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APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA� RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 CONFIOEATIAL 41B /GS /EdG a a APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 WARNING The NIS is National Intelligence and may not be re. leased or shown to representatives of any foreign govern- ment or international body except by specific authorization of the Director of Central Intelligence in accordance w;th the provisions of Nationc l Security Council hitelligence Di- rective No. 1. For NIS containing unclassified material, however, the portions so marked may be made available for official pur- poses to foreign nationals and nongavernment persa-,inel provided na attribtoior is made to National Intellig +3nce or the National Intelligence Survey. Subsections and graphics are individually classified according to content. Clossificafiors /control designs- tions ore: (U /OU) UncfassifiedrFor Official Use Only (C) Confide. tial (S) Secret a.. .._ti r. e.. w. t. a:: p. s:. i� ranY[. o... i.:,:.-, L, x: i+ enm:: m.. t.. s ..;L,:sXh.'P.ggaVav2Pr4' APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 South Korea CONTENTS Thf; chanter ropewda Me mltlfary Wgrapljit row erage dic Crnsral Survey dated February m70. A. Location and description 1 1. topography 1 2. Climate 2 B. Mililary geographic regions B I. South Xorean Ilighlands and I owbnds a 2. Clieju�do C. Strategic areas g 1. Seoul g 2. I'sssvi g 3. Other Important cities 9 D. Internal routes 10 E Approaches 12 1. Land 12 2. Sea 12 3. Air 14 Co \F'l r- AL APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 m N APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP0l- 00707R000200080008 -9 FIGUFLES Page Pago Fig. 1 ]lagged scrub- COverell lnounlnins rig. 0 Superhighway in 1kills (pl +afo) 7 (]lloro) 2 Fig, 10 Road tunnel (pl +oto) ri S Rolling to steep- sidcl hills (pl +ofo) 2 rib. 11 $cold- lnehbn strategic area (uiap) 9 9 Fig. 3 Evergreen forest in 11*111 ncls (priolo) 2 rig. 1�_ 1, 13 Sooal (nlrolo) Pusan strategic area (reap) IQ Fig, �1 1111 h ind utilir.atiun (neap 3 Fig. 14 port of Pusan (plinlo) 10 rig, 5 Flooded ritefields on lost -land Fig. 15 Shipyard (pholo) 11 plains (photo) 4 Fig, 10 Westemniost is ?and of South Kom-i Fig. B N AIG' -9 r10rL1lwCSt of Pusan (johoto) 14 {p,l+nto) 1 rig. 17 R'ca'.hrr conditions in air ap- Fig. 7 11alln�san on the island of Clteju -clo p roachtCs (inLIC) 1 5 (photo) 4 rig. 15 Military geographic factors Fig. 8 Chnialic factors (chart) a (map) fo N0112,4 15 m N APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP0l- 00707R000200080008 -9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 Military Geography R A. Location and �3cscriptitlln (U /OU) sollith Korea is 41 small. hill. inul 1rl ouillaillom clokittf% al the sotdllena ril III the pcuimula Illat t-wilds �:41111 ffaftl 001141 141HUrd 111: l::sst �China tit';! Scuol. tilt- "Vital, is aithirl 3110 uanli(�It! miles A Dairen and M ukder( and within Oil suoitiall soils+ of I't-king, Shallgimi. Tsisigtao, 'liv,st,iu. [latbi11, :m(1 Vhtliv(niok. Most of emtern Atia is tcitllin 2.(1(X) Imlltit'll 1mlCt Tile Lotill1rt has ;tit :Ifra of allout SSAX) +goon tuihs, slig[114 .rnallcr th:11 duo of Virginia. and a INspuiatinn of alnlo,l 3:l n:illiolo. The poaiolaild rtR�nels uufth�souih for alhout 1[113 milk-.0 :o 1%1 1141 ttt�aI for abi1111 IS5 atil t-%. 