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November 3, 2016
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September 27, 2013
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August 12, 1942
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 " Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 CAPTAIN GROSSIOPF reported that the Navy Depart- ment considers this project to be in the British sphere of operations, and therefore believes *that the Free French should request the six P. T. boats from the Admiralty. Took note that COLONEL DONOVAN would discuss this project with representatives of the British Admiralty. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 t.' -4,111:0 to6 , ? EXCERPT FROM JPWC SUBCOMMITITE MINUTES August 111 1942 gg.W.SJwDlUgAgLMILEAAMGt COLONEL DONOVAN introduced MR. W. A. ROSEBOROUGH, who stated the details of a proposal to furnish the Free Frendh with certain materials in return for their cooper- ation in setting up and developing communications with FRANCE, both occupied and unoccupied. He recommended tie projects: 1. Establishment of a radio network of one station in BELGIUM and three stations In FRANCE, to remain latent until combat operations begin. 2. Establishment of an operational base at GIBRALTAR for the purpose of maintaining under- ground communications with SOUTHWESTERN FRANCE and NORTH AFRICA; this would also serve as a base for subversive activities. As a quid pro quo the Free French services want (1) about 50 radio sets, most of which 0.S.S. can furnish; (2) five or six vedettes or PT boats capable of operating in the English Channel under adverse weather conditions or of covering the considerable distances involved in the GIB- RALTAR plan; (3) some small planes. The last request is not regarded as feasible. Following MR. ROSEBOROUGH'S departure, CAPTAIN GROSSKOPF raised doubt as to the availabllity of any U. S. PT boats for this project and suggested that the British might better be able to spare six boats of this type. THE SUBCOMMITTEE:- a. Agreed that the plan had merit and should be further investigated as to feasibility of providing the material desired by the Free French; b. Requested CAPTAIN GROSSKOPF to ascertain if the Navy could make six PT boats avail- able for this project. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - ? ? Wr.,? KV!' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ' ? , tROUt TOt Colonel Donovan OUBWBOT: Problem of OU 1rin Materiel for the Development of our A4tiVIt 7t440404 k DAM 1, Our efforts to date or the development of our Inte1ligence aetivitiee in France have been directed to sending agents in, the Unoccupied Zone under plausible pri- vate cover. It ban become rather e3ear that the Vichy Government in not likely to grant Ontg7 its to any American eitizen going to lranee for private or business reasono, Mould we sueceed in placing men in Francis, it is obvious that the effectiveness of thoir operations will depend upon the presence of a Ohief Agent In Vichy, 2, In view of the difficultiem eneountered Do tar in reference to obtaining visas, 444 considering also that OUV relations with the Vichy regim4 may eventually deteriorate to the point of diplomatic rupture, we must envisage other m04710 of establishing and maintainlmg cow? munications with Franee, both Occupied and Unoccupied, through elandestine and underground obanne)n. The possi- bility of eetting up und developing ouch communioationa with the cooperation of the Preto Yronob 3pacia1 SrAtioaa and othf4r undoreround groupn has boon closely glxamined and we have mftdo contecte with reprenentativom of the Free Irrench Barvioom in thin country and with other pernone connected with undorgromnd reeietancie activitlea in Franco ). Two detailed project have been prepared in. volving the following: a. :Jetting up a kadto network in nevorl nectorn in Fronee and Belgium tor the tr4nnt4inaion or otrategic Information at the time a ln4ini in mndo on the continent. The ammential feature of Wait projeet is that the fretwork woul6 remmin dormant until combat oper- ationn uotuully begin. Thia would innure obtaining rapidly emaential military inrormation at the mont critical moment. D. Nottlne, up an opertitioni home at Gibraltar for the purpooe of maintaining underground oommunioatione with Uouthwentern rrance and riorth Africa. Yor the projecto to be carried out it aential for un to be in a baranininv. ponition no that we can offer a quid pro quo to Lila 'erne Yranch :iervicon or any other aroup with Mom we 'any decide to collaborate. involvso the ponnthiLity on our part of nupplying certain materiel either to raollit4te the aotivitiob or the Free rronah 4erv1ootat if live deoide to viork with them, or to act to ingepeneent Nativitiea with July other group or organization. The materiel which we munt be in n po.14 tion to provide in either eatie involve tit t following: a. Approximately 50 redio bt3 (etlitible of mooting tha ratio/rem:into of clandegitille tqieretiona. Thie problem hue boolA exe.mitiaa with the natiieLanue ofiiit im,,,inecifiari anti Anoroved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 teoluggituta and we are reasonably sure of ha ng this material from a special allotment within a relatively short time b. Making available to those who will osoper- Ate with us both at the 7ag1an4 base or at Gibraltar, a total of five or six vedettes capable of operating ta the Channel under atverse weather conditions, or of covering the considerable distances involved in the Gibraltar plan. e. The problem of having available amall planes for the transportation of personnel has also been raised, but it is felt that this problem will have to be examined more earefully before any request is presented. 5. One of our representatives is to leave shortly for London to examine the possibilities of carrying out these various projects, arrangements have been made for him to discuss these projeets with the representatives of the Free French Services and other groups in London. In order for these conversations to lead t:d concrete results, it is most important that this representative be prepared to discuss the problem of material with the assurance that we can carry out our part of any arrangement concluded. ,..-?;;;,,,^1 mind Annrnved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 41" ? P. ? ? ? ? . ? ? Jr, .. - ? . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ,!'.. ,..." .17.` Er, ??'. a ? ??? ??, s'?? 41f,?14.4:4- if....41.410M, ?:????,. ? I ? A 001,44 DORM* ttoblom Of lop lying Matoriol fur thoOVOlopmost of Our AativItitlo In WWI ls Our **IVO tO dot* tor the dove% tnboll no. astivitioi Is Yranfoo hem ism Oirlso *mid n tho Unoosupiod Aomo under plonsiblo pri swore It hos hooees. rothor olonr that tho Viohy uovernmont is eot likely to groat 'entry 'doss to ROI 44414444 *Moos going to ',rano* tor privato or *Illinois memos Ohouldwu vvoir**0 I 4 'lasing man in Yran0o, it to 4R40.411 0414 tho ofessotivenoss of thoir "orations will dopom4 upon tho promo* of a Ohlor Agont in Viohys gip In vtow of tho Mains/tills* *R404,44AstOd 00 Ow In rotoronuo tA4 obtaining Vt044# and sonoidori4 oleo that our roistions with Vito Vishy rogilmo may oryntuolly 4o,oriorato to tho point 0 diplomat** rupture, we mush onvtooto othor ROMA. of establiebing ond matntotning sommuntootions wtth trans*, both Oloompisid and Vnoosuplod, throvigh 0loa4ostio4 sad undorground (Agnostic. The possibility of witting 4p ond 4ovolore iii waoh oommuniouttuno with ti* 000poration of the FPO* #ronoh npootal Uorvioos and abhor undorpoun4 groups has boon olosoly oxominod ond *to hallo sod, ontlisto with roprosontativos ot Yrop Vronoh borvieos in this oountry ond with ether wows ommosted with underground roeistanos aativities in /Prone., 50 Two dototlisd prOjooto hov* tioon pvoporod int.olving the followings 40 oottio6 up * kodio Notwork In tovorol *ootoro in rrfuloo and oolmium tor tronomtoston ot otrotogio iator* xattml et th* ttaa * l*adinc to mato 014 th0 004ttN0010, rho $091100101 root4ro or thto projoo4 to thot tho Notwork would roman dormant until ouaipat oporot4aoo ootually hogin# Me would Obtaining roptilly oloontiol military lotormatiom ot 4ho maot orttioal mamant? 