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December 28, 2022
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February 6, 2017
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December 17, 1963
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Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 ��-� 7��� � 'OM 10 .tratIMEVIOUS: ounma )A-re � Sthoz 17 DEC 63 CLASSIFIED MESSAGE e-R-ELL 2 3. *'63 ROWING 9 2 10 r DIRECTOR 405 M TOR:. 19I4Z 17. DEC 63. rfl 0 n S' T CIV 5 a 7 12. 13 /4 Is PRIORITY N 54869 TO PRIORITY BEIGE ADI IDEALIST -SUBJECT: 350 ACCIDENT TA91144ER FILE TICKLE � CENTER' 0795 1. THE ACCIDENT BOARD FOR THIS ACCIDENT IS TO CONVENE AT XWBEIGE 18 DEC. REQUEST FOLLOWING INFO BE EXTRACTED FROM THIS MSG AND FURNISH- ED TO COL JACKSON, PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD, VERBATIM: 2. THE FOLLOWING DISASSEMBLY REPORT HAS BEEN RECEIVED FROM THE ENGINE CONTRACTOR CONCERNING J75-P13 ENGINE, S/N 612431 TOTAL TIME 273.5 HOURS.TS0 NEW. QUOTE, THE SUBJECT ENGINE WAS RECEIVED FROM THE CUSTOMER AFTER BEING INVOLVED IN AN ACCIDENT, FOR. INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS. DISASSEMBLY FINDINGS ARE AS FOLLOWS: A. AS RECEIVED, FROM THE OUTWARD APPEARANCE OF THE ENGINE, IT APPEARS THE AIRCRAFT POINT OF ItipAcy WAS AT THE REAR OF THE ENGINE AS PRACTICALLY ALL OF THE DAMAGE WAS CONFINED TO THE REAR-HALF OF THE ENGINE. � 13, THE ENGINE WAS VERY RUSTY THROUGHOUT, INTERNALLY AND EXTERN6"Y, ON ALL STEEL PARTS, WITH HEAVY CORROSION SETTING IN ON THr: ESSORY CASE. MCP 1 handod hem avIcemsfic damegroding 004 elselloadBealka REPRODUCTION BY OTHEApproved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 Cony NO. Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 , 795 (IN :54869) CRET PAGE TWO C. THERE WAS LITTLE OR NO DAMAGE TO THE COMPRESSOR OR TURBINE BLADES, INDICATING THE COMPRESSORS WERE NOT ROTATING AT THE POINT OF IMPACT, DO THE INLET CASE, COMPRESSOR OUTER CASE, INTERMEDIATE CASE AND DIFFUSER CASE HAD LITTLE EXTERNAL DAMAGE. E. THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER. OUTER CASE, EXHAUST CASE, , . . , . . AND AIRCRAFT HEAT-SHIELDING ON THE EXHAUST CASE (TAIL PIPE) .WERE BASHED INWARD, DISTORTING THE PARTS CONSIDERABLY.. THE ACCESSORY GEARBOX BROKEN AWAY FROM THE INTER . _ MEDIATE CASE AT MOUNTING LUGS AND ALL COMPONENTS ON THE. UNDERSIDE OF THE ENGINE INDICATED IMPACT DAMAGE.. G. THE .MAIN BEARINGS, SEALS AND ROTATING PARTS IN THE HOT SECTION APPEARED TO BE NORMAL EXCEPT FOR CRASH DAMAGE. H. THE FUEL CONTROL P/N 389813, S/N 28016 WAS REMOVED AND SENT TO PRODUCTION TEST FOR INVESTIGATION AND FUNCTIONAL BENCH TEST. FINDINGS NOT COMPLETED AS OF THIS WRITING WILL BE REPORTED AT LATER DATE. - I. THE FUEL PUMP WAS BROKEN AT THE MOUNTING FLANGE, THEREFORE, UNABLE TO PERFORM A FUNCTIONAL BENCH CHECK. PUMP WILL BE COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLED AND TEARDOW4 FINDINGS REPORTED AT A LATER DATE. CONCLUSION: TO DATE NOTHING WAS FOUND DURING.TEARDOWN INSPEC- TION AND INVESTIGATION OF THE ENGINE OR ACCESSORIES THAT INDICATED ANY PART FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION THAT COULD HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE ENGINE ACCIDENT. UNQUOTE. SIGNED ' (b)(3) END OF MESSAGE Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 , rich:;.