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October 25, 2016
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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007142/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000240050005-7 OF XST BQ FOBM 58 ( 13 FEB 80 ) 1.0 L ze :s ~ W 22 2 0 L.8 ~ I~125 1.4 11.6 . _ . . . _ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDPO'I-00707R000200050005-7 D i co _ c.n ~ NIS GAZETTEER � N - W L1'1 - N Brazall '*t V? e~ t.r~ C-3 t ~ TMf ftWted NIS GaZln!!l Op BfOl1l is hOld Qiodlt 16 ~M AIOIA10" nonce pogr,a.- h mpe,sedo t1K NlS HrdisWry Gasenea aa Beoxil, N= dated Apil t950, wpia of wWcb Aoold bs destroyed. ? ~ ~ N rT,! - fOR OFFKlAL USE ONLY APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02120: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 CENTRAL INTELIIGfNCE AGEhlCY Wcshington, D.C. ~ty i~3 J This Gazetteer i: essued as o ~d ~~o~ent of t!e Natiorwl Irrk lli Brozol wd (ist3 offiria! ~anc,rd 9fme S~r,~cy F~ t~lc+t~es. These nors~es :v "�mes ot~xowed by tl1~ Unitstl St~~s Boord on Gepgeaphit Pars�de o:) preriavs decisions on This Gccetteer olso (ists the vocianes ol ogicial l wto. ~xc nct a ~v*o s~"~*d 4nomes teQSw re~~eic ,e nnce Panes err ieon sts. t6is Tses~ ~d cES sscndord nc:~na. This Go:ettm wilE b� odequctely mcintointd 6Y Publislaed misoon. Dfstribwtion oa this Publisation is rrsode by the Centrm! IntQlligerxe AgestY and 'es Ear ofFiceal use only. APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDPO'I -00707R000200050005-7 0 N1S GAZETTEER Brazil Offitiai StQe+dard Nowes Appxored br tbs U.S. 6oord a+ Geograpbic Nwaa Prspmed in the Office of Geo3rolPhY. Deportmcm of ths Intsrior Co�dinotcJ by thc Ccntrol (ntclliqerocc Aqency Wmhinyton, D.C. July 1963 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP41-00707R000200450005-7 , 0.- APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 - FaREWoRD Tti,i gazelll'CC COtIt."1Jri."~ iitiQtit G'?.;i0fl erztries io: placcs ~ and dratrarrs in E3r:ui2_ Tht! entrics include :stant;iard approved br the Boarc3 an Geagraptiic Namcs and unap�roved vatiatat rttimcs, thr latter rrass-mfrrrnced to the standard names. L'sers of the yazrtlfrr short,td ulrrays rt*/er to main cniries jnr upproied reanre,s. 'Y'he names in this gazettcrr iupersecie thr,se :n a13 grr- vious Hoarzi lists for the 3rca. The name rcveragr carresponds app.-4ximatri}� to that on rnaps at the scaie oi 1:1.000,004, with eo;erage at larger sczlrs fn seiectcxi castern and southeastern cnastaT and interiar areas. Integretation aE cntrics It has bcen ncccssarti to expmss in code numbcrs and tetter$ some ot tiye irsformation in`ttze gaaeltcer in orc�cr to arcommodate it to the machine method al tabulatian. `amc. -Appmveci standarc4 ammes and unapproe ed variant narnes appear in the first coluran. 'the `ariaut namcs arr always cross-redemnced to the standaM nanst~ :f.- ~:sc of t!:c ~�arY! ��scc." Wtrcre par: ~,i a narrie is undcr- I:n^c!, the usc~ of the pari nat undestined is ogtional. i1't-irre two ar morr narnes arc, approvcd far a fcature, rarh is idcritifted in parenthc:sc.-, and an} or a16 mav bc used_ Name}s that eneludr spccific and other etements texrept, naszces ot populaEed placrst are alphabetiud b} sgccifir p;,int; Ehus ltha Gran,"'e is listecl as Grande. Ilha. Arabic ncamerais in names are generallt spelled dut in PoetugueC..e antf are alphabetized arcordingl} : e.g., Doia dc: 3ulho Ciws-references from the numerical fornzs ai ~ Zhese namrs to the sp-M1eci-out torms aill be faund at the cnd o� the alphabetical lisiing. Arabic numerais repre- senting units oi distancc and Romara rsumecats are not sgelted out; e.g.. Qiii-iametro 8. Pedro II. 