1)s, 44ittn6 op on oporo.tionoW uses ot Ottroltar tho porpuso ot maLatoinist underground oommualoottoos with b9uthwil4t0F4 YPIRooli so0 Avriamf Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDPi!lynnnryi Ink 4.??? i . 4 ts? ? , ? ? 1..;^ -; '74 t - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? I .1 4toreffeSerPfrkrk.- Ftr ? Ibilt.,p1f4r,"6ailM1,4* , 4. tor th.sa proleet" ti to sorriest eat it is slew sential for us fia i.in i bargelskisg phoisitims se thst we ea* offer a quid pre quo Ns the Ire. trawls Sereviees or asy ether gre*pi with whim we may decide to eellaberate* This iivelves the paanibility es *or part et 'applying *totals material either to facilitate the aetivities of the Free rremosh garviaas1 it we decide to work with thesti er te sat up isdependemt setiviw ties with aay ether group or ergomisation. The materiel which we must be is a positives to provide in either ease involves the followings a. Approximately $0 radio eats impalas of mooting the requirements of elendestine ?pretties. This problem has been examined with the assistasee of radio testes/Adams and we are reasonably etre of'haviag this material tram * speeial allotment within a reletively short time. b. Viking available to those who sill **Operate with us both at the tagland base or At Gibraltar a total et tilts or six vedettes eapable at soperatiss los the Channel under adverse weather eonditions. or 4f severing the eamsiderable distancew involved iss the Gibraltar plan. s. The problem of having available small pianos for the transportation of personnel has elso bees raised, but it is felt that this preblem will have to be examinsd mere oar,. Puny before any request is preeentedi et, One ot our representatives is to leave Shortly for London to examine the possibilities of carryin6 oat these various projects, arrangemonts have been made for ht* to diseuss these projeots with the representatives of the Yree From* Servises wed other grOups in London,. ln order ter these oonversatione to lead to (wasn't* results, it is most important that this repre- sentative be prepared to discuss the problem of material with the assuranse that.** os n oarry out our part of any arranGeftent oon- eluded. ? ? ...Eft .? ? . . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? ' ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 OFFICE OF STFATEGIC svtcrs' UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT COORD044.701COVIN/rOAMMOK WASHIWATON, D. C. Au,f3ust 61 1942 FROM: David Bruce TO: Colonel Donovan You wilal retqember that last week at a conference which you attended, we discussed a French Project and a Gtbntltar Project wt tit General ironer tiLd Q7tptain Pickh:trdt. In both c)rojects were lilvolvt!o, the supply by us of tv,0 Corvetes or Veciettos or nawil cv,?ft of t3j1(j 1d1 charlictt.r. 11.%zt:1 .1. ;1 t . 1. att t2r r su: ty of :uch or:i i't :11?-)1, id ht. L Li, ronn, t oi with the projvcts, by the joitit \ert'are Colima t Lee and, ' pvuVL iL., ?21031.,14i ix bi the joint Ch:.vf::, -to I't'. The pit.' Lu;. Li.O :1 tht t, in our 'II .cuz. With v;Jrious for us to b(.. .1i 11lihiIti p ) tion L1.em Is re mu, I: " t r t i5 ''i5 L1110,0 ti t tI ey IIT'11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000-Inn7nnnitzz Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Ch lo 1'n ! r uu1 d 10(2 1,L1 t ji.vf,Ju id Vut.,11:111 tit; with tti,toh vort?,,? 1 tt, t L. I 1 oo cH..rry tho projoe tt..; tr,1 , tJ ii. Lf?I r ttt eoz1e.-.11n4 d., t 1 11' 1 y ri I :)11 1.: hot,I,3 L) ? p() r, 1 y L i4.1 I, id I). I ,t ljaS Hr I Li )11 w 1.tii the pro'air,e (Ir 1 cc /- the Unitod L11,tvy. A I of;1,1)(0*() ,r,11, 1.n 1/),1111? to LI ,!), Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ;t17.? ? " ! =7: ? .?-1,De ? r f,*1. . ? ! ?=4,, rzzi.:!t-,:i --. ' , ... 1 , Strottatmzetmetw , Ira, .... .911 MI, Ir rf ,Ii---,.,, ,It'Irr, .., . .,........-.Vri ,t-VS-1".4= 01,0K .. L ' I RPo Q IV 0 ofilfiti 8 , 11 hgti/d. II@ 114100, red to ,o o, r r 0 ti po*ii. wiL to if i numb* r in To *o-13,111T? 4 Alm gincealcill to._ 11./.4ftwn Avrotill ab.t,tit unclor,, itia)1 Ptimmitntt -I ., 3 I I V- Vo?,ignoitiono 2,0 hor44.-tm uslio in roc' AtltIn' Ott,roir 'ttQuillt it4i4liti (othvolc'. ortt5ric- iilAuttio A tint ) bo te- furtlior' rotrtilit . ,. , Aattan d4tnivod,,tir Anivion tvskon shot be iniii`Owtedtu Coomiont* , 1 . , rioutfinil onont !inoniti klways tio roturnioti , to 1 ?ii if or:0111,Po r -Dils t011okt ton:I-440 lib lin 1:+lii tO , filitAf t o ._'/ "-;?? ',?2 tglf1=1, _ ? .4 ,11 . - 24:7 1.?,1 ? - T , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 tr-01 a- VT; ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 I. " C4, ' %Ls OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES INTEROFFICI MEMO ?t. 4 - 47, i; SECRET - DATES kuguat 5, 1942 FROM' Leen Dostert TO; Major David K. Bruoe SUBJECT; Extent of collaboration with the Free Franc* The projeoto submitted for the development of uotivitles in Franco indepondently of any diplomatio *gout in Viohy, em- phaeize the importanoe of establishing close and praotical collaboration with the Free French Speak' Services. Thin plan should be oonstrued *a tentative until the representative of the jestern European aeotion has had sn opportunity to examine in London the feasibility and soundness ot this contemplated oollaboration. On the basis of information reoeived from various nouroes it appears that the Free Prerieh Speoial Services have not al- wayn proved as reliable and as effootive as the oiroumstsnoos require. In examining the various possibilities for carrying out these projeots and setting up these oommuniontion networks, it was thought that we should first examine the possibility of ?loco oolloboration with the Free Frenoh Special Services. how- ever, ti those Services do not work effectively or their dis- cretion cannot be trusted, we must be prepared to carry out our projects throu6h other connections with underground organIsa. tions. We aro now in a position to establish oontaot with various resistance groups independently of the Free French Special Services. Furthermore, we have learned that in London we may be able to make oonneetions with former members of the French Intelligenoe Servioes who are not directly connected with tte H.Tie French Speoial Services. Should we &wide after examining the eituation that it ? would be best to prooeed without tying up with the Free French Special Servicoa, we would have even greater nee6 of the materiel mentioned in the projects for the trannvortstion of personnel und the establishment or communietttiono, knd m4ht eine need the ansiatanoo of Navy personnel. The neceocity for s prompt decision on the question of policy In reference to the materiel needed for implementinv, these projects would not, therefor be effected by a later decision not to curry them out in oollehorativn with the Free Yronoh Speiat Services. No matter whom we work with in the realitation of those proi.)eib wt, w111 have to be adoured of the meteriei needed to carry them out. at ? ? Amloollar. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 1. -TF - at: Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? OFFICE OF STRATIOIC SERVICII INTEROFFICE MEMO FROM; LOCIrt DOS t, t T Major Dttv11(1 K Ilrucm SUBJECT' VroliCh t-. 1,4000iisAligi OP WortiiATION DAM Anguri 19/1 Tho .1,1(. on ler onco (1t1 Ivorfict to you this morn 114.7, ritIludils ttifi ,Pollowirtg oairti,t-Itn 1) iOVt ol Proprciss on, VIA 1. to 111 Pr0.10,0 tri ? "..)) Tfotho ('rent 11 ID, to Itr a 111)rh VJ 1,1.on on tItf)riti,111:1.1!Aliporit /Intl owl Htti;met? of eorarturti.oittl onfi with toe:, 1 11 tho (ivon t. f it la't.ildc w 1.th V j.ohy 3) proneh P1,4-4(,01; No ? 4 (it.mt t.i rk ) 11.) 1 brol tnr Pro 3i-bet l'Io 1. (0pol-1111(?. 1 Vor f.3 c i tlm-,,9tori I 1,11trorio 1it.)1.01 ikCr I r) T1 IA) I !it of t.11,,1i) dcw1,11(111.s 0.t- I I:1 tc of 01-11. Vt-oliell e tiviti i?n told 1111t?!:: fffi c,11 1111t 0111. 131 Nils Vint 1`111.111.c., 1,i t.t.) rt? a 1 I ?tin 1 wt.; tho i1?,(1):1 col t.i 1 tt.i it L t w LI Ii.?t 1)1.41 I; ii)ns VII OA wo't tli I in it Li I I 1, (I It t. (1 i,p101104 C! 1)1'1(011111 11r. Lk;lt), $)11.1. tVc VIIP1r;t1 I t1? el- 1.ttri filo a 1ro11t.11 t, 11,0, ? tk 1)?? ,Ic.1 ,4* (.1 1)71,/111 Col" I I. r I t 140111111i (11)1'11 MIL Mit I I 1.:,1111 H11 (1T 1.