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November 3, 2016
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September 25, 2013
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July 10, 1945
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4.11111 1?4404&444 4:141 Cil 111,UNIIIMEMINEMINIENZU Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 4rarit4urn Oarserer Utalritsr; v.:. GONPER,Ntaltbrr a 'Leung Mkrgatt ilavikteriat toutriw4* 110%V.:141 #1,110311M Itsturuere Ike t OATS z 3\114 1945 ,t * Ira 4) Ifellealit *.td is editor au the SI Repettint BOd litt Ram treat 19 *least 194* to 19 May 1941. The Reportial.aoalk Moo gas 04404 elder Ow Ovalle* 111 **stied and it* vierk Sttetio4 tree tbe arbittexteessI otreateperlaelle We,* The *On ?Allots** tieigionietii, le wawa OW C10140101411 et Mr *row eebelsittv-persor44, lvatesiatlat la ttehe ow U.Neelliks, et both hake trout wadi listint *moil IA ttesional reatirCagt vet 00 a rietty tool thinet#01 t '??.; to*g ' ??,4""totrl'.: ? ?", Yve*. " " :A ? cc : p ? A ? sl A : , , , ., ..4: ? tfc. .. . ! -c T-i? ,,, ..\. q, 3 , . - -..t- -. ',err , --,,, :. :: - r.1..- r?''.;i4 , " ill \ ; :i." ; ' : i 4,.., ' - 0.1,..,1C.t;;" 1., "r , . To :* , i - ? ,,,, *.:-:.,-,-;:ti,-;,i , , .?,:` .1.:. ? kot,-o, 1 tql? - -.4 -, : j- , ? -- .? 1=?I' ,".."4,li's1L'' ? - i; ? -; ? '3 '; -?' ? 4'11, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ; r t,;.q.(FS.46bYa.q.s44aXtWtVtitfttetrartfkatliP.t6FV OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES IXAININOTON 25 D C, 2 July 1946 if! va* Gmaaral Donovan nrade We H. Showitoon SUDJICTI Attaohed risid Report from hirci, HoOkina Mr.. HAWVkeo roporl Wan* up, la am seat* torn *goo 4f the loIeloonta of tho work of Italia* SI Ita1y of whiAk leo home boon goer* for soma time. TPA iik-Watiwit so Uwe., eiletee l'he pity of it is tbik work of lthaion la would hove boon much Vetter ir utela moth 44 Mrs. Hamittai, had beim isortoad ot bo4st; hooraeopped or rojomiteg? askot 4ZP, aim 1614, Nawklaa a* soca a* I *lead this roport4 but sh*Wui ;ono on leave. I have soko4 to be sotto ttwil? *4' ooemr ohe Wourns4 thw* I out dillouAS 'AO *WU itiitZliW lath ral AIL Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Crnst.e.litilt I:MI=4111M ENE= Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 anidanimasairwimmilliMPMEIMINTIMIIIMIlliMMEENERAM Mem ? flan? UNITED STATES GOV 41.RNMENT V, *Wow fltaptaitera iltiaa Mate thirrt We. larriet tixrul 20 :rune 1945 Mats vs. Suietise tilt mat sow **? to cotter= ete ?traVtgliallt gas set to *rite 11, **viten zatoruku it CCUItto Isiiteivat= *a th* Upon* *Aim is ottairaueds *WAY* iirtV4 WV if Weilet kW stemma tkat the lavert-44 eecittes id/ Imo usdi to latisIatalvact. *MAW& &IA atta not vsalu eigik private* otki proeteart utliimor soperto ottiemes43, (dvoldzstdkat lamottiorsp Mixt wowed itat ties* = poolanzet me overt-wet ere ra Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 :7, ?? r ?4' 0, ? 1., ? ? 144g - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 .:_IVRAFttiFtrIZWAftv- OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SEJRVICES wAsHiscrrotit 1). Director, 088 Chiefs SI larrietRawitins Report om Field Condition* Reports Section, Italian Division, 8/. This r,rt 'covers my experience with the Reports Section, Spostev tram 1 August 1944 to 19 liar 19450 1 held the following position* during that periods A) Motor of Politic and loonomio latellilomee. 2) Assietent to the Chief lditors in charge of the gamiNg of report*, 3) Chief /Altos, and Assistant Adainlntrator? lest two poeltions included supervision of typtsts and transla? iPtfl00Zforseding, occasional translating and editing., and ?hooking edmetsrial* * 'see Franklin as sole eesetattro ot the Re 1101014, it the nominal function or otnd onon * SOltolhorf )1111* Proinklin hi. rytht t t the UMW* DiTtilont SI la Rams t if oftt.414 t ooese? ROPOItteld f4,14,*ts tor Ca t Nmr imisoOrt .40 repofla, with the roquest from t tvher shm114 mt the fors ill *oft thwoteilkiCktatteakaid the prelatic' that iikViel mad, beglit it the return of Mr. et Mita*, Division* II,MVOs who wee thin Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 dna Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R00 4 ??,,Wifq".IN ? -- laykyrb'E.,*?-r???mr ypyi?