'xt?r cliacriti4ai m.asks usrd in appnned nnmes ot Brnzll arc lhe acuic arcen![ the grave acceni 1`), the ctircum- tlex C), the tiide t' R, and the cedilla t2ttse mwks uxe to be used �xhethrr the namc+s arn wriitcn `r,s raiPita3 or loaercasr letters. In a-ritinff Brazifian namcs in cap6ta1 und Ooa^erra;;c telters, the tnitwl tettrr of each word exccpt naninilial articies, preposit'taeai. and conjunctions should oe capi�. tslizesi. fihc apcstn,phe in a rcin-traclton af the Portu- guese word de tfeforcr a aorci beginraing Mth a voarel iS written w-ithauY spiton cither pteceding or follovctng; e.g., dlha d'Agua; Barra cf'AaeIa. De ! natian. =;The second column contatns designa- tions bw atrbreriailionx o[ designa3ions. as llsted heiow. Since 'practicaiay iilJ geagraptiic term.c hare varied mcan- ings, ti;e scnses in aNch the designator Grrms are used and the range of f+ea{ures ta which they arc applied in this gazetteer are stated in the 1'tsi to reduce ambiguit}. The distinctions that ca.h br madr in a given gazettcer wiit ran with the qvality oi the maps of the area and with the nature of the enijttes thai are named. r1UtNtD administraEive division (eslado, state: terrYtorio, territort: dfstrito federat, Iedeeal district) ATUL atoll lring ot coral isiands enclos;rig a pmtectpd bodv of water) BAY tray BCH beach (sandy section of a sh-ore); barrier bcarh (deposit of sund betue+en the sea and a lagabn o: wetlmnd) BGH'I' bight lopen bodt of water torming a slight reces- sion in a coastilne) BND strHam taend BNKM marine bank oPshore ama of relatidelv shallow wa:er, but of sufficient degth Ear safe nar�iga- tion j APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 CAPE ca}se (sR'aa`arci rnd ct a projcction of land at MF.SA mcsa-(flat or ttiesirty flat landiarm {ess extensitc such position and size as to rause ot3sharc than a plateau and separated tmm loaer snr- caastariu shipping ia changr coursc) ruunding innd bg abrupt slopes) C?tMM marene cizatityc! (chacilict tetweeri coastal i.s- MRSH tnarsh (uetianci characteriztd b3r gras3 or bush land,. rects, or shaats or betaycen an offshore vegetation atrd tew or no trcci) tcaturwe and the mairtiand) MT mountaln (landiorm a[ conspicuous rtliet and CtiN'S strearri charinel (separatcly riamed lcswr chan- smatt summiC area) nel of a strearn, includes connecting channeW MTIS mountains, motintain range CNLN navigat,ion canal PCLI indepcndent pol'Stical entily (republic) CO'VE cove pK pealc (sepsrateiy namcd summit an a laxger CRKT kidsI creek {watercourse tidai in a majos part elevattvn) of its length; usuatly short, aithout exten� PLAT plateau (extcnsive eievated area of flat to,~rotl- sive tributary drelnage artas. and Iocated in ing sttrtace; may exhtblt co~ssiderable "Iaal - ca~st~3 marsh or ot.her vreUand) reifet duC to diss~ctic,u~ or the prescnce ot hilts ' = E1~FTR enttan~ tapentng tc~am fhe se~ into a lagoon. or mountairts risfng above the geneM surface bay, ar harbar) le~rel) } EST'Y estuary (drowyltd stream muuth) PLN `'plaii (landform of loa elev~atuon and inc~wn- l FL~I,3 ~ wa~+erfalt (s) , cascade (s) spicuous reliei) FLTT ticial flsts (caastal area alteinately submerged PPL populaleti plact: icity, toam, viliage, settlemeact; and cspased by llde) , includesnamed placesot presumed perma.nent (#RGg gorge (r+elativcl} narraar, steep-sided part of a or temporary� habitatinn) HDLD streamcoulsep headtaav (carspicuausiy high ptcce of land PPLX secUon of papulaW place - jutting