1. Topography holling to SieelsAlled llllh 1111( ,hklrll�CfeStt'd 111414M III, 11CV411A mml of Smith Komi, fiat to a,1hikv pl:1i m 111:'1 l r 11111 lt}t I ll!� a l;t,ls tt nd rC f ll( r] t('l l >1 'l� RI I Ihr (tlaterFl Milt' of slit' [x�uiusuLl (tl�c FigILU lk, till? Mililar; Cvogmphic Factors U:iji at [lie end of the chIlPterl. The t,lsnivrom offshore island consist of WM will toiling ,plaits The most fuggrd temdu is iu the 111ollol ;fills (Figure t: i(l the 1VI(thea St and the mr'ath- "'lli paft of tilt L'mintr1. Flct in tier ilill, and :nollntaius r llge from to 50O fret: tilt' hight-'l ixak on the Inalrilmid is 6,2S.1 fccl. [asc:d relic[ (difrewil �r !u c1cwtion ltctatt�u I111s oud lloltollts (If adjacent tollogr,1, hic fcatony) mmyv -s Goths -3M to 2.(X* f(T1 Its t!u� 1;111. (E igore ?1 oral is rn(m th;sn ?.U(1() feet In the monntains. Slopes in illy hills nlnt a fmut IWj nearValleV hollonls to W near sirnlsnits. l:i the nlounlaill, sldijx's arc Vert t(crp. olmllwilly heh-writ 311`f 1121 i1 lUb. SCrtlh, cml( 1stlrlg tllallllt� [if sllfulls stunted ln�c iurd sl7AItered i;mmy unas. is the 11111111 vegetation uo tilt dills and luounlnitls (Fietlre 1): u%tellsiee unxlemtrlV ile broadleaf and nel�dlcl(af l�VVlgfc(�n forc�sls (1- i;;orr 3) ate till the 111glIVA 511111: c Ill it >itt.IrkLC din� all alalcta 1111111 1111:11: navticll mift air -1 rifi,;114 m1fivutrvl flit hills and nnluntairct it: th,� nor011�ast and south. 4%Ietsl c;lllrt holl�gns air Clillitr,lc�1 ill WdAlll riot� (Figilte 4). 1ilrr:tuts 1 1 1 11rr:ltit 311. 11311:4111- less than 3.5 ftwt e1cf�11. +uol pace a lunllerde rat(� Of 11tH: llnttr% !liter lll':lYt 11:111 ma in!: .lettterti mid- Morclt aim! lute 5eplerlutcr. (h�ptl(+ mill Vvlocitwt ill fe�:lu' rodisiIlVtUhly and [!rill lltxs(Is III(' amunun. 111:;11. %Ievp liauks imt) nwk%. i;ritellt, 1111 tarltly [Illtlonis rIIj F;kVleri7A� MOO tfeallt+, let� r,lllrilig ffillll it thin liver fu the sonti n[�st nIs to 17 iilel:es thick clsewlu�re cove r+ Mutt t1r4'11111t [runs r:trly Wcultilmr to rnid� tlafell fe itilrl�ti at-[� :1';11111 ire 1111� [li td:uul+ 3111(1 txHlN Ill a f('u :1111311 letttlh Uu[[ 1111111M MIN tUilll+ in the central :Ind ratl�crntrul Iligllbllda. The tniniug. are:u Will linatls dire usualh cootivelc�d h_( gr41Vel- sorf3ce41, nue :(unit. The 1114151 rxtrri+ite lowlallch oft in 111r vast x11d t(Inlll :111(1 lx Ul+lSl of !into Broil:% (list nllirlu,41s Coaslal itlaifl, wid river galleys. Sittohlr lint :mallet lutt�I:ou6 are qutterc�tl along till c3tt txl;ast t [x;ll relict is up to 51x) 6-L Sloj)0 ate� 1311111110111% Ivsc t111t11 2 ur;lr river months and dcllas, hilt are up to IU'i adjoistisl;t hill unslt. The lutclitnd, slung the a,(.tt and sisuih tvlasis an� itlle11sitclti cultivji (d, ptilnaril} in wrtl:antl rity t }igum a1: Ilu 1111 31111 (root: d askr.ks of dt cr(sIx� (ltlai! Brains, soybeans. and ctsttnn. Tliv principal slte�ams :rte� lu(Ire than S.o [tTt tlrel) NIF(1 (oore tilatt 5t K1 [1111[ aide. v11u� Ntwalut, tilt it feu :(lilrs uraf for zimmi ;tre (hurl� halo 1,21k) feel Hide (Pigll.V (i). l4,11021b consist loodomlo:lotlr of sand a[ad vravel and mmit- sil(l }:doll( lire geoertl!p up to 15 ((ml !ugh. Slrrouls are snhivul tit 41�rxliltg thrill. the Myth- (t�,.itrr jleriIla (mid March to late Svptemltcr) C:rtiteire featntec of sigoifirtuce on the Ioatlatld plains ilty tom-lit 4111! 