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March 9, 2023
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February 10, 2021
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April 4, 1966
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Approved for Release: 2020/12/28 C05752561 _ _ hhT C1JGOE [ii MEMORANDUM FOR: Office of Research and Development Office of Special Activities SUBJECT: System Program Directive for CHIGOE /j 1. Office of Research and Development, DD/S&T, is directed to develop an. infrared-guided multi-sensor airborne system (CHIGOE) which will be capable of detecting, evaluating, and recording small, transient intelligence targets which are concealed by dense foliage or darkness. ORD is further directed to participate in DOD-sponsored study and development of a side- looking, synthetic aperture radar which will penetrate foliage, and to develop and evaluate an airborne active magnetometer and other specialized devices, to be added to the multi-sensor system when their capability is proved. The overall Program Director for the development and test phases will be appointed by D/ORD. 2. Office of Special Activities, DD/S&T, is directed to provide operational support for the development and test phases and to plan for eventual Agency use of the multi- sensor system as an'overflight-intelligence collection-- capability. Because of the sensitive nature of Agency over- flight operations, OSA will provide streamlined contracting support and will assume security_ggldance and Control during the system intgration and all subsequent phases. Unirl it proves necessary to do ZTITe-Fliase, CHIGUE'wilf-iia be included in the BYEMAN system, but will, nevertheless, be afforded the same close security control. 3. This program has been funded by a Bureau of the Budget allocation of 2.84 million dollars to the Agency to accomplish the development and initial test phases. Further budget re- quests for funds to operate the system as an Agency asset, to modify or add second-generation equipment, or to adapt the basic system design to special problems of potential users outside the Agency will be directed to appropriate sources as the need arises. It is recognized that both the wide range of capa- bilities being provided and the national interest require that maximum use be made of the system. Close coordination is to be maintained with those DOD components who concurred in Agency development of the concept, and others who are identified during the program as potential users, with the understanding that parts of the Agency multisensor technology may contribute to their specialized needs. \I'SjI\GOE S CRET Approved for Release: 2020/12/28 C05752561 Approved for Release: 2020/12/28 C05752561 _sECRET SECRET CHIGOE 4000010WWWW, Page 2 4. More specifically, there is an urgent national require- ment to develop and use a fast-reacting multi-sensor reconnais- sance system to detect, record, and communicate to military unit commanders the existence of small, transient tactical targets in densely foliated areas. It is directed that the total DD/S&T capability in this area be combined into the CHIGOE airborne system, and that the results be evaluated by potential military users as soon as possible. The target date for production of the operational muW-sensor aircraft is December 1966, and the first operations are to be directed toward areas of U.S. in- volvement in Southeast Asia. Because the intelligence collection and tactical functions are so closely interwoven in system design, it is felt that this approach will serve Agency long-term interests as well as those of the military. 5. Aggressive management and cost effectiveness procedures will be used on this program. Because of the probable wide-spread application of this technique to needs of other government agencies, a complete record of the technical bases for development and,the----- results of the initial test programs will be kept. OSA will co- operate with ORD in the preparation-Of-appropriate documentation, such, as,a System-Package Program, so that development, test, eval- uation, and replication can proceed in .a valid and logical manner. The System Package Program will include preliminary operational estimates and planning factors based on the assumption that OSA will integrate this airborne system into an existing OSA project, to provide a basic long-term Agency capability in this specialized field of overflight collection. ALBERT D. WHEELON Deputy Director for Science and Technology CHIGOE SECRET Approved for Release: 2020/12/28 C05752561