Qut fnto or ironting the sea) P't' point (relalively minor pmfectiot of land into, HL L nill (landform at maderate reliel and small sum- a waatF.rboc'y, or its eactremiLy) , , RCH rea%h (stsaight stretch of a str+eam) ~t RD(3E roge fiL.iS HLND hitls, hUI range highlattc3s {landtoim rEgian charucterized by RF ceef (S) (oBshore hszard to narigation, usuallp mauntains,"htlls, plateaus. and oittrr apIand.g) characterized by submerged rocks) INLT inlet (srnaYl elongated indentatian in a coasi) FtGN region (area recogiiized as an enttty by reason of the utity of its history, pe+ople, tsuidscape. ISL isiand or other rondiUorn) isLS LGN islands tagoon (wa.terbody alang a coast, largely or RKsw Tocks in water wholly cut oft froml the sea by a barrier beach ~W rock in water or othe; depoaltional leature) RPDS rapjds LK Dakc (inclr.des flaod plain waterbodies connected RS'I'N railroad station to st.reams b} short, vride channels) RS1"P railroad stop I.KI Intercnitient takc RSY raerroir LKS 1akes RUItN ruins (focttflcation or othcr structure in a state ~ LtND lowland of ruin) ii APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDPO'I-00707R000200050005-7 � ~ . SAND sand aretr (former taarritr bruch noa� cpatescccl rtvit; i tlie mai:tlan(i and iio longer fronting ort the sea) SGHP escarpment SHOL shoat (otTshore hazard to navBgatian, gencrAli}- compascsd af unconsatidatcei materiai) SPAtt3 spring, hot sliring SPUR spur (slaping ridgc extcndrng lateraiiy troni a mauntain or ot:hcr clcvution) S'rhi stream Sl'MA anatrrancts (stream that Icavr.s and rejuins thc inain strc*am after a sepa,rate counsc for a ccpn- stdcrable dfstancc, common un 8ood piains) : STMG canalized strram (slream that, has bern canal- ized, ditelicti, diked, or straightened) S"TMD distributar,y S"TM inteimittent stneam'' (stream, no part oI whlrh is indicate(i as percrutial) ` S1'MX sectjan at stream (separatet3� namcd part of a : conLflnudus stream noY necessarfiiy delimited by significant toniluencc;s) SWMP svramp (vicetland. gencralty with trees) t#PLD uplund tbroad elevated area wat.h low to mod- erate surisre reiiedy W'TLD wetland Oret ar+ea at mixcd tre and grass vegeLatlan or onc in which the vegetat�on is not 5pxcified} Iatitiide and iflnptude_ Coordinatei, in the third anc3 lourth colwnns, are far Rnding purposes only. They wcre generaliy read ta Lhe nearest minute_ For preclsc locstlon. large-scale m$ps should k,c used. Cvordinatcs were read at ttic mdp s} mbol for popalated glaces and cther entities occupying limited sites, ut the mouths or lower ends of sireams, at. the summits oi cnoun- tains artd hllls, at thc extrernities of capes and point$, rear the centtrs of arcas, and at the midpoints of most other 4eatures. Area namber. The numUer in the fitth calurnn indi- caLes the tirst-c>rder administrative unit in whech tiie place C!t` Il'a4UTE` 15 lOCBtQ(l. 8.S IisL!'d bE14V1: 77040 Srnzil tgeneral) 77011 gtpndciiiia. Territorio . de 77012 Acrn, Fstada do i?Ota Amazonas. Estada do 77014 Raraima, TerritoNo de (formeNy Ter- ' ritario do RIo Bran- co) 77015 Parit, Estado da 77016 Arnapa. Terri Wrto do , 77021 hiaranbaQ. Estacio do 77022 RstadQ do 77023 Ct::'a, EStAdO d0 77024 Rfo Grande do NortQ, ; Estaao ao 77023 Paraiba. Estado da x 77026 Pernambuca, Pstado ~ de 79027 Alagaas, Estado de 77028 Fernando de Noro- ; nha, Territoria de ~ 77031 Sergi}e, Estarla de 77032 Bahia, Estada da 77033 Mlnas Gecais, Estndp dc 77034 Espirito Sun4.o. Fs- tado do 77035 Rlo de Janeiro, Ss- tada do 7,7036 Guanabara. fistado da 77037 Zona Litigiasa 77041 Sao Fau1a. 8staudo c!e 77042 