has indicated _knowledge) . ,(not briefed, b.ut has indicated knowledge (alluded to he knew SRS has sensitive material on this case, 10 February 19 6 5.) (through per H. O.) Technicians See for arrival and clepature logs giving initials of �agents. Approved for Release: 2020/01/14CO2353962 - 41 � - Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 z STS.TECT: ,SaDent Facts Cc rnJ- n Article y Pnbe,~4- S. Allen/ Scott End':',.led Tr.New Ch1 ci CLA. Crarf= Et.; 011 Unicuchered An'peari in the Larg lalandlDress on 29 Ncriemher 1961' Mr. Cord Meyer, C1-21e1, 10 Division, DD/P: 1. On IDetemler 1061 Mr. Meyer advised that Mr. C22,-.2.rii.,s Bartlett of the Chattanooga Ti-nes had calld him, regard-L..- g 1"-,e Scott 2rric1e. al :29 Nove:ncer :161 anderorf:,,s,ed concern over the conints a the article. Mr. BrtIett also -.mentioned Scott was the tr of reporter who would wriLe anything Li order to sell an ardcle and add,zd that Mr. Scott -gas a friend oi and (b)(6) an FBI In regard to Mr. Bartletts relen..,.nce to the 731, Meyer oiind fhlt it 7:723 not clear whether or not Mr. Scot had a friend in the FBI or a friend Wb.0 JviWf.)rked for the FBI. 2. M MY2rcontAnned that Mr. Bartlett indicd ae was going to aiscuss the article with MT. COtt. - 3. Later on the ipt-ie date Mr. Meyer contacted ivr., 3:7rule r-n-r-Irt Prd adds-ed. that Mr. Bartlett had contrcl Mr. Scoct and that Mr. Scott -indicated that Ills smrc-e WaS someone in CA -who feels that 4�41.^e � of. the Ageney� slactild be shifted to one which w.r.,-u3.d not be harmful to -13. S. intere-sts. Mr. Scott added V-ot he had materipi for three new articles, namely: a. The Agency contri'oated mor.ey to a U. S. noUtical ellrrroaLrrn to defeat a congressman. b. Cord Meyer's o-oeration, financed Owen Latil-rtore's L:p to Cuter Mongolia,. c. There are twelve Communists with irt CIA. -77n Mr. Bartlett show?..d Mr. Scott coolas oi Radio 1-foscow' s on his (Scott) article, Mr. Scott apc,ear-ed slafaL-en. r-r Fir I Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 -) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 . . trial 4. Mr. Bartlett Is a. friend of President :Kennedy qr(--1 for fr.e ..Vresident's dattghter. Mr. H. Fuchs, Detuty Carrolier, (b)(3) 1. _On 3 rec,...a.mber 1931 r. Fueh3 reviewed the subject article and advised f the figure of revorte.d by Messrs. and Allfral 772.5 close to the A;pancy budget.. According to 20 cooles of a classified booklet showing the budget breakdown were prepared and di3tributed as follo-w-3.: - Copy 41 Copy f2 copy .#3 Office of flirt Comp-trollerf Support Branch Copy f4. Copy Copy Ofi Copy 47 Copy i8 Copy "343 Copy 410 Copy.- Copies 12-20 - ob. DD/s DC1 2DDca Vital Records_ 'MVP DOA Gre-rteral Ccunsel _ House Aprr ot t.11,- co m --ti 5 2 - _ _(b)(3) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962�,��, ) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 - � - Noe Noe Copies ci the Agency budget boADLele.t to a e--,ecini, group el the :House Aonrcpriatioas C,ornrgittee -which was bri-de.d recent.ty on Agency bAidget 7-1 attars Copy -?-11 as ret,-4r.1 by th Cor-i-nittee. 'reds' 0--cup included epresenat ronron, Crosby. Sheppard, .7.0ord, Taber, and Clerk-in-Charge - fr FUChZ ret-Illed that another briPM-rg on Agency budget -nnttPrs was gtven the Senate Armed 5..7.^71C,93 CoI" -rlitt3e. en 21 Atagru-5t, 1981. 'This' brief-ins IN-az presented by Lr, Droips and .77ins athnded also by General Cbell,3.-nthard and John Warner. Conart'.-se membersknojn to be in nrtP-rvance were Senators Richard B. Russell, John and Leverett Saltons�111. Also in attert47nce, but not a corn r-littee member, was Se.rrator MIk rq_rsile1d, Serf:0'c, Ma,orityLeaer. Other ci the lEenate A,.rrne.d Eervicas Cor=it-tee�3-z;s.,5z,enr,t.-rz-- Barry F. By ClnirEgie, E. L. Btt, Styles Brid-s-es, 7,-,7%.r-garet Ciae,.1"'rancis Case, Prescott I.Iush, J. Glenn Beall. ..tenr7 d. ac-9o17; 4. As an aid in pres-enting the briefing on. the Agency bud-get, copies at the '.1ciget boo":-clt idenblied hove. -were gi7.�3n to those Senaburs - present and collected at the conclusion of the breiftg. This meet.2-3, recor-',..ed, and copies od the -bans=i-ot and the 1)7431e-cut were obtn-inPd from the Office of the Comptroller. It is believed -rhqi� Conies 12 throu. 20 were utilized lor this purpos,e; however, no speciiic record ests which would confirm this. A review ci the t-aiascrint and oi the - out thscloses that the Agency bu and w'rtil.P the specific lig-nre cr. "OTIt7 al the figu.res cited are in the rind t is referred to in: IS not =endoned, the ma- (b)(3) s-eries, i.e, (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) 3 Approved for Release: 2620/01/14 CO2353962 ��� \Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 ,imor SUBJECT:. Analysis ci Robert S. Alleniaul Scott Article. Entitled "New Chief cd: CIA Dowa on Unvouchered ,Appearing in the Lorec, Is12....nd -Press, 29 November 1961 - PARAGRAPH ONE: � WASEMGTON - John McCone, new head at' the Central Intelli- gence Agency, is preparing to tighten the reins on the way his secret agency spends its money. CO in rriPnt: None. PARAGRAPH TWO: - Ea Is 2-.91'ci Cord Meyer, Jr. --who grew up in Bayside, _ che red fund_'s..-- to raa149 a Aall r eort 'on the $4.00 millito.tiiFiE-he�ciol:P.dat-during-the past 12 months .7.or covert operations and intelligence gathering activities. Comment: Mr. Meyer, as Chief/I0, is only one of the Agency - officials 'NIA() 1-tfrldles Agency Trivouchered funds. -The 10 Division budget Is , No r.ecmest was r-1(41,, to Mr. Meyer to mak-Es, a report on PM?" AGRAPH TEREE: Rettarrir-7, from a first-bad survey of the agency's foreign ope t.'ons earlier this month, McCone decided on this move after ccvering that the CIA had firm-aced dozens of Questionable. conferences, -�%---ouris, and other undercover activities throughout the world. Comment: None. PA.RAGRAPE OUR: For -1,-ttance., I,ACCone was shocked to learn in Europe that tbe CIA Promoted or financed nearly every major international soci.111-3t con- ference held on the continent daring the past 10 years. Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Comment: (b)(3) (b)(1) Mr. Meyer indicated that 1107., Division n-rovided some - support to in Italy (b)(1)- (b)(1)� (b)(3)7:: (b)(1) (b)(3) PARAGRAPH FIVE: Ea is now investigating to determine -whether these ocr-7--.-,-,3s were arr-,,nge.d as intelligence gathering missions or to promote so- cialistic movements and groups abroad, as some evidence now indicates. Comment: Mr. Meyer stated he was not :=owledgE.,=able of this.. _ PARAGRAPH SET,: � bfcCorle is allo looking into the advisability of another cuesto�able CIA activity. This is the unniablishe.d practice of giving 1-47-ge fees to U. S. law firms and foundations for m2g intelligence studie.s and furni.31-11-1,:--, the agency operational "advice," none of which has been of visible help in improving the CIA. In one case, law firm was paid more an in "consultant fees". with no evidence of -oositive reslilts. Comment.: (b)(1) (b)(3) 2 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 - Naw, �� mr- Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 u02353962 PARAG.,"2.N.:PE EZITEN: - , -Neyer;,-- -who handles these unvouchered funds; is orP a the real mys4-t..nry men In government. His 112:1"fri has never been listed in a -government directory rAnce he joined the agency early in the only a lvkndful pa:1'3021S ow 01 Meyer or his position and none of . -these aiscuss it. L:. _ Comment None. PARAWAPY. EIGHT: . Before, Joining the CIA, Mayer was natIonal president of the 'United World :Federalists and a vocal advocate of world government. Els father -was a Departraent official nrai uncle 127-a-5 president of the Cord Meyer rev-elc3?ment Co. in Forest Ellis,L.I. Ea is a friend of Will. Eun.e.y. der_nity to Assistant 1-,lanse. Secr-etary Paul Nitze. 