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November 3, 2016
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July 31, 2013
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January 23, 1943
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t' " -'tfikkjgwi 1-44'� golgiceonatstgamio"-*'"'""fo�Vifftm-iff,,2 �� ;fora.% `v:LV.C14 tr, � .4�.."*!"- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 COPY FOR COL. DONOVAN'S FILES Mr. Frederic Dolbeare Hugh R. Mason "Paulv' Jan, 23, �L943 Replying to your memorandum of January 19, I quote herewith a memorandum left on my desk by David King: "I spoke to B. about our friend D. last night. Apparently everything is arrangrd. D. will proceed to North Africa on or about the 15th of February and report to Girauds I asked 13. to arrange It so that D. could also keep in contact with Bill bAdy as I have a shrewd suspicion he may be useful to us over there. B. said he would so arrange its:1 Regarding money we should meet his necessities generously. Try and work this out in a way satisfactory to him. In regard to his code you might ask him whether he wants to risk taking this with him or whether he would like us to transmit it to Eddy. Please instruct him when he prenents himself to Eddy to say that he is "Paul". If he departs before we have time to t;et a letter to iddy we must send a cable stating that faul has been working for us and that a full account of his activities will follow by mail. When this Paul send me a draft- ritirrt \ok LN,44( �ZA\�): um Jan in ardor e, URW:00 has all been morked out between you and notice of your arranoments and I will to Eddy for the Colonel's siGnature. id to t he send our copy of the material to can be certain that ho is playing " 'Y1 lit IF rtr cmr Hueh R. ilson 11111111111111.11===.111111111163adal Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 e1s1ftpeanu Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 rim)yoi � souserawasarsmossiLlOginalrIPSI OM] (14339,imbroart.....� 3' � ���� ..........amailaW141410tV244.10401"aitrumes laraw..h.r.amadimeMiltliriNGVI62151131430104 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON. D. C. January 6, 1943 MEMORANDUM F04 COLONEL DONOVAN: The French General Staff in peace times contains a section known as the Second Bureau, which is the information section. A subdivision of that section is known as the "Research Section," The "Research Section" carries out all clandestine activities, in other words, operates a secret service. At the outbreak of war the "Research Section" becomes the Fifth Bureau and is commanded by a Staff Officer. It operates in war time completely separated from the Second Bureau, the latter continuing its functions of collection of information through attaches and other legitimate means. With the collapse of France in 1940 the personnel of the Fifth Bweau severed itself from the Army and set up a secret service of its own under the former com- mander of the Fifth Bureau. This commander has expressed the sentiment that as far as he and his men are concerned the war is not over and will not be over until the last German has left French territory. 01-64 There e in Washington a representative of this SECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X000n1 Rnnn-inrywIrw14 � It u ss � sleitos% Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 71177.;:6:i�..c;! � � (+. bidden Fifth Bureau. He is a Fronoh professional Army officer, a mein of character and integrity, who will obey implicitly the orders of his former and present oommander. This representative was established in Washington and, under direct inetruetiona from his chief in Frame, established connection with the American Army, speeifi- cally G-2, From time to time this representative fur- nished information to Colonel Donovan's representative, which was in turn paesed on to G-2 and officers of the latter establiehment have often expressed their appre- ciation of the information furnished. I append herewith a copy of a report as an example of the type of material furniuhod. On the breach of reintione with Vichy the military personnel of the French Embansy waa interned at Hershey and the Frenchman in question accompanied his eolleagues in this internment. It had been the intention of the OSS eventually to bring about the release of the French- man, to endeavor to reestablish his contact with France, and to utilize his services either in the United Stutaa or in North Africa to maintain this contact. Paren- thetically, lb is believed that if this contact could be reeetablished it would be much more unique and valuable now than it was before the ocoupstion of the whole) of France. 1ZI: misms=ammemill111111112g11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 MEN Declassifiecland48.k.ggTed For Release 2013/07/31 : 4-4 _CIA-RDP13X00001 f 11 ' � ';'.1! R000100300001-0 04-1va..1, How:ever, It wag disoovered at the State Department that Ube President had interestedhlimmelt in the matter and had ordered adversely in the ORO@ of the Frenehman in question. Atter talking with Colonel Donovanp Mr. Hugh Wilson then oaIled on Admiral Leahy to explain the situation. Admiral Leahy rogigested to know more speoifloally wheWer gn order had been issued from the White House And in what form. M. Wlon investigated again in the 3tote Depart- ment And WIAA informed thgt g letter had boon written by the Vresident to Mr. Oumnor WeLloo instruoting bhat this Frenahmen should be returned to Viohy and Admiral LAghy WW1 do informed, 4ubdoquently, Aamtria Leahy inrormed Mr. Cation that he wall0'0111 emleavorink: to and out the reanon tor alio ordor but ao fluo withogt puciONipo k Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninn-4nnnn1 (-1 , OOPY Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 777�'1177P' Nt� tn.... , n.. 1....nWril� 4.1.$1,400.14.4.14�44 - - 2 Oat. 42 DEPLOIZONT AVIATION ALLEMAND DROUT JUIN Nate --fl fly i eu pour Ainol dIro pas do ehangemonts dopuis (lotto date. FRONT OCC.IDENTAI0 A) COMMANDO= Le Mar. SHAME aommunde la IIIe Flotte airienne et dim poso do: 0e) corps aerion 4 COMPlEONE un groupomont do ohadoo un oommandoment deo operations on ATLANTILtUE du aootour aud do la Mor du NORD En outre ii oxioteralt un le oorps aorton indepondant ot groupant touted 1ed formai:lona de ()hada() do nult. D) DEPLOIXUNT AaINN Lea groupeo: 3 1 26, 2/K0 56, 100 (no dont pout ;tro plum our le front 000idental?) Lod grouped 2/KG 77 (4. RENNE8?), VICO 77 (BEAUVAIS?) vonant tous les doux do la Meditorrane� Le groupo 2/1(0 40 (peuatre partl pcur Extreme Nord?) Lo 3/K0 40 aomportant 3 osoadrilles dont deux on Vritnoo I_' C 1 " C Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Irk 4 -44ss's .f4 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t It (la Se 41, BORDEAUX, lo 94) .1% ORLEANS..BRIGY) Le groupe do destruotion 210 a quitt4 TOURS pour le front Oriental. LIEeeadre de bombardement No. 2(KG2) eat en France et Belgique. Le 111 group� on Belgique ou Hollande Le 2� - yore GAND Le 3� - en Fr4nee ou Belgique (7 Or.de ( Bombardt Un reaum(aur la front occidental: 11,500 appare11a(10 a 12 do ( Ohasse (3 Chao de Nuit UNIT4S D1ERGAN2,1JNG 5 ()Toupee en France: 4/KG4 AVORD 300 BRETIONY 40� - ORLEANS-ERICY 55 OISON 77 - BOUROES (pout etre LAPONI1Let NORVEGE du NORD V Plotte: G. TUMPF pOrti pour Belgique MiDITERHANEE Lee effeetifa paraisaent devenus idort1qUo it claw( de l'hiver dernier Boit onvirone 650 appal-calls. MON Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnqnnnni n � � 3p,41, 1 4 , - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDp,13X00001R020.100300001-0 - --144 ,413ViTrwtt .� � , " oil .11,11,1; , ._ .., - ....., ...... ....�..... ,. ....,... -... ....., .. ,....,.......... -.. Avon IIi4I!I. Group@ do Bombordomonti 1/06 1/54 006 006 Clroupo da DootruotIon: 3/20 Group Bombt on plquo 0/2 Group do Ohommo do Nuit 1/0 ill000cipltloo do room., noanooti loIntianoo 1/120 2/102 0/123 3/090.D Li Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t4;!ir.:1, German Battle Order.. July - August. I Panzer Division. The 7th should have left the middle of August and is probably in Russia. The 5th is at Rennes The 10th is at Amiens and may have been divided. II. Infantry A.O.K, No XV 712th at Gand since the end of February. 304bhatBruges. ? at Bergues. More precise information will be given in the next 340th (at Ostende) in the process of being motorized. 106th at Boulogne. 321th Montreuil. 302nd at Dieppe. 332nd at Le Havre. 711th at Lisieux, 716th at Caen. 320th at CotentLn. 319th at Coutances. A.O.K. No VII 709th at Lamballe. 17th at Loudeac in the process of being motorized. 325th at Brest. 333th at Auray SECRE Ne 4 NAIFYIK4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 12, � ittlasetiesi A.O.K. No 1. 327th at La Rochelle, 708th at Royan 15th at Liebonne on the point of leaving. 715th at les Landed and may have been divided. III S.S. Divisions "Das Reich a Le Mans. "Adolphe Wtler" is between Le Mans and Vel.sailles. These two divisions arrived from the Russian front about the middle of July. IV Miscellaneous. The 337th Division is probably in the region of Dinan. A division is prdbribly being formed between Nevers and Dijon. A Parachute Divisidn is at Avranches and is one the point of departure. The "Goering" regiment is at Loudeac. Middle of Alaust. The constitution of these newly formed German divisions and perha.os even of all the divisions o4 the Russian front,has been changed. These divisions now have only two Infantry regiments. The Artillery regiments on the contrary will be increa:)ed. The 340th Division is at Ostende. (2 regiments of infantry artillery ...... next word illegible) IMOMIMMINIM and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 eT.-Ti.fc�-wo Arm 41 61710411411..1....1164 II July $ Numerous am* of raliablo Intermmtion indicator le Dofoneo coustruetion is being pushod oh tho *met and in *relit depth toward the interior of the occupiod sone. g� Daemon organisation *wars se follow** asi Defense organisations ATV in progresa the longth of tho aoast from liolgium an far no Brittany to Wind at leant all pointer having landing fooilities. SECRE 1: be A sccond lino from supporting point. is bobs eatabli41ied in book of tho first at o varying distance of trom BO to ID kilcsateras This lino is skirted by; 144 St, Miohol. Mtge d'Arree, Domfront, Lisieux, Nsu- tehatel...en..Bray, Polders, Gond, Torncuson. co Other isolated oonstruotion projsots in evidense are att Vitro, Lavil, Mowers, Ohemin dee DOW'S' They Could outline it third position whioh, through Nix Term, would form A dcfensivo trionglo, The points of this titionglo would bo At* ilaubougo, Namur, tlhorlevillos de In back or this poaition oonstruotion ie in progross particularly on the Meginot line, Work fortifientions facing West and also Northwest, and preparation to destroy oonatruotion as ter as Palfort, Poaanconv and 4.4 t It4 �te t rIfranri Annrnved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,741k rAM " � 4 4' 4. s.� . � r'kr July 4 V* have learned, although it has not been confirmed, that in midemluns eonoreto sheltere five meters deep were under eenetruction on the edge of the 444 between Boulogne and Wimoroux. :tin genera/a it moms to us that sumeures tor defense and evacuation are being omposi'llly pushed in the *oasts' sone fromarthe enholdt to the Seine while in the sone!' to the Northwest and West the organisation of the shore defense seems still limited to the defense of the most vulnerable points. We sre vatting for precise intormotion and cannot confirm the foregoing paragraph. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 vit,4 ,,,444.-41.--�"*� '� SECRE � May 1 NC do not know of any depot of combat gas or stooks of gam bombs in the coastal region from Brest to Belgium. We will inform you soon of the positions of gasoline depots whioh we may know of, Paul � �1/4 , � vtik)hiltit� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �0 0 -1 ' t � Qt 1.41 ft: 4,...,..�1�449�0144F1�111111046111�SCIIVIrge�tr��400.04����,����,�� April 19th. (Noted in WM) BATTLE ORDER . boginnina of Apr13. 141h,Alla The following: divisions are grouped in 3 army oorps: Tho 37th 0, A. at Tourcoing, the 32nd 0.A. et Rouen, the 00th at Often, 304th At Brume, 306%h near 0ourtrai,-Brumeelo, Nth At Rerguem. 340th At Ardrom, 321st At Montrenil, 302nd at Dieppe. 330th at Le Havre, 332nd Around Rouen. Yvetot. Etretat (This division seeme intendxd to roplaoo the 33(th), 333rd at Caen, 3;l0th (uncertain) at Valogne, 711th at Coutances, 'Al9th utDinard. 7inth near St. ntin. (The 227th and 20nth 4/visions havo left). 211.AAMI - 323rd near Lorient Nante, 30Nth near nt. Nazaire, 327th At Niort al4a Roehelle. ?Onth at Bordeaux' - Pooherovt, 71nh at lee 'Andes . (the 0th hnd the lightly armoured (legere) 2nth left at ihe and of rebruary or the beginning of 1'C oh), A now armw,red (11* metori2ed division arrivod reoent1;,. near Penne') and ('amp Conlquidon. It maoma that it is not uompletely oraanived, but In in the pr000ss of being made qp. LILIL AM 337th at Bourget), 211th (uncertain) at Auxerre, 71st on the point of leaving). The Vrd Armoured divictioa ie deooribed ao huvinK loft raris towards the end of Maroh. IYADIA:LIA - 2 diArthionn at V,rotate At 100: tho 140th. At Nancy - the 1A2n1. SECRE f Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � �essrcisili Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - � � P - Al .1- pm ..40,00005012 �� TOM t, I The government and national wish to mamma their neutrality and conciliate England and Germany* The ocuntry has been unpleasantly impreseed by reoent English reverses and by the delay necessary to the United States before action could be taken offootively in Europe. The government also fare an allianoe with Russia end England because of the situation of the Straits* A good observer in Turkey maintains that if German pressure is applied by firm military aviation measures and also takes plain at the time of a sucoossful Gorman offensive in the Caucaaum, the government would bow to Germany, using the pretext of the Turkish people's desire for piton* At present it seems that tha Turks have somewhat diminished their seourity measures with the hope of augmenting the eastern and southern frontiers. (This last sentence is difficult to rend and therefore should be checked.) � %.01,04* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 *No '4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t � r .( - tl 00.61..aislin UraVdtaaktAit , Juli 3 We have reliable information indicating that The ooastal artillery and the DV 0. A. of the west zone of Fromm are in the course of reorganisation* The whole (mantel defense is to be taken or by the Navy which would have control of the ooastal artillery and the D. 0. A. Tho batteries of the D. 00 A., battories of 7,6 and 8,8 ciMs., which are stationed along the �oasts would be organised in four groups; theca, beside their normal duty of anti.oiroraft fire, will also Resist in the def%.nee against attacks from the sea. Paul ���� SECRE Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 / 4 % a � . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Uonevill (40 h(4ving ruached the age limit within the potlt yvar goes into retirc,ment. At prtaqnt he will ea- tablish himself with him rimily in the neighborhood of Lyon. He des ivos no publieity. flo wishes ti:: he forgotten ns a privatcl citizen. Tne loabt 1,1w co- pro3ant, the better. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r 'cr.] I/ � , , t. � . - 411 L, � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/.27/11a : CI,...ii7IDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t, '144, - � - ' yr, 11;44 BEGRAT iii A THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF WASHINGTON 316 IN C ti � J0.4.1tior t.'"2 v�s �..) V, I Cr% e) t 4 e" November 16 194:. _4 Cc Colonel William J. Donovan,, Director, Office of Strategic Services, Washington, D. C. Dear Colonsl Donovan: With reference to your letter of November 10th concerning a contact with the head of the Cinquieme Bureau and my reply of November 11th, which was subsequently withdrawn, the following information is furnished. Continued contact with France is considered desirable. however, it is not believed wise to allow any officer of the French Embassy to send noded messages from this country which have not been censored. The Assistant Chief of Stall', G-2 has been directed to obtain the cipher code mentioned and deliver it to ycu. It is desired that this code be retained by you, and that arrangements be made that will permit any messaL;e this officer desires to send to be encoded by you prior to transmittal. Subject to the above restriction, I believe that you should handle this matter as your judgment eictates. 64eAdatii4. vtrjk 0"1"^-fri 1, II 4Les-t-- (r\ Sincerely yours, ?or t:Ie Joint Ciliefs of Staff: I /J. R. DANE, Briz,a0. er jeneral, U. S. Army, Secretary. SHICILNT Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t 1. � "vg, - , � I I. � 4. - �. - -4: � bo..e ' � " r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � Li, :,., - e ' -',:' 1 1" '' :" i'. ' ' ' , ' k;Ii� . 4. '. 'i,,hi � . .; 0 ' ' w- ''''' ��!..: ,...:�,�' F.2;4., �,... ., , j .. .. " cP-$1W 172 Vrit'' 1 44. � e4.4.41 C, � I. C, 0 Ctt ; (111117"*"""..ty4;11/3/4,4,4 � rt,icw,.:ss4. XE4)44-'1,,-�a� ', .- INT CJ:T X c,.3)1,4:1kdk; y November 11, 1942 Dgiodiepog94gpgl John R. Deane The .1616i U. S. Chiefs of Staff Public lie4thoppi4iii,ng .,- 1 13#014ingiOn 1,4)41; , . P... . , � , My dear Oeneral Deane: ,accopdance With yottx" Olepbpne , requqat thia,afti.rnoon I am returrAin:g your letter' iA0 1;;Ile of Noyimber 11, concerning the exchange gf communicattipnA with the head of the Cinluieme *Ireau. Uncerely, William,J. Donovan Director npriacsified and Aooroved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � ter ,4 'A�� t =%. 44. � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0. r- - � mnreitomvpmcimtmr.4.� Avasrvarimmwstetemon Brigadier General John R. Deane, Joint U.S. Chiefs of Staff, Public Health Building, Washington, D, C. My dear General Deane: C. A C'.� chrr (inf.) es\ .k k etc V'S r; X as el Ci4 Nel C.tie November 100 1942 1144LcIfficeloks for several months carried on an exchange of communications with the head of the Cinguieme Bureau which operates separately in France in war-time and at other times As called the Research Section of the Deuxieme Bureau. 1///i The officerrma member of the French Embassy in this country--who has been working with us0 has inquired whether it was our wish to continue this service. (It should be said that he is a high-class man, that we do not pay him tor this work, and that he has assumed it as his patriotic duty). As a result of the Africau operations he has been completely cut off from telegraphic communications, and if we desire to con- tinue the exchange, the following steps are necessari: 1. He must regain possession of his cipher codes which are in the Embassy Chancery, now blocked off from all access by agents of the F.B.I. 2. Our assistance is necessary to arrange that a telegram from him be forwarded thrown our representative in Lisbon or in Madrid to the French Military Attache in Lisbon or Madrid, ti. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 II � - i'v�� �1.,�101�5 6( OMMOIMMEMMEMM\ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 .;Iiiii;pli.E244),W41017101;i1001041601011i0 " Bri adior-General Deane, 020 rli November 10 1942 who will in tura send it on to the Deuxieme Bureaus In this telegram he will inquire whether his chief desires and is able to colltinue the exchange of messages, and in the event of an affirmative, whether he desires to arrange for the exchange of telegrams via Switzerland, Since a reply will come via Switzerland, we will have to advise Dulles, our man in Switzerland, that an emissary from the Chief of the Cinquieme Bureau will approach hirn. bringing a cipher message, and we must oaution Dulles to take proper security measures In transmitting the quoted message through the Legation in Bern, I suggest that if it is desired to proceed with this plan it might be possible to arrange with the LILL to escort him to the Chancery at night, quietly, so that neither the public nor other members of his Embassy need be aware of the action taken* It must be remembered that neit4ur the AMbassador nor any member of hit staff has any knowledge of these activities* And, finally, if we want to accomplish these arrangements, the quicker the bettor, since there ia reason, of course, to believe that the Germans will be increasingly active in the unoccupied area of France* If you agree with this procedure, I would sdpreoiate your advising me so that we can acts tUncerely, J. Lonovan Dimector vel*- mind nnrnved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R00010030000170 MEMORANDUU: TO: FROM,/ Fred / OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON, D. C. November 10, 1942 te" SJ CT; C 109,01�portommunpotiong�,*111V-:;" ie*S�Ba-reau of F enMineralleS aff Ga....balaulf.....a.C.G4-4 phis office has for several mdnths carried on an exchange of communications with the head of the Cinquieme Bureau which operates separately in France in war-time and at other times is called the Research Section of the Deuxieme Bureau. Tha.aoaulta.baue b-Gen-iatauyi-satt-sfaviDevy-to, ma4e. to a memorandure-to-you-da-ted, ab.out. October-22r relative to in- craasIng.the-flow6-of communications by operation of a secret 4-r�a-d1zil station in this country. The F lohmarl'in this country who has been sorvtifIligiU4ettika14,h�-ono_hand. uad oureuelves-oa-the othox.,...iar....s&yq4,1.cnpw,\a-member of the French Embassy., ila--a-poker-wi-t-h-nrer-yasterday ajilpernoorl and,. i quired whether % 3 L �\ vk �L ( ,�11 it was our wish to continue this-exchange,. tipomm�ble. liaolvissuLyslur--a-t-titiade-to-th-i-s-whole matter, I answered his (4\ ) . \.%4 , a I 4, =.� ,t Uncle,r_Arasent ao4d1 ions he hes been 1is -L I m � kit k 01..A L1 . L 4 MINIMOMMMOMMMEMMEMMEMMINW111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - , arov0 I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X009.0.1R0t9,010t0390,001-0 , , Colonel Donovan -2- November 10, 1942 completely cut off from telegraphic communications, and if we desire to continue the exchange, the following steps are necessary: I'N,AX4eV"""" 0 1. He must regain possession of his cipher codes which are in the Embassy Chancery, now blocked off from all acuess by agents of the F.B.I. 2. Our assistance is necessary to arrange that a telegram from him be forwarded through our repre- sentative in Lisbon or in Madrid to the French Military Attache in Lisbon or Madrid, who will in turn send it on to the Deuxieme Bureau. In this telegram he will inquire whether his chief desires and is able to continue the exchange of messages, and in the event of an affirmative, whether he desires to arrange for the exchange of telegrams via Switzerland. 3. Since a reply will come via SwitzErland, we will have to advise Dullejthat an emissary from the Chief of the Cinquieme BUfeau will approach him, bringing a cipher message, and we must caution Dulles to take proper security measures in transmitting the quoted message through the Legation in Bern. I suggest that if it is desired to proceed with this plan it might be possible to arrange with the F.B.I. to es- cort him to the Chancery at night, quietly, so that neither the public nor other members of his Embassy need be aware of the action taken. It must be remembered that neither the Ambassador nor any member of his staff has any knowledge of these k%ctivities. And, finally, if we want to accomplish these arrangements, the quicker the better, since there is reason, of course, to believe th,t the Germans will be in- creasingly active in the unoccupied area of France. D. - nnri Annmved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 < Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �;;.,7qffr:-";; r ' ' tiliq371 , titivosittratomwo XEMORANDUM 011 ,> October 23, 1942 is The 4ituationt The French General Staff in peace times contains a section known as the Second Bureau, which is the information section. A subdivision of that section is known as the "Research Section." The "Research Section" carries out all clandestine activities, in other words, operates m secret service. At the outbreak of war the "Uosearch Section" becomes the Fifth Bureau and is commanded by a Staff Officor. It operates in war time compLotely separated from the Second Bureau, the lattor continuing its functions of collection of information through attaches and other let:Jtimate means. With the collapse or l''VUHCO in 1940 the personnel of the virth Hureau severed itself from the Army and sot Up a st,crob rvice of Its own unaer the former com- mnder of the Wirth Bureau. This commander has expressed the sentiment Lila!, as far as he and his men are concerned the war im not, over anu will not be over until the last Oorman hub Loft French to TLere is in Washilvton a reprosentative of this SECRET anti Annroved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RD t P13X00001R000100300001-0 � � � 1 _ I. 41-J; , i , � 4' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , H* lioeim,o4.44W4o144a,4a..t 11114.011010 4,1 ormagestmetialfealligaVinSatrumessowalm.mwoomsis hidden Firth Bureau. He is a French prof000ional Army �Moor, a man of oharaoter and intogrity, who will obey implicitly tho ordoro of hio former and pros ont oommandorp A., 1, This repr000ntative lo established in Washington and, under direot instructions from his chief in Franco: oatablichod connection with the American Army, opooifi- oally 0-2. (Such connoobion waa ostablishod and carried out undor Colonel Donovanto direction and in still in active oporationel The Fronchman in Washine,ton hao oxplainod that his Chiof fools that the oxohango must be a two-way traffic, that ho must havo ti justlfloation for the flow if it is disoevored. Ho adds that ho would never, of couroo, ox pact information as to stratoic piano but desiros to obtain from Limo to time approximate information as to production, methods or modern war, ot cetera. Thin desire should bo mot us fur an it In pon*Iblo without jeopardizing our clocurity. Tho_Problom: Unfortunatoly, for rola:Ion� w1 eh crumot be remedied, the Clow of communication is salal I both to) and from Franco and Nas hing ton. The communica tion is carried on in as SECREI' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 2 . � � " - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 � CIA-RDP13X00001R00010030701-0 - . biiSialblogedallribatbialte*PWKIL4a44470:11wiemoei great A flow au tho prenont mann will permit. Technical difficultloa plua the dangor of aecurity to tho French- mon both in FMA00 and hero* yowler it imperative that if the flow bo incroaned it mut bo by othor than the proaent mann of communioation, There are obvioun advantagon in providing the faollition to increane the flow, Not only oould w� ob. tain more apocific information aa to Oorman operationn In occupied Prance, the Nothorlanda, and Liolgium$ but it It posaible and han indeed boon ouggented by the reproonativo here that information or a muoh broader charaoter could be worliod up by the men in Prance, Purther, we are faced with the daily pont-ability or a rupture with %flatly, it therefore noomn not only advantal!,eoua but urgent and indtuportaable that a meana of oommunloation bo aot up by whtoh thia InformatIon onn oontinua to ranoh uo even If volattona'apo oovorod. Tho (Mar lo Pronoo p000l:vattea Lho prooarioua naturo of Lilo buolnooa that. ho lo ottPpyLne, on. Honoo, ho la Mfl rtpu.Lcu t.Iut L all lumina of oommuntoraton for hi.t ohalt be "Vrenoh," Ho wanta to bo b.Lo to orfor the do- Vouao for Idwaolt and him, orriooro that ho tato outvloyod Vronoh ohannola an0 Imo not; boon in oorroapondonoo with foroli-M opvernmenta. no foola that It ta ppobablo that n.,incQifipd and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7�.`. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -4 00 Q1 officero in the Oonoral Starr nvnpect hie activitlen and wit* at them but that nevorthelena nom epinode or a0M0 prOa41.111@ may at any minute bring about the arroot of himmelf or hin mon and he mut have hi n record elear. A repreaentative or the 0.8�06 ham ainoummod taw toohnloal problem involved with the Frenchman hero and a propomal Ilan boon formulated to nolve thin communica- tion difficulty In ouch a way an to give (a) reanonablo aomuranco of a volatIvely oontlauoua flow of trafrio ot oommunloatlon and (b) the oloment of nemilty that seem neeempury to the loader in Prancee The Proxppi4 ����7PJ - � � lt 14 propomodt 1. That the �acquire a mmall oonaor (aomoribea In memorandum herewith attaohod); ThuL Lho 0 roopult n vrenoh1fl4n In whom LL har4 conridnnuo, Umoll() opnout(r tr II 1. tr Hunh VVOVIMIMAri tr.) hn Lrainvd uii VW110 01101-40.01'1 Thu I. Lim Vodnohmttil In ,attihIn .ton pay rm. (Alta jri Lt.& 1.1./1 Li t't to Lim!. 1 11 1.1'14011(.111� 4. That tht:4 otation 1noo1v05 mmiont:ioo In the WPonohltan'n (Judo alwaya t.1 L1'() an intopmndiary to Ow ond that the Wrnnohman opnvaLln Lilo radio Vont that SECR1,:r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 a Ars ../ � te- '�-� � I �� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .5. he is serving the United States Government both in sending messages to France and receiving messages from an American station in Franco; 5. It is obvious that such a station could not be carried on without raising immediate question, especially by F.B.I.) 0.N.I., and the Signal Corps of the Army. It Is proposed to 'rive sufficient explanation to each one of these organLtations to reassure them as to the purpose of the sending and receiving; 6. while the 0.S.3. has confidence in the Integrity and purpose of the Frenchmen here and abroad, nevertheless it would seem advisablo to make assurance doubly sure in El matter of this importance. It is therefore proposed that flimsies of the ciphers used on this station, both incoming and outzoing, should be 1:urnIshed tc Army and/or Navy eryptographemi to the end that an entioavor may be made to cheek the nature of the moosageo. sECRI...14 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R00010030000i_n 11 IJL fif 4 4 f!, II r. � I � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 MEMORANDUMPARED BY 0 S 6. EXPERT (:) Suggestion contained in no. 2 seems to 'LIB preferable to no. 3 and we believe it can be handled as to meet =V friend's requirements. ��� ,����� - A senond more verentile 4ortnn, 000ld Le jail � '10 In n I "rOXii,,q !,oly thirty days, 1 i the Imo of 0 ':.eclium-:.owered PRI :il t: to r In one of our ov-,pn for ctr o r th ) folio! 1r4 trtion � : on rr,,inr: on n teler.raphl.o code oorvo-sn t on. i,re of 'nr own oonl..or .1 t on f1oers can hold t.ho oo.-)tnot r 1ly44 noo :ro-neht.ly p� 'T' ;fl to tho on:ir) n 1 do . iit.1e t.,)9 f'", � Tho rorio- ti .r'n ')e d(o:o i.y t.h. 6P e or 11 in Or mil, bre. e.1 ni. :111.1),1 r�ion-ti e. l' Orr) r9r,,r! ' vinr; :; n 1or, ' 1 ''. 0:-,reo 0 0,roori ty; ut t.rr, fr 1.1 trn! s I '. 1.or , si � -e IL Is ti I Ic t.rin : on] ioonsc.d, VI .30 I 1.1 r - 1.. *� vy r nd 1 .1.)ni Lorin?: ()I 3, ..Tho '3 41. t :!4 ' oors 111^: r(,,t� 01111 (1.ert LI! o r I s .9 � .111 L',o .13 on.1 oi op : in ��� � ,1 h t' r � I , , 1,(', ,1 �� ' 'Irra I rr I-.)n. tl I. fl.:10 � 't 11 � 1 . ' r' :' , I - ) e :-) . 11/41' .n ..-,1: ..v :� , t. ' '.. ,�:: 1' 1 ' 1 " 7' r t, � , 1' �� � I � � ro 1.? , . ��:�� . � 1 . r r � � ej 'I � 0 4 c r� n 1 .e: 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �11. � � ���� �1,49 , 14 v Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - t , , V1. .. ry..y. .... y , IMR NOM tiO, ' I TO Lor ritnto I Anti frop Littorifit 001)14.01 Ol'ri otn. (WWI-tart 11),:ilit ( In 1P,Itt)()) (NI Lod 11 rt+itiy., DATiii t v 1.4h � :3111.,1a(t, ,),:4111 a WU Iz3 pack) 1 vtic.1 I,Iir (:arttfir I; (),,..) on :1';' fay), 11)11.) � Iwu i Iprinfi. nod hi Lhti Co I I ow Ii I Hill viillta 1 "I I1.1-A .to,LIcum 11!..).,P,1) lid )�eititt, 01.,y.p) 1,r,(1,L1 t.rcitifir) ; A. ill, !till 1 ,c'!t)() t o 1 t'i)�-); 1 I 1.() ( Et ; oh" 1., .� _1 .1 IA '() 1_,u I'I (.1 I (1(1 1(0 e if n,luII ti 1 r ri) eLr ri v H I ti il. I ri IPufi I `/:)!, Lr) irdi! 1)1 117 "t3, �/ 4 nol rsti ro I I own ; 1 1 1 ti 0E11)1 WtiI ri tet /11',1 Ii:11.1.1 iil.rld 11 I-, � I I r) I ['rill to I PA II I I 'Nil :1 9 1.t111 r tr011 IAtii I L. 1 i; r i) LI ,,c) t�ti I o i�ht 1. rtild I I vv., I t I rim ttitcl I t t'''eiI.I; 11 Lit, 'Ili!! I I i Ici It I v � i'rmirti lie :I ri 1,1)11 it I'd l� � 11 I !OWE% ; ..c% 1.11Iti I I ri ii* ti I Lei 1"1I li 1 , 141 iI ri't :1 1' CI! UI"1 I i ti f' Ii1.11' .4 1.0.1 rritt .11' a � a I I nil ' 1 n� oil t; 'I I't.) 11 "tin 1,4 ii I I .);if 1 t' 1'14 if Ill i� II,1 I ti 1 l I 0 1 II t 1 I ti 1 1' ti IN I I�ti 11 t"; e I 1 t'lri t t cI tI I ti I I P,I I 1 i I 1 � %VI II �ti I il Ii � I I fl Ot if I y in I : I11 I (1vAl:. I I Vt' 1" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 s�s"-- .--777.4 " My , � tad4411 1 ..1 I (-1 I tweitrOlnr 1,vhvo merit by 1)1 110011 iiin1s-ii is15'.) I M 1 st 1 riE111 I 1, si, 1 1''. 11.1'1 1 ti 1 t.e I rill 4 1.1 .tiliil l.Li 01 Moor Pi ri),)iit* (If iiits,1 1.11i11111.Iii ri 1 r 11 174( 1* I r1 I 1 1 t-.1 rt * 14r1 vs!, rel do 11 vo pad hq II() '11111111 111 1 "1'41011 1111 114-" MV � M14 44i,1,14tokI Hirt I ri1 y 11., lt 1 � I.r:rtri iii 1 ritl 111411 LI 11 1'141)111 r1V 111 1.11r1 1 11'001 f:11' ti 1. I .1riti 41111 WA V (1 rt ttrs 1 tl 1isriti iii 100 1.1 111 1' Orli 1 'ti' 5.0 � CI I I � :11'1 � r1111-11'h 1 41111 PO 1 11 1"0 I I I, a .1.41 I � . 1. � � I r 1.1 WM; r): :1 1.01, I'd nil I t !It 1 kr im I I rl shill!! 1111 ti 1 1 1 g I ii%ri :11./.11`r* ( Ji it IV 1 rim', 11 � . t) 1 1 rill r41111 11,111 ti1.11311 1tv I I tilt $ 114i11; It I ' 11'1EL-1111d � :"1 1' � 1 ft to i't ti111.0 1 .1 . � .1 I I 1111'1 1 * 1 t.1 11.1s11' � 11ra 1'11 i 'l i) ' lit. 1 nl'rilli.1111 1 111 A � ..itlyit 1 1 rs tilt-situ i l'tt , 11 i on : 1 1 * 4 -I vitt. it ii '.r.ri I 6141 1 rim ' . ,t'ill 1;V .11'1 I 1 11 rtillisriri 1.1s1.4 'Lill I � � ; � 1 t1' tl i 1 ri r I ,iiii do 11.1,1 litid II'. ' tilt C15, i .11 1: ' LI i: � ) 1 ti I 1 1 .11 �Alr-1 .11 tsI 1.1 lost 0,1 I I 1 's-it' ,.,� 1.i ri 1. �II :4 ts.,4�1 .11,1s; rs )(cwt.! r141 I rs 1 t-1 11(1 111 11 en 1'11111' l'e,;,"1, 1 tittiit,cii,I I I c�ti .1 I I ci 1 inn, 1111 1 1. .1 ' ,. 1 .1 1 I 1 (,ttisrs 'rli 1 i.ti I 1 .11 t.. 14 1 I 4., r. ittt 1 1 1 1 l't 1 1 1.11 1 n i't v Ir� ; If 11 I ri II/1111,1'i 1 ' 1 ti 111110 I 114)1 Ott W I 1 rs .1 1 i .'4).11 1'11 V wills ),1' mi� 1411 I IWO' ' 1 rl t4 1110 .1 ,1 tl in' I ot 11 n tI ri t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified anaAppi:9,yei4orZ21)7/31 IA-R From; Harold Jones To: Murry Brophy Subject; General Emmon's propoitil ror Jnonosn Le,Tion prepared a very careful m-wu for the Colonel on this subject. He took it u, wiLh the qenoral ('*taff' to see what had hapvened t') rimmont!1 pro- posal. The General iltufr mlid, "We are not in favor of Forein Legiorm." Donovan said Lo lay off the vropoll'Ion. ever: I had already talked to ha roil Smith, Ed Kemp and nowarl Tho pitaLor wza Lo bo talked over with the PreAld-nt and I imri.inn has been directly submittal Lo him. AL; p'Jl.1 have wirod Mar. ;1 and :ihould o L in 2111,1wt.t. 1 )rr4 I I enve.Due to the CrieL thri thn ; I:(Dt win. ul Lo monhPy witli this rritt-r rurth.q., T INC uldn't ul 0 1 flythin._; wIthtmt Nig I tHein.: It -1th him an 't ,Jvinl: him Lh'., Jub;!n o' this momo. � No .0400. 10 � t 444,11). npclassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 e2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � �i � � S - AncooL ith, LU414 Itorewi ththo Lionttairtia whion you aliked Fidid to molto out, beforb ho 1 at t on 'Ripon RIO Ito hpo it t fiet$ /*or Lite) tat ti Ice Why but no No I no re) oo rd oon ti t. arat ha tried to itintt tho quoi$tionnairo to whul. t,ho individualm donut-11)e] hy you wort, likbly Lo 'Jo abib produdv. An he ofa,;,n, it bbVor pay� Lo ovorload 4doh people, � L/101101 4. � ibluova,), - v11.1.414114.. Lolls 1) � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t (:)-1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 qUBSTIONNAIRE FOR JAPAR 11�1011����������1001101.14 WOO Ap. It is believed that there is considerable misgiving in oertain quarters in Japan about the eventual results of the expansionist polioy, and of the Axis partnership. Is this really so - if so, is the feeling shared by the ordinary man in the street? It is unlikely that there is at the moment any organised opposition to the Government's polioy, but if suoh an opposition were to arise at a later date, from what group or groups would it oome? Can you make any forecast of what their main talking points' would be? We are always interested in estimates of the eoonomio position in Japan - e.g., data on the general state of business, especially internal business, the raw material position, (oupocially In oil) and the effect of Allied restrictions on Japanese life. Presumably the tendency in official propaganda is to blame shortages on to Allied restrictions. Is this so and, if sot is the arEument Kenerally aooepted? How best, in your opinion, could suoh statements be combated? tm. It is not dasirod to burden you with specialist Military questions, but you may be able to aoquira information on the following valuable pointsa (a) The effect of service expansion on the mr,n-eower situation. Do manufacturers complain of shortage of labour - if so, in what diatriots and in what industries? (b) Do shippers complain of lank of shipoing fanilities? If so, by what lines, fun what routes aro affected? An estimate of the ton-,t' all:cated for caming on normal !Itiainesa vnluftbles Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 tt.:111 � ; a ay %PO �! �, !X a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - (c) Any unusual oencentration of shipping at any point in Japan, or elsewhere, should be reported ut onoe. It is , moot neceenary to give, also, an estimate of the reliability of the report. (d) You oannot be expeoted to identify Japanese army formations, nor would it be desirable for you to attempt it. If you have ever had any aoquaintanoes Among senior Japanese officers - nay from Lifmtenant-Colonel upwards - it would be valuable to renew oontaot with them and report whore they are now and, if possible, what their appointment ie. Similarly with any other officers you may happen to meet. In all these cases the full name and rank of the officer is necessary to oetabliah an identification - e.g., "Lieut.-Colonel Tanaka, Eiiohi, met at Osaka, believed to be commanding an infantry regiment in that area, " not "Met an officer named Tanaka in Osaka." You will be aware that the easiest and moat natural way of aoquiring thie information, in Japan, is by exchange of ourdst Aurmat 26th, 19414 el���1110.... ��� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 'vivo* ir � 'I' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - i ,,-i� -t' 1 , . 1 ; , atTESTIONITAIRE FOR MA110111100 1. You mRy be Aware of the normal distribution of Japanese troops in the areRs in whioh you have been workin4. Report any marked inoreaaen or deoreasen in otrength� If there ars Any new troops in the area, where did they oome from? When did they arrive? 2. Report any nips of future arrivaln in the areas you oover. This min often be estimated by demands for more aocommodation, or preparAtions for new oumpo and barraoks. 3. You will probably not be able to identify Japanese Army formations - And an inaoourate identification to woree than none at all. It will be better to report the name and rank of aaw senior Japaneee offieer you may enoounter,where he to atationed and, if possible, what his oomrand or appointment may be. The full name is nooeaaary in al) oasea. 4. Report any inatanoee of Rum:Ilan or Chineue aubveraive aotivitlea - propaganda or aabotage. In what area are auch aotivititia prevalent and what effeot do they have ono)the dapuneae, (b) the Chinoae in Nanuhukuo? L. Road and railway information ia alwaya valuable, eapeciolly about new rondo and railway projeota in the dirootion of the Ruealan border. If poaalble, vonoontrate on ouch infomation in the following great); (a) (b) (0) Aurtiv.t. 2t1t).� Northern Korea The Suifenho area round Heih, (oprodito Mftrovb4ohenak). Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 % so 410:4000 � - ei � Cs, t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .�.. li � j ,. 6 i I 11` J',, r� r;:. it -11-M...i. ?.T. - 1 ' , dY ,,:--,, , 4.......f.o.14., it ,:,...;1 , ,. , . , ;, � , ' 7',..c,' � .11 � . , . TOP SECRET GENERAL HEADQUARTERS SOUTHWEST PACIFIC AREA MEMORANDUM TO: General Donovan. yvi / e 16 April 1944 /czcV,e' 1. Japanese Position a. General. For the Pacific War Japan poseessed a balanced uirp�naa7�and sea force. Against light opposition she quickly advancod to INDIA, to the N.E.I., and was finally stopped in the Solomons and New Guinea. Today, however, Japan's eir, land, and Flea farces are no longer balanced. b. Air. (1) From an effective striking force the strength of tEti" enemy air arm has dwindled until it had to assume the defensive. In this theater, even though air combat has boon greatly restricted, the onomy has boon unable to replace aircraft losses. In the BISMARCKS his air has practically ceased to exist. In NEW GUINEA few aircraft are stationed oast of HUMBOLDT BAY. (2) During the last four months estimated 1 enemy air stronFth in this theaterhaa decreased 30%. For March .� the enemy allocated 200 aircraft replacements to the Southeast Asiatic Theater, 135 to this Theater, 356 to the Central Pacific Area. Those a] locutions probably are the maximum possible with- in the month. During April, action of our Pacific Forces against enemy air has bven dovastatinr. There 13 reason to be therefore, tht the enemy air position in this Theater will con- tinuo to deteric,rate. AggresJi'!e air action in preparation for and durInu the HOLLANDIA Operation will either dostroy the enemy Or rorce which engages us or force Its withlrawal. (5) Estimated Enemy AIr Strength 1.11 Anril 19411. Now Britain 16 New Ire Laud 12 So1omons 2 Northwest, Apo;t (komainder of 3ValA Th)aterb21 TOTA:, 1)51 c. Land. (1) In actaal cy),Ini combat tho enemy is U1 formtdablo as ev,r. But in ',.he 2)1,0MONS alA IkIT4A1CKS and Eastorn NEW GUINEA his troops have a high sick rate; Vey are itntiobilized an(1 inathaviately slIp',11.)a. Their po3Iton'3 untenable and can HOW h0 hy-,Pti330d %)i!Lti 3afety. (2) .�,.; 15 A'rIL 1),!. the 413t, 20th, and 51st Divi3t00.1, L;taiiin. 50,000 troo:, word in the wE:tAE.-ADiti.G area; at AITAn 5,000, one-third 0.1;". wors L of C troons; In the HOI.,LiCIDIA;ME area ()�,000 0V w:Iloh at losst 50,;; wort, L or C; in the MANOhARI-NOEMPOOR area 10,o5 w-Ic! one-fitt,1 were � as- akt : Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � �t� `v I."P. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � ,!-r. � � . .� 1;1� � up 41 � ��� ..0tallialia4403414414104.*Xiiii4041610.11P.11.1.004....�,,, � r.,�,m11,-A.V*51444,4.4040,44102914.eborrip* TOP SHIN or 0) In Weatern VOQ4LKO1 5w or whiah more than half were L of 0; in HALMAnHA 1,0,000 troop, of whiah halt wore L of 00 () At pretient the Oth# 14t1, and 3rd Diviaions Are believed to be movine into thin theater0 ay the Und or April tho bulk of the 36th will probably be eant ct OVELVINK 5AY in the HUME= BAY-WAKDE area* Eiome or it may have moved on into the forward area between WAX and MADAM The bulk of the 14th will probably bo in W11 VOOHLKOP and the bulk ore 3rd in HAWAHU1A0 (4) fly L July the lhth and elementa of the 3rd will probably be in the VOOELKOP0 By I. 5eptember olomenta of the 14th Divinion and e1ement:4 (Jr ttr) 5vd w111 probaay be in Wentern voarasKop. on 1 Novewoor elements of the 5rd Divinion and probably the bulk or a new dtvinion will be in HALMAIMA� (5) The pattern of enemy deranolve moanuren in emorgin. In the past 5WPA Vorres h Ave limited advanaen to thew) whloh aould be oovered by rtght(Jps. In WITNEA the enemy hut' now sit op dertA%ses to moot such UT1 attack. He 0X- pects un to strike HAMA BAY whinh i.t almust, exactly 1b0 milon from our rorwavo air banem0 'He han dloposod his strength 00 40 boat to woot much an attaok. Hs is now nbiftio! hla weight oo 40 to leave it sacrifice outpost or 5,500 at MADANO; he ta otrongtheoltiv, Litt-) AlTAPI.: area. HOLI,ANDTA is the base Vor those forward Cornoa. 3upplion 'hove from HOLLANDIA by barge. No otrong alp rorOotl LAN-) ntationed permanently forward of H01.140110 (( ) W01. rpm' nohhAnDIA 4110 'a nu Id pro. paving another Aofonsiv., ontity. nits rtIrWuild el-101110104i tiro Lie Vt1t) tiPtut. Hld otv,)Iwt,h httlit. op Vrom WsKiii. to MANOKHat, inoilolve. Tho bole for lq so HwtNara etomo:lis la probably HAhMAHA. In other w,rds, Liii (tPlid MAOAN10mOdLeVAK in to to tn., n,trio IMI,:sitHI) 1 A Ltd LI II 1414o u MA/0( -14A kchNtltT I. i to t.. baso 1.141011.Ra. 0. Thope Is no ovidenco aq pit Io I lil Ic i Lit 1 4l thr, enomy expoots olp next attach at nokkaNDlh. No navonot vu t aneti c!trciers ill this theater. 0* 3tu Ptircon. LOgitiod lii 1114,ht fluvut MO LI to 1111 100 157-751)1111414 nti ti ott ly 11'0141 v ti.t ii rroot,' nons of th dnomy fleet. A dt140np, WE4d in itt aingtolordi heavy unito are movinp: Into 3oothorn Philippines. r. 21.11�1nr. Enemy ship int): tolio0 urt roryeilivoly increasing. nns t an one-third or th,ill -114? foplaced by new oonotrAoLlon. Tho sinkintJ,s 11,4ve boln tit) oXtuit31v,1 ttica la no p1,400 ic.ui tioentivo outor 11.1.1.,,t,r 11 thrl ouc,3 supply Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000loo3nnnni_n Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 . _ Top SECRET satisraetoryi Sineo shipping in baroly adoquato to moot minimum roquiromonts at pronent, it is doubtful it tho enomy eould move and supply largo bodion of troops. g� Intent,' Reliable intolligonoo indieatos that tho enemy expoeta�attackn at HANA BAY, MADAM, RANAUL, HAMM, and possibly TIMOR. By dosporato tanatioal ground ronistoneo to our expeotod attuoks he intondn to aohiovo maximum dolayi Ho must gain time to build ships, oxpand industry, amass raw matorialn amd Draw� dotemsow; Tho onomy 114B plonty of troops and to in time ho will not hositato to naerifico them. /IN Tho Paelfic Fleet may be available to provido amphibious lift and escort or two divinions from thin aloator for a alort poriod, possibly during Augusto If tho Floot aotion in the MARIANAS ainn momentum, this help will bo availablo earlier than August, 24 0011014alOnfil That in ground combat the enemy remains rormidable, Ii. That onomy air and naval moans availablo rots this Thoator we on tho wano. e. That tho onomy oupp1y nonitton ta prooartoua. d. That our progroaa artor HOLLAND TA will dopond entiroLy upon tho moana avatiablo. .5. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : 0100z.:.1100.31:41.07001-0 � " � You may be interented in the attached, togtthor with Jr, Bradleyla oomments thereupon� k 11/4 � II ?Ord - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 sgfige,lw pl,Fwwwww,t.:wipwel,!-A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 � CIA-RDP13X00001R0001003.00001-0 rtirriF"kM *must 5, 1944 Ybllowing memorandum to r one of the closest dbeervers of the Ohinese scene. This copy of It has been obtained outside the usual channtes and from another enay, therefore, there ohoUld be no distribution outside) of OSS. It is moot portant that secrecy regarding it be carefully obaorved. Who original document MIA dated Am 24, ohunexing. 11. P. Allmon 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � - � � � -- L!,=�-11 t 141,611544,K - � TM @IMAM IV =laA1filKWATIOiti AMMO AMAII:OAN Miff prztjaruLLML4Li 11,LIALatatu..2dagfill AtThEll.guakji BM1 z Ls= 11.E.eii.-N1-1-1111 a.4111,41t, , i5 IN'?" 11.4-0,14 SE( Japan has had ti o ohoioo of tvo altornativoo� 11 lt oould boot Chino to tto Moos DPI vhi@ half@ roquirod largo goal@ military oporationo and 4 1444 and oontingiA4 Amp otimpations And than ifico tho donor Vhat it might hove, &Avon tht Juomintofi4 to &PIT WI a real matilitio= tion of tho thut moking p000iblo Oft@OtiV@ P4@ifit4W4 and porhapo rogorr- ing tho Apollo@ took go long ftod aootly A@ it liA4 444 in North Ohiagm 0$ Or Japon @gold mAintain it onou4h pr000uro tO OMB@ strangdotions Mood OR th4 WM@ IWO Of DAMAO; t134 undorotAnding of tho oontiuulpg otrugglo for powor within UItn iRitgomintang-gtommaniot oonfliot)4 tho linolodeo thAt Ohtong om000to tO hAV4theWAP IttEsn tom him outoido of Ohina by hio thio polioy had 'WI@ advantogo that at lgAR a@ the KUomintong loodoro gow 4 (111414@@ for survival Ow would hot talc@ tho Pt@pe flOO44= ogry to tnorgloo in offootivo WAPs Tt would thuo romovo Any Aottvo hhilot tO 44DARI@ flank; And pormit ?IonoolAdAtion And 4rod44 oxtonolon of tho importont tlitipon000t.thold bosoo in (WA, Pin.41:1y; it would Povmit 11ieAPeehl oliohmont of th000 Atm@ At A. volAtivoly oosts JApan ob000 ttio wow) 414.14ftatiwil offlovtliNa, 40Ethible tkAt ttio Kpombitay-14 wodd 4114VP oxAotip AP it hAos 11140 tilOtv 4104 Jopolioppj14i, it tlfita 64 faf MAIM V) hAvti 1t#41 niooly oglRulAtoris &tufa ib 4 lititsOvilla Aohtti tty Mew WARAUDAti@fig Olitt14 ap@fizi htqo 0611004tion eiAy titireqAt to JapaR, 4114 ahipa _eivivit if thp 1i3.14P4At Pit-1441'0h 0011timica3 auorleabliftillY Platildt TAR0100 dltiv@ to P4a4 env ofronoivo liAdom 112 ic iflat bt htj t ni LIP 0.111:ge_.aattlyir- ikL Uth ).2.4 11B iPlilmrts , ohltqi 4400� 0040011(3 00110P001 IMP P41.1@int tilislhLesaTpti., tit tho cli*o! cata OVfailftriAlitita AddnioLvAtivo TI4 iO fififil of thd roltor a011660 br UMW, tlattiokil iiRP4Pt. d**41.14110PiN to 1ootoif tbo otho,opt of o dhioo whigh; iky unity in t1irepo of violont oggra��iff4 fonnd oowiittifi.k.sootold sopfaitti durlot: 1410 fivot twP gaorta or tims w4P W,14 J49449 Tatec441 10,54W-166660 AP@ IJO@Or4n4 4000hWotOd 1:4-0 thew@ t� tialfing P14300 4 40WOPPOif tho pffAlisog, 6f nnifinAbiong to mtipkilo to Ifiw oitio4paaoultollt witItitstp060, %two 40140A faait=14 Of 44-04@l4PWas Ps !filo disarta (lovevphiocifit wriiabb4ithE LI= Ca'Clb43 i:3"jaY filE4t4 htB WIPP pit4t30, LILA? lobfictotitzo 014 bi it' bo itrisit 1 a orii &t� ofid 14444044 ittoftoolivo, it, Its liao,imitia rt-,1 lho i*trit t.c lAdlitilAt oftftAdh fOttel for 110 latE0 0estiy 00 t.tv0attilvooy, 3. libt3.0)1,0111000h tit'. ini I ty d parmacts.i tt tmi Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ;60 ' rt-t �.; - 2 � top to bottom by corruption, unprecedented in scale and openness. 4.. The intelleotual and salaried classes, who have suffered the most heavily from inflation, are in danger of liquidation. The academic groups suffer not only the attrition and demoralization of economic stress, the weight of years of political control and repression is robbing them of the intellectual vigor and, leaaership they once had. 5. Peasant resentment of the Abuses of conscription, tax collection ana other arbitrary impositions has been, widespread and, is growing. The danger is ever. increasing that past sporadic outbreaks of banditry and. agrarian unrest mm, increase in scale and find, political motivation. 6. The provincial qxoups are making ODIUM= cause with one another and with other dissident groups, and are actively consolidating their positions. Their continuing strength in the face of the growing weakness of the Central governm mont is forcing new meRsures of political appeasement in their favor. 7. Mrestiwithin the 'Kuomintang armies is increasing, as Shown in one important instance by the "Young Generals conspiracy" late in 1943. On a higher Plane the war zone commodore are building up their own spheres of influence and are thue creating a new warlordise. S. The break between the Kuomintang and the Oorsmuninte not only shows no signs of being closed, but grows more critical with the passage of time: the inevitar. Idlity of civil war is now generally accepted. 9. The Kuomintang is losing the respect and support of the people by its selfish policies and �Lte refusal to heed progressive criticism. It seem unable to revivify itself with fresh blood., and. its unchanging leadership shows a growing ossification and loan of a sense of reality. To combat the dissensions and cliquiem withiL the Party, which grow more rather than lees acute, the leadarehip is turning toward the reactionary and unpopular Ohen brothers clique. 10. The Generalineimo shows a similar lone of realistic flexibility and a hardening of narrowly conservative views. His groNing meglomania and his unfortunate attempts to be "sage" an well as leader -- shown, for instance by "Ohinals Destite and his book on economics have forfeited the respea of map, intellectuals, who enjoy in China a position of unique influence. 0 idol= of his dictatorship is becoming more outspoken. These umptons of deterioration and internal stress have been increastd by the defeat in Honan and will be farther accelerated if, as seems Moly, the Japanene succeed in partially or wholly depriving the Central Government of East China south of the Yangtze. S C Declassified '11111121111111111.24111111111.11111111111111111d Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001ROnnlinn.q-nn nni Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,,, � 1: 3 �V k 40 *440 In th@ fa00 of the grave mild@ with which it in oonfrontodl the ruomingtang to owing to bo bho unifying and progro@otvo force in Ohin000 cooletr* the role in which it modo it grootoot contribution to modan Ohtna� 0, ; la. ;WV ISLALIAg sal taprolitatia. Dom woruwoorinm in OhinA mud bo mooted* 1110 tho polidoo of the Kuomintang undor tho impoot of hypor.inflation And in tho promo of' Obvious @ign@ of internAl ond ortornallooknomo mumt bo d000ribod AM bankrupt* Thi* trilth in omphaoimod by tho foiluro of tholkomintong to oomo to grip@ with tho oituation during tho r000ntly oonoludod plonary,mo@mion of tho Ombra Hkoontive Oommittoo. lo fl a omft o on ronomont7r7FROt one Tho ftomtntong oantinnoo to ignoro tho groat politiool drivo wibhin the oountry for domooratio eoform* Tho writing@ of tho lonorollooimo and tho Party progto @how that they hove) no pool undorotonding of that tom* Oonotitutionoltom romaino on empty oromi@o for whioh the only "Draporoionu lp a Wilf.hooXt@d at. tompt to ootdblieh on unpopular and undomoorAtio gyotom of loonl @olf.govornmont booed on oollootivo rowoonoibility and atm odium by Jopon000 11 ton in Monoburia And other oroao undor thoir oontrols Quootiono bin to tho future of domoorooy onoh Am tho form of tho Oonoti. talon and tho oomno@ition And olootion of tho National Oonayo@o 11011)44,111 tho diotation of the bomintang* There to no progroon bolt/Ara the fondnmentel condi- tiona of freedom of ArPopflion and r000gnitton of non.Nuomintan groupo. Non the educational and polittoal advantagea of giving power and doonorw4i0 aharao. ter to the exiotin but iftotent Peoplaa Politinal Oouncil are iolorfolis On tha oontrary, the trend la atill in the other direction. Th-rotwil ennh meano aa oompulaory polittotiA trolulog rot. Kovernment poate, emphaal,i on the politioal nature of the Amy, thalv;ht oontml, and inoreaain identirtoation or op PArty and Government, the Tuominteng tateuetnee ite Artve reo "inn Volk, itn Reioh, Irttn Fuhvor" ovon though auoh a policy ibu Obina le Ineyltehly doame4 to follure. The itUomintang ohowe no Intention of relaxiiw the author/Wilful ocmtvoie on whioh ito prevent power depando. Far from ataoardlog or reducing the para Phornata of A fflino 4bata -- the reittplo and omnipreoent aeore t rnlioe or. minim-Mono, tho Oondormortal aad oo forth ., It oontinaee to otronalihen them ae ite Vet reoort for internal otionrit (Vor the reeftforeomeat of tho moot importont or th000 aerman.inopireM and Aitapa-slike organtottiona wo mot, an. fortanately bear 110111f4 rooponoibility. O1000000 growlog And potential tbreat of the Oommanieto, wilo it foams may attraot the popular aupport ita ownitatilrb mAkoo imiNooetblo, tho TuomAnton, deeplto the pretext .. to meet roroten end Ohtn000 of 0Onfitlaing 11AKotitittOila w/th the Oolomuniate, coat tuttee to Adhere to peatotots and oiAno oan only rentt in oivil war, In ao Inine, it allow itaelf � t 94 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - ,� - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,:� r , #, ,#;.: .1. 