* 111 ,1 l't 1 byt-t1 to,r lr?If?t' I.C.,. a 1.t t'91./11)1i:11-11 (11 t.()C it ()I ( !, 4, II rt t 'Lilo v (-).1 got.:1 It t, :i1 Id 1 !!?I I t' 1.` t )tI t.lwi it."1.rs 111:1?t)1 111.011;ii t u t .1 ` ' ' 11. Hill:41,1A Declassified and Approved For Rel 0 . IA- 3XoonniPnnn A AI S. S. 4.? i; s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ,K -et et ? . P .....e"."41.41002400Alia. OrPICI Or 11114111010 SWIM IfriltilrOMO MOO 11" ,arod. *viols torn 1.00* Pliwtort DA1111 1, 1142 TOs Mrs Mitsk $U1JTa OollatooratiOs with 140* Yromek Spoeiol Ovioss d t t dad Maistomosiso ct Oemmusioatioms with 'roam, im the *t Diplimattio UM* with Yiehyo Our pr000st Wort* arm saisly d1rootm4 to 0* orgasisati** sad dmvolopmioat ut isformattom sotivitios is Prom through the Om000spiod Zoos* ?Woo sotivitios must rely tor their dirootiom sad tor nommusicatioas upom tho promo*** is Vicky of a Mot agomt attaohod to our tosbosoyis staff. Should osr roistioss with the PotaismLawal mime, deteriorate to the point of a diplomatio broaoh# the romoval et our Chief Ariel would mot omly impair the oporetioms of cur istolligoseo organisations but would lasr,* we without ootablishod mosso et sommosiostiom with Prams*. The tollowimg plea is the form it various spositis projoots is mow billing proposed to iasuro the was tosanoo or sommalostions with ?knows la the ovomt *t a brook with violkys A. Devolopmost ot *loser coil borstion with the Fro* lemur* epooial Soria*** im Lend* (with s000adsry lisisom hors im Wiothingtom) * mutually protitsblo basis, This subjoot has aim* boom disouosod is detail with omo at their roprosoat*tivos hors and the oollaborstiom mostomplotod would isvolvo on their port, 1. Viskiag availablc to me is a day* tomday basis any informatics obtsisod by their Borvioos la which we may be tutor. ostiode While stook arrasgoomats sad prom *vitro halp* loag sin.* oaistod botwoos the British Borvioos *ad the Frio Yroash., It is tolt thst olossr oollaborstiom botwoom our sorvioos sod thoirowowld dotisitoly prossat additiosal advsmtagosi SECRET rsd nnrnved For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 2. wor of their ems this to obtain ferias en, ppieills formation is *bleb 'es sirb. partleiler- Ir istererbedo AssiOttag as in roirsitialt *ad tranapertisg looms of Us Persommel ne0404 to *err), est Onr astivittes it /rases. 441 Possibility for seme of mar *goats end oeitsets is Prone* to have ia. direst impose (through a omtpsest) to their own means of sommunicatieas I. As maderstaading that additional informatics gathered as a result of the .development of their activities three& our assietanco in to be made available to as. On our part, to obtain the assistanee outlined above, we must e prepared to offer the Preach some conerete aids This LI:solves the follwoiags Is Share with them insofar as es may does it suitable, information gathered through our own aetivities in Frances 2. Affording then the use of two or throe vadottes to be based in ftglanda capable of crossibg the Channel under adverse weather casditionss These beats would be used for the transportation of personnel to and from the French Coasts 3a Waking available to the French Ser- vices some of the smaller radio sets from our own 033 allotmeste 4. It was also suggested that at some future data it would be of great material assistance to have available. owe or two small planes for the traasportatioa of personnel to sad from the Oecupled Zones This last suggestion, of course, involves a swab's, of praotioal and tochnioal difficulties whieh would have to be carefully examined on the spot before any sort of commit. meat is made. SECRET ? OP, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ,s.0011, Wttio as oporstiessi Water $ moisAatelsom$40 Yrosoh 0104i$OrrimieS 00104 sod to wrw as a halm for ove0tosi oesseSiessloihh !teeth Atrieso i$o. aibrour Projf**$) This isv$1704 tiotwooeperatios with * Prom* ua4arirews4 orgatiastiots *MO Is sow tosetiesisg ohtotly is tho Utoow sspiod Zoo, Isti whisk has romitiostieso kat* tho Oodipiod Aroes? Fres roesst sossersatiossitith isho hoed of this woderri. ;roost orgesisetios, it has bosom* sloop that it we Wore is s positiss to ottor *Aortal ossiotasoo, partiesIarly the possitillity et utilistsig two or throe vodottos for sommonitiottes betweea OibrIlltsr end *hot Fromeh Coao4* we iso be asour04 that, is rotura, this omdersrevad urinaisstiss would assist us in saistaisis4 oossmsisetiono and cateoto is Yresoos 114 appoars that a Jobs* Opositteo tor this orsanisatios is to ho sot up is Wades with hritish **d Pros Vromoh pertioipatieso It is our usWerstandiag that or partioiw patios is this Oessittoe would he soloomell 0 our roprooestative would have to bo authorisod to maks oommitsetts with retoromoo to the material aid isdioatode C. Oettinb up a radio network ia Belgium and in throe Yrenoh !lectors (Korth. Cestral. South) 00.0 would boiin operations only atter paruanont landing is ofteotod by our roroes. This network, s000rdia4 to present plass, would relay information dirsotly to our Armed roma. (moo Freneh Projeot tios 4)0 The *sots- Una* of the rrenoh Opeotal Sorttets is ifv. dispeneable for recruiting and transportiag several radio operators noeded for the develop- ment ot this network. This thy fold plan would asar. the maintetuks44 ot oommuniestiose with rresoo ta p*54O*%l ot oar oiplematis sAhslos is Vishr. Soroovoro it the 'meat oituatioa is regard to visas resets* %mobcap*, this plea would saatfle us to tato taste aotivitios Is Fr4R00 rosordioos o? the vies obotaoles 1010P its cooutioa. it is osseatiel that stops he takes to oso. sure that the matorisi isdloatedeboye ea* be ottaisod. To ontor into oonvereations with the Preneh Sorviees with a viols SEC RE Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP1qynnrin4,?-- Declassified and A rov_imummummiximmium.ed For Release 2013/09/27 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - t ,rect1r411747z to doveloplag our oollalieratios with this wocid do more bars than good 'tallies, We aro really in a positiom to give eoadirete assuraskoos of matorial tit/ Ti *spy sogotiatiems es say other basis might will eliminate the possibility of devolv- ing close espeporatisit with then mew or at e later -data* /V. It appeare that Major 2ruoo rocently had a 0c34. voreativa with Mosel Fiske eoncernisg the but pr000dmr* to be followed to solve this typo of dial-eel:Vs ? uallorstaai that it was the latterfs opinion that the spreestek aight be mad* through the Joint Intolligonoe Oemmittoe? This Committee would apparontly be ia a position to take stops to facilitate the exeeutioe of thesis projects, sad could address itself to the prow wows in the Joiat Chiefs of Staff is order that n0000sary directives will be forthoomings It night his desirable to dissects this (motion more fully and with spoeifie reforemee to these projects with Colonel Fiske. V. In addition to the throe-fold plan *tali:sod aboviso the following possibilitios for naintainiag commaloations with France independently of Viohy should be oimained with a view to def5.ntu& the means of their oxecutiont July 22, 1942 A. A tio0up between our Swiss activities and contacts it Frame to establish sos. munications and relay French information via Owitserland. B. Development of means of coomumioation with Southwestern Franco through our Basque contacts. C. Settin6 up means of communications bo- tween the Spanish Lust Coast (with head- quarters at Barcelona). and agents located on the rrench Uedittrranean littoral. Iaquiries havo been forwarded to Vow York to determine whether more specific details can be obtaiued in reference to "B" and "0 above. Lib Do Declassified and A roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13Xnnnni SECRET proved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? PIANOS; REPORT OF ROGRE38 O VAkIOU8 PROJJT8 Ao 141OCCUPIrD ?ONE W.14`Z The last progress report on Freneh Projeoto eibmitted late in Jwae emphasised the difficulties eneountered in appointing a Chief Agent for France under official cover, as a member of oar Bilbassy staff in Viohya and the obstacles we had not in sending agents to On. occupied France under unofficial cover through the refusal of the French Authorities to grant visas to mash persons. Sine* that time we have endeavored to overoome both of these obetaoles and to earry forward various projects. Tb q following is a brief outline of our plans for Frances 1. The problem of appo1ntin6 a Chief Agent under of- tioial clover is on the point of being solved and latest reports indicate that the A.N.A., who is to assume the direction of our activities in the Un000upied Zone, will shortly obtain the necessary visas to proceed to Lisbon. Thera ho will meet with it representativo of this branch who is to acquaint him thoroughly with our contemplated proomm and plans in France. It is expiated that this mectint, will take place in Liabom about the middle of August and that shortly thereafter oar operations in France will develop along more concrete lines. 