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December 28, 2022
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September 26, 2017
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January 10, 1980
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- :Approved for Release: 2015/07/08 006157948 1_,AOS 2, The Vietnamese andjaptian-fori:es'haveused chemica -warfare agonta.m-t-titinngtTiTiesman for a wri-ar....f, 6T-1'ore than tbrev.y-raqs,, C UgCCS alra-o-tite-r-s-ifiriTces provtde--a story of repeated chemical ' attacks on civilian poptalations'for,the�-onrpose .eliminating the Mmongsfhe refogees:conSistentlyfrela(0)(1) 'a Tattern,of vmploymentwhich ineittiles-rockets.'sprova(b)(3) V artillery %se:11)(mA ..-;,�T,,,,-,symptoils described I had its to believe that there were three types of chemical agents used ' a nerve agent, a riot coot ml 1pent and an unknown chemical or combination of clicmicL--�� tho'CW ar,ents.luAl) pionaPit t�eIL ,IIPPItt-u to �Icina.u...�(-:ano h.totian forces (b)(3 by the I:SSR. It -is probable:::thattrailling in .the use o. , CW agents -also was-providi-!d hy2..theovietq:' - In odd.ition to Ilmotivtiribesmen_the -chemical attacks reportedly destroyed largif:numbersot domestic animals'. � including swineUndechickt'''' we believe ihaCA:li:monitiatnsliaeestot:ea at Xiang - ' Khoang...(Military RegiotC)1Gy'Savannakhet (Military Region. ' Ill), 'and Pakse (MilitaryA(egion: IV).�The latest reported: use of-Ch',against_the � .: � g:�11.121)22:-.:11Y*.. !!!1'"0:1. . . � Numerous" rail I ot(�Iit)rtstiid1)ress1e1cIscq have been � re cc i l s IIwo CW,- by . V ietnnin,ese: forces',in 1.a twoche i a lmn"i::.);;totpu,thealt dl idc'n t r Li cti he I huh, r ko m lb. S L r m pt ion. of-';;;s,ymptOmtt, :-,ohse o ?'t hos O.:: reptirt e that.. t1iuiaie.tW; 11 1.ti,..;:1C l'i� (b)(1) '(b)(3) Approved for Release: 2015/07/08 C06157948 -� Approved for Release: 2015/07/08 0061579485 � .. � :A jIi It ri tco;it- op,ent s wore',ifl I ICt use,: azainst:. .;hme r utile I -t; I it fi col t -t o.-Make . i'� One �,chmical aktack�rt�psortedivwas� wt,�.-messed by Tnat pea7:.anti(b)(1)� and Khmer � I e fngees'.- �I it . tit istack, an un i dent i ricd (b)(3), helicopter d '.,.c.11,,e..mieals into the water supply' I' f the go, nip � Jr a C i 70 of the - � 2001) re fu gee,. and kilfi ..sma I I but unknown number: . A tear gai: tI act- I Vit'tnanits.e ;:tai,g!;t soldiers of the -000) lame r St- rei rt., � repotted I h a t ( b ) (1 ). tile Viet 11.!Ints1.0 I 0. I .C1411:!Ii Ca � � :(3)(3). . . ra 0 1"/-71:111;inicsc and .t he i r nampuchean t.��ol 1 ahorat.ors �� are not successI iii Ii.;ping .out Major 'resistance in � Kampuchea, it is p nh ts.-t ha t_t IRv wi I ro so rt to great er � use>1lIt IIi ea I re,�".,:a a� i dont fo ic. .�� � � � 1 I a I'd ev t- ,thot t__Ij;_LiIJJ1_&p_t':.I�.',a emp )c.y i n Lt'� � . 1,vis 1371-.71i, do ;to lid on en r ',:ah ii t ty � t o, bt.i In t�a-1.7.-s-trinp-FetvtiVin I !C.:- F6-111. n a ted�with a LA , ;rtiii fl iti .ittacl..6r on the i 1 it t�-o�OTTTFriv-a vict m_iietira�titlx.� a I orTlie in it dosed with. a ' C.1�1' agenv ' ' r, so i I, ion; �at or .-58:np1o.: con - t-:tit na ti tu lilt tho Clc agent Are prime:candidatcs for analys i:��� . t t in r t y � of samples arc cont am i ni t ed cloth: look i; amp I es , and ' spent she 1 lit or, cas iIItit . Ca re s h ou Id be . rt.i t;t'd n sh i pp 'mg; lb e er i I for: ana I Ys is . � to - avo1 d � les i i he Cr: ,mat j a s amp l ly � e vapo rat ion �: �� or deg i on; sea I til con t a inerS:';nro, r � 'Approved for Release: 2015/07/08 006157948