4 I 11, ito woman MAINCICOMI Vrariehtlefigigetronm SECA', blind to the fact that its intenal political and military eituation is so weak that suocees without outside aseintance is most problematio; that oaah a civil war would hasten the process of disintegration and the wpm& of �ham that it, would prevent the prosecution of any offeotive war against Japan; and that the only parties to benefit would be Japan immediately and Russia eventually, Preparations for thie civil mar include an alliance with the present Chinese puppets which sugure ill for fatmre unity and democracy in China. tvx.pij.kx.jnr11.144x.;=alsealy_altattEst stet a to check itaflation whiobwo4 ixijure thela.2.14.92:dx.,..121L. It ie directly responsible for the inoreaee of official corruption which is one of the main *stables to my rational attempt to ameliorate the finanoial situation. It does nothing to stop large-scale Drofiteerin, hoarding end epeca. lation .. all of which are carried on by people either powerful in the Party or with intimate political connectione. It fails to carry out effective mobilization of resources. Suoh meneures of wartime control as it has promulgated have remained a deaa letter or have intensified the problems they were eappoeelly designed to rernedy.as for. instance 111.eavieed and poorly axeclated attempts at price regulation. It passively allows both industrial and the more important handicraft pro. duotion to run down, 813 they of course maet when it is more Profitable for spemaltors to hold raw materials than to have them go through the normal pro- ductive process. It fails to carry out rationing except in a very limited way, or to ragu. late the manufacture and trade in luxury ecods, many of which come from areas under Japanese control. It shows little concern thc..t these imports are largely paid for with strategic commodities of value to the enemy. It faile to make an effective attempt to reduce the budgetary deficit and increase revenue by tapping suchresources as excess profits and inQomes of land- lords and merchants. It allows its tax-collecting apparatus to hog down in cor- ruption and inefficiency -- to the point that possibly not more than one-third of revenues collected reach the government. It continues to sPend huge govern- meat funds on an Me and useless Party bureaucracy. At best, it passively watches inflation gather momentum without even attemvt- ins; palliative measures available to it, such as the aggressive sale of gold and foreign .7.urrency. It refuses to attack the fundamental economic nroblems of China such as the G;rowing concentration of land. holdings, extortionate rents end ruinous ino. threat rates, and the impact of inflation. 3. 21.11011tilk.........t.e...9.111.119 113_91-1&zz itsel in pn_ti._ self1,8132 short-sialussaessive esImim2ent of its all es. By perel steam in tactics of bargaining, bluff and blackmail--most inappro- priate to its circunstances--and its contirming failure to deal openly and frankly - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnninryznnnrm Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -r4 ' I � � � , aerapame."` inootwir SECREi amd to extend whole-heated co eration.-which its own interests demard.-the Kuemint t iu lienating Minato moot i,. rtant ally, the United States, It ban alma alionatod ite other major po. ential A14, Soviet Mania, toward which its attitude in An irrational and short.nightod aa it in toward the Cow. munints, Tho latest ample of this is the irrewpomible circulation of the re- port that SovietBannia and japan have signed A secret military agreement per. mitting Japanese troop withdrAweis from MAikehtUlAi It in allowing thin mituation to develop At a time when its survival is de- ptndent am never before upon foreign support. But the KUomintang is sndangoring not only itself by itn rash foreign policy; there are indications theA it is bus to to meat� friction between the United States and 6treat Britain and Russia. When speedy viotory.-and Any victory at all--domends maximizing of agreements And the minimizing of 4.iotionn, moh maneuvern amottat to sabotage of the war effort of the United Vatiom ,gallaallyat earn Ito moot important present contribution is to allow us..at our own and fantastio oont..to build and lien air bases in Ohinom It delayed, perhaps too ion, for moms, to allow forces designated for the purpose and trained and eqlipped by un to take the off Ivo in West tumult even though needed to support the Americnn.ChInene campaign in NorthItarma, the pur. Popo of whiCh is to open a "life-line" into China and facilitate the mutual landing on the China want. It noyeed to thin action only after long maths of obstruotion, It fails to make effective IMO of Americein equipment given to it, an it nlno haled with earlier Bunnian aupplion. Equipment brought into Chinn ban often not boon trannportod to the fighting frontn. In other canon it ban beta knuwn to have boon boardod or diverted to non.military purponen. Ohtna ban dimplayod "dog.in.the.manger" attitude in regard to equipment oonnigned to Ohina dnd deteriorating in India for lack of trannportation. It hnii concealed and refuaed to make available to our forcers boardo of nurplien ouch an gnnolino known to m- int in China, even when the emergenv wan great and Ohinale oto4 internal) direct. ly nerved. It ban connintently refuned, to connolidate and officialy adninintor trona. portation. In the pant thin reoulted in great lonnon of nupplien in the Jniumm one capturo of Burma tindWont Amnon: now it in crippling Chinese internal tram. portation on which military activity munt depend. It ban allowed military cooporation to be tied up with irrelevant financial demands which onn only be doncribe an a form of blackmail. It Ma been these exconnive domande in nrito of the foot that American erpendituren in China (againnt which there are almont no balancing Chinone rmnonte) continuany add to the largo Ohinose ',neat egg" of foreign exhivange, which cannot be wind in China at pm:sant and than conntituten in effect a "kitty" being hoarded for pont. war MO. It ban failed to ImDlemont mi'itorv roquiniti ning lnum to notKipt ua in ob- taining =plias in OhinA and Imo left WS at the ftimmr of conariencnioen nrofitcorm. ,�� im,a-Inecifiarl and Anoroved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 6 SECIRT come of whom hAvs boon known to have ofal oonneotione. It hag permitte the impoeition on VAI, of fantastio prime, made more oo by A wholly unmans. tic exohange rate, for =tido in some omen origInelly sqpplied, to China through Amerionn oredito. It seemingly hes Ignored the fact that the more supplies In Ito own war effort a pernioiour nna corrupt coneoription syetom which worko to eneure the eeleotion and retention of the unfite-eince the ablest and etrongeet ow n either evade ooneortption, buy their wey out, or deeert, It etexvee and meltreate moot of it troop to the degree that their militery effeotiveneee to greatly impaired and military eervioe in regarded in the minds of the people an at oentence of death, At the eame time it ream to follow the soggeetion that the limy ehould be reamed to the (size that could be adequtely fed, medion14 cored for, trained and armed. It Vt000 this refuel on mercenary politioel conadtratione-ethe conoentration on the continuing struggle for power in China, and the ultimate meaeurament of power in term o of armiee. For the eame reaeon it refusee to mobilize it eoldiere end peopLe for the only kind of wnr which China ie in a poettion to wage effectively.. A people's guerrilla wer. Perhape our entry into the war hna amplified the problem of the Nuomintang. Aa afrnAd of the forme within the mantry ito own people.-ae it in of the Japanooe, it now eeeke to avoid oonfliot with the Japeneee in order to oonoontrate oh the perpetuation a ite own power, The condition to whloh it has permitted ito ant1100 to deteriorate ie ehown moot reoently by the defeat in Tionan, which in due not only to Lace of heavy firmament but ale� to poor morale and mieerable condition of the noldiera, alumnae of eupport by the people.--who have been conniptently mietreated, look of leaderehip, ana prevnlent corruption among the office-ire through eueh prac- titles ae trode with the occupied areae. If we accept the obviaun indicationo that the preeent Kuomintang lender- ehtp does not want to fight the Japanene any more than it can help, we mut go further end reoognize that it may even eeek to prevent China from boom. in the battleground for large ooale onmpaigne agninot the Japaneee land forme. Thin helps to explain the Nuomintangle continued dealiw with the Japaneee and puppeto. Thun the Kumintang may hope to avert doterm1ne6 Japan, ene attack, maintain itn own pooition and power, cove the Eaot Chinn homeo of praatically all of ite officials, and preserve its old economio..industrinl base in the manta cities. If Olio analyeis to valid it reveals on the part of the Kuomintang leader.- - ehip�whiah means the Oeneralionimo--a wioal dieretArd of the added. coat of the inimitable proloroltion of the war in American liven and resoutroea. D. zummarskatax.2anzazt ioies f the RuorLi tar 11....4.2-2,m,katz, In view of the above it becomes nfirtimant to ask Elk, the Kuomintang hall loot Ito power of lecIderahip: wiz it neither wishes actively to wage war ngninet Japan itself nor to manerato whole-heartedly with the American AM in China; and .tal it hna waned to he oannble of unifying the country. k I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � � I .4 =.1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31_:_CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �4,* � - 7 - - --.,,�-11� � ......n.A4141"140116.11 1AS 144 RE 4.0 The mower to all the oe queotione io to be found in the present =Moni- tion and nathro of the Party, Politically, a olaeoical and definitive Mori- OgA deourtption benomee ever more true: the Kuomintang ie a cowrie of cenoervative political cliqueo intereotod Primarily in tho preservation of their own power naalnet all aateiders and in jockeying for pooition Among themeolveo, Monomically, the Kuomintang reote on the now base of the rural gentry-landlorde, the militarieto, the higher rank of the government blaremoracy, ond merohant-bankero having intimate oonneotiono with the govern- meat bumuerato, Thie bane ban Actually ontraoted during the kw. The Kuomintang no longer oommendo, en it once did, the unequivooal support of Ohinale industrial/eta, who 04 a group Twit been mudh weakened economically, and hence politionlly, by the Japaneoe oeizure of the oonotal oitteoe The relation of thin deeertption of the nomintang to the queotiono pro- pounded above ie clear. The KUomintang bag loot ite leaderehip bewail� it hae loot WIWI with and to not longer repreoeutative of a nation which, through the praotioal ex. perience of the war, in becoming both more politioalbr conoalouo and WO aware of the Partyle oelfieh ohortoomingo. It cannot fight an effective war becalm) thio in iwpoonible without greater roliawo upon and nupnort by the people. There muot be a roleaee of the nationnl norgy nuch an =wed during 0119 nallq period of the war. Under preeenteonditienn, thin aan be brought about only be reform of the Party and greater political demoorany. What form thin democracy taken in not an import- ant an the genuine adoption of a democratio nhilosophy And aittitado; the threat of foreign '1 anion ie no longer enough to etimulate the Ohinece poople and only real reform elan DOW regain their enthuolaom, "But the growth of democracy, though baolo to Ohinale oontinning war effort, would, to the mind of the Wumintanglo preeent loadero, torporil the foundationn of title Partyle power becauoe it would mohn that the connervative (airmen woald have to give up their oloeely guarded monopoly. RathL 'ion do thin, they !veer to nee the war rowan In Ito promit o tate of pnanive inertia. They are thuo aanri. riarkg. Ohinaln nationnl interooto to their own aolfieh ends, ror oimilar r.moona, the Kuomintan,t,, in unwilling to give wholo,hearted cooporation to the American Army le effort in China. Full cooperation nocen. requiron the broad Ohinone military effort which the Kuomintang in unable to oarry out or mite p000lble. In additton, the nominta4,42: feare that large ecietie, wideupread and direct contact by Amerionno witli the Ohtneoe war effort will awnoae ita own inaotivity and, by extample and noTtional con, tnote, be a 11berni1?.1ng influence. The Kuorai oaonot unify the country becanne it &rives ita support from the enonomiomlly and :moth:11y backward Agrarian u031 Theee groups are ineamble of hringiup.: about Ohinala induotrWitation, al. though they pAy this objective elaborate 11 ervtoe. They are aAeo committed to the maintenanre of an order whloh by ite very nature fosters narticularlam anti I.:101sta modern oentralit..atIon. Clountles,i owl be given to allow the "1 inet..un of the t.arty with the groups that opiloee modernization and induo- Lrialization.-such ea vonneotiona with Seeohwan wqrlords and milit.vient. The Knomintant; sees no obj eot 1 on to mai n tat ni ng tho affiftomi t Intt ente of some 0 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - *0- )0.7 4.04. - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7 :I g A q- fi4i4T041i4714A irrreliirf MettNIA SKRE of its oompanent groups in occupied Ohina or in preesrving trade with �coup pied Ohina, the criterion of whioh io not the national Internet but, its prom Mobility to the engaging grave. This explains wN7 Free Chines imports from ooeupiod Ohba =dot largely of luxuries, Against exports of fowl ftnd atrategio raw untorials. It is therefore not surprising that there are many links, both politica and tioonomio, between the It'unmintang And the mpot regime, 10, The present polioies of the ICuomintang seem cortAin of failure; if that failure results in a ollopme of Ohina it will Iwo consequenoss trims both to our immediate militory plans and var longterm interest@ in the Far bet, The foregoiAg an4yeta IVA shown that the Nuomintang under its present leaderelft has neither the ability nor desire to undertakeiaprogram.whioh could energize the war and ohmic the proms of internel disintapNtion, It preoccupation with the maintenanoo and congolidation of its power must re., suit, to the contrary, in acooleration rather then retardation of the to of ithia disintegration. Unleas it widens it base and ohangea it oharacter it mat be exploded to ontinne its preaent polides. It will not of it& own volition toke stepti to bring about this broadening and reform. The oppoalta will be the OA401 prooisely becaus it has loot popular soport, it ia dodbling ita effort o to maintoin and monopolize oontrol. The proseut polioies of the Kiaomintang seam =Win to fail booanse they run Maar to strong form within the oeuntry and Art) fOr0i4a China into 8tA00 thfte polloies aro not favorable to ufil nor of asolatanoe In the proseoution of An effective we' by Ohina, their failure woad not of Itself be disastrous to Amerinan interests. Por many reasons mentioned above we might waloome tho fall of the Kuomintang if it could immediately t4 followed by a progressive government ale to unify the oaantry and help us fight Japan. Zut the donor le that the preeeut drifting and deterioration under the Toomintang may end in a oollapse. The result would be the creation in China of A VignIUITI. This would eliminate mly possibility In the near ftlture of uti. ling China's potential military strength. Because the Japanese end their mippoo might be able to occupy this vacuum...at munh less cost than by a major military campaign,it ml!ht also heoome impossible tor us to arploit OhinolLs flank position and to r.nntinue operating frow Ohineee 'Mew. The war would thus be prolom,fed nal made more difficult. Bach a which would dispensable Ohina, collapse wouldalso initiate a period or interne.). ciaiu InChina defer the emergenne or atrongs rand ettable owernment an inr. prcondi Lion for utalrU, ty and order in the Per %et,, which miht be a minor tweet to ne now, would become major V. 11).atta.z.19...wever eotive fvfl, oonek....iraot vq,:foroee Nag; cono the pzev eat tresatl�.9S .the ITuoill.v.A.44.04Liet!Attehl ..rriaact a �,tivioe avert_th.9.,t1TATtl d ane diatintiefted vith lover! Illit5/ I t ttli5 Theise gronne, a.11 inoreneingly Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 trt 4 Declassified and Approved�For Release,2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t./C3 � A:, = �*; � �-� On 9 h'r I ,im�fin, no�A: SECR Party responsible for it, inoluds: The Tetriotic younger Army offieere, the smell merchants, large sections of the lower ranks of the Government burexueragy, most of the foreignm.returned students the intelligentsia, including:professors, students and, the pro., fessional Classes, the liberal elements of the Nuomintens, who woke up e. nimble Ininority under the leadership of such men as SUN 10, the minor parties and, eporcps, eome of like the National Salvationiato enjoy israti.preitigip the Minima Communist party, and . the inartioulate tut inoreasingly rootless rural poplation, 6 ,1 The collective numbers and influence of these groups could be tromodaus, A nonintan,s �Metal recently admitted that resentment against the present Kuomintang government in no widespread that if there were free, universal. election SO of the votes might be cant agninst it. :Out moot of these groups are nebulous and unorganised, 40' 14; feeling like the farmer(' ... perhaps only it blind dinlike of conditions am they are. They represent different classes and varling political belief� where they have any at ell. They are tending, however, to draw together in the eonsciounneno of their common interest in the change of the otatuomm. Thin awakening ana fueion is, of �aurae, oppened by the KuomintaniklaTh every mann At itn dierpoeal. The danger, na conditions grow worse, in that some of these groipe mAY act independently end blindly. The effeet may be to make confusion worn�. Such might be the once in a military ptdah a pooeibility that ennnet be disregnrded. The result might be eom-e111�"Ing analogous to the Siam incident of 1936. But the greater delicney rind preenrieueneme of tho pronent eituatien would tend 1.tee1f more ennily to exploitation by tha meet reactionary elemente of the Kneminte.e,-. the ,Ter.neeee or the eupeetn. &oft-1. ;)onnib1li!:1 in the outbrenk, on n much lnrger scale than heretofore, of unorganized and dieruptive ffirmorn revolts. A dititurbing phenomenon in the 911parent at now being made by some of the minority parties to effect n untrringe of convenience with the provinoinl warlords, nmong the most reactionary and unacrmuloue figures in Chinese politics and hardly cranndere for a new democracy. The hopeful eign in that all of thene groupe are agreed that the basic problem in Chinn todey is political reform towards democreoy. Thie point re. quire() euphoaie. It is only through political reform that the reeteration of the will to fight, the unification of the country, the elimination of pro- vincial wnrlordinm, the solution of the Communist problem, the institution of economic policies whieh onn avoid collnpue, and the emergency of 4 govern- meat actually supported by the people a= be achieved. Detworatio reform is the arum of j.niiitalat.eco-TIonu,=TAn FrWias It is clear hvond doubt that Chia& u hope for internal people end effec- tive unity certainly. in OR immediateNtere,�"Atichs for the nolo _of tbo war MUG 1)0 our rrior uonnlueintien) prof-vilely in tne long-term V W WO-LL mb A t'It. anri Annroved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Jr. r �� .00 �. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - s."�� SECRET lies neither with the presentItUomintankes nor with the Coreunists, but in a, don't:vatic combination of the liberal elements within the country, incauding thoee within the Kuomintang, and. the probably large section, of the Communists who iced be willing, by their own. statements and peat actions, to collaborate in the resurrection of a united front, �divan the known interest and attitu4es of the Chinese people, we can be ewe that measures to accomplish the solution of these problems will be =um. taken in earnest by a broadly-based government. Such a government and only such a government -- will. galvanize China out of its military inertia by re- storing national morale throu4i sta.ch means as the reduotion of the evils of conscription and stopping the maltreatment and starvation of the troops. Such a government and. only such a government will automatically end bb,e pera- lyzing internal dissension and political unrest. Such a government and. only emit a government will undertake the economic meamures necessary to increase production, establish effective price oontrols, mobilize national resouroes, and end. corruption, hoarding, speculation and profiteering. It is of course unrealistic to assume that such a broadly-based democra- tic government can be established. at one stroke, or that it can immediately achieve the accomplishment of these broad objectives. But progress will be made as, and only ae, the government moves toward danooracor. the 1 h attitude toward oh thi na sh aLte,..the _Amos It to impossible to predict exactly how far the present disintegration in China can continue without spectacular change in the internal situation and drastic effect on the war against Japan. But we must face the question whether we can afford 'passively to stand by and allow the process to continue to an almost certainly disastrous collapse, or whether we wish to do what we legitimately and practically can to arrest it. We need to formulate a realistic policy toward China. A. Theigurcu'econsijalym_____pous of their atRegmet. sa....atzd Wj.1fo joiaL.seit We must realize that when the process of disintegration gets out of hand it will, be to us that the Kuomintang will turn for financial, political, and military salvation. The awareness of this dependence is the obvious and �or- red explanation of the NUomintnngle hyper-sensitivity to American opinion and criticism. The Kuomintang .- and particularly the Generalissimo know that we are the only disinterested, yet powerful, ally to whom Una can turn. The appeal will be made to us on many grounds beside the obvious, wel1. worn, but still effective one of pure sentiment. They have said in the past and will say in the future that they could long age have made peace with Japan .. on what aro falsely stated unuld have been favorable terms. They have claimed and will claim again that their resistance and refUsal to compromise with Japan saved Ruasia, Great Britain and ourselves .. tgaoring the truth that our own refusal to compromine with 'Tanen to China's dioadvan. tege brought on Pearl Hnrbor and our involvement before we were ready. Thqy Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 S , .1 s.. t' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �N. Oic Arc ' (.51111irl' � 44' A ,� � ft,Az -11- SECRET have oomplained and will continua to complain that they have received les, support in the form of materials than any other major ally forgetting that they have done less fighting, have not used the materials given, and would not have hal the ability to use whet they asked for, finally, they have tried and will continue to try to ley the blame on, va for their difficulties -- distorting the effect of American Amy expenditures in China dad iporing the fact that these expendltures are only andnor faetor in the whole sorry picture of the mismanagement of the Chinese economy. But however far.fetched those aapeals, our flat refusal of them might have several entarransing effects. 1. We would probably see ,Ohina enter a period of intilrnal Chaos, Cur war effc:t in this theater uvuld be disrupted, instability in the Par reit prolonged, and possible Russian intervention attracted. 2. We would, be blamed bi large sections of both Chinese and Americo% publio opinion for abouldoningn ROA after having; been responsible for its collapse, (In a measure ms would have brought, such blame ourselves because we have tended to allow oureelvee to become laden i. fied not merely with Ohinatut also with the Ituomintang and its poll. cies. Henceforth it may be the better pert of valor to avoid too close identification with the ruomintang.) 3. By an apparent abandonment of Ohina in its hour of need, we would lose international prestige, especially in the Far Vast. On the other han& if we come to the rescue of the KUDmintang on its own terms we would, be 'buttressing .. but only temporarily a decadent regime, Which by its existing Xt is clear, therefore, that it is to our advantage to avoid a situation min- ing in Which we would be presented with n Hobson's choice 'between tuo ouch unpaletable alternatives. ThelAillallgMLIJIMAILL00.92.1.1412e innumee� Oircumntancen are rapidly developing so thnt the Genernlissimo will have to ask for the continuance and increase of our support. Weak as he is, he is in no position .. end the weaker he becomes the loss he will be nble -- to turn down or render nugatory nny coordinated and positive policy we may adapt toward China, The cards era all in or favor. Or influonce, intelli. gently used, cnn be tremendous. 0. 2112,2maz 1. We may give up China no hopeleoe end wash our hando of it nitegether. 2. We muy continue to give =Tort to the Generelienimo, wNin and as he mks for it. 3, we mny fornallatA a coordinate aad pooitive policy toward China and take the mammary steps for its impkementation. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 a ik.� � ' � ""16 a 7tta--j ." :Le f � 4 r-1 3. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 p71:.7�rt ir,7:5� � 1114.9.1Pvel in nicg. SECR The United. States if it so desired and if it bad a coherent policy, could play an isportant and perhips decisive Me in 1. Stimu3.ating China to an active part in the war in the Air East, this hastening the defeat a Jekpoxx. 20 Staving off economic collapse in Mina and bringing about basic politica, and economic reforms, thus enabling China to carry on the war and enhancing the chancel, of its orderly post war recovery. 