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September 6, 2019
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September 12, 2019
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September 15, 1967
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Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 CO2384139 ri 6.2(d) ORD 54 67 15 September 1967 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Plowing, Programming, and Budgeting ATTENTION SUBJECT : Animal Programs 1. This memorandum is in response to your questions regarding the et arnal programs. Current Cl.!\ FY 18 funding for animal programs is as follows: a. LXYGAS (Dolphins) b. AXIOLITE (Birds) c. KECHEL (Dogs and Cats) Total 296 K 100 K 207 K 603 K 2. ARPA has notified us in writing that it is their intent to transfer 200 K in FY 1968 to the OXYGAS project. This is Intended to augment our own funds and to support primarily ARPA objectives (for example, sonar discrimination). In addition, the recent exchange of letters between Dr. Foster and Mr. Duckett would indicate that ARPA intends to provide us with an as yet un- specified number of dollars for KECHEL. My estimate is that it will be about 200 K in FY 1988. 3. �,'�. ith respect to manpower required to manage animal programs, we require two full time individuals to monitor all of the animal programs including AR PA's portion. However, due to Illness we have had to get by with about one man year of monitoring. The portion of time which can be directly attributed to AR PA moni- toring is probably less than 201e. 4. A number of factors may change this picture. If ARPA funds KECHEL at the 200 K level, we will not have to expend most of the 207 K currently budgeted. The CXYGAS project is funded, Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 CO2384139 Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 CO2384139 2 SUBJECT: Animal Programs with the exception of about 50 K, up through December at which time we will have the operational demonstration. If it is deter- mined at that time to continue OXYGAS, we will combine the ARPA 200 K and the remainder of our 296 K and proceed. If the decision is not to continue OXYGAS, I don't know what ARPA will do but I suspect that we will require less than 100 K of the 296 K to phase it out. AXIOLITE should stand at 100 K which we expect to spend. 11`,,) some extend, these decisions would be dependent upon: a. The DD/P survey of KECIILL =tad AXIOLITE to be undertaken within the next month. b. A decision as to whether we wish to undertake some sort of joint animal program activity in a more formal sense with ARPA. In the latter case, it might be possible to divert any savings from OXYGAS and KECHEL to such an agreed program. Perhaps we could use some of these funds to cover our obligation for FY 1989. 5. As I bare indicated to you verbally, ARPA has on several occasions indicated they would like to have a joint ARPA/CIA animal program. In the light of the recent decisions of the phasing out of the animal programs, I have discouraged further discussions an this. This, of course, could be reopened if this seems desirable after our meeting next mouth with the. Executive Director, the DIVP and the DD/S&T. 8. With respect to management, ORD has in 41 woes been the technical manager on jointly funded programs. We do meet periodically with ARPA, however, for planning purposes, review of tasks, progress reports, and site visits. It luis been ARPA's expressed desire that we have the total technical management of those programs to avoid confusion for the contractors and because we have the technical capability. Stephen L. A 4dr1ch, M. D. Deputy Director of Research and Development Distribution: Ofel - Adse; 1 - DD/S&T; 1 D/ORD; 1 - C/BSD; DD File; 1 - DD Chrono; 1 - ORD Chrono ORD/DD/S&T:SLAidrich:pjk/2652 (15 September 1967) Approved for Release: 2019/07/30 CO2384139