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November 3, 2016
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December 18, 2013
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November 24, 1943
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F I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 _ ----.......miloommemareememaseEssateeenetersotemenaraimwerunnutintszeammtmovstanaziaes w urmi!eve,twmtrolarscvv0 ...r----?....?..J4fr?,? - . . IS , ? . ... , . .....-"FF"FF"."'".14FOFF4,-+to,...., ,. [;- :12 !- rt Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 t, ueclassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 _ (25) 24 November 1945 The Honorable Cordell :Mil, The Secretary of State, Wa hington 25, D. C. My dear Mr. Hull: 4 A General Donovan has asked that I send to you Um attached report pvtoyared by M. Pierlot, the Prime Minister of Belgiump twn the relations during the present w r between King Leopold, III of Belgium and the Belgian Government. May we call to your attention the following paragraph at the isemoranaua from our New York office transopitting this repot to us? *lite felt that this memorandum is in ur pos8e5s4on is not known to M. Pierlot or to Sma!lor .!Istbeithilk It was received against certain olitauliOicet on our part as to its use. We tuyite agreed ttot the document shoUld not be iifl?ted irk thole or in part except of course iiiippok:14.00414,0 $9104 for such future use as 10 OW Oniiikt,414`brO1Ute1y necessary. We have tUirther 4101,11Withat TWO references should be made to it in;0114r ".111004e. 1 10 resreet1411y ask that you have this report used 4., Ln* ttfitIMOT watt is, to the extent possible, etnretp+farst with the above contLitionsr-t. Xours respectfully, ";743v9tvAll..44046;c4"?'.-*--"' 4 O. Edvord Buxton Acting Director "Q .20 fl:t#144 Declassified anc____proved For Release 2013/12/18 : ? iji;.? ? i ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 ?Le irraluation of new intelligenoe reoeived in resent days on tlue position of the Xingo , ? ? ? ? 77- 1- ? 11. .1 ? ? ' ' - P.,??? ,h.,?'s ? ? I IMI1IIIIMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMEAMMIlliff111116111111111111111.1111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 owlAI %MON 04111141r.orreoriMil I. _Marin ? i? BICIPPLEIGTT TO MORT ON Elle_LEORR). 11Olgoo Ditatiarr 21120 KfLugla popularity is steadily on the the war. *line and abdica tionmight become a necessity after intelligence received in recent days has thrown a new light on the preaent position of King Leopold as well as on the entire moicarchicel problem in. Belgium, A study of late reports olearlY indicate the UWE popularity and prestige are steedLly an the (Raclin). The advance of Allied military opera- tions, carrying itpuh ill; the possi'bility of an early liberation in popular' sentiment. of the occupied country, is closely ocannected with the change 'When the Belgian, Array surrendered, the people were C1021, minced, that the war was lout. They &added, therefore, to adopt lilt attitude which would enable than to make the beat of a bad eituaticn. This genera:I: aentimert accorded perfectly vrith the rine* decision to reetkiln in the country as a prisoner of war. At the time, it seemed to the Belgiatts that Locpo1d had cone the natural, advise:I :thing.His 11441.071 is interpreted by the *gentry' as an example ot self sacrifice; it oonstituted, in fact, tik? moral int Wm itte the people. ICI the first months of point. the ecoupa on Eng opoad thus became the nation's rallying The intensification of German ?elevation measures, as ma the growing lalied military