� _ v. 22, 1963 iri qy, Nov: eck Found .in ntot,-Ilis411 I � � MILES UPRIDA IHAVAN4 ;1141/447,:ilZfIrrhilk: 4 'Clare's. 33-year-old much - decorated son was "living somewhere." But a Navy spokesman 'said, "I don't hold much hope Both the D.efe,p.se :pep art7 ment and the Strategic Air .Command headquarters said :there WaS.,:no..eVidence:that they ;Sleek one p1 ane -whielv�pfliest admitted..height. of rnor�ari 75,OOO feet, ha.:0:71-0q#0:'hoOile�:;:a6.Y.' -ton' Over mechanicalIt appears, SAC said, that a .44.11.0.K.-'2,40101 e wen d'loolung,.-?.t141e.fJig plunging,SO;Wii.'; ratos -;;Other, ri,e1 api1.51iiike were op the lightt6 deep mssioh et4rapaih4dicoapiped.ithat the e're in .w iiillo.t)Of.:66C4Ohe'.dedkt ij� 'Oni "'" CiRix= CAPT JOE HYDE 'The ccckpit was beeiton 'nectintiaiS's_an tivities over Cuba, ad of a mechanical fau1t? into he news iri Ma96 when 3Francis Gary3 R� -It was the U2 ir �iifirme1 '-:the 6of .. b.: al listic Iss1es?i1i Cuba and Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 006559656 Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 TYPE OF U2 REPORTED LOST ----This is a U2 reconnoisance -,plane, a 'type of which is reported lost about 40 miles northwest of Key West, Fla. Debris has been spotted by a Coast Guard cutter CONTROL FOR BURIAL GROUPS CARSON CITY (AP) � Ne- � Nada's. pay -.before 7 you - die burial societies will .come under state contra beginning Jan. ,1 of next year, State Insurance Commissioner Paul Hammel said Wednesd#. Hammel said the insurance division of the. State Depart;. ..ment of Commerce had. taken .thestep "to prevent'unrelia- ble b urial -societies from :springing up in the ,.stat.".�::i "The societies presently or gan#ed in Nevada appear, to . be .conducting their business. In an -honorable manner. We want to keep it .that way,", Hammel said. - � flying reconnaissance missions over Cuba. ,.:Photographs taken by these planes confirmed the presence of Soviet offensive missiles on the island and brought the showdown that led the world to the brink of nu- clear war. America's only known fatality in this crisis was a U2 pilot. offa's * * * * * 4c' * * U2 OFF FLORIDA nearby the point where, the aircraft vanished, return from a mission over Cuba. - (Continued from Page 1) Maj. Rudolf Anderson' was' convicted SOViet spy,: Rudolf shot down Oct. 27, 1962, over Cuba, apparently by a rocket. It was in May 1960 that- the revolutionary U2 first broke dramatically into the, :riew,s; when Francis Gary Powers Was downed over :the Soviet' ,!1..1nion. and imprisoned for 21 months; until the United States obtained his freedom in 'exchange for ;the The disclosure that U2s were spying :on the Soviet,, Union led enraged.'�prernierr:Klumshchey to. wreck)a:-'scheduled.sumrnit -con; Navy"cleelined today to go int.