3. Ihnbling China to emerge from the war am a major and stabilizing factor in poet-war at Asia. 4. Winning a, permanent and valuable ally in a, progresoive, independent and democratic China. E' . . h Mo hi4ti (1-=-2.-921taggeliallp2.9111,21 02._AV" � o a ear om an examinat on of the-baCkrg o the present iit54fion in China dtd the prow objectives of our policy there. The first alternative munt be rejected on immediate military grounds .. but alao for obviouo long-range conaiderationo. It would deprive um of value.. able air bases and pouition on Japanle flaak. Its adoption would prolong the war. We cannot afford to wash our hands of China. The results of the oecond alternative .. which, inoofar as we have a Mina Policy, has been the one we have been and are pursuing .. opeak for thrmeelves. The adbotnntial financial nesistance we have given China has been frittered away with negligible if any effect in slowing inflation and retarding economic collapse. The military help we have given has certainly not been used to thematic) China's war effort against Japan. Our political support has been used for the Kuomintnnglo own selfish ritxrponoo nu-id to bolster The third, therefore, is the only real niternative left to us. Granted the 'Wootton of the first alternative, there is no longer a question of help. ing and edvioing China. China itself must request this help and nal/ice. The pnlx, question is whether we give this help within a framework which makes pence, or whether we continue to give it in our present disjointed and absent. minded manner. In the past it has sometimes seemed that our right hand did not know what the loft was doing. To continue without a coherent and. coot'-. dinated policy will be dissipating our effort without either China or ourselves deriving any nnnrociable benefit. It can only continue to create new nroblemo, in addition to those already troubling us, without any compensating advan, tamp beyond those of indolent short-term expediency. But moot important !is the possibility that this haphazerd giving, this servine of short-term tit;tedi. am, may not be enowt to save the situation: oven with it, China umy con, tinua toward collepoe. F. This positive poli y should be political. The problem confronting us is whether we are to continue ns in the -mat r ved For Fe 13/07/3-1 � CIA RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 C. t� 4 t � '0 91 lain."' I � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 twaolim � . - 3 Sh.� _ , 10/1 to ipore political coneideratione of direct militory oignificance or whether we are to take aloe: oat of the Jepaneee boOk and invoke even stronger am inting political forces in China to achieve our militory long-term poll- tical object/vest. WI mut seek to contribute toward the reversal of the present movemeat toward collopee and to the roueing of China from ite militory inactivity. Tao can be brought about only by an acoelerated movement tuword democratie political reform within �him Our part must be that of a catalytio agent iA thio process of Minnie democratization. It ca A be oarried out by the careful exertion of our influence, whioh hos eo for not been conseiously ox4 syetemee. timely Use44 III. The " at i n on. ig,c,,sarro*1JL-rac#4151 and on be -c Jed. a t = diffi I 1. � Ate 2agom4ic fineeoe will be re red in the execution of this poligr in ouch a way ArEIT770575aFT e rong (=rent of genuine nationalism (ma diatinguiehed from the Oheuvinism of the ftomintang) which Charecterim al- moet oll oectiono of the Ohineee people. There met be a sensitivity to the oltuation in China tind the politica chongeo there ao that there can 'be an, apprepriate and immediate etiffening or ooftening of the meaeurce which Iwo undertake. Thia tact and eeneitivity will be required not only of the top polipy directing agency but of all other agonies actuelly implementing that polipy and concerned in direct relatione with Chinn. B. There rnut be effect e coordinat on of te ao,.t iip a actions se. jimerlean.jar,miarat,�wpagicase.o.p.mastiaLIL.,,estiej,=.94,, The preeent lack of effective cooperation between the varioue Government agencies .... State, War and eome of the newer nutonomoue organizations .... de. tracts from the efficient functitoning of each, and weakens American iarluence when it le moet needed. It muet be recognized.--nnd It 0.11 be even more the OftLie under the policy proposed,,that call our iie!din:.,q Oft 01 our activitioa tn C lnii11= Bali:1,0a to ileation. enordiwati,in IB Absolutely essential for the achieve- mT�fliftyof767cy and synchroni7.ntion of notion, 'Ets at will require intelligent nnd forceful direction both in Washington end in Ohiuwicing. The logical pernon to 000rdinlita activities in CharOting In obviously, beoause of the broad teepee involved, the Ambassador, imilarly the corrae.. ponding person in Washington might be the Cvdef of the Chinn Section of the State Department, who would watch the whole field for the President or a ro. sponsiible Cabinet meMber, Positive nction, of course, Ivortld deDeind on can, stant end clone consultation, both in Washinelon and in the finld, betwoon the representatives of the Stnte, Wer, Navy And Treasury Demartments ani the other fmencies operating in Chinn. 0. Sir" nilVearmr" 9ma.la.:41,...9119111d not 1.11-42.22ied 61thrieo.......ail!.L. there should be careful selection and Some measures will be simple and immediately useful, Others should be deferral until primery e t ei s have been taken, Still others 011 he more " � � , � **vast .1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � S. a 4 Declassified and Approved� For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ---fm1"--prqfp-c-z- Nd-t`,...5d:-..1 iir5did??' , - � 4 �''d t.i 4 5. '?! 1,55.544.541 ft' formed or direct 3nd their me will depend on tho RUcmintangis recalcitrance to Chang� its ways* 4 riost Avoid avoruiplaying or underplaying our hand' Ds =Ws � it k a612,44221,,20�aragiii lsjle tivet ca, op oar present �mollycoddline of Ohinabyt rostroitiog Tend. Lotto, cutting: down training of Chinese military �Mete, discontinuing trmining of bhe Ohineme Army, 'bilking a firmer stand in the finanoiel neva. tiationss or stopping the shipment of gold. Any or All of these r(etrictive mammas can be reversed an the Generalissimo ond tho nomintang become more 000perative in =trying on military operations, using equipment And training mooned, being roaspnable on financial questions, or allowing um Ireedom in much military roquiremontm as omtablishing contact with tho Oommnist areas, (b) stop building up the Generalissimo's and the KUomintangis prestige internationally and In the United States, %loll 'Taos" nerves only to bolster tho mime internally and to harden it in its prasent polioies, pion of Ohina am ono of the liBig Four" served A umoful purpose in the may ntage of the wAr rind, as a counter to JoDanase raoiAl propasconda but has now it Ito junbifiontions. WO mike foolm of mani ourmelves_hy ootiono am tho attention given to the ngless utternnoes of OUJ lieruellmfen ma u apokosmnn of Chinese labor and the prominance Awarded to �him In the Xnternationa.4 LaLor �Moe Oone. forma*, Our tondency toward ovorlocvish praise is rsgArtted by tho Mines� AO a mign of either mtupidity or we@knsoss Abandonment of 6Lib genoralitios for hard.hended reallom in or tti. We toward Ohina will be quiokly mtderstood.without the reoentmeint that would probably be felt againot the TOthiohs Wo on make it clew thnt pram, will be elven when praioe to due. (o) otqrmaking unnonditional And gr andl000 promioep or holp along ouch lineo in rNtUtA,post.war eoonomio sAds nna politioal pport. Wo emn meiko it clear without havinkt to be very explioit that wo otanl ready tc help China when Ohino ohowo itgoif deoervinR. This ties int:it Lilo more vooitive phame of publioity and propaganda to the of roots for inotanoes that Amor loan Not. war cloommio nid will not be extended to build up monopoliotio enterprise or comport tho I jfl,or .pntry olnmo but in the interooto or a demomatie PoePltt4 (d) Dioeontinum our prosent notivo oollnborntion with Ohineos, oedrot polio() orehni?Attono, whioh ountiort thrs foroeo of reaction and otond for the opposite of our Amerionn dmmoormtio nirmo and idoalos Thio collaborations which reoalto in thm efrootive otrongthening of n Gostan4.111ce orptnisations io booming inaronoingly Wnown in Minn. It confuses and disillmeons Wow* liberalo, who look to uo as oleir hoptis and It weakono our pooitLon with the ICttotantnite, bddro in proottim for dounoratto Wormy 13 ItiltAVOI A Tignovornmont offlolnlo in oonveroutiono with Ohinmftet londarn in WM.ohInton anl In China oan mnico known oar intoreot in UnglartitV And unity in Mina and our diooetiteantion with prmoont Knomintnne, finftneinl tind other .polloins. 3nob outvvotiono will bamr Armut wolght It ory eemio irom n0 Peslaent tua ndvont vm Nut ho tnkmn of nnt,ortqatioe eturh mo trio Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 %VI � � 4- . : * -4- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -f - 15 4,4 visite of Vice President Wallace to China, and (LH. King to the United Statee. A. wogresetve stage can be questions or statemente by members of Congrees re- garding affair� in China. (b) We ehould take up the repeatedr.but usually inaincere-requeets of the Kuomintang for advice. lf advisors are asked for, we should see that they are provided, that good mon ars selected, and thnt they gpt all posstble aid and support from Va. While the nuomintang will be reluctant to accept the advice we may give, its more reiteration will have some effect, (o) We should seek to extend our influence on Chinese opinion by every practical. =inns available. The Office of War /formation shoul& go beyond it present function of reporting Anarican war news to pointing up the value� of democracy as a per- manent political vett= and as an aid in the waging of war against totalitari- aniem. We should attempt to increase the dissemination in China, by radio or other more direct mama, of constructive American criticiem. This sbould inolude recognition and implied encouragement to liberal and propxeeeive forcee within Minn. Onre ehould be taken to keep *la criticism on a sqelpful, conetructtve and objecti.ve plane and to avoid derogatory attacks which may injure Chinon� nationalistic eoneitivitiee. To do thio work, there may have to be some expamion of the OAI. in China and of our propaganda directed toward thie country, A eecend lino is tile active expansion of our cultural relations program. The present diversion..bynemintang wish -to technical subjeoto should be rectified end reater emphasis laid on eonial (mimeos, cultural, and prao. tical political subjects such as American government ndministration. We should increase our aid and sup.port to iAtellectuale in Chinn by the many means alrendy explored, nue) an aid to resenrch in China, translation of articles, nnd opportunities for study or lecturing in the Dhitod States.. Other, more indirect lines, are the expansion of our American Foreign Service representation in China to now localities (since eaoh office is in some measure a center of American influence anti contnot with Chinese liberals and returned students from the United S Mos) and the careful indootrination of the American Army peroonnel in China to create, by example and their ntti. tude toward Chinese, favorable impressione of Merlon nM the things that Amerina atanen for. Where contact botwenn.Amerinnn and Ohi_notio military per. Donnel hao been clone, au in Mullin, t1v- retnilt, 111i0 ''r' ti lotle. cratizine: influence. (d) hte ediould assist the education of public) opinion in 00 United Stntes toward a reallstic but constructively sympathetic attidude townrd Chinn. Tho most obvious menir.i would be making bytekrround information available, in unoffiolal way, to responsible politio41 commentntors, ,,ritern and research workers. Without action on our pnrt, their, writings win beclmo knows, to Chinese Governmont circles and from them to other nelitically minded groups. We should, =stover, coordinate this .4th the' activity desoribed in the section above to promote dissemination in Chinn. (0) We ohnuld, maintain friendly mil Mono teitl thr 1tbcrI Memento in the Tuomintang, the minor parties. anti Via Conumtniet,o. This clan,-8,1 shollid for its maximum effect...1m done in an open abovo-bemrd manner. The rePogni. tion whioh it implies will be soinviv umierst,od hy the Chinotio. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 "ft 4k, % N. %16 0 444* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 " ..--7,74- ' -i� . ' --, Pt, 'I- ' '-i' ' " W 2.0 FUrther eteps in this direction could be publioity to liberole, suoh as distinguished intelleotuale. When possible they may be included in considers. tion for Madge honor or awarde, given recognition by being asked to par. tioipato in, international commiasione or other bodiee, 4nd invited to travel or leoture in the United, Stntes, livery effective action of this toe would be in an invitation to Warne Sun Tat.sen from the White Now�. We should eeleot men of Unown liberal viewe to repreeent r5 in OWI, oultural relations, and other lines of work in Mina, (f) We ehould continue to fallow aa interest in the Ohinese Oommuniste, Thie includes contaot with the Oommuniet representatives in OhnnOing, pit). lioity on the blockade and the eitaation between the two parties, and con. timed preesure for the digpetch of observere to North China. At tbol time we elaculd streee the importance of North China militarily..for intent. once regarding:Japanese tattle order, Japaneee air etrength, whether report. ing boMbiAg data and damage meet:lament, and nir crew evasion and rescue work. We &load oonoider the eventual advance of active operations against the japanese to worth China and the question of assistance to or cooperation with Oommanist and guerrilla forces. If our reasonable requests bases on urgent military grounds do not receive a favorable response, we shruld send our military observers anyway, (g) We should consider the training and &piping of Provincial or other armies in China in oases where we can be Battened that they udll fight the Japaneee, (h) We should continue to press�end if necessary insist...on getting American observers to the actual fighting fronts. We should urge, and when possible assist, the improvement of the condition of the Chinese soldier, es- pecially his treatment, clothing, feeding, awl medical care. (i) We should publicize titatements responsible government officials indicating our interest in Chinese unity tmd our attillude toward sueh ques� tions as the use of American annalos by tha Kuomintang 'in a civil war. It is interestieg, for instance, that UtAlor-Seorotary Welles' letter to Browder regarding American interest in Chinese uility was considered so in. portant 'by the Wuomintang that, ylublication in China was nrohibi,ted. This program, is, of course, far from complete. Other measures will occur to the policy agency (did will suei!ast themselves as the situB.tion in China develcne. 11. aapt of those IlletAtillrOrs r/s,14.1.o ravlieo p.roeressivelz. This in true, for instrince, o' tho various negative actions Buggesterd, and of the conversations, etatemant,s, nna other linos of ensionvor to tn. fluence public cninion in Chinn. A, nlnnned &,etivit .y of oncoaragoM6nt and attention to liberals. Minor Party leaders, ond the Communist can advance. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13Xonnni Pnnni rirvz rinr.r. r, � a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - 17 . 7, Alilleeztant jaLt34,Amt Laa.jadtadjuLbael 4126.3aimaitna. jaL,9aly.zztjaaz.sfjifayaaaprr., What in needed ohiefly is an integration, oyetematio motivation and planned expansion of acttvities in which we are already, perhgps in moms oaten unconeciouely, engaged. We do, for instance try to maintain contact with a liberal arms; we have uprooted the desire to send observers' to the Communist area: we have. anac cultural relations program; And the OW/ spas made (some attempts irilcopagandize American democratic ideals, in Chime aftdm, /t muot be admitted that some of the measuren proponsd woad involve taking more than normal interest in the affair� of another noveraica ngttion, But they do not go no far as to infringe on Chinese eoveraignity. If we choose to make lend.lenne conditional on a 'bating war effort by Ohba, it is also China's freedom to refuse to accept it on these conditions. We do not go noar. ly as far as imperialiotio countries have often done in the past, We *viola,- ly do not, for instance, suggest active aseintance or nasidizing of rival parties to the 'Kuomintang .. as the Russianu did in the case of the Oomnunists. FUrthermore, tha Chinese Government would find it difficult to object. The Obineoe have abuoed their freedom to wopagandize in the 7.1nited States by the statements and writings of audh men as Lin Yoritang. They have also, and through Lin Tu.tang, who carries an official passport as a, representative of the Minato() Government, engaged in "cultural relations" work. They have free. ly criticized American policies and American leaders. And they have attempted to dabble in American polities .. through Madame Ohlkang, Luoe, Wilkie, and Republican congreosmen. They have had end will continue to have freedom to try to influence ptblic opinion in the United Statem in the came way that we 1411 try to do it in Ohina. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1 � - 4714 .1411120.01161���,, � 1471+ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - - ���;�4��'������������evA0r.a.����4 TO' Judge No F. Allman moms Hugh W. Bradley OUBJWOTs Commente on Memorandum on China A. akteaultjaLatimapjaz 013 _t.. F.N .4aPA'60011iito*AM Auguat 9, 2.944 Writer raile to mention that the &Let being what it ie, home of compromise, the Japanese expected, prior to outbreak of Paoitic lar, that flame form of compromine agreement between.Ohunaltift, Naticirts and Japan woull finally be reached. Definite @tope in thin direotion hnd been taken, comprining formation of a lau Ohineee party. Ae long ago au ppring of 1941 I wan approached in MACAO by a former oftioial of the Salt Gabello who informed me in above twee and mid that varioue high offleials not then definitely committed to either Chungking or Nanking were abut to "come out" - from temporary private life. Thee() ()Malan were to announoe puoh a third party, invite higher pereonageo of the rival regime to atop amide, and maks eatable oriental provieion for high honorable poete for both Chiang gai Mich and %fang Ohing Wei. The object of the viait to myeelf wao to eound me out ae to my willingneee to accept appoint- ment from nuoh third party ae I.O. of Cuotome for south Central, South and Ipouth Xaet China. In other worth!, aouthern rather than northern Chineee influence wile Andloated, b. Oanorally concur. Writer, however, oeuminE.ly overlooke, or ikt una.- ware, that the writ of Central Ouvernment - and of General Chiong Kai Dhek - hae alweye boon weak in pouthern ureae. Yor example, a Nil:KIWI, proclama- tion uf Oaneral chiung, enjoininE compliance with Central Covernment Cuctome rube on importe wao valueloae taller-Jo oupportea by ft correeponding proclama.- tion of the leett1 general. can 014)0,411y oupport mtetomonLe roairding ueneralioalmo'e leaninge toward Chen brahore, termed "roPetienary Lind unpopular." it le to be remembered, however, that Generalioeimo 'e knowledge of tnglieh io prac- tically "nil" and hie uoquaintance with foreign countrieea mirao quantity. The etIMO holds true In 04o00 of muny of hie poreonal friende of long etand- ing. Alpo, many Chine ee of both older ana younger uchoole ore dEifinitely Oppeeod to different manifeoLatione of "modern" (4uropean-Amorican) 111*o, e.g. eemi-14uropoan dreee, mixed 1:artiec involving drirkin, eccentric danceo, otos. I have been poroondally told by a private eecretury of a Provincial governor (the aeoretary wao a returnad utudent from America) that, after the war, a pound knowledge of Cbine06 and etWerul tulo of Chin000 ointhee woad be much more valuable in official life than a eeoming veneer of weetern edueation. ��1. ..� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �03; N. 1 100,494, 414 4 � '4 I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : Cli,8k4-R,.,1741.31:00001R000100300001-0 �Y f� 1 E �'-'111r-r.`777 41-fik4iTi� a - 2 - I , 71, a. Ooncur in 1,912, Throughout China, and in all Oovernment oohoole, oommunie,ic literature ie widely read. I hAve hoard Mince� off:Were - At partiee whore wino wig a motivating force P, denounce the Kung predominance and hint at draetio'remedial meanureo ao 000n au tho war wao over. Conooription lawn in China are largely a farce. It io etill the poor farmer or coolie who io caught in the drag-net. Fs Concurs It io pertinent to point out that China hail definitely become a U. 8. "baby", The Britioh have never been entirely carried away by Chinon. propaganda and are generally oceptioal of Chincee ability:to maintain in- ternel unity after the war. They have been irked by the flood of advice ae to how to deal with India in particular and Aoiatico in genoral. They will not throw oand In any machinery we may gee fit to employ to oolve the China problem ao a whole. Neither will they be quick to moknowl.dge that ouch maohinery le effeotive. Thoirpolley will be "wait and nee." Meanwhile they will devote attention to what, for them, are more urgent mattere. The Rueelano are under no Chineoe illusione whatsoever' Their Asintio experience cover more than a thousand years and many �Rueniana in high poeition aro Aaiatio or seml-Asiatio' They are well acquainted with the Eastern law that applioe from coolies up to Governmental "beat or be beaten." Temporarily, they may be In a frame of mind to allow words mid theoriee to have a brioC inning. But if China does fall into oonfuoion it i.e very likely that Ruoeia hfte it own plane of direct qction to meet thftt aituation. ki Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 S � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 `--"41!t nAttlY.Tq'N j' �- believe that Ocl Buxtok Mr" Minton, and General Donovan mily be interested in the attached' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .1 ��,- � � 4 - Declass.fied and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - A .. eum...,...m.mtvomwswsiplawimaltwormm............� %miasma:WM" SECRET The attached data was received from an outside agency and is not to be circulated outside of OSS ti N.P.A. SECREI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ��� E e Ct, 3 4 c 11. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 AMERICAN PROPAOANDA AND POLICY ..1N UNOCOUPIA) efl1NA Judging Prom evidence in the puhli n sources of 1.,n 'for- mation in provincial Chino--the bnnin of jndcamont for most of the interested Chinese in unoccupied territory--American atti- tude and policy towards Chinn remoin an follows: our attitude in one of grant ancva04t141Ing admiration Lecnune of the seven yenra or reninance, nnd our polit,y in nummad up in the promise thnt because of pant performance Amorioa is gain!, to give China fiverythinf, she needs, not only to drive out the Japnnese but to build }lemma!' Into a mojor pon�;wor power. Wl.th the attitude and policy J hove no quarrel. The seven years' resistance is indeed ndmirnble nnd the strengthen- ing of China must be a basic point in any practical and docent American plan for an early Japanese defeat and a successful peace In the Orient. I woull like to auhmitt however, that the way in which our attitude anu policy ore now 1,e1w, presented to the ,Thinose puhlie is not only unhelpful to our ai-n, hut In cl,twJ ).y de- trimental, ho Lb to ournolvon aLd to ',.;hinn. Th(1 pronent Chinese at to the war a plixtu..e of pnsnive�spoctatorts�intorent in the lAar outside nina, plus p.rent lor-)dom with�and Inuirferoheo to�the war Inn 1(40 :$41-41. Thin ottithde was evident oven ',afore the Pueirie war, more and more attention ii rid onor,.v orninin!, away from tlie i.11 ...Anted local war, turtitnr back toward private and npeeial intorints. After tho Incific lur ho 'tin, the assullption arose that tpv:anne of the yeal�n oC nut .lo-hanwau war, 'hIha couid now nit Hack anu pnes'vely wait. Coy victor:. anc.; Its :ch(Jrits; interosts oner- , ion turnec farther awn% rom hina 9 wn Vflr. 'ocelntly, since thfl nows ':,he Allies han and %HI !r- ermine of Aworican ritenrth It, $ !,01 conridolice in a uic%rr.: rot; (II. Li �fl � 1 ti pr fiti0P1 I rair, Ides in v.ar-orinion, rhtit, ii rt 1116 0 i i1 I I an 11,!, choice )OCv', fl spooLnLcr ra that the clInIC.1"; rust, almost crts I. I: �� nr, La I ti�e.f/LI a sorious harc,icap to her Alnul. ! o Ar:-:� I In sci ol rot-R. y had V I ttl pr.! c ; I a I I r �r Ls !,( t- tempi; to oxpl oil ank.: so or L to .;.! strens-th aryl a 1'o''f' 4.831,e, Ur I. attitude is allowr. tc contiru-. � �C.:0�0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � 411 � e � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001,R400_0100,300001-0 �7;1- 4 r)% S ;1;1 C RET v Present American propaganda polioies of unqualifiod praino and unqualified promisee for Ohina hot only allow, but have been an important raotor in building up, Chinoso complaoence with its attendant disadvantages. ny overemphasis on our own otrongth and goodwill, we are working directly counter to What must be our primary aim, In Ohing--the devolopment ot� the country into a useful pertner againat Japan and a responsible ally after the war. Not only aro wo cutting down the amount of' praotical coop - oration we can got for the war, but; we are harming China by oon- tributing to tlw Impression that China need not trouble too much over her military, economio and political wooknesoes, boeause her difficlaties will all be solved by what she gots from uo after the war. Wo aro also fostering 4 typo of ehauvinistio nmtional conceit; linda confident expoetaUlon or unearned postwar' benefits, whioh can make Chinn a diftioult noighbor in the postwar period. 1 do not know wh, we adopted such a policy but suppose It was in the holier that China needed great oncouragement if she Woo to continue the war, nlao aaaungement bocause at previ- ous. Amorican mid to Japan. It Is not nocossary to continue it for either reason. The Chinese are thoroughly eonvinced that the Allies will win and only a major Japanese offennive in China or economIc collapse could force them off the handwaron--both thoao oventunlition are pretty well out or propayandOn lold of romody. Our main problem now ia how tio 1 e1p mako tho most of- rootivo Iwo of Chinn Car t; be Common aim oe our two countries. To that end, I would liko to suiroTint throe) wnyn in which our proparAndm bo modiried or atiVronod, or jut3t macie to I ick elosor to the racts. 1.) Prank dorinition or Amorionla aim In the war In the ��� ��� 4.� w� ���.��.���������� cer������-� ���� 41�MMICMIOVAPON�A�pamo-vm.��aok. until we have some spoolrio statemeW. alout pont-war alma to 011-w1ry ruture Intentions, we shoul.., make IL !lath that we aro rIghtino. out here, not primarily to "heap inn", hut to defout jnpan. fLis is the rirst step 111 jino-Amorl-nn rciatio:in on a r0011Stic 114013 O. mutuld anIf-interent, the :irst stop in clonrinl. the air or vague talk about IntnrraltIonul admiration tart future amity and In ,ottinv down to speclrio discussion al,out present-day cooporation. Jac-a nun Our prosent monimcuthadness thin nub- t"-'.and lu--unad a):ainst us 1.y iltn onamy since SECRF r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -r. ti.41" - _ � � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , � r ' ' taltSVOM`Itt&Stronrisotoasztottteo.,.........,.