operations* ftcally influenced the *opinion of the people. Resistanoe movements started their ilLativLeil and wiped the people to obtain a 'clearer oonception of the, unfavorable position held by their prisoner King. At this crucial nosiento Nett. the people began oaascietasly reviewing the enfant bvterral situations the &22112.017420?Xlita of the second marriage at Ong laopold was made and undoubtedly greatly affected his pOsittico? Furthermore* the ring's apparent indifference toward the rate of thousands or departed warkerm infuriated the lower eklmvsee, who until then had been suaong his most ardent admirere. The week protest made by Leopold at a late date did net alter the itpresaion lett by him earlier vastly. attitude. At the same time the higher political circles voiced their ooncern over the ittluentlia posit:lea bold 17 a number of facet) advisers of the Xing; 'Whoa* politioal ideas 111141 ambitions were rightly considered as extremely' dasprrous to a datooratiLo caatstitutional monarchy. ??4,771177.1T-Tr."-Pm.. :t ? ol? 1111011.2A2 le fernErrEfrvmovaroraworld relerletia ft.ior e r ;. ? 44. t; ? 131.,,ran=t31111111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 5 ...4e0a1119,61? 110.1041tortta ? BEN gi/g gal es. 441 OP 2 .0 011C33SS It vas realised that the Xing, ?maid set control the ideological opinions or his adirisereA but; it vas believed that he eould have talten a clear stand by insisting on the resignation of a number Of . the most objections:el* of then., His trip 1;o Berehtesgsden vas also loeleod urat a?e an inadiplomAio. move., Thia combination or *tante bad such en influence on ties people that they b,sule bei. ica4,, to dioubt- ashetber Leopol4 . eon oassend the lotion's full con- fidence after the 'wax so as to be ala to resume Vas duties a a oanstetuticnal noneroln. It is even questionable *other any se.. tics isadertaltan nor in inn. effort, to raise hie prestige and papa- lora/ Could beiittleacisusip It is to be exiected that the Be]' cisme will view any Such, eetion, as laosipisable to the efforts wade of late by a saunter of persons who Imre nom adoptimg for the first time since the invasion a stronger stand against tbs ocoviing il study of Niug Leo:Toles present position rases is- authoritimei ? medistatly the (monition of libdiOilatitOne Thour)D. Imo= as an ambi- tions persons it should be retaraberod that lisopold. *to has ivs.do selveral unaspeated deoisions, migist even abdicate of hie (nvn free *Ill.; llorsictver. it is possible that the 34113.06.11111 might insist .en the, abdication of Ming :Leopoldo la both oases the ciLestion Cf element= oils to be, salved& 'Leopold's only trothero Prinz? Obfifitiest ilf net considered fit *Ls tate over the heavy respons14- bility et beating the state., Priage Baudo, the nine year old insti to tbst throne, could only rota: under as Regenoy until the tine ter id& noprttio It is doubtful 'bother tams is any perm son peedestiltg 'beet tlike qsalities and the popularity necessary to aims.; the pee:WM a Regent(' is bellowed that the officials of the goverment xile liras with the people in coeupied Belgium tbat a *outlaw cation of a stalls or constitati4)nal isonarohy is essential to the itioltrage et the coutitry? The republican mentiment, present in, SOW Wile= circles* aces not appeal to the people at, large* , c, , ?-` ' . ;, ? 3 : V. VW... et,. ewer"... ????????????? roes sancro -t ATP ? ? 4 1 ?..plismoronallion1111111111N1411 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 r.. General lab.= J. 