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March 8, 2023
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April 2, 2019
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March 19, 2004
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Approved for Release: 2019/03/27 C05578203 ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL UCE ONLY Information Review & Release (IRR) News for 15-19 March 2004 Executive Summary Future Planning Calendar (U/a1116) Date TBD: Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP): Next Principals' meeting at EEOB in Washington, DC. (11//A1171") Date TBD: Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP): Next Liaisons' meeting at site TBD. (UHAILT.0) 31 December 2006: The Automatic Declassification Date per Executive Order 12958, as amended. Overview of IRR Activities--Last Week (U/7ATTII3) ERWG Meeting (U/Mrlrer) On 17 March, the External Referral Working Group (ERWG) held its monthly meeting at The Information Security Oversight Office (IS00) representative to ERWG updated the 39 representatives from 16 federal agencies in attendance�including the Department of Homeland Security, ERWG's newest member� on its approval process for agency declassification plans. ISO� analysts intend to review all agency plans by the end of March. During April through June, they will conduct agency on-site visits to review agency declassification processes, final products, and referral handling procedures. Following ISOO's update, representatives from the Navy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) briefed the ERWG on their respective declassification programs and plans. The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) intends to present a similar briefing at ERWG's 21 April meeting. Later on, other agencies will brief on their programs. Last on the agenda, the CIA reported on ERWG's requirements-gathering and procurement schedule for the "Document Declassification Support System" (the renamed "Equities Notification Database). To date, this effort has engaged 13 agencies, including NARA and IS00. ERWG members will be asked to review and comment on CIA's "Concept of Operations and Customer Requirements" document by 24 March. A system concept review meeting is planned for April 2004. (11/htlift)) FOIA Requests (UHA.140) Shotgun Request Includes 'Guyana Incident' (UHAR3e) A requester from New Smyrna, Florida, submitted 15 requests for records on a variety of subjects including: Jonestown in Guyana, MKULTRA, Psychic Driving, and Marilyn Monroe. In this first request, he asked for all CIA records pertaining to: (1) Jonestown, Guyana, (2) Jim Jones, and (3) the World Vision Association. � The FOIA case manager searched the MORI system of previously released records and located 47 documents. A Requester Report, listing these records, will allow the requester to select useful documents for follow-up FOIA processing. Editor: This is not the first request on this topic. In August 2003, the editors of the jonestown report sent their 25th anniversary issue to PIPD/FOIA with the message: "We are sending this to you, because we thought you might like to see how some of the information which the government releases under FOIA is used by scholars, researchers and the news media. We also wanted you to see, it's not just the CIA we're harassing for documents. "The newsletter is published annually "to provide primary source information and to report on ongoing research about Jonestown and the People's Temple." (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) INTERNAL U3! Approved for Release: 2019/03/27 C05578203 Approved for Release: 2019/03/27 C05578203 ADMINISTRATIVE--INTERNAL-IcISC--9NL-Y- (UM1tJ13)-Quakers Seek Report on Dismantling of Russian Warheads (U//Altle) The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL),"a Quaker lobby in the public interest," seeks a copy of the "report ordered by Public Law 108-136, Sec. 1033, concerning the number of Russian strategic warheads dismantled under the Strategic Offensive Reduction Treaty." The requester notes that delivery of the report was due to the Congress by 2 February 2004. (b)(3) (b)(5) (b)(3) (b)(5) (U//A44344) Requester Interest in the 'Hayduk Case' (W/1-ut10) Frequent requester Jeremy Bigwood seeks records on the 1993 Peruvian drug case called the "Caso Hayduk" or "Hayduk Case" after the name of the Peruvian fishing company where a shipment of cocaine was allegedly found. The requester indicates that "there is a whole cast of characters involved in the case, possibly including the head of the Peruvian intelligence agency at the time, Mr. Vladimiro Montesinos." Editor: The National Security Archive has posted a collection of declassified US documents on Vladimiro Montesinos, titled: "The declassified files on Peru's former intelligence chief"-see: (U//444(3.).CDC Declassification Center (IMA4-130) From The Archives: (UHA-1441.) Presidential Instructions to the IC (UHARTiej�President Carter met on 9 March 1977 with National Foreign Intelligence Board (NFIB) principals and other Intelligence Community (IC) representatives. An 11 March 'Memorandum for the Record' by one of the attendees highlights the President's comments: (1) "He requested that a worldwide 'inventory of agents' be prepared