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November 3, 2016
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September 26, 2013
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June 21, 1945
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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - ? ... ? .1 ? ' Ar? ." ? ,,4 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 . ; ' t t ? -' - 1, i , , ?, ? I? I I 0, i .? i . , ? 0 1 1 i ' 4.4' :''':-*' The attao . report submitted , by Mr., , Ila1.H11.$I ,4444,, been surtnarized tor transmitosion to be President !, I : Inaccordance 'with your request. You Might want to consider whether theintelliggInce It, ,containe ,..,.,_ is worth the ri, ;We t!, State ...-41:41)art'4 , men t,,-.d:L spleasur ei-'4.. ,,,t1)U,eth I have pin..' ed tho concl,Usi,(;nia.' as-yoU kill: sIte., ' I . . . I. ../ s ? i . 0 11 . " . IA *pinta "'` ''''''' -- 1- :,: - .!0) , ,. :PIO ?:- .., , , 4. '''i I ,? ; la'E :1:4, iLljl:' C 111f11 0 , 1 S retikriat , PfriN0f .1h, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 9-17000Z?001.00011.0000X?1.dC11-V10 9Z/60/?1.0Z eSeeiei .10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI _ qt. 000 AtmPt not rcu povalelitr; sq IP/TA 4tropIce.,v ? ? 9-17000Z?001.00011.0000X?1.dC11-V10 9Z/60/?1.0Z eSeeiei .10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI ? V I Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-ROP 00001R000100320004-b Jvut? 194 5 YOR TWNUL= ala 'NV: Labor's litobutt Iter UNOIO At MnL rrtineieeo Thhiroport is t oonsolidotio4 of Wormed CIO* Britioli, frelloh) ani A04i*Urk WNW opinion on :the treatment 0.00orcAmi tt oid Trwle Urvion rettfoktion t WICIO at San eawinoo. Thoue;14, orititta of tli.o 3atry Dellurttoint t ha* opirkioun urn aubpdirted to you bctocutio thAy ti,trow valuttbIe light on 00420 of thrs wale= utiah tait bound to arias at your forthooautt meant; with 4111rohill and titalin anti 1*? maim t ikey 111XV IWO WAY i&ot bn1 aPain f3a to you by Any other sourrms 411F ww formod in lication in leobruary to reactoe Oat nearly ded\inot Intormtionttl redoratiun of Trade Unto zto t? whioh n*Ither 010 nor the liussiann bion, Ms Ar PP* Attled to join WWI because tIO boul boon Kotive iu its to tion* MY wont to an Fri:oleo() to oda reeopiitioil sal to ,ciroew its own csonstitution? Tits Dritish 3.onrceitkpoi polio it both taiall)s ittrt Ifit,1114 -? . ? ? ? .0?010" ..???rgior"qt* ? 41""le pplease 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R0001003 4 5 ?? , ? ? ? - , Declassified and Ap? h4 ? roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-R0P13X00001R00010032ouu44-u ' sr- ?? ? -?.;,:t. .i. ' cotinpuinn MO tate 410140i to obtaizt out hold Cm ratalaaa or, power pito tirtz titetU. . tok.thot ittisoitto its tihortareutp Policy vms maw it=i4 (*Pew! obetruatiouiot wag thus pomade tbs.) ;t1r1tiSh to At Ob 444o tottt,Agowithidituatila Ciitioorvative Party ott tat XorWoon,thz taiolottozia. Jr*. attempt.t4 to aoaoligaiuli, both thoso IV PUMP 13;4 'to the foreemt & UULO 4u,4 iilaakom ati ikatiatit Audotriso tuici jutiosilavitt to toroct tho too i.4110 iuto oppothiall; Ausaitat Awort portodllyth ortim to r443133,fr Cut ilooffoottry twowtactis of tia Strout tis .1.1f of L ptiumuculotki tho 'Ado DqurtuittAt that iitTLII was +o, auvaig.migictilinnte4c 114,1;41tiou uld taillmi the, 1.4portmut tato the firitioll goburi' W.:111.? oa.trto to obtain r000rfr ticirrau, ii11410* A atroati tioant %Imo L. ipito qualm eo1lo,2)04tior wit oh :WI 7.1ot rit Lwitish bliaanott-o4.1 Amor 1volit;Loa? The extotAt to letiab, Witte Lb1 0 WORM tho 'Auto Dopartuant into dui throir Ott is bast liky the ovtato ithiah falouad the sosspisme tion for mtailiaiew, to ths hioolig, sal 714.4041* Goameilisfli mut totems ator hearing a the **ma? sotto. Litettisitio Arraugext eta worionoy isesitim of the Stiessieg Octisgitts. VW, CONFIDENTIAL 4 ? , N*- , r% ? -rsrmairrehirrrovarr. ? *?"Irailerti% PolA2se 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? - ___ 11, ? 9/26 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/0 C.IA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , ? ?..q.???Ipor ? anttim. S41k.V. ? ?, ? CIONVIENTMIL ) nowt" 8404034 Vitt the kid of lioaketeller t the ,Pstia, ialleriotut field 1eensbleerod encuilliP? votes MOM* the go* tion of the Wadi. Unlash Um had Won roved into stoicism the principa1 speock desimading revirsiat This did not aidi Aserioszktussiesx relation." sloe the Lioviet houi soon* wood ropromtattozt, for world labor. the Aide bapartmut went so tar tu Ito polio, of axolusioa 60 to try to bar sal uoueovirruomutal oroluigations troll purtioipating IA the tiocia.1 and P)ooncaic dergte the Liouncilfts obvious wed Co:: pomit4rztm.' of via }cu emiloyitess, tind tatictro, noir moon dislassoure with 1,14.0 ..).ttitts Deportment was 41trotti: alto-ugh to =its thoit 0X01 Al? oi L, Ohavibk-tr of Cosamroa? Fau,rou und, Mama Orange in oppouitiou to Oils polloy? Am a mINA the State Depurtbant whs foroted lgtok down caul tha1V thtU.e,harter ing? cludeu the bare wrielt" or nouaoverasental oraihnisktions to par*, ticipate? Tile labor uouroes frosowhicix this iratoratiat it* obtained were of the opinion tbat time 6titte Depertmeatt ?poperatina with the 13ritiah and a of. t siutiwaUSildial 10114 created issues wiAioh, 0111401.0Milate year lap s't meats Airnin or tag iatts Throw Thsw 4so fiat tit tk Wm _.l A Ai& waits .? ? A ? t*vir *?1:, Itor - .; pnr Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 t ) -1???? "ttts- a, 0 ? ? ? ttc: ? ? tt, ? t ? ? 4 t' I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 11111IDENTIAL of the at ate Depart iont pleyliz off the ,h3? of L to.1,1,14t tho 010 inft, 1:1;e1O :la a btO t mu Ofl tuxwarrttnt ad int fotoronoo by tho ante De.partrwit 1itIL &most to 3.1kbor matt aro awl one not t slaw; nititor twaraz Itt.box? unity or 1.0)or antihnoinzz tor the ratifioattoa of Mill GQ10 ohartor, .4 1133.1,m 3' ? Donovan Arootor f, W ? 't ?-??????-sr--i ? 5, -.411 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 41, -6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDF-13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? ?It; ',N0114.1 ...a .- _SlIttaltlitkikOr.thr i4 tv1101011A N1)11101 10011 TIM PH BSI 1)Ti1NT SUBJRCT : LAnoit, s liNGIO AT SAN PRANOISCO Thin reprwt tt3n oonnoltdation of inforinadQIO tirttimh, loronoh. and Max to an labor opinion on aka troa town t aanordad tho World Trade 'Onion Fedora IA on by UNO TO 4t San Ploannt ono. Though otiti041 or tho State Dapartmant, th000 opiniones urn mitted to you h onaun a they throw valPable 11Rht on AOMO of the problem whtoh nre hound to arlme at yolir PorthnomIng momttnR with Chupohl U. and Oa In and bowknot) thoy bavo probably not, brrnn 1op0r4 Lod to you by any 0 t;hor R01,11100 ? VITUP wati rormeld in London tn 1081)ruary to pop:Loco tho noarly do Nilo t n 1ttmL.l cata,1 loadaration cAV Trade 1Jnicm to whi nalthor (11 U nor Lilo liin hI on, Llho Al" or L re run ad to 1loinMR. bonnuon 0 had boon ant-41th In i to .t'orniula tion, WTUF wont to Sfin WI-411101.nm) to wan ranogni, tion and to draw up to own o on tim tu Lion $ Th I tt4o)i lo?g- rouge polloy at both IINC3 0 And MU wa thdo Ritmo! Lo obtAan nnd hold 4ho balanon of power by pitting the U. S. mill t Hun ni 4. 1 to oho Ts t-rango Poi toy Wan to Make titletft Appoar obralmottorthlt und thno pornua tho nrItl, oh publin to pport tho tough. with.-Itunti I i Conoorvativo) Party at tho l'orthoortanG annaral 1ontl ono. They at Lompt od to a nnorripi 1 IA both then() al mo1y mobing to tho rororpont nt UNC10 auoh tA0140M AO Polond, Atlatrik, 4nd At- " r:oolav la to ro- no the) IL into o-kTooing Ritoala to ttioni ry the nonannary two thirdo or (ht :lona to ? a. ? 4 to:A. Alt- ,C.10*,-. ,4?4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : - - ? ? 0 ? Declassified and A proved For Release 2013109/26 CIA-R0P13X00 ? -414 -?,??-melut V ? ? O1R000lUu ? Atr4)441 rehei644.4.4-410+4104:44-41trot,tritte.440erver40* mosota The AV F.;lor L4.46,44wourelti M*0411-000.140ihilligimalmig6k) pornmadod tha State Dopartmont OP' WWWWWIM01441,4100,111MOS thnt WTUP wan a Runnian.dominated organiza. tion and talkod tho Dapartmont into helping tho Hritish rebuff WTUP offorto to obtain r0000lition rrom UNCTO. A otrong WT U1 meant olonr U. Si.11unninn collaboration, which did not tit nritiah balancoof.powor politioa, Tho oxtont to whIch tho II1 tlth ware able to maneuvor the State Daportmont In to doing their job Jo boat illustrated by the ovento whioh followod LIAO a000ptanoo or WTUVIn applioation for admionion to Ole !loolal and Noonomio Counoil. The name night, qter hoaring or the Connoilln antior. Stethiniuo arranged an em. orgenoy mooting or the lteering Committoo or thoPlenary 30:Intone With tha old of Hookorellor In the Latin-Amorican field. he engineered onough votoo to reveroo tho action or tho Council, though Hdon had boon roreod Into making tho principal npeoch dmnandIng ravoroal, Thin did not old Amorloan-Huonian relationn, oinoo tha novlot. Union had mtrongly mrgod roproaontation for world 'It. JO V4 Ai I I') d -04,1-1011414-4H-M-till-Kitri-Nrrirrri Tot tr-rren, r""TYr'irrriV7"11*M??????4" A linoolona Anolatod that tho In LanoA Orrice be kept ou of tho nhartor. Tho Stato Deportmonl had to ro along with thiv potation In order t.o ho 001. n 14 tont , leaving "'t hu, ILO with a very 'dablioun'ototuo, rant Ing nolely on-t,her-Prenyty-or-Ver.erAgoihr The :;tato Doportmout wont lo rat, in ito policy or exclusion no to try it) ',or n11 nongovernmontal organizationt rron partiolps Ling In tho !locial and Noonomlo Connoil.)4(/ deapirm Olo Council's obvioun flood ror popular roots among organir.ationn or worIcera, ? , 1???! 4..c???- ? 4 ? 0,?,ioase 2013109/26 CIA-RDP13X00 01R000100320004-5 ? ? r?, ? , vrt...$444.114,0111egldefirl.tApiam6.......,44104' ,4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 6 6451nployorm, mild X I'm:morn, Thaa6eommon dimplonmura wtth tilt) ntato DoparWont WAM mhronr, (.noligh to unit,o 0100 AW oV LP NAMO Ohmbhr or COMMIIPOOp PAM linvoan nnd Wahtonal Ivolwo In opponi. bion to thim polloy4 Am 4 PMMIaLp 1)10 lbRO DhpArtmont wmg Vorood to hank down mild Olo rinni obnilLop inoWdon tht4 *ob. AMA. "right" 0C noiw0vornmonLn1 oplmlAnhlonm to pnvtinipmho, 'Oho 1nbor mouroom rrom wl 1 o Ii Wan InVomintion wt m 141)1541110d wovo or thh opinlon Lhnt tho Unto Dopliptmont, hy ooppoPAting ,1. IP , w I tho mi; and AV or L wh i w I indoul) I.; wily Into y 00 V pollotam, opomtol immuomi 41; L 001111 fl mhotin g C) il W40 Olg Thrao4 Thtly nlmo WIRL tho vole) or tho 5toith Do. poltmont In pinyIng or I' tho AW or 14 mgminmh tha OTO# UNC10 fln 4 woo an hnwarraoLhd InthiWoronoo tr. the) Unth Doport- mont with domomhto 14hoo mnLtopm ont; not, t;ondinv: aithor Lowardt; 1-mhop//0/ unity OP MIA)). ontlinminmm ror thh rntifiolt. ? Lion (r hho ohnrhors 15, ? ? 0,1-W1k inn* it Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Nib 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? ? mow Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ,a1b. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1 ? 411.r ? 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 *,4 }VP 0 II r ???teitit',10.11:171Mt.V4,4 16 June 1946 TO : The D3 rector PROM I Da vi ci C Shaw StlitaCT ft ttachtld Summary from San Francisco 1. The Vihite :louse may deff)11"6 to be apprised of the attaohed estimates from San Franoisou. The matter i believed certain In turn up at the emitting meeting of the Mr, Three. 2. The: estimatos derive rrom labor scuroes or several countries. The results will :erect the American domestic labor 31 t1Ti t On, Sinoe this summary may be deemed oritioal of State DepartNent polioy, it is submitted only to the Director. v u C. Shaw 4 " 4.000.4~P`nr. .4 ilk 1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' ? , * 4 , ?s? ' -4!-AY'Ne, xVilrAVIMITMM1921111tW.....19,0.1.,40.-tttiziosflivewtwilmttcdirveim,,N?ogrttl!!5?0t.eeks.:e-, Illft04**4?44441???????,???????? //er,(%?,,' .t / This report, a culinary of our San Franoisco work, in an analysis and aynthesin from labor aouroes. It does not represent ultimate truth and doesn't pretend to. But it is an objective and honest report from the left. World laborla relation to UNCIO was not aeLtled st San Franoiano. "Labor" will bounoe into Preoldent Truman's lap, the same as the Latin-Amerioun quoation bounced and others will. Labor was not stocenufully rebuffed" at San Franoicoo, nor "put in its place." Instead it will be ft principal hoaduohe of the next Big Three meeting. The State Department - and FBI, plus AFL - may be pleased with S. i. - both for the "dualup.,e done to the world labor people" and for Ute "labor v.ains" al S. F. - meuninr some wordings for UNCIO oharter apoopted from labor oonsultant sourcea. Preaident Truman would be ill- advised to aocept auoh it view as final; or at 1tast ho may wish, later on, that he had been informed of another view. What Did Not t. .;an Franclaco The ,;erMall vestion svas hardly present. current popular doubt!) about whether UNCIO rot.. down to business or to any reality are piqrt1;, due to this disrorard. Inatead of the "problem of atsrressors" It'ranciaco substituted a battle over Russia. Take a lessor issue punishinr Gormanwar crnals and note how impraotioal and bankrupt San Fruncisoo VMS. You iase to find Lite orl1nain first, identify them and dooket their oases ttnrt set up a proceac for punishment, so far an those inside Germany are concerned, in oommotion with the rman occupW.Aosi orranication. The cooperation or ram,. ???,??+e, a, ? ?????11111m. ????11. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R0001onl7nnna_c 4. ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 fr VRIlg h, *IV 4PIP. Anti Nftzi Oermann it inevitablo, dolv144, oil t 413 IMcl )iuEtdrn on that. point. ne nhall have to thee up to uning the aurviving kernel of mooI it Iiti La ? o ()mann I too Oft 1;1101 ?1, ti to ? " Wh 00 0 0 OVUM/ (1 0 Mild niA tor was that they were "labor", and 00 the "'trot viotima of the NRA10, Monthn air.o ,ieneral Mennhowarin politloal advieor atlato0 that. "we would foater free (Immortal? labor onlone under the 000upAtion. That, Whd word %) but 000npation authorillea will boon have the praolloal problem of trnnolatIng thew, womb' into apooirio notion. Onu Pranolnoo produood not oven Any worth+ to underpin Laat approqoh to the Oerman problem. Labor orp,011idAtion, it A dOMOOrAtiiitnr IMP 1.01nOn t el thor for Germany or anion viotorloua Anton, rot h nnub at 8nn Prnnoinoo; but therm it international altuAt,tona where anubs prove Mho rt' What Did ilarrem it San islranotmoo va.gt .91~ 40.1141 111..,11,011 Turninr 8an Franotmoo Into it 1.attlo over Umtata, plua baok Vor labor, it net- onvtminly Vitteld hit() the, pnlioy oV onh rovarnmoht Dri(.ain. 11 ritted A 10hg)ThIlf:0 Orititih polloy and h Ohort-rAhre Chnvohill polioy, ft) At the mut of it ooalition wnr Pritain habitually reverts to hnlanoo or power. Tb In reduoinr Litt. powern between wlaoh hritoln will bainnoo. rikiolt in 1V46 meana rettnotnr, 11.$. and, U.S.11...R. Tho traditional menna Is tbnonttnr, diapniso botwoon the major partneri while the balanoinr. power romhino in the baokground. The dinputen whloh erupted at San lorano$aoo - Poland, Auatria, Yureslavia - had been publlolv aritnted rrom within :IriLAin ad oarly an 1943. Two other die- 2 1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 p. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013109/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , " 11 *.X1A014.444?144ows...14M,V.MMil. twir reAtti,,T`O' 4-'" 1 I SI. ' 15111e.'11", puted countries - Italy and 'Ireacse - mention of which would have em- barrassed the British at San Francisco, were nevar mentioned. What was thrust onto the stage embroiled U.S. and U.S.S.R. - with Britain out of sight, except as a hinted mediator - at some Dig Three meeting, b) The short-range policy turned on the British general ele- otion. Weeks beforehand it WEI8 estimated that Sun Francisco would co- inoide with V4 day, hence w;th tiissolution of F. rliament and Churchi11 having to rioa an oleition arainst labor. For that campaign, any recornition or status acoorded at San Francisco to labor, either British national or international labor, could be of no help to Churchill. The extent to which +he British were able to maneuver us into doing their job at Sun Francisco was best illustrated by the incident of the admissioe of the World Labor Federation into the all-important Social and Economic Council. The application for admission wan heard on the merits and voted one day oy the Couulil. That night, after Stettinlue heard of the admission, he qrrenged for an extraordinary emergency mectinr of the Steorirg Co,InIttee of the Plenary Session. He was also responsible, largely with Rockefeller's help in the Latin- Amerioan field, for engineering the votes reversing an action which would have accorded status to the World Labor Federation. At the amergenoy meeting, however, Eden was forced Into making the principal speech before the Steering Colunittee demardine, the reversAl. Tnus Stettinius aided Churchill's electioneering and increased the antaronisms of U.S. and U.S.S.R., since the latter urged representation for world labor. All of these thots are known tL, ADIerican Labor and to Russia. ? 3 ? Via _ ,nr4 nni-M/Ad For Release 2013/09/26. ? 4. RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 '10 ? 4 4"? , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 e.! ...? ? ' t: 141, .:? lt Eden's action in orforoing a further refusal - or status for labor,00nsultanto within the British delegation - threw a bone of open contention into British labor, useful on the eve of the eleotion campaign. It arrayed the British Labor Party (Attlee) against the trade unions (Citrino). Usefulness to Britisa Polioy 11.0041.??????? 80 The usefullass of this nort., of thing to the British government was obvious. Its servioeableneus to the White 11,Duse is less obvious. A further proposal, pressed by the British, concerning the ILO, had the arrect of throwing a bone of contention among not only Brttish but: Amerioan labor organizations. The American delegation did not Oolly norT, with the British move concerning the ILO. No clear reacons were ,-,iven by the Amerioan delegation, but the indica. tions were that this v.onid be another issue to be referred to the Mite Uoune. Background or San Pranolaco Conference To ooservern experienced in t4terxtational conferences, it was somewhat amazing that the events or the first ten days of the conference were no little grasped here. The position which President Roorevelt had maintained as mediator, negotiator and virtual leader as between Brilain and Russia, disappeared overniT,ht in San Francisco and America boowie both a rubber-stamp oild 1% spearhead on policies of opposition to Bussia. These policies had been brewiiv, in London for a year and a half. As eaoh issue was hauled to the stage or San Francisco by 4 " r ; .r ) 0.? 1" I , - "P'4**?.*4. ?c, *f ? ? re Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? C 0 0 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 r*9 .WOMMt11,*?, ..???? someone, eaoh seemed to bif looked on an a new, almont unheard of and explosive issue oreated by the Russians. The Polioh question had been whetted up in Britain a year and a half before Sri Franoisoo. British opinion-making oouroes were 000upied with Poland in great detail in 1943 when American opinion gave it only pauoing attention. Bven the IIgreat newo" of the arrent or the aixteen Polish underground leaders had been hotted up in the Britialt Parliament a month before San Fran- ciao? opened. The effect of "revelations" at Se-An Franoisoo waa to put Russia in the dock an "double-orosoing the Yalta agreements". Thus, a British "interpretation" of Yalta wao promulgated as a rospel whioh the American State Department took upon itself to preaoh. Auntria wets a preocoupation of British policy in 1943 and be ran to be aritated in the British preen early in 1944. This wrio long before the !Wooten drive. for Vienna had begun. The Austriat issue also wan no conoern of American public opinion until the State epartment nuddenly rubber-ntamped the British non-reoornition or the Vienna pro- vtslossttl Yugoslavia was another issue long agitated from Britain, though thin hnd nom+ early eohoes in the United States. But it was only at Stift Franoinvo that American opinion waked up to the fact that the Yugonlavian attention might beoome a Trieote problem, like the Fiume problem whioh Lloyd Oeorge dumped into President Wilsonls lap in 1919. Other Uftlkan problems, hangers-on of the above, and each an acute, long-otandirg issue in British policy, appeared at Sun Fran- cisco, on what was made to seem to be American initiative. Always also each issue pointed otreight at Russia. ? .e ? f +No ? ? aermami. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ????? v '14 .".r. - ? 1r ec assified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDID13X00001R000100320004-5 )1"11.." 61,4' Toward the end of May the old British-Frenoh (=Mot in Syria and Lebanon reappeared in tho Middle Haut, and at San Franoinco, thin time arraying London and Vashington against Paris. Nobody brought up the inane(' of Italy and Grodoe, wbioh would have pointed at Britain, although the 4ttate Department wan certainly oonsoioun or President RoosevmitIn efforts to modify British polioy in thane two countries. The net result Wats that the antagonizing of U.S. and U.S.S.R. 000UMO a bit overdune and b" the end of May it wan plain that moves at the White House wore being made to remove U.S. from the position of protagonist and back to the Roonevoltlan role of mediator. The Labor Background Against the above background, it In not difficult to time why the Sun Wranoinco conference rebuffed the vainest of the '(FTU or hi Federation or Trade lnionn) for u moftoure or recognition. WFTU, linking Americ,tn and nn Ian labor, worked oounter to maneuvers for net Amerlou mid kiteortIR logger-heath). Tho rebuff to world labor fitted both the hritinh lour-term and short-term pciicien. on the nhort-tmnn I I..alao ritteql tana.tian policy, slime Frime Vininter wan also faolnr an election which threatened to beg in large part content with t:unadian labor. The final move, perninted in with great insistence by the Britinh (toleration, wan to give npecific reoognition to the ILO. Had thin been done, it would have enabled the British government, during the Britiah eleotion, to point to the ILO hd "reoognition for laOor obtained by the Itritinti" and so to relieve the British government of the onto of an anti-labor at In adAition, recognition of the ILO, a 40?4' Declassified dllcip.roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RnPi - - - 4116 ? 11 ;I: I flOc - Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1.1" ? '07,, '1"11 . C ? c4?????-???-.....4.,.... ?riqs,V47.!'' government body, oonld have been usoci to give the ILO an exolus lye position, itn. A tided good reason for barring WPM. This in arldtioion to the advantage that the ILO, aotua 1yA ghost legally "in being" haft bean under British nontrol and 1:i.ltely to remain so. flnt the ILO move WAO tAlno long hoaded 3 it that t t threw a. bone or oon Lenti on in to Islorioart labor. Presenting the ILO issue who toted the an tagoni fsm be, twelett API.," with 1140 Qom-motions, and CIO, with virtually 110 reoo,[....n I Lion there . Tho ttri tit;kh goveriuttental ins j. steno), fur thored dis- ruption w I thin and tended Li bri ng the API, onto the poten tially British side, again the CLO. Nn Lae to the VViil Le Nouse .10401.11?101111141.6111.0, Wil.??????? Arsin the usefulnesa or the. Oooya Sftn le'ranolsoo developments to the American ,lomeatic labor poi toy might Al it ldt difficult to noes It WA4 oerLaAnly no holp Au oafte the ilhite Howie should attempt, an it has in years past, for poi tioal resume , to mitigate the CI FL rivalry. Par tioul urly Snu Prnno soo was no help if the White House should deo ide to utio dome, rorm or international labor organization, reoogn,1%ed by UN010, aait unirler, h000riiim equal place to AFI, and OIO. thla itidub ut. Ban Franciaco threatened to put the 8.ts I'm Department In the po1 1on of h diokerer between CIO and liJL. That la, it turned Ulf"titt,iontL tOriOign fkrrssirs into a ma.k-wetgJit betkoon do- mantic tabor o1ganization4. Thio sort) 0.f 'thing would be even worto than the 3Ltit Dollar Lmon I pol oy a 3 laid down pri Ately A month t,)01 fort Sa,n Fran? s oo I "Labor ought to he in It omewhere , but not at San Franoisoo, not untia the UNOIO inatrumont la f?ramed." (The attitude was reminiscent or t3t.A1:6 narortmemt policy, ao laid down b the sum men in 1941 when ? 1 ?04 ? k 4YitillPi .,14r01-444 ii5t4',W4,,eiRat1}1"..SMOC7, Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26 ? 0001 'aPAVVIIP4 ,;??;f: . ? ? ? ? II Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 :-.10-ttP4 .1 they advised government Agencies to disregard K world labor conforenoe, that of the ILO, the only organization in Wile field that WO even pre- tending to funotien. l'Tesident Roosevelt reverscd that policy and re- quested that the final meetinv or the 11.0 be hold in the White House and ca emphasized by a world hroadoaat by the President.) Today the Wh)te 11011Se may not prefer, ultimately, the oonsequenoes of 1111010 alienated from labor or pretending to placate labor with an 11.0 ghost. "Fmatponement" and "rererence to the next meeting or the lits Three" dovolopod lh it humbor or issues at San Franoisoo. The re- lationship of lt.hor organizations, inolnding international organizations, Lo UN010 to nNont. oortnin Lo bo present at the table or the dig Three, nhd parhnpa ab.yva the salt. Mille the above esiimeten, based oo labor sourons, are mode Prom a purely rneriotto viewpoint, it should be noted that the tours include labor in other countries, espeoially Britain, FrAnoo and Mexico. To discount the estimates en "anti-BrItiah" (IA the none). betint, or the term) would he beside the mark, There were Hritinh ob- servers at San Prtmol000 who "Look a dim view" of the British ()Motel maneuvres listed above and oriticited them as to useful to Eden's party in an election. Plnally note LW4 in the U.S.A. it is the labor organiza- tions, dealt with lu these estimates, that our government is supposed to be looking to for mass nupport for' adoption of An UNCIO oharter. Out sanding convlusions *rot a) In Ott.) intornational labor field SAn Franolero di4 / gr. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' ? sei ',I'D 2 ISt,lt" M-04'4's' 4 .061.4 ... ....... ............,?.Nos.i....1..,..,....?...isiAisttiat4duslos.....4 ''' ' ''''? 43,5 damage whiolt will roquirn 1. ho rodrebeed. JoAL 44 Lilo White Ilona& had to rodrodo tito balanoe rerardinr Votund, also. To advise thn White Donee It) rettrard the I n Lorna LI ona I Lahor ro lotion to 1.1NO.I0 aa Has a Eitib 'O. a nuns pl 01.11 woo hl ho to put the Pres Went In the ho] e at the flg tree mete 1.1 nr: b) in the Amer loan domestic) ia,or Pield the iresidout he ill-advleed to perthIL any agenoy, iholuding the, Stuta Depart- biota, to ntinmpt to jookoy boiwoeo An 40a OTO, uaing the UNCIO labor (pleatioo am it bait Lo either labor organiuttiou? Espeoially when snob jooknythl., might be or 0141JAIN advantare Co one foreign power. If that powor'd o.)111 I or el no Li ona put the Briti oh Labor party in a posi lion to he oritioal or any :Auto Department interrevenotia in labor problems, it.he Ittttdt itttItt. widh Lo be rorewarned. o) In ite (Metre Lo rebuff World Labor, tin' state Do. partment did two thinLo w.,1oh titoy ho vo Very Reiric.ON r081at.4 indood? In the Viral pluoe, by 01..0einr the 1'.10TO wlth Chb ILO, Oto the Orli-11th wau0d), they have put the 11.c In a position where ita future Is very preoarlons. The Rutibinlifi, thrnotonior to ruitio t.Lo roor it the 40 were named in the Charter, hept I I ow.. Now Its statue la duhiouh, reetine only in the Treaty or Veraalllee. IC tKe Brit/oh-engineered Amorioan position %vent 'tot tIthesii, it tb not Ett all oortaln that 140 HUO4i44 objeotiou Lc the, lho would have been so Atronunns. thn aeoond plane, the $tnto Department, in order to 1.00p the w ir' r tho ploture of the UNC IO, wesit so Par as to bar all nou.rovernmental ore:aniKations from partiolpation in the 600141 kud Koousmilo Counoil. Thla 0ounoll, lita I lt dealenod he one whinh woad prevent 0,1 ,-amor???", awl flssifd 2nd Aooroved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 S 4 *Jr 4t ; ? 0 ? I ? ? -? