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March 16, 2022
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August 5, 2016
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March 2, 1961
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Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 ii CURRENT INTELLIGENCE WEEKLY SUMMARY CENTRAL tNi I NC A COPY ma OCI Na oneia 3 Much IOW NC Y ten,ATPS rt2tiV 7t2:2 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 MIT IrnLIGEWKsY SUN &1 The 1 c ion by Gi&onga forces into the Luluabourg area of Kasai Province, which caused such affrehension in Leopold- ville, has faded out this vent. UN sources claim that Luluabourg to a "UN city"; nevertheless Coagolese troops of Idobute, cording to press roperta, have engaged In riots With the local Populace which have reoulted in more than 40 fatalitisa. The UN has confirmed that another Oizeaga forte estimated at two battalions Is moving from thole in central ConCo toward Coquil- batville, capital of Sauateur Province, which the ON reperta virtually unguarded by Leopold- ville forces. nesmarsk3o1d told ambassador Stevenson OA 28 nab- ruary he did eot thiot reCeat military operations in the Congo had changed the balance of Power anang the various factions. Par at least a Month, CI,- sedge's forces have apparently operated with relative freedom in northern Uasal Province. The population there, which includes Lus _lo own tribe, either la politically apathetic or fa- vors Gizenga's $taoleyville re gime. The force that "toot" talluabourg apparently had rea soft to ex ct that Kobutu troo vould not resint. The Gizeaglet tthdr&wl n on 27 yobruary, the troops Leg LuIuabourg "lite a wave " acme disappearing in.. bush after abandoola8 r veaponn, mad none withdraw- the northeast toward ?ince. According to es, all Congolese troops cleared from the city t. ems:ander to the fad the acea the _eel of the invading force not have control of their and the forceevident17 e4 rather than submit to =anent agreenent which enders had negotiated with ocal un contingent. 0i- gist officers involved in negotiation() and the cow.. of the pro-Uobuto garri lied for and received UN c ion, although there are tang that the LeoPold- overnnent intends to take nary action against Its This confusion jib g illustrates the do- ' of Congolese miIttarF a on the labiTIA of in - ite. The Vizenga force* in uabourg, secordinK to eYevit ea, did hot have oven the Meager logistical eoPPort d other Stapleyville coluans Operating in Kasai are probably in a similar condition, 01 - zeragato over-all supply Problem appears to bo precarious. The expulsion of five Com- 1st louroalists from Stan- i12� on 20 ftbruary i- dly because 01zenga waa piqued about not receiving aid from Communist countries- -prob- ably was intended by (lizeoga to dramatize his supply situa- tion. The Smdannse UN delegate told an American official on 27 February that Khartoun does not intend to give vaF to So- viet and VAR pressure for trans- it rielbts no said vmriOus devices were being tried, but would not succeed. Gird/MUM app reotly re� ton the.daminant fueg 101,11il1e and the city in EEKLY REVIEW Page 1 of 28 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 WREI CE ral Lundula, Stall, re. re on 26 molesting hot, and r decreed 1 Stanley- vi order the ego, who port and ban Eaintatned hi 9081t10n largely tbr0ugh poUtical mon1P- u34tioe, may have weakened it by defonding RoroPetod. somever, be appeara removed some potential rig* Benaro Salome, formerly his reseatative la Cairo and mer recently a leading figure in the Stanleyville regime, IS reported to bave fled, pre8w- a rental of n otreggie /or paver. In Leepoldy Ile, the rIot in by Congolese army amen ars to have requited from both of an &cyaniding -at- tack by Gleeinges cOlunaS aad the possibility of attempt by MIN forces to disarm kobutu's troops. Easavubu4o