1Leyer, tunu sucr t.a a r,oL:7 of sutpiying U.S. -7-kilitlry and economic aid to Yugoslav4.ial 3 100-1'f71121113t dicthlor Tito. Comment: Mr. Meyer stated that he knows.:Mr. Bundy and Mr. - Nitze' cm a personal tLe. Ee noted,- however, th2.1th never had anyfnirg to do with Yugoslavia nor had he vorked with Bundy or Nitze in this regard. PARAGRAPH NINE: McCone also is lighting another time bomb within the CIA. Comment! None. PARAGRAPH_ TEN: Ha 13 making a first-hand survey of the agency's estitas division, which is headed by Sherman .'L".ent. CornTnent: Mr. Chester L. Cocmer, Decuiry Assistant Director 29r National Estimates, advised that this eatsment true.. i. Cooper noted that Mr. licCone bs an interest in the "" and that hia co7r.meni..s them have been quite favorable. 3 -i-iApproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962�!"''' Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 - 1 TNI.9 -9,..k.13.A.GRA'011 ELEVEN: The new CIA ert--ector is looking- over these re.orts to determl-e their accuracy and the inatact that these 312H,on2.1 inte1J1.genceati tes 'rave on U. S. loreiontolicy-- especially, U.S.-Sovie.t rein:dons- _ - Comment: Mr. Coo-13er stated thr..a he was not a:Lo-T;wiedf.s-P-i_Ille GI any reference to the accuracy of the ;NM, 's rag.c.1 by the DCL PARAGRAI-r IWELVE: lkiready, the une=ected move by AcCone has touched off a series of secret huddles between CIA and members of the St-ate, i-art-- ment policy rillrming &nil. These cdficials, who work together in cl-rai+-4-s-- posiUon -c-1..._pers, are concerned rbll. they will lose control over the "esti- mates" on which their policy is being based if McCone decides to s1-1-1.-up the division. ---- Com-I-rent: Mr. Cooper advised that be was not aware of any secret 2e21.11-73 by the Board of Natenal Esti..:2-?..tes nor of any intlicad.on that conbol of the esti rn-ttes would be removed from the Board. ...A.R.A.C.17, A-cm �- :-1 this should happen, the stne would be -set for a complete resthdy _ of. U. S. policies toward the Soviet-Chinese Cornrnual2t bloc and why these - policies have failed to stem the tide of internat.-ion-it cornrrunim.. Comment: .19 one . 4. r � � 1 Approved for Release: 20'20/01/14 CO2353962 No, Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 6 November 1961 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Security Research St-off SUBITICT: Robert S. Allen Paul Scott News Colu---rni 1. _Colonel Gro,pri advised tt. Robert Allen at the present time is occupied on some other business and it appears that Paul ,Scott is doing the news colurrm. This is izi_-LspeciEic reference to the one that was picked up in a arrn-0-ier of newspapers on 2.5 October 1961 entitled. "A Block-Busting Scanell in the Making (CIA-). The source of this irrformation is John McCormack, House of Representatives methoel---i-F6-17 7 71-1 IN" q.1 Re25ziaIII portd. o_have picked u.p i _on._that. 3. Aboutthe same dnte, 25 October there was a news item in one of the Robert Allen-Paul Scott columns concerning the estimate on which military aid was made available to Yugoslavia, particularly, the sen.rliug of planes to Yugoslavia.; It was stated that Bill Blincly had. authored the esamate. on. which this proposal was based. This matter was checked and. it was found that Brrre cly did not author this estirwte, although, he was present at times when the estirnate was discussed. Distribution: I - Ads e. 1 - OS File (Robert S. Allen) 1 - OS File (Paul Scott) 1 - Gh.rono AD/OS:RLB (6 Nov 61) Acting Director of Security ; Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 � Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Nwe veer 1-1_7_71.10a17.1).CM ...FOR 7= RECORD SUBJECT: Articles by P.aul Scott and Robert Allen 1. In reference to the recent articles attacking Cord Meyer in the Paul Scott Column, Cord Meyer related the following. Cbles Bartlett of the ChattProoga Times is a Personal friend of Cord Meyer. Pa7.tlett t.allred to Paul Scott and Scott indicated that his source was internal in CIA. (When Col. Grogan talked to Bartlett, it apmeared that Bartlett was under the impression that the source might be witbir CIA, which was not nearly as positive as the reaction feceived Cord Meyer). 2. It is further stated that the iraividunl feels thPt the Agency is being imp.cuperly operated, and that same of its activities are darge-,-ous to the country. Scott informed Bartlett that he has raterial for three new colr�is as follows: (1) mbnt the Agency contributed money to a ;4-4, (2) That Cord Meyer's operation financed the trip of Owen Tp.tti7ore to Outer Mongolia. (3) That there are twelve Communist within:CIA. 3. 71/hen Grogan tellred to Bartlett, he suggested that Scott come to see Grogan irlei/or Mr. NcC*La, and make known the identities of the alleged twelve Communist in CIA, Grogan doubts that this will occur. Further, when Bartlett tal%Pd to Paul Scott regarding the re- cent article on Cord Meyer, he shoved Scott the copy of the articlet,S), repeating Scott's information to Etroce where they Play on the. financing of. the SociPlist movements. Bartlett endeavored to convey. that Scott was doing disservice to this Government prerl the Intelligence_ Reportedly this shook Scott up a bit. -Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353964 aka Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Nor - 4. Groan has a nuober of letters addressed to Nr. t!eCame from the West Coast indicatinE that they are acceetir-r the Scott articles as the truth and are reacting to the effect that 1L-. YeCcne is u-o the ks'ency. The Lacact of the p-tiele-s is that they represent a true state of affairs. (b)(6) R. ___nnerman Deputy Director of Security' r' 4 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 '1! I 'Approved for Release:1_20,271 0/01/14 CO2353962 'N � I � NW I 2.9 December 1961 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Article by Robert S. Allen and Paul Scott 1. There is attached a ther.wofa-x of the 29 November 1961 article by Robert S. Allen and. Paul Scott entitled "New Chief of CIA. Cracks Down on UnvOuchered $S". It should be noted that there are handwritten comments beside the different paragraphs in this article which were made by Mr. McCone indicating his knowledge or state- ments concerning these items. 2. Of significance herein are the statements or reactions of Mr. McCone to programs, factors, etc. occurring within the Agency. In some instances Mr. .McCene has made statements which_ are reflected in. sabsta.ace in the article. la other a grapha thro _a re_sts. tem t wh.i.c.h._Mr......J\-1c..ce.P..e. labeled. complete:1.y wrong or. erroneous. In other instances Mr. McCone indicates that he had no knowledge of the matter and obviously could not have a reaction_ 3. In paragraph (1) Mr. McCone has cautiously expressed an opinion which might be construed as the substance for this paragraph. 