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June 22, 1961
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� 3.5(c) ApicteceilVegititifi3646 3.3(h)(2) 22 June 1961 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN TOP SECRET 'Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 CO5973646/ II Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 TOP SECRET 0 Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 0 AApproved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 0 SECRET 22 June 1961 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN CONTENTS 1. USSR-Cuba: Preliminary evaluation of Soviet jet fighter deliveries to Cuba. (Page t) 2. Laos. (Page t) 3. USSR: Khrushchev, Malinovsky reiterate warnings on Berlin issue. (Page it) 4. Iran: Reports indicate General Bakhtiar may be reviv- ing his plans to take over government with military back- ing. (Page tit) 5. Congo: Chief UN representative believes parliament probably will not meet before mid-July. (Page tit) 6. Dominican Republic: Balaguer urges restoration of diplo- matic relations. (Page tit) 7. Bolivia:- President Paz releases, two imprisoned labor leaders; most mines reopened. (Page iv) 8. Israel-UAR: Several firing incidents reported in Lake Tiberias region of Israeli-Syrian border. (Page iv) 9. Zanzibar: British expect further clashes between Arab and African parties. (Page v) 10. Watch Committee conclusions. (Page v) SECRET Amrzoyedlor,Release:,2020/08/11,C05973646r A 1.4\Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 0 0 BURMA NAM1THA 1,..6uong Sa Ban Houei Sal����� LUANG, PRA Muong Ho Luang Probang 1 SAYABOURY � Muon Koss.," NORTHERN \LAOS Forces ll&A' GOVERNMENT 4=11, KONG LE - PATHET LAO FT KONG LE - PATHET LAO AREAS 0 GOVERNMENT (MEO) BASE AREAS ROAD 0 ---TRAIL 0 ROUTE NUMBER 610621 50 a STATUTE MILES L Chou NORTH VIET AM 6%. A Dien Bien Phu rL � Nam Boc /1 \. kms. AM NEUA \ IENG����. Nu. KHOUANG -Muong ^ Soul '�,:ho ay hong Sayan Phou 'o: ) 0.1tt Pci-Don:ulnn;.NIChg:tal-Ing -`,1���AIsTho Tho Vang Vieng j�-� ,.......... T " r_...... ..r ..." he Bon Hat Bo ' VIENTIANE Rk_ Borikhonec . \ Ban Hin.Heu/p ak Sone Vientiane � Nong Khai HAI L AND �100 M ong Sen Thalthek - -- fAohcixoy ������ ����-����*-N� Seno ha Lane / ----�, -'-.Tchepo.ne yannokhet �����������,10 , Muong�Phi,ne 7 \ SAVANNAKHET ; `.. .." Dong Hoi ����� SOUTH VIETNAM Houel Sane 22 June 61 CENTrn A T TXTIFTVG3 T T T1 7crt-1 Tn 7-���r�ry� vnrETTN "-Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646" Map Page Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 CT OP SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 22 June 1961 DAILY BRIEF USSR-Cuba: Ttotographs of the 23 crates delivered to Cuba on or about 6 June by the Leninsky Komsomol indicate that the vessel carried aircraft and suggest that at least some of the crates could contain MIG-19 supersonic jet fighters. Only two other nonbloc countries�the UAR and Iraq--have received this type of aircraft. In addition, an unknown num- ber of MIG-15 and/or -17 aircraft were being assembled at San Antonio de los Banos_ on 15 June. About 60 Cubans re- portedly are to return from military training in Czechoslo- vakia by 26 June; some or all of these personnel may be pilots who are known to have been receiving flight instruction there during the nast vea.f) 01( Laos:Lk:(itil Vietnam is reliably reported tcYbe Construcd ing five enclaves in Laos along the common border for the dual purpose of strengthening. defenses against known concentrations of Communist troops in the area and of providing safe havens /0,_ az 2f for any South Vietnamese special forces operating within south- ern Laos. Each enclave is to be manned by South Vietnamese /At"- troops and is to have a landing strip capable of handling twin- 17)3 engined transport aircra1..9 The tripartite working group at Zurich, composed of Gen- eral Phoumi, Quinim Pholsena, and Phoumi Vongvichit, claims to have come closer to agreement on some of the points at issue. However, no progress is discernible on the fundamental ques- tion of forming a coalition government. mall-scale enemy actions continue at scattered points in northern Laos, but no new major actions have been reported. ) Bloc airlift operations continue to be sched- uled through 22 June. Fourteen sorties were flown on 20 June, 8 of which were into Laos. *The USSR is trying to obtain British agreement to a draft message from the Geneva co-chairmen appealing to both the TISI TOP SECRET AN9Erae_d_f,o_r_Rlem_22,2_01,0_811_1_925,17,314_6 A 'Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646/ TOP SECRET and South Vietnam to abandon implementation of military measures in South Vietnam which the USSR contends were agreed upon during Vice President Johnson's Saigon visit. While the UK has already indicated its intention to reject the