2. The problem or obtaining visas from the U04y, authorities for agents proceeding under unofficial cover rotas un- solved. One agent, for whom. a definitely plausible and legitimate SECRET proved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13Xnnnni Pnr-In nrylr,,,,, A on 0 ? ' ? . ??? 4 1 0.;ar z ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 _ , , ?,7 r St, Ti? te, tr, Ai .4 ? t11;11)4,!:?.r -? ." P4't -' rt"P r _ ?4?1!,16?..4-6[4..' .4.14P4C4V_Ofiie#X*914aZa 4414k4Witif?-?4015S1 r10?1*41W0g411MI fji0*3t4*rA gitiON*06110 NO' akr?VOVI ???? - 0019P WO took 'Wised* has failod to ObtaisAis vials aflot two MOW of effort. Althomigh tho has sot 100.4 WW1* re 0004 tho pOlisy of prolagod delay resorted to try ti Pr000h mith*fitioo MOOS it misii**% thot 1411 ow0000d to gottlog this moo to Yrossa0. have boom in mostast with a Vroaohoon who *woo to this sommtry is Do9owbor 3040 fro Wilms? reams ood who is ***two to rsilors 19 hams* WS so *Any Oat., his soompity hos loom most ea0ehll1 shoehod a*0 it Is Mt that ws would omploy kis with a Altai* omo of risks Tito Departsmoat of Mato haw to rsr rofuood to ArAnti him *a I'M Permit hoeamos moohoro of hlA Twaily aro now is Paris 044 of his mons is A war prloonor in Oor***y? Uowsvor, ths Doporamaat hos ingioatod 1hAt lihi twit* Poralt will ho #rontod 41' w* maim formal roquost for it, Io 'Wow of this *Ws Moly msoNlmoos to us and soosidorimg thAt tho risk involvsli is oaly Slight, it his boo* dootdo4 to prowl% a Wool roloost to the Oat* Nowt/soot is order that this Katt PorAit say be ebtaiA*40 Thia preepeot, rorsooly Direster or m largo rresoso. ANnorteen Ohipplog oonoorno le la 4 position to return to the Oaoupled Zone awl to nom* hask to Vinhy lator0 Ite would thus be ahl* to oon- suit with some or his AssoolAtos who ror tiho paet two yalars have hoog working in the prinetpal ports along the Fronoh Atlantis Coast. Those somvorsAtioms would Anstalt hi* to gothor valuable iarommation? Moro over, he *Ay ts ahlo to obtain the sorviooe of * rormor rrosoh arew Wiser who would aseopt **obtain actigalsonte la ~motion with oer aetivitioo? (flotailed prejoet ea this woe will be webeitted %hie wooki) 40 Threngh tho How Vork *Moo, wo have otwitaotoi 4 moober or an organitetiaa onitego4 le roliot work asookg intiornoos ia verieus oimpe ot the Itnosoapiod 4000* This *ow hots Alr MI ET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? z 41 ? '! 7 ????? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ; 1 S. .4 e ? _ beanie. He appears to be most reliable am4 definitely savable of $1404 sistiag in our aotivities within mortals limits. Ms has ocitacts et his own over there and we would taellitate his work by &Avis% his the mase of other people who would assist his His wife will *company his *ad she is to be stationed is Liebom, where she eoold be of lose assistanoo to se. Moreover. this sem say be able to tiad * pia*, in his or settee for a youag physioian AO has had expericase is transe and who *timid be tralaed for more aotive partioipation in our aetivities. The passports have already been &lowed and no difficulties are antioipated in seourino all nesessary vloas? (Detailed project as this **so to be submitted in * tow days.) 16 We have in training new a man who was in Frau.* until several months ago at the head of an important Amerloan eoneerm. He has applied for * passport and the Department of State has so Car raised no objeetlen. This wan has comnostions in ?rano* who may he able to intercede effestively in case he ensounters diffieulties ir flouring his French Vise. althou h it way well be that the litchi authorities will 0400 more resort to the polloy of endless delay and postpomemom*. This man he boon active in underground work in the past and his eon., nootions end calibre are sush es to warrant the oxpeetation of real nee- fulness.. A projoot involving seeding a we to Fran** under the ausploos of a well..known Cultural Assosiation is now being developed This will call for a grant of approximately $10.000 to this Assoeiaties for assistanec to Froneh intelleotual workers through the faculties of various Frensh universities. This ftission would place our agent in a SECRET ..0.511116i, ? ? 515. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? ` ? Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 .1 4 po Mon to *outest a "umber et perfume is Yroseh ioteileetuil ,oireles Owd It is cApeoted thot #0rougirthen Tamable inferOotion eon be gothered. The plan hoe beeo,sceepted in prineipl* by tba hood of the Culture' Assoeistioa referred tle above ond the oloodiOote we preeeoted for the 14440A boo olso been opprevelw VO should he lo a position to preeent a dstoiled projeet ca this case within a week or two. 7. For the lost several weeks wo have bloom persaiwg oar plan to plea, a certain sun of money at tho disposal of an out* standing labor leader In rono for assistance to resisting elononts among labor organisations. The transfer of foods preseots real diff1.0 cultiop but savors.' possibilities are now being exclaimed and it is expected that this project will be oarried out shortly. The assistanee thus granted ebould load to effective eoeperotiot beteoeu resistance groups and our own oervioos. 8. In the course of the last several weeks, we have obtained from various sources the AAA'S of u uunber of people who can be counted upon as reliable contacts and sub-agents in France. Those individuals have either participated in intelligenoo gotivities in the past, or are emphatically vouched for by reliable persons on this side, We hew have the names of some forty individuals situated in various localities who can be approached by our agents with reasonable security PROJECT TO SUPPLUOIT THE ABOVE PROGIAM AID ?rdrrirrnalaTinTlirran-0?? The program summarised above hoe boon coneeived and drawn ma SECRET , Declassified and A. proved For Release 2013/09/27 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R0001nn9nnna ? ? ?' -06 Mho VT Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 -?, - ...opme,AfrogrprMrK;fitt,tIVIII.71W,W4W,ntint#1-itid-itzirmtik...T0', ' 'hi aesumption that a Chief Agent would owe the direction of oar N aotivities under offioial clover in ViOhy. The effeativenees of the several projeets mentioned depends, of ?ours', upon communication ties, and these on only be assured through the aesignment of an Agent In sharp of Vichy through, whom the information ceeured will be trona- witted. It is felt that we ehould likewise consider several projects to supplement this program. With this objective in mind, the following plans have been drawn up. The projects outlined below tire also celoulated to oceure the maintenance of communications with Prance in the event of a diplomatie breach between this Oovernment and the Vichy rftimo. :/t in of' the utmost importance that this problem be envisaged at this time so that steps may be taken to give us reasonable certitude that the flow of information from ',ranoe shall uot suddenly cease at the very time when it will be most needed. This pregram involves the following projcetss 1. Setting up an operational bane at Gibraltar which, through the msdium of a network developed by an underground Franoh organi- sation, would enable ue to maintain contact with Franco through the Mediterranean Coast, and to establish some oonnectioas with North Africa in the event of a withdrawal of our mission there, The detailed project hat been submitted 4nd it ie hoped that it will continue to roottive serious consideration loading to effective steps for its realisation, 2. Organising a radio network in Belgium and In three separate zones in France to remain dormant until a lending is effected by our Forms on the continent* The project as drawn emphasises the fact thet the setting up of this network can only be offeetivoly oarried out from London, end with the close cooperation of the Fro. French SECRET Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-R nplq)etinfin4 ?? ; 4 L4i i? t_t t .1 . