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November 3, 2016
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September 23, 2013
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October 30, 1943
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 111 , ? ... - - ? .1 - - ? :...?.---? :?v-,-- .: ? ?' *:41:J.:a-,-4. . ; - - 1. : ..- .........?-;:....:1:4-4:1:;.?'' .. ? - .. ? - '?'.-..rj_y,,,,.,-,..'"7?,..;7*.r,--,, . . :. .,_1_,, - : -:-.ith_'?-?A''''';`?--7.7."2-'ii`i..-4- -. _ ; i ? , ,, t t? : _4--7.?...-x.-14 ; - ?-???,.-_,..tAi.. :'? ....": 17 - ...4,..;-:;'4. -X.1' ....,,,,..., .....f,: 1.... ; ..,......,..:7k4;,.........- ',.. ; ? ",...-.1?-,--'-u--7.-A,,,..'-?-??-??????=1 ..,...e* ...z. , j ... -'.?r; -'?? '' II 11 t,,f4 ?..4 -:...--? - - ? ? ........-* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 LONG RANGE INTELLIGENCE BOURGOIN, A. SAVOLDI, Joe Jr. ZINO, William DURSO, ( Italian Civilian) THEODALI, (Italian Civilian) UGIANI, R. (Italian Civilian) FORWARD ECHELON (Contd.) 10TH CORPS CAGGIATTT7 Alessandro OALORE, Henry NARDI, (Italian Civilian) CANDELLA, (Italian Civilian) RINALDT, (Ttalian Civilian) COSTA, (Italian Civilian 6TH CORPS HOAGLAND, herbert CONTI SEVERIN", (Italian Civilian) MESSER', (Italian Civilian) POLSOI, (Italian Civilian) RA0i (Italian Civilian) TREGLIA, E. FORWARD ECHELON XXX "3RD DIVISION GOP, Irving SIGNORE, Domenic ROMULUS, G. (Italian 34TH DIVISION LOSSOWSKI, Vincent ?AGA, Anthony LAMBERT, Elmo Commending Officer Administralive Officer Clerk Intrepreter Intelligence As5,4t Ascilstant 0747:14?-z$% P15474.- '4As4.44?T.Tr Coalmanding Officer Radio Operator Aesistant Assistant Assistant Asstitant Commanding Officer Radio Operator Assistant Aeststant Assistant Assistant Assistant Commanding Officer Assistant As Commanding Officer Intelligence Asst Mess ' .?????? ? ? k , ? ,1 ' v.. z - - ?ft.:111.?... NIV?F, ? '4,V Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? OBS PIFTH ARMY MISSToN ROSTER ? a STATION OSS BASE READQUART1IS HUNTINGTON, Ellery C. Jr. SMITH, Bradieh ROLLERf John S. OALLANAN, Malcolm W. BARNES, James DENSLER, Charles M. THOMPXINS, Peter SILVANI, Stelvio GONZALEZ, Louie J. KERHERVE, John MATTA, Sylveeter GLITTONE, Paul A. 0/ILK/NS, Woodrow POLITI, Pilippe MO AVOY, James N. MO CART, Thomas A. SEMOLIOH, Mario VASK1KT , Gianni MASETTT, A. (Italian Civilian) TOMASSI, B. (Italian Civilian) 4ASE HBAJQUARTERS (Radio) JIMINEZ, Mike MONTI, A. ST. GERMAINE, Henry MORABITO, Domenick J. Atwriff Wolii 771 asse WNW 4,00tfirrdido PACOATTE, Andre BLEZIO, L. FERRARA, Prank Commandtng Officer 1X000AVO OffL-or Adj. Sorvince offiror Nq Tntel 0 & Aunt Adj At Intel Officer Supply Officer Liaison Ttslion OG's Act Iot Sergeant Chief Clerk Driver Goners' Duty Clerk Driver Civ Tntrepreter Headquarters TbIrk Supply Clerk Motor Pool rntelligence Clerk Intelligence Section intelltgenc%o Section Colmunications Communications Communications Communications 0owanding Offioer Assistant Raft? Operator A:- frz- ?-? PORWARD MELON LiOYD, Miaow B. PAVONS Jr. (it alien OiVilian) OROZ1, John DS ANGSL18, Moto Commanding Officer Intelligence Asst. Aoet Intelligence 0 Aent Dispatching 0 iert etird" .0110. Joe ogirrat 4.6 F., If Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 t. =gt= .1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 *41'1*-3-w* ',441 The full itM4 tank *f Pdarohttig oat And ninntng hootile Agents hoft bwon 000iptiel in witth Amy; to asotion other thmn ("A to 1* The membnrs of thtn orgontv Mon atti svolJ politieml antantalments of ovary nature nt n0 tj* wt 2indiage in the prometlin *r poltttoul ideologies. Govermontol Dna polttinol problAnw tiVO hontled, exolenively, by reprtmentattven of ethow depertsents# This limitotion *01 not motrItnt atm right to deml, tptttE rith fitly tal4 4vor7 gralsw G* indivitiati who eon ba unorta to to tn tho oaado ero nor:Ingo We (Alt' notni rottambOr titIt in not a politAmil forwo btit a eltlitnry orliottlng %IWO VtnVo hoorit tn thn pliott ma 4rolto eOmpasinto ponnorning the pleitworolittvoi-4411'4#11 notiviticis ot 001 pero onnol? Thenefriwt 04P/t14 told oar ntiontion must hsnoeforth tofil on thel 010Wivilitl vhiph tinve USOA '4114igned de. . . 4, . $ 4 XI 4 ) Ola / lit,C-e-i, 1 C A i 4 1 Atidtribiltatens Oo2M*3 Hamad itedloner a Vohelon trio t,,e40,4 j W 4OF arms ? :41101t A., :WSW? ,N11. ?411112.1.=.61. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 iflit'd--14- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 -A-414 011 tr,,u4UANTI:141 rfrT11 Njw., ?!0 t, er 4i4 3 W9IIVIT# 084 rtru Army Oporationo ObjamttvAo trul scoplus 16 tvlioplotive of the fanotione or thin or unitation prescribed in bout? direottvme, the primory cotivitteo of thin giealon will be Itt an tallow*, so Lotig and short Range Tntot!tgmnoo to moot to the regniremente of gonern1 or specitie directly** of am,!ttthAmyl ond b, Operational progro * dnolgned to (Imply with ins ructions of NO, rifth Amy, it Rom directly by 0?3 or through the All 0. of 3. 4 '? 2. Tc 'addition to %he foregotng, this orgenisAtion end its memberw will coact other depart. Mints or *lotion or the rifth Army whore esolataitoo be 61141ti se on incident to the primary ectivitien obOve sentioneds shocid oontinao to oupply r10, A rwT, 2NO end other orgonisetiona tirt+ha.. 11 information and did leo leng se this is done in s manner whioh noithor oonslitutes. en impingment on the fanottona of theol ersentimilions nor s diversion from the principa/ Ob4seti*ei or the OVO fifth Army iitasion* For exauplqi sunsets* ensmy sympathisers nad nembors of enemy *ii siti one ( vo come ander the ottention sr gembora or 000tn She dtmcherge of their smut +tattoo ) ahtmld obylows4 Us reported sod, when eirsotmittgintros ,414014 sporehondodi fluty shoald howovir it . en id be delivered immediately to OT0* Arrmn80,* itrt* 044111, to made at That tin* to pertioiPmt* in 1104b eque4, nlerrogeliosoll It should be reasobered ;1:1;ktif, 77. Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 tr'S ? rIinni lit- 11.14, 1.114.e)11 1111 h -!.)1, T. " 101-?i.-t1 ri,v101,,r1 ? ? 'ii ii!ii oil 1,e, ot r_trspin f 11e$ itt'fli "4, ? r f.hfl I" I fi) 411-4(1 '11 1 el 11 l'141 " 1 34 rl'Ol" "C"4."'-V"v' al. !ill el t hr? r iri t ri 1. ri 4., ? .. ? , , a ? I .1 lalf? ilt?Falfe 11 1 ? 41 I ' ? .1 la ? 1,f, re, I , ri .. .13 ??? .???t) f 1 IS ? ? ta 1111 ? -f- +?. ki .'111 1ri 11 ,1 -1 ? ? eft or , .,? AIM* ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 inrort-11 fl on mov1-1%Pln tot-ne-n LATM niittT; 1301"4 "r1.41i1 rointot LOIMMO, AlAPTTO, 1,t'tiT*TO .11,0 eiAL/0 by rInr.,-inr pieroon): An atIillt1mnni torry P,- .ino%11 ? rro. Lon,r 110-,H rri. 2 0)- 1)t 1'votv , A trilm to novor Pont_tin 40V1l: 1?411,- WPT' or Tonv vo* 1 (we/ born): Te?n nv,?.1.!1' P.O lTTA to contrie.q. Sp(sfilnl Re3rInt-,11-0 -nr 1PooptJclr, aommIttoo, e?-? 1* A rrniip or Ttoll,n norplotod. ttintrinO: nrmflir'r' to 11r, ;,?) irocipl ir int-trotov. (pPrt now in tii.,11) teN N vor- 1110)1,--- -! i'los.1 tyli-1 A?Inem 11 lurT 11,, 01e4 rnrrionnnl (11, P6th Son' .* ? 1 _ invorltipptod. 7v1-10,10v Inrt 1101,1- 1,1,,,i,,, ,r fOrnirr cA,1I111Z,Lti:1 al -(iiely r'lvar,r1 ( ,A,,) Ile, w1 nvwnootrei) ,ri 1 , nel, , 4- 1 : IA 1,(111,11,,,A. 1*, On ar if II 1'1 dr, e ? 1 lin , 11.11. fnihr mr Povvlo nl onilow. 7* Commont.s .11(1 reNromo: - aia1140651.60M..66.0,044.4 viinse Or."111,,qtion otn* TT() r.orvinnti f1,-innIng to wo'-.C4..0t7.-J71574 A:1 ? tr-nms 10.?-, moveo to klri,itin. no eliel orle er7.0(sl1f,nt .-)r 1rol1tr.tion fror. gorolou (montionol noxt roport) it 1111,11, rritimi.to r)ft naullan: Luation: An n'1 Oct,ollor 1947 Gprmun Linont Wqot Coaot N i outle)t of c-ITI IAVAL nArINT?V1.11 ',TOTM,"; Northmt m hro. T 11 "f""l ;n'A nOWOYANA; Eld and Eannlaat lurt Snnthor 'frIAlVqT cknel towara S. GIULIANO; Mortbwont townrel YAorvoto8t11 Arry 1. 1 ; ? SilL--.. _:?-?t::: + - - , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13x000niRnnn.inni :7t-Intin A ? NMI= Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? - 7 t- ? ? ? ? ? : r, ? ? 13, el;e5 I ? 1 ? .) f ' 1 1 1 ft ir.evf , ?4 1 , Ps A Y4#4.+1" * - 1 1 I 4f -4i 11 e' f. 1 11 ? 1"111744"1 A ' t 1 i'-3+'i11 I tlie% 1 4 ? t" ^1 r. ... I ti ikt ,AT Ft .-4.1,tp&ryt (rlitr-,11 *,1) 141I ??? 4arr, r- I rot' 11.? 1 (1 r ? 1 4 .*1st- (111.'"?1) !! 4 .1 r 1.1 if+ A r't 11 Ili, .1 ? r I t ,f 1.1 rr -11 " 1-* r?l h et?t't ei ri te` ilt14. hi n lirsweql f4-4F1t, 41.Pi m r 4 -00 A ot 0 4 rt!, s Ttlf hlli Antlet g reVelikft114M VIIWOn fre4ntm ror sn lr n VromI14,nrilltfgr: 4 jf 41ft OP 40110a NO* Os ? 64101411F- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ? _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 - ? Ds - . -4.. ? ? ? ?r?%? .7, iiA1;.,:t' (""- ..? , 1-? ? ...?4 ti r, V.0 7,1 - ?' (2.1 r't ? 1 rl .rt rt?t,, 11 4.* tLT 1 ?1 ? ? ? I rs 1 1 ? 49t-. fir, t l?-? P) ? ? -agar- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ?-? .-41P I. WIN7 ec assi ie an pprove or e ease 8888 888 88 888 ? ? .1 c 0. g-. ? . ? 1, ? ????, ? 74%1-1, 40111; ? ? 4/It' .10??? ???? 11. ????? ? t? ? ? '? ? ? . ? ?, ? . , 4. . ? . . , . . . * ? ? -?? . : ' ? . ? . , . . ? ? r 1 ? .? 1 ? ? ? ? ? ' ??? --if ? ? ? ? es ret ? ? At ? ee.tere ? R... 1 . ? ? ? .???? I ? - ? ? . . .1 ? . ? ? ? ? r ? ? ?7:..? ? ? . ? . . . . . ? ?????;?.41": a,e,Ie e .;?? -v* ? -? 76- ? ?It? e er,r'?01 s ; . "1. :T4 s erl'er "e'Y ite-QA Air-l'efl'r9ji4t144-11;,' e,117'; ort. lI ?.;? r rt .?? ? , 7, t I-44'=^',2.7C -, 11 fk.771.-. ' " ...? ? la*, 71.7.tioV- " nitoti 4 1$, 4.1,17;PJ I1_4I1h4I - :"??? ??`'#: ":4????-???,.- ?'..? , ..7, ? ? .. . . ? ? . ? . ?? ? . , ? J ? ??. - , ? ?? . 1 ? ? ? ? ? f ?? r 4/. ? ? Sr ?? . ? ?????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? P? ? ? ? ...r4.:4,7 ? ? 44 ? ??,.? ? r ? ?. 6...7,4. 7 -17" . . yrte,!4-, ? .` ? ? ? .* '?, -"-.:3?11" l!gt.",:tr't^ ??-? !,, ,? .? tot 4 4..? r;k1 Vifr? ?e ..Wee'?170 44 lc1efe!'??Y t t "17 rg'e .y.r. ,. ? ' ? ;V; 2 ? ? i adi 'tqtre.1 . ? - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? 4:1 k..?1,.? 117q734?,? 7''.'7k7.17 1 e ? : v.A-?? , ;144. ? .-*T ? 1,t t.40 ? 5.* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 in prior reports end, in addition, may be called upon to furnish a Special Letachment of 500 to carry out the program outlined in 0.P No. 4. This is a ful3 time job for all of as and represents the first opportunity OSS has had to use operatives with Combat Units. I sincerely hope that s at this stage of the game, this Mission is not going to be asked to tarn its attention to matters beyond the scope of what is desired of it by Fifth Army.' I see the beginnings of each a program in the making. It has always been true that we have tried to do too much with too little. If this policy is pursued here the results will be disestruous. Any under- takings of a larger of different character than those assigned to this particular Mission should be carried out by other 035. Units manned and equipped to handle them separately and apart from this Mission. We have, after wonlks of struggling, established relationships and an organization and pattern of work, which may produce limited but tangible results if we are not now too much disturbed by the imposition of new demands on our time and continued changes in personnel. ElitVtip4*;e.,, .4 ? ;;;;... 