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March 9, 2023
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April 8, 2021
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January 12, 1997
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Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY NOTE FOR: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: 01/12/97 05:03:00 PM -641{7ttal RDP Report, 6-10 January 1997 (U) Activities and Accomplishments (U) -4A1469- Personnel A new me Jan 1997. (AIU0) Summary U.) The Automatic Declassification Date is 17 April 2 Image Workflow Automation System (IWAS) Prototype Status IWAS development team has joined the RDP program. will be working on IWAS development. started work on 6 The Development Team has begun to align themselves to perform the dual roles of technology implementors and a support resource. This will be an evolving process over the next three months as components of the factory are implemented. The Information Management Unit (IMU) and Records Conversion components are well underway. Creation of a Pilot IWAS application is underway, with a software design having been completed and several of the underlying service components ready for testing. The next three to four weeks will see refinement of the Prototype's elements into a more highly integrated application, capable of the desired performance goals. Design and development of the first help component, the Declassification Guide, has begun. (AIU0) CDF Operations Form 14s being placed on all STARGATE boxes and procedures have been tightened up control on the way boxes are being issued to the STARGATE indexers, held the first weekly production meeting. Actions were identified to initiate (b)(3) processing of STARGATE boxes. Two workstations were set up in each of the Transition CDF areas. (b)(3) installed the STARGATE database on each of the workstations requiring it (in lieu of placing it on the server, which we have not tested yet). One box (the only one which has been quality control (QC) checked for its index records) has been processed through scanning and scanning quality control. As we do QC on additional STARGATE boxes, we will begin to process boxes from the AARC in accordance with established pull lists. An order has been placed for desktop supplies for the Records Conversion business process. (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3) FOR OFFICIAL UCE ONLY Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 urPlelAL USE �1"Altrerr� Production Staff As of 10 January 1997, only 1,192 days until "D" day! Team and Unit Chiefs met this week to discuss manual redaction procedures. After a month's of experience using different colored pencils for document mark-up, we decided that this method has resulted in final redaction markings that could be confusing to whomever has to prepare these documents for final release. We all agreed that we should use a black lead pencil to bracket sections or words of a document to be redacted. A new notice outlining the new procedures will be prepared for approval. Team and Unit Chiefs also met with SPU to discuss final disposition of some pages of classified documents in the FBIS collection. The meeting resulte procedures for final document preparation and mark-up before releasing these documents along with the othe unclassified FBIS documents to NARA. Production Metrics through 3 January 1997: Review fully comp eted by Directorate Teams DA DCI DI DO DST Total (AIU0) External Referral Unit (ERU) 4414:19)� ERU welcomes the assignment of and matters, and will work documents on tne LKU side. pages pages will be helping with the RAC program and ERU policy ERU has spent the past week indoctrinating new people and is embarked on an endeavor to tighten our processes in anticipation of an avalanche of documents that will be referred as a result of greater RDP productivity. Our current automation is being honed to ensure that statistical reporting to Production Staff includes accurate information. Exception Handling Unit (EHU) Thanks to the efforts of and LAN administrator, we now have a Lotus Notes Bulletin Board for posting Guidance regarding redaction procedures and policies. This Bulletin Board represents official RDP guidance on how to implement the Executive Order in those cases where the Guide is not clear or where specific guidance is lacking. OFflCIAL USE ONLY Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Several bulletins were distributed electronically to RDP redactors, including one on "Privacy" which was based on a recent briefing by OGC. Special Processing Unit (SPU) For the first half of this week and surveyed DS&T jobs at the AARC in data for creating lib il (3) (b)(31 box pull lists. On Thursday and Friday, began his vacation and began helping prepare th ages of FBIS ,(b)(3) (b)(3) material for release to NARA.Norked on this FBIS material throuahout the week including holding a meeting with key RDP personnel to nail down document marking and handling procedures. helped IMU in the reproduction of (b)(3) documents throughout the week. Information Management Unit (IMU) C/IMU arranged a meeting between some RDP staff and CSI/HRG to discuss several issues of common concern. Some records recently recalled by RDP had previously been reviewed by HRG. The box records, while reflecting an HRG review, did not indicate which documents had been reviewed. HRG will make their index available to RDP. Several other issues of common concern were discussed and all agreed to meet on a regular basis to keep each other aware of our respective declassification initiatives and to ensure we avoid overlap and duplication in our reviews. (AIU0) DWI Team The first box of STARGATE documents has been scanned and two terminals have been set up in the "factory" for checking the indexed materials, and are going to check and correct the indexed records. Because of the speed of the scanning system, it is unlikely that tne inaexers and checkers will be able to keep up with the scanning operations. returned to work this week from his recent hip surgery. Welcome back, DI/DCI Team With the return of DI/DCI Team members from holiday leave, the Team resumed their usual high rate of productivity. The backlog of documents awaiting Level III certification has been eliminated. Level I and 11 review of a fresh batch of DI documents provided by IMU, meanwhile, continued apace. Much of this material will probably be of significant historical interest since it entails Agency assessments of Soviet military and economic capabilities at a time when US technical collection systems were just beginning to unravel the Sovi t enigma. Ad�tionlly, in its spare time, the DI/DCI Team continued to assist the DA Team, performing Level I review on some document ages. (U) Upcoming Week (AIU0) The Community Historical Review Advisory Council (CHRAC) under CSI, �F-GR-OF-F-4GIAL-14GE-ENt-Y- Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 (b)(3) (b)(3) (b)(3)) (b)(3) Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919 FOR OFFICIAL UCE ONLY will receive an IWAS demo. Chief, Records Declassification Program MSG/OIT Note: Portion Markings pertain to all portions below the marking until a new portion marking is encountered. CC: FOR OFfietAt-14GE-O4L�Y� Approved for Release: 2021/03/22 C06775919