- 'tooro4fo-ott000toott..-.., St .11tEPT 4,r! it is obvious that if we were willing to no to war to "help China", we would have been fighting years before Pearl harbor. There is very litle the enemy propagandists can do with the flat statement that we are fighting to defeat Japan, particularly an the physical evidence of our intentton accumulates. Admittedly this makes a nega- tive political line for us, but I do nok see how the present unexpressed state of our post-war intentions allows us any other accurate one. 2.) Vrankor and fuller treatment of AmerLaa.20.1ala viaatajkLmar in the Orient)particulajay_aLpplAa. affectinr China base this auggestion on the assumption that American policy must veer away Cram that of pampering (Mina, or special groups in China, as soon as increased rican military activity in this country makes increased practical cooperation ,more ur7ent. The recent agreement whereby the American Army was allowed to stop payina ilor its purehases in 'old at the ofilicial exchange rate seems to have boon a step in this direction, and the complete sllenco in rio -hinese- len .uncre press rancerniH It in on oxamplo or the kin of news treatment it would 'o ,:rinira:)1,1 to nvoid. I know nothiwr or the data or back -round or this t -,reement hut cannot i -ine how a well-planned coverer() of the news that the American Army In -hina had finally eon put oa a lore sensible Cinancial noir! co1i1(; ')(1 anythin :ut ood news Cor ) oth 1/4411na Ond America. ;t woulC oertaii- ly have provided a rood mann of inuicatin- to tha ,;hinose public that there will a more to winnin�r this Ivor Olen actual combat, that l. ii ..00peration oypocted of ,11.1111 will take many Corms. prom what 1 have learned of the opiniors of Ameri,san civil and military officials In Mina, a ood deal of consideration is now both!): rive, at least in official circles, to the handicaps the militar';, economic and political altuationa In -bine offer to offset her peorTaphic advanta-e as tho v!ost conveniont route for the attack on Japan. In .'ontrast., our propaank.la -ives no inklinir that nrythi.! In rontomplateu exPetst a inrd- ino. in China, to "help :hi-n", 11,)ki (Irlve Le ninnor!e all out of the -ountr. 1. 1 r I 0 r " t I. r- I 3 A. inrS would have a salutnr: Lho onrro.,t o-pla- (Once. 1 think n LvIt Is Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ot, � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7:141403,0 " - �AFIV � ..E ' � r t� , tr� orwromwss 3i139.31wirnaisf.40,.-m033,3.03tz-ts t.-33.3s�-o,..v33,3444444 3 sreAt onomgh to provont any bad @Mot rooulbine, Prom amoh noway 30 F4 4 .41 14" Dr aaaral alag.1=02182...g Alti,.04,a,12L1192.4ir 911V 11i WILLI 0 Thio roquiroo not only A ohangod polloy# but a now typo of matorial oinao thoro in nothing At pr000nt whioh oould bo oAllod An Amorioan oovorAgo or bio ombw joot for Ohinao Tho only nowo AvAllAble Aro tho oommuniquon whioh Aro inaamplobop delayed and poorly- propontod, And oaaAolonAl otorloo Vrom tho foroign awn mpondontop writton for tho homo Audionoo, Oomo of tho AmoriaAn nowo in Ohlnn And a good doAl or it from L.-A-1mA lo put out no "Alllod nativity" by UonbrAl Now, Wig ftamintong agonoy, wh000 polley in pr000ntAtion lo not to our boot intoroot Alnoo lb tondo to iMOINIARO rAbhor tlAn modify oompinoonae About Ohinolo proopooto durint: aid After the wire A full oovernAo of Ameriofin nativity in thin bhontree pr000ntinFA Tho 1401WVIMAn1 AA W011 nO tho high- Ughta, tho diffioultleo no well op the Auhlovomontop oVforo An oxoonnnt mono whoroby wo oAn AbtAok .15hAt oomplAoonoo, Anci p000lbly &von voAutivAto rota tntereot the lof.411 oopoot of the wnr. lt (Inn At loAnt Pretont to) tit Lihinomo puhlio i ldArriv p1 Lure or wt Uinci A WArUhlo in, what it w113 LgUti to win it. And what chinAlm ppr4 in it ohoula he, Mny 04, 1044.* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � . � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 f ; r OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES z OFFICIAL DISPATCH DATE i7 AUGUST 45 SIM1D 1502 17 AUGUST, 45 TO FROM SEE BELOW ROUTINE OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES DISTRIBUTION (CONFIRMATION TO ORIGINATOR) (FOR INFORMATION) U. I. GOVERNMENT PGUITING MICE 16-87888-1 TRANSMITTED IN CODE OR CIPHER SECRET SECRET #23387. Its CHAF X, KUNMING. (OUT 20282) #19307. TO MAN ,CHUNGK !NG. (COT 20283 ) 109 TO STEVENS. INFORMATIION: HEPPNER� ACKERMAN IS BL LN G ILBERT AS REQUESTED YOUR #2411' ( IN 21643). 1111 I LSON WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK AND AiNISNER GILBERT S OTHER QUEST ION. �-. TOD: 1643 1 AUGUST 4.5 INITIALS OF *RELEASING� OFFILIER i IT IS FORBIDDEN TO COPY OR REPRODUCE THIS CABLE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM THE SECRF TARIAT t. t � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .Y.4` Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 � CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 AtilM AMOVIN4) 4 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES OFFICIAL DISPATCH 13 AUGUST 115 DATE JRQM � MAWO 1 OHUNGK 1NQ TO OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES DISTRIBUTION --irf on INFORMATI'614i41 � rt (fiOrt ACTION) DIREOTOR =rt. st�-�earcal=r emrrs, cm= wszeartm pgroPuzy.., �JAM ghi 21643 FBELD Kell I ON �21741=====.1191=t, ertoiet, � Ve VI 14VOCIIIINT MISTING emu 1,6-01110111 RECEIVED IN CODE OR CIPHEF! #2417. OH 41= 1 14004WASH $ 4 OXON* #5907. ()HUM I NOR.K UMM t A04 SECRET SECRET STCV EN TO 109 ArD W I LSON INFOR:WAT I ON a HEPPNI: R. HOMILY G !Levi* 'IL:QUESTS I SE,ND YOU THE FOLLQVIII4Na NUJ NOT ON TONG HAS LI i41. RN CD F ROM W.:YE. ni,013D I MOS S IC 09 r SECRETARY THAT LC,, J1 APP( I NTrilENT NMII8TIV bNFOSMAT ION CERTA 114 AND IMMIMLNI ALSO THAT VLI 11 ILL (MANGE V ICE 1 IN !ii ER. HOU. I NM ON TONCI THVILIOlif.. PRE P A ;111 OE'r OUT SO SCHOOL. %JO ()MAUI ANj JIICIIITLY UNDER UNKNOWN PROI1AULY UNIRGE NM? (IONTRI7L=UTREWttfilIrIT IOUS UE,I Q ADVERSE, THEREFORE Ul Gi4 THAT SCHOOL OE IV EN QU I ETUS BEFORE WU APPO fI\1114 NI PUBL. I $HCD $O THAT W I THDRAW AL SUPPORT OW I OUSL Y NOT ON PER3ON/1 GilOUNDS, t REQUEST YOU INFORM tiCKERMAN UWCTING H I M AUTUORZ MLFOAE AUGUST 19 TO ANNOUNCE NDEF IN ITE ION' SCHOOL ON ROUNDS WAS 'S END1 AND INEV I T ABLE SHIFTS OOVIUINMENT AND POPUL AT ON �`" PLEASE BE SUM; TH I S I:to TAKEN CARE V' PROMPTLY AS IT 1 ESSE NT I AL. WE HAVE WORD BY 19TH, NEW SUIWEOT RI Q I LBEIRT lig tASELre IN I L $ON tril tiLL 14IF:MEM1.3ER G I LEIF. FIT SPOKE TO HIM ABOUT HIS WIFE: AND DAUOIITER GIETT I NI; To SW ITzflLANr U Ti.t I S 15 POSS IDLE I i..3E;RT IMO TO STAY ON HERE UP TO tit MONTHS TO DO WORK FOR 03s IF O$ NEEDSIHMg OTHERW ISE HE W ILL flETUIW HOME AS SUON -POSSIBLE NE KT MONTH, PLEASE AIN I SE a c2(4-i �ii TON OEK8 15 AWN 45 esiooties IT IS FORDIDDEN TO COPY OR RRPRODUCE THIS CAW?. WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM TIN SECRETARIAT � SECRET 41, � 'Vex Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 _OttiViti44) EGIC SERVICES ; Orriciptis COINJ41"614 ' 1239 2 AUG 45 RECP r 2 'M DATE UST I TO FROM OFF:Ili OF STRATEGIC fiERVICES t ' ' � , � . 1.�Adk* WU. DISTRIBUTION' Itrsentc1====s, (CONFIRMATION TO. ORIOINATOR).: PON INFORMATION) � Wes _ STATIONS FIELD SECTION " OIREOTORR SHEPAROSON, WORUntio is 49YIRNIILNY MON, OHIO' itt--4701114 TRANSMITirED IN CODE OR CIPHER ii,/$21 re. OHAFXii KUNMINCI� OUT 190111 #1- 7 mum I 11 OHUNGKINCI�! OUT 19014. E0 WILSON FROM SHE:PARDON AND COOLY4 SECRET ncoctvED OY ACKERMAN Fnom TOM PROTRST TRANSFER OF SCHOOL* GIT1NO COMMITTMENTS MADE OY LATrin 1ASE0 ON ASSURANCES BY FORMER. GILBERT PrioPonn TO DU8CU8S NTH 1019. WE AND ACKERMAN AWAIT min� rnoll YOU. IF ARRAAUMENT1; AHRIVED AT DV YOU ON ;EIDwir:C1 or SCHOOL PEntAIT0 ACKERMAN REQUESTS you CONSIDER OIVINO nonna A RIDE tIrME NTH YOU4 `-'001 1636 1! AUO. IT 18 PORIIIDDEN TO COPY OR REPRODUCE THIS CMiU WITHOUT AUTIIORIZ NTION FROM T1ft0 SRCRETAR I AT SECRET JC iNITIALO OF "Mt LIKAIIINO" OkrtriCCIR Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 % , A E 18 JULY 1945 ----- FiRIORITY ---- FROM LIMO I, CHUNGK I uo TO _____LELY:r_t_Ims,_____ DISTRIBUTION ------.--- I N 110049 OFFICE 9! . S17.A...TEGIC SERVICES - .s...ltwoc.INIaisxxs rerctrair,e6- %.5...,,acv unime.c -e (FOR 'ACTION) x. I (FOR INFORMATION) I ---. D 1 RECTOR � v,-%. �A ( , ' ..> RECEIVED IN CODE OR CIPI:4ER OFFICIAL DISPATCH *. WAVERNIMI FAINTING OftICK 10-1178�13-2 #2097 CHONZING4AS4INGTOMp 1/1117 OHUNGKING..KUNMINOt HEMS TO 1090 AT A CONFERENCE TODAY GENERAL OLMSTEAD SMO THAT IT ?AS THE THEATER'S HOPE AND DES IRE THAT VIE DO NOT CONT INUE VI :.114 THE JOURN ts, PROJECT NOR RETURN TO THE CHINA THEATER THE 3 NROOTE TO THE STATES, IT IS Volt1111)1�W TO COPY OR REPRODUCE THIS CABLB WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FROM THS SECRETARIAT Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 LL'ro PLEA c FOC. L011 1 NG SE 3 I ON 11E1M! GENERA L DONOVAN CH E: S T ON COLVAR:tIFA t-13 Ll. PO T L 0\" v LT 71-1/i frf1f.SALON Y e-( (3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �or 1 1 � , , t .11 ' Declassified and Approved For Release 29,13/07/31_CJA-yRDp13T0009.1a02,0,100,9,0,001-0 ; r!N;..1 , : ''� z � o�rrN-�,, t� � � 4:�41V11".1 INFORMATION 5ttbil P 1.4�Ef.�..92�������������2* a 4. - - - 4_�.40 --.1"4-14,:�114,,ML� ���..-_��������r. rrt�� ����������-�!.���-�"' -1���!. ft r����� ��� .e�-�������� RQUTfl HEET � L!rnr'r-+z,'tr,"4--'-..:4'kf-ite 11, SEIBE Or n to 4 ��11121=6,11:01X =36.111/P t(401=M1r4MS:11,1234.0.....�������-.� Addr@fig@@�� 11=1=1 MT=1=21 Bat@ II@ Q 0=141=1 �.�.4w,...� � ����=c1=C���2112111. ,�.a.....*�09V�CM1 141tAlci 4-1,-����r��� �������� r"1 .e�-�11,". st,t,e4111.����"���12111."1" -St irsx=="201'"jtialla-1:41ALIMOISMI�Mar 4 t ndlowt,in .n .4, , Iscanzerr=rsoncr=rmilmr,-.1 114 r�ASIEXIntee=====0,5,1=0:=TOM�tell ner=rm,m r:� � mrs tram. .1,""r",��- �������Asi r' tarra����. �,������',�-�-����,,. r���� rt�-�- � r���������rwamwsr*����-----,������� fn." r,����,���*������ 1�����������5�����=0�����������11.,..1r,�,� � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � : 1 ' 0 .1 � 17:k sk � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : 1. CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,.� . - : , -;AA:PONV.--rr . � r... .. - .-----lw ..,_ 4 .. 441 i �,0411,s�E'� Iv; �)b, '11 .r)..s' 4 CISti p�, %go (Rtiviam) OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES OFFICIAL DISPATCH DATE 28, JUNE 45 FROM CHAFX KUNMING TO Af OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES DISTRIBUTION iFOR ACTION) /, SI 6. 4.�.41161{NT PRINTINfi ormi i 7004-13 PRIORITY ROUTINE PEFERREP IN 17157 WOR mironwaloN) DIRECTOR, 40RUDER9 FIELD SECTION. RECEIVED IN CODE OR CIPHER fI4607. KUNMING TO WASHINGTON. I 8897. KUNMING TO CHUNGKING. HEIVNER TO KNOLLENBERG. INFORMATION: WHITTAKER. =it 4.��� t," PET , 's 4 VERY CAREFUL CONSIDERATION ''rtS BEEN GIVEN YOUR 07359 (OUT 15048). THE PROBLEMS WHICH PREENT THEMSELVES ARE THE FOLLOW- ING: SINCE BAKER AND HIS ONLY COMPETENT ASSISTANTS HAVE BEEN PROMISED US VACATIONS, GILBERT IS LEFT ALONE AND HE WILL BE ABSENT MORE OFTEN THAN NOT. TO USE STEVENS TO ASSIST WOULD PROBABLY RESULT IN BLOWING COVER. IT MAY BE THAT THE THING TO DO IS APPROACH TONG, FRAINKO REQUESTING THAT HE SENO REPORTERS INTO THE FIELD FOR PURPOSES VOU DESIRE. HE MAY OBJECT BECAUSE HE FEARS CROSSING UP TAI LI OR BECAUSE THESE STUDENTS ARE SECRETLY TRAINED AND EARMARKED FOR KUOMINTANG PROPAGANDA AFTER AMERICAN LANDINGS. IF YOU AGREE, I THINK BEST THING WOULD BE TO AWAIT IMMINENT ARRIVAL OF 109 WHO COULD DISCUSS MATTE A WITH TONG PERSONALLY. TOR: 1010 28 JUNE 45 IT IS PORDIDDEN wrmourr AuTu IIIS CAM% CRXTARIAT Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .1 1, � o , � W ILL THE FOL L017 1 NG PL CA SE S ION DEL 017 GENERA L DONOVAN OR. ()HESTON COLONEL MATO, L T 6 PUTZELL LT,THgON PAR 0. SUL LOI7A � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 L'L .r1 ' FORM NO, :400 - VA 114/415).- - � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 " - WIR01,04'om, Otifittim 00cumENT pf 09,CUMOT-NO No, WpAGgli 4TTIOITIW, ,_-. 'Inc TOO nainell-;holoW 'ts rs2:0;,44,14.1Cfo4 th0,14iaonud'AOP:6$00T (Igouloll in blukraod 'A,U'this:Oft0a 0'..,0!alir,O., Og roo,OW: Of 114n (1.9014tr,OVi4i1, ,�,0 � , J ,.. . ha must Trapara tit,in 10TM Oi,Oito4 aoctor4ing,to*VORCAMIC-g4olitiA4Sil , WO i i ' wko 415414 tho document or tei Whom its contains aro communioratilidi_Aist , **.: 41i...:441 - 4 a t a and tint� rmcolvodA and initial with titO ,dato and tima of rolia'n'S.-4.:tn. 'poii ' providod �motto hin camo, Ti-s docuinnt ma'y 'bo,nnown only to ottabi4i4. to ok)0 TOP SiteRla documoots, and,wito 4410 roquirod to know tilt) inTormi44 contains. goon 5ornon rormally uhaygod with thn safokooplag of i1ooiw. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ' - 't� Form t� Raviitid) DATE TO OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES OFFICIAL, DISPATCH 214, AMC 1945 SEE BELOW FROM " Ftl 1=tag=nr" 100 :10,4 JUNE: 41,5 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES DISTRIBUTION (CONFIRMATION TO ORI(INATOR) SI(Im2) 0, eovosgmloy muslin.) torsoi BOOK MESSAGE 2 STATIONS WOR 0111COTOR(304) MAGRUDER(5) FIELD 5EOTION(6) 10-1MIN171 TRANSMITTED IN CODE OR CIPHER =AMU 07359; TO CHAFX; KUNMING. ' (OUT1415010) lop #13759. TO MAWOI, CHUNGKING* (OUT15047, � GkEy:wr KNOLLENBEAG TO WHITAKER AND HCPPNER ONLY WE WISH TO INCREASE INTELLIGENCE FLOW FROM COWIN, BELIEVE THIS COULD BC DONE BY USING CHUNGKING REPORTER AS COVER* STUDENT OR GRADUATE REPORTERS SHOULD OE tWOURAGED TO TURN IN STORIES AND DOCUMENTS. AS WITH ANY PAPER, MUCH MORE RECEIVED THAN PUBLISHED,' RESIDUE SHOULD PROVIDE MUCH VALUADLE INTELLIGENCE* 2 MAIN SOURCES WOULD BE FROM INTERVIEWS IN CHUNGKING OF PERSONS COMING mate AND FROM REPORTERS IN FIELD. IN ADDITION TO PATRIOTIC URGE, SUGOEST SMALL SCHOLARSHIPS TO INDUCE STUDENTS TO GO INTO FIELD* UUDOCT FOR 1945-46 PROVIDES ;moo Fon SCHOLARSHIPS TONG EXPECTED TO USE THIS TO SEND STUDENTS TO STATES BUT UNDERSTAND GENERALISSIMO FROZEN SUCH, EIEFORE*HE CHANGES MS MIND AND AS ALTERNATIVE TO SAVE TONG'S FACE, SUGGEST THIS MONEY BE USED FOR FIELD SCHOLARSHIPS. Emil STUDENTS =Am ANO WORK IN CHINA. ACKERMAN WILLING TO MAKE THE $5,000 AVAILABLE THROUGH US TO BAKER OR OTHER APPROPRIATE CHANNEL PROVIDED MONEY USED FOR FIELD 80HOLAIISHIPS0 WILL ALSO PAY TONG 050000 IN JUNE INSTEAD OF JULY 0'48 OR PROMISED, FOR FIRST INSTALLMENT SCHOOL EXPENSES. ACKERMAN HAS ACTUALLY DEPOSITED 0100000 WITH US WHICH WILL in FORWARDED TO YOU WHEN REQUESTED. ACKERMAN FEELS GILBERT ONLY MAN IN CHINA AULE FULLY TO IMPLEMKNT ABOVE DESCRIBED INTELLIGENCE FLOW. FEELS THAT 'GILBERT HAS SUCH CONFIDENCE IN YOU THAT YOU WOULD OE ABLE TO INDUCE HIM TO DO JOD. BELIEVE THIS Wm WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH GILBERT'S INITIALS OP "REIAAPINO" OFFICIRlir nIS MUM) cn TIIIS CAIILAT SEGRE: t WITHOUT A SHCRICTARIAT � of Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 0 14 ;pt.} V. dc, roma h OFFICE OF STRATEGI OFICIAL 04110CH F " OM OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES TO: TRANSMIT immtwommaimummini F '-$ 2 14_ PA(111... 2144.L 41)NE .45 Igslt:=-10.410001 MO wow. MANN APPRISED OF PROPOSITION AND SUGGESTS STEVENS ALSO MIGHT HELP WITH OTHER ARRAN3EMENTS6 COVE 'IS YOUR COMMENTS on PRO= WITH PROPOSITION AND ADVISEQ FROM WILSONS ABOVE APPROVED DY 109 WHO PROD BLY TROUGHT IT HAD UEEN SENT OEFORE HE CABLED IN ANSWER YOUR 7257*. 1 NOW IN EUROPEo KNOLLENDERG MESSAGE DELAYED FOR CLEARANCE AL INTERESTED PARTIES* 109 ADVISED MC THAT HE HAD MADE FULL OlSw i1120SURE TO WEDEMEYER OF SCHOOL AND ITS CONNECTION WITH OSS. 60#000 FOR NEXT 501100L YEAR*ALREADY PAID AND WILL NOT COME UT YOUR NEW BUDGET; HOWEVER, THIS CONTEMPLATES ARMY TRANS PORTAT ION FOR' MEN. COULOWT THEY COME TO STATES BY AIR AND RETURN BY SEA STARTING IN TCME'TO OE IN CHINA FOR FALL lum? IF SO, ORDCR3 SHOULD SO PROVIDE. 4KUNM1NG WASHINGTON #13(387 (01.16594) TOOW57 24 JUNE 45 TQ INITIALSt OCD EGW IT IR FORBIDDEN TO COPY OR RKPRODUCIE Tilla Malt wrrucarr AUTHORIFATION FROM Tilt RICRETARTAT ArIntm/PC1 For Release 2013/07/31 ECRET COPY % . *ipik %WO CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 454311.4,.'4,,� tko , �"1,�7it410 -r� ' , 4 1 .1% , 1 � � I � '�� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 _ , � � ' � . r . � I. *Tim gaoviatt) OFF! PAIT Juic FReAsi TO OHAFX cr-v-q-144x4�,. �^. , F STRATEGIC S 'KUNMING OFFICIAL DISPATCH � RVidES It ��� 017=3:7��=62.2===..... OFFICE or BTRATEGI IC SERVICE'S _ , 0 IR COTOR DI&TRIU..TION �N INFORMATION) 1 V; POINTIN5efrin iaa - J7M.T21 P5,1MT,V.. IN 1094 di 4,0' AP, RECEIVED IN CODE OR CIPHER to UT MANI I t4:1 ROA OH I NOTON# trrI57,, KUNMINCIPAONUN9Ic I NC NEPPNEn TO 1090 SCOW' E 81JE3tROT IR ORADUATII SCHOOL OF JOUANALISNI ONUNOKIN30 OONERAL WEDEMEYER HAS $TATED HE WILL AUTHORIZE AIR TRANSPORT TO US FOR !) MCN OomeERNED ouV DuC TO unnWAVY ComMITMENTS GAINNoT kJ� WU NOT AUTHORIZE: A ROUND TRIP DY Aini WITNOLU MEANINO TO INK PREOUMPTIOUS, I WOULD LIKE TO SHOOEOT THAT THIS PURNISNEn A SPLENDID OUT Fon TiI; wHOLE PROJECT WHIM rROM my OWN OCSERVATIONS AND OHOERVAIIONS OF OTHERS INTERESTED HMI PRODUCE() NOMIN0 TANOI ME FOR 093 OA 111C IA WAR Marro WHETHER IT HAS, IIA0 ANY INTAMI- MX Cer-cT$ ON $14O-AWRIOAN RELATIONS I AM NOT IN A posirtoN To OTAM AP IN WITHCUT MEANINO TO 01: PrauMPTcOu$ I LIHOUtO LIK TO AY THAI I AM VERY 00NanNED OvEn TM CHINA THCATO RONEY ropl COMINO YEAR AND NAVE BEEN EXPERICNOINO SOME OLCFPLESS NIOHTS WORRYINO ABOUT WHETHER WC To CARRY OUT THE provinAm WHICH HAS OECN on 81T F tal Fon COMINO YEAR NONE or FORCOOINO APPLIES TO RODNCY OIMIT WHO iS DOING A PLC IU MO 400 ON DAMAO PAOJeDT* WHEN' YOU RCA� THE REPORT OF rrs RCSULTS I KNOW YOO WILL OE OIELIOHTIOI, FINALLY. IN RETURNINO THESE 3 MEN WC 0= 0 WITH OIMOULTY HAVE THEM TRANOPOnTED FREE AS ACIONOTS OF AM PnOvIDIN0 WE mAKrA FuLLcn DISCLOSURE ANO JUSTIIPIOATION TO:110AM KADQUARICRS4 DO YOU THINK THIS DESIRAOLE oll WOULD YOU qATNEA PAY THE COST OF THEIR TIIANSPORT TAKINO INTO ACCOUNT YHE EvilowNOT OF OUR Moo ANCE8 UCTWEEN NOW AND al0 OF FIBOAP t I.it 5" IT W''Illottgigterikt'�Ittitt ! +It Tillti CA Milt WITHOUT AUTIIURIZATION MOM MD =It ItTAItIAT Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 5, * ,. � %oval" � :OA �� � 4,z : Form 62Tgovtied) � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 . � � � t .d...k.ccasc�c1.1ctuck�i0C OFFICE OF STRATEGIC IS JUNE: 19145 DATE ; CL- ,774.7141X TO SEE BELOW OFFIC4k1. VIOATCH-, PIAMI404104/444404:44pc....4 S,ERVI E I 1209 18 JUNE MN. � FROM /1'r FFICE: OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Itec.4.11�Trael�MOWNDMMMIMSEMIRY,11 6�McMs ...raccrc -cccie.cotrctcc-s. wc.celemr mese.. o.c.,cmc'ec NFIRMATION TO ORIGINATOR) DIRECTOR A, R14410C..;F- U. 0, 6011400M1INT PAHflMS arms 1a.m11011.1 TRAN ITTED IN CODE OR CIPHER � . , DISTRIBUTION 4.4.0NIC Er..-41. 9 tomlua., wiEreo4 OUTINK � '41 ME-3.1-11" BOOK MESSAGE 2 STATIONS,7:' � zr OMR INFORMATION) FRERE,411714WTRIMTIMEMMInaleMMIIIIIMEIMINININIVI ONO; MAWDI; CHUNGKING (OUT 14444) fI66670 CHAFX, KUNMING (0yT 440) SECRET SECRET 10 TO HEPPNER ONLY WILL YOU PLEASE DELIVER THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE FROM ME TO WEDEMEYER PERSONALLY: WHEN I VIAS IN CHUNGKING I TALKED MTH RICHARD BAKER, ANTHONY DRALLE AND FLOYD Do ROGERS WHO ARE LOCATED AT THE CHUNGKING PRESS SCHOOL. I BELIEVE THAT THE WORK THEY ARE'DOING IS SIGNIFICANT AND A DISTINCT CONTRIBUTION TO THE WAR EFFORT. I BELIEVE THAT AS IT PROCEEDS IT WILL OECOME EVEN monE IwPoRNT AN m D I AM STRONGLY CONVINCED THAT IT CAN BE mo PRECISELY DIRECT TOWARD THE COMMON GOOD. WHEN I TALKED WITO,TNESE MEN WE EXCHANGED THE HOPE THAT THEY COULD RETURN HERE AT THE END or THE TERM JUNE 0 AND THEN RETURN TO THE THEATER ON SEPTEMBER 15, I WOULD Or COURSE ADVISE YOU OF THE PROGRESS OF DISCUSSIONS WITH THEM HERE. YOU WILL RECALL THAT I DISCUSSED THIS PROoECT wiTH YOU ON MY LAST VISIT OuT IT IS TOO MUCH TO HOPE THAT YOU CHARGED YOUR MEMORY WITH MY STATEMENT THAT I HAD TOLD THESE MEN THEY COULD COME HOME FOR A REST IN THE UNITED STATES. FOR THAT REASON I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I RELAIZE HOW DIFFICULT TRANSPORTATION IS BUT I THINK THIS STEP WOULD BE WELL WORTH TAKING AND WOULD JUSTIFY THE SPACE GIVEN, SINCE IT WOULD NOT ONLY ENABLE THESE MEN TO RECOPERATE BUT WOULD COMPLETELY REVITALIZE THE EFFORTS OF THE SCHOOL. TOO; 1405 03 JUNE 1945 IT IS ITORBII ) co/am It FCRET INITIALS OF "RELSASING" orrict* 101' 0 R R DUCE. TIM CAMP, WITIIOUP AUTHORIZATION PROM THID SICCRETARIAT Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13xonnnlipnnnl rrv) (-1 f-w-w-, cb. �1,,, � � � k IR ����� � 4 � � :4 � , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 NIXORODUld TO s General Donovan FROM s Coseender H. W. Ant4iU1 PPB SUBJEOTs Mrs* Mar4orie Coleman Baker e'������tr 7 ohms 1945 to, C317� A rjes 4.-4 44.1 4-0 1, Mrs. Baker's appointment has been processed up to the point of requesting her to report for duty. This appointment was in tares of a secretarial position in Chung- king in which she was interested. In view of the current from on the sending of in to China, she was inforaed on 6 Alm that her case would he referred to your *Mos for advice* It was suggested to her that she night enter on duty in Washington to 'nit further developments. This some* inadvisable sinoe she has a good position in Now York CUT. Her husband is expected to leave China for the United States late in jun. and is expected to return to China in the autumn. 211 Please advise. B. Ir, Antall Lieut. Commanders USWR Pereonnel. Procurement Branch Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rcyminmnnnni_n '14 i - I ' Eti oki I- ' - � . _ r-r----?-.� . , ,..........__Jr---..------------- nm"..."".".".7...="'''''imrs....r*.....,,...�����������-eree� � 1 4.0�������Hr.ftimn....m.m.r..���...r.m. worm.* ., , . ' :, ' ; ':'. ' �:: ' . : " . ' ' . '''':' ' ' If. i! ' ' O.' amtatimgicr ritirma engin-, 'L141-i-1788;?-1� , , , ' .I.,', '..;41V V:::i -' --.%'-'4' -- -� 1TRPNSIVI1TITIED ,114f CODE ORA.SLF.)M..R' I - - v . . z ,,-,'! ;;f , ',': ) ': !. ' 1" ;'. ' -',. .^ -r - .':'.-:: : '' ' Z ' ' '. ,,, 'I :- ' z, '- . '' e ' '.. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .7 , Tv, � ITV,V tAriek,1 t c ;' � - M.17,9;IN ,J1 - a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - C Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 .,1,3" ,S. t-5; -I 1; '4';'. ' '-'''', i' . ..' � ;....... A; .1. 01, .1, ^"; '1..,,...:: . 1 : : � ..: ,.... T : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -. a, a OONEWENTLAI UNADQUAATIRS OITION OP 4TRATKOIO SWIM MINA MAUR OUBJEOT 3 dohool of Journolism. AePeOe 879 17 Hargh 4, TO u Tho Director, Officio of Strategio'esrvicoo, Waohington, DeOe le I Rend you herewith R lettor datod Maroh 11th from Hee Rodnoy Oilbort discussing tho prosont situation with rew farina@ to tho Ochool of Journalism, And tho progreso that is being mgdo on tho Bamboo plan - now known as the Denvor plane ailbort is anxiouo that you boo kept ourrently advioed of tho oircumstoncoo ourrounding both operationee 2, Moo onolosed is a lottor to Mrs, Riohard Balm whioh io to bo mgilod to hore In it 8aker refers to the staff mooting with you and more portioularly to tilt matter of a fur- lough homo thio oummor And your aosurancoo that if Hrs. Ookor wno Vound quolifiod And pasaod our 000vrity, apptitudo, and ovaluation tooto, wo oould (and would) uso hor in the Far Woot - prolimifioriLy in Kandy or Northorn India And oventually horo. . It Appogro from Oakorlo lottor that ho urdorotood our pormonno 1 pooplo would got in touoh with box'j but nothine ho hopponod so that hs is now aug400ting ohs approach 01415, end I have r000mmondod that on hor arrival in Washington oho got in twuoh with Hiss Haight who rknow will oxpodite mettoro. 4. Ono more point - Mrs, Oskar may wish to reply to htlo huohard% lottor via our pouoh . Dokor ha oautioned her not to diaousa tho %flatten) disouhaed heroin in her ordinary latter* via A0.0, I Ammo that arrangemento �An be made And His, 21/ Baker Advised how Any reply ohs may wish to maks in this inotanoe nay be made through us. For Oolonel HICITNICAls iltt.6010,L1A4;===.. HARI= O. 3f4VSNO Majors ALM utAtist. Vt� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 � CIA 000 400 II 1. A 41OPPO 1 r � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,0,e1A11, 011113107 tnsolitArcal 1,14:U145 Major O11') 1.. Wil tQiM ILLOaolianpUBAR DIrootor, Offtae of Stratonto Se'r.vtcoo, wsklhington, D.C. M7 Dear Goneral j 1 am sure that I do not need to -emi_nd .q'ell of the atX4- CUSClOAS wo bad here tn C1ttn,5kinri of our little School or Jouro.aaltam and its prosrects for a third ymarIt is not to rerrash your t11,,m0147 of those flismosi that 1 AM Writing thorefore4;Sinco yoll wore here I have had lmttors from DOAM Carl Ao%erilian of Oolumtia Univcirsity which have raised 2 queetin in my mind about hts attitude towards tlw SchnolAs you probably knowshe Is due her the e towards end of this montluT am trollid I e to Mlink that may have to wire you abo-at the ruture financine of the School,aftew I have talkold witla am writtn5 tlaerofore to zive you some tdea In alliance of i*i i5.,(3131.4.m which 'I beitevo mAY nriu" 1 remember telltnc you thatobeforo your arrival here, T 'NO had sovoeal 'otters from Ackerman 1.11 which he (mid that it huA hoen go diffiatat to frqt pledceo of support for a thtra yoar from your nubordinatex 'hat he was vorj doubtful about the, future of th,, school after Juno of this yisarI underatoiod from you that he had not 140011 IOU personally this past win.. terjbut 1 thil* it is possibly true that your subwdinstes,with Whom ho deat were not or.couragins Oortain17 the taquiry tirlat William Christian had about the worth of the School was couched in audit terms that it *teemed to be pr*- Jadged and condevinoC,More recent lettere from Ackermar. tlive M.4 reason to be lteve phowevevosthat he made no pariA(t11.1Ar effort to uee you personallystand did not try very hard to 9 sqiun 1.1-,et shoni. sal; OSS *:141kAi1 ila %tr. r as, "o r the ri 'ANA oea son 1;hat he Is t tred of 1410"le�,111.;.. .....,-s L;) in 1 ilel 0:11,1.1-1 '-. )1.' H.t3 s)ikre 1, ilto , f.h ii t he ha. HI 1:0 ,, Iva to elovItesporiii-O,Ce) al,. ), it, 1,1'1 I ei 3 Oh 0 cl. a rid I I, a KO c PIA till ; Tlif$ t el/ a MO t1:141 t 11 (N ri I il,j c Li; Inv, ono, �; 1 , ,1-.." 1 p.1 .1 , ,..) '.0 havn to Lc) to Wa. sh 4 114L.t. ,n,to ;Let pleoenDeal .., ,);:p 00.1-1 $a. I. 1r11 ri "or ',' i .3 "Ii4'� )01 CrieVit A reittotkn't ti) says that 0 1 '. q't.11:, -).,7 IC. i:114 it 11:1 4 11.M I eLhIll , ve)r). a Lood en it h Start LAM rilnol be tiirrteel ,),,r,.. ' o ' ,,1 Oh 1 ri,lact; ' ,wip 1 r I,v'. i 5 1.: 104 1 ' 1 )11 tt " IV 1,-nt, 1,t ' :'- 1:)0 relS to . 1. v 01 11.F.3 v,, n ri I , A; ,,,-1 1.ollf!,' ill .: ' � wr , -fly& �, � ,' 1,0 1. 1 (I' 1 le k 1.' � et 1' Of klE) 'S �, (:arl. end .. of %he 3 Q1,1 )ol. 1: i, I Lit ) Li, e, ,11.013 It %, ,lid ,,�otapti j 1. )21e it s (:�,1a r.-ik,; t,f,y* :4.,,tt,-1 Its 0.00 - .'11.1ries s ) sLt, iAr. n .111d 1 rn or Lilo Pt' (1.0.,,y II ome a', the end of !.11.0 term iA nd "a 4i ' h Ifs 111,0,1s , f tto I ell.:)Q1,6: 1.1t, ,.1....1,,L) 9 1,011 y'),I !I'. (.) 