Soviet draft appeal, Moscow probably feels it would be able to cite this overture as a matter of record if the bloc decides to demand that the Geneva Conference should be expanded to the Vietnamese auestior (Mal5T d'he Watch Committee at its meeting on 21 June reached the following conclusion on Lao) (he Communists continue to delay implementation of an effective cease-fire in Laos while their forces proceed with efforts to eliminate pro-government forces in Communist- dominated areas and to improve their already strong military position. They apparently believe that these tactics will even- tually result in the establishment of a "neutral" Laotian gov- ernment satisfactory to them. The ability of the Royal Laotian Government to maintain its cohesion and determination to re- sist is increasingly uncertain / *USSR: Sovit lead-eft TO-ok�icii-rantage ofiNFEnibliCralry' � marking the 20th anniversary of the German invasion to blame the Western democracies for encouraging Hitler and to draw parallels with the current situation in Germany. IChrushchev's speech and an address by Marshal Malinovsky were generally anti-Western in tone and stressed that, in comparison with 1941, the USSR has the military capability to meet any Western chal- lenge which might grow out of the situation in Germany and Berlin. A notable aspect of IChrushchev's speech was his cate- gorical statement that the USSR, in the absence of an agreement with the West, would conclude a peace treaty with East Germany at the end of this year. Khrushchev also indicated that the Soviet reply to the US note of 17 June on a nuclear test ban would main- tain the known Soviet positions; he warned that "as soon as" the US resumes nuclear, tests the USSR would do so. 22 june 6 DAILY BRIEF TOP SECRET Ai/nkpproved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 A Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 905973646 Republic of the Congo GUM aal�013 LIBERIA 200 AERIE N ETHIOPIA Bangassou ' . 94.1-3---�� Bond� 1,, .Gemena , . � itv.L.Th. ct. AstiA ett Bu OR ENTAL Scattereli ForcerS..- Awn a MOBU1U 400 ftebt, MOBUTU 800 \.� CLJATELI-c INDIA oquilhatville 800 �Boende TUNISIA NIGERIA ETHIOPIA 200 \ so' � )`;�Tht)-- CON60 t.P.1.41'M Pointe r.4 NOire 7200 Za7-1rforces MOBUTU Brazzaville Leopoldv L-E0 FOAL- D VIL:L! t!Francqui4r. Witict)/(1ift \fsville BanScia Kitona uluabourg � Bak GHANA 1.600 MALAYA 900 LIBERIA amma � Approximate area nominally controlled by: / Luanda CD Kasavubu-Mobutu KATA D Gizenga Ria, .Kalonji C Tshombe 1.2:4S6 DE United Nations Forces (Service Forces �Selected road - not Included) -0--v-_,_ Selected railroad 'Ir Selected infield l 4 - leyville K I V IJ Elukav ETHIOPIA MALAYA 500 INDIA 2,900 FEDERATION Late Albert UGANDA NIGERIA UANDA URUNDI Ktngolo Kalish:HA; � Albertville\ NIGERIA 600 �Manono lisabethv Ile RHODES, NYASALAND Usurnbura TANGANYIKA Lake Tanganyika IRELAND 650 SWEDEN 870 � :12 aunt (61 re, 171. litern ��� et... � Appr 1oved for Release: 2020/08/1 C0597364610UlutstiflIN Map Page. A roved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 I. *Iran: IRecent reports on the attitude of General Teimur Bakhtiar, Iormer chief of intelligence and security, indicate that he has become more dissatisfied with the performance of the Amini government and may be reviving plans for a military. backed takeover. Various reports suggest that the Shah has not yet made up his mind on whether or not to oust Amini. The Shah would probably prefer a weaker personality than Bakhtiar to head any new eovernment7 Congo: UN Congo administrator Linner'Says the meeting of the Congolese parliament set for 25 June will probably be postponed until mid-July because of technical difficulties and the desire of Congolese politicians for further discussions be- fore they convene formally at Lovanium University. Linner notes a changed attitude on the part of both the Leopoldville and Stanleyville groups. The Kasavubu regime, aware that its own coalition comprises many small and undisciplined groups, is "running scared!' Gizenga, however, has become more confi- dent and will probably play the role of a "true nationalist" and Lumumba's legal successor with the advantage that his own forces are based on only a few major parties, 6 k *Katanga's participation appears more likely now that the provincial leaders are playing down their earlier insistence on acceptance of the confederal accords drafted at Tananarive in March. They, have centered their demands on release of Tshombe, and may be satisfied by the promise that he will be released when Katangan deputies reach Leopoldville to take part in the parliamen- tary meeting. Kasavubu's interior mrister. Adoula. e7e this assurance to UN officials on 21 June. (Man), vuornnucan Republic: L I of the re-establishmPresident Balaguer stressed the importance ent of diplomatic relations between his gov- ernment and OAS members and indicated that the Panamanian and Uruguayan representatives on the OAS team recently in the Dominican Republic were encouraging on this prospect. Balagug 22 June 61 DAILY BRIEF iii 1/411,- TOP SECRET Af.ta 19/52/1.51.12. 