11nnu'tolls Village-,. TlW tntta( a14' 011ill'Ai slid 11111 rhat�.tetcriie(j liv harrow. cxingcstttl StWetS linc(l tt c ronrrrlc or masann :::1111111 bltildillg% alt at sis +10rielt likIll Qt- fo%Vr OF 51 0 11111 1 nSCS 03IQ or Wit .11nrieY 11ig1t of W(xxl r)r tu:tteoirV alkA hwlini tits roofs. The Viilages ciltlsi}I tut �lip of one -story houses with lltatch slxtfs on(l 1111111 pluslemd exterior t(�alls lmd the Itr(a(cd:1111 grottnd ;Iltocc uormul lltxld levels or at ...,......Y.. a...wr r w-.,< w a. w. a1... a �a^ APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 I_1 :16IM 4 IM01 0 :1 1 :F_i":w*1I1J1II1M 119901 F- N 11111 111I1MIN Z141I11K441I- I1I411 -IM FIGURE 1. Pugged, senlb covered moun- tains, mainTy in northeastern part of cwnlry, have sharp, togged crests, and steep slopes 1UfOU) Ih4 11.110 of 11411+ \ear 011. t llttvel are r11lti4..kt4-d fil�IdN. 1� x114 .1 s ra4 11141111111.. ra11sl.. if:i4alilr11 slilelu�%. arlifiei.11 !t tr1 .1114 erllls qtl 110 01. The W111411111 M-11h-11tVIkk sn 11rutuvc�((1ll lx .1 imideralvl% dome IwtjNIwfl.ehllrr In.1%1"IL (If Nillt;il'� .m ll C101111111 r:lilrmid .1110E III1 rllll'�lalll' gmitt�l� .orfjevd roalk ('111 jtt�du� sfwa41 `i4f 01iltn month of the 11lmilla11d- rY1llsi1(. 111 11i41:11i ;i!1!i ferlt41.r1n;lnk sole ;11111, 1lalla- �.us 4 Fil:0re ill till' utrr .11rcct111141K1 h% llill :441 di+ vil.d. 5111111319 M11041 llluiu', 1:111al FAA irk fill 11111% lk 110uPr11 300 .old 20111 14.44 and ill the� 14610% 1% 111) to 51"1 feet. 1 >illslis N1411xm 11p to 10', 4 N'l�I1r 013 file 111:1411% x"Clatllllt is rhie.11% wrtd) .111d .inns fcln l. ill 1311. Ilighial1 /1N sold 41n c�roit. and .111111� M rthild lip, o11 Ills� 1011th:� N140 %livains are hurl mid lnte�rnU011'111 SIFeallihailk aw M 11, A) fuel 11iyjl. aild h11f(rt111N r11os11% .lrr it" �111t� jillpltlatio11 0f the iklaml is callM r(rlia .114111s; div rel:al ill .mall .igrivilltilral :Ind fiN11hi; .fllm:vs. Thv sill4e;e�.. 11tI11ummis %tone fvlicvw. arld cold nulyolm 4rfe11w sails .In� diklt11elivl� ft%alorlw 111 tho hilitku4t1u- The militk ro41 4lrug1141 1111� ;tedphrn of fill- i4and i% imm -11% 1"o LInr, widv:11ld 4rau�) +11rL�uYkl. 2. Climate 5011111 ltun�a lie-, ssilhin the A%ialie rwm*ik i eirr11laliu11. thEell preshu�e% :t flitlrah� 1111t r -ORE 2. Roiling to sleep -sWed hik Covered by shrubs, FIGURE 3. Evergreen forest In highlands. Those forests stunted trees, and scoliered grosslonds, these hills occupy along lhm upper slopes of hills and mounrolrts provide moss of Sow(+ Korea. IWOUf good concealment. 1U(OU) APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 CU!' L''TIVATED AREAS u}ICULTIYAtf* WAS Su,&t Maud pW ,m Wd RD o xna+ v n FIGURE A. Vegetarion and land utilization N401J) JwtNevil cloittill411lid ill tuner atld tl larililite ls1 The e.11d \tinier IIIl mmin air Itom Irlte'MIT ASS ly .t�nnlcr huriuig OIL- whiter 11111114A111 NI rapkik aan�ed ill 111V futse�r hnrr during its p -mNiac Ihrouyh Mardi. iuraslpus III Tailor LYallisulital :fir wer the 1'ellcm Sea alld the Sea III Jigr:lt In[Im. Input the elshm LYH1Iinellt hrilig lux� le�tpx�rilute'- ,1141 ;srnitinl; in Seelllh fs�ren A. ;r A� +lilt. �N'a11 