1.1.1f I. "ft that te.04a!s1 A *oll';1L411 ha a T. Avuta, i, 1 :LA f or. *i t art I t,:,.. new pi. o i 0.. � ' , . ' th c-0...1 I, �Irtt.,� ill /I ta mai 1:o ,):: 4 ' .;,.1 0:1.,!, a t 1, 1 111 upele/( :')!' a 1 11,1,10 1, 1.1,10, �vnaryinc of' -m ana slat; tl i r�- Ip' he (:_) ,n 2 I-1-0 �-1',11 'he 1-70A '2.1.at he Ii )111, '0 so l'A +Alto ric',10(1,l, 1 qhall 'lay: L,) 1.011 11_ ..1.t :.1.1. 'Invp, 'Iv' .-,4. ,,r.A '-!:.).ve roqrld i I. ".,Jr 1:11 wh I led? 1 1 ' a t .; ) ! '114 v - ) , , , 1 I .1: (1 lot.pi-,..);-!, -0,. A '11 i r A 'pox '.1c 0 t. :013 have made ',e ,)tat, Iva aro.ailLf. -1..ts .o ' 'le t.n�,,,,ro, Ion 0 il,i.o.., 9; ' , ve.� rft(aty mimbers Nor All. )1,'1#'1 r A7 -,' ) 1.11413 a, s7t- nr et /IS \?1"347t 4- 1 e)rtii$4.11,.' 4 1141 30,1001 1M nOt.; 1,1111*0 r%100) �1l1 * )1" 1 i 4'11 1.0.: (111,�1-1M4 1115 � 'tfl :;nts out; rr - -"Ics,...r or rot.�j v..,,v41 Ti' 1.,'1,,i, 11.)",, 11�) ,, '1 1 ' ..,' 1'4 "la t ;1 '11 1"4 'el ' 'I 2, 2.0.E "I 1 ". 'r . , t 4 w1.11. say that it ',!",lir 'aly... T .. .) 4.1 . 1 v,# 11 . �e is t :,.... : � , ,ij el , 1,1� ., , ,,li 11.1 , 1, , .; , � , .. . 1.4' 1.1.1 �;11"1. ell 1141J,4 .� . ,1 (1 C' i . ., 0 It I ., :; t ., r f'.� ."Iliel, 1;4 rttalf5; " )", " 14,; T ' �'1' � , , ��1 .1. ,1,311 , 'I -'._',' ' ' -' . e . �, , , , ,...0. . ,, , . I. -,.. r,,,,- to 1, .1% t� '211,, " 9. )11%,,)'� t '''' ")-i,p.. .,, '',-) , � , . � . . . A I lie' fir;1 t, DIni -1.1,, Pt Jo. c T Ilt 4' '�''' .,, 1 . �. . , -"'" .31,'. ..4 A ' '' J s * i,1 , tt � OSS n1.50", tll . ' '0 ,kriod , i . �, . ". ' , .0 3 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001Roon1nrnnnnnl_n ^ 1. � � � mkt 1111.0 It Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - .. 40Partmcit" matvaml to74.1PAs tn '10 411 old and intimato friend. af * lolevs_,all about�the 4oheo1 and-its opevationsX1$ representatives hero Paxtonilo:416o in 01040 tpuOh. and frlovily wtth Rli oe of-ofintrol from OCLUMbl* 'both� State Npartment would notsi eforo lberitput ttle waroo or atranorl�I iAyi.t'hnowimill,Whiae I shall not be part or thi- 301'001 ore.nizatton, next 70141/it will bo Unelor my on and I kuow thAt-,Holl ton Ton,s will aontinue Warm mo as taterMedlarY with the raon1ty4Y44 Lheretore i.t.aderatand ws,t'hA* happened Wore olf 1 wire you towards t1e-en4- this month or early in'April that Oarl Aolterman is getting out from under't it is Inoumbent upon yaa to have the "sponsor" ohannel his support throu' agenoy ether than Oolumbla Universit4 presumatly WU:vs peoufs ()vice in SF/at� Dopartment;# 00,e. other matter; You will remember that Riohard T;Bakor,Who was rezp51..' oible far the organ IKation or the Sohool,who really oun m itoand would oonti* to run it & third year, spohe to you abolit cettirz hts wire out to Tuta (Rh' possibly to China later) AO RA OSS omp10700;You stAla that you would have 70,,13,- peraonnel Aepaotment cot in touch with her tn New Yorlt;Balcor ham heard nothln rron his wtfe about wuob an Rpprocoh And hAs mo far written hor hothina About., gottlAsit teiti.011, With the) 088�110 ta KOW writi. hoz' throush yowl, ereoatzsitt, 'howeVerp(11 oolArtemy of Major Harley Stemma her4to toll her of tho 1;ontatiV1 Rrranaement4 made; Now it itmy persona opinion that arringqmpnts hAd bettor 1 kept la tentative form lAntil we kw what Carl Ackerman !=4-Vto 4Wor the follmwinx roasansOar idea when we talked wtth you WAS that Mrm�,Baker should 114.; stnt to U41.0, rot ty thortiy to woric 1501,0 roll 033 and that BoLicar woltid spend hip aummer vaoatloa it In$la (July &Ad Auaust),If It happens that the Sahool tQ be burned over to tbe State Depl4rtmontshoweverolt woletei seom to mo that BOO' ought 110 retail% to tho US at Mae ond of Juno to r..)t to know Willys reoR And hi! ataff 0,110 tkat44WermiciviaraW400040 he and' Mrs ;Baker hhon have thoir vaoatlon toile t atai i tho USA &d t :Le th I, m 01, t t 1;11 rrrk 1.1- a 1-31��,0 '1)0 r or 0 him itrtitrirmei* departure for InOla;It would do no hArm meautAltle to mol:o prealminamy arrance.4, monts;It la hhavorovso my sauemtimA thot Mre..00ce'r n110,11d zo to Wnohl.natoA40k11 vo\rw poligionuel 0111,0r Awe'otr posmtbibromo ynn rilr A f4W MOMert$;I CM A 8roAt bolAcover in Imosic L I llon4;ands alL11(1:,;,Lh MrslBsker lm an oxotpi tQnally LV L'- vvomansl aril Who calif, !hat 1 I 'otiut mtth your justi ronownvi obarm wtl.i,')olp 11,,P malo ttp Iqta AL3qt ;'h In Fmr nastorn aAvont. upe;she) (1,)41(1t1,fl lacpharn ho �'ho ":)-.)cosAttle of reltoh up01(1, ond bo P,,tegy sCI me.fo An .1r.11:1;rom I 1011aLr)4:0 PlnUllOY: MY OWn PlUntt 110�0 r'n. r1�AttAC :".11,Lij:'4V11:'1. 10%0 0".'.'" 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I. � ��� (4' -1 � � _ 1 : 7. r !ry Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , ;, � jr,~2.44 A04 Mesh Itiart41 IWO 0'4 -Olt � � ��������1404261.4.4�1�1�144�10311�14 .1,��������00tAle.i�Ane' 0.-�%,�,���������.� - -� � - 9010.1191DANTWI MOO AfittOs Novi' 0001411 aohooli et Journeliem. TO Tho Disootora Ottioo litratogiv Sorvioss. Woshisstent D*04 --��4"` if X soot you herewith a IOUs 4044 MOO lith from M c4My 4ilhor4 disavowing the promo% nituation with row toms* 40 the 40441 St Josranlisoh ai thoroes Vont aft$ io b 444* on 4),oUnto. plan mow known los lee Demos plan* outior4 at outoull thal you he MO ourrontl sivisis4 or the oirsUpsolinfoos surrounding lioth eporotions. 11, Asa anolose4 is * letter to Mimi NOWA esker whioh is to be notio4 to Mir. X* it Ulcer rotors to the *Asti sooting with you ane mars partiouiarly to the mottos 0 a tut. loutO how this Immo and pa so V$$00 that it Mrs. West was fowl qualitio4 sn4 weed our esourity, apptitm4o0 ms4 evaluation tostsp we so44 (sm4 wnuX4) moo Mr in tho For Snol. proliatinerily in Handy or Posthorn 1n4is and eventually hoot ,* 3 *pivots tram Bekoes lotvor that he un4oretoo4 ouv ?or/panel pooplo wou14 got in touok with her, but nothing hole 1appon0 so that hs is now suggooting she swoosh 041.41, and 2 halm v* a4 that om hor arriv*1 in Washington she dot In touch bath Mists Height who I know will **Mite natter*. 4. Ono moral polmt Mr*, Wm may wish to roply to Nor huobend4 Iebtor via our pooh � Oskar he* onotiosod her not to aiaammt tha amUtars disousaad Wain in hor ordinary lattowo 01�131,1% X norms thot orrangonente men be neolo one Hrs. ., Oskar 0401'4 how any roply ship nay wish to ask. in this intitiants Kay be node through uo. For colonel WHOM WM 04 �TIVON 14s3er. AUS VON 11 11 IFIN; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � H .1V / .1 *** Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � 7 � QOAVIIP41111Ttuat OILADWAVISO OM= OF ammo 412WIORS OEM, TeMilign 674) :1,/ illarah 4, SUBJECT s 00401 of Journalise*. T4) s This Direst's. Otass of Otrotegio enslaves, ifikshinOon. 0,0. 1. Z ses4 you herewith * lsttor data, NslekIlth fres Mr* fl.4iqr 0i094 dissussiOg 141,400 10404** *Oh ro* tirosse'to-the'ddloal'etiieitossiftirsolidthoPr4004**W1* being mode oaths atembso plop 041lik110140 00 4110-00N,Ot ploy Otlaott is stacious that rat4 loft ourreintlysdelsod aths eirsuastsneoe surrounding both operstleao� 2. Also enclosed is s letter to Mble4 Aighsri Nikor Wilk is to be mailed ts hers Zs it lisloor Were to the stet mating with you and *ors parkisularly to this estUr of * fur* lough hops this summer sod yam sesursaese thal it Mrs, SOW was found qualified end psseed our sosurity, spptituis, smd ovalustion tests, we sould (mod would) use her in the For Salt preliminarily in Doty or Northern India end sventually It appears troe Ukeris Letter that he undorstood our porsonnel pimple would get in touik with hero but nothift hes hsppsned so that be is now suggesting shel oPP0464114, and I have reooamendod that om her arrival in Wmhingtonshe get in tmuch with Mom Haight who I know will expedite matters. 4. Ono moro poliwt Mrs 3e3ver mow wish to reply to her husbandb letter via our pouch . Oskar has soulions4 her A4S 1'0 discuss the, mattortditeummed borain in her ordinary. letters' ammo Ost arroingenante can to mode sn4 Are, - sok' w any rsply ohs may wish 4o asks to this intim** 11*7 bes ugh us. OLL144�1 ror Oolonol 1614111111, war? rip ; 040411***6�400 HARila 0. SUVA Majors AN Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r 4.; t - * 771 141 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 " en�%17� i ..:..000:4500,01VrAtag freign41Vil* 4.7 Febru lialORANDUM Lt� Robert Thru4 FRU 2nd 141 Thome� 7� Davis, Zr, BUSTECT : Journalists at Chungking Waring the course of' our travels several Seaters oaie 1.11) which require actim in Washington,* liost of the.. I was not able to write down tit the' times e,nd althOuiei I mentioned them t o you, I haricily would expect even v,irour re- tentive mind to bo able to hold on to au of then. I aa therefore Going to si ve you brief notes for your couvenienceri, IlttAlatariatuLgmagatkla In talking with the peopitir at the School of aournaliam Ohungking, General Donovan stated several times that (1) the, school would be continued :Least another yea and (2) he would urge the 6tate pnt to adopt the School* I am ignorant of the details of present spawn sorsb.ip (outensible) though I know, of �curse, by whom it is actually supported* (i believe it is under the aegis of eolumbia Univ/reity School of journalism)* Ono point raised by t he teachers lyat not presented so that General Donovan peared to advert to its is that the State Department Culturai Relations Division is somewhat moribund (as the teachers in School of Iournaliam see the recta), and control by that Avision might have bad results. P,robably special status for the school should be guaranteed by State* lagialop4t.iatlaSilatj1421a2tAkiat General DO4OVIlat Baid thict he would tr 3 teachers to have leave iu the U.S. They WWI) been cut here over a year, expected origintill,y to co baid: to the U.S. after one year, are willir4 to stay on another year if they get this love, which should begin in AU* (apprcer) alid continue through to October--to be coterminous with Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � � � - � r.1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , � the school vacation periods The three involved are Riohard Ts Biker, Anthony Fs Ts Drell.. FlOyd D. Rodgers; Jr. I discovered just before I lett that there ii a 4th tnstruatorimdwhy he is not to reoetve similar treatment I did not have time to ascertains 'This shoilld be looked into tor two reasons (1) fair plw, (2) tha 4th t, I think the son of the dean 'of the 00Ainsbia Sdhool of Iournalism. L0.1,41aMatabflisagiattessUrtriailvall One of the teachers (Baker) adked whether 109 ouuld ar ;so for his wife to have a job in India. Apparently s4e has had an excellent background in soolology, OBK at Cornell and sooial work in New Your,, and would Wa real asset to us, 4.09 said he would endeavor to plaoe her in our India or Ceylon Detachments. Her neme and address are listed in the notes I gave you of our oonference withthe journalists. These ndise are on 3 pages tom from my pocket notebookt, P.6. Her address is Mrs. Richard Ts Baker, 421 West 21st St., N. Y. bhe hae been in India once. IattatialigaagnililitiALSLU,bajligiga At 109's suggestion, I lunched with Rodgers and Baker and ran trirou,ch some of their unpolished notes from their utudent reporters. Joito of the material was of interest to us plr ne--thouch nothing otartling--.and a aood deml of it indicatod thht the students could un- willin(ay dig up stuff of rnal vulun to us if properly und oubtly directed. There are real difficulties in workina out a procedure titioh would keep bhe students and others from learning of our connection, but probeilAy tAvisould be worked out. 1 turnnd the material over to Naliwell and briefod him on the necessity for proceodius with umlaut eaution and security. 1 will die* with hi when I re turn. In the meantimt, you ORR use the notes gay, you (attached) if you need evidenoo to support 109's olaiLa that the project hop intmllionco poteatialitile Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � p. �Ir j � r u14 , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -r3 .1 I= � t o 0 4 1 Younc ow:flaws Point I - I kat eport iA favor 0f PeoPPRIPIWSPAP.11.019 a) RAlkI lone abatements to osnaorships b) Papa oonaiaered by SHOOS as best pepar in 0 inc refrad, avidly by Marion Unsay' o) istrOlkilitof journaliom in Obunecing4 Pantie aend 10 tudenta to 1.1,64, promiced by ' Hollineon 140 Point,* �hook into unprinted material, ,� he for oumusr va ation 0th Aulko t t, lot or Oot. lat� II olrend awns 129221,2 is toward pro-Allied feeling and toward liberalism. May be differeat in high KUOMINTANG circles. People basically demooratio. Classes are not fixed so far as any individual is ooacerned. People pretty well idormed. capable. -Uoimaunisto here hre Arian reformers. Audents are loft or KUOMINTANG atld right of kkuuktaists -Paws published all over Chinu, Langjoe for iustance, "Tea-house gossips", professional story tellors. Litudeuts traviitig buck to home town. nave tit') teacitors put oa paper their political cud sociologicul couoluelionsi, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001nnmnnn1 _n � - 7 � Irv's* � � w I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,. - �!, � ' lgi-1- -.-.1-"I : _ :1164,7 "Pointe* Radio bros,4001i:'t:by 1110 Vrtighti bo from TOMEI war ,oe 10- (1hi4ese hit area, listeu-ta-iiit stcttcrn* oarry ji School has radio �oaet4teeele**3/41**Vgail � t 80 Route Ar Grasp Amor) moved int. ! . &man province. Cho0;04 1104: TOPMentativo Communist Goverment war Chat**, who odd trim,' running sll over &wan. Bands within few miles of aukow. Pointve Physical conditions badmmehousing, rood, mediosl eareesoioan we help? Litudents welfara is in .hands of Ministry of Rduoation. Universities at (1) Chsngtu, t2) Muth Plug WI, Nat. vnivevait7 pi ilso Pekin Mtn, (3) Chungking Univorsity) (4) at Kuamtng is merited 8reatme4 big old universities tuoluding Pelow University (the Harvard of China). Courses include: teohnical emphasis, dis arts, chemistry, aerodynamics, but Chinese like lit. and eon. Encourage toohnioal students to so abroad. In sohoel of journalism several radio engineers, 3 or 4 soldiers who fonGht tho Japs(one expert on asap torture methods) 4 wolon studeuto (twitter thou tho men) theory is tliat wale chill lu China is spoiled, whereas WO= hut) learned to det along. Timid but go more stronuouslyeinto government �Mos for intarew views than male atudeatki. Jio uhaufl 044 iatO working harder. otudents belong to upper olaus, 114atiotooracy of Education." - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 a c.; ' � It , * kierese* � r � � I' oVim 644LiviAid) 44.11" Declassified and Apprond,F7or7RpLe7a!�2,22131.:07/31:,.,Cl,A.-,R7,1,3X.,40:19.:404,401R00.401003:t0.0001-0 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES OFFICIAL. I:116N1OH pmes aanwoly zsmIr FROM ORM NURHUO ���������������� TO OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES_____ 0'0k INFORMATICiN) MON ACTION) 0) $I) II ?Or: #3� 31), 03e / MOW, j.1.-.Pjf.10.10 14 na5$ TVA! Or I WOHNTIat Ili it OillIMMINT PAINTINflorrie* tfrtii --- RECEIVED IN CODE OR CIPHER 1i I',ci n C. #49744 lihapardaon An4 Ohoolton ft24199A hi SECRET tif � .g �mot, Chrintlun And X hnlA it nonforonoo And VIVontigAtnd thn mAttor� X 11.n0 thnt bilniftfir tho rond 11111 that tho orrAol.moltion ham mitabliniind thnt T onluot norm At All thAt it hno no ?nal %forth Am A part mr 414M 4P041107, nO)r, In pArtIonbArt to A nArt of An intnillgonoo orraniwatAon� 5,ho mont Amonhltitinmo nnrt hits boon thAt ttio mfttorinl Romonblod by tt�eme youni! journonetti wna not riuWi iwookliroblno Thin nondition bam hyon romteiliki Atld Arraormmontm hnvo boon mita for thim to b(4 mont to 1inq OadAnoo onn nom NI vivon to bottnr Um 'lime doaido4 to knoT) thIn in nffent l'or ilovion or 11 monthm And plAnm aro ImIng worlimel nut a000rflinelyo In natiltion IlAtinp nnet qr., to votnrn lotto in MI tall after u fey' monthm vadAtIono Xit11000r64400 11.th him wicthoin, arrftngelimnto nro being m40 for Cornet to bo neminned for A 0Ortni4 Job igith !TOn 113. TOlts 165n 24 atVA 45 F SECRET IT lr VORIMMILN TO V.0141' Olt littilletiottOttrt1It 4,�,AtiOt WiTtiOirr AUTHORIZATION NOM VIM tilttith I .NRIAT " 'IV 17 3 -313330 3f1' nar tr� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001� 00:Innnnl_n N. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 f � 1.-; ","17tr: 'MC' SERV)] A A. . `1�- 2't.,i...1,;`,1.5..41, ��,_'' 7,7 - , .'- , �-�": :.�'7 'i�f --2J'r.'11 4,- ft F;;;.2 4�4:"?`,,, ' ` ', f ,, 4.44,-,,,k,,�,,,,....._.....6.....,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,...-..,f; o.10..t I" --'7; � 41, " 144 , toityitnotLi`in6 e 777 ,�,;(, � t� � ' --' t, ' � � - ' �-!N"-"' 4 � '' 4.'712) " 1 .1';' � lta rip.d , �. �Alictilitriik..amtmen.....14!..?�, � e, , � 4' Ili:. � , 1.!? ,1n �n...;t - 0; . � . .:r IN FORMATION � ,i, 3,-...7,, 7 - ,.. - . .7 .n 7 , �; .1711�3 " , .1 ..7 , g� , 7 1 i��'" ' �,' -...7 ' � 7 , 4 � 7 , ; .,': ' .1 4. ',II' :7 .� ,., ' , li � ' e, �; e ,'':1;�4i.1;, .7 � 4 4.', '� .P., ;1%7 'ri 7.-- ,7-. L.,,�17:r 4, ' ''..; 1 -:�:1;z,.'-=" ', � }� mosegni-menmeniettlissi 'TRANI' 8 MITTC M IN CIOOF OR CIPHER , .� r .1 � , , � , Jt vitro Fitilltei KAI 001 ANICOMIatniON T WAIN MOT AND cots, to AT OW moor 0411104AIN RAO ittirellIOATED AND R Vt1111 COMM* thr EMMON 4011ACRIM PEPORTS GREAT IMPORTINCE or gNTIENPRIM fOR Uoeo PREeTiet GOOD WILL AND Vika AtinD COMET ire woe NIONSOft To cowl fails' 440 OUR CONTACT NEW WAX AT, HAS MN TOLD OF MP litettigatall taltititS FOR ADDITION% VIM fillT THAT vt)ti INTIM *ANC Y4410 MI meow onsentotea Imo rat Iva NCO CiSNULT CORK% Pot YON. Pitil$810# UN MK 11111 411114.1141114,IT MAT Di t illttft NMSNARY ARRANOSMIMIS Mt atWC yr tow Yellit On it liANUMY � i��� roa.Tir ALS VMS 10111Atkoti,l. rent. IT IIPOROIDDEN fa COPY OR REPRODUCE TH115 oet,ipi.,E WITHOUT AUTHOROZATICIN FROM THE SECRITARiAT. imminamesia Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 �10,� Ofie. . � � �C`� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 milisminumieminusw---imillEMPORIMenumulm OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERV E 4,1e ..1111SPEPP4191' - e!r � �-o � EaPagelar g �JaL,17.6rePOS141:ttileatill- SW�111F1.' cam-01.- _1.1 I ;NJ. f..resemitrevastii , �, gattElBkhaktL.4.4.4SPVATOSO :* 4 1.444ormi4iiiatra Ors4r...+6�strookaltarosart-l� INFO Rt1ATtflN O. tiAGIONIC I tftitlaNCRINSiRtUdiVIS TRAM EI,M TrE D. IN re E cRCIPHER OW* DONOVAN ifiSta nom toommoim* .seomseromporAroogrrma lammr.vegewartrares. r CONNEcT4 ON ,iiitri.,opeclika.. cHutionta.poto.so Fou.owlfia OPMENTS, 4AYE OCCURRED! 1. CORNET HAS VottirrEN SAY I NG THAT PROJECT HAS NOT AND 13ANNOT P088,BLY MAKE ANY CONTR I WTI ON 10 WAR EFFORT AND NE 8 THEREFORE METERM I NED TO QUI To R. AT OUR REQUEST CHR I 871 AN HAS I NVESTI GATED AND REPORTED H AEE8 WI TN CORNET* � U* 80 EMBASSY CHUNGK I NO REPORTS GREAT I MPORTANCE OF ENTERPR I SE FOR U.S. PRESTI GE GOOD WI LL AND HAS ASKED CORNET TO URGE SPONSOR TO CONTINUE 4* OUR CONTACT NEW YORK CI TY HAS MEN TOLD OF YOUR WI LIL I NGNE TO CONTI NUE FOR ADDI T I ONAL YEAR BUT THAT YOU INTEND MAKE YOUR OV4A4 DV -SCREET t NVE ST I OATS ON ON THE MT WO CONSULT CORNET* !P$_4j tPITJL8:ThMC1 e %MY) VB _ IT IS FORSIODENvr EMP�o OR REPF4OOLICt. ViiSCAEILIE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION FRON THE SECRETARIAT. .711. a ..L.agissa_wswismifigginalal Declassified and Approved ForRelease 2013/07/31 : CIA-RuP13Xu0001R000100300001-0 s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-R5P13X00001R000100300001-0 N.+1 ;.; - - � -Oit?!sts41,'_1, tin.-yjf4t, � � oss iron. otevi..d) OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES OFFICIAL. DISPATCH ^ PATE De iCiMbOr3O944 FROM Jen I omit.. CO 1/BAP xtz. nourilL_EUI10Y, :UV �Mei Nt TO WAR DEPART1,1Eins CG IMMIX 1102 aRXNATmATER ENErEmirp.__ _ antagoviricintwasnicwww4saMt MTV DISTRIBUTION IN OR2 V/rmr.SIt (FOR ACTION) S. OVIRNMFNI 1111411049 affict; 0-117008-14 (71r--041 INFORMATION) DIRECT)R, BITITTARUT, MORLDER RECEIVED IN CODE OR CIPHER s T,; c ii rac in OFD 30X61. Signed Wodomoyor. From Oxford to UI to for Tumor Maaino9OS 8 With renroqoo to your lettnr of D000mbor 11th oonoorniTig tho Cornot minaiono X am of tho opinlon that tt: poosossns no lon'aine worth oithor arw or lator aa a Job :role u War f'tflY I olnexr in Cornet c fooling that 11; :Lsu9uffli 1.e17 em cultural u taild point Dar rinfr, any ttaf or el owl ti 'tome It 9 ( t r:() baolt to tho 7111ted Statiqi hoYoro tho oltooptiqn o a roloort to tho antn JNipartront roprolleatntiwn hrralI aitrlot looato arty nommnietiouo to othor ngoaniria bororfi Corlw. arrive(. ACT IOU: 0:1; (1.7.1w.2941V, 2iill Doo. 30, 1944 T oas 1/1/4( 10:31i AM , � � IT IS 101t1111)1)EN TO COPY OE RKPRODUCE THIS (.ABLE \V 111 AUTIIORIZATION FROM MD SECRLTAR1AT 14, Tt 4 Vilealifil Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13xnnnn1Pnrin � � uir , � �� F:11. � 41. � � � e � er � � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ; ' � MiligsProP�tleerfteleetweireseeesdrea........ ,41.� INigarlitailitISINftwwwww........... minnow two otemorniinal 9411 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES �����111N�Numwmisonin~ INTEROFFICE MEMO f4,9 TO Brigadier General William 3. DonoviaiTE' October 21, 1944 FROM: C. J. Lennihan, Jr. SUBJECT: SECRErr Ori'a" I recently told you that Mr.N1C � t would need 135,000, beyond the $125,000 advanced him to date, to carry his operation through Juno 30, 1945. The details of expenditure of this $35,000, seemed reasonable to me and I took it that you agreed. This morning Mr. 00164.141,1,-, asked MA for 00,000 instead of this $35,000. lie wants the additional 015,000 for remittance to Civ�K�inai as the expenses out there have been heavier than anticipated, due to the difficult exchange situation, and our Nuiese. friends are having trouble, as the money appropriated by them for their share of this operation, is proving insufficient. I have given Mr.1?)61444h his $50,000 today, feeling you would approve - and I will add that the $35,000 of the $500000, will be spread over the same contemplated expenditures - administrative and operational - as shown on the memorandum calling for $35,000. I should advise you that last year Mr.atVeN4sh sent $25,000 to ourCbt'ht friends which, from such records as have reached me from Olvv114,�5has been used for general expenses of o or 427,Qta - but I am assured that the money wil bo spent on American personnel only. The original authorization which you approved, did not contemplate any of our money being used for operation of the hostel but I think you will agree with my feeling that we can and should properly bear some of this expense in view of the fact that the appropriation seOt up by ourN:'..e)( friends for their share of the enterprise, has proven quite insufficient, due to circumstances beyond their control and which could not have been foreseen by them or by Mr.11011e*I1k - chiefly variations of exchange. As you know, I am presently preparing a report on this operation for your consideration - and I hope approval. This will cover three main points (1) Any expenditures which were not specifically authorized by you originally, will be detailed and will be accompanied by my recommendations for your approval. I feel sure you will approve because they make sense but I think it better to have a clear record of im,,Inecifiarl and Anoroved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 _ ,.: t- 7 =F � -,L31'? " 7 Declassified an,s1.1_For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 719.7r,Ntv: � S t? I II II � P � .4.�Tt General Donovan SECRET October 21, 1944 any such departures and to record your approval, retroactively. (2) Judge Allman has already completed for me a review of results obtained in the Field to date, together with his prediction as to what should be produced in the Field through the year June 30, 1945 - July 1, 1946, if you, subsequently decide to finance this operation through that period, 'r am also having Mr .,(161�01�1% prepare a specific budget for the 1945-6 period but have cautioned him that YOU cannot give definite consideration at this time for this future period. I am satisfied we will cause Mr. no embarrassment it your decision on the 45-6 period is IMived at by shall we say April-May at which time I will bring the matter to your attention. 00, Mr. Tripp, who is Mr. Miller's Lieutenant, shoukkhave for me toward the end of next week his audit of Mr.1101A00 financial records and reports, from the beginning of this operation up to a recent date, I will then see to it that these records Lit the pattern which has been established in my office - and of course I do not anticipate finding any irregularities, though there will probably be need for amplification or better descriptions of some of Mr,TTOliviwa) expenditures, have discussed all the foregoing with Rnsign Donovan, feeling our program will be bettor proteoted)as he and I are working increasingly together on thfait matter5- and in- cidentally, that; young man's head is screwed on straight. am going to the hospital Monday and I am assured by tiv% doctors that I can go right on my job oommonotrig the end of next week so there should be no delay In bringing this item and others toward promptly and I shall keep you posted by memo. C.J.L. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 % it'140% � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 � CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r. -� ! � _ m t 14.1' = 3 'INFORMATION -fattMOMOVIO ;6311- BOUTTNO MET CO F It8Qt Confidential Report on Chinosge Origingtor WA@ Addroom AkAlt RaO/d P02==t;t7=7" ' - t-.. flop td INdid - Tnitiftl@ l're= 1 a.... Oommento Tridloftto Aotton doglrod or tkkin 4.4 , Coll Dpcton Gen. Magruder Mr, Odrittner 1 tilitrt'ectt'S'ItIttr. Mr. Ohopardso onesirewneettemeseveyweesmere.rx.,,....t. . Seoretotriat Admin 121 0 ntral non 21m Achan � 1,3 WIWSED tte e evek.t.wek-serarreare smometturseatitatalt4Matily ;141reldr.iiir.akeiereeiwiefileeimeeemele,ie worse de. foam.* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 121, , ;o jai � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 arW � e- � ������ � L" vt- t F,ut t� ' Columbia Zinititroitp II 60 ) , the Citp of 31 nu pork GRADUATE SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM OFFICE OF THE DEAN 2c4,1-01-4-e / W42-0A ff 0-4-**.� jaZ�4'i C4.417 141144f 144 fre,�eAl--Ti D-1-4 A4/fe-,7t3 4fLAA, A.sA-A-�ILA-e--....2,) .744 ,:7f11.$4A-1 tt (( A .4(� ex.k-oe "-AA- 14 � ����011��� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .4';',��=1;qrr-..'gq",,,i1.1....NiLf- ....J L _AA oic,.,,,, �, , , COittntbia ablitierititp tt eitrorl(tutork ORADUATt �01004, OP JOIJRNALrifiM Offlgt CIF Tlig ORAN Ootcibor 2) 1943 To Whom It May Oonoorns WO 114NO r000ivod tho following two radio HPON800 from Dr, Hollington K. To from Ohnpsking, Ohina: (1) Datod OhungkIng, Boptoftfbor Z5p 194's II r000lvod word ynntordoy fromMr. 0. 114 Low)) dirootor of ovr WAWA offloo, thAL a (gm of four 0o3mibia proroanorm arrivad in India on SoptoMbor PP from tho Unit Mato, Thoy arol: O. II, L. �roma,Mr. ritohArd T. DAhor, Mt. Floyd 0, Rodgoro, Jr, and WA Anlhony Drnllo. Arran montm ay.) boints mndo by Mr. Lowe to holio throo or thorn fly to Ohunalcinti moon. Drallo in down with donguo fovor nwil will join hin oollonatton Intor. Mr. Lowe advitlem MP that tho now arrivnlm hAvo bvonaht with thorn n. lora@ nimilbor of booRnk eAmplo nownpAoro mnd Otho' roadint4 mftttor whioh will be of intoroot And vAluo to ritudontn of jou.rnallem. "Throoah antranoo oxAminfttionn hold in Q1 1n, Ohongtu, 1.turu8t"8 Di"ln, !