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 " 4-? ' berVioes there* partieularly I* Peen inG ofth p.rsonn,i TIM in tgrn will call for aosistanse on our part to the Prime/ *Pall Services in the fora et materiel such as 'vedettes (detail* on the type wanted IWO /IOW on hand)4 radio receiving and tranamitting setea and pfelibly the use of several Stimaon R40 s While the diffieulties is- Volved in Gottint this materiel are fully rosited, it is hoped that me effort will be wired to eeoure it so that our wen projects oan be carried out. ee2- be Nffootivo liaison with the head uf the Free Prenoh Mill y Mission in Weehington his been developed and we can be reatose? ably aosured that a mutually utiefUl eollaboration between ourselves and the Frenob Opeolal Service' 01141 be aohleved on a workini4 end prftetinal levels. This would enable us to have mor o oomplete agues to the data gathered by the trensho who already have a rather *Motive network la operations Moreover any additional information which our sutteriel ansintanoe would enable them to whither would be mode readily svitilable to me. Wo oennot hope to pursue oonverustions with these 4ervlosts toward fruitf1,11 conoluoions either here or in London unless we sre In a position to eng40 in more Ulan verbal and platoolo negotietiona? For that reasoco unless we are to reGiGn ourselves to the prospect ut having no intent woe network in operation in trans* at the time when it will be meat urgently needed# we should seek se early as possible to bring up this question before me*bers of the .Joint Chiefs of 5takff or t14 Joint Oommitteef in order that propar stepo *ay his taken If those projects are deemed ueerul and feaolJle? 4 We are also essininint,. the possibilities or assoriWg RET narlaccifiPri 2nd Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? da ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 tki $040 AMMO of communication with Prone., indcpendeatly of the Vichy tiodumpo throogh aeitserlando the Eastern Pyrenees and Catalonia, and the Western Pyrenees and DoW040 oontacts. It is expeeted that present exploratory conversations will emble us at an early date to devise sow. plan whioh OAA be subnitted in the form of lefinito projeotsp Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 PRANCE taw Art dio,if Avro nom Diatribution: Copy No. I: Original; to be initialled by: Goo. Dock____ 2 Anat. Dir7777 Dirootor 4. Colonol ronovan Files (to be dermoz-Ez uoad of Plaint; Room, for dopoalt In Unaecwanionod Files; no ono to take out eopy from Unucceasionoo Piles without permiaaion from any thle of the 5 above mentioned.) New Xork Production Officer Geographic Donk (Loon Dostert) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 1? \fp : r????") .10 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 . 4,A1,14..nrittS11c..it.-4kr...-teaUtg111S-M54/fitRtalf,..404hasr, PRANOB RADIO oicaT BACKGROUND _??? While our innediato efforts should be, anc2 o being, direeted towewe the early development of active intolligene* operations in Unosolipled Prance with possible ramifications into the uccuplod Zone, we should also consider at this time tha ad- visabilit; of taking immediate steps for the establistraont o. Supplementary Radio Intelligence Network. Once a permanent landing Is offeoted and combat opera- tions begin in Western 1.urope, we may well anticipate thnt any active intelligence oroinization which will 'iavo been up in the meantime, will find ita operations and facilIties for comamni- cations greatly impaired, It Is very likely ihnt the bogiming of land operations will Litiko !L rispat difficult for ),1r own agents and our local sub-aGents t.) ounttnuo their opor%ti):is effctivol The intolligenco or,,a_izati,glw'.1ch we arc soeking to develop must r ly in largo part for directives and co=unica- tions noon the preso,lco in Vichy of a Chief At attated to Jur diplomatic mieslon. The Amorlean agents elloh we are now seekin to sond to the Unocoupiel Zone may well find themselves obliE!,ed to love in the event of lainL b our Armed Perces on the Continent. Pinalls It ta 14:ittaiputod t11.2, nay cr the local sub-agelLts reorkiited largely Crom rosLatat:co an(i la'Jor .roupS . Arrri1116... -41iror * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 v. 11 ? c???:... ? ?=k ? 1,10.?C.? ... * r _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 2.L.Magntb01.4014.ariho-.? ? h,..S.K.R.X -2** find it most difficult, ir not actually impoasible, to con, 110 their activities when military operations begin. In short, any active information network Which we may succeed in setting up in the immediate future is likely to find its operations largely, if not on.kirely, stopped at the very time when Information win be most urgently needed. II. OBJECTIVES The present project involves the organization of a Radio Network which would cover Belgium and r:orthern? Central and Southern France, The essential feature of this project is that once the operators have been recruited, traLned and located in various communication cantors in these areas, they would rematn dormant until landing operations begin. The information to be [;athered and tranamItted by these agents wolad be combat and traffic Information. The iranamission wo?ad prosnmabl.; be made directly to a Neceivin,- Center set up wItiA the Armed Forces and wo'ild, therefore, 1Joco:m3 L. .diatoly available to the Headquarters Staff. This Network would thus make it possible for our forces to obtain rapidly up-to-date, In- formation on troops and materiel movement in the areas back of the lines of operations. III. GEOGRAPNIC SETUP Each sector is to co' l rise a her-:onal Ce:Itcr lelich would be in direct comrAinlcation riti the Recelvin Uit set up wth the Armed Forces. In each Sector a number of Local Operators co id be distrl.butod in iml)ortant railway :::llIctio:18. Tbiese operato:s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 V V-0.,:?,re.-14.E4.1 i .?,,,,,, .."7" 1?11.7i-44r'"-, 00' 4 ?O? ?,,10 , "r ,? r" ,'..t.!' ' 11, ' ,41a, ??? ' .4" g ? s ? ? a' ? '` ? . ? ; - ? b? ? , ? $ ? ???`, " ; - jr ? artc: I ? ? IV; would 0ommunicAto with 'heir rospere00 Rssiomil Cantors* Zattil Votwork would to oramagsd red function as ssperats nntt oo tillat If one of thorn Ls dotoctod by ths ammo the anti:es structure of the signora network would not be joopardisod Tho followino aro tontiktivo lietc of loco.3 points which would transmit to thoir roopoctive Regional Conterst Sootor A (Altornotive Tormonds) sm. flassol Liege flanur Ltbrumont Oharlora AVh Soctor 13- A,4a (Alt nativo Domu/als) Mozioros Oaelans !Axon Ohalons our Won* Dtjon Pori? 30otton C Hpnnoo (Altornativo LoLlana) anFinrop Orloann Loftin' Novara Tours Voitiorc aootor Dordova (AItorngtivo Vorivouz) Lyon tirtvo Avtgnon Uontauban Toll.oupo (3w) aoaomT,anyirw, mnpri) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - 4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 IVO 4 AND MBAN phases* A m Ora sationl and 13 0 OporatIons A. Wanlailla S rf WhIlo tho gonoval plan onn be drawn up hors at Usudquartove for approval, tt io felt thAt tho aotuttl roalica b.on can be boat carriod out from Lo Ior9 poonibly in conjunction with tho projoctod budoo in OibrAltur. Thlo would invol'v. vend- inv,; to London two mon who would devoto thomoolvoo oxolutivoly to this pro. ooto Ono or them would bo in &largo or the organisation aM reornitinco and tho othor would tako ouro or oquipmont, twoh toL 1roViontr3 And Lraining. Zh000 mon Woad htivO to ot tab Loh natlaraotory linioon wit, the. 9ropor unita of our Armed Poroo* thoro, It lc indiaponmnbio ror the occompIlohmont or t,loir tank that all oaucutial dirt:a:twin bo truunnlitted to our rilltary !toad- quarto ro tplono mon ahould 1)-0 eviranitid-to 014 to LLC ti t tate thOtr nuotloi. und wort% with ma, .4-mod Forocu wit,1 tho vttih anti Froo ouch 3p00tal Borvinolli : Aeon, aAatlalaa A, Tho -41.9ob1sta or roorlattnc progonte two dicOnot oporatio;14: (1) tho rooruiting or oporatore to bo In oluirge t.r tho tAlr or10 (2) tho roorA tdnr or tho 1.00u1 Uporatorn wit ittl otio;1 oopurtao 50otor, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? 