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 war by removing Ulu Econond o and Socitki 011,11008 Or it, had to have, of oourse, a ocial and economic) base in the representatives of Labor, Indus try and Agricul tura. To bar Uw organizations of workers , em- ployers and farmers would have been to deprive) the organiza tion of any real "peoples' bane" at ft11. Pitt t; wan uu obvious thAt Jim Carey, CIO Conaultnnt, wan able to perform the miracle of uniting the CIO, the NM, Chamber of Comoro() , Farm 'Jur eau , Ju tional Orange and other economic organizations in opposition to this policy of exclusions The flux that bound these twganitationa together wits, 01' course, a oommon dinpleanure with the Stale Department policy of exaluding Any but "rove milieu te I" organi za ti ons . With Ulla sort o V baoking , of course, Lite final charter, 1L3 drawn, includes the participation or non-governmental orranizationa. But the taatios are not for- gotten. a CC1 1 A - 3.) ? Rel 0,0 ? 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? trwir401101 ? 41, 4 ? 0 - a 4 ? I. -1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a. 'or Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 v 4n raft.- ? a , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 13 NAy 1945 WAFIDENTIAL e (14-r e" 4, 114 f el 113141t1l??1;11 Tha 1'011ov/int; revort on World rod.oration of Trade Unions Etna 'Una? vino proIxtro.t by ono of our rorcesentativ4t01 TIAOiiorld Trude Union Federation in an outgrowth of a zeetirk3 IloLl in1.4o4konb lobruary 1945 at t io cull of tIte British Truth%) Union C011areatis Invitations were sea to the labor ,4ovosy)nts of all United liationit eountrios, inoluding Aiussia. In tho United z-dtittes, tlis 02:0 soeepted; the 413 of L did not, stwind: it did not &loose to pulliolpate with tile Ittioniums? The Dritinh SOtidit to consult to dioeover...XXVII to 1401)iii Zo tb.9) WOrkillg 034,14.3008 to aid th.n war offort? to se auraui, Lind r.:,o&t importtuitly to aot up rational uothoila whereby anew tho war tho workers of thew arid woula it be the mews of dostming molt other througLi "outmthrout compotitiort?" The :Wet purloin, isia t ori4oNt lAportarit to the Britioh who were, Aind still Are, fesmita a 011.?110 CONFIDENTIAL -;?01?44. Nedd 1.01. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 2 CONEIDENTIA of the e tutus of thi i i& tandard41ivin4 in a postwar world? But the CIO una t4o Russians had very different ideas about the London ?outwear)** Both groups. denied pArtioipation in world internatioual labor ug,unifraitiorial wanted t ?lean sist* a Low organization of world labors revitalized by the war saw perionou (1,1A1 definitay dodioatld to lit i1 lotion on a world soale? This walla Lotwoou tax) purposes of tho ueeting in Loa)u wua obvious oven boron the meeting begau? At tlie conform:loop the ?41,fliot becacin moro uoute? no British with au: port of rafuoo %roman labor loaders iu 14:ludo:Ai while purtioilAttille,1 tue weetiue, tried to blook wi 4oves to take t.L0 oloot1n4 otItor tnnu wasultative* flut they found theoselves iu e difficult position,, dalikne called the ametizet thay ould uot be tile WM) of Lt? failure* gillwan a the ka0 Tole4smo of tat) LI tin maericam voltam, and Ituanatiov of the AmiliSile brout:ht out of tie zontiadtbe basis for a uow or The liritinho twin Ruasiun domination 1b406USO a numbor of *Madan votne and those or wAst they. crousiaered IlasianAufluellefod oauntries tried to get a votl haste wd...7*w May"' i'lr"""41."010110"E?4.11"11r7 ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004 sub Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? 3, - !. .1 w4ioh would sive thou a red leadership. Jurine, the London oureronoop Yalt4 was amoutoclift This gime trewandous impetuu to the new World Labor Orgenisation? Yaltu woo the high poin:, of 4uasinn, influence, so ulao was it the high point of (learn for now world organization, pato tioal so w611 us labor, Tho nlw tiorld labor Orgunizution, cowing to t30 atIMO OU14011,6...Onn ha YUltU, WWI piotured 46 4 Kollar Wan among thn wor1:inr4 'dooplo or tile world far (*Trying out the doaimioro or Yultftc ielsOM London* the waitron:Waal Corwittee roved to Parini tA pnratulont clout of tlan new organization. ;Imre the am:slalom of London wore implemcinted? A new oratAlLiradOIA WW1 oot tip* Vvail to bo dawn th. kuthinaton on April 121 145, 1444 ton tho Colx.litten wfta to proceed to t;413, Prw.oluoo to roormsoa Labor ut tho UVOIU. In the YiLiitonmootthol tile dirraronoest oporently ironed out in Loudon. tui,(t ?uric) bodez to ctdpotu,0 The ititialto not yfit May aoLtaittod. to tho now orgnitizution and r etaining thoir iltrvilotrohip in Lim WFU, wrvo the dear b41,41100 or Wm. If they palled out o1: tit? 1101N 14TUV it would /$104A the mod of WTUF, The aritiuh, workiatis thr ugh Oldeabrook otbs CONFID Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4?""elir LAL ? ? ? St- e? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? CONFIDENTIAL W.(1 6c11ovone1ui au %vol.).Ui?itrino, inaiottto4 thut not only were they uot ovorly iuternoted in the now hTUF but also were inclined to stay out of tau nuw W17UF unless they wore able to achieve entnig)1 autonopy ti;' keep the Rulmian Lafluouce at a minilum. JA the othfarence itnelf Oldonbronk vuc1.',oheNtlonelp in t:),Aoh with tho 4 of L, utteapted to "water down" the 4ecisions of London and flario? eitrialo, anxious to protect the =town/ of the 3r1ttah TUe, 1ou841. to woo thn decisionu of the WTUF of ct non-binain!; mture, ao got support from the CIO on thii because of tto &wily() ror uutonOw uad tit0 growing upproUondon of some of its ri!;ht-winis Iftdera for protection frul4 "ausoian influenced" decisioAu? The Wishington ;onforenca closed without roally aow (Mai 611 ne tuksithi cLad di no Ottriteeratint wwo VA 4400C1, Th n prospnot ti Htraztr, oratz.nizntiou WtU3 btld ? Oh tho ovo of tan olilforonoe at dA maim' certain t 1.03 S' fl tA ) roii OLizntioi. propoaed at 14ndonarid hna booxi "wilt(Wod wine it itaahi71gton4 U) '4.1to "wt,terind aceinl" consisted la in &Milk ? and "aorta= ogrowent to take sway the biudina ura of the decisions of the courerein ot the now world orguLization and ? ? CONFIDENTIAL r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 F ? f? ? ? ? ???? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 IDENTIAL aubeittituto autouoilly, o) Tho British and certain foorloan GTO lottdors wort, worried over tho btrongth Autisiavvould bo ublo to ouster i4 tho WWI orautizatiou and antioqiussian fooling WaU uotiooublo among both Group!), u) Liv Britiah illoatuo to atubilizo rLtiL.Lmos, Wood on otron4; trade) aooroteAriats uad thn oohtirtuanoo of Um 1th, Ummao u rota limo LA it.40 aaaalaugton ocuforonoo, o) Tho Britioh, while purticipatind in. a 40W world orgaulzation, wore wakia ovorturoo to the.idt of L and Imo far wore intoreatod in oroatiue, u world fodoration whioh would 4o twooptallo tu tho ?..'" of L Wutu thAy woro Lu ?routine. a atroog worll trade uhioh 14ovom(ut? t suoh a otroug aovemagt wore oroW?od, bow.uJo to ...oproaentation would in ono way or auother bo biauod un ;...cwb4ro,11'4 tiaurou, tao Atuaaiumi with thoir Inrits 31.u13:144ip WU.0 loutilat it) t.:1.11 .1(m throui motions both L:4,0tbc,r4,1 to 3itu.1 fioi1s tho real (841U0 WOO .0.40:,$14 .aloaiuu laluouoo in the matwar wor144 e.t Lolion trebo C40 wuJ ti bitt botwoon tb, British and R4,44412 workorui jumt aa MYak, Rowavolt wAs tha 4rido botwollia 1.44,uroh111 aud ta3.th.vga had tho baltuum of powor, and wo taM t4 both in the Labor taw plititI fiold. Jut Woosuse at Ou: 6 CONFIDENTJAI s,,-IccifiC1arr1 Anrroved $ Le' Awriow el te 6, *".? 41Ir r lease 2013/09/26? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 " , ? - ? 0, ? . ? Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a F1 ' ? = ? diuunity both in the labor aud pulitioal floLd1 we wore robbed o.0 to law, of it, litf the itimo of the iiat4ekton Labor 00u farenoe and U11010, the bulwark) ,tukki shifted to the kiritieho Labor at in 0414,014140 WitS barred troza the UNOIO' 13 wan autua14 physiolilly Ululated in Oaklazo:10 It wtte further Ululated froze; MA() loud labor wrezoont of Jesn itraaoisoo Joao of tato at of L loaders tioreo friendly to the WIWI went Arohibited from ellowittt ow import by strong if or L preasuzio? Tho lood U101 dominated by Liridgeub Wiati barrea by antiftlirit 04 elomelAte in tlie Uiu from, oontuut with the W.IVU delegates, The loolution of 114)prt ANA WiCIO has eurOlnued vit11- in the national doleautiono? British labor de1ootew MANI* thot they 1.1.0Y0 WW1 rebuffed by ther goverumorlt thrsmortl, to the OttAttlial they wwtoa for LAritioi4 labor dolomites ea advisers. Tho leronoh dolivAteu profotat iluliwuttion at their foreign zairdstors IiidtlUlt ? It110 LiufU1i4 to ppoint labor WIrtior to the i'renoll tiNUI0 deliedatiou, gaasula the or34Lttbor dotastotes 441, Itblutt tut ?an iraioisoo OCR) atriosphera Jos $t not liostiiert Limit friaid. They fool that the etuospilera, her* is giot coo of "peaoe" or or "the probleu or Nomsoz.s." but iuetou4 or 4 battle about".(1100414 The labor doIteates "will do zothi4g CONFID 4,NTI ..111111111111?111. ??????? goo '???? ? *ix ' ? ./.111111711R147?11t rtr nnt-nved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100320004-5 tt ? a , ?;') ? > 4,1 o. ; 3 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 .7. CONFIDENTIAL igipodo ULGIO" publioly but privately they think the W1101.0 amphora is autiAussit ad auti-lubor. Labor Uonfarenco dole- ;;ates resent the idea that their deLaunu for stutus, au un in depondeut internatiouul Way, suoulu be tied up with Aussia or that the lubor voice, given such status, would be autowAtioally the voice of Aussiu. Labor doloGates xofess being utupiried by "such uuive questions? us "why shoula labor have separate aud iudepeudeut orplizh?tion in conaeotio with a world politioal organizatiouT" rhey seem to think th4t, given the history of the last quurter ofe,0011thri of suca independent bodies us tio ILO mai of OLAO: iorms or independent auton000us trade union iateralltioual organization, taut the UMIU should take it for 6r6uteu tuut such erga4zatioas uu acoeptod Puri of aay world set-up. The lubor delosates' "1ud1gn4tion alta divappoinUoat" tt the preseat citut.tioL 6aou1d 4.)e tukeu with several grains of mat, they did it expect to do very raoh better thtn they luxe done und taoy 6ro lookiad to tape future. 21147, aud bo toW ia Loudon twit they would not be seated? Thar future is tile oopteaer ..,leetina in feria. co deleoptee ex root to got on "without benefit or UNDIO" though their exw pen woe hero so fur io u handionn which some of thea thiakwifl 4 ONFIDENT! Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP1Yrinnni ? 41, ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 C IDE TIAL not be bettered. Two countries' delegates aro lookiug to the 4 futuro based on hopes of election returns. The French labor delegates express gratification rathsr than enthusiasm over the =rent loreach wunicipal election results. In the erench general elections to oome they count on 4 suffieient lett aujority to "ohs& the de Gaulle government and ornate a very different atmosphore in Paris in .;eptember frou ..11 Frausisos now". British labor dolezates ixoro aro on tenterhooks over the imminent end of the war sad possible immediate general eleotion, Tilley profess to see coming * shift to the laft in liritairi in that election, ia short, the Labor Oo tram?, "diaappoiutneut here is oolored by expectations that political events in the west or lirine will look in labor's dirootion inihe nezt sit aonths and so will result in e. difforent uLatus for a world labor or ganization at future UNCIO sousions, aishful thinkinz natuAlly enters into those lubor oativaLos, just as wish2u1 thinking enters into sow govornnantal astimAtes thut the 3ritis, bm$664 and other political develovAents will be "safe. The wat in,portant Utoh in the tior14 Labor ikoztermoe of (curse, grown out or the aviation in Azaerioun Inbar* lb* aL policy !mous to be thorougAly sot for blookiva the World CON FID Ni arakvorPor" km.1111111.1111111. ? AMIllerb ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 A ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4.? It 0 ? ' CONFIDENTIAL Labor Conference at all costs. This is not too disappointing to the Brit lubor delogutos wiose desire is for a world labor orroa.;iizatiin tti c tlicy coatrA. The .0.11-0.10 division has beeli so whetted by recent events taut west k;oast L loader* who criticized toli9 4214 attitude previously Low say private.4 that thny ?axe not opeu Loutas. they say they cannot sit on Lae stu.;.o wita 01.0 officials with who? associate -0.1e21.tal and other bodies. 21io constitution of tLie now wYTU hu o just been anr, nJunced. ....L. essence, i't; shows; a) ..'ho 4i.uss.au? nulanrically strong enough to domi- nuto all decisions, have willinly screed to a votinz schwa wnicii will ..iutorially uut dowi1 thnir strength. Under the new schwa, a.d the UN can outvote tao 45oviet unions, ir taw iluve only one-nal.t: to,01 ti?Troximte acabershiP0 If thu L cual in, it 11;4d Lin Qi0 could tl.'s.ost iliAtch the .:utlaital vote. b.) '.0he AmssitLis nave auzipzoalsou ciao ou the queation of L.10 autonow of tie while not as weak Ex the izitiithe vaLiteo, tuo orounizatiork to be, it does alloy enoughfsibility to pro,...mrve bti10 autonow while preaerving the isoubliauteet CONFIDENTIAL - r 1.----...??????.40-- ? a, ? ? ? ? 00000 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA RDP13X00001 0 1 n AhA . I I -ar ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 446' _ CONFIDE t! wor1C, organization.. o) 014 the question of Trade Locretariatas one or Vilit zost difficult of tae opaferance, the new conatitutionol pircklt vision, while a comprouise, is dourly not it favor of t4o, sition of the british land Olden:brook, liere uro the results of Oakland: 1. =10 looked like a battle over Aussia. conference hau aohlevmd sumething that is the exact opp0414 hotwithatLudiA; the prevalence of antiolaussian feeliaz asa the' I frigid ELlosphore of tiliC101, the delegates went about their staid, 4 job of completing their constitution. Thia they ware unablii to ao at iiushington. 2. iiorld labor, as represented by the tathAth diaappoiLted by the isolation accorded thou iy UWIO, tU ?t fight it. But it will Lot be enthusiastic. 3. i. new world organization has been formed and rthe dissolution of the MU is, us its Jecretary has said "61=4 Li for-gone oxiolusion." la view of what happmed in gashington, how caiA ut* GA:plain tho unanimity of agreezent ad tae solid uuture of aohioveaont in the Labor Conference au contrasted with the apparont lack of unity at Mai? The answers would mesa to WI CONFII)ENIIL aipmet v4sitoitagE04; ? .mnri nnMVPd For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 'INDENT! 0 The UrLtioll who hold tile bfilarioe or povortt itisAitgton, lout it in 04k1onds When the refused to my its dues to tho aioreturyj the Britioh wouliitalve felt they 44d no anon to go axoopt to t4o now orutlilaution Pow tae MU without the al, would huv e been shell, b) The itusaians at ?aloud, unlike the R118411.11141 at Franoidoo, wore not fii;hting u battle ror treatigo eliwere not piokinz up over' small hew to battle over. .:11Ley upporentLy really wauteld &OW and woe() willing to ow4proLlise to ot it, o) The reomt oleotious in Franoo tc..d t4e prospect of elootious in Uritoin, indiwIted t:ie growing strenztt of labor aud the oo4sequent worlmin of ounserv4tivo foro on in lImpe Will tut J. Dowvula Dirlotor CONFIDENT!), ? % ^ ? ?Ns- flIiIfId nd Aooroved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? irir.0441" is 4"t7Y., ;?? ; 5? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?,, , . ,1,41,.........011,414$ tutvoiNvitmr.l. ,'W),:.!tir#0.7:141 - wORLD FEDERATION OP TRAM; UNIONS AND UNOIO 4ifie world Trade Union Federation is an outgrowth of it meeting held in London in February 1048 at the gall of the British Trades Union ?engross. Invitations were sent to the labor movements of all United Nations eountriem, inoluding Ruseia. In the U. S. the CIO aocepted; the AT of L didn't, saying it didn't ohoose to participate with the Runsiane, who, it oonsidered were not "freis" trade unioniits. Alien the British TUC made the oall for the conforenoo first in the fall or 191*, there its little doubt that they had in mind, not a new World Labor Organization, but merely a general meeting of the reprementa- tiree of United Nations Workers to dieouss a number of items. In the main, the British sought to consult to discover means to mobilize the working classes to aid the war effort, Go aeoure peace, and most importantly, to set up rational methods whereby, after the war, the workers of the world would not be the moans of destroying each other through "out-throat competition". This last purpose was the most important to the British who were, and stilt are, fearful of the status of the British standard of living in a postwar world. But the CIO and the Russians had very different ideas about the London oonforenoe. Both groupe, denied participation in world inter- national labor organizations, wanted a ()lean slate, a new organisation of world labor, revitalized by the war experience and definitely dedloated to political aotion on a wont,' scale. Thls oonfilot between the purposes of the meeting in London was obvious even before the meeting began. At the labor oonforenoe, the Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?I? L. 1 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 COJF Ill;,'IL - 4 .0 oonrilot beoRma more tout. Thd hrttlah, with the aupport of retrogoo Europeotn lAbor looddre in London, whiio pertioipating in the moetingk tried to block env MOVOti Lo mako the mooting othor than consultative& Lut they found themsolvee in a olfrioult potation. Raving called the A meeting, they oould not bd the ?aunt, of itu failure. Hillman of the A CIO, Toledano or the Latin Amerioan workers and ituznetaov of thy Ru lane brought out of the meeting the bailie for a new organisation. The British, 1 fearing Russian domination hocautre or toe large number of Ruaalan votes and thoao of what they oonsidered Uundian-inriuonoed countries, tried to get a voting baste whioh would give them a real loaderahip. In A measure, -,- due to the ausaian willingnose to oompromise, they wore suooemafuls Other oompromisea had to be made to a000mplish British partioipation. One or these wan the naming of waiter 8ohevonelts, Seoretary of the International Wederation or Trade Unions, on Citrine's qemand, to the Continuationa Committeo, the key ?omitted dmpowdred to set up the new organization to rep 11400 tho (Tho AP or L wan a member of the IVTU). During Lilo London onnrdronoe, Yulta Wk4 announood. Thia geve tremondoue impetuo to th ntw worLd Labor Organisation. An Yalta WAX tho high point of !Woolen influonoe, so also was it the high point or denim) for now world orgenization, politioal AN well as labor. The new world Labor Organization, ooming to the mama oonoluaions As Yalta. Was piotured as a popular base, among the working people or the worldk ror oarrying out the decisions or Yalta.11In Amerioa, for example, the 010-PAC was to populurito Yalta and the now prinoiples oC international organization. CO:ED171$1-' says. ? t,.;ar""'+'1,arualimP'rar ar1#411" rove or 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 se - L po, *J ? ? S. ; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?;0i .1/1,,t:11440 t, t,ES. .1!! ? ,1". ? .S?7.,!.,t 4r0.4.4g,, !0?-? IVO 1111116 art 10L1 ? 16.? From London, Jhe Continuations Committed moved to Parisi, the permanont seat of the now organization. Here the deoidions of London wore implemdntod. A now organization was set up. The oonetitution was to be ordwn n ashinoon on April 14 104b, and then the Committee was to proceed to San Praneisoo to represent world Labor at 'Wm, UNOIO. Betwodn London and wamhington things began to happen. In the labor field, as in the politioal field, the desire for "getting tough with Uussia" began to grow. Tho mpearhead was the AP of L in the United Stated. Lef+ out of the now organization, the AF of L awoko to discover that partioipation in the now organization *mounted to a tioket to San Pranoisoo. Therefore, it set about to discredit the new organization as a "Communist" show and worked hard to keep the WTUP from representing world labor at the UNCI('. Although the AP of L had long cdvoosted "labor's seat at the peaoe table", when oonfronted by the threat of something like thin, it fought to deny uoh. Sinoe it didn't and oouldn't olaim to represent world lobar, it wanted to pnwent the WM/. from representing world labor. It was nucoemuful. An v romult, except in A ooneultative oapaoity, along with the Rotary, Kiwunis and "do-good" organisations, labor has no seat at UNCIO. In tho washington meetings the differenoos, apparently ironed out in London *Ind Paris, bogan to appear. The British, not yet nally committed to tho new organimation and retaining their membership in the IFTU, wore the olear balanoe of power. It they pulled out of th& new inITOP, it would moan the end of the WTUF. The British, working through Oldenbroek of the IF and h4ovonelgo, as well as Citrine, indicated thatA not only wore they not overly interested ? -cirrort,e4wriAtr .meaM.1111. n rig s'fied and Aooroved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 E .1 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 r ? 1/4 U4'ai 1.4c)._ in the new WTIJF: but also were inclined to stay out of the new WTUF unless they were able to aohieve enough autonomy to keep the Rusaian influence at a minimum. At the conferenoe itaolfik Oldenbroek and Sohevenels, in tomot with the AF of L, attempted to Nater down" the deoisions of Lonuon and Paris.I(Oldenbroek, intent in achieving independence for his TrLde Seoietariat, argued for days, insisting that if he did not get the independence he sout:ht, and did not receive a definitive answer to the difficult place or the Trade Seoretariats in the new WTUF, he would pull out of the UTUF and seek to exert ouch influenoe an he could to scuttle the new organization4 Citrino, anxious to protect the autonomy of the British TUC, fought to helve the decisions of the uTUF of a non- binainr., nature. Re got supp.,rt from the C10 on thisx because of its desire ror autonomy and the rrowing apprehension or some of its right- winr leaders for protection from musdian-influenced" deolaions. Tho death of PresAdent tioosevelt was a powerful factor in the negotiationo in uauhington. To the British, the CIO WW1 largely a creature of 9,10ot:we1t. uith him gone, ita influenoe WUB secondary the A.' of L in America. :;0 bridgea to the AF of L were ui It. Attempts were maas, to create the kind of a new organization acceptable to the AF of L. Thia meant weakening the kind of organization oontemplated at London and Purls. The iiashington Cordie remit, closed withoat really accompl4shing anything. okeptieism and disoouragement were the mood. The prospeot for a strong organization was bad. Before ooming to eashington, Sollevenels, Secretary of the IFTU, had written liebert heti o f the AP of L tolling him that the London 4.4 rtses.4?104???"1" ss"."11r Declassified and Approved For Rel 20 . IA- 00nni Ronni n A ? ? r 4 qt. ? ?????? RAW, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - 5- conference,of the WTUF had not aocomplished any practioal work. Ho also said that "needless to say, as far as IFTU is conoernod, no deoision from outside can affect its future." He also wrote that aince the AP of L had not paid its oues to the IFTU for 1944; ho would like to have the AF of L keep the money in washington until he arrived and to pay it tl him in cash, which would save him the trouble or obtaining money from England neoessary to meet his expellees in aashington and San Franc 180). Just before leaving arshingtoa for San Francisco, Sohevenele called on the AF or L to collect the 1944 duos. Bob watt bawled Schevenels out and refused to pay the dues. He accused schevenols of being dintopti to tho IFTU In his participation in the conferenoe which was devoted to the setting up of a dual world movement and wanted to know by what authority he, as sooretary of the IFTU, was a member of the Administrative Committee of the new world Trade Union Congress. On the eve of the conference at San Francisco, certain things wore clear: u) The strong organization propoeed at London and Paris had been "watered down" in waahington. b) The "watering down" connisted largely in British and American agreement to take away the binding nature of the deoisionu of the congress of the now world organization and substitute autonomy. o) The British and certain American CIO leaders were worried over the strength Ruseia would be able to muster in the new organization and anti-Russian feeling was noticeable among both groups. ? Declassified and Approved For Rel 2 ??? . IA-R r- , xoonn Pnrinin A _ ? C. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 - 6 - I I Cl$ bi 1 t-- d) me British scheme to stablilize British wages, based on strong traue secretarietts and the continuance of the ILO, became a real issue in the nashington conference. e) The British, while participating in a now world organiza- tion, were making overtures to the AF of L and were far more interested in creatinr a world federation which would be acceptable to the AF of L than they were in oreatin; a trong world trade union movement. If such a strong movement were created, because the representation would in one way or another be based on membership figures, the Russians with their large memborshipx would dominate the new organization. On the basis of what had happened in the nashington meetings an observer, premising his observations on an analogy between the WIMP and the DNCIO, could not only make some predictions about what would happen in the labor meeting in San Francisco; he could also make certain predictions about what would happen in UNCIO. This propheoy would run somethiner like this: In both the labor and the political field, the real issue was Russia and Russian innuenoe in the postwar world. At London the CIO was the bridge between the British and Russian workers; just as at Yalta, Roosevelt was the bridge between Churchill and Stalin. ne had the balance of power, and we had it both in the labor and political field. But, because of our disunity)\ both in the labor and political field, we wore robbed of the use of it. By the time of the nashington Labor Confersnce .\ and UNO.I0, the balance had shifted to the British4This had begun before Roosevelt's 0.eath. The real reason was our disunity over Russia, exposed most clearly after Yalta. In the labor *1.eld, the British, by pulling out of the new erf;anization, could wreck it. In the political field, the throat oV one-third of our Senate refttsing to pass the Dumbarton Oaks ????? 7..k......?????????????m1 {emir ? gri ? "VM:. .111111 ????-?? - I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : bIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ;".. Hi* ? 411.1. 41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 torGdol 401?3,6 -7- - f" kq.00'.1 IAL was comparable to the threat of the AF of L to isolate itself. Thus the Eritish, in both fieldn, hoping to weaken Russian influence, could throw their weirht a,-ainst the type of an organization which would rive the Russians a poeition oomnensurate with their strong population and geographical position, and this woula be done under the guise or making it palatable to our Senate. Thus, the really effective figures at UNCIO would be Eden and Vandenberg. It could therefore be assumed that UNCIO would be a "watering down' of Yalta as washington wae a "watering down" of London in the lab,.r field. In the labor field the British had shown that their real interest was not in any new world organization, but in strong oartel arrangements worked out through the "Industry Committees" of the ILO. These could be said to correspond, in the political field, to regional agreements, bilateral treaties and the preservation of the Empire Colonial p:110?,. Labor at an Francisco was barred from the UNCIO; it was actually physically isolated in Oakland. It was further isolated from the local labor movement of San Francisco Bay. Some of the AP of L leaders there, friendly to the aFTU, were prohibited from showing any support by strong AF or L pressure. The local CTO, dominated by Bridges, was barred by anti-Bridges elements in the TO from contact with the VIFTU delegates. The isolation o!' labor from UNCIO has oontinued within the, national delegations. Iritish labor delegates profess that they have been rebuffed by their government ir regard to the status they wanted for British labor delegates as advisers. The French delegates profess indignation at their foreign mirister, Bidault, wno has failed to appoint iany labor adviser to the French 'Nt:I0 delegation% this after Bidault'S ? Ar,rirrwpc-1 For Release 3/09/26. Se 4 .004 dwa...11haVI 13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 47"irrir."7 101P- ? ? , ? , zo' ,a? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - I t previous promise to thelh to appoint such labor advisers, Murray and Hillman, advisers, may there has been but a single meet1nx of the Amorioan UNCIO advisers. Toledano of the CTAL has ikolated himself in a private house and otherwise burieli himself in the World Labor Conference meetings. In general the World Labor delegates feel that the San Francisco UNCIO atmosphere is, if not hostile, at least frigid. They feel that the atmosphere here is not one of "peace" or of "the problem of aggressors" but instead of a battle about Russia. The labor delegates "will do nothing to impede UNCIO" publiolyx but privately they think the UNCIO atmosphere is anti-Russia and anti- labor./( lAbor delegates show some amazemont, sugar-coated as amuse- ment, at private feelers made to them suoh as "if you labor people were in this oonferenoe, how would you vote on the Polish gove. mentt on the Baltic states? on the Austrian government?, etc." In other words questions or power polities, ()entering on Russia. The private atti- tude of lat?or delegates is "we are not interested in saying anything about auoh questions; our interost is obtaining some status for having any kind of a say at all ou anything".i Labor Gonforence delegates resent the idea that their demand for status, as an independent international body, should be 'led up with Russia or that the labor voice, given suoh status, would be automatically the voles of Russia. Labor delegates profess being stupified by "such naive questions" as "why should labor have separate and independent organization in oon- motion with a world politioel organization?" They seem to think that, given the history of the last quarter of a century of such independent I nr-Irnved For Release .1??? v : CIA RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 IN/ 4'. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X0000 ? - 9 - 000100320004-5 bodies as the ILO and of other forms of independent autonomous trade union international organization that the UNCIO should take it for granted that such organisations are an acoepted part of any world set- / up? The labor delegates' Nindigmation and disappointment" at the present situation should be taken with several grains of salt. Firsto they did not expect to do very much better than they have done and they are looking to the future. They had been told in London that they would not be seated. Their future in the September meeting in Paris. Some delegates expeot to get on "without benefit of UNCIO",0( though their ezperienoe here so far is a handicap which sons of them think will not be bettered. Two countries' delegates are looking to the nature bated on hopes of election returns. The French labor delegates express gratification rather than enthusiasm over the oursont French municipal election rosults. In the French general elections to oomeA, they count on a sufficient left majority to oheck the DeGaulls government and create a very different atmosphere in Paris in September from San Franoisoo now". British labor delegates here are on tenter- hooks over the imminent end of the war and possible immediate general election. They profess to see coming a shift to the left in Britain in that eleotion.i/British labor delegates Citrin e and Edwards began electioneering yesterday with a public attack on the British UNCIC delegation's opposition to seating world labor delegates in UNCIO. Their attaok was not only on *den but on Labor's governmen- tal delegates who went along with Wen. ? tjL ????? Cnt- PAlease 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R0 0 004-5 ? ;IA A ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R0001003Zuuu-r-s., -10- In short, the Labor Conference "disappointment" here is colored by expectations that political events in the west of Europe iwill look in labor's direction in the next six months and so will re- suit in a different status for a world labor organization at future 1 UNCIO sessions. Wishful thinking naturally enters into these labor 1 estimates, just as wishful thinking enters into same governmental estimates that the British, French and other political developments will be "safe". The most important hitch in the World Labor Conference, of course, grows out of the division in American labor. The AFL policy 60MS tc be thoroughly set for blocking f "arid Labor Conference at all costs. Ihis is not too disappointing to the British labor dele- gates whose desire is for a world labor organization which they control. The AFL-CIO division has been so whetted by recent events that West Coast Al'. _leaders who oriticised the AFL attitude previously now say privately that they dare not open their mouths. They say they cannot sit on tne samo platform in this matterocwith CIO officials with whom they associate daily on governmental and other bodies. A proposal for a welcoming mass meetimr, to be riven by ell local labor bodies for the world labor delegates, wan quickly rejected by local AFL leaders who had previously advooated it. They say now it would be futile". If the UNCIO oonference comes to be acclaimed as a success, little will be heard for some time from this international labor movement. If the UNCIO conference comes to have a different reputation, labor delegates will conceivably begin blaming the bad results an claims that "labor's voice was barred at San franoisco". The constitution of the new WFTV has just been announced. ) In sssenoe, it shows: losettewoir41"'"? ??? 1:Z04:l2se 2013/09/261 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1 0 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , a) The Russians, numerioally strong enourh to dominate (/ all deoieione, have willingly agreed to a voting scheme which will materially out down their strength. Under he new soheme, England and the CIO can outvote tlis$ Soviet unions, even if they have only one-half .? . the approximate membervhip. If the AFL came in, it and the CIO could almost match the Russian vote. b) The Kussians have oompromised also on the question of the autonomy of the lIFTO. While not as weak as the British wanted the organisation to be, it does allow enough flexibility to preserve basio autonomy while preeerving the semblance of world organisation. o) On the question of Trade Seoretariats, one of the most diffioult of the oonferesioe, dhe new constitutional provision, while a compromise, is clearly not in flavor of the position of the British and Oldenbroek. The Conferono6 olosed on May 3rd, The Constitution les announced at a public) preps oonferonoe on Nay B. Some of the delegates will remain behind, but most have already left. All that remains now is the outoome of the request to Stettinius of the i/OFTU for partioipa- tion In UNCIO as advisors and in the Economio and booial Council as more active participants. Here are the' reaults of Oaklands 1. UNCIO 1cokod like a battle over Russia. The labor conference has auhieved something that im the exaot opposite. Notwith- standing the prevalence of anti-Russian fooling end the frigid atmosphere of UNCIO, the delegates wont about their solid job of oompleting their constitution. This they were umele to do at Washington. 2. World labor, as represented by the wrTu, although anatana? *????????wir"If 41, 0 flssfd 2nd AoDroved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 -? .10 ? .1 ? ? ????? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ,!(4P40-0 ?-?r?st '5.10 - ) ( diaapplintod by bko isolation w000rded them by UNCIO, will not right it. put it will not be onthuilsatio, A now world o)ginisation has boon ronmed and thei dissolution or Lho 11,"PU is, as its Ooorotory has Naid1/44114001) foregono oonolusion*" In view of what hanpionold in Washington, how oan we ex- plain tho unanimity or 0Kroemont and the solid nature of the aohievonent in tho Labor Oonforonoo as nontrastod with the apparent look of unity at UNOIO? he answors would sew to IA, a) The British, who hold the balanoo of power at Waahington, lost it in Oakland. When the AtL rerUsed to pay its duos to the WM Doorotary. tho British would have folt they had no plows to go ezoopt to the new OrpOliAStiOn. loor the IU with- out the AFL would 1011-0 been 4 shall, b) The "Militilind at Oikland, unliko tho HnousianA at 8an Franolsoo, wero not fighting a baitlo Vor prestige and were not piokin up ;ivory small itom to battle over. Moly apparontly rosily wantod ft WIIVO and wars willing to nomprowiso to got it. es) Tho r000ni olooliona in Franoo and tho proapoot of olootions in Britain, indtoated the growing strongth of Libor and the oonsognont weakening or ooneorvativo roroom in guropeo Now Chat the oonforonoo is moor, At rikilik1404 to he seen what next will happon. William Orson, president of this An, has just gono to San Fronotaoo 11 present tit. Am position to the 13101.0. What he will do is not Pally known, but it Is oloor that he will plead (spatula the Limo of forood Uorman labor In Europe. Ho mmy also try Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? C 11, ????? 000 ? - t ???11111?0??? -??? IAL ? ? "b. ? , ?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' - 13 - , to revive his association with Sohevenels and Oitrine in Tdor to restore the IFTU. On the first point, he will run up against serious opposition, not only from the English, but from the majority of European delegations. Also he will faoe serious opposition at home. The strong reports of Hosenman and Monseignor Ryan's Catholic Welfare leaders are against him. So is logio. With all other types of repara- tions gone, and his unwillingness to owe out against reparations, he can suggest nothing oxoept an Amarloan-finanood program whioh will be labolled "reparations". On the seoond point, the British may have gone too Psr already to revive the 11'TU. If the IFTU cannot be revived, the AFL will then face isolation Ili world labor. this may result in the oreation of ift new AFL inspired "freo" trade union international. If this happens, it will begin to develop in Germany where AFL Joe Keenan will be in ohargo of setting up German labor union% under General Clay. Whether this can be extended to other European countries is a serious question of doubt and whether it will be successful in Germany is also vt.ry doubtful. S. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ???? .0. - .r S ?1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1, ? z tslatotafteals. 1Driqdii - 13 - to revive his assooiation with Sohevenels and Oitrine in order to restore the IFTU. On the first point, he will run up against serious oppomition, not only from the English, LW; from the majority of European delegations. Also ho will fao* serious opposition at home. The strong reports of Rosenman knd Monseignor Ryan's Catholic Welfare leaders are against him. So is logic. With all other types of repara- tions one and his unwiltiLgness to oome out againet reparations, he *an suggest nothinr; exoept an Amerioan-finanoed program wtdoh will be labelled "reparation*. On the s000nd point, the British may have gone too far already to rovive tho IFTU1 if the IFTU cannot be revived, the An will then fao* isolation in world bkbor. This may result in the oreation of new AFL inspired "free trade union international. If this happens, it will begin to develop in Germany where AFL Joe Keenan will be in oharge of setting up German labor anions under General Clay. Whether this oan be extonded to other European ocuntries is a serious question of doubt ani whether it will be suooesstul in Germany ts also very doubtful. I 'i iiiA A .ff L c,.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 ? a? A(Y;11, To : tit n er Ftl 31novan You wished to reiliciAte your memornnium to thP Presiient baqPri inon thPse notPs. (33)8) 1- ? / 4- 1-1 r 41,-1, rt. 6-4 r 'S Attlirt I a. ilk:, ? 1.14' 'AP ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1 ?.???? ? . ?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Sn. ?'1"iirilrgiff?lltvi???4%,dvorcA-L1:. ? `t remorannum "-?-???irrn -.??.14"???61,113?4?.? - /fa, ?.% I (/.1A San Yrancisco ConfeiqrrA 2 May 1945 5 et ? ? 'e Summary of Position of World Labor Conference in Relation to UNCIO The World Labor Conference is accompl.J.shing its Drimar purpose, behind closed doors, of drafting a constitution to oe submitted to constituent bodies for ratification before the reconvk,ned World Labor Conference in Paris in September. Its secondary objective, i.e. "to obtain recosnition as the spokesman of world labor" at the iTECIO, has obtained less saccess than the most pessimistic feared. Tonight at a public mass meeting the ,orld Labor delegates will ;lake public some sort of pronouncement, thus using the method of "public pressure". Two methods were open to the labor conference from its beginning hero. One was by public pressure, exerted through open sessions of the LaJor Conference, press interviews, mass meetings, etc. The other method was of secret negotiation, primarily with the Big Three. The labor delegation ouviously cLose the latter which has now resalted in a rebuff from UNCIO. They are now proceeding belatedly to the first method and at tne same time announce that tuey are winding up their sessions sicrtly and 1Laving. Lio Luoor Conference has experienced a succession of isolations. Physically they were isolated off in Oakland, mooting and living in incelsoicaous hotels. ;.o .ii of the foreign ao1o6at.es, after Lle )rominenee ;:iven to their activ- ities in the London and Paris meetings recently, look on their treatment hero as an indi&Iity. .Next, C,qi:c.enco found itself isolated from the local labor movement, which was not permitted to make arrargements .Cor the Conference, nor have its heads been permitted inside Lae Conference. Local CIO err;aniv,ations have been inddgnant at nis sitlation and :lame Carey, secretary of the CIO, and acDonald, who, they say, IIwove determined to shut out rides at all costs". Third, the Conference was isolated from local AFL contacts, including AFL unions w ich have been openly cooperating with the 010. This waz uono by cirect instructions from Pres. Green of the in ',asilington. The ApL oppositionv,e-tfirther and included a cReek oi State .?olLtrtment and ,CIO authorities almed at ro:uffinc the Labor Conference demand for representation at 4 1,6 6 er, .ts'aps."?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 o? ? elb ? ec assi ie an pprove or e ease ? r -2- Dave Jock, AIL adviser iere, flew to Washington to the AFL executive committee meeting, reportedly carrying the assurance that JN,,I0 would not admit roprosentatIves of the Labor Conference. Secret negotiation continued from saturday to r4priday. The pshot was rejection of the Labor Conference request, prilaarily by 'Aqitain LUd the 1. S. The isolation of labor from Ji4C,0 has continued within the national delegations. 3rItish labor delegates profess that they have been re'- sfela by their government in rc,ard to the status they wanted for 3ritish labor delegates as advisers. The French delegates profess indignation at their foreign ministkdr, Adault, wit? has failed to appoint any labor advisor to the French 1111010 dolosation; this after acia'Altes provi )as promise Lo Lien to appoint such labor advisers. ::.urray and flilLaan, adv_sers, say there has oeen but a single meotin:, of the 111101%1=1 Ul.C.1.3 advisers. Toledano of the CTAL has isolated himself in a private house and otherwise buries hlw;elf in the .:orld Labor Conference meetings. In general tho :orld Labor delegates feel that td1.19 San Francisco ACIO atmosphere is, if not hostile, ..tt least :rigid. They feel th,t tho at.dophore here is not one of poacc'" or of "the problem of a;:ressors" but instead of a oattle abort 1,assia. TitO laoor delegates "will do nothing to Im,ode CIO" .)ublicly, but orIvLtoly they think the uncao Lit ospilo.00 13 anti-i.assia and anti-lauor. Labor dole 'a.es show 3.). to aLiuiOHton L, sugar-ooaLoo s aulsoment, at .rivate foolers ado to ?ilou slch "If :y).1 labor l'eople wore in t'Co conCerenco, :low would you vote on the Polish ,ovornment? -111 l-)le Ll I C LaLos? ,)11. the Aistr an c;ovornmontl, etc." In Ot O1 .01.do qt(LILI no of Power i'olitics, centering on _assia. JW priN GU .IttltIUU of labor dolecues is "we are not inter- on ted In :la: :11:: anything aut sich quest ons; interest so?le 2>Latus for havIn- an:y .:Lnd o: a say at all on anythinr:". La.).)r Conference delegates resent the Idea t ,LL zuld or 3tatus, au an indopen dent interational :)o(ty, ol Ild .o t. ed u rith i,Issia or that the lab 'rvoice, glvon :;tch oo dat.Taatically the v,.:Ice of .:,ussia. Laoor dole ater ,)rofoso be in,; otlpified by "such naive qiestions" US why L;11)11k1 laoor davo 30 urato and indeendent organization In conno..t.ion wit! a w,rlo or!-anination'!" They seem to ut? ,ivon Ulic I:story of Lao last cilarter of a co Itur:, 0L SlCA eLla t.iO ILO a.-Id Jf .,Lher :orms o: k.t ).11d A.L., 0.1.10 trade union L!'terLatIsnal ttat le C hi talze It .or ,ra:.ted that or:;an ia1. o o 'ted part of a y rid set-ap. "?.?"-----r" 7.LC0401411..' .41 -401.11064. i ? 401t,'' ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001Ronninnq9nnnA_g ? p. enr Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ??? MIF,44111.- The labor delegates' "indignation and disappointmont" at the present situation shvald oe Whorl with oevoral grains of sults leirst, they aid not wzpect to do vory mach better thaa they have done and they are lookinp to Lho future. Their future is tho So towbar mooting in Paris. Somo delegates expect to c;ot on u..itaolt uoaorlt of JrcIou, thouch their experience horo no far i$ a handicap which soma of them think will yet be oottorod. wo countylos, delogates are looking to the futuro ..asod on Itopos or eloction returns, The Vrench lauer dologutos Gxpross gratification rather than onthusiasm over the current ioronch municipal oloction rogluits. In the French general oloctIons to como, thoy count on a sufficient left majority to "choc1r the uo Gaullo upvornmont and create a very different al,m,oloro in Pav13 in :uptomper Rrom San orallcisco now". rItish laoor doloatcs hare are on tenter- hooks over tho ond or Lho war and possible luu-nodiate Li,onoval olection. W;loy proross to soo cowing a shift to the left in .xitain in t,lat olection. oritish labor deleatos Cltrino an0 Awards bol;an oloctionooring yesterday with a rWaic attack on Lao ,ritish UNCAO dologation's opposition to scatinc, world labor dologates in OCIO. Their attack was not only on iclen bat on labor's goverrunontal dee,,ates who woo L alont w 1.111 don In short, Lilo labor Conforonco "cUsappointwent" horo is colored oy oxp()CUaLionn that political ovonto in tAo west of Europe w111 loW: in laoor's direction in the next stx months and so will rosalt tn a dirforent status for a world labor organization at raturo AC LO sessions. Wishful thinking naLwally oators tn to those labor esttmates, just as als;lrill thinking ontoro la to 13 )!,14) Le,overnmolital (33t;imt0,o8 tItat V1.0)tch uud othor political devolopfflopts w1.11 JO "safe", The Lioot 1.m.)ortan I; hitch 1,11 Lauor Conference, of coarse grows out of tho dlvls ion in Amor (tan lao or . Lho AA, policy sooids to be thoroac:h Ly ot for 'Oloclzing the .;orld Laoor Conforonco at all con L$ . This is not too dinaivo 1.0 in to the hri. bi$h labor doleiratos wo.oso d,os.tro is for a world la.)or or:!;anI:',Atton ?it tli t coubrol. Tao A.1-C1.0 div'sion (Lao 000n oo Nhottod by r000nt ov.uto Liat ',"ost; Coast loadora who critLcI:;od 1 uAo.L attlo proviotsly Ilow nay oviNdLoly Lt t; taoy daro Hot 000n mouths. Thoy say Ltoy cantl()t it ,m1. the 31111.0 plat:orl,11 in thin .lattor, 41.*1. C Off 1 01.11.18 w LlW110111 they as ooc lu to dal J.y on -;.:Nv and othor ,odles. A proposal )r A aolcom:iv ma33 to o givon by all local 1:Abo o0d30,, .701ld laoor delop:atos, wao (111clUy rojocted ;ry al Ji..1.1 luadors v;:lo ad provlounly advocated it InOy say now "it i ld ootilett Declassified and and A e ease 3/09/26: 4.111. -171r*---4rowlito-Nr--ii ,- Mai.$ 41, a I ,1 ? , ? Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 i!),?n??? ? vti., ?,?1.43,0,,A7-1' -4.- '711.1 MertiMMetWir.?001firOnr..- ...??????.??? With tonight's gablic roport by Lae worla laoor delegates some fur may possAbly bogin to fly, and a continuing deuato. '2'flat is only a possibility. If the ,li.C10 conference COM03 to Oe acclaimed as a success, little will )() heard for some time L'roia t.is intermAtional la.)or movomont. Ls: tho confer. once comes to havo a different ruottation, labor de1e3ato8 w:11 coner,ivalAy begin bluming oad rusalts on claims !that "labor's v)ice was Jarred at San Yranciscous Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? 0001 O.. ? ? r.".???????,,, ? ?-? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? SECRET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET Accession No. Date Rec Id. SA To Room No. Date Officer's Comments Rec'd. Fwd'd. Initals bde'l-t e3 A- ?PM. ' It fis'ZcIrel4 L'a4Aot , -. 1=''- edru4t?,j,,AL . 4100 - PtZ:;- .;car ti-s.% 0-eor ,,ka,_ c- 7tL%- 4 . ite.:? ? 714 -740., 44, 1124-4 "As 2'1 14'0 'ft 44,..1:. " 104-A4-N 5. i, ?k-o--te?larii 12A-9-1,41.4 TitE7.444,1 ...I 6.. z;.-- A.44-1....?:* Lou 1 (,) F lz; 6,,,....._ Awtak-4-4-v . 14 (,,,..-4L..3 7. . -mt. 4-P-r....t-, (...,...?:? __ Aul?=4 1#-&-24- 8. _ . ? ci&85 -lt St i- . ',....GAr?/ roz.m4., Axon..4 64, -,42-erT-4-.". aLka.s.47 a-07 '''?. ?Ir-P--e..441.0.4-,,,,t...1/4 -14 -.c-?, . 7-4-* r 9 q-e-41 41e-.4 4 allaue24, ? ? 10. 1 ."???!'"( Cd A Each comment should be numbered to correspord witn number in To column. A line should be drawn across sheet under each ,2omment. Officer Designations should be used in To ..clumn. Each Officer should initial (check mark insuffic:ent) before further routing. Action desired or action taken should be indlcated in Comments column. Routing sheet should always be returned to Registry. For Officer Designations ,e separate sheet. (20640) ? 4 ? ? irt, '40 ' rhen.yare..... 11 ?Ak ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? Pr. .4 dei .41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 A :t;?:, ? 0. J 7:1 The aorld Trade Vision ConZorenoe at its IPebruary meeting in Landon formally **presided "Ito earnest deNire and firm reeolve to work tether for the ?relation of a powertul* demooratio World Trade Union Poderation at the earliest praetioable date*" The task of drafting a eenatituition ter this federation was assigned to h Oontimmtions Committee of 41 members. This oommittsie established an Administrative Oemmittee at 13, which in Ur* eveatet a oub-bommittee oe seven members* After meeting in London, Paris, Washingten4 and now in Oakland, the labor Leaders an enacuntering a number at obetaeleis whieh impede the aohievement of the goal laid down by the London resolution, The net result of the oommitisee deliberations to date fall far short et build. ing the unified and powerful labor organiaation envisaged by many sof the deli., gates to London. The t*Ilowingtoit. laoluding deeisione already mode and issues whioh remain undettled, reveal the didtenoe still to be traveled Wore labor on unit. an an effeotive tom, in international relations, 1* The WTUF will not mond n rormai delegation to the Sam Francois** sem- foranoa in an orVort to present the views of world labor* As a result, orgy,* teed labor it still wait % to be reeognised As an Independent Sokoto,. in later?, national relations. 2. Aooerding to present plans, national tenter* artiliato4 with the WTUP will not be obligated to carry out tko dooisioas or the WM unless Ow sp6oirioa1ly ratify theme rulings* 3. There is no oartainty that the intormational *ado easrotariais will beoome an intogral par% or the WTUP. On the eoatrary, Oldesireek aimit Behevenols aro demanding that the ITS shall 01104iU independent and waregiallatod* 4* oertain groups want the ILO to figure prominently ilk postimear talOro , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 0 ? .---.4ttikttP^-11r ? 4 ' 0.01,41,+ . ? 4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? tr IP 4 ?4I ? ?iv national labor ?irides, thereby ',dosing the prestige and the power of the VillArtiFf 5# The AP of 14 ite prestige perhaps strengthened by the death of President Roosevelt, remains abet from the VIUP and instead looks to a poets, war fight between the 'free UAIOA40 amd the ogivernment-dominated unless* with the AP of L leading thelhamer? As a result, it is possible that the sehedulei meeting of the /PTV in neptwAber may mark the beginning of a new split in the international ranks of labor, e# Finally# the "old guards iA tnternetional labor *trollies, wok 1141 5ehevenels and Oldenbroek# have suoemoded in oocupying positiems within the **mitt's,s planning the MUIP# Thus far, they have played a strong diSeeitimg role anci have refused to share the aspirations of other debt*** whoa leek for the orcation of a more effective organisatioa thammui the IFIV. WIrs new and dynamio leadership emerges to build the IsTUP, the old park smeesompo fully sabobags the present plans. The ideal of organi labor the world ever uniting in one group, mho, nowladging the same ol4eotives0 rnd agreeing to work together for their sophism,- meat, oontinues to be a distant goal. Woor remains divided mithia owrtatm oountries# and on the international level several argerisatioms vompeie ter the allegiance of the working ?lasso Given the political role of ergealsw4 labor in namy ceuntriss# there is an iaevitable slash between elms loyalty and national loyalty with ihe result that any intermatiomal labor ergoaisation met *utter an inherent weakness* Indeed the preseat eellaberatien oftke ors Cludietiona f*Yorins the eUr spriags es mush from the war-forged volt, of the unitod watiens us from any feeling of group solidarity. Were it net ter the war, it seems ;cubtful thetrike Massimo amd the 010 mould toasty 1100 mettas ? qv, , ? 6. ? 410. *NO.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004 5 ? a. 09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R00010032 Declassified and Ap.roved For Release 2013/ '41-1 4-5 with the British TUC. Tho war and the resultant agreement by the Allied powers has boon a major factor in bringing together the various national labor groups. Similarly, the pesos And its effoot upon Allied collaboration. will have determining influence upon labor unity. A weglooning of the rela- tions between the Big Three will certainly effeot the attitude of the CIO towerd the Russians and ocnsequently produce repereuesions within the pro jeoted mur. Similarly, a strengthening of Allied collaboration will harden the base upon which the prescnt efforts toward world labor unkty.are being made. Therefore, the future of organised la*lor on the international level will depend not only upon the sgreemint which labor iikeelf loan resell? but also upon how sueoessful the United Nations are in continuing their present collaboration. The future role of the WTUF will be *hoped in large moasuro at San Francisco. Xt will be determined by labor leaders in their own saset? Jugs and by the results of tha United Nations, oonferance itsolf? li(A.)ON !looting in London immedintely after the adjourn& nt or the World Trade Union Confcrenees the Continuations Committee with ita Al members proved too large to hanJle effectively the task of drafting * conetttution for the World Trade Union Federation. Au a. results the oommittee created gn Adninistrative Committee of 13 members, inoludings TUC Sir Walter Citrine Rbby Edwards CIOs Philip MUrray Sidney Hillman J. Thomas (alternate) Mans Vaoily Kusnotsev tlikhail Tercel:iv .4 P13X 0001 Pnr Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RD dove.' 440- %AI ' ?":"..*' 0320004-5 ? 4 ? ? 1. ? ? Ic. ? 4. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - 4 - OTAL & Vincent? Laabardo Toledano Latin Angel Wino Americas Pranoes Louis Saillant Benoit Franohot Chinas H. T. L:i.0 IPTUt welter Bohovenels IT St Jo Oldenbreek This Administrativc Committee, also meeting in London, disousced general primp- ciples governing the formk4tion of an international triad' union organisation, but left most questions unsettled. The oomaittee made We concrete decisiems4, 1. It rejected a draft oonstitotaor. presented by Sehovenels, Immense w aeoerding to Tarasov the proposal eMeodied the principles under 'shish the IPTU had operated. This decision reflected the position taken at the confer* ewe by the Russians, French, and Latta Amerioans, all of who:rawer* opposed to any reconstruotion of the IFTU. TM CIO had also proposed the creation sof a new organisation, distinct from tho MU, but Hillman is reported te have expressed the opinion that it did not vatt4r whether a new organisation was attained through the reconetitution of the IPTU or through the establishment of a new body, so long us the organist:tic* ru aetually sweated. 