so that he and his advisors could determine whether the geographical deployment of these individuals corresponds to his needs for intelligence information." (2) "Intelligence 'priorities and goals' must come from the consumers, namely the President and his principal foreign and defense policy advisors, and not from the Intelligence Community. He had examined the KIQs (ed. note: Key Intelligence Questions generated by the IC) and determined they were not his most important questions." (3) "He is disappointed with the information on the assessments of political trends and intentions in foreign countries" and wants the IC to place more emphasis on political analysis of foreign developments. (4) "The President expressed complete confidence in (DCI) Admiral Turner whom he has charged with the mission of closely coordinating all elements of the IC...he wanted it understood that Admiral Turner is not merely the 'titular' head but he 'is the head' of the IC." (5) "In response to a comment from Admiral Turner, who said it was important that the President receive divergent views, (National Security Advisor) Dr. Brzezinslci said he didn't think the President was receiving divergent views." (6) The President said he would speak out publicly in support of the IC and would try when possible to give them credit. "He recognizes that the excesses of the past were largely due to orders from higher levels. For the future however, improprieties and illegalities must be avoided." If mistakes are made, they should be reported immediately to Admiral Turner. If such reporting [is] delayed, revelations of concealed illegalities or improprieties could do "irreparable" damage to the IC. � The 'Key Intelligence Questions' noted in paragraph two were initiated by DCI Colby and highlighted in the 1974 -IC Annual Report. They were part of a package attempting to bring together KIQs, activities, products, consumers, and resources. But the approach never really caught on. (UHATIIIS1)-President Johnson's Focus on Vietnam (UHATI717 A 13 November 1968 National Security Council "buck" slip from Special Advisor Walt Rostow to President Johnson states "Mr. President: It looks as though we've found a really good bottleneck in the Laos truck route and are really hurting the enemy." The attached DIA cable (referred to and released by DIA) notes that "B-52 strikes have once again succeeded in closing the Ban Laboy ford complex to enemy truck traffic. The ford was (b)(3) ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved for Release: 2019/03/27 C05578203 Approved for Release: 2019/03/27 C05578203 ADMINICTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLY closed to all through truck traffic from North Vietnam (NVN) on 1 October. It remained closed until 2 November when the enemy finally succeeded in temporarily opening this principal land route into southern Laos. With the cessation of bombing operations in NVN, the enemy quickly repaired his access routes [in NVN] and made extensive efforts to open up the accesses to his Laotian route structures. The increasing weight of the air effort appears to be containing the enemy's desperate efforts to bring truck-borne supplies to his forces now seeking sanctuary in Laos and northern Cambodia. The [B-52] strikes are now being concentrated against Ban Laboy ford on a daily basis. Anywhere from 50 to over 100 fighter strikes per day are being scheduled for continuous around the clock radar and visual attacks against the complex. The continued impedance of enemy traffic in Laos could have considerable impact on the enemy's ability to reintroduce forces into I and II Corps during the next few months." � According to Christopher Andrew's book, For the President's Eyes Only (New York: Harper Collins, 1995), Johnson was obsessed in January 1968 with the NVN threat to the Marine base at Khe Sanh and the analogies made to Dien Bien Phu. DCI Helms had a "large relief model constructed by NPIC ( National Photographic Interpretation Center) and placed in the White House situation room. Johnson was fascinated by it. Several times a day he would visit the situation room to study the latest positions of enemy units plotted on the model." (U/M41�10,1What Price Liberty? (CHAIM") An Office of Legislative Counsel 'Memorandum for the Record' (MFR) in 1969 highlights a proposed amendment to the War Claims Act of 1948 �that addresses prisoners of war captured during the Vietnam conflict: "In essence, [it provides] to military members of the Armed Forces a possible total of $2.50 per day while a prisoner of war ($1 for deficient quantity or quality of food, and $1.50 for inhumane treatment). To qualify for this payment the prisoner must be held by a hostile force with which the U.S. was actually engaged in armed conflict between 5 August 1964 and the date ending the Vietnam conflict." � While several deficiencies were pointed out in the bill, the only indication that the compensation was considered a little low is the statement that the bill "...does not reflect the new rates proposed during the 90th Congress" (i.e., in other legislation under consideration). The MFR does not go on to say whether the amendment was accepted. CC: (b)(3) (b)(3) ADMINISTRATIVE INTERNAL USE ONLy Approved for Release: 2019/03/27 C05578203