44-4 B ELLERY C. HUNTINGTON J Colonel, Infantry Commanding. 411 1 , ? r ? elle or .1410 or ? ??? , E 4": I .?-.4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: Clk-RDP13X00661R000100170009-7 ' L-6000L1-001-00011-0000X?1,c1C11-V10 CZ/6O/ I-0z 3S3I3I -10d panaiddv pue PeWsseloeCI Pouollu4m gt00 '1011"44 )(10 Pq$ PuluTga$ PuP hul$10J0411 '04% tilTm 7dotpol0004d 4411 OM OpIP TPUOT$04040 041 WO 40.40M04 41 MAP gittrmy ulindflo Watioam x@em flooT p@AT00o4 om ttoltim Jo p poltumboa Aviu1V1Jo woo wpadV ni 041 0,1t14 el 1-0olho f.144 1110aJ Pot)(41 4tPP(1 1104(1 oval 11 *11tifl 011,40N ?4% jo pitAl.10@muou a4q. punoaopuu low000 Mil@ op 0ouctI4 o Jo osoluou wt..) poou Rum i2m 4Ppou4om mou plie; PW04 aollo '4,4t41Wa4.Tioaw am S} t(1 4)10144 W4Jt10 O. 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O ICS 0 >2 7.44 541 C > Nt0 = 42 42 42 7:: O0 ID 0 f:41 C.,..0 1-44 441 .113 C ,C) 0a -ii-o C 0 $4 IP cO) .3-41 0 CO C 541 cr-t1 arm 0 42 IS 08 mc ao .trw 0 0 42 f.4 nil -71.4 r,3 tt-e 04 0 0 0 0 0 a E41 42' er41 0 42 ,y) tka ;4 0 CD tre 03 ? 0 TZ C.4 C ?xS tril 0 ..r41 11.2?0 0 PP 0 ri 42 (as Mal 'Fa le 0 IS Pi .t4 PI' > es g:11 4P 151 is a E tr_.t."-gc' -,-, Tp. - 5 M 0 0 0 5 V 0 .;??? ?et4 Fa: .. y_4! C = 42 4 0 A 0 -4P C ST 0 .0 1?: ral < C ZS tiD -9-4 n-A Sa C 2) 0 .= "PC; 7: 41 . el C 0 41:5 r-a 'RA 41 15 0 5 GM -21 ,Z 0 ..c.. ;,44 0 .,44 X: 413' I-E C Ci 14 C 0" 0 ?r-1 0 0 .0 144 0 0 Z 0 tra 5 5 CP ,ra Zi Z 1 C, -P a = 43 -.4. -04.. g - TS GI 0 Q,1 ITP.' 8 cri .r.ii ..0 otr-i .w.8 0 0 .0 5 -ra CD g ? ..c 42 r= 00 42 Z3 ?Jo Tmi 0 0 PI ...= 0 Pin CZ g.-ii ?LO "T'Zis V, CZ C St CH nrat.0 a 4' C = ff-ds -4:g ? NI $41 ""iv 0 42 5 4E4 0 0 P3 0 16-2 ; v ? 0 > 0 0 A Z 0 C8 A Z2 ,,t.4, %.9 0 ?C: ar-i 0 40 4' ? 0 e-4 4" '4" 42 0 0 ita C 42 r-4I .v.i) qi..1 1.0 0 0 Lst tIn Al C. 11'. (14 ."7"Z 0 CI -1-1 cr-B $41 0 Xi C 0 ..ra VI 40 Pi a ..,41 4' aZ 414 a ta5 0 4' 00 ..?43 4p 5.3, 0 /3) 0 42) fir-R = ....a .,T.H 0 d-2 mai .e.x. 135 +a 0 14 cr-ii Ile nr44 *2." 0 PH ID 0 +Is 42 0 A 0 a-V 5 1i, e-a 0 0 0 3 IV 0 5 ell 44 .R,4 54 42 0 0 Xgo 0 0 5 Ir. 0 -r-.1 at 0 0 Z8 C C 0 42 4-4 S el. 42 42 0 ;,,i a-a3 IA IS le. C C Om 47' -.i2 ? 40, r40 e tri a co 0 0 0 4r-4 CO elt A 0 ?rri 0 .0 0 0 ? C, 0 Ski A C ?ts .0 C $.4i gni n, ? 0 %Hi U X faki 0 0 Pd 0 Se 0 - IC 42 0 0 42 0 ..ra 0 0 5 0 .0 0 0 C 128 40 C ;41 .0 US b? 0 E-4 wk.., 0 XII 0 0 10 fri ..rn ;41 0 V ?CO 14 -,T4 O 0 0 0 el-g 0 w 14 se) C ? k 0 am tr-41 0 541 43) 42 0 1441 .14 Z g 40 C. 0 42 a r4 0 0 0 10 All 0 0 0 CD 42 a o 43. .... 0 0 0 4' 41. '"ra 0 CIL. 41 $41 0 0 IS ii-'a 1:11 C ?gril 0 'CS 0 0> 42 CD 0 0 Cs 0 0 14 0 u-4 0 CY c44 C IP 5-4 C13 11/0 ? v-z1 4-11 nril > Z1 * 0 0 r.40 ?z5z, . 041 420 s .,40 -cf. Zil C ,rit tc-li 0 0 $4 10 Cy 0' 0 -.4: 0 ZE C 'TO 0 0 cril 0 r 0 (44 ? MI :>, (,1 0 0 = 0 0 0 0 A q4-ii 0 VI .,41 0 a a >1. o fs4i 0 ...-, co 3 at 42 0 Z 0 til) al 0 3 3 40 444 0 al 434 C ID IZI$ 4:4t et 0 0 ?Hi Go" $4 0 di` 42 54 41 41-4 vs 0 42 VS te *14 144 a ? co 3-4 #4 >b a tib tr-BV C rn tZ 0 k c $11 C 42 00 >z .4rsi C 4'C 0 IV CO 410 ?,r410 0 m4 0 0 51 0 CO 144 .14 42 .i? ed C is 4:D4 42 9 ;41 es cis 00 o Ct ? 4P 4' ..0 0 4P -P 0 00 frit 4-41 o 0 0 0 $4 1.4 40 0 0 0 Chi 0 0 $4 0 cs) X IA-RDP13X00001 R0001001708 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 4.Forward Echelon and Forward Stations: a. Corsioa Station was closed out and is in process of moving to Adriatic TWhere SOE is allegedly making transportation available to us) but prior to leaving Captain Paccatte infiltrated 8 Agents south of Livorno who are to work down to Fifth Army and report. b. West Coast Fishing Mission: We are now working with fishermen to find soft spots along the lest Coast where infiltration cal be carried on. This will at best be limited to bodies without sets or other supplies. The West Coast is too closely guarded to premit of trtting in with equipment of any kind. .c. Forward Echelon: There were 8 Agents dispatched through 10 Corps neer the close of last week not mentioned in Report No. 4, From 6th Corps 2 Agents were sent from Piedelmonte to cover Latino and Gallo. This was at the request of an Airborne Unit. Previous OSS reports had shown small German forces in thesi towns. Two agents have also been sent to /sernia and Moutaguila. Carrier pigeons were taken by this team. Two additional Agents are being sent each day, with pigeons, to cover the 'semis Venafro district carefully. This is at the request of the 3rd and 34th Diviaionse A radio set and observers are being sent to an advance post 20 miles beyond Allied lines in the mountains west of Lake Matese. Forward Echelon obtained and gave to 6th Corps special information on the trails between Piedelmonte and Monteroduni. Four guideshave been furnished for an Air- borne Division Expedition toward Gallo. .2. ,A912,11?j,piis..ep.2....te3a.icale.2.3 Section: No report from Capt. Bourgoin received this " 922221=21 la The 3 Sabotage teams sent out last week (3 others were given SOE to use with 10th Corps) from 6th Corps have reported: Two tea is failed to complete their Mi081,011 ? the third team compleded its Mission exactly as planned but reamined an hour and one half to see what happened. A tank or armored car was destroyed. The team than tried to make its escape. When daylight came they continued to travel. They were seen and surrounded by a German patrol of 20 men., Three of the team were shot and either killed or badly wounded. The fourth man escaped and made his way back to our Hqrs. to report as indicated above. A- ! It- -; - - 1-?t-I-Release 2013/09/2'3 CIA-RDP'13X00001R000100170009-7 mu, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 kkr able to aequire one or two Italian truoks arid larva pieoed - out with oivilian cars. We are attempting to ohip Ttalian OG s and civilian operutore to the front in nutomobilee which were never intended for work of this natu,r#4tjho remulte are anything but good. We ore practiosinrolin to oompleyto a journey on time and our own prestige, au well ee tho morale of our operativee, suffer aocordingly. 2. .121a1119.2112110: a. Total mesnagen to date 489 b. Operators trained 0. a. Operatora in training 8. d. Stations operating 4. ea Agent Operators out 2. fe Agent Operators contecte6. rore. f:FZ. " tiFi 4 1t4Astl Notes Last survey dueito error woo aven op 519 mesaagea ineted of 419. a. ititols 1. Heed aarterts ttultig atendard for G-2 as followat Non. 66 67 67.A 674i and 68. 2* A1219121.4202191 Total to. eubmitted 2; covering following subjectst Chemical ft:mill:tine and mine deteotion* 1.oial ntration of reprodttotion of mopa, target aketohes and oec,rdinetitm or intelligence in ores covered by 083 Operation :Number 3. Working with Italian Secret Servioe, turning over to them aii bleak lista and OS tiles, and putting them in touch with our conteots on three inlander near Naplen and contaote in !Wise area. Continued interrogation of fishermen on details of ooastal features in two areal) specially indicated by G-3 Fifth Army. Turned over to Intelligenoe Operations Section oontaots with fiahermen who are propared to take agents and agent equipment by water behind 0144 lines* At University of Naples contaot with chomioal departmont, looking for men who would know Italian Army Chemioal Warfare work. One profess= offered to Fifth Army hie laborutory and personnel* Information orwarded to G-2. 40,-.4 ? " ' ? . ? 14- A_ )3 Declassified and Approved Fol- Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X 101 Is Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 i SECRET **XL 11\ I t` HQ ASS SPEC DET G.; %IQ PTPTH ARMY V cl;c.ove-cii:;(0;,..etig.N 1943 TO General WILLIAM J. DOgOVAN (Thru: OSS Algiers) 1. Organization: a. Administration. No remarks. b. Personnel 1. Captain Atlas came from Algiers to discuss our communications needs which are, indeed, press- ing. An E.M. was obtained to assist Peter Thompkins in his reoruiting work with the Pavone organization. No other changes military personnel. Roster enclosed showing assign- ments. enclosed. 2. Civilian personnel - no changes. Rooter o. Augly end Tralual1112n: 1. We haT, "standardized" supply practices with 5th Army as last reported but the system is not yet working adequktely4 Por example our Pirst Italian Operstlonal Group arrived at the 3rd Division in the rain without shelter halves or mess kits. This made everyone furious and with good reason. We still hope to work out an orderly and effec- tive arrangement with G-4. 2. Pour Agents sets were brought by Capt. Atlas and Set. Powers. Our dificiency is now 8 sets; five sets might be obtained if heavier equipment were available for replacement. 3. Transportation will be a real problem throughout the campaign. This mission ic using a total of 41 'vehicles of which only 11 ore,A;my Jostle. NU have been SFCJ tht, MOP r, 0001R000100170009-7 4e-tc;',1 L-6000L 1.0001 1.0000X? 1.dC1I-V10 CZ/6O/ 1.0Z eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 13' VNISMI Ames 41 I. -I.. PAW . 064 1#?,00, p --4111Prt- ?61 st,K4'1-4217 ? ? ? ;Va. ?40.44 lb= TS= . Vie Tidirtlorr ocop uoT4CavockILlo4 POith40 j9 9 Qii fig7t19Itg. rty r=' -= 'WAY? 4cc pgawoltbgh ........,....?.......-. xi- $r --TA va "1":=TWAT.P0 -r'''."! "=tr" ,-411-4:44cLigrA4-4a =a. ne_mootutwith quotiftwcia emaimarla 631d00 40 CL00311 L-6000L 1.0001 1.0000X? 1.dC1I-V10 CZ/6O/ 1.0Z eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI !.. L-6000L 1-00a1 1-0000X? d 0 : cz/60/oz eSeeiei JOZI panaiddv pue pewssepea ? -111111Prz - ,..ii 1, .r 4 oF ,Or 1. AY, 35P r413 ? ..--??? Var ;. .r Su T pummoo oustrn totioto0 tit tioaxtnailim *0 ifaiVIS unanonal uT 011 Imo Ase immd gono noToma clown pum wog; UTotqo ,,?xteik spoloonboa 106 T 14- 71P4"7- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 '1W.,....2:fti4.441",445AetaVirc"...11+E V 1C1-.1. 1111'1' . ?I? *-51--74P 4:flip;r ' la Ix; selestea by 03 of rodit ot anti oortain army and othor equipment; 1 Th* g 0,110g ra44 equipment to be obtaina theoIS Orilet 3 Type 1/7 toots or ovivalont whioh will be nubatituted for 03 Agentm seta now in use. IL The following radio equivment oritsinally r:Ivon by 033 to eanE?Airborno Divialon and now in tho po:wonsion of suoh Divinion: 5 0Z3 Agentu luL The following equipment to be .iroppod to hegio- tonoo Forman fibler Operational Plaulloo 400 rarlin or Acan VO or oquivnlont of I) oalibra (oaptured enemy mgtvriol now-4401o) 80,000 Ude Ammunition for unmo 2,000 Us nastio or 1iko emplouivoo 500 "Time Ponolle or like dotonmtoru S? Tho following oquipmont for the purpooes of, Operational Min Vo. 4: 250 Marlin or Sten 314 or equivalont of 0 mim calibre (oa)tured enemy matoriol kmou!,6ablo) 25,000 Edo Ammunition for tome 500 Lbs Motio or like explosives 250 "Time Penoilm" or like detonators Rations as required. 9. Tho ofteotivo oontinuation of tho operations outlined heroin will require authority to replace pommel ano oquipment 42 impended and furthor ftuthority to remit, train sm employ, continuously, civilian personnel (for whom moats And ovipment, other than rations, are not requouted of Fifth Army) In ?emotion with interligonce minsions required in the nervioing of, Fifth Army and it components. 