4 .? . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 1104,4t4 ., ? 1, (1) agglitaLSWaWalThe Regional Operators will have to receive their trainine in London* From preliminary contaots and conversations with representatives of the Free Pronch 6ervieee, it zooms that their collaboration could be counted upon for recruiting those Ree.onal Operatcrx* Thee, men would be thoroughly trained by our awn technician and thoy would be sea back to thoir operating base with all nec*seary in structioas and oquipmont for the proper accomplishment of their tasks, (such equipment mifrht be sent soparatoly)* Their '4raining Will have to be condueted in ',O.alson with the Mtlitary 1.1:lit which will be net Up with our Armed Forces for the reception Vol, this Network/0 traffic. (2) Local,..0.22m1I2E2 -- The Local Oporators would be recruited in toir vospootive Hei:Jons. They wo.Ild re- oetvo 11)lited training lit/Joh could bo ; ivon to tie by the ko. lanai Opera tori thomselvQn. Throu01 our contacta tattvestu Lhia count r:0 we have boon able) to ar 14acjit tontative plan for t.:10 ruor,,iting of Local Operators. A contct rf:an afril- late(' with those lAbor 'rjnl.2atiots couBiderable facilities for L avel and connections wIV. artisan; _oups in oth the Un oeci9lod and occupied Zones. This man wco.dd rear it the Local Operators and arrano to send Umm to some point wit'tin eh district whc,re thcr; would receive t'lislr train!ni:1: and instructions rom the itoLional tor. 3* The crettini?, up of thiti notvork wo.ld call for the following equIpmont: ID Or+. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ; ,?? .? ? ??? "r1 P ? t ????-tr -?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - I. L.Tf.V'i.f.iP t"i7titi,.? ' '', l' .t,,,,?3-Ali?-43r-1,??-,. P. ,.....1 ? -....r.)i,:. .,?-:,?,:l. .? ,,i?K I- -it,;-,?? ...fp ?,, ' ?? 1. .1'??' ? ; .?.4 ? , er. :;???' 06?WgiVAi:K.t?vai4tr.dcixdr4 ? wa* '????01.? 610 Two lialongt *n4 h a ,y 44100414 for tho Army Unit to bo not up 40 tho Rotloivina bliotiont which would wanompony 14Adina tomtit. (Aquipmemt noW with our 4rmo4 JAIll000 ocnad 110 uttlimod tor Om H000lvIng thIlt#) Approxlm4toly IO noto or oonpidor010 to oporAto itt thott@ Otint0V.4! os Approxlt,latol- nO of$Allor ftoto to u# uflod by tho Looal Opopatorni 920.144192 ADtu tho tlotwork hao boon outobliobtki, tt wttl notAvo ttrunglittaolon until our far000 liow 011 tko 001041.10A, nowavor, oaoh aootor Opor4tor wia% ohocsk , Wiiprly At proarraiwod rorulur porion* witls NIA Loo10.1 Op#raturo powor and noloottvity -tg twd tko 00111440, li000ivtfiLtiut t wonId tn turn mtko roolItir ohttokA wIth 040h or thb Putt*. NonLovo ot itro4rrongod porto41 to 40,AtIrti that, Om 40twor1L tu 1. ti ounotont roodinotio For ironomlobionils tt itJ aatittmoo L) 1. ourtvtc. -ori tor vit#4e00 or Lho omatm,t OpoVuLlolt0, i.)40 14)431 And I40m1 at1upOroloVO w"ild brunolott Irt 00110o Arronrowonto wou4I4 bo mAoo LVOlibl 4401041 ta olorw upott 4 Livot!, mtv;u0 would tho oPorhtioh4 w4rr42t. It "4?4 Lotsol t)a1' t.ui itiu.11pr000mOty gyrunao to rtod uno al, two anattituuto oriorio auLtoo wwild bo Lo oboorvo ro ort th0 rittl mid routi L,urcto rotnK thrtmaii tliotr ptoqioalar l000lity. Th. L000l opovutur wot0.0 trosiomIt ror Vary bvior intbi-voia hOijimai +:43111.,01, otilut. It WOHId iho i1ut f 6(1011 lioat0441 k!,irltear oVc-Potor to ttitelvytItn (Awl e0(Idtlittod Lho lor,tr,,4tAi$0 rriso, hto 1.4.1ot Ovot-tAtorm. ktopt.,,t"v uld I tvm"otatt ot ? - ? ? ? . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? 17 S. t? 1T"'' a ?'?,;V, ? , 4,81! .01 sk ? - ? ? _ ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 141411;44.:,; ?er.11.11.2,1' 000 ,,,111771777177777177717:w 4:C}.4.,&:.:,1'''''''.:AI'S .? ,P`it''Ytt, 41i. t K. , ,..1:4 .. ? , , _ ' ,' l' ' t..,,\ I - 4 " 'stra.K.4' '.;C:-,.;?'; .14 ? specified interval* each 4ay the resume of the inforststiOn oo1100tedi The Ressivina Center would then make this Worts* tion immodiatiely available to the Oeneral 'sum fly .1a blian Non*noeurrifts Items nadio EqUipment $100000 Training ,000 Organisation and Roormitltig 000 Tr4nsportation 000 Maintonanoe and Oontingeneios Pornmnont Items, tialaries and Al *nos ot rornonnol in ()harp (Approximate 1200 piny month, It in obvious Out the setting up or thin Network will *all for eollaboration with the Pres Pronah Very nos, 0 tho bugle or renont emtvovantiona with qualtriea ropreuentatives of theue Oervioom in thin eountry, it in olatir thot wo will find thom votidy to natet un in evory penalble way? Tho aneistnneo to be obtainod rrom 1,1-anoh lervition Vor tho realisation or thin projoot I* part or al? bro-ul protaom of out' 00110AWAtIon with thorn, Tho a0vantagen or thit o?11.0ora tion giunt, or 00uPosio bo mutual and we bo propArod '4* orfor 19.1U6 raalproual *j fl Por tha ?partition of' altar own Network's, and partioultarli with roror0?00 to tit problem of trAntiportialoo or as:onto and eommuntontionoo the Prouoh $ervieee have in the pent be handlw 04%ppod b took o r Crqtapmant o1 t Lien. Lieror0 tw.oelif443 no8otiattonn 04 thlopvoiootl on A druotioal bo with t4om4 it "low- -."--- ? - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? 1 - AV7i, ? ? Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? ?k."?????.i tt?Akt 4.4sslts *ea ? ? - , ? ... ii should be 01100Pbaitota whothor wia aro I% posit on to Lv them the %alp Omit thoy expset of two wottld pkobably in vulva ma L bt thorn tim mar of twoqr thrs. vedattea pable of operating in tho UhAnnol under silvers* weattor oonditiona dal aleo tho ponatbility or aupplytng the liaranah 3epvieen with radio note* Thetis vedettea miaht ooneolvdblyb. obtained rrom the Britiish on a trgding drranomant rot* other Lond-Loade materials or by repinoing at Q later data any boat Wiloh the avibiah might nOW lathe available to as* The mile eatn reimired tor tho operation or ti a not- work, an Wall 0A0 thoeo the. mt:tt oo tvon to the Vreneh uorvioes ror Uttar own operintIono, would be obteined from the 063 Vrlority quota VI. Dap tri Lc proaout rorm, Vita projoot la ou y an o, dOgint0jd 4 r moo thO Inn In joa L 1 Asog mot tin C 1. uc tht0 num involvod 1, :43 t?up twit/ Notworic. Obvtoutal:,-* ninny ppooticoi dotatla or arra/dilationjfl porrttion w113. EN? to 1)0 tjf)i, CI r1 44rLov owitmit ta I, I I th AM/ navy Wan and 4,.;) thor ropro- ileffitcti I MI 1,11 1,011 dOtho I nit Iry 0011110lan of ntu2 o xporlonett,i, Conoldortne thy) dliftcultion which tho nottinc 4p or otioh NotWiJrk would otwountors Cho 'on I I nt C thio projoo tti 1et ii tO ta10 oonAtOormblg, Limo. lr t..!10 Az ;ow ,11.1.11tArd ? mnato with apprOVole will roquivo that.; rwal 1iatit.1.,.3;t lin n in ihohly;tt ? r' anri Annroved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - ? n 4 . ? 1. ? ? ? ci 01, 5,- ? ?170009Z001-00011-0000X?1-dCll-V10 L/60/ eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI ai? .,????? OPet *let AInr a"r #sosTAbtog qouo44 wulqottoquttoo oq sownslosu us poppioad oq Tol4ovato ao4q0 'Rom au tOTWOMPJ 111V U000 ow suoilimodo puv OuTuroal 40j RJUOVOOMI quowdTnbo oto opTAoad 04 *pm oq squiowsOuvJav Arobn oc .aolvaodo TsuoiSou t Jo numnaloa stm aoj umtol uooq oAwq sdsvo Aasulansad ss twoo sv JOAO woo sq 2uTu1s44 4toral midribs jo sOktutio WAustsTosv TvoTutool og 'AvVity jo soiturrulm v wqm uopuoq poommd upTlinu o *Unto 1t usw (Au ot 0.,??; iri?temitipp#02???