-;;;?,41votie,?.,t-..111:5 , evet, , 2 Around the *nd of November, a meeting was held in Canerta at which it ems decided that the RePorts Section, Rome, would come wAv. the complete jurtsdiction of the Italian Division, SI. Mr. Franklin returned to the States on temporary leave, and I was *Warted into the Italian Division, SI. ?or another month there was no reports function As such. The Divialon continued to process their reports as they bad fraverly d(are, and I continued to have little or nothing to 4o. I made * trio to Caserta in wIlich I appealed for help to Mr. Theodore !Van, Reports Officer, WIDT0i and was informed that the Reports Section, Rome. bad been taken entirely out of his 4urisdiction. At the and of December, Mrs. llisabeth Smith, Miss Grade Avitmbile, and Mrs. Mary Watson arrived from the Repvting Board, 1nitAn, and the Reports Section, Rome, vas formally established. It lionsisked of Ceptain Joseph J. Caput* as Reports Officer end Chief Uttar, with myself as his assistant in charge of the processing of rets, the three new recruits from Washington and Miss Laura ardeft ipartotimt searetarl to Mr. Scamporino) as editors, with some transteting work as sell, Lt. -Y. fihine Assolina as military *liftoff Mt. Peter Sarcoli as tralalator, and several enlisted mon es typists. The functim was ostensibly that of the eporting Seardt and the SAM* pattern of procedure was followed, with the notable difference that the who4le vas a function of the Italian Division. Sit a4d iirectly 12011*, the control of Mr. Scamporinos At the beginning of Mir, Mt. Weamporino and Captain Caputo, went norttf4 and the Reports Section was turned over to Mr. Lawrence Sattliting. Other personnel ohatrnes in the courso of the period toeluded 'the appointment of 10, :moon D'Assato as Administrator, *ad hi, ,202000ment i hat position by Mr. ?raniclin after his return from the States. er, r fahaiLlualaamaLitaluallailifiattakimItat *0 buomila Iho oersomel ftataith and liars* Slelltam oriel** sit oomineeted wttth theatet gte *Oesmoo, SOmmaortiww1Ws on4t otooktliat eviti Division SI, ;wept for Vt. of Italou'Amerlosost :Wray of ationed *boys was an Italian and were lawn thringhout 'quo Ism sorgartizek.4 wide Mr. which was them let ala os Um* Igo or todispendent Amu ato Sliweivoldrie; 414 toot WOO* Unlit, ,ateition. No laid 4Avon maws, strsi two, stset was alleiro4 the pstlidlog. of Itiostionins OA* eorietvlitoxii*: I. poroi4ts4 aono to tionstor out of his brsricht ito0 thei* Iwo istiodolo efeJOHP trder his doutinaktion# 3 ,I,C4:4,..,14,44.1.4040/44,0444,431441%11444/41,300,14.'4?':4'.:4,410204#0.4tAAW,45404r~VMOIMit , - ; .) WM? ? ?4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 riL '2"-Th . ? ????? 1, 7 ? 4. - ? . a -11 INF Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ,,,?-???614 WM. tv?itoArtti roall-imer*A4**11,!tizt airfi-t*Pr--,1-4--4,e,rthw*trogloommwisito. 3 tscept for Mr* Scamporino himself, and Captain Caput who Iwo both hard sad intelligent workers, there was no work s, done by the other aembers f the Italian Division in ouz office* They all held rominally important positions, and wore rarely in the office, oft whin they *ere, 'pent their time in yelling at each other and talaying vexes' The att1tude a thee, people toward* the four women sent out by the PevortizIg Board in Washington was consistently insulting* They apparently relsented the fact that they had been forced to accept Imtsiders? in the first place, and in the secot4 place held the belle thet no woman was capable of any activity outside the home* They tratid us with n studied politeness which in itowlf via* en InsvIt, gad at the same time contrive0 to make us feel that we were Interior tad incapable of doing responsible work* Captain Caput*, unter is. Wrect jurisdiction we worked, held the gzittral assomlYtion thht we knew nothing about the work we were '0() do, and in spit* or the fact that we were all professionally qutlified peAtanuel 4244444 in Washington, with oansiderable background, and ths.t tat leg,st vas a orofessional editor before )oining 085, he lmastotook to train us as though ve were schoolgirls, and with a ocloirsioly tosulting attitude* b. Maas ?he tectftieal weaknesses of the Reports fiecZion in Rome are wer7 olose1y tied in with the personnel problem* They sprang from tAw ispaletle, capricious and arbitrary temperament or the Roprts Ofttmter* ter succilet. after a report bed been translated and edited soultSing to hits alleettlivitImel he would often rewrite it conpletdy, them atm it btok telt the editor to edit, and on its being returned tot Ott, +kettle to rewrite It from a different angle. Thus each ?owl ism* worked over until it achieved what he considered Wteatile* 'Ws vainstaking method although commendable for its tfttelloctuol alertness end energy, inevitably resulted in **matte eagnfosiesn in Om office, where the editor involved bad no way a kneels*, what woe *spoofed cif her. It also resulted in the final roman. *Mtn Wing cirnitidsreb17 different from the original which maid cos*. tn* ailop gliraseraoa of the rilmorte was a result of the same fetceors Cal*aln Olkout& is 4 lawyert and addicted to formal ond logml Okaatoolope Ito ossferred the mse * four-4105101, word to * 44*wo4liosao *41124 outievor peesible, ant Stilted phrasing which was anon (tUrtoolt t6 anior*Usem sr weramapted to o.. sa tbila to morsel reedebte *Wish* we were knestt4001 thwkwe were not*Oling tee' * amimpagerl and tito orUtok% Armitoology wes micta4stnotict At **sloe 41 planet isma oao*14otalgo, Optobt Cm -pt *got tto rovorit* ghomit4 lookimU on the loge 010 in* 4141 on isoi1V4**et/Ittto** so se thota vepot wot ottould ham. too* .q??