10. Request is hereby made or authority to earry out the tangoing proposals, including authorityt a, 40 *Mot all necessary arrungemonts for th oportion of a gime daring the nut moon period; Vsk To drat firm Yitth Army among supplicio and equip 24,4s14'%itz, eyt . 1.441111F-- MW0.441111.P.0 ?014114-? Noir I - I,i Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 I ? 4?? ? ? /? 44 .14' ? 8* Tile u14e,t.kj tri oomplation of the priagrams aboyo outlined win require t e following suppIlem, equipment and aellitiest ot. for the remainder of 4 Operational Oroaps nolhirg tanker. *opt as can be supplied by Oat other than the following be be supplied by Fifth Army* IL The balance of mush equipment and suvlies ato have lareidr 110.4 duly approved and 40 Wa4 requinittined by Os S on 19 Oetober 19 Xxplosivems tunes, arms and ammunition as re*4 quired for Otjo which may, in the future, be maligned auah Oroups by ith Oorps or its component.* ILL The 1101/aeing items of trans rtation whioh pernanent4 milled in the morticing of reoruitir guld train establishments and for operational trunoportation of porsonno asp/eyed in intelliganoe and operational Mienionat 2 " 23 Ton Ize 4 44 a/4 Ton 4z4 2 elt 3/4 Ton 4x4 euaI Att Inept tor *4 1/4 Too 4.14 Yohioloo oA the traasportation was ortinally ()Etiolated as required tor the poses et servioing t pperational (troupe Authorized by ntorsonent of 4 ()ember 11943* 21 is beileved that no Immo* in auch nal *Watt-4i- ateept as tniteatedi will be re uired to osab1i 8-Se the additio4a1 burdens *hid Will, be i od iota Operatioisa1 ions Ness 3 6 4 Tho prOgrosi of work to dat under thesautho Miss Oi aLtar hai been seriously hamperedby lack ot idea" 121104 Va* Iteorulting hi distant par t1 tranoporta $ipa areas end dispalchingpoiti at the front and ddLth with Oorpm and the Di sions require the minimum Mel requestets rational in as eon be stopii Soak 00Aborit ? 110 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 4 1;1'1; hT21". t?? such peisahment iv i? by Oth sod its _ tilts aXeo been imdios that tit* total number at rs and men inoluded in nuoh Detachment ahould ppro x mile 500 rather than tits 260 -4 300 mutated* It io bow4 lioved thatilmoruna to such number suly be furniehed0 from it4itait iapini and, Disiaolition Hairinata and Battationth within t. riot -of owl yolk* 40 Imsccordshes with the suthoritlee citod the organwa *no UMW& and equipping of 6 Operational (roup c0 has boon undertaken lind is in process* Ono such Group hao boon sent to the 3r4 Division for use on such intelligence and oporntionsi missions sirmsy be direeiod butho'Commaniting %wall $rd Divisiomi Approximately 100 additional Moults Are on hand in Mina stiges of processing$ Mose reoruito should furnish os further Operational Group and oeveral InAelligence 'Name, The rimeilder of 4 Operations' OroUps should recruited, and *Masi within one week trom the receipt of equipment ana Aviales shish immilisretotors bean roviettionid by 03$0 7, in order to 000r4inste the programa oontomplatod by the authorities of 4 October 1943 and 17 October 1943 with those suggested undsr Oporatio nal lams Nog. 3 & 4 OSJ prop000s: s? That it be permittea to continuo with tho roorwito. mutt or azisation, evippigg and training of the balance of 6 Italian ational Groups (knoen as Oruppi Oombattunti Itgainni) Wet the thoritisi Of 4 000ber 1943 ana 17 Oetobor 1043, for 114 -by WOorpe *malts components and that tho sour000 of re., oruitment be so mAy be deterstried sdvisab/e by OSs ozoopt Q0 it shell be /WU,' to volunteers Of adequate qunlifioutiono who loyalty to Ouse hso bben roasonably entatiliohod: deo be permitted to carry out tho program for contecling4 ostablis40g opow949040: wtlAh. and q u4)Pv oertsim ficsiitnoe ox 0* 001 '011 *" 401 Vint , 466/4 -00renovl . 1.,ti11111; " "'11kN? 6 Allied moss 4 j- 1c-frL 444. ?1,` Drol.0240-1:41 ttO ? '? ? ? " .t.',?:?191?14?Anet?Nw 'v..- ?????? ? l?rt? ?????,- a???,.) q13.47: % eft r . . .0. ca. .1..s111Pu' toilAINui? lease 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ? ",4 ??? E-" ? rr LF .44 L -ti, " 4 ?,- , 1- ' 4 ''' 4C. ,,A. Xil AP h AIN Mt 011111:i OF J rriAls; ON 3U1ir1aart; ;PLO'S Al Dil.' ati:11.:11 0 " d 54'4 ? 1 ? A ? VD Zs 015 09arationa1 Plano Non* 3 4* JO October 1943 ;in Doquent Tor Authority* TO s 001manding Oeneral# Filth Airmy* 14 Pureuant to ennorcemont the Oommnnang aonorn10 PiXth Armyedatea4 Oatobor 1943# to O*3 Bawl? Oommuniontione dated 20 Septombor 1043, thero Imo boon attItoriao4 tho orgrow nisation, training., equipping, oneA omploymont of It4lion Opurn-- tiong aroupg to the number 15 nuon Oroupu oX 4 ()Moors An0 30 men eaohl aggropting A0 ?Moors mid 450 mons 2. By 4ndoreamont oil the 0h1oX ot :lima; tiro firtlt dated V Ootobor 1043 thorn w40 nutitoritwd thiommittato aotiva tionlotraining and equipping of 6 uporationAl Oroupu ror imoh two by dth Oorps And ttu componento might almoto 3, On 27 Ootober 1043 there wore mubNittoei by 0:: ; to A 0 of 8 04, 'fifth Army, Oporotionol Noo4 a mr0 4, &AA 0 October 10404 44 Operational Plan 1054 3 proximo a prop** for tho ierviein of known Italian polio:tome olotonim who oo anoigtanoo ai4 to WS in tho work it 16 doing or my bo walled upon to do tor fifth Army in oormootion with Suturo iutolliconom and operational aeeiptionta4 The work of UJ3 will bo grotaly facilitated if preliminary contuota with tuoh Routatonot Yoroon on be makvand a mit work of ommunioAtiona oatab1iffho4* 54 Operstion41 Plan No. 4 ooatoWatoo tho me of opoolal ity ae1eote4 Italian peroonnel of 4/nary exporionoe in An opara tion design0 to Aso a Detaohmentiof molt parmonnel bohima loniq Pint where oontaot with exiating Boolotovice Tome my be poseible, where radio commugioation may be catakm dished elatlAms which Sabotoge and like opermtione, miler tho dippotion of to Ootsandinf Ooner4. eth Oorpe, may be con4uo1odo porsonol readily available tor the Undertaking propoed in O.r*tio*P3sn :1464 4 hos *04 fixed,e4 000 '04 800 total. It his 1114.4 indissted by the 00MmandWg 4inotal# Oth Corpo that ? . ..- -,-...?/..7- -' . ? r-.1.-4-.4.-.,4 Pc---. ... ?,..?.1. T:- !. .:: ,..? ,.= ,ir...z..1?,....: ...--',..-*P.,.7. ? . - .. -...,44-. :It -;,.......,4,;.,-,: 4 :._.,,,...:;.......?.4.-.11... .. : :i .- _- . ' . ' " - : --4-14r., ? ? :..4....t..::::711::::::7_.: ' ? {?: ' "1'3 ''Siit"?c7.7.e, .''..,?,.. ? ?7 : - ? . - / ; 14A r?-.?.-7, ? ..da - ? atcat-4 -.,-04,wywhAt 4,3Argrif:trfosmtri,--fyipai- iF or ? ?f OP 00 t. ? . Or* ,see i ? - olk *Wit , e? Declassified and A..roved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Wrr4- 4040 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 - ??? ? - I . _ , . . .? ? . ? ? ? -I- r, 5 f,-.6 ? fglIttlti:_g-IA. v46, eri.C'S-43.. IT:5:?-?.1,,r;:l.;,IiiR .,,,T r':',44-. eg i'elAir.,letvg.14,i; L - i? r,7 -Cf-- rz....7.--:,j i t .2-5.% t 4- .144,0 -,?=, -,i . 47 - 7-, -.11:KM;1. 5,5-? 44,24' :41 2411r* is irumor in Mr chat MsreisiS110 OAVAMIRO ha boon ohs* by ths topoistso tlr tor Oolonsl MDITINGTON MALCOLM WQ CALLAWAN 210 TA4 NIB tAtolligonoo Officer 4 _ - ?17r-F?Ph.1" -031 . . , '?:?? - ? , ? ' (e.? - 401*0 .010*, 4 ? J.% 41111.4.' ?-? , :? ? I " I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? OS.J 3,130. W. 0002 HFADQUARTER8 FriTH AMY ? SMUT 8peoie1 report murucca TO Colonel HOWARD, A 0 of 8 Gm.21 5th Ay HQ, 8OURe1 00I. SvaluatiOn 30.3 -it 1, Tho following informailion WAO obteinpd from Genera)* XATTEMOI of the "0enio Navale". as MATTMOCI, who left ROM 'S on Sepoimber 28 Rad aims to RAMS on fool via ROCOASE0CA nnd FlOSINONE, says that street fighting in Noun had stopped mnd that there ere many German soldiers in the ?streets* Certnin distriots, such sa, rions TIBURTINO, TRAsrrvant nre guarded by sentries end the population is not nllowed to loeve them' be On the Ivey to APITS he wlys he henrd fcom * good source who left Rown on October 6 that the Coamedfinte Generele of the Carebiniwri hr d bPen shot together with his *tett. e. He *eye he sew n lot of movement of truolOorne troops sud Armored care espeoiaily nround MMUS* He solid there wns oonaidprable movement of _ eirer,O. on the rROSINOVreeirfield (0 4639) ma well es the ARPIXO mirfiteld (0 6738)9 d. The food situetiom in flour 'es already very serious on SepLember 28. Bread was being sold on the ilOok market et Lit* 50$ per kg, He sell', he was Icad that the Germans were taking roe,' objetst (Pert nnd gold from private houses ,and museums. He seys that an the North elope of monv mARIo'Re wel/ as around the airfields IMO, Cad smith of it the Germans hove built strong torlitiostionsi 4 ? _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ge ? 13. r1,ontnotn imilontod Ln Opw'ritt,,nol Plan otundotill ono to Firth Ar-y'Ll dojiborottHn. e. Prittah rolottonn in X rlorpn fir() 000pt,ratton OH both of witt porta' 00n2fluolono ond ti000mmondntional. os The rlow or tnrormntton In InoroaulinOy good owing to *10 foot ',hut onr Anolim la Jith tho advent of poroonno1 mentioned in pornFrooh ft(.1 nhov- e corrosponding improvomont uhonid upi)oor. a invlo.: Ooptea of OP Ilona Non. 3 & 4 Copt on of onliplo tntelltgnnon roporto. g,. r ? - . ? Q-4117(.1, 1. -,-,z-?-,;F-14 -+; SECRET ? 4 $ elf. or. alf/040 .041is JO, " - 4.. ? .44.11111p.... Saraclia. ?waar. algae 441111004 Declassified and A. .roved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? (4) Tn addition 7 agnntts, proviootay 6ts- patched hove returned. Of Lhooe 5 hod orcompliuhld their Misoiona. (5) A tenm :4"' 2 mon end rnd10 operutor fitti e teem of three men and a radio operator wore diapatr!hod on long range misoiono. bi (1) 10 guidon furnished combvt ontte ?anon- (2) Refnenne pomp:mph 3b2 or repart 1o. 5 : the 34 men in the first Italian 00 have proved naefnl to nombut unit on sabotage misolonsi (3) Operettlnal plenN 3 ond are oti11 hold up by Fifth Army, (4) 100 milos and donktj rovj1od by 0J3 for Army operationai t44. A Activitdoo Flannod a. ln Carve urea J (1) Various sabotage targets to bo attooked thio (2) 'Bombing target? reported to Air Force. (3) Organization of reoistonoo groupm tooth of Rome well undor way. (4) A group of 40 trained saboteurs are now available for use. At present they aro balms !mod in our training Lima ponding calls from combat antta. 46 Oateide Oontooto a. The Ttalien Military organization of General Pavone hoe proved uoolass. Relation have boon discontinood. -ILW4 ? 0 4OrPt Or' ,0410 4* serer Ntigt ,1 ? . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001-14000 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 SUBJZOT : Weekly Report No. 6 TO The Director, ?Mee of jtrbtPglc Jcrv 'i Washington D.O. (Thrl 008 Algtere) 16 SIBEIAIPIIIIE a, Admirstion Oolonel P'ountain braor4 esatgned by loifth Army as ltaoon with 08S under the A.C. or St a.2 b. Personnel 1) Arrtved at nane noadvortors dIrtrw tho wk t Oolonel Glavin and Wr. Scaroporino from AliJAmrn - Petty Officers Moran and Hoppers1 photop,raphors from Londwi, i1- position made by Colonel Glavin. (2) Personnel rewiented for Ilse With 6 offloere and 8 enlisted men from OSS Algiers. st. 2122.4 210 111.211,22.22.1111i2E nn 1-"r""d tr?"'4b po tation requeot wao submitted to Vifth Army. 21211alaail9.11 1. Total messages to Date . 