Pxrani. EhLudO 6~� 777043 3anta Catatina; its- tado aie 77044 Rio Gmnde da Sul, EAUdo da 77051 Mato Sstado de 77052 Goias, Estado cie 37053 Dlstrito Federal The Territdrio de Fernando de Noronha (77028) is com- prised of t:he Arqufp6lago de Fernanda de Noronha, ttte Penedos de Sao Pedro e Sao Paulo, and the Atol'das Rocas in the Atlanlic Ocegn. The Zona Lftigiclsa (77037) is an area oi unsPtUed jurisdiction between the states oi Minas Gerais and Fspirito Santo. The general number (77000) is used tar international features and for features in twro or mor+e administrative un;ts. cational re(erence. - The numbcr in the last coiumn indicates a map ar e?;arl qn which the festure may be located ba� its standgrd name or a recagnizable vaciant of its standard namc. iiI 01 Cartu do Brasid am .3litionesimo, Conrelho Nacional de Geografla, 1960. (An atlss; individually pub- Iishecl sheeis foear variou:; datm} APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDPO'I-00707R000200050005-7 02 Carta do 8rasil, Conselho Nacinnat de Gcogtafla. various datcws: scale 1: SOO,OOU. ~ 03 Carta do Brasel, Conselho Nacional de Geogirafla. vanous datcs: scale 1:250.000. 04 Carta de Communtcaqoes. Sen�iiqo Geogritfico do Ex6rcito. vmreous dates: scale 1:250.000. - The code 00 is used for aeid for stnndard names found only on !-cferences other than thQSe Irsted above. Glossary oi generic terms The iolloa ing term.5 arcur in Lhe standasd names listed in the gazetterr. The meaninss givrn include thase sup- ported by application to fealurns named an the gautlcer, vchether or not these meanings are given in dictionaries. Atl ot the terms arn Portuguesc, except as otherwise indi- r..ated. aqude reservoir agua streacn alagado svramp altrs(s) 3ii11(s), ridge, uplancl, spur aparados cscarpmcnt azquip6tago islands armja v*ream, interniitient stream atol atoll baia bay. esttxar}�. iniet, lake baixo(s) ceel(s) banco marine banic, shoal, tidal fiats baNiadv streacn. marsh barra cntcAnce harragem ceserroir bracinho stxram rhannel, distributary� braiZo stream distributar;, anabranch, e.n- trance braZa de mar inlet bmjio, breja strc�am, intermittent stream cabeceirg streaen rabcoZos hills, upland cabo cape, point, hexdland cachor.ira(s) c,ascadc(s), rapids. watertall(s) cachocirinha cascade rattiau rock in K-ater campins3 plmiui campa6 upland canada (Spanish) stream canal marine channel, stream channel, stream seciion, anabranch, gorge cns+rala cascadc cerro (Spanish) hill cerro hlll chapada hitLs, h[il range, rfdge, upland, spur chapadao spur colinas (Spanish) hiEls cantmforte ridge cordilheira hill rar,ge, upland corixa stream, stteam channet, anabranch, wetland coroa marine bank, shoal. reei. istand, cas- cade cprredeira rapids. casrade cprrego stream, iritermtttent strcaira coxtlha hi}l(s), hill range, ridge curiche (Spanish) marsh distrito federal admtnistrative division 1lederal dis- trick) enseada cove, bay, bight espigao hill ntnge, mountain, upland estaqao railroad statiort estado administrative division (state) estadas unidos tinited states estreito tidal creek fontc tertnal hot spring furo stream, disfribaztary, stream channei. anabranch, marine channel, tidal creek galnp stream garganta gorgc grota, grotao stream igarape stream iiha(s) island(s), rock(s) in water iv A APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDPO'I-00707R000200050005-7 ~ ilhiu, ilhota, ilhote island lago(s) lake(s), ingaon(s) lagoa lagoon. porid, 13Lke. tntrrnilttent lake faje mck in watrr, reci lajeado ' stream mar marine eharrnel rnarimbu stream monte hill, mauntain, uplancl