=.1.1111.1hialLAWIOIAILIVILL]=1.10411.1) 1.110 jOur1tillt X tx QiQI 1 of wniqh Dr, Oroan afllt hto oollorigtioq wrirrirer7allirgo )ont tweJ hardrnd Appllonnto tint for Lho ria.,m1"*ImerrEsesevoluncer;+evrwa oxamination. ....orromewreaste"mo***, (ohoo, in nohoftiod to txt Ohunalaria bit 00.1.12L.:4th:--6W-bla to rfttlAr rF,71,75o on I: am oonfillant that '116 olomon miollanto will not dinnwaint thoir montoro. jUelatila from acme) or the, t toportiI hilvo peiemp I01101.134 not 1,0 Intrpritgid r �Omeir t1.0 btivionto 1100011t1 promthont journal:iota 'Uttar on. Ahothor raot, worth nottw, IJI that (1, 'row et:1040411i lover,��LjLt1SA.W lviorttt ty4i,z.T 1,(41211477101. (P) nc1ht,O QTh1IOhunglanko "Orono Dftkor Arrivod nafti woll, Unthuolftmtio plann find proe,rotin, 801001 opontha Ocitao- loth, Addrotm propri nowtol. Rodgora Drallo in Onloutta nwoitina pinno." /14,4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � ; t. ; - * �111.141* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 :�,9iIA,7-,R5DP13Xi 04021.%0,0010O, 3000. 0,1-0 ' itot 1,47-1F--'i;- -, � 's,ong.ogrilm, ....641N,q11 I ' 1 's;:-, �-�.,;-t�M' -1 1. ;v 1 .. i'� i4 1* , xsto, �,. ..- - Jr- � r n 1.1 woopswies'ow S (2 mum Li c/o ir tioMiftwtolim (1.4.00't talusithut alif/Wrwit)L itt ffiteitpor chttork ?(- r 0, (20-4 @RAMIE 5C11)01. OF JOUR MAL15 M �MGR OF TFIg DEAN TO WHOM IT MAY CONCION: September 20, 1943 We received today the following letter from the Department of Sham uThe Dopartment hue received 4 telegram dated Soptember_16, 1943, reporting the mare arrival at Colombo, Ceylon, of Croon, Dralle, Roder, and Baker. They were leaving by rall for Calcutta on route to Chungking." Faithfully yourn, 4-/�6 , CIM AR Dean t � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7P.1777-6:in r S , ; - , a II colustaria itt (V00011%1 Vork ORMWATg gCH01. OP JOUR NW M OFPIQR GP' THE OAN September 411 1943 TO WHOM IT MAY CONOARN: While we Are awaiting the Arrival of our staff in China, we have received the following message from Pr,, HoUington K Tong, dated Chungking, September 11_ 1943: "I have put up two buildings to serve as classrooms for studente or journalism. Up to this writing I have not heard directly from the Columbia professore regarding their whereabouts. "An entrance examination was given in Chungking yesterday to some eighty-five applicante who aspire to receive advanced training in journalis1 mong the candidates are 4 row who now hold remune/-attve pwits in banks and other private business concerns." CWA:1117 )? Fa Ithtul1y ours. iy /444, 4'). 4Zie 1�444.411L+4,-". Dean �vat, .2 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 - r , 1.4* tt,t 4* � � i:b4'L ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X0000117401.0,10t,9n000_ 01-0 � ..,14:0;1�-ta. I It - � 5" 2 7 . f ;4;ltif:4 :k731. 1e4Z1::1 gf' � � 1 Pt" 2 74,1, � I wiry? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 k�- ?r�-t � qfPX I ...ire It 5., Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 h 'Xlq.R4itl.k t4". CI' - " VI �e� .411 60, , ..,� / 6 reviev (teem. det OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERMIC WASHINGTON, b 11-40A, PERSONAL MILM1r� t .4 a �-$ February 17, 1943 / � r) l� , I $4 4 $11 r. 44_S S, I rr cr k Dear Colonel Donovan: The attached telegram refers to an air mail letter which waa approved by Mr. Tong and which haa been, sent to Chungking for the approval of General Chiang Kai-Shek. The phraae "to my own chief" refers to Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia. The signaturolVarlham" ia the name of the school in Indiana which Carl Aokerman and I attended,, and aignifies Aokerman. Also attached is a copy of Mr. Ackerman's letter to Mr. Tong. Enclosures (r) 4.k Zr)o-vt., Respectfully yours, vier Brigadier General U. S. Army C) LAP- Ak.,0 4111-i0..0 . V. L�bl4 LQ T Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , 4 A i ., , -7,.... 1- IWIrkli * , i� , I.' ,..., i Unreel et , ' '1-i'; .. , - . - ,. , .,.... :,,..., �.. ,, , - � te_ , io lewils 7 frfaci .11114Cift if 110 V a akiffiibili 4 ' ai Of fiftlo�s � tit Mail ' NW �M ag9fil_ (ThiitsstfeN a. 'Cis WIWAYIER, .., A W11.1;;IAPfl i Hi ll*:--- OVIA fillAN' er Ili c ociAfie .. ......,-1---_.-.._ .._ .......--,�. .',...4_,..-m... FIrAT vieligrnsgliestitr-, � �-�(- .-Esi 01Tiiiiiiiii:iiiiiiiiiii iiiiilliiiit*Viiiiiiiji# -7,Won'ThirriXi AliViiiii Ili. waTel D-110111121 ihteerAlt STAND- AU, AIR MAIL LETTER WAO APPROVED BY MN TO WHOM ADDRE80EDiNOW trif/110 , .r TO GENERAL ABROAD IF APPROVED BY HIM I WILI1END, TTI TO MY . NT; ABSOLUTELY NO ONE,KNOW8 IDENTITY OF DONOR WILLiADVIOE tOU, or_ tigycoPmENTs OARLHAM 348A , ilOMPANY WILL * o*vj uu WPQN�Arttokt irre 14ATIAWiti OQNONJNQ ITO 1iall1VIO1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , ���14.12641014.191,120, NO, Uollington Xong To Vice linniater or Xnformation Republic of Oink Poole WW1 MO Sixth Avenue NoW rOrkp Nov York Fcbruery 16p 1943 Dear NO0 Tomos Ti* text of the letter PiA prepared to send to Prooldent Nloholas MUrrey Dutlor of Colimibla University roads no followns "W. 14)11241ton Xonk; Tonap 113J, Yloe Naniater of information or the Ohlnene Mopublie, hats invited our 000�1 to sponsor the entabliahment or nGraduate Whool or Journalisem n Ohungking, Ohina. Thin would 'Itottooparato oduaat tonal unit undone our vatronokao ao indlostod horowith "A rriondo %/Ito inn tato opon anommitsy, dolma It tt num or 00000, annuall,y vl.th tho Troaooror r Oaluatil) Untvoro ttly far Mid duration of ti o war and p000lbly thoroartor . To thto outtk# tho Ropulato or ()him 411 oontributo mixtemanotop tritvtat Cakirtkiallt ratg it UM, *Allah will 0041 or (mood tho (loot ot our 000pomtioul so that the now mohool will be adequately fitignood. Me Oft le oontiniont %von My pornoma molootion of tottolwrs rrom mmona our druduatee "Mr. 11/01.41, illatingutahod journaItot and rauxantio, 10 now in New Ytale Ott�y and hito oat aratod tii th tn tho proparat ton or th� plan horoin poop000d (And roo pot) Lrol. 1,y oubmittod rar ant- �owl Mora . � AIWA Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1, � w � 'LZ � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Xollineon Kong Toro rebruary 1,6t'11.94 "Zile rams shall be the Graduate School of Journalism of the Pepublio of China. The ourriculum, the requirements for amissiono graduation and the degree or di Xama to be awarded shell rest with the Faculty of Journalism of the now school in order that there may be complete antonosV end respect for the Laws and edueationel tradition* of China. "In oonjunction with this project a group of Chinese student's nor in the United States will be assigned to the Graduate School of journallem at Colulibla University by the China /netitute, or the hanistry of Informetion to prepare themselves as teachers of journaliem so that after the war the Graduate School of Journalism in Chine may be a colt-perpetuating, autonomous educational institution. A beginning in this direotion has already been made, as there aro at present three Chinese studente now registered in our 8ohool preparing themselves for the teaching and preetioo of their profession in their own oountry. "Mr. T advises that there will be a minumum of fifty students in the sohool at the beainning and that tho number may be increased to one hundred. All /students will be graduatoo of Chinese oollegen ant, universities and will be able to read sae write the Inglish lemuago, so thet all instruction will be in /nglieh, "Tor the present the teeehing 'staff will be ae followst "Dtrootor and Professor of Journalism end timelier of the history, philosophy end prinelples of journalism, "Assistant Professors or dburnallems "a. To teach news writing, editing, interviewing, and newspaper and napalm feature writing "b. To toaoh radio writing and broadcast/JIB �111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 * ������ � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 w 1114a )k4Uzton Maio Tow .ftswirptaroliiiirmr-acirkillitS01.6 lebruary 16, 194, ,0 "oi To teach novo photon, photography, and ressar.h methods "di Assistant to the Director VERVOIVAREZ "Director of Nihon, twelve months' salary 11 WOO "Assistant Professwrs - 0,000 'soh 1%1000 "Assistant to the DIrootor 4p0oo Wministrative expenses, such as traveling of on to be interviewed, serrompondonoe, emergency fund, secretarial and office expenses in Now 'York ToTAL 3S0, 000 "All living awl traveling oxpen000 from !NW York OitY to (Mina and in Ohba will bo id b the Republic or China. The oontract of employment shall be mlihjoot to tho approval of W. Tong And Profomnor Harold Li Prose, it mambor or tho Now York Dnr nnd of the raoolty of sIburnelimmi "AppoIntmonto will bo mado jointly by W, Tong rind by mo0 ealarloo will be paid by tho Tronsorwr of Oolonbin Univeraity out of the spacial fund whioh will bo dopooitod for thie purpooe. lho now mohool of jouromlgam, mo aoon 1110 the fnoulty cantle transported, will beilin to inntruot Ohinoso journalioto to prevare them during the war period for elorvioes to the government in Ohineee osibassies end logatloon throughout tho world, to the ministors of *tato, the of:emending monorele In the field, nnd slso prow� mon to ostabLish, vublish and odit daily nowspapers In tho provin000. As rapidly as the oonoored areas aro freed from tho invodor, nownpapors will be estnblimhdd Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 6 - , -;,41dimp tvid Mr. Tong advisee us that it will be the polls,' of the government to permit the'estsiblishment of newspaper' pie independent enterprieee es they are in the Wilted States. "As Mr@ Tong and I are eager to go forward with thie plan, we seek your oounsel, the cooperation and assistance of the Universitr 404 the onartunity of being of service to our respeotive countrIes during the var and to the profession of Journalism now and in the future." Thie concludee the text of the proposed letter to President Sutler. If this meets with your approval, please draft an appropriate letter to accompany this communioation to the President of Columbia Thaivereity. Oordislty, your friend., SWIM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 'INFORMATION nOuTztie EiMORT SuWoot Confidential R 11-* on Chinoee WaverxtgametitoomionoriotisiX CONFIDEN I Ori igna tor....rta.V.36.31.4. Da to Add ro� I 4 Tan.h 4. VAL all (la drAll D CO ate Roo 'd Mal,SM:MMMO E gammon .,,au.sr:le,--wsas=1143 Common to Indlosto atton dtnircd or taken Col. Buxton Admit& Oen. Magruder 121 Central VOW TOCIWW.1 MIE=.1111,1a P111.004.130.-JRIesnint Mr. Scribner 2108 Q Sewn. tnt Mr. Shopardsonf212 tc0fr 0.11,11.141,1WMPIROXIMalninIMEINI ertleCTWVV-11 rnoweaserMel.11,111111n. tcl# ����,,PANSPIllegstflna Mrs, num. Secrotnriat Admin .rga cr-ammeoll.r. gersa-30.1eacesa.t,...e.....,.. � c-s..^1k 1, � MOVINMI egl:VIIRVIPC7C0 MWRWMWIPMAWAIII 111104�11111t1=01=61:1421AZZESI rr� � newlwwWILM=IMMIsCre,�=4,1 TeltirTWANIMI,Pnis VTIETIMICI-*IntliriPMC 11.1 11.40C4401i.1...� V.0.� e Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7-77 ^-'-'5.:==QF Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � Keno oiroulate this! to Oolm Buxton and the Deputy Direotore� Diroctorio Offia@ (5500) Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � I 4 taaa: elk Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R0,00:190300901-0 .7,444:40,d 4$ 41445 6' TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - menial 44.Vei_ t7i4; 1:41,4914�,� tot4 7, (1 1 4, �7h .44�14141440 (t�1uinbi iisitir9Itpv into ditpotlietiTork GAADUATZ SCHOOL Or JOUR NA LI M OPEICk OR THE DEAN _______ N TirN SE SOHO October 7, 1943 Dr, Hollington K. Tong Bent tho following radio letter Octobor 21 1943 to his New lork office: "Profoosor H. L. Cross, Mr. Richard Baker and Mr. Floyd Rodger�, Jr., of the Columbia Groduate School of Journalism, have arrivod in Chungking. The fourth one, Mr. Anthony Drab, ie ill in India and will not arrivo until the latter part of next weak. "The School of Journalism is schoduled to commonco on October 10th. Thirty two atudents out of more than 200 applicants have boon ehoeen. Tho entranco oxaminatione wore rigid and a aerioua attempt WAO mado Le pick tho beet student, in Chungking, Chengtu, Kunming and Kweilin. In the opinion of Prof0000r Croon, to whom r have shown tho examination papore, the admitted student� Boom all well versed in Ehglish. Ho io now buoily engagod in drawing up a curriculum for the studente e,ni also planning their nxtraourricular activities. "Utilizing tho time available Professor Croso and his colleagues aro calling on the American Embassy, mooting the local American community and in short ,qaking a study of tho local situAt ton. In a conversation with me yratordo.y Professor Cross oaid that ho and his colloagues arc not only going to toach but also to colloct matorial and do writing. Ho referred to a hot of things our Overeoau Offjoc flooded and added that he and. the ������,.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ra, N.. � 'It "Mr 2 Declassified and Approved For Release,2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 '11717 .� tijr4 .4"-,? � a Lt. other teaoherm would conatantly boar the �MINA@ TIMIti in mind when they attempt turning out an7thing4 Mrs Baker; who W44 altio pro,4ent at the convoreation; maid that he would begin right away while hia pretimiona wore Ptill Tremhe �AP to the PilllatandOUA IMAM@ of an announcement in the United Otatem and ()him concerning the achool; have informed Prefemmor Oroma that a little delay in necommaryo 14414 Ohen Tien Fang, Vice Chafloalor of the Central Politilal Inetitutel and mymelf have met and decided to petition the Oeneraltemtmo, concurrently Chancellor of the Tnntitute, recommending that the School be made 4 poatgrad44t0 divimion or the Inaltutes The joint announcement may Do made when the recomm. mendatton in formally approved. Vice Chancellor Chen and mymelf have aready agreed that Profemanr OrooO be made tho Oaan or the Pontgmduate Cohool or Journalimm, IWAO recently eiced by tho flooerallagamo to he4d that tiohool but T deolined Lho offer owing to tho faot. that. I ()bad not be Awl from my orace oovoral diva ln the week. The burden or dlreottna thb Pootaradnate tiohool will nal upon tht ahooldora of 11,011E1400r Crotib AP Dean* I hope LW. Oils 0. h, Hata will oommunloate the rovog,ing tnrormation to Doan Carl Aokerman an that he will untieratanA the, reAlian of pootponing the annonnoement&" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : Att-e 4vi (4' Jte.-v�&.-"t Doan � 4P Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 11 i r. 11, E. Sprackling, ice President, aoonda Wire & Cable Company, � Broadway, w York, New York. Dear Mr. Sprackling: General Donovan is not in Washington at the present time and is therefore not available e consider your letter of 5 April 1944 relating to .\ Mr. Harry M. Jones. ( i . We have reviewed the file and f na that Mr. Jones was evidently interviewed by Comm der Vanderbilt of iofc Iill March 4301t ere 1:gattiraofositioa violg70= abilities could be used. We should like to suggest that if Mr. Jones is still interested that he sed directly to the Personnel Procurement Bram:1h of this ffico a statement of his education and business xperienee and full consideration will be given to it ... t \ We are certain that General Donovan , truld regret not being able persmally to reply to yo Sincerely yours, C. A. Bane, Lieut. (jg) USNR. Asst. Chief, Secretariat. Bane: rle Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � Declassified and Approved *J. For _Release 201,3/047(�31 - , - T'sP z ...I ��� , , - ; .1 :r - 11 ) � :4 t � 1 � ,! d P . : - .42;-1k 4,4 vf4 � - r - -4 11: 1 �- t. 4� (, 0/g19,0 , � ..: � I %I4 NAc()NI)A ��ti 14, CA Cohii)4kN ;c:1;i-11/di . � - 4! . � wba OA n ir Ill , - a SPIJACIMINCI, %twat ProttaiintaNT Dehr Conorh1.1 Ltr$ nUOADWAV N11W MPH' April 5 .1944 Early ihnl, yehrI wrote you in behalf 1 of my good friend Harry M. Jo nou who is interest� ed in becoming connectod wiLh the 0.8.8. lotter iu probhbly in your rile, Lhereforo,My will not roiterht3 whht,I then wrote. My purpomo in writing you now iv to hdvine thht Mr. Jonen in atl.1.1 extrumoiy intorontud hnd inhomuch nu ho will bo in Wanhington before long, ho han hnked no to intcrcodo in hi8 behhlf toward tho on thht he might hhvo hn intorvIt-w with you, rehl.Ue how very bumy you hre but hnything you could do for Atv, Jonom will bo h big fnvor to me. 41th kitidntit por:.onell rcard hm :;inot.:Toly� � lirj,Uonerhl W.J. Donvu ovhn Offico of Pitrhtocic :4-rvico 6hohincton, D. C. if - 4(%1, Declassified 411.11�11 " �-�._ � - � *.1 IS. and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t, ,46.074 4. ','� .,. 1 ','� 1 ' - t42 , , 51; -.2 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r- ; r 444t .44+1 eswititala v c,wz,teaiLiailtLL ANAc oN DA, \i 11 (Iii1I Cohi Rory TMT: NEM' Un 0 ADWAY OPPJ cm or VItIll i4100411)401' Nit:W.)11MR 1 March 2. 1943 Colonel William I. Donovan. �Moo of Co-ordinator of TnformatIon. 25th mudIL1/Amite. N. R.. Waohinabon. D. C. My deem Oolonelt- balm thhan th liberhy of giving Mr. Harry M. :onegi of PibtablArdill Ph* h 1.1ittor or inhroduouon to you. Mr. Ton aa W415 h OlhN4M4b0 or mina to 001410 and to totevaated in rtoltog OW, tr ho Ohn ho or tiny harviao to 114h eountry In Lha %Nora whion 00100 under' ytInil mope-mil/1ton. I would opproottabeI Li rbtfli t t r yon tronilii 1 vaI tin n TO WiLit RInclotit, odrimonhl voativIld, I hilt, oinodraty yottrml k plyLA101 W. L. Op oa 4 Vii*, rout doh 14. nartAcifiRd and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 * I :1 � � z." La. - .; Vittolritt � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 $r:) ,-, v-0 1. St**WILIWA*041Cia{4.61141.1.*.l1.1**i 400mpfa.U.-.0,0L*SIGE41014Wci*L.04:**A*4.4.54 4 AVAKSt*FOS 4 4optomber 1043 Mr, J. hobort Rubin, MiStro-Uoldwyn-Msyer Piotuross Culvor City, Ualitorn14. Dear bob: hallo your lottor of 27 Au st 1943 tolling Qt Lt. Robert 02 Johnson, MN, and of your hidh opinion of him. Lt Johnson is boing oonsidsrod for sorvloo with ono or our branohos. I have not as yet boon ablo to moo him personally but hops to do so soon. At blio promont tima our allotmsnt of Naval ()Moors is full no that I cannot request his transfor to this organization. However, an Additional allotment Is under oonsidoration aud 1 am hopeful that ravoruble action will be rorthooming shortll. Thank you for sendinA me your opinion or Lt. Johnson. As you know, I am *lways interested in IleaPing of good men. 8inoore1y, william J, Donovan Dirootor. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -03 � Aff � - - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 k 41. 4 A.lot a - � I 7. -rt tit,�41101146421006442ailt41 4 I � 4.1:^ 4AA t 11, co iej fivo av-Otitiggy, C 1.1 1 V 1� R�CI T Y Oeneral William J. Donovan Office of 4trategic oervices Waohington, D. C. Auguat 27) 1943 My dear I underatand that Lieutenant Itobert U. Johnson has filed an application for aervice with your unit. lie has asked me to communicate with you concerning him) which I gladly do. Firat, I would like to recall him to your mind. During '41 when we were atItending football gamea, he occupied the box next to us at the profeaaional gameas I think you will remember him and hie wife who waa formerly ara. .inowdena Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbors Lieutenant Johnaon joined the air force of the Navy) and after preliminary training waa dlapatohed to Alaska where he remained for some time. He has now returned eaat and la at the Hotel Jtatler in Washihodon, awaiting new ordera, 1.4ieutenlint Johnson la an etArnest, nard-work.ing man) with a variety of experiencea in exeoutLve work) and i.e Keenly deeiroua of engaging in the activItiee which your orianization id doing. Can you eend for him at the flotel 6taLler and talk with him? You could then determine Cur youreelil whether or not he would fit into your organization. Any courteolea that you can allow I.,ieutenant Johnaon will be greatly appreciated. With kindeet persomil regards, am, lura, . //1/1.11 , Via Air Mall. J. hobert itubin PM A t MPtl i tin tIttlith Ong I lit tett Itit t.Piltbb Ili %is 1 1.1.3 ANt. ',Ott I tit API Pt Ill .4L! narlaccifiPri 2nd Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 STANO.Afill FORM IfP, 114 �_,;) A.;t4 .449. le � Office Memorandum UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TOI noral Vit111.4m Dongvan PROM Wootpn Howlatk PUNRCTI D4%TR;213 AprIl 1944 The attaohed lottfir Crom rank Orgetl ih afar-explanatory an in the lotter *Joh he oailn to my att6ntion, I believe you will enjoy rending it. IL �i 1. 4 '441 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassed and APPrOVeCIMISielT0,. 3X40,0001R000100300001-0 , ; � NIAP oht@rs OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES I OA FIFTH AVENIM NPN YORK (CO) N,Y, Aorli 044 AlowQm or otwortia Llano wc$ dtoouri4od tOkAll;hti w411 tiom0 0400 4go, thomW, WOUld @Noy tt oldood 104441" from 4 opphow a mine, Ogiorgo 0. Johnoon. Jr.. to hto 1440, Wag boy W44 4n oxp4r4 on Vi4it)fl ii 04n rly avory i,y110 1.3V NtAno from 4 MUM to 4 OUPEP-VOTPM00. 114 h4A 4 nompleLo odontaion La 4oron4otto41 onginfoortng 4nd Cm, thlo re4mln woo 44414norl Ln 1,h4 job or toottng now @hip� nn0 Lrotntnt4p1 lrit no 140 Wr.i t,afl Lo h1 P4Lbar 44yIng 15b4t. for romoolio of hi A fiV44. 110 WAA tromprorang to 00 flomhbr Onmmond, WOO h1 ffitspfl hotliatly nomotiw Ovwm4ny, UI tt f4thov wilt' no Lhon01, or witng too mon if) 4 "hh1k�JHA100f" jOb. wrnie Li) him aue,eatiu 14,1 ht* rbm4in h0 an Inntroninv, point,ing alU I. Lbet. by rearion or hid OWD 1, ri it I u he voonid be move valn4hle for Wo 4rmod WAP OrrhVi.. Tho bille reply anbworen all qnont1000 4nd eraomenCo. 1 think it i A 0140010 hhh 0001.1 hes hmod mA h pisp,1011( r�le bny'Ui It ih the avon,*1 norvi00. Mr. Werithn Howi4nd ol4; omonIngion. Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/07/31 : 674-0 ej 't 4 z � qv:. � � ; � . es:m.12:11'11'0-4! v Declassified and Approved For Release 2013:0. : CIA-RDP13X00001%004,0,100300001-0 4 gn21 Dour Dad: Horeb 14, 1944. g.11 5, ,s'Il.,P,�.1411911,�100.1414A7 f:Ir.:0441; What I have done hue upoot you - I expectod you to be unxioun but not fte much on you apparently um HOWWW1 I don't thtnk it wine for me to attempt bo allay your approhennton - it in well founced. Why did I do it? Lot mo tell you about Brownlee I met him when I firot arrivod here. He NW A very likable chap en we otruck up 4 @gild friendahipe In the eveningn, uPtor nuppore weld nit in front, or the Vivehlano in the lounge and over a drink would talk about flying, our oragy college dem &lin and other trivial Then Brownie invariably talkod about hie wire ono beby girl. Only 000ugonally would ho talk about tho raido hold boon on. One doy ho wont out on 4 minion over Uormnny Prom whinh he didn't oomo book. It 04ifie 411 4 Aho0k, hut I eat up ond took notioo of what WAN 1401Ag on. I oow A lot or Drowniam around mo. They aLL advlood mo AN you dtdi ilbtay whom, you aro". "Don't Ito orglAy", "You're welI orr 4na don't know it. Thim from hoym I dr4nIt with, gamblod with 4nd tit-unbolt-$(1 with. From boyo who wont Wont. on Lilo 0414 bonad trip. A lot or Chom worg mgrriod gnd hod �hildron. It woon't rah. - not by 4 domnod olghti I w44 ohogling thom - I hill no right tO 4 00111 job. 1' v' boil IL otimy 411 my tiro U004040 yott simile it Ulla %Illy. And whi In dgoont men with !Ivo romponmibilitigm 41.0 dying 411 over the world, 1, with 04roI044 yg4r4 bohind mg, 4M ulvon 4 non-vomhatont amotgnmontli em your mon tand you Iovo mg 4g only 4 re them 0411 but yoLi otAn't dotty the 1,Puth or it. Therein too much moonintt in LIN end Veath for mo to continuo a aolfloh oouroo. Lot the blooding hgerto end pnatioittnol ritrikerA boil the riag wavorn toll ua what we're riOting for. You oan road nolrimhnomm in livery word. noi look At A rOMPAtiOA or Fortroamom en they return rroM A Miciolorts where pinnen nhoni4 bee there in emptingmoi thot omptIno44 gponlim oloquoutly or whet, woorg righting ror 4n0 ror the grontoot Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 i * � xr'!' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � 4JA C Agl-trrIt1,101 Marob 14th, 1944 oaorifina a man tun multo for hio country, And, if Clod will� that I makp that otioriflop, ao bill it I will hava juotifiad my axiotanop. BUT - do you thInk I'm worriad about what MIGHT happan? t'd bp a narvoum wrook if I did. Ard ao you will bp if you do. Yon warp a ooldlor in,guirorm in 1917 - bp 4 poldior in mufti in 1944. Hpad gp ohin in - �hoot out. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1 t�Pi- I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 :plA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 N.; year 21122: 71/0mAs 420 WN JOHNSON W,' 10111 STRNRT NNW YORK CITY I 22, 2944 I am nrx,1 ting a eyndloate per:les, 550 newepapeza, about Generals who 'raze oominissioned stralpht frQm tiivil 1.1.fe for thle TVELZ � Th.i 8 0X0itta08 any who we.re inelabezu of the Ozganized Reao.rves, Quazci, eta. I hope it inoaudelo you and lf lt- eo tdoes will Jr .Zet me .knqvr and r'12 g_Ladly eay so. I thlnk I knot, the story we22 enough hat on yo OL needn't txouble with detal2e. i My eonmratulations ux I Geoond staxi Sinoere2y, /.� / , , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � word.) , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 I e`ZriliFi'r- , P.:17 -r-i4,;!t� � 00e4T D1111 "NoMA6 M, Ago W...�1 116M !MONT N�IN YORK CITY // WATeh 1A, 1045 \sii EAU WV II I; Istv040080,441. Xtll aunt hap thip findn you in WanhinKtoni I'm vattIng a nhort pl000 foT ROVIATIP Diront about my lant dinner of Wolld Wox % tn Buwauoy with headquaTteTn MOno of tho 42ud Div1.010111 It NW rather dTeglat1o, Md alao I'm maictnp: it (% hope) beaT monnagel never ;3? ii Gormun. Now, WOTO you there? mo tn who wfte# Ilve aheokad wtth good lawny* Huvheo, Rumbaugh, Wolf, meany, and othere, and only riftmon Tivnly011, vv ft.t3wt th me rdonal waythtnp;0 If you were there, perhatla youill tell me you Mtn Tooftli of the noeue, tha drmmatto lernontim arA tha dtmloRue. anythtnv you ofttde And oftn you atlEreet ftnyona who may hoxe boon there? I'll 1)e Krateful for mdictomnoe but donitg trouble tt you are buoy. Enoloead appaftrad in Tho sun Eater had our: aoted they do domethlop; on thd aematcen6Oth Won. Oinoorely, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1%14 otArliONA-1101+.0PV$110",01",04"1 - ( lMW 11,==l1kIZIX=2211M.11=r===== ti=.."..6.4... , N. TIM RHINIOLANPfltr Amodoon �Moen' o1tho1rh hammy loavloK Honioson twonly,olm 0011 no, 1@ft to Maior iflornitc laowtoinlo, Cl iitifftid Alto, Copt, Thmoolt Hannpy, il,idCol,Atomandor 14, Amiens, paitior )iniilt fluiy1 1,1111ii,.001, Tinnily 3, Migration, Col, WiltiNm J. Donovon, Copt, John j, Ntongon find Copt, %look Milky, - r7,1fitsiterrsifftelritaiNITL "net itaiiitni �ft- r�ic..,777.- 165111 PULLED OUT , iWitilkitit tptoiltit Nitonhottsilifior:thokitirtillItivento4130,iiil,itifiz; Onnoviin Old 1I tdU, inohOno WA. � � Ito Ilona of tho OF REMAGEN IN '14 mn miv71`;',11:1'1'1' J) Mmsn r2iii;minfigeg ir47,11:17110110%., town or On LtotintftlIVP Ottkir API 0110sp roos Froeo to limo, tho troth pWLid oud and gam totiftinoport,thoyarrivedthrougti Twenty mix yphro ftgo nom Haoktilli HOW AR o1; of the to Join MI A, X, lektor that month illy IMO"' Now 111�1111/ 'Whir Ifitiov Board, 1.14a t11011111 thfl regimot Arrived in kolit do ono ot his ohollokt' Now York to R tiiirtinittunta wet. %lett own tiontioittneo or world war mn/ien. (tow ROI 11111W own IVO OM of lttnongeo atop ntoothx loom, of OW otno offioorn in tho moot, with UM ANN, or (howl-montn lottnv domi,InMuding Msjor3 tIII litimetstwi that r o ion.moNtwr 14, Mitiovoon (theil VIM PIMIltirnotti bi Now Wosi4. g oo that wag tho oputnolmoril fort itotttonont,00lonott, who lilod of 14Arito Dirootha0 PM too Antorl(tot troop who tivb It boa stuielt in 11)42 4,y hilti (tom p011M411efilt fiAtterflaitlI, ttio tho omit hook of tho maitithim filo 141ploy oloth 1)1Y1 �Vorid, � . � � � t . ,..