4. Paragraph (2) is labeled as completely wrong_ 5. Paragraph (3) "expressed surprise at support of some items but not conferences - 12. to 15 persons heard my (?) musings". Colonel Grogan will confer with Mr. McCone u.pon..his return from the West Coast in. an effort to obtain the identity of the 12 to 15 persons. 6. Paragraphs (4) s-nd (5) are labeled erroneous. 7. Paragraphs (6), (7), and. (8) labeled all new�no prior knowledge. IL, a -717,1 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 � �-1 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 8. PAIS:graphs (9), (10), (11), (12), ticl (13) entitled "Another Time Bomb Lighted". � 9. From the comments noted by Mr. .,1cCone it would appear that there is some substance to these paragraphs as set forth in. the Allen-Scott column. � 10. In considering the above and. the substance of previous articles by Scott and Allen it would appear that a source 1.1..s been. developed. by Scott (who is actually writing these columns) which source has current and past knowledge of internal CL. events and activities. Some of the items appearing in these columns clearly show a. knowledge of detailed facts not generally known. This would indicate quite possibly that Scott has a current source within CIA. Apropos of paragraphs (6), (7), and (8) above, which Mr. McCone indicated no knowledge of, it might be that the source, playing a cleaver gPrrie� is endeavoring to bring to Mr. McCone's and public attention these- facts or statements through the medium of this column with th.z..- possible belief or supposition that some form of inquiry into these matters would be made by Mr. McCon.e. .Thp ahcor..- shou...14-be_-considered-in light of all previous Scout articles referring to the Agency. Attachment R. L. Bannerman Deputy Director of Security 2 r: ^ Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962' W.) 1 - ) � Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962- . +fti *gni OJNDUM FOR: Director of Central Intellic SUBJECT . �: Scott-Alien _Allegations About Peter Sichel � 1. This rmemazanaum �for inio=ation only. � - - Z. It Wa3 originally alleged by Scot: and Allen that they ha4 ...11-nish.ed. to the FBI the 71,-celes of eight alleged Carn_znunista . _ CIA.. We cors.rted the FBI and they stated that they d no record of any such lista. The 731 was then requested to contact Scott and Allen and to obtai-t the ''es of the eight alleged persons and th.e.bazia for the allegations. 3. Scott and Allen were contacted and stated that alter having contacted their original source they had decided to give one 77171--Tae, that of Pe.ter Sichel, and to wait and see what happ.=ned- regarIling1-11,-n, 4,, As a matter of information. Peter Sichel is no longer an .- � employee of this Agency having 22 January 1960 to enter his family basimess in New York. Sichel was the subject � of an Employment Review Board hearing in 19.56 w. hich convened at the request of the DCI. Ar. Dulles, to consider a nurn-ber of allegations .via ich had been made a-3�41.17 t hi,ri several of- which_ atz.-..r-vr-ieti :from r.,.ersons in the Array,: Chronologically, first issue that arose in ir. Sichel 's case was that made by a former OSS employee in Berlin, who 'hatl (b)(6) - , Approved for Release: 2020/01/14. CO2353962mo .1 � � ' I Approved for Release: 2020101114CO2353962 alleged t ...M..:-.1411Ptiche1 had refused to forwa7,..... Fi'eadquirter-sin -; - _ aSS cartutrt intelligence. reports prepared by on the Ras =vs: alleged tlr-It Mr. Sichel thought such -.;:eo-O.T.t.3 were . � be-d; whereas concluded that Mr.. Sichel was - - pro-Russian because he ad to forward auch. retorts. - . � gatitxn failed. to establish in ccEnnection with this allega.V.on . ,.,._- � . basis for questioning the pariollua.nce of dr,ties of Mr. Sichel. � - _ Another elempnt considered by the Board was the fact of ichel _ and his wile's farriiyis aszocia.tion with Otto John, the fo....a.Ler head of the P.,erraan BTV who defected to the Russians and subsequently returned to Ge.:.rnaany. Invesgation .falled to "ctiVeloo ,there was an-,p,--("0-cher--t-z-f---1--ca cast7s1 acquivtc .... � with Otto John and failed to develop that there was any signilicance in this assoCiation. Mr. Sichel had, in addition, incurred the - . animosity, if not the outrigt hatred, of some ol his Army intelligence co-workers assig-ned - Berlin and testimony w-as beard from some of them by the -7-no1oyneent Review. Board setting forth their views on the 711er in which he conducted .Agency business while in Berlin.. Mr. Sichel, addition, was a =ember of a family wine concern which had extensive dealings and holdings iu Germany. This and other factors enumerated above were considered by the Employment Board. It was the reccv-nmendation of the Board and the decision of the DC.1 that Mr. Sichel be retained after all te3tin--ony v.ra3 heard. - :(b)(3) _ �tve,stApproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 * � � Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962' � 5. At the ii"16 the Task .1.orce� on Intelli.gence 7711212.7-3.Uz.'.3 under '101.0? General Mark Clark- were conducting their inquiries in 1955 the � nat...-ne of Ur. Siche.1 was reported to them, presumably by some on in the intelligence conamunity.- They, in turn, rec.:nested an rti- jation by the 731 even though no allegations had been rrtdag-Iinst A foll field :FBI investiga.tic,�-s. was conductz.-4-1 treat which was considered by the. Employment :Review Board at the tirr.e a 313 hearings- of the persons Task Yorce. General Arthur Trade= 13 said to, been one bringing lir. SicLe, l's r,--rte to the attention .45E the - 7 - 6.. Investigation is being conct.-..,-d to determine the possible et4 of the...alleg--24,tions to Alien and Scott re:gar-H-71g Mr7. - is apparent from the ab-ove, he has a number of enemies in -' the intelligence cor-v-ltanity. _ . She Edwas Director of Security - � n .Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353662 � ) I Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 26 February 1962 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Paul Scott 1.' I h?d requested of Mr. Papich, FBI Liaison Officer, that the FBI contact Paul Scott to obtain from him the identity of his- informant or the names of the persons alleged to be Communists within the CIA. Mr. Papich, on. 12 February 1962 advised that the Bureau will contact Paul Scott in this regard. 