'Donovan William L. Larger 4ZU9JEC1. Evaluation of liellOraDitia Eing Leopold's ii&visers In response to your request, I am attaching herewith an evaluation or the memorandum on Tang Leopoltils advisers supported by additional information. ' .A,.--, itol tdamillitir , iiiimmillEMEINSMI I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 -71 ! ,CEPFICE CU STRATEGIO SERITIGES Research anti Analysis Branch I. tiqaof a7,,T,A*14On report on the advisers of King Leopoilas, fry. sAlaticztal irettmation. a obormoolta, it4wetrioacr.,..51{4sepiavettg? 414 t4. ,..)..,r;, v...,. .,_ nr,r4"',-1,"7:411,11 ,z4 ii.=mutunaisimuSNENICION Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 Ati eg WM /WPM'S Amos ?Bilarr liNge of the presort advisors Jot Leagebi antl its cot; Ispan the dialortnnoe stit tb9 Weis Patricia irk 1141SIVAITpoa.4i0. pa:Meg stream*. Stitanat on The1403111100dalk 411**X104, is the repot ega King Loysadfs imakilavost_prepMill ?140/19n b7 Pivicawst aorntopzade c' abhor r2Zatiat elnavese Attached on elm at the varsonalitive --111441ina Zmitlfantio tamped train the ceetsdei i*t hiW,In4 that the Onto pre$tio k17ttCId, togadifkur viitum hie 3ecor4 suce..a,ge. VT7tituktot11kelt Writli oil an antire sa, hat .a 40t4af SelOaras moo* ? ....00,021th irewidsse acipm thciir tg)untneta itettine, a Magian rapaio attar ths war. .0*111,*iiiiihiitowio only a, ile4?Aation els comatunists mad 04*Liet intrisod anbio4twillet seatisentst At 4 3 Iv1....1.3,1tro-3114gra 4:4riefatt V.17. .11.1k ? 11:?.1 INIMMEMI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18 : CIA-RDP13X00001R00101000-200-10-1 presentp haerevero there is flame that a reptabilean temdenecir is gaining strength swam nU group who pediantAy mune On- owe Thirallata? tho bat if the peopiej crigArally royalist, new Waver in thedir attitwie tome boleccuwatir ifis a diroell rostat of the Ringo op lack of paramal preatigee, Zing Lefogelail, though a onst.itutional lonarcho often need his rotation to inUrronein paliitleal ins. :His ardent anti- 111xenth feeling end Ids isOmeat in the Planisit problem mpeetion- 111111esemd, 1101033110elimAirer foreign PoazieTa Belgian MEM' 111010 043mails. in Lynam 14444414 that ling ougm to anew Aft. Mr. * ittf- bsit oitIds ;pommel, 4144011,1062$001% liberstion:44-11os 'ostuktry,, - W;reimearly Viola *tin offitiala szy ''tthat ,Leoptatills 40244.110 taillitteras urtersrs of Us =tura atonlottzsgireim4 on tivig Vikt4g by those personal Therefore* fs, Sitt*Allisamkt thiloWknolios eflal not, sebotiketti427 rabge King Olstry 04,11tekr ? 4-4 1 .' ,t? _, ..i, - 010(.04110 1mdnt-inititition of Velem* then it be- , ,?,19,nre ? ? woo 1404 iktairatile to Otesin tile fa/i pport of her entire ?: Declassified and -grz-r-?r? :rrt 4rt t 1:eci ? s ? '1 Ctr I , Approved For Release 2013/12/18 :'61A---R;13P1 ? 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 fitte stineatlisit tom be idatimilitt Mean sew diewitle tame 411videti b tkiese ism.= are tookftediell. melt 4* We 114141414* Protann 41164 the. mesa ONUS= 49i41 pador VINO* pattrion et tam Mg We nos finipber Von entire Ballston attuatic *i 108 diegosubUr itilirogsk en Uwe Me is tothsetsided bbs fellenim tliesimet .,c4:47.;? ? ??? " opasamegm NOM *is jogo4s16 gintt* 14 woe may lito ging so at+ the Oise ikliof "boa *bin Wit poirty *Mos Wows) Seretagaleo 141. 