[1/4-431;beroh.????y$4....0?41?1.41.1!*rit44, if i? - 744. t '4?ss? ?170009Z001-00011-0000X?1-dCll-V10 L/60/ eSeeiei -10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI ????i ? ss?,?? 4r ? ? - ? ? .? . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 EOTADLISIDANT OF OP TIONAL BASE ?OR LEMAILRLIZU N hill /lift ri/ /1.44 e A"ci PROJECT NO. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 copy .00.1., or 4 PROJECT 10. Establishment of Operational Ba e for ?9 ogee ern Euro d rreu (6) To establish and with active reoiatance groups (See French Proecto (b) To provide for of the action taken by the intelligence an (c) To facilitate the rapid transmiesion of Sections; and meseagee from representatives by the the establishment of an operational b.A5e in G'braltar. I pjLCI(011$3?3141ENT: The eerience acquired from our o,,,eratleas hitherto emphaeizes the necessity of establiahinE operaUonel bases aloag the lines suggested in wy memorandum of April 16, 124i4.:1 to etich refer- ence, is made. Three primary esnentials to the early success of our operations in the Axis ?coupled or domlit,ted cour.tries are: maintain effective contact France d French Uort II Africa. h to III, inclusive.) the effective coordination d Secret Occrations 11.a agente to headquarters and 'S,?? between representatives and ents in the field; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 gr. ? / * ? ? e- ? ? It r _L? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 04. Ori ay.1.1 tttstu?allrAt, ? t! - ? ? ' 1)4,1, ..41,? .._1 V.. ev. P.? '73, f , t ;1i -; . 55 I4N **,.., ..?, ' Cog No*L 0 41:e: k (*) 0140* 00tmot with oad offoctie4 ups of Coe groupA owl Oritfinitetiono whioh aro, slotuckly or pottially, omsegod in *Wig* rosietanoe to Om Axis, (b) Mei:lave coordinotion of the action token by our own XittellAtIonce end roorOt Operations Bootionc tn cooperation with these groups end cronisationv* (o) Sapid and ware 00*MUn1Oation or message* and trancportatioa or men nbd materials? 1. We have noithor the trained Kent* or any groat rosarvoir of dependable potential agonta susooptible of being train, within A roaonnablit ted', Mufficiontly to enable the* to maintain n cover end do effective under.?cover work in the continental Zuropenn countries or in North Africa, On the other hands in wirtunily ail thoao countrion there aro not only innumerable indi- vidunlo, but will organiaad group* and organlwattono 1,11101 ggk nothing morg than that wo optalatoh and maintain coots:wt with them tun. Kive thee the rol?etivoly Mmd0Ot MO41111 which they require to accomvlish our This npplieti equalAy in uonpootion with our intolligono,work and in connootion with our subversive operations. our principal effort in Southwestern Norope should, thoroforep be dirooted toward ti P cstablioh- Mint and maintounuce of ouch contact ond the farniohing of ouch wOrIAS? In tho nano or ?rano* this hen been done by the Suglish, primarily through the dropping or men, aquipmpnt and mat4riai ? .11?14??? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? 1 ro: 74 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - :11 ? 17t, . ? _.....5.....4got?izttleaWk!an$4._4+701P9k.6** _ .,mhaNeilidg4,41$510WMENR.S00.,hweamp.....0,.^ ? Copy so of 4 by irp snots ovor the occupied territories. Ouch MOMS ere not opon to us until, ut least, we have established air bases in tngland and irolund, and it is suggested that ovon when such bases are established, this mothod of operation should ba loft prI.siri1y to the Eh limh. Various projects have been elaborated for the use of overland route? through Portugal and Spain. These routes are, howavor, curofully guarded and present grout (Unger aed difficulty whore any extonmive utilisation in involved. it hum been suugosted hy the leader, of ono of the rronoh rogiotaace gron45o that tho most erfective Nee410 or contaut betwoon hits and eimilar organimations and ouraclm would be by th Imo or email ourface craft which would Opend upft their epeed and manonverahllity, rather than ipon catmouclutio or oubmornion for Protection, (800 my memorandm to Colonel hnxton of J une 17, 1)42) Such craft phould, if lion/able, have a range utiffi cient to enable them to roach the Frehoh Mediterranean enact aud roturn to Gibraltar* (The ditstance from ilibraltar to mareoillo Le 690 milee.) They rhould be caivible of maintalnins? in ret,nonablo weather, n 0.mtnitig tweed ut from 20 to ki*ti with i xtu tid submtantiall eroutor. Bouta of tho "P.T." or "Z" to,paa oould preaumatily be converted for Wits uee by the removal of the torpedo tub ee and, popeibly, on or thoir throo ont4nolits to theromoo otirrying land Nei Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ;?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 -too:7; .46,10 *4.-$164/Xitelialowtft cM4ITh - - ? 1,-- Copy NO. 2, of 4 , mupaeiJy. If the opor4tiona prove nueoeasful, oret of similar Armed but grouter tonnnge might be denirahlo but it mhould be pooeiblo to initiate the operation? with boatn of tho type suggented after a olnimom oonvereicn. If the roquired range could not be provided for Is this typo of boat, =shoo of fuel and provinlogte onuld be made on the nano)) 00aot or on adjacent isliAnde, and upon the uninhshited islands or the Columbrotoe group, whioh lie betwven the Splints)) moinitud and the Baleario Iolanda. (Bee pup 147, Volume 1 of H. O. 151 ? Brit. Adm. Chart 1458). Panto or cohtuct e1ou4 the Fronoh coast between Marseille uud Chnueo could he cotubliahod. The French reoletunce group, the louder of which la ruforren to ahovo, ha* "organized" thin count for thio ourpono. (Tho peninoula betwoon LaCroix ztnd (it, Tropez Capon Lardinr And Comma, ? would be i4en1 The couut for oome dietunce inland le uninhabited except for ono ioolutod ram houoe? Whon 1 Ihnt viottnd thin rogion in May 1940, it was wholly unVortiftod and mnotrolled deopite the immine:,00 of the oxpootod Italian attnoki Tho virtually tatinhabitod T10 du Leva.s.t of the Hyoron group tet&t elm) be unod). Mou and material') lano d at thono oopintal pointo could ho tra4loortod evor the ut,ierground railway of the roptottolco group o (won, wt Aro urbureo, !Alta the Ocoupied Zone. Frenchmen, who hecuutte or LLAir I lvi t mugt 100,V0 rrance? or who ioniro to Join the Freo rrorwh Fortme could bsk ???14,0. ' ? ?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 IP A 0. _ ? ftw. .4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 11, o..? o....or.ot.ono-orossone0o-o,.o.OrmOoro k43, Maitalk014W04.0f0040fio twrs ?,,,s03+13r-0.4 . Copy he* Z. of 4. removed from nem)** Radio 0Ontaot botwoor our eraft and pn tn le aote ou the count (wad be mhintairied at pradotermined hovro. The French groupe and organisatione, properly directed unl given the moans, could furnia uu uooret intelligenoe and curry out eublrorailre oporntione Ar moro effectively thmn could be done by any network we could hope to out up with agouti intredueed from the outoida. Similar operation0 could be worked alone the African Couot and a notwork of mall radio etatione vet up in the Intorior which could oommuniouto either with our croft fir with the Woe ut Gibraltar. Whilo the etriot tieparutIon of the uotiviticti thou(' actually ongutod in Um field in the collection of eccrot intelli,Lehoe from Chat or thooe currying out aubveraiva operation's im undoubtodly deeirahle, it le roll, to hetaket_2,42, that the coordination of thew acttvitikon be uo cluun to povalblo in orner to rovont confuolon mod "crootivd wiroan. Thin ie purticul4r1:, truo whorop t,t; in tho Lorritoty undor conuldorution, thou? churciA. with Lho direction of inn two aotivitIou mnot rely iximar114 1.i-Oh the Halhe COVer uad Oilmen themeolvon to tho vume groupu. It ia virtually itopouni.hlo Lo rayon t cot t futilarl and minundera WWI n un 1 0;-1.1 the vent of 000rdination to piaood au 1-car as foaaible to the iont of operattonc. Thiu oan boot he don? ut un udvnuced operationui his commanded by Onii Mats ilbUripid with the direction of both 0430 t i LOO by Opmalulitito In ouch The coramuldant of 04ch a base ohould be or durrictont caliber and enjoy ourficient a4.1Likorit,y to ourry out the direetiveo received from 1.eudquarters. I. goo 5.ao - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - se ? 