2. To draft a constitution, tho Administrattve Committee appointed a subeapeostaittee of seven persons. Originally, the group numbered tires Citrime, Hillmeno Torasov, Liu, And Saillant. At the suggestion of Citrine, Sehoessmels 1,04 added. In a countering move, the noviet delegate russeesstally obtaimed membership for Lembaro Toleiano. It is signifioant that Xuaneteow. whose fluency in F.nglish would have strengthoned the Soviet sossibership, rotarmoi to Moscow instead of partioipating in the eenmittosse. .41k ? s '; ? ? ' . vs& 441, ? ? m4, .7*.its -^411 **from- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R00010032oon4_s -4.1? 446 ? ? 4, ? N. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 01, ? - 6 - PARIS ? ?? 711oving to Perin whore the secretariat of the wTUO had been established0 tho sub-committee early in March met twice, once for a three*day session and again in a day-long meeting. The committee apparently completed a draft constitution to be submitted tf, the Administrative Committee at its meeting in washington on 12 April and then to be circulated among the national trade union organizations for their approval before adoption at the Paris conference soheduled for September. Tho most controversial questions to arise at tho Paris meetings were whether decisions of the WTUP would be binding on affiliated unions, whether the international trade secretariats would be oontinucd as independent entities, and how the general council should be seleeted. On these three points, the nub-committee tentatively decided, 1. Deoisions of the IITUF or its General Council would be binding upon affiliated unionn after two-thirds of tho national organisations had endorsed the deoiaionad 2. The international txade neoretariatn would be bound slosely to the ATV. Tho proposed arrangement called for the WTUF to ant up industrial sections 'which oiould function as departments under the direction of Ule executive oommiLtea, Those industrial sections could hold eonforences for workers in a specific industry, but the executive committee would have to ';ilre prior permission and would have to approve all decisions taken at the conferences. 3. The Ocnoral Connell would be elected by a world (waterlinee. with the rejection of the Sehevenels plan and the adoption of those ? ?r, ".".........?????^1, ? 117, .1*, ?&. ? rilitse.001. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 I ? ? t ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 A -e. resolutions', Lho sub-octsmittee oppsorad moving towe2s4 the oreation of a strong international trade union organisation whioh mould be more integrated and more powerful than past labor interaationtls. At the same tinc, however. the Paris disoueeions emphagrised the opposition role whioh the veteran intornatianal loaders intended to play. 3chevene1e vigorously dissented te the throe decisions of he sub-committee. Re etrongly inciatod that the decisions of the nUF should not be binding, that the trade secretariats should be allem4.4 tti affiliate with the /FM and that the aeneral Ceunoil be constituted of representatives ot the various trade union centers and then Indorsed by s world congress. In *seam., Ufahsvanals argued for the creation of a trade union international *doh would mashie the IFTU in structure and in principle, WcI TNOTON Tha Administrative Cunt t boo aotrosnocl again in washing*** *a 1M April to receive the draft constitution prepared by the sub.meoweittee and to plan the role to be played by the reCUF at the in ?roosts.* 0aa- terence. After several days of lonpoeinded god pedantic diseUeOloom which were virtually monopolised by the vatsrat tateroattoasa lobar otrisiale the oommittee made two basic dvoisionw. 1. The wrUF would not send an offieial delogation in an stte.t to represent the views of world labor at ths contingence. lasts** tho various labor loaders would U. sooraditod to their raspostiva aattaaal delegations as spoeial consultants. Howev*r the wrur supportars mam14 continue their meetings on the Coast, apart from the *panorama ond would rogularly exchange views on the polloies to he ravarade VP ? ?-? A....-,rnxtari For Release 2013/09/26 . CIA-RDP1 00.0. ? *- Vb.** at. 000100320004-5 ' ? 4 7 f-- 0'4 I ease 2013/09/26 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R00010032000 Declassified and Approved For Re 4-5 - 7 - 2, Decisions of the WTI& to take direot aetion would not be bind-, ing upon affiliated trade union oonters, unless these national bodies had ratified the decision. In oontrest to the earlier proposals or the eub-oommittee, these two decisions taken by tho Aaministrative Committee appear to weaken the structure of the proposed labor orgsnisations However, the delegates can bo largely ab;:)lvod of the rosponeibility for the first decision which was virtually imposod won them by outside tuatara. For the American Government, A3 host to the ooneeronce, could not have invited the WTUF to appear ao the representative of vorld labor for rear of alionating the Ar or L, In the face or suoh a political situation, the WTUF lost its first opportunity to win ?Metal reoegnition as the international spokesap man for orgaLimed labor, Sinoe the WTUV at present exists virtually only on paper, this failure to gain udmiaaion cannot be described at a serious defeat, Yet the moment arrengements for the representation or Labor undersoores the obataoloo which labor will have to overoomo in the future berme it an become an independent faotor in international relations, operating oxolusivoly through the various governments, The American Government hao invitod both the V of Y- and this CIO to send two person* from oaoh organisation to servo is conoultants to the American delegations This decision placlea Jonerioan omftnised lobor on the same level with 'rush groupe is the National Lawyers Guild, nenerel reclamation of non's 010s, the National Counoil of Parents tine Teachers, and the awards International which are among the 42 organisations invited to send ilionsultaatis. flowever, labor leaders alroady are mooting on the sidtelines, and plan to oontinua such parleys apart from the itan PrayeiSee oontereose 1 , yap ?r% A .^.^..^^?nri Fnr Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP 3X00 -4 4 40: r ,1"."mit-414trrin.r.R.' ?trip- 0,,,Isars." .1 - ? 0100320004-5 p. a 1. ir a ov. t 4 Declassified and Ap ? Sil ? roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 '44 ' .01 Labor may %alto an effort to secure a plao? in the tiooial and !..00nOntit3 Counoll enviseged by the Dumbarton oaks plan, Vol?the time, being, however, Uto union ropreeentativen will not be able to preuent their Vii10813 to the oonfaronce as the attitude of world labor. fniteud the labor Isadore must turn to their reapeotive govornmontn to peewit these views, not as the potation oi.? labor, but as the pod tion of tho governments Tear the preeent.? iito Sim Franoinoo oonferenoe remains an oxolusive affair for r,overtente only, makine: its ettoold deolaion that rulAnge or the ',nil' tvouid be bindine upon only than? a'filtated oontere whieh retitled them, the Adininiotrative Connuittom ? erhaps wee aoknowledging the feat that tho Weal or world labor unity dm' not oommand the basin' loyalty of the various national group. Yet tho deoision want far in reduoing the potential power of the ,TrUIP as an intorne4.1ionel organ for both the aoonomlo proteotian or labor and the advanoement or laborom politioal views? Apparently the Rumeittnn ohampionel the ittea uf a more dieoiplined body WW1 U10 [,,"ru, and promeably ..oviet dot at wee rottponeible for the uubecommitteetn proposal that a deoision ef the wruy bo binding upon all affiliated, after it wan ratifiod by twoethirds of the national ()enters, Sohevonolo ntrongly opposed thio position on the nubeoonnaittee, and Oldonbrook oontinued the atteok on the Aamlnistrativo Onnetittae, In addition* both the 'Ti) gout the liritish aid not favve undertakiwz tnao-h Obliretiara? Jamott ('are flatly doolarod ihat tho OTO *06.4 :hold its own oontraot4 sore motored Ulan Ito aonntltution? Thus, if thr ell** ordered direct actiea, suck ao a etrtken tho To would *tend by its oontraots eat to strike rnther them to join in 1.e intornationai cotion N 011 ehilamarb. 4.4110144. .4 104' ' ?wel?,, ? * ??? -**44 Netr" ? 10. enhair.414.04 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a. ? ? alp Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4ka 3 In an attempt to meet the opposition or the Amerioans and the British and at tho memo time to maid) the wTUIP more than a voluntary eueooiation, Taracov suggested at waohington that in prinoiple the decisiono of tho wTUP mhould be conuidered bindinG upon affiliated oenters? However, a oystom of appeals should bo set up by whieh individual national groupn Gould request that they be released from the obligation to observe tho dooinion, By rojeoting the Soviet suggestion, the ***mitt.* emphasised tho unwillingness of national labor groups to relinquish their indopendenoo of' aotion and to oubordinate thosselves to an international organisation. In addition to ret ohing these two doolimionsi the oommittee also devoted lenvthy lisousnion to tho relations of the IMF with the inter. national trade sooretariats and the international Labor Offioe, On both topios, tho uommittea toiled to obtain agreement, and presumably will oontinue tho dicoussiona in San Franoisoo. The plaoo of the international trade secretariats in tho proposed international labor mystam proved the molt coutrevoreial both 474 the Paris eenoions and the oashington meetings. The ON and the xussiane, on ono hand, were willing Cur tho seorotariats to preserve their autonomy, but maintained that they be inoorporated into the framework or the TITUF to inorease the international unity of labor. At Paris, Sehevenels strongly opposed thidpositilon.and demanded instsad that the trade seor4tariats be allomdd to efilikto with the wTur im the same manner as they affiliated with the VIII. :itkoh an arrangement would have pormitted the osporstariats to operate virtually exolusive of the ml.W. Rejeating Wievenole Prol1W141# 4??? 4?? . ? ? ? ? ...v.,. - IC"."41741P"17 414?????a?---, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - -4 ? t ? ? , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 434% ?-.Aa ? tho uub-uou4.1t400 propon44L tho ostablishmont or industrial seotions which woula runotiou 41 dopnrtmoalui within the WTUrs This would follow somewhat, this plan of or4uabiation within to OtO, whore tho prineiple *f "monitor tioo hy in MAIRIMInOd within tho lmmger framework or WAo OIOr Thwo* ?ivolustrini *mations" would thus becomo. An extonsion of much a pr:untplo ou nu intornnbionftl basis, with the approval, or th* n*norel 0ouno11, those sootione could ht/10 tionforono** e the workers of * opeoirie industry. All deolsions, }iwsvr would be subjoot to the ultimate approvm1 or 010 nencrol Tt ie sicIL olear whether this proposal means the) oompltoto lutiorporution or the existing se*retoriats into the WTJM or whothor Uho industrial sootions would be supplemental to this seoreteriatm. Whoh imman mono up *A woohington, Oldenbroek roplaoed Sohevemolo RI the (thief proponent or oomplote independence for the stforetolriate4. 40 tbroat000d t, bolt the tITIO unlade t,he now organisation pormitted the oreation or uutunomoue ould unraKuintoa pourotnrints. ZrI an ()won fight with oitriuo, 01donbrauk throlktoncd to :tmvo tho Lrittsb members or his International. Transport oorkors hoderation brim; proms.* to bear upon the Dritish Tracts Union Oongrems toremoin outside of the prepaeod organisation, mimes his detitand for inelftpondont a*orotnriuts otyriouNly outimbrank does not 'mot be plows Id* orionisation under the jurisdiction or the riTUP, but desims to mailataia his am petition treo from any obligation to observe thn duoisions ut the 'nun At the se mo Oldonbrook it reprosenting NAO position or :rnest n*vim4 oho look* te thn trnd* itoorotaTiata, rather than to any generkl orKanisatien, ter - - ???? ? it.005 001?????~0 - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 0 ? ? ? V S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? f. 11 s ascietanee in aohievian sritain/s postwwar economic aims. This relations ship boom? olcar during the (4nouseion of the relation between the qTtir and the IL). The Lo.ldon oantortmoo tn itu formal resolution did not =onion the ILO, largely baoause the %seism' roquewted the deletion of any referenoe to the Gontiva organisation. The Huisians, as well as the OIO. declared that it would bo embarreesi% for th*m to have to vote on the question of whether the oonforento ehould 'cooperate with the ILO because neitoor group belonged to tho orcanitation. An a result, the rotation ot the wTUF to the ILO way left uneottled. At washington. however, Oldenbrook precipitated the issue by demanding that the preamble el the NW? comtf..tution specifioally guarantee the 000peration of this projected orKanisetion with the ILO. Buoh a guarantee would have the effeot of prouervine, the position of the ILO and of visksaiag the wTUF whioh would be torood to charl the fiold of international labor with the Genova agenoy. In making hie proposal, Oldenbroek VOA advancing the views of ,cmin who looku to tho IL0 to prt.tvido machinery for assisting Great Britain in her postwar uoonomio tasks. Bevin wants to protest British markets through eartel agreements to be worked out by similar industries in different oountries. Toward this ond? the British Governmmat at the Philadelphia meeting of the ILO auocessfully proposed the establish. nent of intornational oommitte.ra in certain major industries. Acting on this resolution, tho Governing Pody of the IL/ in January set up committees for the following industrice? all cf which figure prominently in British esonssys inland transport, coal minins, iron and steel, metal trades, textiles, petroleum production and rofiniag, and building, civil engineering, sad public works. These oommittees will havio tripartite membership, with 'ha , ??? '14 .41t1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?t. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ????? government, employers, and workers all ropresented. According to an ILO official, these eolams.ttees in the beginning would serve to facilitate the exchange infomation within a given industry. Later, however, they mie;ht develop into international joint industrial councils which would seek "to establish uniformity on a broad international basis." Such committees - bringing government, enployer? and labor together - obviously could serve as an affeotivo basis for arranging international industrial agreements in aocordance with Britinh intentions. To increase the support of labor for such arrangemcnts, tho British would stand to gain more from existing trade secretariats, organized along industrial lines, than from a general labor organisations Consequently, Bevin and the British government appear more concerned with the ILO and the trade secretariats emn with the Par.T. Bsvin has long favored the establishment of industrial unions. In a significant speech before the world Trade Tiniest Conference at London, he emphasized the value of bringing together workers in the eamo induetry to "talk own not se muoh political troubles, but what do 1' get for this and what is my atandard for that, and what advance have I made in this, that or the other direetiont" His slightiag of the political aotivitioe of labor end his wit:Taint later in tho speech that "the working-clasees have all ta in oombination and cooporatiVe exehange of their products and iheir labor, and all to lose from fratricidal competition" appear to indicate his deoiro tc see labor join in thoviamilial arrangements favored by certain zitash circles. Me suooess of the Britiak sehome depends in part upon tho rate of the ILO. without ths Soviet Wan as a member, the no it hampered as an effective international organisation. Consequently, tho future of the ILO will be influenced by the position, takes, ? it.. ? ? 111111M? ? :11. . - ? _ ? or""gr"."1":". ???????????????1?? - ??? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4. 4,1 by Moeoow, Although In the wine; of 194d the Ooverninr 'Jody o: the ILO invited the Russians to retina, and Promident Roosevelt personally urgel Stalin to oonaider tho invitmtion, tho r;oviat Kovernment ]us shown no latention to roturn to tho 'nova orranionidon, The Rusalane, if they again a000pt momberW4p, will oortatnly wait until the oonnGotion between tho ILO and the Leave or Notions io severod, The Soviot press hma virtually established thin oondition am a sine 22t non for tustian pertioipation, in addition, the Rusoions have said that tho ILO hms never enjoyed muoh prestige And ito 4OrIc hu had little offoot, lurgely bet:muse the ILO dpes not posoelo aufNoiont ttcritr Th etronitthen the organitation4 the RUWAU4 havmsuuovtod that the number () labor repreaentativou Oe.) 1(u:wended to Auel the total number or governmont and empluyer reprooentativoo. In additicra, tho Russians oall ror motdeninit or the ILL) oxooutivo body, Tho Husolmno orter their proposals us a means of' stronntuoning the ILO A4 AU international forum of labor, yot at the SAMS tired it ioapparent that tiw Russia:us want to dioplace the IFTU from its dominant poeition within the ;eneva organiomtion, The relation whioh the t1To" will have witlh the ILO oan bo determined only After the ~tone ovornments themsolveu hove docided the fate or the ILA), Tho digoatig,ruobion of the liussiano with tho present structure of the ILO and thu failure or the CIO to Woo= asoc.ciated with the Coney* or4unisa? tion will hew a delaying offoot upon the tormnUon or aTUF poliaYs Au Un- labor idadore moved on to San Prantliaco, therefore. they still Now moot, or the problems con4ern.Ing tho strue.ure of Che nTUF and Ito relation with other organisatione in the internatiomal field of labor, They loft eashington without taking any positive lotion tom* IMP tees' % '914 st npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 I .41111111"4" ? 4a. ? SI. .41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 X 1 .14- oroating a strong labor foderation. Thoir two basio deoisions not to sond a delegation to San Franoisoo and not to make the decisions of the ricrtiv binding upon affiliated oentors - were both nogative. One moon for this look of progreos lx the dominaat role playod by the old guard at the washington meeting. Both Sohovonels and oldonbroek were more oonoornod with the proservation of their own positions than with the erection of a unified and powerN1 labor organisation. Pram all available evidonce, none of tho other dologatea with the exoeption of the uussiano, took a vigorous stand on teucte of the proposod organisation. both KUsnetsev and Liu were Osont from the ocuhington mooting, although both aro mcAbors of the, Administrative Comnittee. Kuxnetnov joined the group in Ban Freneiseo, whom perhaps it more affirmAtivo looaorxhip will **me into play. Tm AMEPICA FPIDEPAT/OV OV LAbOt Tho picture of labor tho uorld ovor moving toward one unified organisation ha3 boon marrod by the isoliotionist pooibion of the AF of L whioh thus far huAa rorminol aloof from piano to establish the WTUF. The AF of L reused to attond ialo London conforanco for several reasons announeod by william Groton. 1, 010 AV of L consinorod the IFTU s the proper organisation to oonveno tho conf,lronoc, 2. Fooauxo tho CI) hAd boon invitod. the AF of L ()Quid not attond. for its posenco would haw) boon kanttwouat iNw roo vistas tho duallsn of Amerioon labor. Tho Ar or L is opposod to the presort** of unions which are net free, but are government-oontrollod. In short. tho AY of L rofuele te lein ???? ...NI. ? sl? ? ? *4 ?????? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 o -11:.Arp.7 ? 41. ;, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 t -13- with the "Zussians in aa international labor organization. 4. The AF of L felt that somo of the delegates invited mould not be in a position. to spomk authoritatively baoauao their countries were still untlor orman domination or woro too r000ntly liberated to establish an affeotivo labor organization. At Londc-4 the Russians, the (IO, and the British all made overtures to the AF of I, in an effort to win its partioipation in the MT. Lately, howover, the CIO appears to haft chip its tuck and instead has annowood that plane for the WTUF will 1),t pushed rogardloes of whether the AF or L dooidoo to join. This apparont Indifferenoe toward the AF or L proba,ly will have littlo ;ffeat for the time being, for the AY of L still held* somo potentially strong cards. Since little progress has 1,son aohieved thus far in ostablishing the WTUP, the AV of? oan afford to remain outside of the projootod or3aqi.tation for the prouent til4w to await developments, LI joining the the hP of I. would be rcoogniang the CT) eg aual labor movement, forNiting its plaoo of leadership within the 1.FTU (althoutch it would Jocupy a lea2Lnz position within the riTUF), and Injuring its .;osition within the ILO. In addition, the AF or L uould bt forood to sit with the Russians arts years of oritioising the Soviet, labo Lows:cent. The AF or Ls therefore, will net join the riTUV without *fiht, lw a result. the AF of L looks to the IFTU conferonoo sohedulod for loptember 444 the crucial test. Robert watt had indioated the line the AF of L may take by desoribing the WM as merely a now fozid International of* La or Unions. At the IF7U conference, the AP of L may attempt to rally "free unions" In a labor orcanixation of the Right to oppose the WWI.' ioh would be ettaokod as a tool et Olio ." .4 ? % r, 44): ?17 .,,yetassm. -.;??)", ? ? (-4 r Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 4 ."'"Ilrlr4r*rr'IP ..?.?.?4,4*-4.- ? .4 *la - ? 1.4 ? ? * Declassified and Approved or Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 tt't Left, partioularly of low aoralunisite, uhother the AP of L will bo Able to spilt te intornational labor movemautt or whothor thm eUF mill be able onocossruily to woather tho prodiotod storm will dopond upon several dovelopmonte, 1. Ths position or Cho AP of 14 will dopond upon how woll h. Ruaaians, tho C1O1 .ztti th* British ?an woo upon tho straoture or tho 11TUF If btu) drafting uisU (3bi?I o?.n pr4duoo a potoutially poworrui organisation, oap*Bio or ottraoting tho allogianoo of labor, tho AP Ot mny be loft a voloo orying in tho wildornexao Uowevar, tho task or building nn offootivo organisation hos' boon made difficult by tho prow*, or the old *mud on hivo drartinl oelsolitt000, Tho offorts of Rohevonele and Oldeoforook thus tar Norco boon dirootod toward sabotaging lb. plow tor thevrrur IV thoso locators; *re not antisfied by this WTUPAI they may holt thooromixattoh mid throw thoir woir,ht ta Ulu AV of Le Although it IV bi widhrtil thinlariK, watt prodiuts that the British will never join tho Athout Lhu 'rIttih, tho Ar of L would have lite. major aupport ror tI.s ft ht.aoimet tho otrUie, "horeforc, Cho AF of L look, forwart (4) bo Uom waakoniorof prosont piano for th* (b) to the withdrawal of the old guR:d from the ombryollio organisation, and (00 Nont itsportanto to tho withdrama or the Ori?tish, I, ?two ponition ot the AP of L 0.114 will be affootod by tho naturo of political rolationa amon4 tho Un1to4 Nabiones MO AV or L wtU boworit It Amorioan..Boviot rolations become ombittorod, tor in such AA 'vont tho CYO would be rorood to move oautionsly, Ox tho other hand0 tho achlovomost or olosor collaboration betation womhington and Moosow would put the AY at L at A disadvantago in attaoking tho goviol trade+ =tousle Slwilsrly? the ? 4 11,,..? 0 41110....... .1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 -17- British c)1111.1or the effoot of its lemming Who veTU1' upon Anglo- Soviet ro1atioz,0 Lofurw joiniuc with Lho AP of Le Thuo, while today a battle loomm on the international labor front, the trord ovouto betsfoon now und Sop4o,..ber way so weakon the position of the Al or L that itial deoldo not to wugo its o=tomplatod titrAt. If the plau:lorz or the vvrtr *sat ?mote u poworful and unified orp:anisation, and IV tlo Wit t& Nationm strelify;then thoir oollaboration, then the At. of T will faoo the ohoioo or joininp the XTUF or of withdr&Ninz from the intoruatIonal field* exoept for talb ILO. Da tho home front, the position or tho Alz f L remains strong, The death of Provident Roosovolt removed the ?lose oonneotion onjoyed by the CIO with the white Jose. The advent of President Truman brings to power the first ?boloc of the AP or L for the vioe..presideney, but not the initial ohoioo of Lhe CIl. The prompoot o" poaoe appears to present loos problomo for Ulo AP of L, which is wen rlotod in divorsified trades, than for the CIO, which is virtually ooncslitrated in war industries. Finally, the A',;* of L still ropronsnts kmorioaa labor in e..0 ILO, whioh may become the ohier oompotitor of the /Tin'. Ivor the old guard, the Britioh, and thea A.' of 1, may find the ILO, lather than the Mil, ag the most effeetivo moans of oombatting the labor organisations of the Left. It la oi,-,11 loant A.denbrook wns rocluostod to serve as one of the observero .)f rh(' TT.) at the San Pranoisoo conference. Itoproiootatives of Imo 80,000,000 trail(' union ambers called for the world unity cr lebor at the London oonferonott? Insteed of obeying the Gall, however, organised labor appeare to be properins tor a fighte ??????? A "r ? .41C.."*V?Rirregir ? 1 at ? n.,incQifipd and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1,1 vollY Tho ohkilenge or the Air Or L and tho 1)1404111 th0 Mroups support.. ing the 1TUv in * ditfloult positions If by attompt to gloss thoir ranks by fo1lowln4 tho present polioy or compromise KO oonoillatiorp they will bring forth a woak and inereatual organisation, Tf they adopt a strong and positive stand, they may alienato 1040 of tho groups whioh aro now 000peratinme ?or bite time being, the OIO is following tho middlo of tiho roads bha Pussians 'spear to be willing to take R 'stronger stand, but hotitabo to tako odvAntAto at thoir newly.aoquirod positions And the Mritisho AN tale bridge bobwoon tha now and old in intornational labor (tholes, soppoar t4 realise that thoy have a foot oil mob bank* s 10 ? .1t.% ssIS flssfd 2nd ADDroved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 :4.-ze4.51T?efr ? 1 ?4 ? it ? ? ? ? !I ? .????,4,1 1. ei ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 :11"t`titAllroll 41/../{14?.1??????? (????l? ?????? T114 quogibion mirht woll 110 anima whothor the resUlts nohived at Parts mid vinehington In the tailor Meld omit any light on whet rosoltS mip!hb he aohleved at Non ivanoisoo in air) pnlibtoul Meld. The Alm Or both London and Yalta wns intornehional linity0 one in the inl,er Piald and ono in tho poiitieal rte14. 'loth rneulted in broad oxpromelons of %tatty whiuh 4.00ked ahead 4peoirto implomenhatien to portant no end world wrothlehood. Ad W6 hd.V0 sa,on, the London deolaration, is imPlomont04 in Pnritio Into oleoluty haen woWrou 4uwn in Waphinqtark. will Yalto. watereil dmin in men terunoldooY The anawor to thia moy perhaps' lie in a proper undorstanding or 4114 haekn 14orees whioh oanee0 the "watering (level" or London in nashingtont Of' tho three rroupa in the verthos only On* nooklatitioly oottunt ttoit tic tato moo orttnatiooktamt itusetta. W*4 UtCt Wind t tddi and OVein VIOWo onn poll out. tit 14,biesrt %lett hT the AV ot L reels it The AV ot' 1 1r4d ttovov born int 1%10 wi I L qto I. mum* in. Tht ui I ith dart Uld hOtat rata hhAt 10011100,411U1 labor omity to possible withnot the Ate oe Lo Nnland in not unroll an0 'she TUO doom not want to "t=nrn iti bridono to Ito *Id triond the Ar or L " oldonbrnole and Noho1:1%4.S Under stronr, ;-4rit1oh premmnre. immediately went into annreronoo with the ky or L upon arrival in onehtn,,,ton. althowit both worn Oelov,atos to it nonstitutional oonvontion or n oracmiuhtion voiloh the Ar of L is unoamprordmingly opposed. Am 0 mActeir of cant. hnhavenels 44po4ao4 in Amerioa Al SI 40,4Kkto Lo the ralhe AVO Peln,, pain by th.0 AP o,;* L am duns to the 1 ldetAbroek's only arrillato in Ameriea is the Ate er I. leamensa union' no hopes to obtoio , I ? --????4 -???? Whadmark ,I.vromittr".11 .41 'At ??? ??????? I ? nrIri nnmVed For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 7.` ??? ? ?-? 4. a.??? ? II 1 ? Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 . tho affIliatlon of the hoti-tieW AP L dohanated ItaiVeay Drotherhoode and Toblo's pwwerrol Tssmsters* Not), Lho hie or iand tilt) uoid guurd" believe that international 16or onitY IP tuouibto withoot tho thattoos, Nobody believes that sooh in possiblo without UNs Oitloh TUO* This lonvos tho british Tuti in obvious montrol of the helanoo ot pouor within 0* mr. Tr the TOO lett the AM', it wotad dismnlYto, Tharororo, Lho Hritish aro io the position or making domando whioh must 1,10 Rrantode Th000 aemands will bo boSod opon Lho britloh itobormimhtioo to komp Ito oontir01 or tho noo movoment Ma to havetht etruutnro or tho now movemoot so oonstitutod AN to tee" the atm* upon for tho AP or Lip Mimeoss or groat PUOPIAU ntrongth omd inelmmoo, an/ doolsions or 'to vrair viaoh might be binding on hho national oentors, will, in the Orilieh vAew# be to Roesion advkntager Alrouwx Oitrine, who (*trot eporteored tin* world. .14Intert.no*, has oxpreesod in wAshington his deep oonoetli ovor tho Orenkonstein ho has eroateds This will pooh him morn mid mom to tho AF if L hod O)donbrock sool SohevenolOs Tho ohjoot or all will bo provoit Pussini influence thmogh some apretngommot whioh wilJ matoh to power or to g70000#000 itnosian mombere ekna hhoot$ hhey inC1t44nnoo? Thus tho split in Amoriow botrween tho Ar or L and Oto 010 A41,04 the uritieh uhe rottl ntul setitdtlino w0i00 in th* rerUr ittr?Aoturo. Though the halanoo or paoor shoulA rloolky U. in tho Amorioano, our leak uniriod movomont robs ut or UM* position* The Hritinhf 4i4r3o4 and ni*voloOr led aro rmAro or WAN Ana prAparod to exploit it* Although nevin sand citrirto have their own Csbernal disputes, they' aVe both ? - t-Nt- Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 .01 ? s S Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? Ar IMglinhmon nnd will proinnnt n nnited Pront imainst RsalliRU itfluonss. Ooth aro pro-AP of L aril both vcry eoloptioal about 'fah* inherent itrongth or ti* (flO. Thin nooptiolom ham boon heightened by tho death of Piesidont Poorovelt. British strenil!th oan# thoreforei bo expooted to lir:* exerelipa?. in favor of the orentive of a .111TUF whioh will be acceptable to the AP of L. This moane a world trado union movement which they 0441 the AF or OAA ?entro). and which will rovont nuonian infittfonOot from toproading. This explaine lut tth inniationoo on tho "nan-bindine nature or the 040111401110 of the ,TrutP, 1r thin 4oalyuie i)17 'WI' 'watering-down" of London is correct, out an analogy bm drown In the colihical mold to dotormino what might happen At nolt :rartni000? Tho analogy to not Loopy. At first glanoe# there are Nemo dirVareneos. noro Jalland its definitely uommi tted to a world Organisesa1 tion or poT-tIr? on)xtlper, hmorion Jo oommiltod, but we still havo the spectre Cit a rennloitrent ono-third or to ilennto. AIthoumh !wide nppoare to hay, the ponoibility of rotroat from itnoh an OrGanIgAtiono nottmlly oanoot withdraw. As .n tho labor Mold, Russia's reel intermit* lie in a powerful world oreentcation. nor influence, her strangth and hor !policies can ?ay be perfooted in a peaceful way throupfi euoh an orxanixation, IT., se in the labor eteld# otrong orAantsation fnr world unity to hir ealvatien. Isolation for her would he futile. To the Pribloh,u otrem!. organtlatJ.on for world peso* win implI inOrmitod Hunclan influnnoo. AItaimMf:h Br1t41n is olaArly ?mouthed to world orgenizatiln (no nb4 lc in ihm labor field - tither the IFIV or the WW), oho 03111 is not committed corpIetel)' to specific implefto*Uti*** Jimineke -.?????qp..? ? ? ?yr I* ? ??11?? wet' nar?inccifiind and Anoroved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?4?7, mg, I ? IL. I ? I r, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 -04 '44 of Dumbarton Oake, Arain America's throat of the ono-third veto in their Senate, gives ':ne;lund tho ,apportunity for banking spoolfio proposals whin& Ili 11 loavo t.ho door apo Li to Antorioon "onatorial. ex000ptiatoo or the Uew world Organization, Thourh the term "watoring down" iu not as yet roadily applicable to ICAtt in Pranciaoo will do to Yalta and Dumbarton Oaks, it )10.(#it be mith while to boar the following points in mind in observing the San foraneisoo nonforeno0; 1) do tho rospresentatIvlw 0V tho possibld ono-third,X the Nmorioan .wiaboris (Tandosber!? 0'; al co,upy a position similar to the AV of L? 2) till the 1iritish support amondments and implomentationS which will tend to be sabiaraotory to them) :;onatorn? Are thou() amendments and implomontationo also emarned to weaken huasian influenoa? ie Lbss above questions aro anawared in the affirmative* then there will a "uattrini!, down" or ".umturton Oaks and Yalta. The purpose of suoh watorIng down will bit, voaken ituusian influence and at the same time to weakon world orvtnisation. Thua Yalta, like London, was the hirh point not only of :4Assien in.:114tn oo, but of strong world organised. tion. Erom now on, not only thie influonoe willvoskon; so wlao will world organisation. :;n, as vvileon said in 191), "Tzussia is the aoid tost", rill we, bonause of our disunity, be tht tool in tha diplomatic field., ta wo were In the labor riold, or watoring down *trout world organisation for pets, under the oltieti of limiting Mone.als power? ? ..?????????4,..0 ? eh. ??? ????. - dlilli?o? ? A tot, ...I ? ileomv--' % 4 mti2.4?It mot, ? ? ti ? .? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13Xonnn1 Pnnni f111201tInn A I- .104??111.??.?01-.? - GP 9-17000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei .10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI '???? 0:4 ??? ???! t--1:457.pra 177-q,Nr ; 414;Arii VONA '129; n ;4 TAY t!Orld.lr itramt?fptatep.i. t: tit 417 l'01110)1V1i,,./.1141t) IL ut_i_w =?"-.4-`4r44. ..$4; T; 4'MA-A 4.4gi, 44$ 41014 411444',7,4144-44:4444TIF.4.44.Fr t, G4,14 ?.4.-kli)./ 4,:t CA' , I ? .11It'"".4 t tt- i" I011mtqf.:44,4?104:1114wt,,,,,m41.4, . , t " try ? ",,10.1A,-'0: toWl ,2ko-1 014, , onIT oxhom On 60 oilowiwo W.WAV 4*-70 ii,MWA 0100 4,1 OT'WtiMTAWT , 4T J*M J1 piqfp Plir. NeptivoMo pYoq olwitoiv) Tif,404 ,fivillVor(1,2404 mtmf,,tig "410A0Moo01) (104040M TTTA OOTTAV otifi. 41iO4 4remploo6 4114 ah Noom 0" 0,10(1116 wITiOnt iiiM00 D(1,0WM4ii, , * Jo ,)0404 ,IVTIACIA *TOOOM oolo, '000rouvid4 'w'j 10 1,11JoVitiN 400,, 44404. 00WITIOTOTP 040 4000T 410 f4f4b140(14 vt IniWa flIveviwt-I0-'qk'm /;-"a:" , )04 ; t,i400ftWA00',' 400.0 CtJ4A 1,10h0 404 004 VI. 1.4 NOT404 ATY,I0 ttf_YO q`41-1 4:010 440Tu qt 4q Aq poaT441! i41, 0000A (04 001ft 00.4tii wo,nvg ?ottmovv,6 , tomont( 0414), wookm 4)J -t PT A0h imq ooPONO Tv *oomi 0044 VO4 vot omiloww. ov ollogv, 0000AmT 4.0hTio Nv 04wW, 4 ,.4, r V 4,..-1.4:41;111 1.41.Its,:. -^.;:lc.44 ;Au . a". $ .4 .14'.4z..-.:16: 4.41 ,c-,:tt 4.4 P.11 r t rt,!, ild 45,$ hi 49 kid I-10V JAN t4,1011-10tif COMWMWON ,0,61(114* 00 COMOMUJAWI 110041 tVAdY %1:014;trAJNO 001 trIOY katfl %Wit AO gVt/ri iggi4 (Atom ?mIkt t1.1011V1( aompopowvoingovi 414 Imo vlOom,y,f.41.11.440.,iqx Ato ;;; xo 040A 000041 9-17000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei .10d panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' cfm.347,,. vtl '1'411; M.1:,.slirMiNliMi I e .s4 mom foom Isa14 SECRET 4 , Office Memorandum 4 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT? ? TO General Donovan nom ; W. P. Shepardeon SUBJECT; Atiohed memorandum 2,B March from IL C. Shaw DATE; 26 March 1946, yr- The attaohad out:tine hue boon preparod by David Shaw after our talk with you, find after Col. Hiankonhorn and ha had talked with me# Theme etaLetfiente, ir approved. by you,will be ufted to briof the oil( or maven total peroonnol who will bo on hand in an Vrancieco for tilt. World Labor Organization which mete them, on April 25th. We disnumne0 a momowhat more pranime formulation of b, but decided that :t would he better in all U115 circum- mtancem, to lett $tati E4 TIOW N1 LIA)11. ? Declassified and Approved F v. 11.,t4 r-CriE.1* r-041..Pv:Pc? .410.1,111 or e 13/09 . CIA-RDP13Xnnnni Prwm nnonr, ? itt11.1Vir 4 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 OFFICE: OF IIITRATEGIC SERVICES WASHINGTON AC ? TO Ohiot, OUDJEOTt OhjooOlvoo Of LAbor Divimionfo nnooial Minmion Dovid 0. Ulm. Labor DIvigion. ohjootIvoo aro to obbain intolligonoo of dovoloponto of tho Worla laa,or OP4mamAtion, vhioh Iwo to bci rt/garaod AP WitiflVIOUll, (both abroad anti in U.6.A.) Dowlopmonto bogan with World Labor mooting in Lonaon In Fohvonry 1040) oontinuod through qommittioo mootingo in London ond PAHA; will ovolvo through oommittoo ooi wtngo WaohIngtonp AprJ1 10 and ot (ion Prtmol_moo April no) to bo Rollowod by oommittoo mootingo and r000nvonou mpld 0ouVoronoop Parlo. Ooptombor. aptiOni mintitim win obtain inholligonoo A. Oonorol 1. wood LOGI, dologationfo orfoot on hho pronoontion ot tho war. (abroad Ad WOla Ad Mak') 2. World Laboil dologationlo oftoot on formulation ar 00411 Franol000 Agroomonto( f10 Mrld Labor dologaidon'o proboblo offoot on adoption of Oon Proud:goo agroomonto. ptroot oh' W44.1d Labor orgonigotion on 4ho prodlotablo roolitAbufthmont oP an Intornailional L4or ()Moo undor A World thourity Organitlatioo. W. Rolationghlvo ho4woon haividualo oT World LAbor dologA- Au0 roprOdOntALtVod or 6o1h1NINI.,nid Qt l'oroign powovo. both At 8411 VVnttoi;ioo Rhvona. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ir .? Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 SEC IN Mar& MI 10 Ohlste IX SIIDJUOTI Objootireo Of Labor Dtrisiengo I411111/.4* nom s Davi4 0, Shute Labor Divisioae ST?44Atttl Objeotives arta to Olata iino111$44041 it dovoleposerte itilk* World Labor OpalRation, *loll haa to be rerdoi M 41141MAINOWS. (14411 Onad and la Veleds) Dotopmost* bow Id* WorlA Labor soottasti LW** Pokruary Mei oontingsi *trough soossitioe owmottwca toLoad* it Miss will evolve idwrotIgh ass4ttes111114140 WaskiNtimo *r1i 10 sat at Sea Aprll SS; is be followed by oommittse reeoniosed Wadi Oonteronoee Parise SottoMr, Sloe 141111iO4lOki.Ato11 ii.. to follows; ite teak le World Taber deloptionos offset oa prosseation tits were (abroad se well as 17444 le World Labor delosetisals Woe, oa torwmilatioo of Sao Promisee airtmentee Se World tabor delogatioata prek4ble latest it adepttea of Sea It11.41111,1100 agrosmomtse 41 Inset of World labor arcaaloatioa on the reestibIlsboteat ot an Intornational Labor ?Moo sailor t wid Weft* Orsaaisatione le We" 1110 islationoWoo Wow* individuals of World Latior? *ion sad rspr000ntativoo ot govaramonts of fordo* 'swore, be* a* Sit Franelsoo *nd abroAdy DOSe43 I? , ? CRET ? (It- Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100320004-5 Air .4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDID13X00001R000100320004-5 13 by 1945 .AL UO1QiJJLi.1140.1i11):12V: The following report on litorld Federation of Trade Unions and 11NCIO was prepared by one of our representatives; The iiorld Trade Union Federation iu an outgrowth of a meeting held in London it lebruAry 1945 at t he a till of the British Trades Union Congreos. Invite.tione wero sent to the 1tborlaovements of all United Nations countries, inoludiros liussia. In the United z.,,tatea, the CIO aceepted; the Al of L did not, saying it aid Lot choose to participate with the Atic3SittilLte TAD British aought to conault to discover mans to wobilizo tan workini classes to aid the var effort, to se- =re peace, ttn LlObt taportuntly, to sot up ratiolial methods whereby after the war the workers of the' odd would not be the 110011%0 of destroying each other throw* "out-Cm:et competition." The Dist parse ias the soot iQortant to the iiritish uho wen and. still ars, Neu' Declassified 41410 ?? ? p. ? and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : - '1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 10. Of ,.1??? ? ' ? ' 141,70 if FliiENTiAL of the ?tutus oi t1If IriU@h stundardA1ivinc in 4 pobtw4r worlds But tho e1.0 tudto) Auusinns hut). vory d iToront ideas about the Loudon ooriforonoa4 Both groups deuiod purtioipation LA world interiattionni labov urgnuizationo, wunted a ()loan slats, tL now organlzution of world loluor, rewitctlized bi tha w4r mx- plrionoo 4441 definitely dedluated to politioul tot Ion on a noulo? This oonaiot L,otwoen tto vurpitios )f the tiooting in Lolia.,4 obvtoue ovoJk uofor tho geoting boduni t tho labor oolirlronoo tho 0,4dIiat boonwn uouto. The Jritiah with numwt of roftzf:fin Itrooriun Itibor leminanro 1?4 Lopdon, whilo partio1;4A. I i. i1.tootlw: trimi Lo blook a4y Ammo to wan' t;tes otItor ti4x4 onittulttwtivo. Jut thoy f 1,40'40010m ii t ilffioult .411/At,: ecllod Lle uootinc, thei uouid iLot bn tit() ?lawn ol* Ito .iliUfl i tho t;:1(i1 Tolndiato uf tilt) worknra, it EAluntliov of t4a iluoutulla brou,:tit out, 01 Lin tato Woi3 f)r t tou irganIzation? Tho *within, I tuatsiun doLtinuAon brirmuom uX t4o 1,4130 nu.qbor of I votno n14.1 Low) 01* wint t.toi o,aidored ?k,Utflii influonona olaztriou, Lrind to It t votimd Waist 0-48,1r".11 ? 411 '..4111r ? ri rolrrWACI For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? 0' 1 ? A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , ' -.???-???? -441t'fi,r0 r (111!4t! 017 I which would iiivo thou a roul leuderaihiN Jurixi 1,40 London conreronee, Yalta was unnouxtoetie Thiu gave trouondous impetus to the nww World Labor Organization, 4xs Yalta was tho high point of Aussiun Lufluonco, so also WAS I t tho higa point of desiro for new world organization, ooli- tioul up well us labor. Tho amworldsii,abor Organization, oomink: to tao sumo ounolunions am Yultu, was piotured as u PoPnier baso umong the working pooplo of tao world for currying out the deoluions of 'flatus From Loudon, the Gontinuatiwx Gommittoo .4oved to Pariet, tie pnr.ualimit tiobt of tLe aow orguLizutiono aero the decisions of London wore implomonted. A now organization WOA oat up. The const11utio.1 wiz to bo drawn in ilashington on ?pril l, 1)45, Ulan thn UoL.0 tit wus to proceed to 1.) LAU ieraLeivoo to roproLma liorld Labor at tit o UVOIO.) 1.11 the has:3444ton tiL3 t.o difforenceu, apparently ironod out in London und iriu, bozun to uppo4.r. Mc) British, not yot fully couraittod to tbo tow or,:unizatiou and votaining their ganaborship in the MU, wero the altar bulaace of powar? If they pulled out of tho anw 6TUV3 it wuuld loan to end of tho The ikritioli, workin4 tumugh ultAcubrook of tho ITT rirsiwion, ONFI EP TIM ? "wit weirr"-"1". Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 I. 0 ? .1 I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 " awl ;:dollovelttaul &ziwon 6itritto, iudiot.Lted tilut not oia.1.y W() titel ;tot ii.toroatod in. the Imw TUJt but tatio wore inolinot.1 to atti,y (Jul of Um i)rirw T1JY uhiesu tIley wore ublo to noilleve uutoutw t o k OOP tit() Ot WI. I tl (WO 0 U lai Stalks 0 /it 400 11 elf O1d.f3rIbrOnk ...)ohovenolo tiutth with t1t!do' of L ilti.olaPtocl to "wutrir down" Lim dooletona of Loudon sti %.;itri.nof alp:lona to protect the 11.14?11?,4y of tilt, Lirititth rUe, 1otw,1?.1 to :tuvo tio) deoiulono of tim or lion-bint.anc, uti.Lttro. aupport fro LL theIO on Ulla 400M1130 of ito tinuiro for uutoo' fwd. tilt)rowiz pproilmuion of aomr) of i ti rif.,r)tt-wir4s loittdorti i'or protootion iit",itAsoitili?- i.ufluellood" (Anal 510111.3 ? L'hiw 1.101111113t011 Lbui:'orrnion oloanci without, r ? jrttnythinco, ;)Itnptit)itila tui iiieut.ntruextrittt wive ti.to .4tookt. tschn iu?otinrwt for u citron,. or:uttizatiou wau bud. Llv) tivn t:v 11: nifrVion .14,14 /1111101000 oertu1in tilin,-.4) worn vlo,r: ) elto itroL, Or 011 T1vopcmod at JAI-Aden and l'itriu held bno.n. "wilturod dolma" iit itamtin ton, tuld d?uvorion.li 4'1to "u4Afswi.ikr. ?Lown" oonsinted ltercely in, British 1'01%401A to tiat.10 txy the bi 111,14 j Of 'el* tttlasiono 0,)1.,,roos of 11110 flOW world orElu,,Azution and ? CO NFI Illiirtor ? 4?? * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 4, ittra' ?????? ? ? 1 $ ? ? ? Declassified and A %t, 1 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001 roved For ReleaseRuuu CONFIDENT" A,1 subbtituto 4titouotv. 0) Tho t4h1 0Ortuiu Amort can U10 loadoro wire worriod over the ut.vongth .ttUsailkYOUld bo WA() to akuMor in the now oraanization (Ind unt1,4Auasiun reeling wua notimpublo among both group? ki) :eh() 6ritioh lohomo to otabilizo fr1t1iwugoa, bound on atrou4E trade soorotariutv and the continuanoo of the ILO. bouciao a roul Immo in the lahingtou ounreronm a) The wuilo purtioipotin6 111 a new woad ol anization wero waking ovortured to tht X of L und wore far more intaroatod in oreutind a world redorution whie.4 vouid be uoeoptuble to tho a or L than they ware in ?routing u Aroma' world trade union wovemont? If 8u0h u utroug wove:out wars ?routed became, tho reprouentuoion would in ono wuy or atotlor be buoad, on aewborahip Aduroa, t1 iUitW with thoir largo maaboraltip would douilalt a t:09 A011 or 14:,:tation. th both tlo labor and t,44 politioul f old, tho real issue wu uitanti 4WadAth laltatU00 ix tlio pootwur world. 1'4 London tho XO wua the brittgo botwoon ?",ho aritish nd Husoian workera; juut ao-#t Yalta; Aooaevalt woo the briddli botweou ehurohill aud otalin? e htd tho bclauoe of mor, unA wo had it both in Cm labor on polittoul tIoLle Att boomao of our CONFIDENTIAL s 2013/09126 CIA-RDP13X0 . a p ` -? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 `.? ? a I CONFIDENTIAL diauaty both in tse lotbor owl political field, wa WO2 robbed ot tno use Of it. By the Lige) of the olauningtou Labor Qou foronco al14 UNOIO) tho balance liaiA uhitte4 to the British. Labor at Jal,irrtutol000 barrod from the UNCIO; it wiz actually physically Ionlated in UaIrlalid. It wai further iao1Ated from Cul local labor wovamont of Jan imam Bar. dome of the a of L Lotter o taore, frinnUy to the Win wore prohibited, from showing tiny imiliport; by atrong Jut of L preesu.re, The looal ON dolailmtect by Uridgoo, vitas burred by autifti3ri4ges elvii act in tit() ;1(J frol oontuet with tit? talAi deloptes Tho iaolution, of 14pr from UNCIU 4114 continao4 vitl in the unti)ual aoloaatiolia. aitiJA labor dolowttes profass thtit they aavo Oen robutfed by thnir govorument in regard to the (statue titoy wasstn4 for britiah labor dolodataa aa auviserso Tho annoh dolngatea prof(los ludignation ut thnir foreign Aiaiator, iduaults who lins faUed to appoint ear labor advisor to the Yrelloa Ulia0 dolawliou. In goliorul to Vicaad Labor a gates :mil that tile ;Jun irauciaco UWE) atmophore is) it Aot hostilek ut least irigid. They fool th,uI, the dtnoapherli here is not one 01 ?moo" or of "the problem of oupecaors? but instead of a. battle about Auaaio. Tho lc boa' delogdos "will, 4o nothi to ? I. ? C I NFIDENTIAI 1600-11104A - WleAgatiAW -.1/1,111P, Pnr Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100320004-5 ? ? ? ? Declassed and Approved For Release 2013109/26: CIA-R0P13X00001R000100320004-5 t '41 !mat impodo 014;10 publiolv Wt pr vitAtely they thimk tho 040 At* mouphdro ii ut:1 i1t ei4 untioltabore Labor 0041:$111410 401, otot rooant tho idoAtthtthob. dagaud for OtutUn 44 aa dopnildauL intorAutioual bi4y, ohould bo tied up with aU444 or thlit t4ta 14bor voloo, even ouoh ffitutuo, would bo autoputtioally 10110 vttut QtIW.d3i441 Lobov dologotaa morello beiug atuviried by "auoh ;wive quoatimm" 04 "why ohould lubor Aftvo moporixte iui in4ovondonL ovaluimutim in oommotion With woad po3.itio41 orpniv,ationY" Thoy AMA ti) t &II3 thuto givon tho hiatory or tho lhat quartu o t Outlay oucth indopoudout bodioo au algi 011 0Lhor ,Ibrital or tudopoudolA nUt0110=14 trudo uplon WarAuttioNd oranutlf!mtiOliv thlq tho UNQIU tnko it for aultod Imt auoh orpiAgntioull two ult ou000toti part or wly world oot-uN tto dolmgoLoW "indig44.4toA tuta diotwainWiAt? !At th v 3?uzxLt IttLot,io,u ahotaki bt3 lam with oriortil two us of mat* Chita, tItay did nut apoot to do very gaoh batter than 1144 dolo oAd thoy cro lookin4 to tho Attura. Ti' ilad boon Lold in London thAt tAloy would mit be eoutod Mgr rutuvo io Litt) ,Joptombnr mootiNt iA lurloo 30140 doloota, 1b0 Og* pout to got ou "without, 4onait of =IV tho 1 their ox potionoo here oo 141,r la u haudioup wiii4h Owe of thea *ill ?4 - , ? . 4 ......,,v,ii-7....rget????kir'ir *in Rplease 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4t, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ; Wt1117: 411.(9,110 r,?eiVel 0.1P11!1:61itgr4.3410.-plei-4.1.0014A:S;?=4Fa...!Z ; ? rf, ? t ?11 ? 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TO jp.,otoss to uoe oolati44 ?%t shirt to tho left in t OA in that sleet ion? ohort 0 'OA leOur Oonitorcn cos ?di suppointasu%t" h pi olornd by upootaiono rA)li t ad fr(Gliti4i the 10104 ? fbropo will look in lobor airooti on in the next aix aouths tuul oo will ;moult in, n difforentut atus for fl world la1ta9r or" end zo,t ion ut tuture UNION oetiatorw. vitukrul nut oro nto thoo lnbor eatimatwo 3ust as wishful tti out ors into 130IOgov ornwit tot Luta so that the Brittigi o tior vn1i*)? will,Tim "sots ? iw t jt.tnt IA*411 in the world Labor CO mars*, grows out o tho diyiolau tnAuaripau 14or. polloy soow to bo thor), ay sot tor a ,L ? c.,VZ.p414,011;101:4? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? / ?,?1 I ///t ./ct? .1 tn.' "/ r.t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' Fri 9 41, ? ,..../.46/44 tabor Conforohon at ull oonto? Thio in not too dioappointina to the' tt)oh lobo dolottAlm waono doniro io for a world labor oroxiLivAti Vi? 41. oil. L.Loy wart:4.Di Tho AVI041.0 diVini011 hno booL 00 whotto4 Uj 'moat nvoutt;( tha Woot Oomat An loadoro WQ oriLloizod L4o 4teL 4141bIldo prnvl000ly AVW unyprivatoly LhAlt WAy Liaronot. pew LI.M.iriutie. Thoy nay troy ourma Oil OW ti PIO f03:14 ILit I 15 kihtli Or VI t 05;0 0 tri \VI:101a 1,4tly acitioaatiO dtk:Lly Q11, 0111tVairtliOrt t 4.na othor boa la ? hi 00)104;4 ut !ion or vin vinu iti juut boau notatontit iii. woon.00s LI atkowo ) ho 4..tuaa A thp.00 nwilorlockl 4110 uuh, tO doAtw lloto oil doolotouo hava wi njiogreoa to 4 votiha oohoue %vittc ii ?ult. r1&i3Jy out cloyak t otrallGt 110 Unctor tho DAV U011,040 ? 11,41W ttl tAIld 'WV) IQ atm oat V( L( tiko 60vint uniona ovoli t Lhoy 4kuvo Qaly 0A0,4AtAlf to.io uppraxtmuto 4owboruhips if Lim iJa., ultio .1.14jt 01U oould tilian5t 13(tt 011. CIO .Wati tan vont ? b) Tho attoniuno how) oimproul Alao 04 the Tootiou of tao ttutmnopy or the ulem Ilitiax not a4 wook oa tho want oci to =cant zat Jou to it (Won allow wuj to pro Irv? buuto uutohow thtiprloorvia4 tho oublonoo Of ?????: 4 ?? 5 opci.4511,:t.411...CR/c,se v V .4? ? `I ? ? ? ? ? g! wir 1/1,441 ? ?CO ? ? I% , 0 1.111.111111."4"."1.? ? 1! Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 41: !i 9 ? ? ? %A t ? I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?A. .11114,4i .1, CONFIDENTIAL, ivolt4 urc.;,1Los,0 041 L i,t?;JAJt..klit14110 Or the jtUkdi.oulL or 1.4(1 (3J4f)roaoo, unw oJilatitutiolail pro- itiu 04 vikalo a ovw4:0441.00$ olorlrly ilOt1.14 enVOr Qi tho aitiult of tc,) 01T,;111.11 ulalnbrof)k, nor() 4;'1 L.L0 VOUtl.Lt) of I, t,44,10 lookod Itho bu,Ltlet ovnv The laa 0011,61110.1,00thU Lultimych. ?t,,e1 0,4..toL oppotiite. tilt) t) 1..1.1k1 the 1.().1.1ouottatit) obout, Lsolid job La' OL>it iJ2 t,11.6 ).r e,))1Acrli; laittb:10 to 130 CA, I, Lau eft 41 it Orl,Li 114 t.h.))," t L?.1,k,VOintlit (hi b j tkr) HMI, although lointah, ii Li thow by 1UU AOt L. i v.iJ. 1,01,. cr'.(,:tullii.0410? .;*I. ItHw ,w,:h141:61,Lio" Loni; ior;lod mid the a-J.00011A tu,. sA 4,0 4'j'j 1 1,4* furoo.nto vi.nw (1,1* .it.lipslACU in 0a1441', 4r1u t.1114, "cluost ;tui 4 ?low ou.,4 1ta2l L:10 And t..10 at the tAonictvor44int, f..?4?) Iteit)Or 1:0011-CtIM)1414) tAt) atolKi Tilt. the roparemt, 1uL.); witty !IL ?C4., '4,10 Loanfora Qjc Boom to be CONFIDENTIAL ????? a mind A nnrnved For Release 6 CIA RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - --....ae?-?r?r,-, ? it gif+000:0"4610 0 tt. ? ? .4 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDF)13X00001R000100320004-5 1,1) ,!ho or,Wah, aho hold Cm batuto0 a pownr at aribAmtoh, loot kid unk1hnd4 whnn .deL rofusod to puy ita atoll to t4o ,inorothry. the aritinh Would anVel ftat they ha4 Ito plhoe 1,( 1P.o aminOL Lc Lim noW 014:atliZitti.011,11 PO t40 1 FTU without. Lao .4, would k1l,,*(1 b0m1t ahm11# b) Th.n auootouli at 001mndo nuliko tho ii4010,1114,1 at ;Juh Yrunoipoot woro notni!,11.tiug u bottle, ror nroutim Lula wore not vtukirl up (Ivory mad] itml to battlo ovor? Thy appmenntly really wantk14 laXTU tlitd vnro W 1 it to 004011014w) to ot it, 0) Tim rmoont olootionn in lerftnoo 14;4 the prompeot aloottouu ih indiontod ti n ilrowtaq utmath or labor and thn 00,,orwnht, wohkow,lif: of oonnorvaivo forono in lampo. ? Declassifi pproved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-Rn piy - william3. DonOrm oirootor NFIDEN '?-??040.???^???*v ,0217?P*Ir' IL?? *it 14,7 ? A Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?? ? t) May 1046 liaar ?diva, , - .....".."""""..."*".*""""""..???????????6114.,,,,............. Tto, world Liehor Ooornvnoon oxplodol iolo) On opno novo Is, proom oonroceno40 alaLlorowtorily Attendoil anit ?4,1 throottho At l'ataoe 11o1.431 in non rrenoimoo. Ihero Osty loksoind it Oto wo or units. boor. ill Wig Nitiepo or Utri orkotoond, I hoky9 tiool)t It t yin; WI 1), ba ego Ln anknotar 1 as or Ulio t-Ano to.ogio anncioyi htlr $1,1?Pi Was oh41,1 tot or ismant i,t,?r Web ror 141111 14044011t Vi()1311.t iy ho aiKolt'Ioanti (Aline, to tints. IJNWO hikes been int4 ookAtitenss tio be a halLie over Ittift 0111 K. ? .411P W)$ II .allor Unwercoritnoo ham sonievad iomotisinK Chit le noL only not, e Ittto ovor Ittemata not is. vier 1,no 0.00ont, 13110 0 *On t 014)00 i LIP 'Alto word hero too that Ina tehl Ketver0 or ut* irru deapilra or rovivIn4 IL ika on tho Manor hand, bill tlraar oerrivpo ho,r0 on M01001. ror whob pm-pools*. vroOisoly. *lb tiou'L lit haat?. ("R ET Uth way's.% I it ? nillekenhOrn ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' 4 14W 6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 For Immediate Reloaee 1.41.0 PRESS SUMMARY or 'MN DRAFT CONSTITUTION OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS Thu membere or the Administretive Gommittee or the World Trade Union Conferenoe todey ennounced that they have reaohed unanimous agreement on Uto complete text or a al-eft constitution for ft World k'edereLion or Trado Unions. The Committee Witd oherged with the thek or preparing suon a drefL ov the world Trede Union Conference whioh met in London from February 6 to 17, 1946. The t'ohatittee met for this purpose in Washington, D.C. from April 13 to 17 end oontinued its work in Sen Francimoo from April 2b to Mey 6 when it conoluded its sessions. The preparation or the dr* ft required deoisione on II number of dirrioult and importnot (petitions of polloy. All of the membere of' the Gommittee wero enimaled in their work, by the determination to prepare dooument whioh would provido for the eatablishment or single, all inclusive, powerfUl und fully domooretio world orgeni- *AU on of iiibor. -the Josusi ttee' ti wort wan obi rried on In 01 dpi rit or friendship and mutual under* landing whioh enabled it t ooma to oom- pieta egreement on all queetions aod to roeoh full end unanimous approvel to the finel dooument. The dreM oonstitution to now to be cirouleted to the trade union organisationu repreeented et the World Trade Union Conforenoe, and submitted for final oonuideration and ratifioation to the re- oonvonod World Conferenoe in Paris whloh the Administrative ,;osanit- toe IAN deoided shall be held on September 2b, 1046. The mombure or tho Administrative Oommiltoo are: Benoit Frsohon (Franoe); V.il1 Kusnetsov, Mtohnel lerwzov "alter Citrine, Ebby Edwards ((rent Britain); Tioente Lombardo Toledano, Angel Oonfino ("onrederotion or Latin Amerionn Workers); Walter Sohevenels (Internationel Federation or Trade Unions); J. H. Olden- brook (International Trftnsport Worker 1.0deration); H. V. Liu 0..hine); bidney Hillmen, Ihilip Murray (C10), Louin Satilrant (Franoe). Annisting the CommiTtee no technioel advisors were Herbert Trhoy and Ernest Boil (Britain); hobert Chembyron (Franoe); Lee l'rennman, John Abt and Miohael RONd (CIO). Xho preamble t. the draft. oonstitution nets rorth that the World Federation or Trade Unions exists to imprvo tho living mold working oonditione or the people or all lands, and to unite them in pursuit of the objeotivos sought by all freedom-loving pecples as formulated in deoleretions or the London World Trade Union L.onferenoe. "The aims and objeots (the preamble doolares) own only be Cluny *twined bv the 0eGabliehment or a world order in which all the re- souroee of the world will be utilised for the tsnerit or all its peoples, the vast majority of whom are worxers by hand and brain, whose protsotion and whose progrenn depend upon the union of all their organised foroes, nationally and intornetkonslly." wa-21 aw.W10."