radio ad- dress on 21 P ruary in ehiCh he urged reeistance to UN �tutelage" may worsen tbe al. read/ tease eituAtIon botwooe UN persoxutel and the Coug01080 army, and further attack* Oa VS personnel could lead to re- taliatory actlen by the WI force. In tate Pebrry1 Cease. lese ott*cta3a in Leopold. rill* were *akn frantic ef- forts to put together a fierce with which to Oppose Gizenga'S to:Irene*. lo the event Otkenga'o forect neve Os Leopoldville, they would be uoithely to meat effective opposition in eastern teepoldvillo Province, whore Aetimg di wes t.tyin to raise two lions of voiunteere in the Aville area, and repeTt. Y evan anted Alh*rt italeejt, 4 Of the 30Uth RASai State, his two battalions of rly trained trOOTO aSalodt Menge force in Lulea - Whet this request *as red te the UN COmmand, I protested, objecting to neggreseive posture." Accer4ing to UN egureem to NeW trOOpet hod taken r LuluabOur prestinntel in the vicinity SiblY stilt hoping tato Ortoatele Province. SOurceS estimate tbsti altbevgb be has same trucks brought up by river from Coquilhatville, he Would met be able to carry Out nn attack on Stanleyvilie. Following a 21 Yebrumry meeting mita UR commander McKeown, *o- blate promised to take up only defensive positions to prevent infiltrations from Stanleyville, but be refused to meet with Lundula to discuss, a fir'. and and seimbliebaent of & neutral tone. dammarshjold thinks there ts a chance that RObutu and Luadela might join forces is * military al- liaece agaiast all peliti. cisme. butu 114y be Litthibe a' to tett:Sett teOPOidv11_ 'a 2 War 61 W KLY REVIEW Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 Page 2 ot 26 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 CURRENT INTZILIGENC/ all aft by 04.20nga dor in Bukavv. meats that thi$ better cheese of than did tenOt *n Ovando-Ume givu Province. bo Apse to further sure should such an operet on take place' fres Reseda -Urendi, shish it admicietOre AG 4 UN trust territory. loop. The uldbura re that R40- lotbefi rood*. /IV? rolled o Mar* Oicesga's apparent n successes probably c o the 2$ February egr41,0- 1ong labonb4, 1100, and shish prOsidoR for ono- e p u Congo poOling a continuing ml tool conaultati tacitly admitting t t tongs se a Sopa end XaSavtibu pay reined their alatft kesmen for Cho optire Congo. Tbt ogronalost iz unlikely yilyoult lA much direct pill- ory Support for the Leopold- gips. 7ehomb4 IS gore use his treop* againgt Baba* trIbtAnde to A* ova position_ the It two *rooks he ly izaued rouser amd ammunition to mbh7 of his Cocotte% pOrty abothville and the Si - IINges. hut this ra to bo Tomo ea o morale and to ant1-4Comaket crease the ongth of rte. be- on enoneed 0-fir0 th4 ON date Seerctary Genral rattjold deacribta mew Congo mandato as . bpmn sailed� regarding shot la to he dOne ac4 "lodeilotte� rd- ho is to carry I% out. Se reluninO cautions in his linter,* PrOtntiloa of provt- ainoo Authorising the mem of force. No be- lieves that UN trvo could tAhe polaitiOnS to heep contendieg 2 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 Approved for Release: 2016/07/05 C06541060 z�rco c the use of iota that limitation* Contributing TumIsion, Ethicp Sudamete demands that trOepS Cot become Part:- internal c00fit4. On the basis of ttan, ux advisersestimate 23 battalion* (1.040:ses) vote:wary to maintain Lao Ser. they believe IS ono could prevent *reel?� to within the Congo. If Induce-eta eosOly kjeld,s appeal to reaps there, Congo vill resole aao. lisanare*joid rstea Afri444 atatso to s or six additional /or one In latenga, and a tly le hoping for thto0 4 waiTe battalions frOn India. -egar0A AA IeldiAA eoutribut as the "key" to th ttti jr 04 Ora:seat. ea to lost at- Ate joid by Massaro ld ha* hid A sor of co tinge with his le - Involver Coogo Advisory Commit- tee witb the Over-all objeetive f forcing tbo states repreOnsted on that bo