568 2. Total 088 Stations (Vidld Utattono in Open ation .3. Agent Operators 4, Agent Operntors 5. Agent Operators 6. Agent Operat.)ro 2. ...112.1121.11.22 lAndeTtelion a. Iltillicaang (1) Reports Io. 691 71 A & 13 and 72 thru 79 end four apeoia1 reporto (samples onclooed) were sillaitl,ed to Fifth Army. Strutagio Tntelligence oontinuoo to be sent to Algiera ao we11 as virth Army. (2) Tnformation of peoial nutura sqpplied upon requeat to novena aganoleo. Bet up e group rorsranning otudy on nova for locatioti of minoo, uoatal pooplo oto. (3) 16 aganto dlopatohed daring the period - of thou? 7 have returnadt boon interrogated and roportu have #4ert , Or* ? ate as, *emir .Nidi M11111160 .3 Declassified a d Approved Fo Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 RECOn OF COPIES al3T1IBUTFD = I 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 KAS..9ifiltV? -.8 zi? j Is 16,10b Of th4 Ot this Uptoohainnt lo Imo44 on thy alinotion IMO% Oft 03tli 31,8rmwt1 10.1 3041,1 ovoLiabiti rot,. porstehmts eporhttono #0 thfit 00ommitewtiono 01-0timaitto plotiltrigo Await ana othor ati9,1tos 144y be OrOprod ot alootaittotod vnielbo. Tt is booming iftomoingly dirrimat to Vonovort ,ctlitta 84016 mad oxpiontvoo throigh owIty Itt1164 r %441:141,, 00 Hun"t-GT,v JR, Oolonolt tofmntry om.ammdlnac ? 2 r4, i. \? ar 4 .40 diva or co, 411111.11k , _ Declassified and A roved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 1 Unee rd "@ wintvutvYho art., _vtt$blinhod arrhogma9nts omn be made to rillp,13, nnd employ, In opmr8t1"nat known Reeintonee arono ateh nro loontod in ArmnJo j i front of Pifth Army elotJo tu tho narmhn Repw% Tt to Igutyllot- th:1 t:e 41)01.411 L/ottledoot of rtclionorc (dred by Oth (orp.) und alithort :-0(1 by the tindtng Geller:A; Fifth Ara y I Onto bvy. :J/L)) n i,y b A al a pi trht*ti overlInd to tho Csmolno Anttna 'Antor for tbnrp: cit oontAlltipg known ,ioleint,noo '"oroon In tho nollo 4bbartoi regtons. 4itan CombnI lipao It 1. r' pryponod to "utntatn 0,, ltstmon wd forward 000rdinn tion at 6t1 orpt56 k vrooln vU (ono ()Moor and 3 tAataivtunts with kli,.ro *.ii,?L,ly 1) opr,rtorri) i. 11 be cOntiMaod at 1rd Diviotons .4ho roprInthtt 11 vt I ba ablished with tho 45th ond thl i4th 11.vt6liones An Tntorropietion ow.t1so Nt11 DO To do this oqr Litaihon ()Moor with ;01,h !orpn and hl wIPtotantio aplet be withdrown? The ,Iovo Hr,oiam worthivhilo inforcaatton i$ nOw boing lout to thm Amy by thmt thore la no oyntomatin intnrrogoti on vf Ttaltan osmotic' who are nonot,Itly sool tote in thl (orman Linen". 00 Ilakta-alE snd 11;4494a6 Thia ivottnn wt119 no and will kopt moolvably nnt,r Nano )iondwivrtArn aerve es a "pool" ea well no m Traininr flo,p04. ny pool at thin Aron it will bow !Innoneennry to No tnt-1 n p g otited SbOVO, oro than op iroXiTotnly oporn ttvo, 4?Lif op5011 of tho Combat Divititonn Gino0 roplac.;rmsnto w ii. he r-ndily Almibib14. leer the Trainin# Poott)n Will bo efottiblighed en Aroe for the GiX ttelian Opernttnal Grolips(olthorUod by the COmmunding Oenerml, Ptfth Army, 4 Ontober i(J43) whIeh WA be d Awn from poplar rtalimn Poromo (authority or thalolunnding (Iva? ernl, ( November 1943). 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AP or4irtd by Pifth Army4 JObOtn#0 und oth-r ::114111=amilitnry oppr- diction* tay bo oOirnt1 Th ordor to intiir thmt pionnod pvcoqota may boo &tried otAt in part at l000ts poroohnto oporptiorlUi be, oupplomuttod br lont end GOO Infiltrotion nnd by tho tiontinuo4 1100 of 000riores b 6 Ltiu Radt0 Toni) with organ acme mr11 now on tht5tr wily to 'the Areta indioorted in aohedtala "B"s fiAttort* to nvtnbltah tt Ltont two oommanioationo *enters at from ell to 33 011100 bmYund the front will be ponttnated4 Vravtocte Warta to tattixtroto UAW@ toot11011, tallOs New otto4ta Wet now totting' wmd4 gin4 nort hAttii oportilton Willi Ivo trott, bo mmati pihortlys lho Witohing W 1444m daily to %Wm th4 atrootta or ut latolve!i and tepopt by octoior min tie ortritql on ponvo ittrhuent of ,o otuittot by MI Malmo Or anolloro t.1 crr RAlease 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 which ere in any work behind OtWity iinCle bi au.t.w.w.d ttichelon At thin point to 1onnt4d 011x, /A6i,4c;ry With the Corps end Divini.ano. !lore too ihort Pinp (1initted to Areas with 10 to w (Alan frou4, tht fro-t) tiro dinatods en ovorland ditontabing tI utr,,ntoti find * h ntorr Option of oixemelo conduttod? 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PqrthArmOro tiwrri Ln in Vim type or orsonnol end technique rqoltred on Mort :sance sad L00.1 NinoiOno* ahort Runge end 14oNal rrojeete cuntor TtlOkWitted operative. end Of the "Saboteur" typo. Those are yOungte'ead more vigoroue individatas thwi t1-0. who cull orariNred on tOtt$ Miesionm where Glmontive ONOriefloo and qxtolmivn etiritatii. are tbe critorios Tn the int-rozt of inuallrent voloo. tion, Aboreforti and Dt giving nome booto inntrootilmv C8'4 boo establinhed end oonduoikt a Training 'Auction et whi011# barcodY, nuirly 100 ifiglividulas roctoilred inotmation of v oort, The Training Oenter, however, its tow too tot both Trot the front, who the cervices of moat a to T2aite0 ore rooirodt ane Irty0 Pooe Move *hers plimni ttOntrEatido: nano are tn proporoti fox a4Vin triat lopii6aAtt.r Tor*41414 TI win 13,-* place4 tandlr can 1f*00 'tht tt k.TIMi.o.attlagY mallet* rtiwi1titerve not tirg " - ?,' 4111P - ;'? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13Xnnnni Rnnnirmi a tin 1.6 c 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ? .41411 # TO do to to F15, SECRET 444.. FW. f U VflPnI If V 'iv"i111.) 1- tiati Clpttirti ti COM Traimri fl:(r4pOr t . tifin Our, ont A/qt. vittort ft 11,1 ingi ItniOti,n1 716k Or VOrMOM11.01 E,Md ruolIlttomf nOMMPriatOg droorrol, Ptrth ? At) 13 1 ITO thci 1;1 v1 14,4.; F t 1 it 1);?., Appontiod holicilt ? 401.10031q1 plotmod uotivittoPil 1130 PhY0 I tit4 0rib-int nn tit .?) ? 4txpiIrtiontio Unit 410400 to 00 611,1 vij r (mot t rt. 00710 f0). 10011 ** Stag H t. t1ftVS Rollo It4toutl *4161 (., contormilt1L.fl, ft, tin, rloilti wit; t?ttL tlitittOria At'd N41411101-1 plowiinz i 'ti Int411,1tetinoo 'quo Lion, 90-itefh e$c.n /14:74 Ikio torlA rid $1.401100 MOM t tilt/ 1.0 Plittit Ary tfl1t-mi,frr viohm orOpIllfitil OttidtrIrf (WW1tN iont,, itite,(1 topogrophy oto), to mitntiliolado 1. 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Difrioultine are being onoountored id arr. enging for Reception Oommittono and our lialmon with Alginrm is not tuffiolently gond to inoure complete anderetending cf oll re4quirementes 4. SItilast. Corlooto os Operational Plansi und 4 hove boon upproved by the Commanding General, rifth Army, (oopiou of nonlo CowmintriatIon 30 October 1943 on alithority 6 lovember onPloriod). Ph n fao- tittle? roquired to eery-toe the Plano haw, not been prQvided by the Army on requested. b. The Mai ton Army may .100 fivrninti thf, bolon(.r. of personnel for Operational Orolipm anthorized 4 Oatobnr 1943. o? STM, the italian Ur, havo ogreod tp fr i1 with their dully report ond are taking some with recruits for intelligennn mionlonos 54, Romorka: The intPrin roport Covpy ,,ncil000(j) to thn ending General, Fifth Army, pivou G falr.rosnme or oqr notivitioa to dete and of eome of onr problemes it a100 t 1Nltrn whfit, nxp- orionoo hat) proven to be aome ntleeenary rovininn arganiztalooplly. pnrt in rortilobi'lg 4 PA.4:1't ttg-fe 1. 111 * . DI,Lsny tU Pj( tnOlT . COlool, Infnntry COwmandings 'Nolo* Sample intelltgenne reporte Target Napo Letter to G.2 virth Army 4, 7 ;7'7 7Tir7:1717:1417'1"-'e.. ."' ' ? -1 * **WOW 0 0/411.9' at. ? rIrr ?- .?' ,ft Or .00 *OP. .?.110 - t 41 am."w? ? asTIX4 8888 888 SI 888 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 NO An apern tl Vc ,cp on vvhorts gron t recall ono e was ploaed for the org,oni2oti cm of lorg.e reolotenoe Frotcpo woo worm. ded before ht o tilieo t on woo ciompimte. A ofibritititiM 110E4 boqn pntcshed, but tho own-130.1 on deb-avec" in t? (50) A liotal or ;!2 o gen to di alp trolrid s weeh? 15 of these hove retuned, ocily 1,hree hoVIrle: 14111 ej(i I P bri information of title to the nombot troope. Thrlrie ,to Firil 0118 wnro 1311 Of t hcr t rani- e 11.8 1111 re t4 1. line nourtmndr4re claim) 111.1 to the, A c-my ore Interim ted primorl iy Iii riornbat tntei liyenoe. (6.) 2 agentm dtelo trih(sid Th ot winglc urteet on otioOmplitihed. ? 0 ey.rtijaprip 0) Orponi:Intton or rgilsistelnein pyclips non LI or doftntto shppet portiolilorly with fihn graph o !lotewhtoi ervloes e lonvo prolp oonrgging. (2.) Until the mi. oEt P11 reric3i VrI,E1 t41 r trnno,,or t for dropping no of rec live ?wire t1 no onn be a tIrrt c,(1 0,1 L. minor elobottiPm efforte hcavq belon 1,4 dc pit t1ir7 re4q1e3Fit t" 1;1 f 1 Arty end 61111 01111 ? 30 Alt1iyjila212 1/10111.1 oil Owing to the flirt t 15143 t thle nil riot ort heal Ivient tronsportoti-n gnd ovipment to service as wtdo 0 fin1d gg It to now ottemptiv it is rionstdered mtvitloble to 4 Lhdrmv ollpersonnol from tho 10th norps (13rit1.sh) ond I. 1 nO or tt ono for the rid (iOrpo when t cruue in to the U !co (ier I ooed letter). b. it to con ttlin pl cited t trnint'lic id hc'ldI. re 0 for epoeIl gent ti (heretofore near Ntv lee) will be it p flirther forward ubout the 11-1 or th tr.) 011 ? A root camp for oppr-tiven to being nbitihci in tho vioinity of Pozzuoli' do erten ougg Arra:v(1in tntn hove been uinde t tnftltrqte by W8 of the Adriatio from tho vioinity of Brindigith (2.) Arrangements hove been mode to nee fiehing fiot& on the west ()oast for Infiltrations (3") Three meonto ere reedy to be dispatohed uging the routes. 0. 21.9tPAPI"' Throo sorties for dropping hawsboon eet up for this moon pnilod. ? tit- ?.? CC! 1 rid Anorove or 013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 cj =BL''ett Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 The Director, Office of Strategic Waehington, D.C. (Thrq OSS Algiers) f AdillirlitiiVALOnt no (thon() g b. Personnel: Arrived At Bnoe Heoao-Itirtoro J'Av.ing the weeks rirtg. Gen. Maolrnder end Mujor Nilliame Lt. Gabriel and Sgt. Paloaky for duty. "1o?,,P1y and Trao4p.27'tat1on (1 Lt. Gabriel ascigned us AuHLotont jorv:rioo (2.) A roquisitilu to 'Mirth Army ror eight veh- 10100 woo out by the 04 to four vohtcloc tole making neceosary lii oorreoponding decreaoe in our operational planue A? omrnttntnutionEi Total messages or the week 103 Total OSS stations Meld otationo in oporvtton) Agent operators trained 5 Agent operators in training Agent operators diapatohed Agent operatiora contacted .2 lotes One of theue ob rttoru Lo riot OSS dioputched but to warking for a reaiatence group with whom we are in contact. Hie aot Le oltirely home made and he ia a provioional cypher arranged by our Communications Section. 2. Aclivitiea - undertaken a. tnte1,,tioe 1.) Reporta number 79 thru 89 and Opoolal rep- orts 9 thru 13 were oubmitted to Pith Army. Meese reports in - elude information of value from the OSS agent on lora:Leo and the Adriatic). Sample copioo incl000d. (2.) Target mapo worked ap un d reproduced from Oopiem inolomed. (30 Geographic section continues on apectal studies for the 'Birth Army. Air lhecko on these, reporto have indicated a bigh degree of accuracy to Date. Vali mop covoroge of Northern Italy has been obtained. --el*:20;7174.: - 'a.- ( Al" P NO 6 411.44- ? 01101, afr AO: 4411101. 