2. As background for the above, it was reported that Paul Scott had the T'Prnes of 12 persons in CIA who are reported to be Communists. Colonel Grogan contacted Paul Scott and asked him for the identity of the twelve persons. Scott advised that he had the names of eight such nez_sons.not twelve and that he could not release these un1 he checked with his infer:ma:it. r.ater, Colonel Grogan called Scott again and Scott advised that his informant did not approve the release of the names or even one -name in that he distrusted CIA. Scott advised that his. in- formant ha 43 made imovrn these names to both the FBI and the HCU.A.. A check of both the FBI nrld the HCU..A. failed to reveal that any person. had come forward with in-Formation perta.ii-,4-vg- to eight Cornmunists within CIA. In light of the negative findings, I made" an. official request of the FBI to interview Paul Scott to obtain these names. R. .1e-E-rnan- Deputy Director of Security Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 ,,, �' Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Nee ALMGATIONS BY SCOT: _ft.:21-3 .AT,T.17J EGARDINC: CL � The following allegations have either appeared in print or have been made verbally by SCOTT and 47%17,7 about the Agency: 1. SCOTT. told Colonel GROGAN Pnd Charles BA21.= tHat be had been told there were eight to twelve Ccrnists in the Af:,;eccv. When rter- viewed by Colonel GROGAN, SCOTT sain He ilqd no "release: from his infor- yrnt but would ask: his most "creditable source" to furaish one name so it could. be given ta Colonel GaoGAa and would see -what action CIA would take. This allegation smacks of James 7-71-.TTS old a3 legation that there were twelve or thirteen Commilnists in CIA, none of which P 1 egations stood up v71der investigation. A copy of T-d-T,LTS.' old P ] legation is attached as Attachment A. 2. SCOTT' P 1 leged to GROGAN that CLA. tried to. influence the outco-74-e of a Cor7ressional election. This again sounds 1ie James KT%JITS, 3. SCOTT and ALT17 have re9e-?-rea in their colu-in to "Case 7o. 1 as all eqedI v...7.ipv-olv-Tm7 a CIA a,27,--,t now in London beitc,-, treated, wto to be- cr-in fron fatie and. a bad case (�)-" nerves.. One U tf). -,,c Su.spects Mn .of being a- double agent or under the influence of Ca=mutist He is "0-11,--T-r,c- all efforts of U. S. offers to return .hi7 on the grounds he is too sick to travel." This sounds like Lyle /a)S011's often repeated theme that Nr. Frnn1;- -0155.1aH is a double agent or under the -Ininuence of Cammunist b1 . A confidential source has advised that Lyle. NITMACI has been In extensive contact with Senator Strom. 'IHH�,1.011.1 regarding the WAT'ci Case and. has tried to -Promote the idea that the Overseas Weekly, Which first surfaced the WALKER Case1 was a CIA cover company. . Another confidential source advised that Lyle NW'ISON� when be contacts Senator '1:hUti.Y.ON-DTs office, contacts j. Fred BU77kB1)T. Th-c.s same source states that .1,1UNSON was believed to have been resmonsible for - placing Gunther HARTELL as an emoloyee in Senator Strom rilaitiONDIs. office. HARTELL, according to the story, was formerly employed by U. Sy Intelligence in Ger-marly. He formerly worked far- Army G-2 Headquarters on Brainwashing matters. It see'ris likely to the writer that MUNSON would unload his other grievances against the Agency on Senator T=OND including his grievance about Frank T,iISNER and. that this may be a channel by which SCOTT has received this information. SCOTTS column on tigis llegation made the further statement that 'also the Justice Department is investigating the case of CIA agent No. 1 after it was brought to their attention by sources other than the CIA." It has previously been reported that iariS0i7 is very close to Lou ITIGEOLS and to certain FBI representatives in Ne7,r York Ctv, and that in Dece-'ner 1958, FBI representatives visited Lyle 2.1UNSO4 in New.York City and told him that they were investigating T4ISIEER and E his mental condition. "- I 2 t' - IT 1 -4 1 Approyeg J9r5elease: 20114 CO2353962 _ I i (5 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 riNi 4. sca'TT and ALT777 in their October 2="). 1P61 colnr-ri state A-,-r.nt NO. 2 - this covert operative who had he] osiiint On 5 CIA who 5s believed to be 'InVol-,:red in. a ra.idr bast=2 W-fe is to have deposited more than one ril.14ou dollars ir tersonal fures in a Swiss ban., -where the CIA and tte Soviets are known to keen huge d-Posits for tteir covert and intefcligerce op-rations. 'T"r'e wt-re- . � abents of this no who is refus5--, to return is known to tne....O7AL Tnvestigation is sti 11 referred to. conton-ti to. establish the identity of the person 5. SCOTT claims that one of the foundations which financed Oven LATORE's trip to Outer Moaolia received contributions fron CIA. The 0-iren LAT,111,D RE case and his connection with T_PR is an old. them- of Robert itinERIS who held extensive hearing on that case in the Senate Internal Security Co7mittee In the rid 1950 s. LATTIMORZ visited Outer Mongolia and returned to the United States on October 2, 1961 after six weeks stay, retus.v4rg via Europe. He went under the ausPices of the -C�i1 Foundation for Anthronol ogi cal Research in. New. Iber City arri under the auspices of the American Pi-oil ical Society; 7...wt.z.1.7c4=- of which ziaRtrfinanced by The State Department reportedly had under study the recognition of Outer .monci-oria wa-.s v&leTrently the recognition of Outer Mongolia, and reportedly forced a State Depart- ment position opposing its recognition. 6. Representative Bruce ALTER. (R.) of Texas was (mated by the Associated., Press as say-in 'limes of cc=nication for the OIA are heavily infiltrated 177. the Co-:.unista." SCOTT, when ou.estioned by GROGAN., said Afli was refe.L.Ling to NSA. Bruce ALCIF, the representative from Dalls, is a member of extre-e right wing circles and is believed to be known to Robert MORRIS who is President of the Dallas University. It is a possibility that MOP.= may be the source of this allegation. 7. Accorddro' to Mt and SCOTTts the DCI McCONE is a first hand survey of the Agency Estimates Division headed by K7HT, 1ookin.z over their retorts to determine their accuracy and impact on U. S. forei,,,:i policy, esteciPllv U. S. - Soviet relations. This has touched off secret netima.s between CIA officials and members of the State Danartment Policy '27 'Inr'irq, Staff. These officials are concerned that. they will lose control of est5mates on which nolicy is being based if McCONE - decides to check up on these divitOns. If this should hatoen the stae would be set for a coritlete re-study of U. S. policy toward the Sovi-t - Chinese Oarrunist Bloc and why these cos have failed to strengthen the tide of international Oc7runiam.' K' : C,) mIkpproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962,,,,_ � 'Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962' - � J I= .4.-1 1 7 git New' 'was, It is worth noting that the State Department Policy PlanaLng Staff, when it was headed by Robert BOWIE. in 1956, was a favorite target of 1,0R3T5 because of DOWIErs assopiation with Owen �L=LRE. In AWIN 's columri of November 6, 1961 stated that the :fationpl Secur4ty Council policy of U. S. aid to Yugoslavia was written by Robert E0-,47-1 and that*aPproval of that National Security Council order of July 3, 1956 was predicated on a CIA report Prepared by Robert il_ORT and Sher---r The U. S. aid to YUgoslavia is currently a to target rig.lit wing and particularly those Texas elements who are opposed to Yugoslav jet pilot training at an air base in Paris, Texas. As a result of these Protests, further pilot trPirip3 was terminai-ed in.mid-Decer 1961 at the request of a Yugoslav Defense Ministry official. of the In addition, it is worth noting that Rdber Aypar has been a favorite target of the extreme right wing who have Quoted 1.