1.221S,323 UVELCV9SF 3 6 4 6 A Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 ISRAELI -SYRIAN BORDER AREA Approximate Locations of Border Incidents Canal or conduit, proposed or under construction ' tII Demilitarized Zone � � '7///////////////// ' � LEBANON ( 4glikrranc'tn St, 1 I IRAEL UAR (EGYPT ) NEGEV DESERT UAR (SYRIA) Der.d Soo JORDAN Mediterranean Sea Tel Aviv. Jaffa r LEBA ON LAKE HULA (Drained) Pumping Station (Under Construction H.q.) Rcscrv,:N - LAKE rtrnd, TIBERIAS (I TI211e1, ISRAEL Jerusalem UAR (SYRIA) UNCLASSIFIED STATUTE MILES 30861 22 June 61 ENTCTa A T TXT11117. T T Tenl TT1 1 Te'vrn �-���� � ir ��� �-� TIN Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 Map Page 'Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 CO5973646 Cr )as apparently trying to intimate that the presence of US and other hemisphere ambassadors would strengthen his hand against elements in the regime opposed to liberalization. Hill said he is not altogether convinced that the President was sin- cere in his comments and, in any event, doubts that the Pres- ident has the power to restrain the Trujillo group. The consul got the impression that Balaguer himself may doubt that he is in real control of the situatio.rg ii-Vieanwhile the foreign minister of El Salvador, suggested that � when the OAS considers the subcommittee report on the Dominican situation it merely "note" the report and thus avoid the question, for the time being, of relaxing present OAS sanctions. Such a tactic would probably appeal to a num- ber of other Latin American goverpments:/ Bolivia: The firm anti-Communist position adopted by President Paz in early June has been weakened by his release of two of the Communist labor leaders arrested at that time. Leftist Vice President Lechin's demand for the release of all of the imprisoned Communists is reported to have provoked a violent dispute between Paz and Lechin. The US Embassy be- lieves Paz may back down still further to avoid an open break with Lechin. Strikes backing the demands for release of the prisoners have been tapering off, however, and most of the mines on which the Bolivian economy depends now are operat- ing. 0k Israel-UAR: Four instances of firing at two separate loca- tions on Israel's Syrian border occurred on 19 June, and another'', took place on 21 June, interrupting several months of relative quiet along Israeli-Arab borders. In one of the flare-ups, ac- cording to the UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTS0), one, 1,4_6 Israeli was killed and two were wounded by Syrian infiltrators. The incident occurred just north of Lake Tiberias, near the bi_e 22 June 61 DAILY BRIEF iv AApproved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 A Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 GrOP�SEeRET area in which Israel is working on the Jordan River diversion project which has aroused Arab hostility. �The UNTSO is fearful of a resumption of border violence. The Israelis are reported to be "much agitated," and the pos- sibility of retaliatory action may, be somewhat greater than usual in view of the Israeli elections scheduled for August. If he wishes, Ben-Gurion probably could recover some of the prestige he lost during Israel's recent domestic crisis by re- instituting his "reprisal" policy against Arab incursions. This would dramatize again his popular image .which remains his principal political asset--as chief protector of Israeli secu- rity. (Backup, Page 1) (Map) Zanzibar: extremists in the Arab-dominated Zanzibar Nationalist party (ZNP) are retaliating against African supporters of the opposi- tion Afro-Shirazi party (ASP) which used violence against the Arabs during the recent elections. The extremists reportedly are pressuring Arab employers and landlords on the island to 1141-` discharge African employees and evict African squatters who supported the ASP. further violence on Zanzibar appears "inevitable" unless a reconcilia- tion can be effected between the two major parties�an unlikely development. The British are, however, believed to have enou h troo s available to contain any disorder_s3 (Backup, Page 2) WATCH COMMITTEE CONCLUSIONS On the basis of findings by its Watch Committee, the United � States Intelligence Board concludes that: A. No change from last week. B. No change from last week. C. LAOS: Carried on Page i of Daily Brief, 22 June 61 TOP SECRET 14 DAILY BRIEF 4Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 CO5973646 A Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 SZCRET