1410Whia S : 1 -1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000 0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 : ? ? '1:.?111;`!--;1.1-ii`'.7z-27,- ? "' ci 1 ; 7 TITICIOnD OP' COPILS D13711011= D12322=====17 rasacs====gats liagrutior ? ? - f.V?;.1-ft ? t4kii;.Y _-_-,- : -? 7:_71." ? ill====...=?.?.242.4. === J : . - f?;?? r. _ . . : ? i ? 07;;;475: ? ' : ? ? ? " ? , ?T??,?-r.i L 0.141 euc,- v ?;.1 _ , -a,- eyf ,??? ? ? - ? dyed 4110 ova. widallPt Oil-ill ii ill Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ! : ;.?? ' I ? - 4.1 it:Vi..;,? ? 514. t )..A.t!rf ? ?? t. t ii I I j't t.# ttiIiib 4 ts 4 rnly Pfth1a rut t4/1 ? fi_tao .Atthort toy It) k,0 toi,(11 Amthort ty lov -afd iror r4ttt ty It On Co tlor All thorf ;!tVc.ibozir ?'. 4 at 'Mt rimtitreld volIt atm :LI a ? ,,.F ,. *HP* AP 4' itidlipt ? o?-sealF, 4110111e .? .4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 al? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Jamallit warklo altaa fattarta 11141 mai ilaallivu ? Aliked/ koala 22/151 %WO A00111:00 girla titi Clio 01 Loy, (wi, th efolln inn gmamt. (TwO 141 lognt (Two totlipn) 2 Et nobtnt (Two tielmoo) 3 * Pour! (Threl,, 1i143010) ? 11?????? 00 4nOt1li4r bo 10 0613# non worm Goltiong two ,wo Topno two on 019 wmy tieffit Th v Pistmift Alrontotto Totwo wt 11 1314 at ripm tiethetti ohortlps %Morn poitlime 51.t toottuti tils imt,5 a to ? I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ?I?? t.; _ L-6000L1.001.00a11.0000X?1,c1C11-V10 ?Z/60/?1.0Z eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI I .,4?417ZW - ..411 t" , ) eT. 01, t- f- 0 0 41Va4 rota; g4.11, izotttqqv seoz*i uer aTtcC e4 (01Pna t11119 Pi e r SeiX0a, C e r?COA oft t VISO ) L-6000L1.001.00011.0000X?1.dC11-V10 ?Z/60/?1.0Z eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? - - ? ?!. WA. ? 2 Agente.Roceadono0 - 2 Agenta+Capriatim? Castel, 13en Vinesnem OsssLno rr Agqn ta- t ? Slits (with pige o ns)-ebp tared but.: were a blo to liberatlr; pigeons wi thou t (1st* tion end lster escape. Agont.Taornta.lon Vincenzo 1 Agent.Alfsdens ,wr Htr,? (verbally) as hevinc been di s p a tched. 1Tes4 asp tilrld-on aan lost a rill 8 f3 resqlt mortar ? both eseapodiik' firo t 22 I. 16 Ootobe3r1LJ Three agents Tho. 5 and Vittorio) voLth radio to Rome. not yet clear. A second contact (fatrly operator using nattme made tet2 2po.k 19 Agents (Nov10 an4 I I) - one Policia for Resiatence ?arca Contacts; Cne Rano (and Jouth) oon Service* _____ J 1021a=.11U . .1 , and WT operator (without tact Resistence ]?ora. Others continued. One operator (No. 7) Frosinone. Three Agents (Oarlot tIe. 12, Mb. 13) 4, set) to Colle San Magno and lent to eotW Carlo wounded by mine. Wo. 12 r-tqrned. 0 polo* soy ro rn ?our *re ni1y. sr,..A, owe thoy will per* iotorgimitio* on mined bil4irgs. Ono Agen*-SOlogna Oottrier Sarr1-0414 7 tc Cfalie itztimokoStigni ond cwitisr* (soirt i;tits 4 30- 00ntsity Atta stottei Porcois art these Po a ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ,1,11-V=:"A.IS4 .T.= ? Sixth Caw! 16 Ootobor 1943 l'atregl MO ground North of Volturno One tiv.sat rontelondaltO iAorpole 4 ?*.gonty4 torn (with to Isornio Tohoalori-t Agents.:._Inturrio Agent...Crnzzaniel Agwits...:!rostnone Agentn.Tstyrnto AwInt.lmstolpAtroan Tcmth or 1 Agentranace.11ocoa- montino Ag-,r1 te. Von af ro 5 Agenta.combat int311- icence4 2 ra.:ZI:j .;chaoft 4 Gnidea for WO di vatqne.Lottno-Oollo- Roroo.::orlooifi Area 3 Agonte to ;Iontagaila uniterodilni.1 kined 1 wood neld Cuptured 1 escaped. 1 Avnt.3pnroniao Agemt.,i'orituguilfv. .43;1V-rod-Int 2 Ilgonts TilIgnano. Vatruno 8 ausiona-COmbat Wpm elltgeneo only 5 Ouideo for 504 Airo. born aae doe Tteamitnat iv. Mt # Alto 10 Agenta.VonotrosbT oornie 3 Sabotage Seams. 2 Tome 1%11.04 in viis* ions Ofto team ooctoeso-0 rulo*3 mma %tilled ono etectopad und reported? I 6 Agents dispatobod on, ot Intaligonoo dtionse a Novambor. 12411 ftrwafd 19.011542 . 441111111." VOW. tiOlar-low .. ? dir ?4110. .adir ? - ? 4.t.'?FA?? _ ? - nrrfaz.E7' 2 - ? jat_-11`q?V:4,-;,' _ - - '?r = ?lye teams (2 men each) to Naples . 3 Teems successful 2 failed to reanh mainland, ti A? 7,47 .t? On 0 team (2 min)ye4, llino.One team (6nion) Avollino.Ons man 10.247, 3 wounded (ons man later died). tlotet During tl.fi period to October there erc other Aeainne from Maiori, Salerno end Ischia bat no adequ. at rocords wore then being mointtined, and no mention of euoh isei 10, thereforn, inclilded? Ootobor1912 ii O?tober, 94 to Naples 1 team (3 mon) tor Volturno (Oapua) 1 team (2 men) Campobasso ? 1 Gronp (14 men) Naples 1 team ( 2 men) to cover...Art ragone.matel Voltur-7 2 Agente.Tsernia 2 Agents.Averaa 2 Agents.Capua 3 Agantso?Drasoni 2 Agenta.Mondragon Selma Amranoe 3 Agents*.Commino 1 Agent.tdontelgaiWO , ? kv, --Fr - j - L-6000L1.00 1.00011.0000XZI.dal-V10 ZZ/60/?1.0Z 114 tvW, th* olaan te aORDIottle tbo a*Patifitr 0004,011 iiiitatra) 00,0.6kioti 0 %I tAtelIAM*DOO n 4001:014P dtioArVN-Ittid 40 le 00 WM of th* gin*Vio moor*, It MI* gAmoion A* Aol Mord hes *Ohio 4 r44001Anoblo $4,Q411 * OM tilt Nitr,vr su %btu *VW 1414144 ue 40 11411 intoripogottill 'i,vtIttoti will r.00314 totma tt$ Oilt0 tang* 4*1414 and oonnoo4ttvoly ntrir piwtft tflAtoo101m woo* #10111guira44) 4*** NINO. throagh harwar4 -0h4loit* etr**r4 oblaoft tithbu'ld too wit nosmot Ito, Porogra (0.,411ont t for tkit Ort',A W4,140401 i4o0Oleformt4 on4 1 tor 0400 UAW, 0* It ohoulit bo t),11ftlis ti thm% thoo osistitiottl alwouga *ovine* trOs Avintow to 'Iorlivci Unillwqftla omit **4 Oho', Corp stio florp# mnd 4mys -nvoloplrl gAivrialfl ,401****4 Sit the Wm0pectiv4 000P fmAtones AVorettonit WI novo a 00 01?) OfftwAr qoattolrwel implasi~woomo AY 14 :1A ! OnIonv14 taf4rtty ormuanAtirm Dtortmilfttion, Pamir* R4bit* Volvo tivi woo* n604114 1110014111 WI* Voopiso AA. WA. Ofsktaitits tom oi . ? . 77.11r- z ?oet ? io-rowev.. , ? ? 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X0 hs. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 o thavilwbor 1941 on ** Vrootlottou ono vvomodtwo i? 11041a tht * ortivol Of oddittonol poroormeto qmpoollota 04144101arili. WV Pitth Arft, 440ntimit femora 'imbolon,tU?* ownicol ow 04 A t imilor tbq ehorgo *f ths 001 i Iwo ovitifo ants), lo? 4 it r*** 01* movaro* wiA s# to *oott spottim tt 4ispatehins 41,1040# 1# Mors sill 7os teoiod in 44* ***to 114 contiffotiton v4 t th f Pligaina? 3* forward 40kolott prompOilros 0114wia 40 f01104,41 Ond thq )4,1, nivintoop whioh will two= ahwit . POrwaril ?totolon on OoPtelIM ' $1 JAAWAINII will b* 4040 4Y tho rodpoolivm llitt400 3***t 4* 011 fINVOIld atapotoMna Avow) opotHtiongt Cc th, binotOh Or 'o i tIX mode Wy toes IV** 'to ',snore toboloft httintll thtfti anotAdo UtV4OioA ft001114 tO ohortt*, 4010Uora 0 Wirth tootrInIN will 110 low*, dirwo, to Ditiot000 trft vrotoin4 flmoi 0016010 Alrogiao 'tool Wrisfi*# will b. don* Uy tho nole of AlvtottPri -irottnime uttn prop o NV 0 vi0 'tont* ,$ *t , h boo in comoott o giblOpy Al tOOr 44 WriPi004t1tP,01#4 00pr to. **#* *y th. WoorwItiftio Otfineto ottit eon" 01,X1 twlowpooy % , shsrom he polio 4id $ols 0040 411 bit. Dint $0 Vitt Pl000 014* With will 0 4tvfm (to lho 44riu* rorword 4001one 0 ft* TV/44144; Ond 0010A8 *01 proporp'E?:' 411 "4"4 *or "141/11 "4"114, 1141* *AUSWIJWAJWAIAtt1f* fdll * .4000141 it**Ord Ot teslatn# wo01004 4494 prottot#A0 in moth *01001# IMO r*sort will eefttAtt # mot* on tbo 01/***4 *WWI* ow* Writ, *n4 411 144ct Aho gave miwb-or os doo0 g Agoolcs Ateorip Os* toy 404aoto with Om Worovor W. *04 WO 0014** 411 tow *otti to 10** ftepa* 0114 *MO *111 f 4* fivon i# goolkinam$440* 4wkotwiti - . I I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 J 4 ar? , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 itoport No. .0ontid) ? gamtlau (1). Definite ArrAngemento for drop-ing of tviipment to roolotanoe grout? oot tibe The weather lo the only @MOO for deltof, (0). Drop ifiR Overtaiout htive btefi fioffitwhpt hAftered oy the difficulty encountered in plotting oinoe the eouirmeht tomot from !wet Init tho peeking io all don@ in Alaimo (6). Th@ Aftd@itiDA of IMMO time pthoilt P.O4 POMP MorP plaotio hal mad@ it p000ible to otArt advanced pinhe Ahd trAlhiti# 14 OUP oohool for A MOH @rrOl@tiVe @AbOtM@ PPOPA.M. 4. Mattitig &WW1 Th@ BIM hivoent ft formai neon miooloh to tiO oritol@titut or 4 Lt. 001. DiMaroo and three doelotanto. We are hot Ertatly 1mpropoe4 with bhp formor oo rAp And hAve arrangea to keep tho whole gPatti AWAy rPoM tow OW11 area@ of importanoe, Tao, APO At ortoent At the Onpreme Oommtindo ig brindipi arranging for tho importatio to thtiirnof /tAllAn tron-t for uoo with th@ AM's /nolooureo D biol. No. 1 = Letter of Organioiation Incl. No. D m /ntelligenoe Rovorto Z ? ardsip F- ? 0 Jeff g. NO* _ Alre21111116111 0 ELLPRY 0 RUNTINOVON a Oolontl. IhfenbrY Oommanding 4,1ii?Aofif-?11 7 F-47-47' t '??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 C- IIMADVARTM MOW; DVTAMMIDNT 0-P HIUNUARTUO,X11A1MY BUITtOTI Weekly Report No. 4. TO The Director, ?Moe of Strategic) Oervideo, Watthington, D TRROUNI 0,98, Algiere, 1. I/x=1mila 410 Aggatimagu m EN@ 111121014Ure No. 1 buggaul 11. buoiLmaijru4404Attia4 m nt10@iVed. dellverg on two (8) Si ton truoke. J1. Slaunktgatzta Totpl MeiltIng@t4 for the wet* - 7g Total 088 etation* in operation - Agent operotore trained - Agent overptorg in trAining 11 Agent operetore diepatohod 1 Agent; overatore oontauted M as AMIYAllga lwAJWAW ac. Igglligtut (3). Regular revort* nuttber* 90 thru 10P, Opeoiel Report* numbere 0 thru 6, and extraot* from Intelligence lle-)orto number* 14 thru Di - *et 1m/wire number P. (t). A"nt mentioned in par no Al (4) of lpet wpAkvo rotiort wounded hAe been able to reaoh our oontaoto in ROM@ And will otill be of utae to us. (0). 10 agent* ditipatohed, g returned beomme of the dimppepr- alio@ of 01111 of thtir pprty. The *tory in now under laveetigation. Slauaticau (1). atitiph reouePted be drop eauipment for recietanao grow000 result fto yot unknown. it wooklo roport ro tranenort. 41070 ..5414 7:4314 As Illilaittgan rltilh Mgte got for infiltration of bodieo via thetdriatio with a 000porans (Os aR reports and, information will bo routod to uo in the (8): Mission* tor all mitt of tho US VI Oorpo tro-Arod to orerate4 (1) ter ?Ir 44 a. 41111.01.1- ,ZE?u VI ef76 , t L Declassified and A. .roved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ot_ ? 4?.....??? a de ? 1 ?Mr1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 WOOD wilts DITNIMITED 32331===== = ...7:1;= 2 Z=====1=1. === ======.3, 14*- ?portal:3a itutaxasuorli LJtvtw t9 Dooamtnel Y No, or Meplon ka= 44.14144 #04. 2.1112=11 ????1???%?..1,.???*'`VI'''''?11,3130.1831118.1'.3....27?8., - 1 8 m 7it 4.) $ a.: = ===.1= 31.==== ===...C.-.13=1==. ? - %10(14.z. r#40 (10PY No tv" S=1331=1:11=1111=31 2=31341=13==== 1130142==1:331 1331======.311116 3=========& =MIN= =Ma 131=3=I 111333======= .1140Latx.. Itawrikder is rotorn Au thor igp Lion letwodilt LI on rib Lc) * = ? - - Z 321 ...=23 Z2.2A _ Aolo' f=41144tAA-Mata. .=.33 =3.41111211MMAXIS Zr...=4." 2=3- . = ===....=== . ? a.= --,,- a- sszv.=? s - . = Ls. -... 23. ,??1. -X: ...Z. .1.=2C1==.7-3-- T-?-?3??????? '?"`"- TU.: =2.* ? " =Z .1 1131-= ...=r...=car.t.=1.2. I =tr. -; =213111213=a;===%.33==. --421332=111===.211===.13112:323331.,--....?