-11-7 as say-T-10- in the past that Red China should be recognized and seated in the U. N. A copy- of AMEN and SCOTT's article is attadhed at Attachment B. 8. SCOTT and ALLEN -In their colirmrs have stated that Cond7=ER is in charge of unvouchered funds in CIA and had szent over four:*-4:fl,,:,-, dollars in the past year; that Yr. ..1c.CONE was (listurbea at Cord ?A-77-2-J. funsiici; Socialist conferences in Europe; ana =ER's bacgTound as set forth in the co1u7-r .:he fact that he was formerly head of the United World Federalists. 1-7-71 It may or maye,not that Cord MEYER 171 1954- fur shed a loyalty affidavit Jessie McK2i1 -Lai!, a State Department official then. under investigation. T,Ts,KTIlauT at that period was a target of investigation by Robert =am who, at the time, was Executive Director of the Senate Internal Security Committee. It Is s3 so noteworthy that WI 'rs name and his connection with United World PederPlists and Ca have Peared in Facts Forum, a. text published and put out by H. L. HuAir, Texas oil rPn, and Bl,Lir y both active in rig)lt wing circles. u 9. scoTT alleged that "some of the CIA estirntes on East Ge-miany were Poor ones Particularly in view of what has happened in East Germany. Further investigation will be required on this allegation. _10. SCOT2 said that he had read the executive session testimony of General Bede3.1 Si'ITH in which SEER, accordinz, to SCOTT, claimed that CIA had been penetrated. What SCOTT was referring to was General SMITH's testimony-of October 13, 1952 before the'EGUA in which he stated that the Agency must assume that it is penetrated and worl_c from that premise, and. second that there had been 42L41-4H2f --K-47144 es,���r�.4�..,,,,,Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 � , Aggh t...� I I� 1 Approved-KWelea-S-6:-2-0-20/01/14 CO2353962 :me some agent type operation overseas Which hae been found to be Soviet intelligence controlled. These are the statements which General E,LLIzt made In the.oPen session. It is not -mown.whether testimony was gi.v-n in elre-cutilire session, but it seams Quite clear from the open session testdmony that executive session testimony, if aay, would not have beyond that that just described. (b)(6) 74.1'11.7 S EN) ET Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 z , � .�.s, . "..� �1? 1 DATE R.AN5NI1TTAL SUFI TO: �.- : � ; i �:','�. t.-.1�. .---- �---....:-� Mri B'atirzerrn. 1 M NO..-L:�__ . _., :WILDING': RENARKS: " . �Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Rr.pLAcsr., FORA :15-3 GPO I 1.57--0-AMt44 5 MAY BE USED. � 070 � Nil :(b)(3) _ Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962rnrm=77-77: -Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962: 1�01. � Nage ALL- KNOWN CONTACTS CF SAWADAYI .Astarisk *= Provided information used by SAN and ADAM Committee and Staff Listing' based on the Cony-. essional Sta.ff Directory 1962 pending acqu:isition of new directories. Approved for Release: 2020/01/14.0O23.53962 'Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO23539162 'oaf Approved for Release: 2020./01/1-4 CO2353962 Wr � Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 NNW. �.."4 NEWS MEDIA. REPPS2SENTA'liv2S � Alice WIDENEst,*� columnist and publisher of-USA.IMagasine Edward J. Nichelsons correspondent, Pittsfield, Mass., Berkshire Evening Earl NAZO, correspondent New York Herald Tribune John HENSHA1 correspondent, New York National Enquirer (S11,1 feeds hill stories which HINSHAW prints in New 'York.; in return H7)alv4 does leg-work for George DIXON, 'writer, King Features Syndicate (SANE feeds him stories) Robert Y. CRATERI. correspondent, (I) John GOL,..,31.31ZI, United Press CincinnAti Post and Times Star WillardEDUARE&*� Chicago Tribune Syndicate. Don LARABMI' correspondent for nnrpmed. publication Sam SHAaTER; Newsweek also Scripps-Haw: Esther COOPEZSMITHI correspondent, Hall Syndicate * � Clark MOLLENHOLF, correspondent Cowles Publications and DesMoines Register Phillip POTTER: Baltimore Sun Frank EBaRDS Indiana newsman and newscaster Joe NEIL, promotion department, .Hal) Syndicate UnnAmPd newsman%ho covers the State Department for the Washington Evening-. Stat. CI) or4cs NV1/4.0 wyr\ CP1m fkk-t-Tlva Am," Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962.- Al& Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 ' *11110 Nue CApproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353r62' Mproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962�) Nri SENATCRS Senator R. Vance HXRTKE* (D) Indiana District of Columbia Committee Judiciary, Chairman Public Health, Education, Welfare and Safety Finance Commerce Communications Surface Trnnsmortation Senator Wayne HORSE* (D) Oregon District of Columbia Committee Public Health, Education, Welfare and Safety, Chairr12r1 Business and Commerce Metropolitan Area problems Foreign Relations State Decartment Organization and Public Affairs Canadian Affairs Economic and Social Policy American Republics Affairs, Chairman Labor and Public 'Welfare Labor Railroad Retirement Javenille Delinquency Education, Chnirman Select Committee on Small Business Financing, Chairman Retailing) Distribution and Fair Trade Practices Special Committee on Aging Senator Strom THURMOD*(D) South Carolina Armed Services Nation) Stockpile and Naval Petroleum Reserves Article 7 of NATO Status of Fortes Treaty. Conflict of Interest Commerce Communications Aviation Auto Marketing Practices Textile Industry . Senator Hubert H. HUMEME7 (D) Einnesota Appropriations Agriculture and Related Agencies District of Columbia Interior Legislative Department of Labor, Health Education and Welfare Foreign Relations Disarmament, CbAirman Near East and South Asian Internationsi Organizations Europ,,an Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Ver Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Senator HU=E1 (continued) Government Operations Reorganization and International Organizations, Chairman National Policy Machinery Select Committee on Small Business Nonnpoly Financing Retailing, Distribution and Marketing, Chair-an Senator YIngaret Chase SMITH* (R) YAinte Aeronautical and Space Sciences Appropriations Deficiencies and Supplemental Defense Independent Offices Labor and 'Health, Education and Welfare, and related agencies Public Works Atomic Energy and TVA State, Justice and Judiciary and related agencies Armed Services Preparedness Conflict of Interest Senator Clinton P. ANDERSON* (D) New Mexico Aeronautical and Space Sciences Joint Committee on Atomic Energy Finance Interior and Insular Affairs, Cnairman Indian Affairs Irrigation and Reclamation, Chairman Public Lands Senator Karl E4 MUNDT*(R) South Dakota � Agriculture and Forestry Agricultural Credit and Rural Electrification Agricultural Production, Marketing and Stabalization of Prices Appropriations � Agriculture and Related Agencies Defense Interior and Related Agencies Public Works Atomic Energy and rm. Bureau of Reclamation and Interior Power Marketing Agencies Departments of State and Justice and the Judiciary and related agennit Government Operations Permanent Subcommittee on innestigations Reorganization and Internabional Organizations National Policy Machinery � *Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962;,,, _ _ Igtr) Mr) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 'Nee Senator J. William FULBRIGHT::: (D) Arkansas Foreign Relations Chairman Finpnee . � Joint Economic Committee Economic Statistics Foreign Economic Policy Senator Dpriel K. MOVIE (D) Hawaii ("is with us") (unknown) Senator Warren G. MAGNDSON* (D) Washington AppLopriations Deficiencies and Supplementals Independent Offices; Chairrpn Labor and Health, E�ctunatinn and Welfare Trunblicfrforks Bureau of Reclamationand Interior Power Marketing State, Justice and the Judiciary Aeronautical and Space Sciences Coz-uerce� Chairman l'ex' Marine and Fisheries, Chairman Freight Car Shortage, Chairman Sento.r. E.L. BARTLETT* (D) Alaska Armed SecvIces Preparedness Investigating Commerce Aviation Merchant Marine and Fisheries Select Committee on Small Busiress Taxes Relations of Business with Govellaxent Senator Henry M. JACKSON* (D) Washington knned Ser-iices Conflict of Interest, Chairman Preparedness Government Operations Investigation National Policy Machinery, Chairman Interior and Insular Affairs Irrigation and Reclamation Territories and Insular Aff.airs, Chairman Joint Committee on Atoridc Energy Military Applications, Chairman Security Commnnity Facilities Special Sub -committee on Radiation Agencies Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 4g) - Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 � %we Senator Ernest GRUENING:1- (D) Alaska -Government Operation's Reorganization and International Organizations Interior and Insular Affairs Indian Affairs . Public Lands Territories and Insular Affairs Public Works Public Roads' . Public Buildings and Grounds Senator Jacob K. JAVITS* (R) New York .Biking and Currency Small Seculities International Finance Labor and Public Welfare Education Health Nigrator7 Labor Gove.c.ument Operations Reorganization and International Organizations Select Committee on Srall Business Nonopoly Relations of Business with Government Joint Economic Committee Defense Procurement Economic Statistics Foreign Economic Policy Special Committee on Aging Senator John G. TOWER* (R) Texas Banking and Circrenpy . Small Business Securities Labor .and Public Welfare Labor Railroad Retirement Migratory Labor �.,,Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO23539627, vise Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 (--) IP Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Nei/ *ft, EEMBE,HS OF Tais HOUSF, OF RURESTLITTATIVES Rep. John W NeCORRIOE* :(D) IlassaChusetts (SAM is very close; was public re- Speaker of the House lotions aide in Edward 2OCCRYACK campaign) Rep. Wilbur D. YT1,L9* (D) Arkansas Committee on.Ways and Means, Cb,rirman Joint CoxmIttee on Internal Revenue Taxation, Vice Chairman Joint Committee on ReenPtion of Non-essential Expenditures (SF) Rep. Omar BUHLgSON (D) Texas Committee on House Administration, Chairman Committee on Foreign Affairs National Security and Scientific Developments Affecting Foreisr Policy, Cha_ Inter-American Affairs International Organizations and Movements Special Sub-committee on Reviewing tl,^ Mutual Security Program Joint Committee on the Library, Chairman .JciatC_ mn P7-5 ning Vi ca., _Chairman _ _ Rep. John E. FCGCARTY* (D) Rhoda Island Committee on Appropriations � Labor,Health, Education and Welfare and related agencies, Chairman Public Works Rep. Wright PATMANg-(D) Texas Committee on Banking and Currency Sub-committee No. 21 Chairman Select Committee on Small Business, Chairman Joint Committee on Defense Procurement, Vice Chairman Joint Economic Committee, Chairman Defense Procurement Automation and ,ergy'Resoai.-ces, Chairman Rep. John J. ROONEY* (D) New York Committee on Anoropriations Spacial Labor State, Justice, Judiciary, Chairman Deficiencies Rep. Daniel J. FLOOD* (D) Per:as:71yard a. Committee on Apo7.opriations Colithierce and related agencies Defense Rep, Paul G. RCGERS .(D) Florida Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce Health and Safety R.agulatory Agencies 1-3 3-) (75) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 14015 Amp, 'Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Rep. John D. DINGELL (D) Michigan Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce Commerce and Finance Co=littee on -ZerCaant Marine and Fisheries Fisheries and Conservation Cc eanograpny Rep. Francis WALTER* (D) Pannsylvlri a Co,Llaittee on Un-American Activities, Chairman Committee on the Judiciary T-Imigration and Nationality, Chairman Aeministrative Procedures Joint Committee on immigration and Nationnlity Rep. Michael A. Feighan (D) Ohio Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee No. 1 Joint Committee on Immigration land Naturalization Nationality Policy C- Z*74 5 t(-0) Ny !lApproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO235396Z Approved - Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353911) r) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 �riwe, L.) Novi0 Administrative Asst. to Sen. B. Everett Jorde,1 - Administrative Asst. to Sen. Hike Mansfield, Majority Leader 11 Towers raeXt11*(see 11\ILMOINS) "ED", friend of SAM on the Armmd Services Committee see UNKNOWNS) clerk, Special Sub-coeunitee on Regulatory Aecencies, Hobeze (b)(6) � Committee-on Interstate and Foreial. Cemmerce. - (Hie_ is a 3taff.. member of the Special Government Te?ormation Subcommittee of the House Com- mittee on CrOV:.t 171.1 nt Operations) Jr B. NAUteefON*, Counsel, Sub-Committea on IntereGovernmental Relations House Comittee on Governent Operations Robert G. BAKee.*� Secretary for the Majority, U.S. Senate Tony Scott SEIM*, press secretary to Senator Barry Gold,aater Administrative Assistant to San. Hartke Executive Asst., to Sen. Exegaret Chase Smith - Cu' (b)(6) (b)(6) , James SUND:TIST� Achinistrative Asst. to Sen. Joseph S. Clark Aealinistrative Asst. to San. Strom Thurmond (b)(6) , Legislative Asst. to Sen. Strom Thwzmonti c,)) (b)(6) HP .c*, of Staff, Serate Cci-4-t n--tta on Fore�gnReatior5 Tr -.(b)(6) professiorn) Staff Member, Atomic Energy Joint Committee (b)(6) "Humphrey's aide"* (see UNKNCWNS) "DORGAN" (see UNKNOWNS) "ARMZLD"*on the Armed Service Committee (see UNKNOWNS) "Thuleeondls people" * (See BUZHARDT and DENT, above, and UNKNOWN-5)- "EARCY"* (see UNKNOWNS) "Javits: na:e* (see UNXNNNS) ftguy in Kostenmeierts office* (see UNI2iCTIS) "Pat ECNAn2A:e assistant"* (see UNKNOWNS) (fnu) F.JENEY*1 aide to Rep..MCCormack. He is in Wasbi-tgton on a temeorary basis (b)(6) �;,i�.?Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962, Air %IV Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 E�, -,Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962.!. .Var Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 STATE & DEFENSE DEPARTMENT Thomas R.. McENTEG.:13.T, Bureau of Ships., U.S. Navy 0:) (n--eighbor listed SAM ae a character reference, ,SAM is a.ssisting In plan to run for layor of District Eleits, Maryland "Friend of mine in the Pentagon" and other such references.