000100,141131a tbila is Igor 9024en get/WA "ItAti tathe selboleano*i4titne tam Us thOiloitlitt 611 ii'ut Wks auk be cieno ter thm elarto likit MOW INS Ittme fed* Sibitioi qAt Igo ensinvbro oat vtattlqiinto -1-alinveditzt U mactsamix *IOW* 00100114114) It lb 11111i egiatit Vis *Avg *A iddeb 14444 Ann anti Of egIiti *W. portifolpoiftS ta tato t Ott liieger4 Igne:the ustaire noneabteal maw* *Pk loossi pie et postilsos wad be sande I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001 $0,17-44r I .1 Iii ' is* 40044 atiot toomitlaga tvole4 boo) tom 03 *Maga WWI 414% lab; am $10411011104 4000 ne 011401, #101* lw as rat im k '10 ININNyvil Was bets. tils teetato tifesciewp 414 4110001001410101* i$111,14,4440 ecosaltiMlirtiat 011.0 tAli *omit P ? "L'.'01, e. ? ? loaheataloill ttie ttO 4114004 kitil :1**9* IMIT,:,001p000$ .*-401ar *Mb , .5, alk speae tivi1,, Itgaistes ic Os* laugp 116w itualitaw tOttilfp OA" ialpitatlathien laicabete# et the neavilt +Mg V Itab4r led the vollif;. boo look v4It to ft 4+40; ? It; :?74. .?14.t;t?I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 ? -rt.L; " ??= 44-4? 1.00Z000 1.0001 1.0000X8 dC1I-V10 8 l./Z I./81.0Z eseeiej JOd panaiddv pue pewssepea , :a411,4?011 4:1:4?1 .114???.c" .).??44 t-: 4VMM MU. V Pt iniaMg atql an MAO 116411to 1401401411t 111411/1" itaikra ealostiouv 41440 iimm*9? i**fls1 011111 4o vO 4.eittoot wai 1143 16,4110 10*.4 I VOW ft ; poseari islmmetiel Vann 40111110" V10,010100101 it INK *WM *4mo amosoot itesmAn 011' *MS 1/11$4111461F 0111 101204* Mt la% VO %OP. 111 Wan VatiOS OM On Vet lAittOrt 41.1 , orkgrfooll toin,?,Orant varp#450, 11010 10400 Olt otiget_ ott 04 lam 4001;illoote.sito 40044$5,114 rook? 14 ArtAt lattant 014 10113 Vogt WWI ;41111111 3611030044?:f avotacto ON*/ 4%0i lost mem Smog Tectill irmo sayooktale siogri, intiVoitr IAN* qua 14 1/101:1 010- MI** "Kt 111011111V 110 a* unal100 itatte "A 0904246 totionsom Aft Ina le deitarpnisitip0 agrarstir 'VOW 11030114AS 11114 pa woolOtto Nommaskto wog oftamock op istrpol ono At powwow sooil *WM* .414091ttolsiest m1 %PM" deltrien 1101Stot ION 4411110111AS 41W410411 1.-01.00Z0001.00011.0000X81.dC1I-V10 8 l./Z I./81.0Z eseeiej JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloaCI 1.1 , II ii Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 400111104141411100* "Um golitialagsta an 461 itiliaattio 0004 sot 11141glts ets601104 St, MAW ifikt 0114010 a al datioladilor 4 011214 4. I " let ilst alatql 16* seep20# lasto Iola is dna tisto 0114i 00000107 $1019141$ gassiPloolso pogo wanaid tre Kibiliam at aro 4600.19110tigst tho SISON4 .1116 vionlitt 1:4,T QOM 3(.1 s. f mliwasi tho estitiatabg4 slititirit: r latIP 011011145fall imiqh p.ikaailri3V11=4k411111"gros,* eitoTotLIII" MI ted Copal/es iattr.ale?-lidna ,,Std Mos st isavacen ma& I ts, Idationillsoft A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 P1,1 sta#001010. so ei. gouts: a gm team emmituitursu ItatOot too? Otiart4 ot Illialliava patignoth liso a to bap 4$1* San awl Am. imairrisr09 itabotta Volre a timoselso Vs la tis two a tbo IOWA liwnetwi a 1iltax-4, agesornio s viirrh. a Warner tow& sasthairlatiationtmi. Ds to alto so traSsisms Writ vitItt, otaktggs liat WNW. illo is PromProati nili 1140 0 Nittional, Dago& to orwrikiaalf, Bialtiow Ow Odinvort ,: kilnig V* latriAIM ienstetord. , brieriainis 140 gm a praline; on, Um 1040 *ifAlOwlosio. ,-- z. , rift ititt9 Me to tut 044 now' um., 1, VA 110 , . a iit baba` Ott tba Pitillpi IV!" ? ;' ' ,7., lict desaoLtakto nigolang, ha lio to 11#0000..,14 ota of p 1,11,1* newt imi order tea tory to 4011010400110 *Was aftinrI. V* warthe . a s 4111 kagia, ih ontact Is stated a poStivign re.. ik 1 .100-000110Niii. a vorlisktim of' the Onsto s 10 41,41011:410A 0 go' hilded leintwiff ' 41W 1r ' it- ' ;101401,04/0 Wiz As Ur.IA0404. 10/10.0010 ts. Cagsta1s4 ma emptaivt popila flita404 tao limplebt9 to himIil stiationti Ma 01140P Wit, Inge ??:`,J ? ?17,i Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 :r41,1r ?:?,? ' .,?...,-;44,.iL ??? ? . ? ".- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 1, . tivector ?B ?Mc fr S., 3-1 , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 7 DVSIMM?EMIRSIMIX'S.TallAlgrr M?414#14M311041,,, 40strogamtot mnsys t I:4-6 t."31 diltAk 1, f' General Donovan William L. 'Langer , Memorandum on King I sopold"s Advisers In response to your request of October 20 I am attaching hereto a copy of the memorsaam from r. Davia Mb:my rim Leopolais aav /47 444444 Milian L. Langer Director, Branch of/ Research and Analysis ? anliaMilnatiagglaint 441-46a iiii,4-744W-74:LiA.6-4. -Et Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 111111111111ENIEMIUMBRIPMEMETE1111111115111111M1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001000210101O-1 11 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES AMERICAN SIABASY London September 24, 1942? 7 4bIR .2,92S..li Tot Dr, V4i1liem L. Langer. Attent/cra: lienry B,,, Rill Sub, 3oot : tirtg, Leopold' s advisers . Theinformation in the attachod Mamorandum was obtaix..ed Icy a member of 13,0., London, trona e. Belgian who, is 03.o8e to themembers, of the Belgian Gicyveranent b.ere and whom my source oenstders 1;o be very well-inTormed and reliable. The S,.0. itim did, issan moo hovever, that thislielgian is a very cautiou.s OLD end O ant at he is reluct to make unfavorable statements stout influential persons unless he b.e.s certain substantiation; contequenCryil, ltd,s description of T.Aeopoldis entourage makesthe triallvidus.11,s appear as favorably as possible. My isOiarcs 11a S.O., wbo is himself very welformed cn ii sopa higply thought of here, made some importent suggestions iota the problem or Leopold1 a advisers. 'Re declared that any statement stout them and tileir Influence should be qualified by the observation that the tins ts e. b.eadstron.g and stubborn , sec; be is, not greatly Influenced In a dialect manner by anyone& Another a the tingle pereonal characteristics, his eirseitivity asta his proneness A;o being easily tart, make it dilIsfixtvelt at slimy time to say precisely who his most influentie.1 elidvlsers ems. The persons closest to him ve.ry wi.i.th changes in bie personal feelings.. 116t, this particular ttne it is even More diaticat to single oui; the Taost influem,tial men around lads because; the political situ,ation is so Altneettled; t1c,e Mg slag be expeoted to ? change his advisers to suit any new trend olt events which he deems important.. e/ David Pinlmoy Oslo IP eggill a OP owl uti ds..nuic**004." ?-?-iforikl.., 'mit+ rigogitAlibtiOeNtuc...Y.?- ? -? ??? '4:" ? ? MI?Trril r ? 7. 32*P ? f' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-IliP113X00001R00010002110-1 MINMIIMI"1""" Milan= 11.1111111.111 .11 t lamMIIIIIIIIMINIETC111%sified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 1111111=1111111111111111111111111 III OM lignarate$VAIrtig @comer oevapAhri .1481MINIMP1 enirniaillset I _ ? ca SECRET ? err. r row CA 0.0 X.000040 010 MA LONDON 22,9043 S1JBJECT4 Notes on persons at present in the entourage of King Leopold of Belgium SOURCEI Belgian source through S,O.? London. DATEt 21 September 19430 IMOials01.0.1W ammo moianIn iiiitailtwilissassione 1111.111111111 111M111011?111?1101?111110111MiumilliMINIM 011???????