� :anf; detail about ,.,the: debris picked',up by the Nemesis In Washington ',' the Pentagon saicLit,h0Sriqthing ,indicate the,: fate-',:of.'ithe�-,Pilot::11yde's f a- saidlie was inforMed of t-ga4.1io fter pparan � j,g4,4,1:ttre tioned at Tucson,. 1Th� Davis-Montha.n Air Force Base at. Tucson is headquarters for -the 4060th -unit; the: only one aSsigried.to ' ."'lientnon: 'Spokesman', said the' craft. is:.ca11eNyU2. and is':a Weather; plane�yerai*0fthe4J2 photographicA Irp9.p_maissance planes keeping tala,pg:=,military movements :-'2 and r construction/ _ work.'in Castrifs'.'-.:Cuba. - � � Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 Approved for Release: 2017/01/26 C06559656 2 Spy Planea ..Crct-shex, f flier Flight Over Cuba TT Wreckage Is Found in. Gulf, ,4' =--..44 Pilot's Body Not in Cockpit 1 �,�4 EY WEST, Fla., Nov. 21 (AP).�The wreckage Of a:".V.2. ,. spy pane which vanished yesterday, presurably after a inie- sioqover Cuba was found today in 100-foot deep waterini the Gulf of Mexico. The body of the pilot was not idriql i .1.' - i- COCIE It. . .. , if ,.,-.An air-sea search by Navy and Coast Guard plaries,an:d4r surface craft was continued for the pilot, Capt. Joe G. Hyde, dramatically into the riews,t� -jr., of La. Grange, Ga. - when Francis Gary Powers was - Capt. Ernest H. Dunlap, Chief downed -: over Russia and ciiny: of staff to the commander of prisoned for 21 months, until -theltey West Navy Raw, said the .United States obtained his tiiri:r1TavY salvage vessels, the freedom - in exchange for lithe PeV.41-� and the Shrike, had convicted Soviet spy, Rudolph rea'ofted the wreckage and de- Abel: : : : : � ' .: .- :' � '.+.: it'efOlned that the pilot was .: The ,' disclosure :, that :cr-,,2' not in the cockpit: ;'::- were spying - on Russia led -1;'g;* , . . Premier Khrushchev to wreck ' : Sighted Oil :Slick �rt);;4 0� a scheduled summit conference Earlier, the : Cast diiard in Paris. Cutter Nemesis had reported �iiidliig debris- :at the spot 40 Father Informed inileg northwest of Key :West . At La Grange:. pa:i Ca tel,...,i1a0 milea north � of .the Hyde's father ;:iiid.- he: i aS _ aat' Of -Cominunist Cuba. 47i$4lwas at this place, at 10:92 informed ,of :,the incident ',,lhist (EST) ' yesterday, that night, about 11 ' hours af ri, _ ci.j.:* Hyde's plane vanished the plane's diaappeararice,' ut tow radarscopes, : and -where he i -viol4 'not discuss its.be antither aircraft eight mihutes cause::cf:Alie.,,:Sear6CYatirroti late4,reported sighting Ant oil slielLi' � � , ' . . .!:,, ing hieibit'Onis:ttl� ;1- Mr.':;11yde:,:`:aii4'44.� :Siin.i:viii,S , ,Itit� Strategic.- Air Command statione:.at....i."ticS6h;:4�4Vit' ite-ndf:tuarters - at Omaha,--;-;,..a Di7no.;...mcnith6 Air::.1�01,604,311,4 smart, said, it was. believed at lhaSon is �headquartera.10r, the crash .WaS,,cansed'bY _: the 4080th - WI.J72: iiiiit;V, d. aiiidiAl lailure::...;Mcith:s,Ac only one assigned to SAC. j the Defense ':,Department A �:Peritagon, anokesman. said i tIkti:i4e was no evidence of theyvv.,2 Is ,a� weather 16, eiji',Iiction ; against -:'7Alie verSiori. of-;1-, the 'Ili.2 poib- which.411vas� OffieiallY4e. graphic reconnaissance pia e rii-w.wri.-2...