*==.2, 14.11111w- ? (eft ot . V 411.44 044P ? . ???-???--S-wit.4 rasp,?4333?4. 30,14 941?Ariet4, - ttr.r. La= Akletgtal 1 ===.= - ?? .N6 =2... - 32s ..???=131=131.32383,---,=-13:0..1113 INIM.78.7313^777 ...,,, ? ' : -!. f. tt ? - - - ' AO.. ?, ? . ; ... ,-,av:E.,-,---7..r.-%1 : " i. 1-2--. 2- ' -titt:2F-42,1-1221 . / f': -r.--t-.7,.. ,i,./ft. ? -.I - 1 -? - l' : ? -., 'L. _ i ' r- . ' i "S..: -::4.? I- N -- ,'.'? 41.f"-;i3it.a' .- f-= ;3?.--? t..).7.?7. ''''',-- - 1 ' 1,?1:7 Ss-:'-.'".k4:-'1,474;,/,, :?.? jr., sr 2.8 - ' 4': ?tr-'8-8' .???? J. ? ? .e????ti ? , : ',7;?,-2. 7.: . ? : ' :---t-''?????; : ;344- - -..?. .. . , ?,,.-4,-1-:-. , ... .._,,,.'"-.1`..!q 1.,?.-''' t -i-- .;.",:4-:.-1;1?-.,,,,11,?_v_. '.. --- ??? _.i? iT-_,-.: -`-,T-'..i ... ?_,-. :::'1,-a...?.-1:::::i.- 1-t 5-!- 1 - , 1 -1.???' ,'....?' -.I"- -- - E";; .4: ?:?1 tl-F:2" i : :17, ?? ITO 71171:..t.:P,4.::=2:57:_,-,-`2: 1 :!-'''-'-::?.:C' ": ??. . - - . . ? - . ? .? ? , i ? '- ?:.:.-a:4.7. - '-'-''' --? --. '., 4:- ' - ? . ? : - ? ? 1.... : ' '.- % ? ?,LE , .24 ? , ' ? !"4"41:8" ?: ? ". "I-. - 2 ?''.3..?.; 2 . . 7' ? ? ?t ".. ? - 7 ..,:?:??1,...-.. , .."2' ." z:::,C,.: . : ? ? . ? -? ? : ... - 8 i milt? Walt ? Noe , ? 'cl;" - -? I ? , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 142;4-.77 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? m gigaigg dittWsloicellgs (1). ?violate arrangpmanta mad@ with tor infiltration by tioft using British boats. (2). Return of agents from the north whole. poseibilitioo Aro btine eulmined. (1). No more drolloim olTr.tiont will bo voc*Itilon.ntt1 t, MOOR p@riod. This may h@a0olatinte tho 1100 of ovorland itauotions (2). A @malt souroo oi Italian weapon@ he@ boon (nenrei for U00 ill tvlipvinc; th0 vOlis14tb11Ot voupo with whom wo aro in onntract. ?5,141: e *We idia(00 (1) Inolooure, /ntolligmo Roporbs V CR ET r, 01100* akfr. " 'Arlrier Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 4,12-,14 ;d.f& (9;;: tp ? ZNI MSNA tiqc -1,04 kj 1 Oksulmop g) " ItiANUAITYM YLVIII AMY IL. 1 4 erttit 4Q 0801 &SOUL DBTAOHMOT G-8 f 11 AVO 44, W? AMY Pt) Novombor t041-1. OUBJNOTi W@tikly &port TO i Th@ Dir@atori (Thrus OUOI As haladaxam m no &ging@ huanagx Roportod for duty Lte. Abeigtoni, Holiingebta6, Zurlo and Levongoodi enliotod men, 8/0gt Flynn, 0/dat lioloolorof 6/04 B@AntJ, Ogt agmbLa ahd Pvt Banafode, Oolonol Huntington rotiovpd by Onlonol John I i14- no ohoneo Toto/ motoggte for th@ wok - 10g1 Total 0011 ototion ih ollorotIon Agtnt oporotore traihtd - 7 Agtht optratore in troinimg Agent oporotoro diopatehtd Agtht optrrtort oottaottd - 0 as & 11111114.eUti ialdllaugg (1)$ Ittgular report@ numbtrt 107 theu 1113, epookl tiirt numbtri ? and 0, 4fltoxtrooto from /httlligtheo rtForte hombore PP bhtt 1101flitt(0. boihArmy, w4t4 iheloeurt hombor (0), 16 agthtt dtepoUhod, ntino 9f whioh havo pcs yot roturnpd. YiNe agonto returnod from previouo MiW011? a Woh two hAd rfttita Oh their Thtiti. two ore gt prtotht uhflor unditoloot(i ihvottigot1on, (0). Oonolotently ghod informotton hso boon rooPivod from tho ootablithed with tho 000 agont in Rom, (1)$ Prequont attompto bo drop tquivtont oo omilod ftr in OM 8 havo foilm Out to tilt woathtr whieh has bton mo4t iholtmont. ootobliohmint of A poking ohod nor bort would diminttcl a grelat doal of tho diffloulte onoountered in &Mug our ouipm sent droppod to roolotanoo groupo4 jef Or , 000 4.1PA to- saw Avila AIM& = . mdMIL 1 I_ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 'Irft":71: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ???? ;it no. ') r Thiqh ts (11 tit 1,-Nitti OrWintil with Lhm will IA 0,1von to ilmnnlno: (;roup on (Iola naxton npprovoll 04:41Fi ntoilltqinuo vsgporto W0/41 mout oopy to bolln. Doniumit =======.- 3. 3:.=== ======== 21==:2:.= ? 4" 0;7,4 az===. 411 I = " Rogitem to() fflgY teilri! IT! 146 :D11=7.21:17! 1,1 15r1 liggtture 3 33 a : =r7 =. 1=== :== .S ? al= =23= = ..==.r. 42= ? := 3A- ==.:31=1=" = - === =3=3 =GC= s=====11.--C-, = =K.= ==. ?= =p-= ---L= = 11, a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 internal organisation is better and the proLiminary work more offectivell done. or diffioult became the enemy is both more numorouokn1 ore firmly inotalled. litany. event, the Job *an be done and OW &mad hero a part in it, A Utile rank, aoceptability to the native leadepo, reform,* able knowledge of the language and a fair understanding of what IA required in operation* of this kind art prerequisites, The undertakAng should be organised on a %roue bade 0 a loader, adequate assiatants for instruction and planning, and ample communications. This is en assignment which OR can plan and execute either alone or with its British friends, It im not $o difficult am to be impossible mar $o dansorous as to be foolhardy, map properly ocnoeived and carried out, it could result in more benefit to an /minding Army than any other sinsle thing a or perhaps, even, than all the other thins* 0 which Wig misht do, 14,iroris ? (1- ? ..? WS* 111, *0* - 111411r1L - ease 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 SECRET ? ? ?enters st the supplementing of existing centers. The contacting, supplying and direotion of Pssistence Groups with a view* 1. To furnishing additional information; and 20 To varying out planned and coordinated operations in the MOW rear. jidg, txperience indicates that sabotage targets should be limited to communicatione, minor facilities of transportation, road mining and supply dumps. Other objectives m except certain marine and indultrisl targets m should be left to the Air Force. The most important single job which OW can do for any Armr is to make available to it the Vssistenoe elements now existing, and which, during a campaign, continue to form, behind anew lines. It would have been possible in Italy, as late as about December first, to have droppedlat certain points, Liaison Units of American (or British) Officers and Italian Offtcers for the purpose of planning and supervising the *mum tion of opr,stions calculated to disrupt snow communications and supply. These operations could have been tined to coinoide with Army action and, given reasonable plane faotlities to Imre arms, explouives and radio and other equipment, Gould easily have resulted in completely demoralising the energy at one or two vital points., Pg-514 ot .?? v?-? r f eft .or day* .441.1 all!, ? ttaltailt- *WA* d A. .roved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ? ? be confined to "Combat" planning - to cover a sone Warding 10-15 miles behind enemy lines; "Short Range" planning . 15-45 miles; and "Long Range' planning - from 45 to 150 miles or to the Unit of the Army objective, whichever is the lesser. More distant planning should be directed from Theatre Headquarters. k. Careful condiseration must be given to the amount and type of material and equipment required for the campaign. The OSS Minion must be prepared to 'shift for itself* except for the drawing of rations and ordinary quartermaster and Ordnance 'applies. Transportation and communication needs must be care- fully gauged and will always be found to be greater than anti- cipated. 14. OSS activities with an Army (exclusive of Morale Operations and Counter-intelligence work which were not, in Fifth Army, functions of OSS) based on Fifth Army experience should contemplates a. Combat Intelligence work, Reconnaissance Patrolling and local sabotage carried on by OW Divisional Units composed, in part, of OBS Operatives and members of Operational Groups and, in part, of personnel locally recruited and trained. JUIR German speaking personnel would be largely useful for sabotage and demoralisation, particularly at the very outset. b. The establishment of "Short Ranges (10 miles to 55 miles behind enemy liams), Radio Intelligence net works designed to move bsmacirith the anew. 41:14 Like establishment of *Long Range* communication SECRET A ^712 CT= grffilrrai Vi or e ease 8888 888 88 888 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 4.47-1 . - "n"...4.41?J.,?,1 I.A.gre,evter,,,ApAnc.,1,,I?tru *IP I. j is. Intelligence and Operational Work beyond the wOombatlf sone (i.e beyond ten miles for Mort Range* and thirty-five miles for %on' Wow activities) should be dirsoted ay the Chief of Mission and his Planning Officer through the Chief of Intelligenoe or Chief of Operations as circumetences may require. f. Corps Liaison Officers should be the media for coordinating 088 activities carried on for Divisions (or Oceft ponents) within the Corps. Divisional activities should be supervised by 088 Corps meadquarters. Direotivee should now from Corps (with advice to 088 Army Headquarters!) or, at timoo, from Army. g. The Mission should likewise include a Training ?Meer, and Assistants, and an appropriate liaison with air corps units assigned to 088 operations. h. Provision should also be made for attaching to or putting at the disposition of the Mission, initially, a reasonable number of Nnativew operatives, capable of doing intelligence work, and language speaking wOperational Group" personnel to the extent, at the outset, of approximately twenty to thirty per Division. ill Existing 088 networks within the territory assigned the Atm to *Loh the Mission is attached should be delivpred to the Mission. Is 081 planning should be done on the basis of reaeonm able knowledge of Army objeetives. It should olsvioulay be done as far in advanee as possible. itaimy Missies planning should SECRET 4,0y1,0?t4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ? trr information), introduood my aucoeseor and &eked if further reporte were required. The knower wee 15. Tha experiences of our Fifth Army Miselon loft definite impressions with reepeot to the orgenisation of 000 Detachment? deetined for @novice with Armies in the field; a. The *Mission* met be organised well in time* of *Deft* and should be given ample opportunitiy to work end live A@ a unit mo that when the time for action arrivee, it still function ai a team on which each player understand? his eoeignft menti b. There should be a re?poneible Chief of Miesion whose heedquartere should he elweve at or neer Army Headquarterm$ S . The Mi@diOft Chief should be aesioted by g Surf auditing of an Executive ?Moor, a Chief of Intelligente in constant oontaot with Owl, a Chief of operabione on the Gag Staff, a Planning Officer, a @ervioee Officer, end a Communications Officer. These Officers, with adequate sestet ants and olerical aids and with a Signals Detaehment, should oonetitute the 0110 Reedquartere Staff. d. In addition to the Staff and Oignals Detgahment above mentioned, the 'Legion should include Corps and Divieional Representativee. These Moors and their Assietante (cum missioned and enlisted) should be language @peaking atd Mould be qualified not only to carry on adequate liaison work with the forward units but, aloof to supervise the oonduot of Meal intelligense and sabotage operations. -17 a 5 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CI - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? have been disturbed, if not hallooed, by an attitude of proprietorehip on the part of this organisation, I conctuded that Britieh concern with our operation. stemmed from this NUM* I hasten to add