~MilliMilmillalliMninnlieftsPEammernir g. ELIZABETH- Much maligned by the French before Belgium's entry into the war - Was secuselof being strongly pro-German. There is no evidence to ccrrroberate this accusation. She has in all circumstances shown a great patriotic spirit, and althowp. Queen Astrid became extremely popular, Queen Elizabeth remained idolized by the soldiers of the last war, who remembered her untiring devotion to them. She has always shown great interest in social enterprises and all posel.bilities of the people's welfare were of interest to her. She greatly encouraged. all enterprises which opened new prospects to the lower classes on the way of science erg; the arts, 3[1at gianummucerEN Authoritarian tendencies; considered as having exercised a straag inflames an the King. It is considered he held a theory of Belgium's foreign policy which was nct in keoping with the Government's views. After Belgium's surrender he was of opinion that the war was over as far as his country was concerned and that to make the best of a bad job the only possibility was that of collaboration with the Gamma and to recognise the fact of Germany's supremacy in Europe. lo toms politics he was known to be in favour of a very strong concentration of power inthe King's hands, with a Government of military administrators. He had a small following among young rigtitists. Be was, however, not in sympathy with the Rexists. 103111?S.SPE By WM education inclined to sympathy towards England. She belongs to a family of very modest origin and will not be very readily stecapted by the Belgian nobility. By the force of circumstances oho will be pro-democratioally inclined, lalcamtp JACWEVPIAVIGNOW fas Ambassador in Berlin in 1940 when the war broke out, He was Always convinced of the German danger, but hoped that a careful policy might have kept Belgium out of the war, If war was to coma be saw no other way than a fierod resistance. Held in huh *Steen by the King, he was often consulted by him in pre-wer 408.0 After the eol/apse of France, he believed England would go._ IT Ofingat0100424M,MtlientiMatillligetrairettreforretrtosanow~rererwArtrrrrr.......-......? ,. , r .77--,4?Pr rIT.7????,4, 0 05 ? kort.,-:; e2 NINO siminamaillifill111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninnn-,nrmn 4 .4,21 sumwpiiimiiiiiimilINIIIIIIIME111111111111111111EMM111111111111 RI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 II CICI****o. . ............ -- - ?,,A* Ana... TO ? a ??? . *1,,.. , ?????????????.???? ? 4??? Alii.16.0.411i1,1010,2?4 4.1CODMICOMPARVI 404 ..01(Pg....Zr?PLIVKIPES IFIS.IttleraN11,11..00.11. ??????? ???? ??? ? _ ow* .4.?riwiagtokakfaf C f , ?511:, ,? the same way. But he is not anti-British* His ambition was to be Ambassador in London and but for the war ha would most certainly have been. He is a man of high moral standard and a great loyalty. Agent of a policy which has failed he has been among those Who believed the only salvation for the country was in collaboration. it he has' no sympathy for the Germans. Many people, however, consider him wrongly, as responsible for the policy of independence and neutrality. ERI :DE MLN Has discredited himself completely and is considered by most people 0 a traitor. Already before the war his short popularity, due to the formulating of a "Vow Deal" policy, had been outlived. ONBI.,BAELS Several times OhrislAan Democrat, Winister in pre-war years. Is a man without any political influence or backing. He is a political gambler who., Si father-in-law to. the King must consider his political career ended. As Governor of the Province of Bruges:, Where his absence made him unpopular, he has already left parlia- tontary life. AILECNSAIME&E Is considered to have been since the invasion one of the worst counselors of the Xing. He appears to have been entirely favourable to collaboration with the Germans, on the consideration that there was no .other salvation for Belgium, as the French and British varantors had failed to substantiate their pledges in any