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December 28, 2022
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August 2, 2017
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March 23, 2014
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Approved for Release: 2017/07/25 C06694206 (b)(3) . (b)(7)(e) Closed Incident Reiciort ROFP=ROF(REPORT OF FIRE) Additional Info: Wrecker Requested: Coroner Requested: NCIC Name NCIC Licence No: NCIC Hit: Incident Date/Time: 03/23/14 - 19:41:50 Complaint Oper: Incidett Number: How Reported: Police Inc? Y Dath:03/23/14 Time:19:41:50 Dispatcher: Police Dist: GBCI Cm:, Um:, Dispatch Addr: 930 DOLLEY MADISON BL Incident Type: Callers Name: License #: E-911 Address: E-911 Phone #: 0000000000 Corrected Addr:0 Entered As Intr:N Emergency AgenciesP 1 Jurisdiction: POLICE Close Type: Routing Stage: InciOnt Type: Begin Time: 194101 Pending Time: 194150 Recall Time: Assign Time: 194304 Scene Time: 000000 Close Time: Dispo Code: Reporll Number: Disp Seq: (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) ROF 194205 200941 Eqp-No Sts Aloc AsCvn Asgn-Dte Tme ER-tme AS-Tr* Off-Idl Off-Id2 Tran-Dte Tme Arvl-Dte Tme l Avil-Dte Tme Sft --DISPATCHER REMARKS-- Call Unit History Log: (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) 201403 194304 000000 000000 000000 0 000000 0 200941 ; HQ SEND MOBILE TO COLONIAL FARM ROAD ACROSS FROM MIF FOR A REPORT OF FIRE//NOT ON OUR PROPERTY/ADVISE IF WE NEE0 TO CONTACT FCFR P:REPORT OF FIRE N 194150 BRUSH FIRE, FCFR CONTACTED 1947,008 FCFR HAS PUT THE FIRE OUT / USPP ON SCENE 2009,008 ALL SPS'UNITS HAVE CLEARED THE SCENE 2009,008 (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) Sft (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) (b)(3) (b)(7)(e) Approved for Release: 2017/07/25 C06694206