'If 'ST ".11......?0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 .14 , Copy No. 1, of 4. .31, Perhaps the greatest handicap under which es have hitherto worked has bean our vIttually total dependance upon the State Department, both for cover for our representatives and our communications. This ham meant that our represeatatives and agents have been under the primary control of the State Department and that both they and the contents of their messages have been known to a relatively large circle within thie Department, both horn and abroad. The risk to their security and that of their informers and sub-Agents is obvious. It has aeldom been poneible to complete an exchange of cables with our agents in less than a week, even when the officials of the Department have been disposed to tooperate to the limit rendered posaible by their administrative regulations, which has not always been the case. The effective value of secret information secured in the field varies in almost direct proportion to the reed tte lecrecy, with which it can be transmitted to the point which 1.4 is to be acted upon. In many caeca the tranemission of information which might be of great value results in far mere harm than good if it is transmitted by ineecure means or, in trahomieelon, becomes known to parsons Jai-able of even unconscious indiscretion. On the other hand, information obtained in one area may be of great value to agents in other regions if received by them promntly. It may be of little value i1 received only after the lapse of the time required to transmit a. passage from the point Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13Xnnnnl Drinni g?-.4 ;1,41 ? ? ? ioarr*a?R.POINL.4?Namai ? ? s ? tr ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 Al$ 4.3 - .,,V4 :".??Li?? - 1E1 Cow So. 7..0 4 origin toh *Apard ratoinsnit the information quarters to others in the Nteid. This situation could be greatly improved by the estaolishment of An operational bee* at albraltar which would be in direct radio oommunication withlWashington as well as in touch with the agents in the field. XXXL1 a ??? The bow personnel should oeneist ofi ) One Chief representative charged with the dime. tion of both Intelligence and Subversive Operations. (b) Two assistants. (c) One or more representatives of the French groups. (d) Two cede olorks. (e) Ono radio oFerator and on* competent radio technician capable of instructing French operators in tholr own language. (Such a technician could no doubt bo recruited in France or from the Fres French Forces, brought to the base and, after he bed familiari,ed himself with our equipment, be could be entrusted with the training of operators recruited In France und brought to the base). (f) The Naval personnel necessary to operato and AMU tain the speed boats . presumably two officers and from eight to ton man. . _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 V.4,4 I. - .1- ????? ? ? ??? 6 ' ? -? ' ? ? r?..r.? ? .'? - " ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 - " 4?????444-44441*1.31106AWAksealgrat.???4 ff'?!??i. ? ??? _ . Oupy Nof or 4# (i) TM grow or Mgt flying bon% or **phiblmo tkirpl4ow whieh it woad bp domiroblo to havo kitthod to th4 ha** for opoolell SUOI044 on0 o*prontly wmoki koja rr dotrod ilooirpblop Oa* 'NNW, 0041n 4014,4, midly Imo roplgood by Tvonoll pormoung nitinor rooruit*d rronoto or Ow' fro* tho 101,44 Yronoh Yoroom? 'Cho b**10 mktoripl 'it/Noir/4d would 13*t (*) Otto or' if p1poib100 two bonto or tho Opsoribog *hove.* (b) A lositll longwriAngo flying 'mit or **vbiblem ptrploo, (o) Vuol sti **Wog mintonftno0 tool* 4nd p4rto rot Uto RDOWO* (d) 00VOP phort.wpvo w*1141*.rpnap rSIUtr4uootttlog ?tid r000iving 04044 wilah 1.0p4ir ono mAt!itolipnoo to61#1 4nd rort.o. (o) Tho wotorioA niquiroa Vor tha copomwtoti 4 wit terphalh grempo 0004 ti o dotoristioo0 no thou, oporAti.ilo !,rogroitOoJ prow-4001y prihting prooppot r4por fund 14U n4pPOPogo1411* 1,10tort41, woOd ho rolJowofl iyro4to ootp, **batpot *qtapimont Pktot whtori41# ow411 4otnitotlo owl* ood nowunitioop otos Wm ?hp 4'11f' L% doh1u0t04 rrOM tho Diolo ohould, to 80 ror 40 lermitio 0n4 Fronob iiorth AC?rlos *r* owoorlooli Do 0,0ooly vouritibotod throogh 4 0004MItt00 Wit i4V ii LOWRIO? (A oommIttoo hop vo0tiot4 boob ropmod 4na (iomiloto or roproointiltivop or 14.o, pogo .10a4040CuI th, YV000h rnOititA110, orPOiOnttiloR0 AR AmbrAwko *owpr ohot4i4 tido isoomitt** or * imphroto movilitoo Vormods) 4,0 ????. ba v0464 f00 01: "414Afag.VP'W' ? - ;4? L . 1 4 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? ? C ? ? ? ? -I ? .4 ? ! p ? rt, krati cr''' ? J, ?. ff -a? r tin ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ; ? . ? - '12`4" '111,1 '60E41 -r , -,1*.iewa-woMetsr--...ltet*IrkftaWatztaem ka.chatAaritsrMatttIttreN1 . ? Copy Wo4 of A. ? It is lispommihIO ot thim st4go to Aiva eny wieful istimmts of tho mita of this projmot, They will aspuud vury imrgoly upon 01 xtn t tho tadj both in pormonNol mnd setter offordod by tho Nmvy, iluoh U 4n1 thp @loop soopurtition of Ms kvy would be ummontiml to the su000nsc,f tho projout tn the roils. tivoly wor futuro, * -51 It * w * * Juna4, 194 It to roolootfully ouggaotod thot tho poopthility i'Ioolui; Vito 1.rojoot orrbot bo 001:01tiorod oo .romPLIY ugs r000lLlaifflttiot, if dootqui odobohlo, mn opportuoty bcs grAhtua ror tin 0 rta 034444t tion or tha ra oul to it to hopod to obtain from Cr. :.???%* -51 ? t 0. ? , 31, "-? ? , - - 1 ???-? , Jjj Ti1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 .?? - 0 : . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? ? . ?oreo.WketleAtta IV, CArat 77,-.717M .10114I . 44-1 7?. Copy No. 7? of 4 It ie impoacible at thin stage to give any us ful oetimat4 of the costa of thia projects They will depend very largo4 upon the extent or the aid, both In peraonnel and material, afforded by the Navy. Such atd and the close eooperation of the Navy would be enaontial to the success of the project in the rela? tively near future. W. A. fl Juno 22, 1942 tt in roe motfully nuggontod tnot tho Imo:Ability of plaoing thin projoct into afoot bo conoidorod tti ,romp foal:able and that, if doomod odvinublo, un opportunity bo grrntod for un oral oxpooition of tho ronulto It Lc hoved to obtaiu from it -9- Abairs. ' MP 404. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 re F fik?- wESTERff RIM satirsti wts-rERN REGION ? S:urtt EASTERN itiVION "04.T_PIERN RIVON Sit EA-STERN RESIOPrIFCRMER (Sri A-i.) 'OTHER RAILWAYS' -- to NEWHAVEN VALOGNES LE HAVRE DEJ-1,--UNfILLE ????????????? BRUSIn.S ,- TO MOOR AS . .,..-emr .A vAuti 11.104, -"ArtLERni 71, ? *futtiltrry T I * ?*9 tlikso0i'` ... re ,\.. d?_'_?, .... Lk* ST oy,itipti 4\" tif4.--- TERGNER ,.., 1 .\4(,00, LAbc --1- , ...... ia< \ ; ??Flat, IslCiE;t%4,"4'w REM VERDU t i i 1,`,04.,. ifileRRI - i A PA.R1kr S -4; RES4. tr?? ? ? IF t b PI ? 4 ? I' tf! :itks 'k-t,t. .. ? 1,..1 il 0 4 s? . ? 0") 4 e (A is, e?? t: ;AMP : ? ??:.."'??? ALE:. BLOi5 ????? .???? ".? -???? ? , ? I ? 0' 444Su to 8APCELONA?L, PERPIGNAN CERBERE PO% BOU .4 4to ARSEILLE .4!"...1,41 M LTOut.ON MEDITERRA .V E ,V onal Railways system, showing (shaded) the territories in German occupation SEA Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001 0n7snnn4_q Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/27: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100250004-3 LA ROCHE LES SABLES 0.0LONNE ? ? ? ? ? 01 TIER ARGENT() LA ROC,NEt. E GUE RET NO1 N LE VERDON GANNA H. A. I I t? H 96. \ ON TC H k ( ? 0114141?0 /WI PAY ? ? 6 ? ? 0. ?ii1 ? ? LUN k )NIE ? ?r ? ? 000 11?61.4140, NI i A 4. ? ? ? ? ? oo Oda. ? *I. ? g ? ? , p S' ()ERMA IN ? f ? I'MA,Chl ? ?I**. ? ? ? ? VHS F OSSE (4, ...40.*1 / ? 4. ? ...it ? ? 4' -egg ???;0001(1: ? I as '? ' VAL L ViChY 0 ;Ie.@ ? /al Li GARDE. ? p ?I. ?.?????? *. to. ? ? -* ? ? lbs s I a ? ir ? ? 6 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?fg.? ROANNE? 41, .0 ? A ? .1 ? ? ? t4 IC Yet ? g. .? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? . ??? ? top ? ? ?IF t??? ???? %? ? ? ???? e sal ? 10, ? roe i!t? 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