-Vr f" .4 ? , 4 nIfd 2nd Aooroved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? a ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Thu World federation therefore proolaims its prim purposes to be to organise end unite within its ranks the treed* unions of the world, regardleaa or oonsiderations of Irmo?, nationality, religion or politioal opinion; to *owlet tie workers wherever neoonsery, in oountriee soolally or industrially loss developed, to set up their trade unions; and to ()arr./ on the struggle for the oxterminmtion of all Pesolot forms of goveri.ment and every manifestation of Pasoim under whetevor form it operated and by whatever nano it may be known. The oonetitution further deftly's AS onecW the World Fedora- tionst main objeotives the oombatting or war and the removel or the cowmen of war by giving full support to the establishment of a power. tut and efreotive international ?rice ation armed with all nooessary power to prevent aggression end WA _ .01 peaoo; by suprorting the widest poesible international 000peration in the sooiel and osoonamio sphoro, and musk:lure* ror the industrial development and Pall utili- sation of ihe resourore of undeveloped 0ountries; end by oarrying on a struggle againet reaction and rol the full *sterols(' of domooriatio righto and liberties of all peoples. The preamble also embodies the purpose or the lorld Federation to repronent the intereets of world labor in ail international agenoiye, oomeerned with the problems of world organisation. Dealing with the oomposition of the World Federation, the draft oouetitution provides for the arriliation of national triads union organisations. It As etipulated that, as e general rule, affiliation *hall be oon fined to a te Lngle Ile LA one trade union otentro for eaoh oountry bu t, in exoep ti one 1 o i roumsta iio en, "more the n one nati one 1 trade union mitre or individual national trade union organisations may be granted the right of a rft lie ti Under the ?mitt tu tion the a trao turn or the"or id Fedora ti on will voila i st oft (1) The World Trede Union Congress, which 'wUl be . ts sovereign authority alai will most every two yearn. (:) The General Counoil, eleoted by the World Congress milid rep- resentative M' alt the a eri liated organisations and which will meet ennually. (3) Tho axeoutive Committee, which is to be elected b the World Congress, and will consist of seventeen members elected from amongst oandldatos nominated by the notional centres and three members elected trom oandidates nominated oy the Trade popertments. rho eeventeela members or the Xxeoutive .;omnittets will be distributed on A soheme allooating three to the USSR, tw tc Great Britain, two to USA, two to Frenoe, three to Cy rest or "urope, one to China, two to LaLin Amerioft, one to the Ilkoiflo area And one to AfrIon. (4) The Pureau or :Management, whioh will consist or e Chatrman 4444 Our Yitle.Oheirmen to be eleotcd by the Exeoutive Committee, and th* Opporol Seoretnry. ? 4 '"Nr?virele" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 0 ? ? 4 4 ii . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - ?,I. Tho onnoiLltution praaoribes tha toothed or voting in the Oongra** and ti000ral Coonoll. Organloblona with * mambertthip up to h,000,000 will novo on voto par 150,000 membermi organisations with moro than b,0001,000 but loom than 10,000,000, ono vote ror oaoh additional 100,000 mombo re organist* Lions w t th word WW1, 10,000,000 but l a than lb ,000,000 one voto for oaoh addi ti ?nal 2,00,000 mombers ; and ror ore* ni *a Li otp vsl Lit moro than 0,000,000 on. vobo ror opt oh a Odi L tonal 400,000 mtmmars Tho non* t tuti on makes the) Oonoral doore tory 0 sloo tod - th* Congress , wo pt. I no i pal admini etc* Li vo o r Motor of tho World Fodor* 141 cm with or* 1 ohargo o tho stsrt, with rasa pone 1 bi I i ty to tho Kxeou t I ve cclmmA Lt.* OD*. tilt* administra (Ave or gall A sa ti on. Pray i ion is made to it nLa in ?mutilations with a !III is tad 0 rgani 0* 141 on* by the pub I I on t. 1 on or a monthly bu lo ti n and the i mu a or oi roul4r a In movora i languages *hi oh aro to ha sill Lad and pub li s hod by tha (iv no ra 1 4)0ot-a ta ry undo r the gono ra 1 sot o rv in i on or the out-eau or mooattomclot. tounds ror oa em',' 1 ug on the work ur the +(dor Id rodera awl aro to be prov I dod by a ret 1 la I ion rtIvti ocm lieu Lod on Lho ro 1 1 owing bagel o ron IIta LI oul w 1 th membe rm hip to b, DUO 000 will pay AA per annum per thouoand memhors; is 2 por annum per thousand melahard in 0)(0'054 or b.000.000 but 10ds than 10,000,0001 I 1 per annum por thousand membere in eKnoaa or 10,000.000 but lass thou lb,000,000, and tan ahillinpi per annum vor thonsund menu hoe t I 0)(00011 or 160000,000. larovi aim is flitt (1$0 111 Llic? 00110 Milt 14 IOU for tiltsi Odlls Courto 1]. o 0 a tat 11 sh Tot da Departments w t thin Lito World rodara I I Ott rot' snob tr* or Indus tr tad Ma the 0outio11 may do te risi no* . The r\utn 141 on of those Trn do neva r timen Is is to dea 1 w tit teohnioa 1 ma ttors oonoarning the trados , and they are to bomb i?t it an bonamy in Otis *Ow*, Ira thin We Viol. 'Id teeth) met t I out, but; no tumor to maka deo,' a ions or oarry Oti ao Uv I bt us I n oonnoo LI on WI, th ttWrit cmf 0,110 poli oy ? Jun l illoti ?is oval, 611011 HISL itirS oon tied to thd. CO11'1'004 the* tlotitdre? 1 OlithAUl 1 , the Itlxoott I lye 00.141ii i 14 Loa and thti bureau r Rentar,amant. The Troths DOI* lattin LA MVO LO be At1,00t1,11LA.1) b to the Oanoroa Common suEt to this lOosou ii vu Comm 1, (tee ror this tr aotivities, Provision in made for 0,oh TrAA0 DoNtrtititiot to bo ropresentod in the ConKress And tho 6onoral no 11 by one dologato aid no aubsti- tut* who may vole at mcehtns or either or tilos o bodies by 5h0so f hands? but will ha vii no vote in the event or A rot 1 -oa l 1 oard vote, the 1)1 1.00 t ,r or * Trade !Java r tmon t may a 1 so si t wi th the NAssou Give Coullitittoo Iii A isr..au 1 tor vo oftpaoity when It la inigagad In the oon- s de VA ti oat or a Two t .14 ret ln It ng to tho par tt uu lam trade or i ndua try ror whloh thl Trado oper Utont has boon oatabi I *Node The Ouns t It ott cit prov Wool t tutu t this hao.dg Liar tors or this World V011ttrtl Lion aka 11 ha LII Pat Is,FrAn011. Thb skohonomy or tho trade no movamont or 014.01 00ootry id guaranteod hv it arootrto arttoile or the oonstttution. artiole prov idea tha t deo is i ono of' the World Co Nigro. s , its don aro I ourao11 And I to itAr10* IelOrIling for aotion by skrrillatila totema omit to bo 1*mo A 011 *t 1111,Altaa to the*. Stioh doioisions are , +4,4, i. ,...,....0..aor?e1? to 410, Se? Rt. t4 ? IP __I A 1d Pnr Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP 3X00 00100320004-5 , lOt 1 ? ? vuuuc.bu(J LUUUd 1-0000 C11-`9,1 9Z/60/?1-0Z aseala JOd pano.i? ? v Pue Peq!sseloeCI ^ -4641?10?41e, Ir. .0.46 ' .1..414.YAS ?12: 1. tit), ,st?o vp.totoo Ptaoli 0111 j A.tom oti ti 140,1(3111i oloirklooptm %s(w ()Wad oil tA 1. ill I si Wivott Thi Itctooko'A a wilt) atilI vita a ao.roittOn OM .4 0 0111)141001) pit* ilt1019 W.10(1 tI ay atri 0 it paoli a* Si tij Ot? 411110tiltv al I Wait) Ott 01 1,10410..1 411 110t 1110.10 pal 01 1 1 ,1,) P11000 00 Ito It) Olt 414) tit* icv 41 ? Nai tt000 limu 09 I lit 11141 1110 X.1,100 041 oil WItit)I010000 .(1 Nidilw 04 oimilvel 10.1 11 00311040ml 0g1 11:4010.10011 10.101100 som 001410 1 011141 1141 t 014 .1 4,10,144 V10 $1, 1.1.1 11000 0011 1444104411 001 OAC10X/11 vtottlitin tijittAati 0'14 Jo Th1110001 otn Alb Nots.Oston a Jo v1.1140144' "PP *in acoaltromoi a?Jq U in Ip.?I *in pev, tAttali .30119.Attj WI 41 ?'''r 011'$ ?2111 000 1 010014 0119 .10 tioti toot 111,1w too vi owad ti wall I KJ , 09onoo.0 I osAdvtoll doll tumult) IA 11 111,1013411 041 Poi ttialtlatootloo WIIU PPrtnato tiol PIT I.J.1%e owl 11A 11011101111-101100 1.1c'iiottiwAdqqAtiJ 'vino .1t0,1 00* 0011,000t$000 *II joj o049 &11 tiA'l9niliaMm *I9 ol 1 001001 1V1 0 0 1 111 1 0041110 "1 140.1000411110 iX,0010.4,10011:1 p1,1401101) 014 0'1010 1 01 0011.1 11010 01 100,1,10 0A 1 ".:1 01 44 It /06111 og 10,1010010.1 041 J0 Ii#00m*I*lo TIN * AA*10,100n t*A0000 044 01 quo-toad /pm* 00* pov ott 99111100 00 10 101114 3 01110 1-110,141 00111010 001 1/1 %Wit() A.notligotort riaoultv ?'Il polJ ilott 1.1wio orpti,144 **Om Ittivilm toluvoms 91 Nil I 010,3,i0 01,11 polikovto woo itts vikinvioVa.1 pool WI 11JJ P10004 j 0 kyAti 7111 tULt!A05 049 9 Pall 101411111 $hi 119 icvpliso,m1 0, 9-17000Z?00 I 00n1 I. 0000X? 9Z/60/? I- 0Z eSe8181 .10d pano.i? ? v Pue Peq!sseloeCI S. 1 142.0.t. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 CONFKRENON SYNDICALE MONDIALE Comite Administratif thurg, tri* t May 4, 1945 Honorable Edward R. Otettinius, Chairman, ateering Committee, United Nation* Confarono. on Industrial Organization, Fairmont Hotel, San Franoisoo, California Dear Sir.% The Adminiatrative Uommittee or the World Trade Union Uonforonoo has heretofore submltted to you the statement of our position rogarding the partioipetion of the World Organized trade union organization in the deliberations of the preaent United Nations Conrorenoe on international Orgeldsation and of WO various bodies to be establishod pursuant to the Dumbarton Oaks proposal*. In order to olarify our position In this regard oon- ?awning the need ror the direct repro4entation or the World Trade Union Organizat.,on, the Adminiatrative Committee or the World Trade Union Conforonoe has today unanimously approved and has authorized me to transmit to you two proposed umendmonta to the Dumbarton Oaks proposals which cover this subjeot. May we ask you to transmit copies of these ammondmonta to the other Chairmen of the Conroronoo, together with our request that they reoolve the approval or the Conrorence? 1:4*f ; SEC R ? n ???? Very truly lours, Philip Murray, Chairman Administrative Committee, World Trade Union Conferenoo , ..-wararaleMOrvirr ? T d 2ndA o ed For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? I Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1 wh* Proposod Amendments to Dumbarton Nile Proposals Acid to Chapter ix.. tiootion - 116110 pa. rit grit pil ( 4. ) "'rho wool-um-Ito and "ooial Douaoil ohoold stake suitAble arearigoinclEits fur *no r tint pa Lion, In I Le deliberations and in thorn) of Lilo co aniesione 0641,14110110d by IL, of tho World Trado Union organisation." Add Lo Chapter V, 4deotiott U - now paragraph (9) "'Mb tioneral Aosclinbly tilhould tuat,o suitable arrange- monta with tlio World 'Natio Union organisation for its partioipation in an advisory oavaoity lit this doliborations of the ()clitoral Attaesibly KIRI the Seourity Counoil.." ? r- 144,-AlY4 ef ?11 11. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA RDP13 0 41. ? *Di ? t a ec assified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ; ;!Alitaa ekidAttaqVfti.ltV t4711VitirWIA 3.3304'.1"14, " .!1 63.4.M.Tqtr.041 ? ..e,afelAN/ViiiMagryblitglrig*.001401.4igiki144144141014.r.641111.1,....,.. Momo ror David C. Shaw )6 7 May 190 Report on tho Iron oh Oologation to UMW-) Tho viewpoint outlined in Lho pronont roport vofiecto 14 i() opialono ahd judmontn of the lort win u Ui or the voonch Delotlation. Who faotu doncvlbed and tho quoton hive boon given by highly roliablo novircon. A curtain nuaor of well known blotcraphIcal and polittoal Pa(lt:i aro ropoatud hero in ordov Lo wako It cloaror to roadopn ana(utualatod wtth Fronch olltical tronas. Ooorcon Bldault and do Oaall0 George* ilidault, Or,mcJi lioreign Mini. tor, In a ClIrIntian DomoGrat, hiombor oC Lho .1a? (oavomont Ropublicala whl.ch CIAU be deeerlood ito 4 center-loft party. Ho wan boforo Lilo war Lho oclitor oV "141Aube", leftist Catholic. nowipaper* Duving tho Gorman occapation, 0 bommo leador of the twnlmt,Anco, and WRLI nominatod ::)y all 1Wolutuneo grouPD and political pavt,on an Ctlaiman -)L' the National Council of ftonintanoo. Althoah hit) portonal ohavm an4 ploaaautnoaa aro groat, OldanitIn dominant ohavaatoriatlo ia an extroo woalcnono of charactor. It In cotamonly a.dmittod tnut do Uaullo, who want8 to votain rulL porz;onal o,onLrol 0V erOnch looretrn (Mob? him Pr ?Gine ly on /4000'1:iv:. 0V WtL ioatiotA ti ? in 1) ro, 1 ly known.- zo la I 114 &alit himself admittod it-- tilat IJOrOVu 1.13; loEt .0'raut:0 do danllo cave kin .J.'oroign Min.-inter strict and dotallod inotrtotionv for tho dNUX0) with th0 imper- ative ordorn to OLWry 0417 titelo inotrlActiona whatovor opp)sition woald via() from oLilor momiwvu or dao dolocAtIon. 8idaoLt han not dop.mtod at any tlmo from Lilo line ,i'awn oy do Gon1100 ? apnA 4eveh Pleven, Vronoh Minintor Of Vinanoo, and dologato to UNCIO, haa peon 60 oaall.olt+ rUoiai 1:riond, and supportor nine? 1v40. 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I ? 41 > * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1 .? ? a d I` Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 .InItiktiespliv4i, CO 2 May 1045 Policy and Personalities: wrench Delegation (JNCIO) ? ..41, The French Delegation's policy at UNCIO has been to "wait and sea". They nave not committed themselves to any alliance; they have avoided taking sides or backing any particular power in the major issaes. They have also avoided raising points thaL Jai4Olt have been causes for further con- flicts or frictions. One of the reasons ior U.O.B attitude can be General de Gaulle 's unwillin,,ness to let Prance assume responsibilities in the Conference. He certainly Wtknks Prance has not boon given full recognition as one of !he oig powers which he be- lieves she is entitled to. Purthermore, he is less interested in collective seou/qty and the defense of democracy Lnro101out the world than he is in territorial .aina for Franco, and the building up of a strong authoritarian regime, backed with military might. His nationalistic conceptions, and his desire to Lave exclusive control of Freneh Poreign Affairs are account- able for the mediocrity of the Prench Delegation. Georges L3idiaulL, oroi?i.rLstar, Is weak, irresolute and incom;:lotent. It seems evident that de Gaulle chose him precisely i)00(.1':10 Or floso eAaraoteristics. oc"ing the German occupation, ftidaqlt, who alalutained a eatriotic attitude, was elected by Lflo liosistance groups and parties ae ?resident of the Cifit (National 1,esistance Council). Idault was before the war and still is editor of l'Aub00 a center-left catholic daily, and he is a loader oT the Ch_riatian Democratic Party, now rebaptised "Monvement Uepablioain Po iulaire" (UP). To be sure that he would retain full control of France's Voreion Policy, do Gaulle appointed iidault his Foreign ilinistor. Bidault's weakness In now leendry, a woalcaess which does not appear only In his political behavior but also in his private life: it is known Luta he indulos in alcohol, and that on several occasions since his appointlaent he attended conferences while Intoxicated. The Chief of CaDinet of he ironeh Voreign :Ltuisti,r is Palalse, also a Christian L)emocrat. Valais() is not a politician, but what the PrOACI'l eall a "mondain". tie has ne con,'Ictions or his own, and a ill supeo.ot tne government lin0 wnatevel IL may be, ? N , orr? ?????,.. ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a 0, 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 '41.1?Wine? bV 4VViia&DttiVIIV.Mt.ttPVT.Mhie,6"*.s.4 Little is known of Minister Pleven's activity in San lerancisco. He, more than Bidault, represents General de Gaulle's personal thought. He is also shrewder and infinitely more capable than Bidault. Pleven has been the only one in the present government of France to show real statesmanship qual- ities. A modern style reactionary, Pleven is sufficiently adroit to understand the French people's urge for social reforms and justice, and to speak an adequate language. Rather than nominate Vincent Au2iol (Socialist--President of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Consultative Assembly) as a deleate to MCI?, de Gaulle chose to send Paul aoncour, who is deaf and senile. Auriol, who until the lust moment was expecting to go with the Delpgation, is extremely embittered by de Gaulle's decision. This gesture will cause sharp crit- icism of the French Delegation by the French Socialist Party and other left wing organIzations. It is obvious to everyone that Boncour is merely a dead weight, capable only of repeat- ing outdated speeches which no already made in the course of a political career aftener marked with failures than with ouccessful accomplishments. Francois dilloux, Minister of Punlic Health, Communist deputy of Marseille, and member of the C.P. Political Bureau, Is here more as an observer for the French Communist Party and the left wing in general than as an active member of the Dele- gation. However, he is often consulted by Bidault, and his suggestions are sometiniee followed. Bidault's speech at the Conference on May 1st har been considerably changed at the suggestion ol Billoux. It is interesting to note that, while the French Delegation has adopted a non-committal attitude towards the Conference, tae French Communist Party appears to follow a similar policy in regard to the French Government. De Gaulle, for reasons of national pride, believes that France has been treated unjuPtly by the Big Powers. In con- sequence, he patiently waits tor conflicts to develop to a point whore one of the Powers will need an ally. At that stage, he will commit himself and s:Ido with this power, but after he has made sure that his demands for France will be fully supported. The French Communists believe that de Gaulle's government is not representative of the Prench people. They believe that the government's policy, for internal as well as for foreign affairs, is nefarious. Ilut they cannot do anything to change this situac p.3.04.4;sk; ral elections have taken place, and em-01111410-- Anni-rwRci For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Ap.roved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R00010032 4-5 -3- V,r0t, a real Parliament is able to express the people's will. Therefore, they maintain their two ministers within the Cabin- et. These ministers hold minor offices (Air and Public Health), therefore they cannot be cem)romised in the failure of the government. Their task consists in underlining on every occasion the mistakes of their colleagues or of their Presid- ent, and when it comes to a final decision, to yield in order not to break up national unity. This explains Billoux's part in the French Delegation to U14CIO: just as he does within the Cabinet Council, he acts here as a discreet reminder of the working class' will, making suggestions, observing what is being done, and carefully registering whatever mistake is being made. Thus, the French Delegation to UNCIO, in the same fashion as the present Government of France, represents de Gaulle's personal will more than it does the French people. It is to he noted that the left wing and resistance elements that are now in San Francisco are shocked at the com- position of the French Press Delegation. The French Government recently appointed officially Genevieve Tabouis as a press correspondent. Tabouis is one of the most unpopular exiles in the oyes of the French public. She is reputed to have sabotaged Franco-American relations by her repeate3 attacks against de Gaulle and the support she gave Girald. She is also accused of having sold out to finan- cial interests in the U.S., and of being both unscrupalous and irresponsiole. Other exiles of no reputation in France are officially attached to the Press Deleation here. Pertinax is consMered by labor delegates as a brilliant newspaperman, but also as one of the saooteurs of the Third Republic. His books are filled with acute criticism of the former leadors of France, generally well justified criticism, but his conclusions are emlivocall and can lead to fascist solutions. Henri Torres, also in the press section here, was Laval's friend and dLsciple, and he is one of the French parliament- arians who are pari:icularly discredited and despised. (It should oe recalled that French left wingers and resist- ance people wore aroused against the French immigration in the U.S. They said that this immigration, composed of rich ousin- essmen and a handful of second rate politicians, gave the , .1 , s ihkoak. 1 1 --......*!T.w .v- 1 .-.11:074 , ;:., "4"'""rnr4: ? 1" Yok Pnr Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X 0001 0320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a ? - American officials and the public a wrong image of France. It also cont:iibuted to the misunderstandings between the American government and the French.) Other members of the French Press Delegation are subject to criticism from these same groups. E. Helsey, a veteran of French journalism was during many years the parliamentary correspondent of journalism, Mating, one of the most dangerous fascist daily papers. S. Schreiber, who heads the Press Delegation, is a known political blackmailer, formerly editor of a political scandal abeet "Los Echos". The correspondents who belong to resistance or leftist groups are going back to Fran.J3 in a critical mood. Jean Jacques Mayoux, member of the Consultative Assembly, Vice Presiuent of the Foreign AfAltrs Commission, is now in San Francisco as a correspondent for Franc Tireur. He does not belong to any party, but, his participation in Resistance groups for four years has given him standing among his coll- eagues of the Assembly. He reflects in a moderate and reason- able way the opinion of the progressive elements in France. His views on the French delegation to UNCIO are found to be not dissimilar to the aoove estimates. d For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? yr- ? 04.h.,4...)?? ? , 0 ? .4 - ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09126 : CIA-RDP13X00001R0 00320004-5 yo ? ? -4,'?z,;?;;.-;:.,,?.,y- : 1-"?? "4 ? .4 . .?444119?14,1a, ???104) 4)1'4 44 4.4.4ft.)44414)S41124?444???????????4?44?????????????.:???44.??????? ????? ? VV0m: lithjoot: Dp, Halporkoto oon:Covonoo with. Lomhavdo Tolodano la Ai Ix) 4110 labor oon,rorohoo: Lomhavdo lo vory muoh nloaood with 1.110 000,CovO000, It hao a000mpllohod ovorythinG that it ox000tod to do, A oonotltdbion 1t40 boon owplotoo. All momhor votw0000tattvoo Aro in oomploto ar)roomonto ?Th 1M 1M NW 0LOP'Y 1701.at LomPardo will tako haok with him to,t.4:11 41010)4100.) and ihi. Lto van Lapioalaholy j) t11 to ;hi (NAL. 00 A:5 to bho k.uohoo mootim: Thio will ilot div,,;otly doal with tho ansJ lo mootinv, oC tho af). Lombardo will atton4 lb. It will bo hold in Ju ti, I. 4. An bo tho vialopo to toboll an lov,i_batIon to LAWIO: Lombardo daym that no invitation wao o:xpootod. 1fl tho LmWon mootinp: woo taking plaoo$ tho 01?,40 mootiw ab Yalta wao Andopway. Tho UTUO Immodlatoly oontaotod thm Aritioho 0.30, and WImi0,on am.:05.ma00:000 ao0 aoko0 ho lirw000ntod at tko MiOl0 oonrovonoo. Tho LiAmolo,ho appliovod, blAt Winant ao0 !tdon voCnood to prillat ,iTA; otwtWpatt,211 ThororoPo. 110M.11Pi10 may o. rialinio to grit ropr000nbaon qt thim Lii tj. wao octridy tit lAhor ohtorno and In movnly A oontInuAtion oV tho adootoit ytAta, Lahov dJ0 not X)) 14 to IA ouoh lopvomontution, hut agvoo 1,11).4t; 1,14 Oh(q116 h0 App1100 04 Lo1fl0a1.40 did not Appoar to know or Any mootlog of: tiho labor ohiol'm ovior to Wu.) NVIU mootllw. Thlo morniA6 ho 0(nt1ou11 t;Y, hto 00nroVoomio w,t4 t4t0,1V4y w,oitt tho oonot 11 (3. (1,1.0, it I.; I ItAvo irk claw/ o tato 0,01i,itol Lii,t.10t1 (:)thoti ,N1,001'13 auta,log, vi; t4 kunvi,'olie1110,0 ? 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Tho pooition or th.o MAL with roopoot to Arontiaa will bo p'rociooly tho 3W110 nO ito attitude towara i;oth in tilt) oyon oi Latin Amorlon labor woo rano lot ntatoo? -rr please 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 9-17000ZCOO 00n1 0000XC 1,c1CW -V10 9Z/60/C1-0Z eseala .101 p8AalaaV PUe P-d!l!sbulU 14 %to 000lomA 0AvviT ittm on ?INN 0,4110HA o poltdmo0 14(1 in w k, 001104oiliclo otr: 44A 4: 1:4 s1111 io 10 otilwomri * rt Avrill toililAti ,t itoj potwott oltu)00 outi o Aoi OttA IT1M 1)(1? j? 191A1111XtIV 0110P t-'11 ul gnoW41U 0?0-0 In! rr. 4,),r 0 10 o0 I:10010M ti 0 .10 1,01c1 0A11111u000kal,'4 WWI 911"AM oln WI lIWOW4PPW011 11'1101'7011 oil poAor 0011100t. ul poAol wiltt 4? 1t1( ioplomt 1111ffi XI m lott 00?1'-'-JIPPWrIl 01 odooll ocrixoN uT lattitilmtoopc)! aoptam1/0110/ lyrn1 pouilq0woo oIt ittotaom o4 !plot; oAlqvquocload,Ja ollmittlow tmoi i gv 04011 IOW tTOV1IN Q110 "110100111V t1100g UT PUOTtilli 00 't ol stvio 11 wool Mt 0, ill "0,11-4 01;"711 qvAIA 01 MIfl OrWollh orOMII 1 q000140a IrITM *001111 JO 4oktmou alloTo uoTliocs0 plilouno onivitio 00'1 OP11111 11lt011 iTTOIMOO OA1III0OrA 'JAY utri 4 $4 1.1.,J..Itiootlow 140aom 4411m claogon 11,11 I4cI/1.4 on *(,iillpt4ow Ng poi0o0xouh qui; gilm 00110dOjt100 40111 0111 01 100,:t:0J trilm fmv 13111 JO UOT11000 *00,1,1 1100 4i:t/0 40044g PO 140l 00 spOt1 )tv10 4Jitli4N010 01 ' I t W t I 0Moit 014 11101j ti: 'r 04 (TVOIT tib JOA miq 110011 11 11/111 14X)/u OH .00A000 Pet Primo TV/ lou 0a(W 00110A0j1100 aoj OtptOMOVIrttaal/ 0111, o ) in 14: tT.0,'1 -ailTuoTqatid VuTtmou 141/Pi o4o1 Iq lomILTTn RW,DIN oq wpm -Jovp up pm UOPIMOoq OOMMOJWn 011q 011W044, om 01 opipodomi aolm. oql 'ilftlifooJa JO UoV1P00b otiq morn Oti On qI0 POT40104 L'OOWii tJItJ an03 I1 trlim 10m i?411pim uo owcouoAortoil )t000aquopTO RO 011 VIVItOa0 VT 1)1111 IATTuonboJj Ut0A idowfall uorloonid 'nig, '044T ogl :To utplwp Tv. 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On Argehttwl, and ijo vaoomu4011 by ale ar111-,00, aatuan nald lto udmitifliolt to 4".4o 0o)Voroltoo, ho Fulla thiAt It wam (Omar to Ulla oatly,1 worlang OLROO ala 0 all 11:hepa1,a LAtin Amelliou that; the Aro3nhtna p:ovovnment wan ontvight ramototi Ito l000l.!;n1LI-on by the arawa Btat,eo RUL- aamlMelon to UM= w111 bo a movere blow to the uylloa 5tatee !Ina to itn Pela,tlotw111.00 to LaLln 41110:0104. cniti le booalloo tho ?Nmolnt voLlmo 1,11 ii4i n.0cbIono w114a1.0 Navsia ln Igiovin, to All_ LAtIll. ANorlm4w,i, Tho IJnIL6CT Mwton two oompltlto:ly i ULQi Uh-oouOt 1_1;m govarnlitent ropve;oentativem aueh 1.4F3 Ne1eon '1ou1co1 1Or to g41n tb6 ivrna wl1J, LatIn Amerl,oa. ThUl to beoaltme Wiley eithep do 1-11)L111.11, pqoh itookarallolio oz:1 beofwee they ao not; love Lite pooplvi. ao 4de1oa thAt the aiiltoa Uat0t3 011 anteeP oevevely ln 1J;Q1Ja wtla tp LALin A,i0Ploa 00eamie of ;tLI moripw,q loVeimionL oP A1140110,04? SECRET c"._ '41' Ftl ; .11r , t OYU,. 1r: r. 1 L - , 11 , 1; 11 I 4 -way. -,?,-vni-mewoopi 5' ..; 'Vogl!" - " ? ? , 4011*114c, sz, 'ill ? . r * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010m9nnnit_c -a 4 Vit " ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Z5 May 10415 Deer Dave, Thd stlaohod IA* some algnirtoono,* that I would like Lo explore le A ka 111,1fly WOO or susik 'thingi. itI 101 sp.qh or Attloo 1,o Amorl000 .441011,11044104404 Lo 1 Ui ho ttw 1100.1.0k1,110140 ()root hritain im about to b000me In it* graot role of being the oompromiaor between Rumusle and tho United Otatme, had f Woo I should liko to know *WA ito reporouesiono **tong Amorioan huolnatosmon And nerinials kt this Contaranals. In the other dirsotion I should like Lo ask &Woo whore his tongue was et the tha ap60014 ? Tho repoeoh woo not rvportod pohlioly as row As I know. roopabttla mar or at ti 000(111 $414(10 ny Uri*** Mini* tor Itastmoy MkoDohot14 ot 1000 wotahtlAKLon Press 01144 aboot 1000 or 1009 durtnK hto %lilt to Praoldant hoovar. MaoDonal4 Was dosorlhed ? knooking Lhe Prisoo Olob *tuition?s Or o loop by pr000hint oir0 00014110w Rio osaoring them or this lmminenoo of a soolol. ishio hritein. Ad I reo*11, Uis spesoh whioh was un i r000rd W* not 19HU poolloly in Wnglands oar* ba.log taken to that, irldi YOU ooky WIC I I Lo .10nk ?liar th4 a as another I, *Irani +a or ? r5 )US douold talk and riord cut Por yoorselr whoit it is meant to oloak. Thi, odd (Aline:, 0 r non rod, la this ilatOrtsVi C. VIII 1 WI, ty or the soggdistdd role ror IlrAtaln 4N * oomoromlaer between MINAAA and utiA. hut ti#: 1 on t,1-10 rakoa or 1 L Ncfa11 It inky Inanomo Mos ham t blo took rot, an LI vs ly d I rroprant4 a iota. 1 wish 1 loikt I two Co 010 orb Ut I ti 1,141111 or Llics k?,(mr4ornitool ? ? '11 Ool. hlauk*nhoru , I ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? TOs Ool. Olankonhorn ? May 1045 FROM $ V. L. 1)4ran SUMO? s Opoisoh of Clement Attlee at the Commonwealth Olub of San Franoisoo on May 2, 1045 The mp000h WAS before aboub 500 business men or San Wranolsco, and no 140W4M411 were present. After the speech Attlee anowered questions frost, the floor. 2. Ho pointed out Oat the wor hod noneeeiteted wide mooialisation in Rngland, and or very striet clintrole over eoonomio life. This soolalisation had been a000mplished largely under the leadership or the Labor i'arty, whioh inoludem omong its members business Fen, military leader*, ond professionals. 