* NOT IDENric,re,D "1,1y Nd people* NOT rzrruP=D "Works ritt with them"*(with McGeorge BUNDY., Secretary licNAMIRA� Nr. Nitze) (See UNKI(7NS) Keating-3 source is Navy Intelligence, very much the same source as ,SAM and ADAR*(See 1NICICK1S) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 002353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Nome Nwe � Lobbyists: Oscar CHAPNAN*�. of Chaptian, Wolfsohn and �Friedman.- -Former Secty. of Interior . Michael DEANE*� Preaidant, American Finance Conference, Inc. AID (a-13 ullEfelf Economist, Dept. of Commerce (personal friend of SAH) Carl L. SHIPLEY*, Chairnan, Republican State Connittee for the District of Col. General Arthur TRUDEAU* Cr-os,-D Edward .HUNTER* (former employee of CIA) . 6-7)31D ��Clayton FRITCHIE Democratic Digest?)(Form2r owner with George BALL of the NorthernVirTinia Sun) Former Rep. James PATTERSON* Charles AS IAD*, attorney' for Miami fishing interests and some Cuban exile groups employee, Democratic National Committee Former AMbassador Robert Mr,* Col. John BOOCEARSKY� Walter Reed Yedical Center (ADXHIS doctor) Donald SALTZ1 Republican .Natiora3 Committee George E. REEDY*, assistant to Vice President Johnson cgi bb -f 7,(71 1 Day...-.TAILM, aide to Vice Prti s i dent johnson Joe .7...-EiaN*, Machinists and Electricians Union official 50511, .1; Father (mu) priest who attent.,:d Consumers League Convention., Mar 21, 22, 2:1(b)(6) (b)(6 Langdon :,1ARVIN� Folrilier Capitol Hill aide � no employment now FE-r.,Di',1r.P$.�, Commissioner, Communications Satellite Commission yer "Nike" F,77TIMAN, an Information officer, 1. A 1 r, Met in spz.q0,-, 1:,..,,partment of Justice n 'k\;j1(_9"-P'.C--he pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962' Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 � ,� '%110F Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO23539621 UNKNOWNS Neighbor* who worked on Thresher. "up there" He will check with the Navy ResearCh Laboratory for SAM for any information SAM can use. Later pro- vided SAN with information on the Thresher. Tentative identification is Thomas R. McENTEGART, Bureau of Ships, U.S. N.0.-vy Friend of ADAM and SAN on the House Un-merican Activities Committee* Becauee DNA has 52 listed members no identification Has been made. SAM and ADAM also deal with Rep. Francis Walter, Chairman of the Committee Ed, friend of SAM who has contacts with the Cubans, called Miami for SAN, would talk to CARDCNA for SAM (Possibly Ed Michelson, newspaperman, however see next item) Friend of SAM's on Armed Servidee Committee who has contacts with the Cuban exiles* . (Based on use of "Ed" in item above, tentative identificatLon is professional Staff Member, Senate Committee on Arme(b)(6) bervices "Humphxey's aide"*- Aides to Senator Humphrey identified as nowerts man"*- Staff of Senator Tower includes these Professionals: Tentative identification as Chief to the Minorit3 Senate Permanent Sub-Committee on investigattons, on Government Operations "ThmxmondAs peoplen* See congressiora:1 Other professionals are staff references to "Mrs. BEEHAN" contact of Not Identified (b)(6) (b)(6) (b)(6) (b)(6) Counsel CoDmlittePX6) "Len. NARKS"* one Leonard MARKS is a partner of the firm Cohn and Marks, not , Identified 'Tentative identification is Cormittee\son Foreitn. Relations (b)(6) (b)(6) (b)(6) Chief of Staff, Senate (b)(6) orgPrOzing testimonial dinner for San. HARM, �^I, - Not identified (b)(6) Llo.t.:4....:4L........=LIL-lox.p.ja_.=_Ii.ot..12-nt 4 n'14 on Armed Services Committee* - No such member on Committee staff, h0(b)(6)3 Committee. is a press assistant to Senator Clifford P. CASE, a member o(b)(6) SAM's source in the Justice Department; Tentative identification 1(b)(6) - Deputy U.S. Attorney General (unconfirmed) (b)(6) "Dill" in some way associated with Supreme Court - Not Identified e."14,1 o , D'eps). ,IlAyP,sik,)o Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO23539,9_2,,,:,,,,,,,,,,�,,r,��.� Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962) Nopil (b)(6) - re Cal-70'ornia political develooments. Not Idnntified - re tax hearings. Tentative identification is counael for the House Ways and Means Committee chief (unconfirmed) (b)(6) (b)(6) - does research at Library .of Congress for SAM . Not identified "Alex"- Polish fellow uho translates for am at tha Library of Congress, possibly -the same as "Er." above. Not identified (Subsequently determined to . be ='ssociated..with (b)(6) it-u*IA'1* Professionals in the offi (b)(6)ce of Senator davits art (b)(6) "Natty" MATTHEW? - re TFX data. Not identified "gur in Kastenmierts office"*- -Cr117 -professional members of staff of Rep. Robert W. Kasten:n:1er are (b)(6) "Pat ECNamarals assistant"*- Professional aides to Seaator Pat McNamara are: nloathe-e� Hodge 's a2sistant6*- Not identified Friends in Pentagon, my Navy people, etc.* - Not identified. "Works right vith them"*(McNamara Nitzel Bundy) - Not identified _ Keatings source is Naval Intelligence, very much the sam source as SAM and ADW Net identified E!np1oyei of ATri*... Friend of SAM 'who returned from trip country-by-country in Latin America on 18 April. Has an Inspector General Function. - 2immociacildi2prax Subsequently identified as Thomas A. Kennedy, Director, Management Inspection Staff, AID Individual sith access to CIA estimates and documents - Not identified .f10P-14 L f tr - T''' r':17-1 Del-mtllel af:Ctol 7-2,0'14,--. 7a.'l C.7,nn".., -i-?_ni.:.4,-1- d-.J.: (1-' -,anocrat-'-1 rarticular oolunn statin- Robt 7ornedY to curer central r ,)arty (28 Feb 1963) 1515-20- . - - In c21-1 Curl Lone to Ad...., 7"rin LIT"' rn 'falter Reed 1ocrpit,1 aporox 8 7*P's aT.o 1.,-,-0,An na-rolI sect4on. A.,4am c7a73 3neeCh to his crch ---,-1-1 -1:,d now wished a .ne-oeat. 21 T. r 1-(?, 71-ncla-r) 1.:7,am �claineA bu-4,, --,-th A.S.7.Z. .,,-IF: tr'---: 23 :1.-,-1 ,-,,=TIti---,.e. 2-,-.t.el no due to 7unda-r hs only day of '-.-- r2,4s4r1��:- 7_1-7.?..,- 1-ets 7P7,r t.,1-1 -.1 7,c-�".1-,� �. .. r.---,,, , +.r...: 7.en. c�.,r,-t,:.-_,.-7-=!:-.4 1.-.---,-4 4.-1---,r . 1017 Curt (-.:11 ,..p-74,-!--, - i-7-1^4,=� +1-- (b) - Ann tc, stc,-7,7 .9:- rl, t,17,-, c,7 zro .�-� 7^, m gs -L --4�:, 25-79 1_:7-....-- :_,..:1, 2..nci i i (3) (6) 6) 3) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 , Ader. pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 �OPERATIONS LUG A= - OT7ICE DISTRICT FIELD OFFICE' 20 :v.av 1967.; TDE li.U14V-1.1.-L �CM t'nn,.., 4 ,,,,, --. -,--,-1 . (b)(: 1g55-11C0 it call - Cunr to :7other - -Tot'n4r- Pert. 1.1,14.,z-it call - 3-_ln., dvs -other t :Inn ,_ discu-ls -Pi'tinl- - --t Pert. -L 1- I , 1419 90 ... In "11 - A'il.- "17n P.,TnAair - .,-, 4","^-^ - 7',.,1-, -4411,-. ,-411 =en of the -Jays and ::eans Co=ittee cays the Tax re- ii w;11 --.. t.-..-n, nr i--1 .7T0-,,.. q.-. '7-,-,,',--m- - Pres. Kennedy is considnring a Unilateral ban on tests w.,.., 4-,:, :7.,,te n,,,,7..... f7^-. u.7,. \ resune if the ?sans resume. There xl_zold be nothing to 's-'1 tIr.F'er--,n,..-,q tn. --,m,. --=�4-� ,� .0�+"� ,1,�, . to send a Soecial )zent to 6witzer1and to investigate tl-, m.,.7.rrz 1 / . k 151LL 7-t. call - ---..-z- ,I.dtr7 'YO- '7,-11(4= -,_ , ' '' i the Pr- (119,11',,-,.. 112 Tn CP"fl - S2-1 to Ad'-. - l''''1)- '"'-'' LeSt4-,n" - r-^-4,'" -' ''''"-q".-- k Tali: of Eutton and '-11-7-. Liscussed the story of 1-119 c=in,.. to 4:rn . -- AAn-" ^P 11-'. on that one." -on and Elzmphrey are goinl- to Geneva next r ith. 177:'-1 Tn c2T - 7,,----T ^-7-,;,.. _ t-orl 141� , ly, -, 1825 f.