morru (s) hill (s), mountain (s), uplund, a-itige, peak, headlunti outearo (s) hill (s) parada raiyirsmad stup parana stream, distributary, an.atarsanch, stream chtnnel parcel shual passagem reacch pedra (s) rucY. (s) in watcr. hill, mountain pedrap mcks in water pico pesk, hill, mountain planalto pZatesu, apland plataforma rai.tmad stop ponta, pontal point praix bear.ti quedas rapid (s) , cIISCade (s) rap:tie (French) rapad (s) raso upland r-ecite(s) reet(s) regiao region rnpresa rrservoir seservatorio reservoir restinga sand area, barrier beach riachaa, riacho stream, intermittAent strcam ribeirao stream, ink-rmitient stream rio stream, stream section, intermitient strenm. dislributary, anabranch, stream channel, estuary, tidal creek riozinho stream rochedos rocks in vrater 1111ii8S flilriS saco cove, bay. , bight SalRo vratcr[a21 sang& stream saut Wvmr,t; ) caxade serrn (s) hili (S), mountain (s) . upland, hYll range, mountain range, ridge, escarpment, spur serrinha hlU sermte hill, peak, upland tabuIeiro upland -tepui (lndian) mesa territ8rio administrative divisian (Ueriitorq) travessio rapids, watertall truxnpa upland vala. valao stream vjuiao marsh vazanLe ltreaan ~~Tecia sirea..wn, intennittent stream vertetite stream volt$ . . stream Wnd Addltional nanne lists The follawing pubflcatioiis contain namss not incuded in this gazetteer and m4Si be Ipful as finding lists, thaugh tFie addltional names in tt_ N, are nat ne5sarily , those that wauld ie apprcved by the Baarei as standrrd names: Divis6o Territorial do Brasr7, Conseiho Nacional de $statistica, Rio de Janeiro. 1961. Perraroias do Brasil, Ctnselho Naceonal de Estatistica, Rio de Janeiro, 1956. Roteiro, Marenha da Etrasil. Rio ae Janeiro, 1958. Ire thrce volumes. Fceporting of errors Yt is requested ihat allwho use this gazettces in i!ks cornection for luture priintings by reparting errois to the Board on Geographic Names. .Department of the Int.eriar, Washington 25. D. C. ,A statement of the source of the correct information will be helpiul. n APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 i ~ CilpgtOoiC nOtfwS W fFlcit SpellfevS do flOi t!liitSSastlr fNflect recognition of the potisical stolvs of on arto 63 tha Uni'rd Stales , Gowernment. ~ ~ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007/02/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 ` APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2007102/20: CIA-RDP01-00707R000200050005-7 �;+lviKwGa SSL tC:..s?1h0 +t~r+~4l~Sa o9'l 70 at S *.S tt r )te?l OQ t'~i*� "L fa S� c v ~tr.~ �aJtliO ltft w3T+m 5 1t S v? QO v tt??t 3! b~ttiwfJ "i 14 S ~f L*1 v J7Slsi ~0! uy~4 �~CS PSTo 17 26 S $1 '71 T/0t! 0~ >f~f.Jrd� L.lOIRR cf~ 1T �i t 11 Q4 Y !?!+i� 1!1 ivwa. flr,, ST~ 1�S M 71 r tt0t 01 4~ali a~L Ja a9 r ?7+*47 el . aIR,R~S. AIR! '.Pf Yta?'v~��Sr Sfr 11 n t 61 J6 w T7011 '_+q 11uliw SC[ ARaYa . Mi 74 !1 S N N w T)041 M ~+~{a*t Ni 0 2~ � Sdf ti TT~lt Qt aS([ 4a,.*atiM. r+l ? 47 e 14 St r 71074 04 �.~~T! Mi 1~l 1 f )1 � iTO1S el AS!C ltO~t O~~?41A i~'~. 11 S S4~ r 71~?}t ElIS .s,;ast a't � TM11 ^2 49aei o+~ s.I s a; W r arar: at aW&TC. tG+AW 4Tx 2 11 S on v itet3 O! ~a~ar~cawi~e6 .oL ar 3r S ~ r 770115 Ot +i~t~+i SCC +~6~[atiS aSRw 10 Oa S �'l f1 Y 17011 00 A&Atf S[i A1wfRawT? iw*DAK el le 76 S S? SS M 1704+ OR s.tKwei S[[ ulKa~lS ~h_ ) S so41 r 77611 00 Jlalta ~t 11 S 14 Eo r 71041 Di tAaLasiS "L. I S1 S VS V 170%11 QI jSA^ma� Amo10 08 S[C iWJY� RjQ Slr 27 44 S 1y 41 Y 1TOw AO kI!JC'Awt5 R3i# Kt W S N S) v 714!3 01 AnAdi4� RiG Si.e 7 1 4s S 02 b/ . 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