5. This ecoialisetion will be continued and exte.zdied atter the wart covering telegraph, telephone, banks, railroads, steam- ship line*, mines, end other industeiee. All Mngland isoept a pew "strange" persons agree on this program. 4. On the question of internatioosl trade, he *aid that Kngland, ono* the home or (toe trade. DO longer reoognises it us the guiding principle or trade. instead, It now oppears necessary that internstional agreements should be arrived at between all nations which oholl oserv? to guide trade into its most produo- ttVi ohonnols And that will lead to expanding commerce and in- dustry. b. An to Ngland's poeltion in world arroirst he **id that this is a result of Knglandls unique position as a oampromieer? Xnglandis soololiem is not Merxion sotiultss. Nevertheless, Mngland is b000ming one or the world's at socialistic ooss000nwealths. As suoh, it Is in the possition of serving as a ocmpromisor between the US, a oapitalistic nation, and the 1]5311, a sooialistio natioa. It is the Labour Party's position that it isnot oontinue this work as a oompromisor in the interests or world peso* and to see that the limited Mations shall stay united. ?'"- Pn'irt` ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001 Room nnq9nnnA_g ? 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? y IhMt??? - IIMEPARXD ST USSR DIVI8ION1 R YOR OURRiNT 81 tlATICIK WORT* RUORIA* Champione Ehbc,r hi :len Pranaisoo 4PIP?M?11????? ????????????????? ????ow ?????Myle ??????????? oasaa -4,-?????4 6??????? oe. so or . ? /6 y 4 May k c SECRET cTRoL Tho OV et Onion, proposinf.1 iho right of organizod labor to present itn vtows to the :lan p'ranoinoo conroronoo, ham merged as the ohampion of the embryonic World Trade Union Federation (WTUF),, In ft surprise MoVe :Iota wank, Vassili Kunnetsov, ohairman or the ,r.;oviet All-Union Central Counoil or Trade Unions and t member of the ofrioial Soviet delegation to the oonrerenoo? requentod the Stoering Committee to permit the INTOF to send a representative to th,. parley, The Runnian pointed out that the International Labor orrioa im representod at the oonreronos, but not ell trade unions Aro anmoolated with tha ILO, One newspapoi report said that Hutnetnov had also nelkod that the labor representative have An "advisory voto," now over, the opponition within the oommittoo **0 so stronr, that 101411vt1OV wan rorottf to withdraw hit proposal without (Wiling ror h VOt002,/ In opito oC tsito w1 n, t heW". hom not riven up ita fight to win reprosentatiot ht. the ouhroronoo. In o Contra latter to Seoretftry Stettinins on n ray, Imp rorrolontativad at t Vonolmoo relquoated adminsion to the conforence in it connultative oapacity. Tho letter, oopien of whioh wore' to ba rorwardsd to each or the four conforenou chairmen, wan nignod by Sidney Hillman, CIO; I;ir Uoitor Citrins, Trades Onion Congress ( 'rlic); 1430i Mihkail Toro/Jo**, USSR; and Louis Saillent, _lf/ New 'York Pont, 1 tlay 100. The New York TIMOA. :!c.) April 1946, said that TinaireiVaTC?rAZTM Cromyko made the"rivi7EW7317s1. Subssoquently, Foreign Commissar Volotov revealed at a proan ounreronoe that tho swestion had boon premontod by Kusnetsovs Witt El CONTROlm . ???? ?????????V.".11" """41 14#444:11114411.111.4 ? 3 ? A .% ? "??? ???? ????? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? C ? rit,',cs?yr ?r. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , ? -2- SECRET CONTROL France. Pointing to the 60,4000,000 trade union members r.-Tresented by the WTUF, the labor leaders wrote that it would be difficult for these workers to understand "the refusal of their conference to give their representatives an official consultative atetua so that their views on these crucial questions might be iffectively presented and fully explored." 1/ With the release of tba letter, British trade union leaders revealed that they were prepared to raise the question of whether the uettling of international issues is a matter for ',governmental' alone at the forthcoming conference of the Brltish Labor Party. 3/ The question of labor reprementation at the conference, first raised by the Russians, now loome as a new controversial issue. Foreign Commisear Molotov took care to reveal Soviet initietive in the problea, for at a prim conference he volunteered the first news of the fate of the Russian proposal. Although it was foredoomed to failure, the :soviet suggestion conotituted wore than a gesture or traditional boviet friendship f r the working class. The Ruteliane low have it on the record that they alone among the major powers supported the right of labor to be represented officially at the conference. Regardless of wnether some of the labor groups desired the sponsorship of the soviet Union, the Russians have given impetus to labor's aspiration to beeome an independent factor in international relations, In udditiont the Soviet government became the first major power to recognise officially the WTUF as the international esman for '..abor. ? York Times, 3 May 1945. ily Worker, 3 May 1945. SiT,Rri" ffi!'liTROL : t:P A sra. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 3 eq, ? oat Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 '0.1? I?? '11 '?xo - 3 `??-? ? ?AC.. SECRLI CUNI hol. By makinc the proposal, the Soviet government was givinu official support to the position taken by the Soviet labor movement last year. Iliscussin: the nro.ected labor Intomational, War and the Working Class amolIbm????? in Sertenber 1944 proposed that labor be represented as an independent group in the various international organizations and at the United Nations' security conference. 1,/ The World Trade Union Conference, which crested the INTUF in London in ....?Arry 1945, Adopted the Soviet suggestion and authorized its interim Continuation Committee "to act as agent of the Conference to enstrc ado Union representation at the coming Peace Conference And at all preparatory commissions or conferences." 2./ The conference reiterated its intentions to become an active political force in A special Yanifesto whch declared, "...the InternAtio.al Trade Union :'ovement wIll male its claim to a share in determining All luestions of +he rerce and postwar settlements, and for representation at Lhe Peace Conference and all internatirmal commissions and agencies concerned with the rcrca settionent in all its phases, beginninc with the Sall .NrAnc.!iseo Conference in !Tril." 3/ :n fulfillment of the conference resolution, the ?.7ontLnuntior ,7ommittee anrointed a group of seven delegates to represent the WT11:' at the San francisco parley. Zhukov, T. "Why Is an Tnternational Trade Union Conference Not Held , Wer and the Working Class, 1 September 1946; cf., Allied Labor News, 24-76,766S6F-1541: y XL-6541. Tht, Worker, 4 'arch 1945. zimptwilf ? Ruk Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 1'1 .07.?"""Ir/10477 ??.? wnin ? ? 0 ? ? DeclassIfied and Ap ,to.t ? A ? roved For Release 2013109/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R0001uuoLv....., ? 411` 1 SECHL CON I 6,0 At it meetinc 1,1 Whnhin:ton on 14-17 April, however, the Continua- tion Committee V.t..5 foroed to ohange its plans when the American govern,. ment RS host to tho ,:onCortmoo Nilo.' to acoredit the WTUF Py lot reworntrin.,:, tho Ww,4iutetott obviously was escaping from heoomitv Ived to an t4sLo on whioh the major American labor organi- tations were divided. The Cl) in .Jopporting the vrruF, while the American Federatiol or 1,1,0r ia Iwynottivg the now organization. Instead of invitin:. the =Iv tt ,tnd ofrictel observers, tha Amerlean government asked the Clo tat,: tho oC L to and reprtmentatives who would be &tv 11 fi l for oongultittion Jhould the AmericAn delegation desire advice. The :.;oviot. rovorni,ont, ..,ntr.18t, apeointed Kumetuav as an of mant,er the !Zuslian dole ation. Mexioo, Chile, and Cuba also nnmrd trtido union loador., as meill'oorn or their respeotive delegations..y The :;r it ihe,overmsent ail hot o nt Any trade union of fiolul, but included two ran:thorn of the :irit I ah Labor rarty on its delegation. Althilugh 11 hes now been rojeoted twioe '6 the international repre- sentative of labor, the ViTUP may still figure prominently in the Aon- ference er,3fseedings. Even if the formal request to Mr. 2.tettinius is ultimately rojeoted, the WTUF seemN eortain to ho ".H o' ed when the ,*sto of the ,Tc is ,keo&ded. Meetinil; on the sidelines at cak1e11.1, the waif.' representatives are prepared to propose that twriatiro.! labor have direet teprosootation in the t;o.lial and EeontImio 0ounci1 envisaged by the Dumbarton Oaks proposals. Such roprosentetim presumably would be In addition to thr. labor dele:fttes within the TL), for the Russians at .IIMMA4,w40...?11.wom ol# Aril 1946. ...eremem. .811. SEUL 1%1 ? 01 ? 'AV 2013109/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001 0320004-5 S. ? S t ( ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , SECRET CONTROL London successfully prevented the Labor oonftwance from committing itself to support the ILO. The ooviet Union, oritical of the utructure and the record of the ILO and apparuntly dosiroue of putthing tha WTUF, may hold out for official recognition of the now labor International within the Social and Eoonemic Council. In taklng such m position, the Russians would encounter strong opposition, for many groups seek to increase rather than to reduce the power and the preetige of the ILO. Certain British groups, for example, look to the ILO to furnioh machinery to aasiot WI United Kingdom in the achievement of its poet.war economic aims. These groups favor international cartel agreements which could be arranged through the tripartite industrial committees) established by the ILO in January 1945, 1/ At the ease Limo, the 0 of L, to preserve its own position in international labor oirclee, will prod the American delegation to retain the Jim. Similarly, the "old guard" in the international ranks of labor, peruonified by Walter Johevenele of the international Federation of Trade Unions -- which the WTUF seeks to replace . and J. Oldenbrook of the international Traneport workers' Federation will fight to continue the ILO. In spite of this opposition, however, the Russians will have a bargainipg point. For the ILO oannot funotion an an affective international organisation without the participation of the Soviet Union. The Rtmaiana, therefore, conceivably could agree to rejoin the ILO .. after its connections with 13io League of Nations had been severed provided that certain changes 1111.11M114010.h.s**000..MW 1( Source S. Si CIfl T CONTRO1 n.,incQifipd and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 .16 ?t* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - Sktlikol W?P? WOO in Ito oteunturo And provldod thot diroot ropr000utAtIon. woo 000ordod to tho WTUF Tho Unodiono, howovor, Aro not lticoly to roroo nnoh ft ahowwJan ftlooloolvott, hot tomtit:4+d Aro W1.l11414 tho todividnAl lnbor 24001401## L1Q 1.40(0 bho InILImIlvo In prtnOng pr000uro upon thoir roolloqtiv4 Kovorumontm. For hy mAkin4 tho r0000ltIon or tho mulo g oontrov@r@to, thano# tho lInhtilonh woad he, oindAn4ortne, (hs was-40)10o or 1010 von, orymnI4AtIon whioh thoy would bo ohAmpiimIn44 Tho Hnoolhna Aro 00uftoitoo tw Cho root Lbot oAhlouAl loyAltIon ottll moporoodo olham loyftltloo tOld Limt mollY rroupo vor;Ard tho WTOF Am h pooJibla ruturo tool for dtplomooy. An ft rodult4 Lhb :ho o10110 nh,y omny prooipithtine, An opon oonrltob hotwoou Lhomoolvon. on L)ilti htindp 4nd thd Amorioftn11 ih And n tho ove.nt or fin0h 0OntrOVOr6Y0 116i0r,htiltintio 12t0 othor. For ths AmortoAn And OritIah itthor 1Ic*n 1y ohl1in for ilia voprqdwatktion oV tho WTUF, wonld ho piaood An tho iiimbArroodAn, pooltinn or nullporthIc tho VoontAno fte:Alaot thotr roopoativo lov'ornmonto. With tho Ae of L Attft4kinK (;ho INTUF Ao 4 lOrtittit oreAnItAttont not=hhor tho flrittioh 110P (110 Olu dootro to he, ronnd in A pOt1ltirM1 or looktoc, to tho Jov104 Union tor hopporti Tho !:ovit4 001004to to tho 0A1t1An1 hoio nlrohay inlinhto4 that thely hro hwftro ur Lht4 Avit Woriohn hooithilon. 'rho nnti4Aftn0 vonli4o Lhht tho *Ar-forgeW unity of tho ttnttotl Nottonos moro thin Any foolinli: of AaorohtIonhi holivIhrity a tilt; wiorktne: olAms. 10 roiTontabl* ror tho hvittAh And tho Amorionnh1tin voltA tJho Ru44ir,uo In o lAbo oogaltton. A1thoo., !0.1hdimul porhelim moro then Any othor 4ollogotiort APO pn1ht114. n nfliv100 pna oreootivo i 1"1, pronIAAtion, tbitvri 114t 1)10101.111r von ttn I r toll%Aolo in omoh A meow thAt wodd klbs000. thif Suft3 Coil s , , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 e ? ? 11 or. ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 .11 SECRET CON] RUL Britioh or the Amerioanit, .0or tire withdrawal of either the Britinh or the Amerteans would again nolit labor on the international level and rob the Russiane or their ,,resont, opportunity to weld A unified organitation. ln contrfint Lo the San Franolsoo oonferenoe, therefore, the Jr At Oakland are the ohlef proponenta or unity. While they have followed A oonoiltatory policy within the labor meetings, the Rumsiatim havo not played a peoondary role, merely Adding their approval whenever the rirltimh and the Amerioann agreed. Inatead the Runsiann havt. advooateil the creation )f an orc.anization with wartnin powera over its Afrilibtoa memborea The junnie,na apparently foal that they oan afford to Noll the tuner Loan and the Ilritimh to a eort.. n extent, bcwanne neither ,:!:roup at the prement time want* to withdraw from the WTUF? AltholiGh the:, fear the numerical alze of the Soviet labor =you:nit with its 27,000,000 trade union mambera, and although they Are Appreheneive of Soviet prestige with the irenciii, Latin Amer loan, and %intern Furopean labor group n, the nritish do not want to endanger Anelo-ooviet relatIona by quittlnr, the WrItt'. ;lmilarly, the 010, which hen wen ita fired:. toehold In international labor oirolos, donti not want to I ye tg ,r0e4ent position r.n.1 thereby inoreaae the ..,rentie.o of the 'V of L. :onanquortly, both thm kritIsh and tbe C10 for the pronen+. are virtually fore ed to remain within the WTUF, although they ean work For a leen contralixed organA.4ation than onvikAgod by the Rnasiann? t. t, war and the romultant politioLl acreenent among tho Alliod poword hno been the rit,lor faotor in brincin(: toL:ether the presont Iabor 00Antion, Itkowido the; :once and it effoot upon Allied oellalporatlon will havm a tet.r ti u?dflaonoe upon world lubor unity. A wealceni:m or ton, ilia .,11. Throe mifIlt '1040 the lirittah and the CIO to with. 0.111. SECHL.-1 COM Hui Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R0001onl7nnnzt_c a. fit Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 0:4 I 0 0 4rnw rtom WT1IF0 olt ;Ito 'dhoti i1 n dtrongthonine, 44,31 I nt? TO sot wilt' Itnril mit t ttpott th41 pr on 40. di' ti4 trword world lobos. 'witty ovo hatur; mnd00 ond ht, thd M4010 Lime wottld ti Poilrt lir q Ito poll I I Ile 3iStiAi t WM* 1*tirti,t' Ilid 141i1 itrd Vol "r fh.wrtiko h low orontgmtimn hnd At4i pUTILIOM1 proomnvo ryoup lo tr r mitnlind ht nnn WrnnoiNnoo It) Att 11b14r11lnad not only 1,y t lto oltrtr 1 011001.o tlitomillV tot In tintol v own Ill I (Julio but it la I fli) hesItilf: 1,,,t 0.(1 hy t?ho tti) Ihot. tia? tong or 11-114 libit.0,1 not I ono' nonroroindo ?I .% !IWO, I C Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ' ult ? ! : 4 ?fe. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 tr- ef,.544,94 t 'L-1?2**1 -.-r4.-.~.414tplatitallitorIcttiOsaimigsitItAtinstotioSISIOttirlfa 809 rt./ 1 /19 ROUTING AND MCCORD SHUT PONFIDINTillt Accesmion No. Date Mold SA .. irte,44,4425 To a ki1...e2MOStaittnitra....1.11norserer arg Room Ho. 9 Date Offionr's InitiAli ( 't . Suirsilermiamnima.Meimm. Roo d. IIIIMMIWIROP WO.P00.11 PlWdldli menuvensopdbloormewgranrw~imMINICIM?111WMIMMIWOMIG.M.P.9111?1?0.1.0 1.0......? P, .hfir 40( / _....... ......."PW.................. .I P, Ve11,90,4 . MITI. MOM '. ! 0 We.. tS WrIMISIEROMPXO1~204.1 0 171?VIMINS..111.011M.IMICIII? reggelrel -,,,,,e ce-wOrilt,IftemeprIper? MIME I.., m?-?www.???????masoom.?191 ...-...-nmw?????........1.....e.m.......????,..........1 vin?MrPnreIrWinnrsmooro -,.......",?,",o, .,,........., ??????........m..... sOMPSInt apoormsamn.N.I.W.1..., EL cf ? to. - www?nowww......reRwerWM,Vartmoneril?grannwenr.....1. . ... . Each comment ehould be numbered to correepon with AU* or in TO co . A lino ehould bo drawn across sheet under each oomment. Offloer Dosignetions should be used in To column. titch Officer ehould initial (check mark insufficient) before further routine. Action dettimgd or action taken should be indic4ted in Comments column. Routing sheet ahould always be returned to Reigiotry. ?or Officer Designations see separate sheet. ? 4%.14t 411,,0 ? ..11?11111111.M. ? - lbw ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 .64 A Declassified and Approved For ??? 4 Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 8093 comr4DEtinAt / ec' June 3, 1942 MEMORANDUM FOR: MR. HUGH R. WILSON FLA: MR. ALLEN DULLES Attached is a memorandum procured by Arthure:4' ' /- ' Goldbeit, relating to the role of labor in Axis and occupied countries of Europe, ? This was prepared by a group of German and Austrian refugees working under the direction of Miss Toni Sender, a distinguished German refugee and a former member of the German Reichstag. Arthur Goldberg tells me that the members of this group are prepared to cooperate in giving effect to the suggestions and proposals made in their memoran- dum. I am in process of studying this memorandum and would be glad to have your suggestions. I am more 4 F16 -,J and more convinced that this is a field in which wercan do really useful work. ? P. ???? _ (-It- Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? Declassified and Ap?roved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R0001 - 4?? ? ? ' 320004-5 1:AMOTIAImm Dat4.1t t.ii L OA@ rollnwtn6 9.i.C.,1444.41?11.411L1 LtiVt4urr (Ill 1401 t, 0.01A1 SKI L'IlICW Inotituto for Wlrkerel Zdnontion, Vtonna. Rotlearoll Worker tn the iloonocie fitAtiottQa Department of th4. Chamber of Lain, in Vienne, tind tn the fte4434rob DepArtment of the Anetriun Vederritton ar Labor. Writer for varione ma41fte1nee and triad@ nnton were. Lowonrtatt., Vrito Gormstuy son or th43 bend of the Der lin Subool tiyatm who oreated the Modern Sohools I,. Berlin til 1933, ertetor, Lc-wino:Li 50100ro Toni atoltiAny Agtive in Soot*/ Demooratto Youth Movement in Germany. ? 800rstary, International it ton of 'Nowhere tn eranoo. 3xeontive tiember, worlora, educa- tion or.i:antroktion, "Ude de LITronfenve OlIvriere.ft Parte. meow mo ()moor, White Collar nrItorb Union in Weston aoritany. Membor atit torte' *tar 0431 totti.-NorAt otta tvat ton liouee tn 1-rt. Mombor. tronch Mittel Collar Workers Union. tgooiAl Dotoortitio litoutber, atirolen ileiclhott44; montbor or the Ooittintt too on Iforotn Af retro sad the Ocnanttter 4v.Inontivotin 'int Ire t?tiriod. Labor member. City Oottnot1 of VranA.flirt ? *, Pnr Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000 320004-5 ? r :4; VAl< it ? ? 11.421 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Bonder, Toni (cont) Soffner. Veins ? ? zikaly.a.sdaskir, 4. aawmpt 99.yge rt092...?LL v ' '"4 ?q ,.. itt4i I 41.tk Advisor to Provident, Metal Vorkers Union. Active in Yrorich Litbor inovet.ont ;tor 4 yowls. Ji`ra.n'tfttrt daily labor pap.r, XelKiasla. tor, aftulmil, nation, 1 women mk,asine, Berl in. Labor lecturer and educator. tor S years editor of roreitn Affairs on Belgium daily labor paper in Antworpt ILL:watt. sine* 10S,G, lecturer and rriter in the United States. Publighod, AUTOBTOrtAilint a A onma BEBNIA, whioh was made the Book of the Month by tbo British Labor Book Club in 1940. Member of etaf of American Labor Ilducatton Orrvice since 1t440. Austria Loader, labor youth movement iss Austria. ? Officer, Commercial Olerke tnion. bsoutive Seviretkry, nit. Collar Workers section of the Austrian roderation nf Labor of the Province of Oarinthin. Active in tlie Austrian undergrounA movement, 19:4-38, 101,-40, Secretarr, llon-Petrtilean rederetion of Auetrinn Llat mite vnrio, sula motabor J$C tbo RoNolo Comlittoo )f the Loriyie ?rt I)rtp ? ? ,????????????? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? ? ? ?? a ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ,? ..!,F?4; 4" 4-t14. Iwo $. A ' 110111,114MOMA 4'*?V ????? th i mitt, Inbtv 01A,,o u toftnttoly movo vitnl ?Art t ,1111:1i 1411/41' sevii Wfir I, Vitt primory reason for tht N Is t' 0:1 1 ,ivo ol tho ov.irwitalmtni, tvortano o r the prodnotIon knif 10. 11r oitvrtot k. 11010: ? X I% tilt' A:ICU' POWaird Ono litres* has boon pl000tt 11,t. ,,?1 I?,r?,..?4.,?I r t w mot no nv yoArriir? Kip NO tot) OOP ittifiCrtliMe t* 1.1 rit ??vhatitur t It Indnot ry t t tha front ? Ittpot to thtti tworouwo in rod orn wartaro, th.mi$.1kittaggi vot4 htnnoti vett oh lhbor in oormany and in tha fiatimpompitid COMA t Os hail pt rot, horn nolo tol t-3ntrth?tto, it0a0 not yot boon Ablo to mulonilitto thott totnlitnrinn Howovor, it POOMO @AN to ottowto thst *von todey thp 116,i.wity or tioelinn worhovo, with tho oweption or thr, youngor grompo, :Aro ot 1 11 t var.1 tat honyt ? it to opto. al on to stay that a1mo at an t H nits iloottpt4M1 wIrall OppO NOlit tlor for national, poll tioal 4411A t,00ttil panoono. Thto mitot bo horno initni, tovortholodo. Httior hop wa0000doet 41). t. '110111 Y II aill') OW/ ? I It 0 Vtirt' tiiI H 11100 nnotin.0oyttia nt . At tho ow* t two, 11 r ? riI tit' .0611 lioji tort' ?V, onowto vra o ro and pro padantia I ntci a H orttciont bylitont r ttst it4.. Anti vontroilint 1041gir biAb in Oct MOW alkOet V$0ttlirtintip miltd W14000eP IMO h#OU tooiIttototi by tho 1a4k ir mnirtni rottottnwn, 0.1.1 Ity tOo innbiltty in tbo pftot cit Aot400ratio ?avrrnovint a3 Itl 7.11rtio 01111 hI ihbor I ti tioovaratilott In (ho r1.4.ht aotnot I 4"),4 ,,,p),,ok, isj ? ?I,lo ,olvy root ti tato,' at boo oasoo (\tat hor toottati by tlitt rill' I ilAt t 110 $41itilitiPv,i 1.r4o$1 nlc I$ 000 Any %%Chor talrivattv? to Uttlor vtklor;., thnn 0,1por V1rt.n1110e ootlowont, ^ 1 - dr ? at ,a2 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? 4 ? ? ? IIP ? '44 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ect l'he moat fertile) fieLi, 0,.0),.(irore%, P Ilitt t i I olio t1.0 tt.it' in reacittni? the lab,)rin?; maorop or ::ogi-domiliatod ,111V):10. Ilth 0 t' t' rif thd nituation thoro combined with the iLfinitolLi moro dignifiod iouLtioa lftbor in the Unitod Stator'. It IN likowimo if equal iluportanco to forret out the mordidnemm und hopeleomneoo of the lot 10' 74uro4ena lab 'r rip L ultrArt with the Asioricen wAy of life to the AMorican public. TO what extent, and how (trickly, labor so otrue4le aoanot and iretsciem throuish economic sabothee Armed roast/owe, r politichl revolution will cAin momentum and become decisive, depeneo upon 'wow factore. ecmo/ of theme - mach AO the4 conerAl couroe of the wur An0 Ito influence upon MAIO f00111110 and thouehtm. After offooto of pro-Vitlor political movomovto, developmenta within And between unNirground 4,roupe - can hardly be influenced from the outside, quite A few importhnt atop., howovor, can bo taten nor to accelerate And intonaity thio stru441e. In Addition to the milliAry (the weit obviouo), olocurine;, uoine: AO properly exploitina thctunl iuformation can have vttal effect. A high degree of coordinotien between our political warfalv td mIlitAry effort to nocemmary in moriumini? loadorehip in thin total why, bettor our political wArfare in no the fowor oacrirleem re histz' ItAve to mAke on the battlefieldm. 'Mit" 'ammo we muot dx,lord all MOW10 1.11r0r1.4.tWn In ardor to obtAin A 'dictum+ na aotntrAte oti ti tiitt atiJn. Without thio, we will mi a? opoortunittee or reachin,,, Mr(e)ean lob,r %NAV tles truth; we will hAVO fewer fme to to i=?1 vo 013 Intt,i I% no t It in lAndo where froodom Iwo diorAppoerod. Tht mantorandtuo, thorororo, I lei vo ta,1 0 Tot, r et-% .1 I rt,t Uri) IVA t 1,011 0 111 balm' in NAN' oountriooll ttt:tlt t111?. ii t 1/? ?t tht proe,ramo and t,ypoo of matertool, And wethode. ? cm a cC11 A Rel i\L 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? 1. 1 Orntnt rte Panio bitortehlt prOno nnd muotsines hnvo faithfully carried news of tlso :Ittro:KiAn situation. In tho main, howevor, the news has boon concerned prioutrily pith military ttnd developments, for with the rigid censor- ohip in 'iluroptt it luts boon dirficult - if not impossible - to gauge accurately Oto onolnvod people's in tho lnboringc1se, und the effect of fnocist ,ovornmont mot-1011rav On them. There Are other sources for this infor- on, :n t. n vory oyottOtoilt Le raty they should all be tapped and uoial. 'i rii Wttr tionretio are suggooted3 labor, current Vuropean dubltvAtionr., roroi6n broadcuots, free movements, underground movements, and )thor mievollnneous oanrces. Tl.o jaii,t.i.watilit,t1,1)94.221,1faiatitigli in this country. In IratOand; througit the British Xnformation Service, the trAde itnions, and groups of exiles in London members of tho ornntion soder t de Wow the r and former mem ors of hie In ono n the occupie countries, and so on. ntornat Through groul,e or exiles in this country from NorestaY, Austria and occupied countries. some of theee can be fouad in indopondent labor groups - eacas the i1 ib thsralialliteNz191,..ssittfe, the &ell And Gortaan groups repreoenting the un smarm movement. Ilopresentitivot of Nuropean labor can ale) be found in official delegations and political groups. Individual w.-witere or labor leaders recently arrived froa Vurope. Theso informants can be contacted through the groups mentioned directly above, or throb risfugoo weeecies, or thrtgOt the U. . rssule4 rat ion fiartico News rrint labor frionds in quoccupied trance received throng* letters. Appointanont r Inbor roprowortttit ivy, a In Ingis.nd. Logi*. wad. Psi on, to or4anito interviows with OormAn soldiers and war prisoners. AIL ??????. - rt,....401008?44w1 wir".4 4. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R0001onl7nnna_c I ? ? ? iii1thrAtA?lbil? ????,,???????????????.: t?%, G71" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 A 44. 4.. 4????????????.4???? ? --mg. ? t5s1 ' )?? r I I Oontocte with American orgAntsatioht at repourch groups deoling with Varopoan labor quostions. The namea of labor oxiles in this country con undoubtodly be socured through the office of the Intornattonal Labor OrgantsWion, the Intornational Socrotary of the Amorionn rodormtion of Lotoo, or through the files of the IntornationAl Yodoration of Tradc Uniwne, ar.atiati....1.9b1 cot I At ,i4:44;6 00 many tat.'S A very important source of informo:ion is the Germon press rogular study of official Gorman nowspAporm And poriodtcals, both for Germany and the occupied countries. A more oomploto ltst, then the one billow, of the molt tmportant pow? and periodicals can many be compiled. All theme papers Are Available in noutral countries, mach ne Portugal And Owitsorland. Tho problom is how to get them here. Dumont arrivals to this country with their oxperienco in labor movement. *brood oan be most holpful in ronditig and interpreting these paper,. Certain official German publications might be singlod out for spec tal mention -4 particularly those dealing with regulations and war ordi- noncom, colloctive agresmento, And so on. The moat effictoot source of evlottablo news on be found in much publications As the doitly ;sr Amain% ca the weekly of the Germon Labor Yront. The big newspapers ere not as important for this prpose as the local ones or tabloid,. whose readers come mainly fv*om the labor class. Official publications, such as the agiplAtatitialla orrr irettaltn, contain regulation', lays amid ordinances, sie well AO nooeseary current statistics. itatletics are also found in Jlo bi-'monthly Iittlata and In trade papers. UnfortsInstely, thoro is so far Oh States official German materiel only up ta the beginsing of October, 1941, and this material can only be of use if tt is recont. The following doilies aro ouggostodi h (Uunich nnd Vienna editions) The following are some of the portodloalat d r wilt/A(11.w 1,0 ?..Ztn,ti *%11,1A ?c110.1: str_AL eautior tab ArbOtPIAAA to..4.4.13t,cU417,712 hzei t sel.v t rt ,tor "ePt4 1.4ts It off mt .Ar.keikt, ?-?.,ow-40""* fAmPllewil?ropel '1"r""A"6"r4141"1: 41 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP135(00001R000100320004-5 10.4 ? 3. ie ? ? ? Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 -110, bi,tititj,tittial t1ggeiti)l-r.ttitLam-i iitt?tjui. k4litatblol .t)Itothotio %)nui el JOItn1,111,00 foto tupl ptyrtodtotkis Xxvospbm or Oanotit pgporo tu UtO oottntrioo so Vorwm4y, Domork? Polond? Ameohoolovokio, Noikpiedi trgoos, Lkomnburg?. Un00.0111.1 aiti 1h1'10100 otiAt't,tEt.,10 Declassified and Ap ? 