that X had no dealings with SIB or its representative. although I wee oonseious at their widespread activities? Our rolations with 80E and British Tenth Coupe were most friendly4 The latter, in fact, used one of our Combat TOMAS almost coatinucusily and objected strenuously when, by reason of increasing 4e.6 mends from Bizth Corps, we indicated a desire to withdraw thie TM' Irrespootive of the reason or the @clump the pressure finelly became so serious as to lead me to request tho tranemission to you of the contents of a certain order (directing me to report all aotiw 'Wes to Brindisi) and of my suggeetion that a Nreliefw for me be diem patohed at once. I should point out that General Gruenther, Colonel Howard and my own Executive Officer were opposed to this move although they ehared with as, to a certain extent at least, my feeling that 08A was being 'WO at% tt reply to General Oruenthar was that, whit* the lotal situation might be handled satiefaotorily, 088 relations elsewhere might well be adversely affected it (with the help of the Army) we made issue of the things to *high I was objectimv I informed General Orutnther that it 2 lettothe opposition would, I was sure, acme to an end, temporarily at least. Xxperienot indicates that a ohoge. in personnel is Away* bonsai tidal in cases of this sort. Such, in feet, proved to be the fact. Colonel Glavin, on his way to relieve as, stopped at Brindisi, made a report of 014 Plifth Arrop aotivitioo (ooloorninceioh he had on4 fragmental, SECRET 3: ? - /Ctiiao , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 - . , :t 7 aNY;;.ga a ? too persistent to be ignored, however, and I aa still positive that my suairsis of the situation . est forth in ny letter to you of 17 November 1945 . is eubstantiallr correct. I *mot exOlain the attutide of certain British officials (nor the reason the activtties of 008 appeared to be of interest to them) except as these officials wore being 'prodded onw by others. We were, per- haps, too fseeretive? It is understandable that $IS should wish, if it could do so, to dominate, or at least be able to follow closely, the develop- ment of intelligence networks anywhere on the continent. British interests in lurope trauseamd our own and there are few Americans, indeed, who would not aid, in every reasonable wow, in the extension of British influence in ammo? calculated to contribute to world stabilization. Many of us might even agree to as ambitious a promo as that which was finally documented ( NewiNftlimes Sunday December 12, 1945) by Marshall Smuts. Our own country, on the other hand, and our own MS have scone of age*. WS are entitled to know, it would seem (through our own organizations and by our own methods) what is going on is the world . particularly is that part of the world which the enemy still controls. This is ea- pecin14 true if we are to be committed, in coming eanpaigns? to anything like the proportionate risks and losses which it is now evident (New York Times December 26, 19451 Jew Tort Herald Tribune December 26, 1945) are to be allotted us. I have recorded, in the Utter above mentioned, what! sassed of the situstion is it evidenced itself in connection with our work with lifth Am.. ?whey* I have done 618 an injustice but knowing how, is other Ames and ander other oirowsetanoee, both SOB and ourselves ?74 _,f OP #.0 , 40111, -sorsit ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 works Captain Andre Bourgoin, who etthie to OM from the French Intelligence @ervice by way of 04, Fifth Army, did a loyal, nainstaking taek it (imam and operating our Interrogation and Long Range Intelligence deotlono. Re *fie ably assisted by another French officer, Lt. Croses Captain Paccatte and lite. Goff, Loesowski,Cagitti, snd Hoaglund *OP@ 411000 otos tinuously with NOombet Tease at the front doing the work which proved to be our real Nontry ticketw to the Fifth Army chow. flergeant Amines (whome commission has, I trust, by this time been losued) aotsd es our wOommunicatione Officer" = an undertaking for which be to well qualified. Other officers who dame to us later, as Well ko our enlisted end civilian personnel (after eliminations) all performed their aseignmento willingly and well. tipecial oommendation is du@ Oivilian Veter Thompkino, who did an exceptional job of liaieon, and Civilian :oe Cavoldi who diecharged, faithfully and ably, an unpleasant administratitt function. No Commanding ?Meer could hove asked for grester loyalty or finsr cooperatIon thsli was given by this organisation. , ? ?"*.t. -tr? ctras,r4"- r, lt. It was scaroely to be mooted thAt NLife with Fifth Army* would prove to be a sinecure for ON. It wao not eaqy nor enjoyable, for instance, to be compelled to mako continual demands on 0=4 for facia UAW and equipment which, it was felt at time, we should have had the foresight to provide for otrselvesi Even so we were, in these instancee, dealing with Officers who were thoroughly mympathotio to our needs and we obtained; in the end, our fair share of all that was available, Otr real difficulties oame from outside the A. These difficulties wall incidicta aid, for the most put, not too scrims The source was obscure and the varriere penseenat alms clears Thqr were rkt . 9 " . tIbireaTtP".., t.? ? , X , - 'A* .agratzli4 ',4144115BrimimptiesetNtoarefte,Yrikksost*ter***02410,4-7.rrormommt 4 " . ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnnl nnl7nr-mn Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Colonel Howard, AO of 0, 0.21 end Lt. Coonol Wont', his aoeietant, became our good friende and loyal supportores Both of thee@ officere were ready to put aside, at any time of day or night, whatever they *ere doing in order to disouse 00B probleme . no matter how triviel. Colonel Calloway, 0.2 and, lator, Deputy Chief of Staff, Sixth Corm and Colonel Keiser, who became Chief of Staff of the Corpo undor (Wend Luna, es well as Colonel Longevin, 0.2, end Lt. Colonol Webor, ebeietant 0.2,of the Corpo WO always friendly and interoeted. Elo, too, wero General Lucas, himeelf; General Truecott, Mdjor Wilson, 04, Major Scott, asoietant G4, end Lt. Colonel Golden, Acting Deputy Chief of Staff, of the 8rd Division; General Middleton of the 46th Division and hie Staff . especial/y Lt. Colonel Wrightman4 0.2s and Generel Ryder of the 84th Division and his 04, Lt. Colonel Dim4raio. Thero wero maty more ?Moore who aided us in varioue ways (se Genoral Brandt, 0.8 of the Army; ?morel Moran, Chief Signal Officer; Colenol )iArgy or 0@ 12th Air Support Com. mend; and Wonel Tate, 0.4) but thcee menti4ned were particularly helpful and empecially concerned with the tang@ OBS wt O doing or trying to do. 11, t cannot oommond too highly our own COS poreonnol. Major Lloyd, who OM* dm from London, provod to be invaluable and did just the kind of thorough, intelligent and couregeoui job which any of us who know his would have expected. Oaptain (now Major) Bradish Mmith ws nd Jo as fine an executive officer s oould have bon tieleoted. Captein John Roller did an outstanding job as Services Officer and tieutonents Calla= and Darnel handled, to imrhotion, our Hilindquatord Tntgligono0 itre .-i - ? ..,?,?.-1 ""."-'1,7' 'IN' ,.. ' .---,-4?'::. Jet 44.0*,04110.1111404001146::;"4"::`2"."'" ? fr , L. 4100 Ara 440 at, ? ?'.-1,111111111Faz. it* sow. AMON' I 1 1 , ? I I I t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001 S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? Fifth Army could, in due course, ha6 boon porouadod to socept 000 Groupe for the purposea outlined above, ?hie would hove represented a logioal expansion of the work of the "Oombat Tome* Although different porsonnel would hay@ been roquirodi t do not know that tho possibilities have, yot, boon promonted to rirth Amy, but n program of this nature should, in toy event, be inoludod, in the, plono of othr Army Missing. 104 Relations botwoon our Roston And tho Army one Lto mrnn. palmate ould not hove been better. So for go my own pogition woo concerned, it wall following your trip of last Soptombor, wollmnigh por*, feat. I arrived, of mum, unheeded and protty1rigy unwantods Only General Gruenther (I did not soo Oonoral Clark during tho firot few hectic days) sowed glad to have me thoro. You ohangod All this overnight, and from the moment of your arrival, our OW Dotaohmont bo- CAM@ an organic part of Fifth Amy/ shuddor to think of whot the eituation might have been had you failed to moos BMW@ of the stops you took, we wero not only able to bsgin to function in an orderly way but doors were opened to us whish would otherwise have rominod closed for meny -*sok,* More never WA@ e time when General Clark or amoral Gruenther seemed disinterested in out little undertakings and, busy A@ they were, they gave the same careful and ousidorate attention to our SM]] aetivitiee as to those of the units at the front. This wom an inspiration to all of us in the retaohment and the boot possible evidencs of their personal affection for you. These two are a grand team; and thMri3l lead well and intolligoet4 enr Army which is entritsted to thoir 41100 MOO if? sal ismar Waft* 14- 1C1P rove or e ease 2013/09/23: CIA- ? 1-3X00001 000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 a shift from the unorganised Anti.Fasoiot Pavane oontingiont to the previously promAxis but, following the Invaelon, thorough. ly accepted *Rogulars*. Marahall Badoglio had agreed to the program but, as I left, it was still *bogged down* et 15th Army Group Readqunrters. It is my hope that the proposals have, by now, been approved. News items of Dooembor lbth lost in. disated that something akin to the plans mentioned had been set in motion. 