successful tray. AMA WNW& Liberal statesman who had always been prOf.Frendh and anti-German. Atter the defeats he was of opinion that reconstruction was newbanal7 Ind made tentative moves of conciliation with the Germans. The petteet service was rendered to him by the Rexists, who danoulaced him as Of Jewish origin, and who recalled that the Pleoiags hate him, lAVRI9ESIPMEA Elazig& liberal; wealthy banker. He has been very much in the same VOSitiOn as Nwegeo ne toyed with the idea of forming a new Government itt,BiPttSselso Bat he aldo was denounced by the Rexists as a poll- /401 el delirviing finanoia interests and, although Flemish, not thoototalole to the ,more advanced Zemings of Germanio tendencies. SECRET iI , 01,10goomfonsgsmo engem mono wespiirgarjs. opporostiviro IsavrtimetweilasteRmilMIPMEPoCCURAttmalagraiharo t4taimars 64,*.:a. 41,41Varca ! 5 1,...kiti.,,..r *?- : .., : ; '"...':'.6 ?il:' '? , . ???? , 1 : ??? '''' ,,,,_. ,. t? R.; 1.---":,'15. ?-4- ,,- f4,-?-? -ret,..,, ?.,,-; ,;,a..-,; ?,1 e? , slit, , I" ' ? ? ? 4,1 ? SIP ? 77-? ??? .? ? ;?5 " e - qa` 5191plfi , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 , v MEP I I "11,1 111.2......MMINIMINII MOM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100020010-1 . 4BIVECIT DE. TERAICOURT 21 33S Chief Justice. A man of high integrity, profound ith and great intelligence; made a rapid career in the law coubts?-"Triiiss the King's best counselor and informed him fully on his rights after the surrender, showing how under the constitution he was in a state of inearsoity and could not, without breaking his pledged oath, form St new Government in Brussels, should such a possibility ever be considered. ago* ICI1EIT4 Liaison officer between Laeken Castle and the German authroities. He is unpopular amongst the people* Rightly or wrongly they assert that he was instrumental in the Kings s marriage, working _ on Germs. instructions to bring it about in order that the Kiligt 2 popularity might be diminished. BORON PIERRE van ZUYLEN Accepted from the Germans a nomination as Socretary General to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs s but resigned very soon after when realized that the enemy wished to use him as a tool. His acceptance had inflaaneed several younger mon of his department, but, unhappily his resignation lid not have the same effect. He has stayed in contact with the higher officials of his department, but spends meet of hts time administering :his fortune, and living on the income at Ms income. ? A2ERT ADOIYARD JANSSEN Banker and former Finance Minister in a Catholic Government. frol'essor at the University of Louvain. Has played a great part in relief organizations and is one of the confidants of Cardinal Van Role. No. outstanding political liability, but excellent financial expert, who worked on the restoration of Austrian finances after the last war and is well known in the financial oireles of the League of Nations* llEttrYNE Catholic flaming, Professor at he University of Ghent, and Senator, One of the soundest political elements - with great influence and eocmianding respect. Will certainly be one of the Catholic leaders ef the country. IDILLY NAM :Belonged in his University days (1924) to the more extreme Flemish mostemant* Since that time, however, he has taken a more sober political line and appears to be a man whose influence in the Flemish part of the country will be considerable. Els attitude is entirely patriotic* 1111011.1r411litItifI.IMMINVIIIMIM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/12/18: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001oyr oo7on1n_i