-)r. 3pT. 9.1, ,11.-- ,-, V.,- '-''. n "L. ,- -4411 2---:' � Ti_n9 ,-.----r1 -1n.,::. , o----.n. , n (b)(2 . . . . / Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 QcrPFT, Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD Iden # 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 True Robert S. Allen Paul J. Scott Northern Virginia Sun - newspaper A CIA staff officer A CIA staff officer Col. Kehm Oscar Chapman Speaker of the House, John McCormack McCormack Cigar McCormack's nephew Col. Grogan Not used "New Chief of CIA Cracks Down on Unvouchered Funds" Names of Agency employees underscored r ifYrT__ Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020101/14 CO2353962 OLURL it Iden # True 21 Long Island Press 22 A senior CIA official 23 Mr. Charles Bartlett of the Chattanooga Times 24 Not used 25 Godfather for the President's daughter R. H. Fuchs 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 (b)(3) General Cabell Richard Bissell H. Gates Lloyd Edward R. Saunders John Warner (b)(3) Not used "A Block-Busting Scandal in the Making (CIA)" John McCormack House of Representatives, Mass. The National Review 40 Military aid to Yugoslavia, particularly the sending of planes to Yugoslavia Imt Approved for for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Iden # True 41 Bill Bundy 42 "Another Time Bomb Lighted" 43 "Who is Actually Writing These Columns" 44 A senior CIA official 45 46- 47 48 49 Otto John, the former head of the German BFV General Arthur Trudeau Mr. Papich, FBI Liaison Officer 50 William P. Connors, Press Release Section 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 File room Kemp Harlan A. Westrell George Reedy Presidential Press Secretary Miss Willie Day Taylor Another U. S. Government agency Stanley 'Press Release Section Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Iden # 61 62 63 64 True Jean Connors John A. Goldsmith Publishers - Hall Syndicate ICI re-% r Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 -*me Project MOCKINGBIRD IDENTIFICATION: BACKGROUND APPROVAL Project MOCKINGBIRD, a telephone tap in 1963 of the homes and office of Robert S. Allen and Paul J. Scott, syndicated news columnists whose columns appear in the Northern Virginia Sun newspaper. According to an undated and unsigned memorandum (Tab 1) in the Project MOCKINGBIRD file; routine review of the daily syndicated column of Scott and Allen in early 1962 developed indications that classified information, sometimes codeword material, was being utilized as the basis for a percentage of their columns, and although much of the in- formation in the columns was garbled, it was apparent that key points were frequently direct quotes from classified reports and summaries of recent vintage. (While there are no copies of the columns available in the file, there are memo- randa referring to some of the articles in question. These memoranda are attached as (Tab 2). (Tab 1) referred to above under Background indicates that the Director of Security received a requirement from the DCI in March 1962 to attempt, through appropriate investigative activity, to determine if possible the identities of the source or sources of the classified information to the newsmen. it was recommended to the IJU.L tflate monitoring would be productive. According to the (Tab 1) memorandum, the DCI approved the telephone monitoring of each of the newsmen's homes and the office which. they shared jointly. (Knowledge of the activity, beyond a limited number of Office of Security pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Niw.v/ Ctr Niirroe RESPONSIBILITY: THE OPERATION : RESULTS personnel, was limited in the Agency to the DCI, DDCI and Executive Director- Comptroller). According to (Tab 1), the Office of Security had the responsibility for carrying out the operation. While the Office of Security, through the Director of Security, received a requirement from the DCI to attempt through investigative activity to determine the identities of the source or sources of information to the two newsmen, the Office of Security recommended to the DCI and received his approval to conduct telephone monitoring of the newsmen. There is no indication in the file relative to reporting arrange- ments, however, a former Office of Security employee familiar with the project and now assigned to another Agency component advised on 8 January the project reporting and was carried out verbally. 1975 that direction According to (Tab 1), the operation began in March 1962 and was discontinued in mid- June 1962 to coincide with the retirement of the D/OS. These times are at variance with logs housed in the Office of the Chief,. SSD, which indicate that the opera- tion began on 12 March 1963 and ended on 17 June 1963. As previously indicated, the telephones of the homes and the joint- ly shared office of the newsmen were tapped. There is no indication in the file or logs as to the location of the listening post and equipment. Coverage, according to the logs, was 24 hours a day. According to (Tab 1), Project MOCKINGBIRD was extremely productive in developing sources of data, both classified and un- classified, to the newsmen. These sources are listed in (Tab 1) and (Tab 3). It is not clear from the record whether all of 2 SECRET (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 +A. Nee joie these sources were identified through the telephone tap. A detailed analysis of the surveillance. logs might, however, resolve this question. The files con- tain transcripts of the telephone taps but there is no indication of any formal reports, attributable to the transcripts, ,being prepared for forwarding to higher authority, with the possible exception of the attached (Tab 4) memoranda. MOCKINGBIRD was not successful in identi- fying the source or sources of the news- men in CIA, TERMINATION According to (Tab 1), the operation was terminated to coincide with the retire- ment of the Director of Security. No final financial accounting of time and � cost appears in the files. THOSE WITTING A list of those witting of the operation is attached (Tab 5). CONDENTS (1) According to OS the (Tab 1) memorandum was prepared by who was assigned to the project. US at the time ot (2) According to stated the operation, from inception to completion, was handled verbally. (3) (Tab 6), a memorandum dated 30 March 1964 from Robert L. Bannerman, Director of Security, to the Director of Central Intelligence through the Deputy Director for Support, concerning Robert S. Allen, attributes certain information to a confidential source, indicating interest in Allen at those levels. _(4) While it is not clear whether all the contacts listed were developed vis Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962 pproved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO23539-6-2 Nage the telephone taps, a superficial review of the transcripts does include records of conversations with senior White House and Congressional persons including the Sample is FILES attached (Tab 7). Existing files are presently stored in the office of Mr. Charles Phalen, C/SSD, Office of Security, Headquarters building. 4 Approved for Release: 2020/01/14 CO2353962