9. In the course of time other operational work (in addi. tion to that mentioned above) could and should have been undertaken 'fly OW for Fifth Army and its components, One of the possibilities we had visualised was the special employment on combat assignmonts of language spooking personnel of the United Statile Army ? something with respect to which OW had already taken the necessary proliminary steps. There can be no doubt, for example, that the efficiency and oeourity of almost evory *Reconnaissance Patrol* sent forward by Combat Units of Fifth Army would halm been increased had threo or four Italian speaking soldiers been included. Language speaking groups frequently could have penetrated enemy lines more madly and effoctively thin did our English speaking youngsters who were able to obtain information from friendly civilians only through the use of the *sign language*. Personnel conversant with German would also hay, been useful, although maximum effectiveness could have been obtained only if such personnel would have been willing to operate in enemy uniform. For a limited time and in partioulAr Sectors 'the emplqyment of our own men in German dress would have boon reasonably sofa (due to the highly nomadic defense than being used) and could have boon thoroughly devastating. SECRET ? "ft ir . *Pa SOO ?tfr ? .r41111*--: Naila 146m tks1170: prZa FM itni rove or e ease 2 888 888 88 888 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ?Retain of our Long RAW projeots from thoee involving work with Resietance elements. It mut be remembered, however, that there woe, behind enemy lines, no existing 008 organisation on whioh we could call for aid (or if there WAN or is guch on organisation, it oxiatenoe never made known to our Manion), nn' had we, at Any time, reoeived trained pereonnel which could be employed in operation@ of thia tqpe. Our WOW eeeentially a job of Npulling oureelveo up by our own bootm Ample. Every Agent And wirelees operAtor wool up to the moment I left Fifth Army hgd been recruited ond trained on the epotif and pod deol of the equipment employed in our operotion@ (in tiling radio material of all kinde) had been looalZy aoquired or made. For thee rtatione it wao inevitable that our program ahould fall @hart of the ideal. e. The etrictl$ "operational" eide of 000 aotivitien we not overlooked in our planning' a. A definite program for cooperation with known Reeistenoe Croups hod been devimed 4nd got in motioni And b. Specific propoeels for the nee of operational units (see Operational Plena 5 ond 4 previouelly @ubmitted) had been approved by the Commanding Oeneral and et erie@ of three minor operations (desired by 04 of the Army) hod boon undertaken m with indifferent success. The proposals contained in Operational Plane 3 and 4 envisioned the use of officers and enliated mon supplied by the Italian Governments The propoeale were booed on taotiogl needs which were then apparent. They were intended, at the same time, as a median for effecting (for politicel reaeona) SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 : - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 at points approximately thirtylmfive miles behind the fronts At the time 2 left, tease for this use, including radio operators locally recruited, bed already been trained and were ready to go across; the lines. On team (at Segni) was, in fact, then available. Only parachute operetione (the details of which had been arranged) were required so that radio sets and supplemental equipment might be dropped at Agreed points. This esr?? Ti00, if now installed (am it should be), will supplement end may eupplant 7. We had, prior to sly departure, oompleted Ranges plans whioh were mufficiently broad to cover the requirements not only of the immediate objeotives of Fifth Army but, also, to a limited extent, operations north of Rome. As the reports indicate, we had established two radio communicatione with Rose and had placed inP41400 Nome atoatohearted and intelligent repeeentatives. We had lent to other points Agents who had completed preliminart arrangements for dropping operations (Radios and eupplemental equipment *illy) at Segni, Nada and Babini. Preparationa had also been made for two meal:erne operations deeigned, lokrgoly? to infiltrate personnel from landing points near Alfonsin*. One of our representatives (an able young Italian officer) had gone an fmt north as Peseta and had, Just before 2 lett, reported back on the program he had perfected. All of theme operations have, I assume, been completed. 8. The Long Range plans last mentioned, wore designed in such a we as to afford us not alone distant and movable communioation centers, but also direct contact with known organised Disistenoe Oroups. Mad there been sufficient time and had the personnel and supplies been available, we would probably, for obvious futurity reasons, have separated Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13Xonnn pri?rTsn'TK`r;-'4;r,,,,-,,-, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 I attention of etch Units and to generate, among the naffs of these Units9 a real desire for our personnel. The Divisions, in fact, Obi@ to conw side our OBS Detachmente (our aoftoalled %Operationel Groupe ooneistimg of Italian Officers and Soldiers who were trained to cowry out both Intel/igenoe and sabotage assignments) am a neceesary part of theiv own organisation. So muoh Bo, indeed, that,am our repro have Mown, a controvert, developed between the Srd ed 48th Divioione (over Lt. Oeffie Detachment of thirtrafour effioero and men) which WIAP oettltid only after we were able to convince the Chief of Staff of the Artily, Gail2 of the Corps and the Commanding emend and Staff of the 46th Divieion that we could supp/y this Division with a Unit oomparable, in every partioulAr, with that which had theretofore been attached to the Srd. I. Despite the fact that we concentrated on weombat Intelligence we gave as much attention as out limited pommel and facilities would permit toe a* An onlargemertt of ',Short Range intelligence activities; b? The development of ',Long Range ?enters of operation; and ce The ocntaoting of Reetstenoe Groups through whose aid, it was mootedi 10 Intelligence networks, combining both radio and courier services, might be establiohed; and I. Sabotage and like operational aoltivities undertakes; S. the short Range program envisioned the eatiblishment of tie movable sommateations ?enters with Gauzier networks, operating SECRET -4-4141- ft.v ?411111Pt,- ?p. .401 ?0111111ft t 115 4?10v :14?2(..3 , . d A. ? roved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001-R000100170009-7 - -! 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ,1 ; scanned to those whioh, it was believed, might be acoomplished within a limited period of time without assistance from outside the Minden. The impelling desires were, at all times, to ulte our Pifth Army aesom dation as a means of making 088 known to Combat Mt* in the field and of demonstrating to these 'Units thnt 086 Gould oontribute to their effioiermy and was, therefore, properly and neoessarily an organic part of the Army Pones. We did not, of course, know (at the outset, at least) Just how the desired results were to be obtained, but we assumed that somewhere se in our work wAth inexperienced but eager and intelligent officers und men m opportunitiee to render useful and, perhaps, imporn tent services were certain to present themselves. 4. As is evident from the reports which have been submitted, our big opportunity to make 088 known to the Army end our ohms* to renm der bad y needed services, Game from contacts we established with units at the front. With the cooperation of theee unite we were ablo to install "Operational Groups" which were recruited and trained to Gerry out *short range" or "combat" Intelligence missions and local sabotage operations where neededo We found, as a matter of tut, that the &Wile sions and their components were not equipped to organise, supervise or carry out even the most rudimentary programs of "Combat Intolligence. It was to this, therefore, that we gave most attention. The Division, the Corps and even the Army were primarily interested in what lay lime= distal, ahead and, while they encouraged our operation of longer range, they were appreciative of even the most fragmentary information about the active front. Our operations were never, of course, axtenoives They were, however, matioismtly useful to Combat Unite to bring ON to the is , 44.1 a. Declassified and A. .roved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 rie vE.11.3) eg,T, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 bi.,411tel,FV-..1.03.443.41110060.-, 6:0 ki A a I t c'r .f:' , (t 11 AAA,- ( t Li 3 1 tit ikld to? 1.t 444 OFFICU OF @TRATILIGIC SERVICE9 \ , I i ' 650 rlrftl AVENUE NEW VONK 20. N. V. Subjectl 011 Fifth Any Mission m Tina Report. To; Brigadier ?moral William Jr Donovan, Directors OMNI of 8trategio Services, Whingtan, D. 00 The regular weekly reports forwarded to you by the 'lotion during the period of my command (including weekly Report No. of 19 November 1948), end the epecial reports and particular communim cations eubmitted by me (inoluding a copy ot the Interim Report of le November 1943 to the Commanding General, Fifth Armyi a copy of a memorandum dated 1? November Mb to Col. Edwin 841 Howard on the PCheraeter amd (hope of Activities,' and the letter to you, with attaa)ments, of 1? November 1948 on the (petition of wInterforenoe*# have chronicled most of the activities of the Mission and have served an well, to highlight organisational and operational problems as they 1. In view of the detail contained in theme communioationtp this Mad Report,' will attempt to do no more than underline the resulto of sone of our Fifth Army Mission experimentation in the hope that future similar Missions may benefit from our experience. 8. Due to the feet that the fifth Army Mission was pretty much improvised on the spot and had to conduot its work without the benefits of speeifie direetives or advance preparations# the otjectives of the Mission were de1ibegate4 restrieted. Our activities were - Aro-wrwAri For Release 2013/09/23 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? ? arIF, ; A. ? t*' --t fa, ?-t'!'!?111 ,i, Ntf,4 41 > s 4 ( )t - oppietz op srpmreme sir:novices 40. ea? PI thi VeNtie NeW VORtc 'N. Y. Room //Do Colo G. AlivtiM 1-111Nto?, A (lila ri ti trei t nti . ti I tibia, 4-'6th nnti 4400 iv. Iv. til4tiliblehotio D. C Do.1.1, Col . . Dttxt.oti; 001. roptvetiv of hi it A 4 AA 2944 ot, C. Illtnkftiotoria hhe Itikr4(1 to you viot ORS OotivItv tho i? titittint)od ?troll letrth APnw AI/onion vory tlitijor jruwitip ,MiiL Duratio. w@nt tvo h. 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 I : .4; 4 ::Pgifired L-6000LL.00 L. 000 0000XC CZ/60/? I-0Z aseala -10d p8AOJCICIV PUe Pewssepea ' -"1 ? ? 1 L? 1'4 Ft 1'45, I!,411rp 0 , Vf - ? .1 ! I 11 1 ; r.,,,,.. II ' g ger ? , , g , 14;g0Ift) ." ., ? 1 ; : . Clil in C p 1i , 0."..,...1:44,0 4.,...,,?1-,:,,r,e.i.r,....i....,;.:44:..(1. f 't .1 .1 . ., . '..; ;.......; : ? . ,I . . tir titirtzuvrtt Mr 64 17014,/Ppo *4.04 Stilititto .-, opulzt til sAttroo, 4044 p 014104/ , inn' 464 0-19 40 veto Grqwetaipit gaol', pus' utfoLfao 44.04,0ann qtTctiiro itrchirP 4?44:46'' eta it,f4kOptqcisqv ,4orif ,Etrelptht ,'4,sotdrqltrosi' 044 o4 pcorookro ottv fq?acidair e,ittoottr4 iper*T4.14o0 t70 mottfit qtaiiiItiVittuV .40 IrjA twox .siog Atto: wcy rot) AI ?14:ofitea riNlj ;?????,11-i,-"1--"?." ? ? ' r "qg:11",A.i.? ' ' ? " piptiroiplar It:44oz ft r 412. 09 _ " 3 ? ? ? -.;;2441 ? I? .1 , t g - " ? , tiy# t(47.111ilit L-6000L 1-00 n11 1-00-0000Xc1C1 ?1,1-V10 CZ/60/?1,0Z aseala -10d panaiddv pue Pe!P lo sseeCI #111311RAIRM !7.A 11.1.4 , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 41 I 1 Mr. Soribnar 2 Gan. Magrudor 3 Mr. Ohopardnon 4 NATO Attnt Mr. Lord 5 Planning Group: Cole Onthank 6 Planning Staffs Lt. Omdre 'nankin 7 Svoratariat -.1 ... . : .. _.-.4:: ,..'- ; .: ? .,. , ., T. .. ...a,..?!....,,,Iv.? , , . :1, .: 21 7 ,.., ...: .. -'? ..,-. -::,-: ,L-c-t-.1----,. . . -.?,-::.7,- : . ..1- -' -. ' -..? ...?. 1 4":,-,---1.: ne ,i. ,70,,,,ii'. , . k . :. ''. 0 le . ? 71- 44,it,t , ' ??.? ? _ 44i4- 1eft orme0.1111101111re. , et) , . I 011P0 -411P. es41111Pa= 00- ? .00.0 ? livime 4401116. :-\ ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/23: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100170009-7 ? . . -77 .,? ? GRANT MISSION, WEEKLY REPORTS. Photostats of all material in this folder appoar in B*010 "Fifth Arny, Complete." with exception of Latter 23 October 1043 from Col. Illmtington to B-010 includes Intelligence material etc which does not appear in this folder. (Ilert 0r - 4011Pur 4