Bail} clear pT I�uNly cloudy slae's W19111 ft' 8 01111111; the 1navlmum le'mIx�rllwr% pre aflh inAt- leek cold. ill .ultau�'r snemvxlr,, Juur lhruufih aut;usl, ilte n�trrse is the ft�I to "a rettt:r- "e"n tail ruinimnlm. pri eIxrituerd: lruplmi nr.Jritime at fruni the rootie the alher han& are comidcrahh COlde�r. e�slx�cially is ULYr:ul errAlt'S watt, hnnlld. elei�d and Mill Ueerttller thram ,It Pvbrnsn eehete cosl} uulraiul; LY)IICIIIiUIif- T f1e� net laining inorlihs are trensiliunal ti- adlugs fall w the' tvviis.111tI'_'fl c ff i at trust pLievs Ix'ricxls behwe'r1 the sllallsealas. Other itgxttatt E.%IIenuly L-4 114 tcrnikrllurr%. sosrss� a7rptex 011111 climatic austnils. iss adJliliun ti the W on Ills, are the '_'U �F.. have beer� rm'(161 at lux do al'tslns during :atie[l tcrraiu. the mil;ralon prLOStucsys lems thin If:1ss incasiaus of 1te11ur :fir. and lxslh mean tenlperatwes lover (it nr.1: the cY111ntr1�.:llld the I1dJ;ICVtkt W;LN :111[1 111d C%IWJtleti WC appnviubly e;Ylider in !$e rnuuulaiu. 11COMIate enrrcul Thue pre weiribmal IJre ;lkti in the uislten 111 3 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 APPROVED FOR RELEASE: 2009/06/16: CIA- RDP01- 00707R000200080008 -9 FIGURE 5. Flooded riccflelds on the lowland plaint Wetland rice Is intensIvely cultivated throughout the pTains. MOM) 111:11 Inll'rrIII11 tllt� lldtl 1e'1ti1111� dull brim brit�i +1M�lls 1il ,401III'M IIA nnldrr tr 411 in�ra l u re�, \1 r,IU rrlaliv r� hllruulitu, uI 111111,: clre nllldvrllcl+ Myth. vAT%l all m11,lh 6:(1111.00 :>rnidrrd)le etisl :nlcl, tslxciully till [lie +vl'eh�rtk and +l,uthe'ra sldv, of Ilse jx�ninmla Ltlx�rl, flue Jill lnrx nal flew I\ ullthu }e�- �I 5 1 1 11111 11'1 Illaaw111IL 1 rl'Ialit(�ly +teak wine] e},lc�ut ;Ind is 111aillh Milo a snttlltedt tYirnituncnl. .lflorn1111n sea hreeats :Ire tea noi pullhlileiit %%illds 1111 1111 1x1:1 tlrlle x:1 hrer7A's betYane sscl) (leveduprel drill attaile nultlerdc ,1weds l.i>;hl lip 11uxlerlle rnnuol ;lln aeul Vulloy brrcxi's (1n111111ate til nagged iuteritlr higidands- 04, 1.g1,itiilally. Smoot; u�indS uetitn111t;u1q the ilefrcylsrat thetndentofws hat [lie str ilgvsl winds are� :esux41tC11 a ith Ilu� u�tcrd lrupie:d C� CIIIZWS that affect till A- millto; V'lch y1- :If. uti;ial in June thrix gh Ochllier. The must swede core 1F th1 lyphlte)n5. lrilh it inch of 61- kuuls or greater- 'l'he Sllullle f,aft of the I11l�ai11SOIa h Stlutl rXIx1s(11 to the dl: Winds of these ,fonds. but the Sehol+ mintly may I1.' affreled 111 11IM -Atial 11lirl5 fr0111 1111 llli('l:, 1n55'�Il ;ltti ;tlllt CZllllll t: sl� a flU(x]illg 11114 F 4� hlnllslides Sire llkelk H. Niilitury geographic rcgious (0 's w i i Thcrc air lno miliGm gr;tgr)pliic �r>;iuus iFiy;ua' 1Si. PrninSUlur Slnslh 1:41m :1, and IRWIN) i>Ii1.I& (tiu ;slilutC a single utililmy gt zipl+ic fegiun. till South knfcsll klighla11ds and l.e1w�lauti+. Cheju -du. moth of the mainland, has physi(sr1 atal cniturd differcoers from Ilse rest of Solulli K(1n�;t. allot K the u11ur utilitafy geclkrlphic FeAloa. 