�-.t.14191mt,..7,....."..e� er2f2ifttfr f t 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001Rnnn1nnqnnnni � k, I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .....rm---",...71....TO -r, ? i , � , -, .;,-,1,.. ' ,-,r�itt 1 � , ,!,:,',L,t- - ..0: W.,;,1 . i �; ';'� ..' t i =VI ,,, Lt",,- r t ti7tl, � 1.1 C W.4. it..011/0 -,t4..4ew..twatMSfti 1114464.....eursomm.ttt Mr. John F. Royal, National Broadcasting Co., Inc., RCA Building, New York City. /tear Johni rAA4 Aigta..4t4FIFI441 September 1943 I have your letter of August 31st. I am taking it up with the British and will let you know what they say. I am leaving within a few days. It might well be that I would be back in London around the time you say.. I would like to see you both. Sincerely, William J. Donovan Director .1�Ir ��� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 4 41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Mr. William Stephenson General Donovan Here's a copy of a letter from John Royal. I give it to you just as it was sent to me. What do you think? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 i( � �k� 41, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 1 krzikr. ��� � t.I !i 4,4 4.4r4".e4' 6,1 lt X NATIONAL 13ROADCA.STING COMPANY", INC. slIOUN V. ROYAL won slummintworr INTTANIXATIIONAlle 1414LATIONO TrILINIVIIII1OPP.NMW DMV141.01.b.11111ePR 1141.AllottO 4:1011.1101MtATIOW A-M11114140A PATAFIYMIN � =7-7 NV�\ 11 RITILDINTO � RADIO CITY L'�-7z7 AniaW YORK, N. V. Brigadier General William J Donovan Office of Strategic Services Washington D C My dear Friend: August 31 1943 Now that things are shaping up ao well in Italy, we have been anxious to send Max Jordan there as our representative. If there is any one place in the world he could be valuable - not only to ourselves, but to the cause, it would be in Italy. I have reason to believe that if we sent him over, we might still have difficulty in getting him through Trinidad or Bermuda, because of the attitude of the British, which we have discussed in the past. I know you are well acquainted with this situation, and would like your advice on the procedure. It was intimated to us that the British would not take such a firm stand unless it was sympathetically received by our people, and when Jordan requested hie parsport through the State Department, there was no hesitancy in giving it to him. We did not mention the previous "incident" to the State Department officials. In the past Jordan, perhaps, was a little gullible, but his intentions were right, and he had been very helpful in other ways at that time, to which our American representatives can testify. He speaks Italian like a native, ari has close contacts in the Vatican. We did not wish to make an issue of it in the past, and do not wish to do so now, but the matter might get out of our hands, because several newspaper men have asked us when Jordan returns to Europe. Would appreciate any help you can give us in this matter. Niles Trammell and I are figuring on going to London around the first week in October. Are you, by chance, going to be there? With cordial good wishes, I aracs Very 00, nprdassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 a . - � Irwlelinli LI t.' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 eaw -t�qr N'i501 January 20, 1942 Mr. Joseph V. McKee Attorney andAounselor at Law 14 Wall Street New York City Dear Joe: took up with Edger Hoover the matter of Edward F. Johnson, Jr. Here is a copy of Mr. Hoover s letter to me. I hope the boy mnkes out all ri6t in his re-oviminntions J. Dolovnn npdassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � �"/ 4. � �S'". Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .10114 EGA' HOOVER DIRECTOR � � � .. 4 4'. " r"7 " . :1 � ri � ) �\ � 4�44. � � � � � �� � � 411,1&.1 � c.) c- It t � Nebtral liortau of 31tor1Ittgation United etotto Drourtineut of ituitirt Illastlingtou, EL T. January 16, 1942 Colonel William J. Donovan Coordinator of Information 23rd and E Streets, N. W. Washington, D. C. Dear Bill: By reference from Mr. E. A. Tamm of this Bureau, I have your letter with which you transmitted a letter from Honorable Joseph V. McKee in behalf of Mr. Edward F. Johnson, who is an applicant for appointment to the position of Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I regret to advise that Mr. Johnson failed to attain satisfactory ratings in the tests afforded him in October, 1940. However, in view of your interest and the interest of Mr. McKee in this young man, arrangements are being made for him to be afforded a reexanination in the near future. You may be assured his case will be given careful consideration in the event it is possible to utilize his services at some future date. Mr. McKee's letter is being returned herewith for your files. With kind regards, Enclosure Sincerely yours, eclassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 atL\'' �. �41 41. 44,41 D � .1 -r s ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,T yl+ �1164 � OEC 9 194i 0 I� I � , 0Jjp11 V Mc it mir, Al"POIINITY AND OUNJIO P 1,A.V; Dear Bill: 4 IIV*4 V4,04.1,1 Act.tilvw, kti 6 144L�,,, ;t1 a -tq- � it "ff,kr PD. Agelft1040,� - 14 WALT, STIMIT0 NITW YCIftlit CITY December 20) 1941 Can you hell4 mu in tho following mattor? Through J. nerbert Todd or Todd Shipyards) 4M dooply IntorQsLvd in Mr. 41ward F. Johnson, Jr. Who im tho mon of M. N. Ja Johnoonl Managor or the Prineo Lino Dopartmont of Purnoan) Withy & Company) Ltd. Thu young man is twenty-sevon yoarm old) a grad- uato or John Marmhall College and John Mar:lhall College of Law. Ho wam admlttud to practice In tho t;tato of Now Jorsoy In 1W40. Mr, Johnson is anxious to got a as an invest1;:ator with tho Fed oral tiuronu of Invoatign- tion and.t am wondoring ir you on oonmimtontLy holp place him with that liuronu. to no L8 or oxomtattry oharactor and Compotnt do a job voquiring tacit, inauntry and ablitty. 1 sho.L1 bo dooply approolatty0 or any a:4aistanoo you may possIbly Ivo obit; to rondov in tho wator. M:h With boat porsonal wl:.hos, 1 am V,ry truly yours, fronorablo WILliam J. Doll...wan, W MA tor t C. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � M10 j � � a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 -z7e December 30, 1941 Dear Joe: have your letter and I will be glad to do all I can with the FBI. Of course, the main fact to be stressed is that the boy is endorsed by you. With best wishes. binCerely, !Ir. Joseph V. .:oKee Attorney and Counselor Rt Law 14 Wall Street New York City cc - Mr. Tarim, FBI Murphy:F(v Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � .v.p. rF.-7,1.c � ' 14tAti.,t,t, ,J1JUic�14-4' dltAta� Mr. Bdwnrd A. Tom Federal Bureau of Invevtigation Washington, D. C. in sendiv the onolesed letter from n former Nyor of Ifew York, Joseph V. MoKoe, together with h oopy of nky reply. T, Pons)van Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 C ltAte, 4,0 � -c� sfi , ;Ir.411-4v4 111P Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , 44.4'�wa y q Pe ilisMttelanntlwanzgatt"95111 .ti�324'aftkirth""a".":""*10,...4. SECRET MEMORANDUM FOR COLONEL DONOVAN: -��.. � ' /arts rzt.....Lelt-tc,iv KR 3 7 February 2, 1942 return her your memorandum and the letter from Mr. L. E. H. Smith. Mr. Jarowscheviez sounds like very bad news indeed. He and his group are reliably reported to be conducting anti.. Roman Catholic propaganda among the Poles and anti-Orthodox among the Russians. I can't imagine a better way to antagonize tile Poles at this mo- ment than to give him any encouregement at all. As for his convictions on the subject of religious freedom in Russia and his proposed activ- ities in distributing Bibles there, a comment seems superfluous. My hunch is that Mr. Smith is too enthusiastic a joiner of movements. , ���S.�-� v(r-./ All'hn C. Wiley. �����!�Mirl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ,100,0c....cvcie.co" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION WASHINGTON, D. C. janutiry 31, 19414 Hem is u letter from L. E. a. Smith in bariulo, who bus been identifiud wilJi u good ninny movumunts. I do not kw w whothur or ii'. t1 jut.0 nu: tiny murit. Viould you t!lito h look it it /ma Le'. mi. Know your reuction. 4�Y N".* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 46011i. 0 .4 � � INTII.P.DIMOMIHATIONAL INTRRNATIONAL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 r 14. _ 6*4"*11414""91**A4OPW**iniaitOWIEU,D., r, 0 e. V ried. ( NEW YORK STATE< t6AJt:, CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR UNION Affilidted with T1s d 1110111101111111 Society of Citristiott EtitiedVOY &FAIT HEADQUAlttlitlfig POWDIINTIAL BUILDING, Dumfna January 29, 1942 Colonol William J. Donovan CordInator or InCormation for tho Proaidont Otato Dopartmont WauhInGton, D. Q. Doar Dill, Thoro la a nut Lor which hew oomo to my attontion which 1 think haaNtromondous possibillUos. Mr. K. ,(4. J!ympoh*Iviot, who la tho proeidont or the Union of Ghurohou or Uhrist in Poland, le in thin country duato porsocution which ho rootpivOd at Uka hands of tlu) Uormn.nri In tho porformanoo of his dutios. ho la an motional typo and Mn n vory harrowint, talc to Loll, but ho hal intoroaLf?d nom vory woalthy and Influontlal po10 in hia �atm. Ho nirondy hn hnd novon minuto audience with tho hnt probnbly wnn not ni0o to proporly proaont nimnoir in such n Limn. r,.y purpose in 1,vritinc to you Is that in public uttorancoa, whi�h nlv.nyn to In rt audionoen ID vnrloun nectionn or country, ho is innintent thnt tho Prouldcnt WOO oorroot In sayint, Walt Lhoro lu ml ;1 froodom In Russia. To n innehoon of roaponalblo pooplo In PittnhurGh InGt wook, ho propodod thmL ho be !stein ono of n conmInnion or ihroo 140 Lc) to Runnin and proouro nlatomvnin /Ind InformutI,n rrom tho Evnnr,olIonl cLurchou or Uunnin, which ntotomentn would nuhnLantint0 rronident. Ho wou10. ,� � �qn. to his ilottra, 114) NMI Aillr,riettll 011)10 :,;c6C in Ly !inn to ho ;mod in dintrIbutint, hiblon In Ruu,In� A p-rti,n ,r tLin money could Lo tOwrked thin miasion. SOno wenithy pooplo hnvo iii no adiloo to 11indzI. Thoro nm 0 pOLoilti411L0h In thlti preipect 0,1(10 from his 1,4J odinte objoctivo. :/�1.1 ha hrtn nj ()Mao in Now York City oopunittoos In vnrloul otnrr I think this would ha worth y. w wb ii o to ,irri tho In TI] I rot do 1 hollovo In thin that 1 woLld hnvo 1,0 hositincy in boinc, q:.6cinteAci Jnrownehovicz, if you oaro to InNionti,nte him furthor, It to do, if you loow IL ndvinable, i will .o-to to '0%.0c.tli ton rks.! orinfor vi I I I ovor thin 11Th I. Lvory nrticio about You In Ihr r' r' *Tin to Old Llmvnii LLaasuma your Cr els 'kf L. E. h. ' 110 4.41111.� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � '� 41 mg+. � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 V_ "1' a kt r c *ci1 - 3-3 _ � IENVMM tftegilibilaior~.4,1010�61104114,6111,6464044�01%;461n101111441014~11aMMIlliiiktiOlti 1.1 To Allen W. Dulles From George K. Bowden Re: Jewish Trade Council Dinner April' 38, 1942� Adolph Held, President of the Amalgamated Bank, New York City, and Chairman of the Jewish Labor Committee, gave a dinner at the Brevcort Hotel April 15, 1942, for the benefit of this office. Bowden and MoDonough attended. The dinner lasted from 8100 o'clook P.M. to 10:a0 ololook P.M. Most of the time wam taken up with speeches made by guests. Hold politely excused the representatives of the Coordinator's office from speaking. All the guest* offered to cooperate fully with the Coordinator as a source of information on a voluntary beide. The guests included the following (Bibliography furnished by Held)s Alb rto Oianoa. Former editor of "XI MondoN in ome; is o 'the leaders of the 0Justioia a Liberte m democratic, and entimftscist organize. tion in Paris and now in the U.S� Jean Rollin. Well known French journalist, worked 1Wborms until the fell of France. Resigned from his position because of the now politics of this agency after retain came to power. Now working for Reuter' s News Agency.. Associated hero with "France Opelika." Raphael Abramovitchi Member of the executive of e s liiiiinational. Editor in chief of the Russian Socialist magazine 0Socialist Courter". Chairman of the delegation of the Russian Social. Democratic Party. Jules Deutsoh. Former WarmUlnister in Austria, WarEigiiiriastrian socialist labor leader. Genm oral of the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War. al� � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 t III likt .1 71.. 4 � to, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 s A � 7 � 17 LC. 3 th r 41,i6,41....1.6.66:���66616-66.16;a64': 6.666K6041.466.1160,4,4 A s' s 1 " "vs -s DA, t1.4 Em.*nu Novo ro4atz0 General Monitory ef the ew o a Polity in Poland (Build) and repro. sentative of the Jewish sooialist underground movement in Poland. Friedrioh Ste for. For many years the editor.in* coo eoen roil organ of the German Sooial. Demooratic Party In Berlin, NForwore. One of the famous leader* of the soolal.demooratio party of Germany, Nicolai Avxentieff* Former minister of Russia in IVE77�tiilii'most important leaders of the Russian social-revolutionary party. Joiaph Batton* One of the leaders of the Catholic ra4�iion movement in France. Zaoaped to England atter the fall of France. 04Mat to the Unitod States to the conference of the International Labor Office with Mr. Henry Hauok, labor minister of the Free French Government in London. Now amsooiated with France Speaks." Vanni Montana. Secretary of the Italian Socialist isTRY�Drgii�York. Assistant editor of IlJustioiallo Publicity direotor of the Xtelion.American Labor Council; educational director of Local SO, LL,G.W.U. Vladslaw Malinowski* One of the leaders of the raTilifrairiir6vement in Warsaw; representative of the Central Committee of the Polish socialist party and the underground movement in Poland. Nathan ChAnin. Member of the Executive of the Jewish LIEFF1Wirirffe0. Isiah Minkoffs Member of the Executive of the Jewleh NIFFTEiTriefie Jaoob Pat. Member of the Exeoutive of the Jewish Eirirriaimittee� Benjamin Tabachinsk Member of the Executive of e ew a or ommitteee 2. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 "1�1, � � 6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ' ��������.+' It will be noted that the guests were seleated with the view to obtaining representatives from the various parts of Europe. The dinner was given under the auspiees of the Jewish Labor Committee. Most of the epeakere were not Jewish. The speakers were, however; for the most part trade unionists. The subject matter of the speeohes comes within the field of the 1'4,0. rather than our diviaion. Generally there.werecriticimms of the Coordinator's shortwave brcadoasting. The speakers and a summary of their remarks follow: Vladslaw Malinowski. He is a young intelleotual, lirriTrgoivuirr."Irasy--pe.' He spoke clearly, in English. Poland has a mass of underground movements. Many of these are organized looally. There is liaison between the groups. The groups publish local newepapers. The speaker produced a copy Which he said was typical of the get.up. The specimen was of hand bill size containing 10 or 12 pages of printed matter. The underground movement needs financial support. The support of the United States government would be appreciated. Most of the Polish underground movements are con4uoted by laborers. The organization of thee movevents was based in large part upon the remnants of the old trade labor groups in Poland. Short wave broadcasting from America could be helpful in encouraging and strengthening the underground movements. Broadcasts should be made at no regular schedule. If made at regular times the Germans could more easily detect the listeners. These labor groups engaged in underground move� ments have radio sets. The broadcasts are a source of information to these Pole. Recipients of the broadcasts circulate the news by WWI of newspapers and orally. The broadcasts should be in Polish. The listeners would in large part be laboring men. The subject matter of the broad casts should be made attractive to laborers, r ved For 3. 013/07/31 � CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � � 4. 1-Jit _ vt, N st ".5 � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 , Declassified 0 P. yo rtr 41-1. Preferably, broadcasts should be made by Poles identified with the labor movement. The broadm oasts should not be for cultural entertainment. They should supply news useful to ntrengthsn the labor movement and its opposition to Nati control. Emanuel Novo reAtAkz. General Secretary of the . Tewij Jooii.t7Party in Poland. He speaks in fluent English. He described the horrible condition of the Poles in Rusiia. To Poles food is the problem. Starvation is their fear. Broadcasts to Polish Jews should be in Yiddish and hold out to them hopes of food. Abramovitoh. Mditor.inwohief of the WiliadiriBainiriagamine NOocialist 0our1.ero. He in aged. He looks and speaks as though he hum carried the weight of the world on his shoulders for a long time. Hie English is impel:A*11y clear, He spoke extemporaneously. Mr. Held's intention had been that the Russian situation be covered by Nioollai Avxentier, former Kerensky Minister, but he had to leave before his time for gpeaking arrived to address another meeting. Abramovitch stated that the Russian Socialist Democratic Party had declared an armistice with Stalin for the duration of the war because Hitler, not Stalin, Was the real menace. The Russian Socialist Democrats were supporting the Soviets in their war. Abramovitch argued for 000peration between all Leftists in the fight against Hitler. The Russian army, just prior to the wer, nuabered four million, The percentage of the followers of Stalin in the army wasperhaps 80%. With the army enlarged the percentage fell rapidly end now perhaps less than 50% of the soldiers are by political creed followers of Stalin. Russia is a long way from presenting a united front in its fight against Hitler. Nor has internal political 4 and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 7 15 11, No SAWN.. z ����. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 .`4 disoord *eased. There are today in Greater Ruud,* fifteen million people in coneentration �amps. Reoently two prominent Socialists who last year were released from prison by the Russisas have again been imprieonede The Soviets favored a peace with Germany last November� The generals, however, beaus, it pride opposed the peaoe and were in favor of claming on the war to the end, however bitter that might be. Eltolin supported his generals instead, of his politioal Isadore. Abramovitoh thought that now there would be no separate and premature peace. Abramovitoh oomplained of the English propaganda in respeot of Soviet Russia, He termed this an apology for Russien Totalitarianism", He thought we should still oontinue our opposition to such form of govern. ment* This criticism Russia should, however be oonotruotive and shot...,6 not interfere with t effeotive proseoution of the war. Al flt011pli, Auctrian Sooialist and former or efilitririn Austria. Deutsoh speaks English with oaution but with olarity* His enunciation is distinctly foreign* His opeeoh was by far the most thought provoking of any delivered during the evening. He endorsed the short wave broaa.. wilts from America as avary effective meana of warfare* In Austria there are many listeners to American broadoaets* The subjeot of the broadcasts *hcald be determined by who are the listeners* There are two classes of listeners: trade unionists and soldiers. The broadoasile should be designed to be of interest to labor and the military* Droadoosting is an effective meane of (strengthening the trade union movement* This movement is the aouroo of strength aoinst the Natio* Radio speakers should preferably be native* of the country to whom the broudoast is addressed* Deutooh favored speaker. with political knowledmo and experience in preference to scholars. Osre should be used in selecting politioal props. Declassified and Approved For R 00 3/07 . CIA-RDP13Xnnnni Dry-1n s Os, $ t � %TOD, ir 9 0 ���� � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31,: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 4:. iii.y ,,,� ',:* . ;i..,, 1' �.i.:1: .77:, 777 :- -�,i.,,,, -,/, !, ..--; :,.;�,- F.1;�,-:.pg.'i-7. -.;.e, --9t1!-�.,..'iree 1.Q.4;`71,'.,�;� :=-4-1.1a4.,..V. , 11F,1 l'el'". ''''.P ' ..A U'i....40/ i � ..1...: :,.1 ' :: ',Al' ,r.3.1! ''''.:2 3` '' , ' . � :- ' ' - I'. '- ---, ' 4 .., l''' 11' ''; tv.1'4'� '. ::. -, I ', fr.' , 14 .'''' I-. 'r. - f- '; �:�� ,�,:;, -5, .-, . I ' '41/' ' '.....- ' - - ''' � --4 ' '1 ' - ., li :0' ilk, - : . '': '",.1.. I . It ' ' .' ' . ' I x :1 � Ronda. He oritioixed Any broadcAsting from America favoring the return of the Harieburge. Thie le very undemirable to Austrian labor lnd would do muoh to weaken the movement amongst laborer@ for the overthrow of the NW. Millie. Austrian broadoAsts should not preach pan. Germania* Doutodh Oppeeed A mot schedule for Amerioan broAdoamtm become* thim would impicrtl listeners And reduoe the volume of listeners. riedcioh St m fes. Xditor.in.chief of the *moan 155a mApmooratio Party's publioation sfOrwardo. He, too, le old And shows the weer and tier phymioAlly of hi* opposition to Semis. He *poke tn German. Hold tranolAted. When Hitler took over there were six million Soolal.DemoerAto in Germany. Driven from Germany, the party established headquarters in Prague. When the war broke out the headquarters were ohanged to London whore they now remain, Otamptor lapt year Attended party counotla in London* Stanger praised the tnolish handling of French broadoaota0 Theo* broadomoto were by Irrenolmen to Frenohment, He conaidored oolorleoe the British broadoeets to Germany. Thew, wore mainly by British to Germane. They were composeciA tnglieh and tranolatod into Germane They were artifioial and Innoououo. He recommended that 0.0.I� broad. �apt In German to Germano by Germano. He rectos". mended that Gorman labor Isadore now in exile in thin oountry be Limed for thia ptiPpOgo, He etkted that there were available hero twenty Gorman political refugees, former memboro of the Gorman National Ameombly, Ho was sure, thees mon would 000perato in thone broadoastis, Joon Rollin. He lo a yoUng6 vigoroue Journalist war/Wofirf of ilVranoe Opeake" and a oorroopondont ti. � 41,11ro. �r� Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 ".t�. *4 i0.111.41 1 ' t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 $- � tari 9 for Router' a* The aeoonsion of Laval would strengthen in France the opposition to the NAZig, NOW there is a muoh better chance of bringing About 000poration bem tween the various groups opposing the Germano And Italians', This country should immediately address Its broadcasts to Trench sailors, The Germans have done effective work in mating amongst these sailors anti...British fooling. The Gorman propaganda has not been effeativo an to the United Staten. Mono., Americen propagenda will be more effective than British Amongst the sailors. Rollin critiolsed the absence of political bread's. oasts by the 0.0.1, He strongly urged that scholars and sooiAlitem be taken off the air and that French refugees formerly oonnooted with the trade movement in France be permitted to broadcast in French to French masses, Vanqi Montana, He is personable. He is a vigorous anirnaTrspeaker. Montana oritiolAsd the Italian broadoaets under the auspioes of the 0.0$I. He was disappointed that the 0.0.1. did not employ Blaney Yrafelt. Tomkins employment wee a bad mistake. He oriticiEed the Short Wave Ageno) and its staff. He said that Italian broadcasts were being composed in English and translated into Italian. These broadcasts should be oomposed in Italian. It neoemearyo they oould be translated into English* Advmnturers and pro.raeolets were being employed by 040,34 rather than anti.rasoists. No labor ropresentAtion had been given. Hs urged the use ot the radio as an effective means of propaganda in Italy, provided Italians with labor baokgrounde be permitted to brdadoast soript composed tn Italian and desIgned to interest Italian labor. He adiked that the 0.0.1.* cooperate with and ma4:4, use of talent facilities of the Italian Labor 0ouno11. the Mossini flooistyp the Italian Socialist Party. Montana rotate& that Mussolini WAS never popular in Italy. In the last real elootion In Italy Mumma/n.1 obtained only thirty five out of the five hundred seats in Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 %,4"�vii,--04111 � IL 41" � ft, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 4 I t 7 ,;,!0�4 1- - '1St � F " W:1' 1-,;:iT1 � � . 1 the National Assembly and of those thirty-five, twenty.five were gained only through political trades. Antonini. Vice-Presidont of the Italian Labor Touncil in New York, prominent Italian leader. (He appeared in the absence of Alberto Cianca who, because of another engagement, was unable to attend the dinner). Antonini is quite Americanized. He is a vigorous, forceful speaker. He recommended an active broadcasting oampaign from the United States. To Italians America is a great country. There is a warmth of feeling, particularly in southern Italy and Sicily for the United States. Many Italians' lives have been enriched by their annual Christmas checks from relatives residing in the United States, Christmas this last year was the first that the checks did not come. This has had a profound effect upon Italians benefiting from American support. He accused the 0.0./. of appointing pro.Pascist speakers on their radio broadcasts. He recommended the use of Italian labor leaders to broadcast to members of the trade unions in Italy. In propaganda to Italy the C.O.I. ahould appro. � elate that Italy is an occupied country and that tho feeling against the Germans is bitter, parti. oularly in southern Italy. He stated that the feeling is so bitter in Sicily that it was necessary to move to the northern part of Italy thousands of Sicilians to permit German operations with safety in Sicily. Summary: Laborers in Axis dominated Edropean cities have access to short wave reception sets. Soldiers have access to these sets. Both classes listen to broad- casts. Information obtained in broadcasts is printed in newspapers by trade unions and circulated by hand amongst the members. Broadcasts from America should be designed to appeal to labor AM to strengthen the trade union movements. Natives of the countries to whom 8 � � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0 � : vtiv. .?f gpx�i�O. � � 4 A � Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-R4e1DP13X00001R000100300001-0 3r.U1'13 'Iciri140140 001 hon. Phe r45tiii � "4, 4-0 - � 1,- L Lit; ;�. 1. the broadcasts are addressed ihould be used as ra4i0 . apes:kers, Cultural programs should be omitted' Sooialitee and soholars should not be enoouragood. Natives with labor baokgrouadw should be used for speaking. The above were the r000mmendations of eaoh weaker at the dinner* ; a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/07/31 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100300001-0