Israeli-Syrian Border Violence � Ben-Gurion's Mapai party has been emphasizing campaign themes which present Ben-Gurion and the party as successful defenders of Israel's security over the past 13 years. This emphasis presumably also is designed to vitiate criticism of the prime minister and his party for their handling of the re- cent "Lavon affair," which was related to security issues. Ben-Gurion said in April that the border tranquillity at the time was illusory. Israel's plans to divert Jordan River waters to the arid Negev in southern Israel�initially by pumping water from Lake Tiberias--were a prime consideration at the Arab Defense Council meeting held last week in Cairo. The Israeli project has provided impetus to Arab proposals for coordinated mil- itary planning. The Arab states have indicated that they will consider diversion of the Jordan by Israel a cause for war. The question of a joint Arab command, which would be headed by a UAR general in accordance with terms of the 1950 Arab collective security pact, was discussed at the conference. However, final agreement on the subject apparently has yet to be achieved, largely because of Jordanian suspicions. King Husayn fears that a UAR-dominated joint command structure would pose a serious threat to Jordanian internal security, since UAR troops would probably be stationed in Jordan and this would afford Nasir opportunities for subverting the Jor- danian Army and the civilian population. 22 June 61 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN Page 1 Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646 Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 SECKI61 Zanzibar Faces New Violence ithe Afro-Shirazi party (ASP), which claims to represent the protectorate's 225,000 African inhabitants�composed principally of Bantu immigrants from the mainland and the Shirazis, who trace their origin to Persia�had a majority of about 13,000 votes on Zanzibar island. The Zanzibar Nation- alist party (ZNP) and its ally the Zanzibar and Pemba People's party (ZPPP), however, proved sufficiently dominant on the nearby island of Pemba which together with Zanzibar island comprises the Zanzibar protectorate�to win 13 of 23 seats in the protectorate's legislative coung EL'he ZNP and ZPPP subsequently formed a coalition gov- ernment nominally headed by the latter party's president, Sheik Muhammed Shamte�an illiterate Shirazi who was named chief minister. ZNP President Ali Muhsin,, leader of the protec- torate's 50,000-member Arab community, is believed to be the real power behind Shamte, howeve_r3 ASP members, reluctant to believe that Africans or Shirazis wouThtvoluntarily vote for the Arab-led ZNP, precipitated the recent disorders by attempting to "rescue" Africans and Shirazis who allegedly were being forced to vote for the ZNP. In the dis- orders which followed over 60 Arabs were killed, while the Afro- Shirazi death toll numbered only tw22 -SECRET- 22 June 61 CEIkl.Tr) AT -MTV T T TC1V1VCI .T,ETIN Page 2 Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 C05973646- Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 005973646 11)L 1 .iv. I lila,- THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Counsel to the President The Special Assistant for National Security Affairs The Scientific Adviser to the President The Director of the Budget The Director, Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization The Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Chairman, Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Director, International Cooperation Administration The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration The Counselor and Chairman of the Policy Planning Council The Director of Intelligence and Research The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Under Secretary of the Treasury The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs) The Assistant to Secretary of Defense (Special Operations) The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Chief of Staff, United States Army Commandant, United States Marine Corps U.S. Rep., Military Committee and Standing Group, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific The Director, The Joint Staff The Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff The Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of Army The Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of Navy The Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force The Department of Justice The Attorney General The Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director The Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman The National Security Agency The Director The United States Information Agency The Director The National Indications Center The Director Approved for Release: 2020/08/11 605973646 4%,%%%,