'coolant tioorooe ha lose Nimrod ity tho Go vi ooutAtood in tho 491Aulq ? This sim.roe should bo tisssti oxtoilstvidy vor m z us or, oto,) Jr'mthnowsptpors orrivitm Niro ?huh 0000(401y, should bo irsod tolls ,tatrack. tijictuu kilok.pnutio",,xp,u,QJ 11w h)t* g rw AV/4 t IA. througli the Vt.ohy buromil skronob Ihromotion Oontorm in Now York, from time to time' (WW1' hold followod. A few *WOO* kiatig.)Mt09.41414. orrtoto vtoLy fitAttottoo OR w0000 prioeso 009RONtO litivoolmonth (rvdidlis trartot ti1tn kotivity) ? vitel otottotto0, owl 00 011. Via Mv000 promo, A1000 10 04. ifory woilevo for 0.11MOM 4avol.pmohto, s-% t.ttLl it 4100* hot tiootOttli tatomatton on 01.1001r1,0 hibitr MAttOr0. Nowt! "11 ?t 'I Advoltomont0 to oyntlAhlo )1orio tn tho 110.$1', Aelta0G, 1,.1'141in Os WhVes 111.410.1t. la u h ? r.,?introks, Do fol. attistp,1 I " t,0'0100 ViiI I 0111tOrt 01100 till thid 1,4tr4potut 1 to, ouivoi,10111. ktl.? V(' 111'4ittAt'lt it ts ,f11.1 1 hi 0 (01 tdVii,41 r 1?04 10 f I411 t1tp$?3 4oroirattly PAN' 1$0 r ti0111 it or 94 C.1 tho MitrtiAAtiAr '1:1 II, 1 , 114 v.111? 1, 11I ?*4 t' t n14,1116.: Aotto, *4304 bit ? 1 I-1 0t1 .041110110 roved For Release 2013/09/26: t,-inlisksoompltoor balk II. 554, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013109/26: CIA-RDP1 00001R000100320004-5 Roport 0 'U'i pi,111,t0t," o riAto 1411 0,in IT oo lilltj1t 1,Lotstogt timott411 Coo vnrtou r0`sic.rtutt ortvtit I. Am ttt1Iti 04,0 1hrotl,.) ti froo movosionto 'Hoy@ ttro ttoitto ti ,t, ottelgootiod ikt1,711J..14.1t toilot '14 Ot1)0 r 114-ra JTo Iv lf,t,i,t-0).0 rAfuu2v.ft. w 'imLUii rato tat, Poltoh footnro Novo tiorvtoo I?wi 0?raSkt ratls ctt iittentiv ;) Iiitatinmetra 2tiLlItt , jos,22:4 stt1nle? Attli nuwnion tftrot Inotttuto rol00000 rtUI vor tifliloO OA Thome roport nnd mot or tol howovor, obonldbn tittod itt,tot oorottalY. kind only oftor 1ovtn6 boon chit n1 wt.Uh othor rour000, ottoh movomon to ohould, of oattroo bo oontootod Toxt 1otalot And now000poro ho1d bo followod Tito gottorol, ottuot ton tn Vronto 0, tt5 tihr NOtotonocs tho Nos to to oonuornod. obould bo linvoottotod. Obnorvoro Oulooki 1 11 tofu tvia inl othOr tint rtpy van oontnot trftvoloro, wortcoro pOvOptIAC worh Cov or rot.traint rrIm 0OrMinyor000) Attil torrt tort, oti: troll ow lootil .inports, ot . R000ntly orrtvod oxiloo it1tti1 bo tntorvtowod, .fthotv gwv;iro omad bit 614inoti throu0 tho tnont?..vntton onthorttLoo. eittcl t ntorvtowt og tihon Id ho do 100#I n eAr ao 110(iotblo Y4't t L 0 0 1101P (yr Ow ad 6-m11,114r wt th t.hiiorohi00). t,ivi tr1y ti 000 rim th to 0,14 rt, kottior t ot rtot rrom wi t oh t hp nwwor tirvt ves1 two jtiot (low.. A Hot or tztoottono tto hoko?i ron 1 bo ,roVhrril orkior to rm. t 1 t tett it tiic t tory ow txthl Et 1 tt.d ttte)mation Poroonol frtondo tit 411,-..11--nd who ottll witlit4t? fLo Itt!lp ("oastwt, whtoh iii tweitiablo. Rplease 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R 001 PttWt?' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 7 . Information throuab Yriondol organiaationc Oontaot with imprimoned (Roman 4.401.011 and. those countritio. Oontiwt with 01.1140 *colon. porootial letters reoeived from abroad. in neutral I r. Reports of poople still in oontaot with Naropean baldness vorworns - mainly, of oouree, through i4004allif lettOre and onb..oe. This news might be obtained through the moil 00400111, Oortain institutions in this country conducting research project, on current German labor problems .0 igaoh se the Inet1tut6 or aoctal Rollearch at Oaiwebta Iiiiivereity? the GraduAtio rsoulty at the New School for Social isesoarsh m for material and connootione. 104,11").EtA1issiud, In orAor to oftrry on any sort of a oespeign for ealightemseste it is neossuary to Lava an mulerstandin4 of the matinee to be reasho4 ami its sistal malco-up. It te impoostbla in this brief messoranfts to survey the Whole copitit labor situation in Vtrop,. Nortain rough olailiettUattone, boomer. sow 100 moo of worksrs in xust.dorminated *wove. Shoo ores 1. Nazis and soollaborationiete0 2. Workers resigned. to their tote skater Wier a. Workera offering reatetanoe wittiest speeittopelitiostipsel 4. Workers offering active reitstaaeo, eommeetod co(th national rosistenee ommismoste (i.e., )Iormy, etc.) 5. UndiorgrounA groups of triode isiosiets. eleetelietif Creams, 1001400a. polaaa, Geomapr, ate 6. Wtvidvoals mad groove OmmerAr somme01404 groups lit.dmaaer 00 also tail* p41144.10, 'altering to oherottoi sootalts, er asisteitt 7. Workers restating Hitler for other moms, . roligtourn (Qat/tone trod* 'ludo*a taarimmit beigium, etc.) The comparativa axtent of these groups 004 000,004 be 000.4444040 fit.;uros, howsvar, two not neosssarily sli-importent, sivee ulster the oosiiittone of gntil ntlo, tnitvtthtsij initiativo nuA *sal origimit*4 unit* is mor ?? mrvi A nnrnved For Release 6 CIA RDP13X00001 R000100320004-5 WIT' ? e-evirPir""rtv v ? 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 vtif 4P much movo than morto. unorointeod muaboro. faotoriss, And oo on. count Tbe progrmn tJ ba inttiatad, mot bo bouh broAd onou? h to out tory AO maRy people no possible. And proctso onoue,h to convince tho M40000 Maropeon lokbor of its seriouoncos And romotbtlity. It io, perhsos, or grontor tmportance to develop tho pro,Jun in molt or W01 00 to r0tkOh t./401't t 01,110,1" e:111 0141 0 ? Th0 MO NI one enn Addraso opoc ?lassos, the more efficient will be the news service. tor examples hews should be planned specifically for the nivvy yard worlvors at Lubeck; the women who lost their sons in litkl.ssia; the farmers; the 1inhr worloirs; the youth on:411%Na; rind eo on. A. many trowel of workers no possible should be individually roachod. tiagtetellagam teaLzatr 0 filattykkA. In addition to acquiring *n understanding of the actdienoo, one must also hove a knowledge of history. Thie MAAAO, for example, learning What tomes brought *bout Nasism end YAeoism, and the stops loading to that Onto, partioulaay from the first World War through the Oenaan Republic. It soano0 oleo, knowing *Kt tho labor movements had gained in the past, and whet they hove loot since the advent of Hitler. timo report is reeurrent that the spirit of hopelessness lute been mooxiihol maw Comas wafters by the fact that they do not goo Any other Atornattve to a littler victory Wt another, an4 perhaps worse, Versailles. They also iroe4 the possibility of a repetition of the long lasting economic caste Aortas the time of the Republic. Only (Acts cum re-establish confidence t)L.t the dessoorntio processes osn work to the benefit of the common man. This is the 00o0r400 of political warfare to be aimed sspoctally at lavor In the rasi-controlled coma. Thun rstr, the, wtAr ttfl ortse ei %Ant or ? 4 1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 ? IP ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 f4 t:3iT: tho Uulioti rations havo not boon specific And prociee enough to overcome the oopultir rota' abroad of a ropoatod versailles, of a return to woo pre-littler stntTLz2, or anothor economic dopreseion. Thie met radically *hoops Phase Alma must be orystallised, if the cooperation of IMropeoho labor to to be Achiervod beyond the promoot dogroo of more or imor wontamosio sodi Am oreAnised campaign, however, to timporettro if %met 114140* pro 114* somewhat isolated ree'etanoe. The.. 000setomel mitbareto 4* ***** tomato. 4"k 3/4 ' be succosstal in immuring labor in *Ai 00eNtrtio so a 0141641141404+41170v. 1, in winntne the war and winning the pees. 441 well. taiN , eh ??,?L !Narver the matortel,'It muet be teetria1, stole, trath041, 401- should satisfy A need. It met be timad properly to nook the doeired Audience. It must be written or deliver?d W thee* *he twist their'llisiAl Imo longuace and the idioms of the country they are o44reesiag, oat w 1114644,0140 Aro rocognised as Authorities by 'she different *440001 labor pops. AO be ciormony propor, it should be kept in mind th04 ltAggietio ittforem000 ooto4 amonE the various parte of the country. Mach "motion, therefore, lhoold be addreosed by someone who is very famtlisr with thigA portioalar Ateloot, rurthsmoro, tho news mot be aesootated with the everyday priboompettese or the particular group bein,e addressed. In Odition to reloying book to laroe news of condittose or'r tnoro gloonod from trustworthy sources, fActuol reports about this country should bo tvon. Brief, simplo prasentations preferably by German, Press** ouA oo on opoaking workors should be pre/pored About Amerloisa laborl tabor cindttions, wnolo, houro, oocial legislotion, etandards of liviag, housing, Ano tio on. Comprohonsivo roports about labor organisations. politioal rroodom, traclo union netivitios, inbor **(Wootton. And so on, are ltlorwioo omioutial. In Mit, rotyoct, tho simowhat aiffersot set-up in Amerioo would havo t) bo oxplatnol, nul tho 'tonna awl ovrosstons setrtpt#A to ektropeon labor ovovit?vo. Declassified and Approved For ?0 Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000 1 00320004-S ?1P , 1 ? 4 Declassified and Ap .../???????????? roved For Release 2013/09/26 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 -10- ..64.4.41-racD.U.a'agdilliP6111016WingfteM pr:T every possible effort, (hen, should be exp3nded in showilld Actual life in a democracy. This Should be pointsd up to emphasise the role of the worker in war time in our United states. Pictures by American workers of the liberty they enjoy, the recognition of their unions, the all-out effort in vidoh they are participating, participation in industry, government and esammaitr affairs, *sir iihare in social secuAty, should be presented. The smaiiftsas. of all groups must be stressed. Jut on the other side, it sibmaLl be damoastratod that the United Oates is especially interested in T the ammo* memo aad is constantly trying to abolish the existence of the undorprivi- loged. It would bie very Wprossivo to present a clear picture of the produotits power of tho United States, to show convincingly that the United Sates Con olltpftdace Germany And that its reserves in material, capacity and mempower eliminate Germany's chances to win this war in the end. tarthermore. as far as auropean labor is concerned, this is a strategtz time to begin an offensive for peace aimed directly at the workers. It &mad be explainod to them that there is an alternative to a super Versailles mottlement. They should learn why Nazis are so hated abroad - their cruelties against the conquered, the falseness of their promises, their utter irresponsibleness save unto themsslves. The German workers should be told they osA clean themselves from the suspicion that they condone these Crimes by using every possible moans at their commnnd to paralyse the war machinery of the Naito. There is no feeling of vengeance against a German people Which frees itself from Nasi slavery. The democratic New World Order must be described in precise terms and in a convincing way, in order to Show thst there will be a dirforent world after this war is won by the United Nations. for the Axis powers cannot defeat the Allies. In this Now Worl& pinnnIn for wnr wIll be replaced by pinunin4.. for n penco without oc,Inoi,..te ,riris nne innecurity. Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/26: esirreit ? r Is a Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 - 11 Lmbor to Nest oontrolled oountriem met be told thati I. Thb Milted HAtloom wt11 book lAborom effort im tho sootml mnd moonomto rootm of N*11104 And 1'A00101% *Oh As 000A0144 stmolmttoli, dtsinto4rmtlon or tho mtddlo olamoom, hopoloosatoos of pooh1 no )Utlti for "surplus populnttonm." and $o on. f 0. ? Wtptn4 out Httlorts wrong, doom not mon rootorlog the 110411,01 and tioltttool, ju, of 1931i. *Mob Remitted Witlori ? rive to powor mud hi onQuost of Illurope. Compeoloation for Nowa safforod will bo mtbovOinmtod to tho mmjor Intoroots of Moropeon r000notroottom (for owavIP? olum olocronoo, buil1tn4 low oomt houpos for tho hlwel000 rather thee tiampelimatili; isnot% tittnio?oid hotists ownor to the AM amount). Tho liottood, Nationa will hoip by 'ivory momnm posoiblo In post war r000notruotioni yoodin,?; homitnee medloAl Aud sootal oorvioom will )040 prtmhry tftnIc rut. thm dox mftor flttlorom defeat. The limited Nations smeet ti o 000poratIon or lOoropose workers, who in turn shall got a derseratio roproadatition In 01 rmoonstruotton prrieute irho itortuou 01 0 intermtional war sftort IA monoy. mmtortols. void mmn power must Is oonvortod to pool?. *aorta of oe loote tottont ano 61nom wmr produotton has absorbed for year. All onAmployAd to All belltoorent v000trios, peace 000lkomy, orgoaisoi vith it All-oot efrortt outtht to be able not 007 to provido work for all mIrkora. moonvity. but Alpo to Ova thaw A docent liviag **A 0004 oad oeo61010 0. Thtm moctal and oconomto meourity ougMt to be guerestood, l nn oti in Ito Iwo Ad onilinom, and properly suporetwed by istornatiomal oat I hio"*' 00)Illcol owl moonomto bons.. ? 6 .0? 11????;., 2 4,1111111110. n.f.incQifipri and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? a. ? V, 4 -4 O. 4. ? t ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ?12? p?4?11110114110.1.4?????????????.(6.6????111??*...,. 1 ' I, O. In tho meantime, war production in the United Stans is running on high, and tho joint production of the United Nations begins to *mood that of the Ails powers. (As mow 41curck AO con be nafoly E,iven out, should be used to show Clot contrasted with the 010 powers thn litAit of the United Nations is not yet in sight.) 7. And, again in the menntimo, (7) thousands of Gorman soldiers have fallen on Russian soil; (?) thousands more have boon injured. 40,110(10 Noe. wor,??????????????"? Th. mothods used in diawmainuting this informittion must he direct, quick and adaptable. Booanse of their speed, broadcasts Addressed to workors in Xuroe aro perhaps most effective. They should be trantuittod over ihort wave direct from t hi a country. They should also be t runemitted to lowland for relaying by long wove to the Continent, since short wave vets have boon largely confiscated by the Nests. Besides directly oronising ? oadh broadoioots, sortpto should also be furni shed for une to many stations, both bore and in Nnesand. These broodoents oucht to alovhaeisup Libor' a war effort in tLir countrY and in all the United Nations, precoryntiun t v I I. libortiom in war time, the Pam:atoning or woll?otithblishod domoorncy, poet wftr pinnnint. Ali th points ourxested undo.? tl?c, prot,rAm arc t to I net tiontrai y, sit 1 "moo brond. oust e atv.1,t tt tii no frit tvit. ?'lime need tin t 1,r t r t t 1 d r t r ri rice of the lint 'morn t.iut i Al 0 1, in r-ii4 - MI, IV* ??a?tl?h16.951.4.1,11113 1i ...t.porirmorroNtw ar"101101044; ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13XonnniRnnn-inry)-1,1,1, A ? ? r ? 9 ? kt,41 ,fftri 4b ? 4 rat. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4. ? ? ; t A'rs" k''bb I 'b."0?11. e4.11141,v4)17.NTiA toot brooknotti ehould in oo .64r 4# voomible be identified with the daily 'Iwo or tho olo1100 they 4re intonded to roaph. In broadcnoting, current example,' should be given of Noel it.., hp, for extuvLe. A come oited rec.ently in the Allagdijimemis'AM wore Oven ()omen broadcasts of the same day to Marto& ant to insloint whioh wort% @Toot oppositee of each other, It would be extremely valuable to hare Poplar one Wail 44 "thooti who reatost.N These would 1)4 featual 'sed tree roporte.a wit 1- ? ?, x4minot the :44416 being oonducted in Waal oeuntrioso Oda Is of,tho greotost LAportanoe, for it muOt never be forgotten* tbakotbor ipeeptio Ii -.0 001,11An./ Gerutiot controlled countries do met koow *Ise tooliossais Belate again and again the sham. of the %metes* ossealtiame?- k It. VA r Ilemd letters - true ones only - of hoetasee, *0 have )Mer boor smombod? i The exeoution is certainly the hig,h point of Mei malty otitioao even thooi who *thereto* are indifferent. The usefulness of dietributing linnets from playas waSkt to be oArorkaly iuvestigmted for every special cense? both dull* e bombing Mid tuldmci69I1i1ts or oomperstive calm, Ways And meano of influencing directly opeolflo grove 01411,110,46 nuclei or resistmnoe, *ad other key porolas (Ohop telesatee, farmer lode) gro needed. There Is little or no need to lanes. Oleos people asetae4 Hitler, ha they Aq need factual inforimetiost TVAY should each to eolowinoot in m poeitive wmy as to the mimo of the United *otiose both in oar eat to pow., 01 order thet they MAX be prepared to cooperate both ia the lalisotea of the eoropeAn oontinent *nd in winning the peace, Doth for ourrel And specific propagende ell the labor emoteete Atwood should be utilised as Isoutcotne chmanelo me well es olecoolae 0600. .,rd -mrom-ocr.k1 ,t -,1,4eviegiromerli"fr , nnrnvAd For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 . ."0.)..,t?'_ ? 4'4 ISO ii Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 )I,,t,t), ??,, The observer posts, mtg4ested AbOVM AM one 00?1110 fl tor illtormntion out of Murope, should be 'oiled both AM Ntranomitters" and no "roorutting stations". Reference hers to mode to observers placed in nsutra,1 countries Where they Oft ontact travelers, workers acceptIng work for or returning from Oormaay or occupied territories, follow local paporo, mad so on. this Oon Also be done through former Xuropean labor leaders, both in this' country and in **gland, who still maintain some contect with continental Wrope. Likewiee, governments-in-exile In con"nct with labor in their home territories should be tarnished with matorls1 for trammaissioa into their oompted countriec.. 1; - ." .011111111?11. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 , * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 COORDINATOR OF INFORMATION INTEROFFICE MEMO PROW Moluarti Hohman TO M. John C. talqy SWAM Coordination or Lohor Leforte ,Wrrusrat?Vrts-c, `VVIX'roiImjVAtil II 1) r It ? ? t, IL ta matter now or memo nrgenoy to 000rdinoto tho offorte of thift Agonny in Up work with labor organitatione both horo And obroad? Amorioao and roroign trade anion loadere whom wo 000taoted And who Aro ootAbliahing for tut 1,140o or oommanlootion and who Aro pro- ir''i to undort.fiko apovitio notiona Abroad, aro diaturhod hy the retot thtit thoy run into difforine, polioioft in othor branohoo of tho Orrioo or LIttt CoordtlittLott or tOrovm4(400. litiotturto oe thoir doubt oonoarnIng oortAln oloionto, tor aaamplo In tho rovolan toComotion t.lorvioe, Spooial A00.1;1.41013 and othor branohosp wo oro now mooting with porno rAluotauoo on thoir port 000perate. Material which woo aont you loot night of Aorlo importAnoe, oould be ob- tained only with the greAtoat difftonitor. Tho foar woe trankll onprossed that oar branch had no moano of koopIng lto tork oonfidontial boonuao or oorttain allogod loako In tho FiS. Moo taw livoftot oma or tho persona working on our hohAlr aro direot4 involvod, thay aro torribIly distArbod by the portaiblo ooneognon000, Furthor, IL lo gy tronelderod J1dgmont that tho oxoollont work now wand Porrormod 07 tho Now York orriao tho labor Nuavowont mat ba 000rdinntod with the work we aro doing in p t,in I bollovo thetb this Agonqy mat havo Illation" labor polioy, othorwiso th. 00Art0100, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 14+5,4 II ' .47 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? will vonnit in Lho Loso or somA or onr mos& Imporbo t,ir* 1, hollovo LhAto All doolotono in rospoot Lo inbov mode AL Lho Now Xork ?Moo onghL Lo Ito oloovod with WnohingLon horovp flnol Approvol, I hollovo tollott no dAutoiono ohonld bo mnds. by Lho Now Yovk orrioo horovo onoh AppvovA14 Ott poovt0 An Now tovk Aro WO ipshlop hati do noL quitt nndor- oLnnd Lho moot dottooLo voiALtono within Lho rovoign lobov movpmont. Aronuno# roe oxnmplof LhnL A dpoioion worts mndo ror Lhis Agpnay to dont with rtflOilOti 0011thitin ta group; Y13 V/U0.41 111.000)1,,y 1,,000 AU rrolroil LoAdo ti n ttj t.r. I rti I bu;**tsc LLn WIMIlkali 1t t LIWO nndoegronnd Aro quito IndloorooL told hnvo nirondy joopnvdtood tho livpo or rronoh non- oummunlotoo in Lho vindorground movomonto. Thorp hAvo Warfil Nolontiono olroniky an t 330n.U. 0 00140 41010111111%4111,14. 0,1011itnititi rogArd Lho 001111Ittialti th 09 thabl pVtutt0A1, viviag 1.tt A pooL-wAv rvonoo, sod would look A0kAnn* AL A thILLOd OLoL00 Ouvornmpot Agonoy working with Lhom. rtontly, thny rounvO Litt) torormation ("roan oomiannInt, ondnravoond nouvoon nn bnina honvtly tondo(' wIthh propAgnadn And qnito tnAoonvAtio. Thoy boilovo Lhnt Atm, noLtono bnopd %tom nouwituasi 1 Inrormniton would hnvo tiswropt4tuult..3 ViVortititiri 1,1011i In IN4a1104% ? P gtn10 IV 1141011 11130 lntabr titkiV a:Ito n A mtoLnho onr Now York orrtoo 10 111(.014 to miAlo.0 la Lo Octal wtth Pont Ikon nod htm gronp in roopooL to Gormony. Thr' Now York orrloo is oonoldoring oondtng rivo or 14.1 ownoon to 11:oropo %whom Holton *11 I, Immo. Oinon Hogon'o ronord, n000rding to onr Invoott ALtonot t t trly dobions, moy m4(430411 hlo vont) mny bring ont it dovmAgy 10 PW1p0ot In ndvnotio. tuvLhoro anaon to vol.), polittont in his out. took And wp ouky hoLp bald him np in A po0LwAv dormony. rinntilp othor grono *IP noo now forkiml 401 in Oovmftnr, whom wp trunt. WAsY hp 'jut Lo dlotnchp4 tr Lhoy loArn or soil porli- 'ciao oupport rote HAgon. ? ''???,?? Ptt '"440"40116*, 4611114/401004teafFIVIPPOOr ? ? A' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 3 bi oonoluoton, I Mould liko to point out thut our lubor poltoy an ntroohing nil bronohos or tho Agonny, must b. fotrky unitorm in order to bo orrootivo. Wo oannoto oxavio, work with nortuin labor aouruoa upon whom wo rally for Information) and return!, thorn, without any vaaoon, tho raotlttima ar oar short/ wore to %Irv*, und pot thio hoe boon tho foot. Obvtoutay, it wt wtoh to tnotiii oonfidonoa in thoao groups who aro working on our bfAialr, thoy aro ontttiod te tho aamo monouro or noaridouoo. leW two dinorlmiaatod agalant gonutnoly domoortitto taro:din labor groupn hooanao IL wao roarrul that thqy mIght bo aloo anti-oommuninto FIV htta whom ftnItiotly In Lao mattor though it "MA quit* trrolovunt to tho Intoation or thono domooratto trado unionioto Lo otriko A blow *plaint littiortam, ti o ()onion Whiln tour orgnntmationat oot-up mow ho ouoh 4111 to provout us Crow IntirtullaR uPou tho no rogardy gonorml broadoanto, I think w? havo otako In tho broadonoto to labor, and wo ouOt to have oomething to oay about Lhom 1r w? do not wtoh oup work tn Wan. dirootions to buffer. Ritzol :A...., ? ' -L:101 ? 4;rtItte? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 4 A, u, 0%1 07,47 t4t,U41 It has boon $11uotiLud that a conference of laiFAI; oronivantions of the United Nations ahould bo ?tilled for the perpode of formulating and issuLu n joint statement expres:iin the united support by labor of the war effort, and tho conviction of labor tho world over that its hopes, wir;ttions and plIouam depend upon the defent of the Axis powero, A joint statement or 'labor charter? dmanntiA3 fvom much a conference, developed in doziioort tic t6rms con- ;Ion.int oath the objootivos ()tithe war, would make 11 pro- round t1ppo,t1 Lo Li o rank nnd file of labor in onemy !And 000uplod oenatvim no well av In the United Nationo, Itn Aguirlouta prepuvindn vAluo in thin respect is oh. While the tabor movownto in the Unitod Nations aro of vAvied poiltionl oomplotions, the poo:Abilition of tt in n Q0=00 r,,ireemalt at the prosont time seem to be you ,00d.1 Tho objoctivos which n charter by labor in the 4.1,?0,1an UalLod Intionn mit61it eovor havo been in part stated in Athutio (Mart:1r, but they hnvo not yot been made ?rort IL ta not 11000604 or oven desirable, to wait ap4 4,7owL adopt a common charter dea1in8 with tho objectiv* I 6-V01, 11.'0 " Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 a :Labor in Lho vittr. A joint labor,:oonrovolico would TA froo mtkny or tho ruotrAintn noomipavily inhoront in ' tormal otatomonto tonuod by t4ho govoramontm of We Unito6 Nu Thin p tan would, of ootwoO, ncooni, tato vory 04voCtil proltmLn4py GououLtation. Tho prouonoo in thu 1,1.1,111,01 L L ut 31?r Waltu vC it rinni on or tho loadloa BriLinh Leach) onioninto, m14,1tt? nCford nn oxoalon't oppor- Lunilv or din co on i tho p0001U t tq 1140"Allellt Oft movemonto or e_11,1 tho Un t1 Nit oono. ootad otho bomn Otrowell rcpr000fitOivoo of Amorionn tabor toovomont, South Amor:limn laboV IRO VtOtRetlietIt !111?1 ittthoUtor labor ropr000tallt.tvon w itro ThQy A3-1, (OA 111 t I, uii t,ho propow.d conrorolloo Lo muut In thin country. Or, it mA6hL po2:1111., thrit UUt t L1 I 1,110 Unitnd Stnton could frame colad ho rAifira ;Avon n thab5onod of diront p,wLicipotJoil, I u17111.!.0 1,111.A.t to oomu oxtont thin io out i1 or our ophoro,tifltsiv ,10 hcivo tt \tory uoofol t.7.ontAoto in Ulio flo10 whioh coalt 110 Of rota iu i hulpik to dovoop tho tabor pro14m, horo in nu46uotoa, mt I hok114 bo lad tdtio 00Q Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 ? ? 4. 14, 4 %. rt, ? ? ,?t ?,21".r ? '?"!: ).; ?, ? ? ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 I. thom utilizod in Lhin diroation if w? oaa 6o'oo without implkjiAj n tho Viola in whioh oLhoro may bo logitimntely Foolineo an I 6o, that Lho tabor movomonto tn 1141ropoaa uouaLvitill may provo Lo bt) uur hoot ailloot both AO ooarcoft of iarovmatiun andEl. O. work, it noomn to flt tha L1 i idon hao connidorablp mutt. and ohoilla be 1 fulLy 0,:ptoo!d. 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 9-17000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 'h"IlumPrwm") olTaom aToso otulm 1.,11 111q1 ;4.4por log 1011 111,31\c= ovvo,toj .00 gT ao41wm t1* It Jo L1 II 4,0110 IJMOO TOtiJ 40W tIca Pui/ AT00 noMpilm toiiffljo qiutotwOopoa ow ilmoq UT oiwautiortoo prpum aolmoqm oog pq aopao oT 44vaJu1i Pt u 6oN ul Xttomaosol atiwut qv:moot 1111Tm ttomITOD *LW ttio4 poTooddo iJopl 'IT #ooTjjo cattomn gc14 wout.ou gooptm aoi 000l goq %Morn ?.4V11 0Twitlo lacIX m41 Am mt 7bIllaom mou gT Ovmpin 0a0qPVA 41? outRaV *Pomuulooaao aotpuTo towl0 400tit 0Tua1t1 rritopl litToirpll oup vp-top oo 'okott T vim Liltt 04 TN -4011 1,t4ow 41ploatutiqoJto co0Uvriltq '.2.1olaom ltm(kap/4 vutqloodoquT oft;f1 iittrattOT& J0 kitgoou ctti. oT oiaom ow), quo0oualt1 o.41omolo uvauriot Woop gvavam oq 9uTuolaooq ol qt ?Or4ohl,Ui Jt) olawd (WWI% UT 000TAA40 uommaojuT vosaod ol Xipiii400ddo otkolapwl doN0 OTYkom 01410W01 J d I fl 41/q1 10?J T 411Tql uom500 ux 4PoTaq,oftoo 'Aup0(voT malt %oogro Nuojoad OANI ItII001101Iosi1100 I? tt4Itl ,00twawoo uTim J0J UctNfovjlo o41, oq aom wing t()Tn ota pull *Ft Jo *,4**,r 00 Jo ,:oArveltrigwoadoa so Ihmirpluoo too-1.111UII(0') ITown Xallr4ot& olloopTooao $wJomod graT oq$ Jo loojop toql. uo opuod0t0;o4o pla0A ow.1, aollot xo mo,r-loa(t Imo twvitloaviwo tood64 oql 4o1,14 uopoTAuoo aTola p11.11 14 t cMti ti 4110Ja0 aomIU1 0,1 Affiyer JO vood mdug po,Top. owl lowoadgo rolowomfo qutO o guraguT,,pup 9urotamaoj Jo oguaaud oql d0J VAII44VM po.41an owl, so ottorm -TuOoo aoctor, so oolou! po.:1,TIAR uT onuoJojouo U ttoo otgogwo oq 1,Ippit 1T 1N1 poivoflfto trooq wp,t wopT rr"rik, V Mrt t MAO ti (I n ,moki ta rai rbt, &MA ) I) - iv kvi 19 of ilv ri Is- .10,12 V pRki ki al tAlq) 9-17000Z?001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 9Z/60/?1-0Z eSeeiei JOd panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 de Tr.?.PikAititaktmere&tm6amo. ? 1 ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5 titIC tin IWO WAMTKOTON ore'r.71 TUN PUMAIPM MR. WO mr4rilofla Tr) UNITUO Wt00$ I ooto th6t tss miodion ihst LiWOW $00tHOO India inoludoo WoOr r4ot10A0 144M, toko it tS0 40tos will two to show tible lomfaotnrora in Twit* handl* laboralaktarco rt haw opossurept 4141 1444t fro* t14* *it 0 or wool. in thollottod *v*ry *tattoo tkot should tholudo s rapr****444tval of ormusimed 1000 Ail or 00 Vottod Nation* aro movolsorp.vUthe Tato!, LOosir Organtaati000 60041 how* fair4 woolX40v4 Novoimmt*, th* loodoe* of th000 **woo** hstoo4 oontnst wtth Mork** 10MOY 1**doro *t th* 'trio** or Who TLOp T Khould thlytk that 0* mina. of poroAtiotio or tho Vnitod Notions wo44 be losrkS4Asititevod If thAr0 wOrt, 1100400y 00 Mr 0104000 who **0 r00111 torostod in l*Uor &PA* tomai4t toom **Kt tilos i* * Otaimr tn hoviog on fair mitoliolaa o 010for rOlhttooll **00000 I* mimally :tomcod ivoll a* th* roprolootatotivo 0 this 100trovr, wtth no soreooposolint roptosontstivs or Amoriapp, 1400* Thor. aro Iwo 44104 ma otottaomoow 1,11 tha Omitai titata* to a potatiion ?Amid who #4144 eiot of th* lohor popX* w* moot I WAre ? , I kok ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/26: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100320004-5