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July 13, 2023
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March 3, 2022
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September 15, 1970
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Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01294480 THE CIA-CHILE OPERATION 1. The Genesis On 15 September 1970, CIA was directed by President Nixon to try to prevent Marxist Salvador Allende's assent to the Chilean presidency on 3 November. On 16 September 1970 the DCI informed a group of senior Agency officers that President Nixon had decided that an Allende regime in Chile was not acceptable to the United States. The President asked the Agency to prevent Allende from coming to power or to unseat him and authorized up to ten million dollars for this purpose. Further, the Agency was directed to carry out this mission without coordination with,and independent of, concurrent endeavors being undertaken through the 40 Committee, Department of Defense, Department of State and Ambassador Korry. The DDO was assigned overall responsibility for this project with the assistance of a special Latin American Division Chilean Task Force. 2. Special Organization a. To implement the Presidential direction, a Headquarters Chilean Task Force was established under the overall responsibility of Mr. Karamessines. It was headed by two senior and highly-qualified CIA Chiefs of Station recalled from their Latin American posts specifically for this purpose. Chief of the Task Force was Mr. David Phillips, who at that. time was COS (b)(3) the Deputy Chief of the Task Force was Mr. (b)(3) A special communications channel was set up simultaneously to Santiago, Chile, and Force. FULL TEri COPY-00 NOT RELEASE g-Cc7c or the Task Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01294480 Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01294480 C b. It was also determined that an outside station would be established at Santiago for appropriate contacts with the existing COS only and others in the TRACK II project. Subsequently, an "illegal" team started filtering into Santiago. It consisted of four CIA officers with the appearance, language, and experience to sustain the fiction of various foreign nationalities. They were recalled from their overseas posts to Washington, briefed, and inserted individually into Chile In Santiago, their only U.S. contact was a CIA officer who had resided in Santiago for some time These "illegals" rapidly established contact with Chilean intermediaries or principals interested in promoting a military coup. c. By a special (and unique) arrangement requested by CIA, the U.S. Army Attache in Santiago was placed under operational direction of the CIA Chief of Station there. His assistance and Chilean military contacts were invaluable in this program. Approved for Release: 2022/03/01 C01294480