1. South Knrran ItirJdavilis and 1. lwlands 'Phis region is Ixxirly siiiltxl For ground operttimm, oil mad 1141ventent 5t0leli] lit reMricted by si Ili rp curves, and sleep grades in the 1dt;ldaelelS Spiel sty urnnernns funb and. Id� Mules, flexxling in the limlands and river Valleys. f :ues- counts) tuascnle11t and affro:ul dispersal W0tlld ht pawSudclt loy sivcj, :tones, detuc scrod, tiled fnrests in like ]tills turd :uauulxitss f Figure $T and !i5 uvi ricefields (fllxxted initi.i Vile* tilrelllglt 11iid- Oetuler) in the pl;.ius. Vehicular coins- (�Imnlry 111u5rntenl utilsid be ilea oft vallcy fllto:ti mild plains hetttcYn r11ld- 0et0hlr mid mitl+mc thin deefic-lds sue drtlited, +led estxxially front e:uly Ih�ccl00re'1 throul;h Ntarell, Own the Km fill d K likely to lie frlxen. 6 lhr:ld�Iclilm 5+nnld lx� difficult :n�c:ulse of ,tccp +luixs :Ind n:tfa)%% 5+i11(lioy; tatlrys Mill wnleid rvlltiire rimell cnttilig, filling;, drillilig. allot bfastillK: exteu,iVe bsidy;iug tcunld lie neviletl lhnlughnnt the rcgioa k'unsh in the 1ltauulaillS cold ]tills Aford g4mod ('111re'V l Inx'lel from Al' Mall gutand nlm'T% atieIli (PRIM 1I. Addiliallai c�1lnaalna 11 from gnomid obsl,nalim, :old COVer fr11111. flat tmjeclury fire Ali(' prodded to) nlatit ,rsrf:x: irtcguiasiliv% in ciu. llighla11(h drill 10 a linlilcll e%tenl 111 :trlifici:d IVVVV% M111 clem'I) s- SJJCCt! b11itdials its lire plains. \uulcnrus site's fntr.rahle file lu11ael tyltr' lll1dVF ;mould installati(Ml- 0"k"rr 101 ;Let' 6Lvailahte in Ilw nronnlaills sod bilk sites fur htniker- iclx� inslallatiale, :[re `,(:rt(Y' hecsuSe' uF nuslably veils and Itlxlr dramagi ill the plaim- Aifhorne lord airumbilc tsix'rati1.111 +tmlid Iit� restricle�tl in Ohl, hills 0111.1 uu+tsaltiillS There lift� 1:1 airflrlds is !hc c(�gitiu ,datable for t ;lading of iaslIull- ty'pe :lilcf ;&fl- Sites suitaltle for Iulrlchuie :Intl lsclieelpler alx'ritiva� aad fur the ecln5tr11cliao ld .lirficlds an� limilr�d W %valt"a -A tlrtsl;ll plans+ and :t feu c:dle% llliltouss is the 111ghlaulk. paring; the KcitVais wtir, hus.rver. helieYlplcr1- were used extvw,RCly- particularly lu the tnololaia5 aled hills. Tile rcgirin is ,oiled fur lafglw -tilde ;un111libitlus ultl'nitiotl in Sevl'rd area ;)111nr the a WIt CIMSt, bill lti Ixxlrl+,ldted Ilium; tile laltil .ild u'Ot 0"Ists. Offshote apples ill+ to the cast crlasl Air(- itenem11% derj, anti Clear. but the urarshur(� appitulche% are partly ulntruclttl k: scallercd fucks. reek shads, pinl fucililils, sl,a+o11111 wtuillmrs, anti. III places. dfiflisw Retie. The coast is lxifdere ti 6y tnostiy spurt 5lrelchcs40f 1-311115 sllure oltcruutilig ni1h cliffetl lucky ,hun�s and he :ulLl,nls, \141st lx':IChc+ an� bal,lM 6% ti:rrrou, calticidc1.i lllwI;jnd5. oral stwjni tallrys t1i'd ,�1.0 hocked ;fled 11a114d by tslluded hills and r11uulel.lills. lkaeS; ur:ltcri;ll is pa'(1ua1111atltly sated Stith admitiUlns of laud 1-r Ilr.IVCI. \l;ts;y lx':tchrw an iuulti disiely backed toy salaly strips 0nd partly scroll- curcred lelw elunts. l :xilaurC priputriiv by tracks mid trails t l lut lead to It+urf ;u-ed Ailed which 6iwly pnrtlfels lilt� cc);OIUIId is a ithiu :1 tulles of the sea, estc�pl fUr it ,Ihll'1i 51111111 11i The deeply indented Huth coast has fell 111CAUhl}S laid is tonslly utlsuifallle fur annul :ihinus opeealie+us braise. ell nl�lracle appraachea. ratrict(�d t�siis. Mid diffit�Illt cr1S_5- minitry Ssiavelli111I (1111dith)"s ill till' ruggeo t'uastal lcrmiu. offsllutr :tIlpntochcr ilre rhuunclirAd a11(1 abstnlelcd 1ry mfiad sin :dl isfitods wid Wei%. 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