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December 28, 2022
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May 14, 2018
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December 1, 1970
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�- Approved for Release: 2018/01/30 C03040326 Noe Nee -r UL MEMORANDUM FOR: R&D Coordinator SUBJECT Weather Modification REFERENCE : Your memorandum of 30 October 1970, subject "R&D Program Planning Guidance" 1. It appears that the state of the art in weather modification is at present insufficiently developed to permit identification of specific interests in foreign activities. Such identification would be essential for any definition of areas in which R&D for collection might be undertaken. The records of the indicate that there is no outstanding that would alert collec- tors to an interest on the part of the production offices in the subject. I believe it would be useful to make collectors aware of advances in the weather modification field and of the general need for data concerning activi- ties being pursued by the Soviets and others in this area, and have instructed the to take the necessary action. For the time being then, the above step and the kind of "watching brief" which we understand OSI is maintaining appear sufficient. 2. The procedure which was followed in the case of weather modification seems suitable for other potential subjects of R&D interest. EDWARD W. PROCTOR Assistant Deputy Director for Intelligence (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(6) t Approved for Release: 2018/01/30 C03040326 (b)(3)