*.s?-e.? ? f ????sf...1".;,-",1444.1.0.4116,4,4440?1044-? ?4,,C40..4.1?1????ifit foef?Pitii.*Jt.?1-1-fsnia01.1? .g7f.:".? ....is??.461?0401004yhaUlitagyggiftga, ' , , ' 4'4.; -,?1, F.% ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 , 4, ? ?r? t Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? t.:??r;.i.);N 's04131, ?." re'l '''":14.71 r's,FA`Prz71 Pi6e. Nr?fil?V,A?A?t4....r." TM???'..-?,t, ? .0,3? fes,, slo? 4 squeezed onto one "aili was necessarily spread Over two or three. With the use of the Ditto machine, tis naturally snowbulled into a treaendous consumption of paper on even tho shortest reports. RistrIbuAimA.,. Both Mr. Scamporino and Captain Caputa vere 30 afraid of revealing their sot:tees >I* information, that for a long time they could not be persuaded to give their reports any distribution to speak of outside of Inthington. AS the Reports Office in Caserta vent to the opposite extreme, and believed in distributing everything to everybody, the Roue office finally reached a compromise whereby they sent their relorts to a limited distribution list in the theater. However, distribution was never intelligently handled until the last month or so of the period under consideration. Valuable medical intelligence vas buried, or sent to people who could not possibly have bad the tatersat in it that medical agencies and per would have had* In tnis connection, the loalousy that existed betveen B1 and RAA prevented SI reports being given Mk for the circulation whth might have been atzl u,natura1ly1 the topics covered vere often tho same. Akti reDorts that came in tr.): ms for monthp *ere read only by myself; later ty the other women it by the Wishington Reporting Board. They wee. never lot to use, issmakatillalmai Too /moral crittcisms of 0837 Use' have nothing to do with the Iftblamt the Relorting Board in that ?Moe. If a sweepiag criticism oeft14 be wad* it it be that in geiteral 088 personnel in Rome, and bellow' in hifi.i morally$ t*411 to measure *maces* in terms mf at for in terms of aut000bile trips4,- It is true mot csny of IOut of Other orpnisatiocr, that somewhere between bow tt *blow 1.$ making it* snoriflee, and the front lines which e* their groattAr on. %hers As ti o rear echelon which reaps the Ownolit Watt lie had the food, the cigarettes, thq Army privilikims, ottwrIrts itat Oputart and the general conception that on the enolds ear is e pl Ott,' 400d thinils Volt ' fry bow *mutt awiter *404114 IMF nom ** ta NORWV1AMSI, it 4 - ?-? tt itis raced wig** ploblait which to the Lost tiobia4 1epowte4 anywhere els** and 'Mich I b*4 It /Hog 140401.14, tbootetore, to *Act ee Untidy 04,01140111 persermaitile* rather tl?VOLUOirtit ate cookatiosilly recomoisruledi cam of toreip inanition to thair WO/ma reetotioeste4 tot glitietttl OA* neute of the ?-??? a- ? ?t.e 4:7 4a, wegergromemtWmefiler? 55 7iJ 4I4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001 R000100410001-8 '2* , .1 4- 4 4. -?*p , - ;???4, ? I a , 4. e ?? ? a 94 rt. ?.. ;ee Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 61- I.t A..,-Atareereee bewesncamesnamiesviottaintitleltektii attitude of the poopi* in that country to their own nationals in America. F6r example, tha North Italian and the Roman despise the 40lath Italian and the Sicilian; yet the Italok.Aaerican personnel sent to Italy by OSS were &least entirely of South Italian or Sicilian extraction. This created a very bad impression in Rome, ead OSS had a bad name there? largely because of Italian SI. They were both zospiled and laughed at, and much of the information given than vas dons with tongue-in-cheek preolsely because of their origin. It seemed incredible to all those eh* understood Italy that such a mistake could have been made, and the cause of OSS so basically jeopardised. b. If women are to be molt into the field on a professionsl basis (which - naturallyt - I believe they should be) this should be made as clog, as possible to the persons for whom they are to work overseas. The prevalent assumption in OSS in Aurope that women are sent either their sox appeal or stenographic ability (or both) makes it very bard for the voious *weer* worker, who is trained and qualified to do ,rofeseional work. Ahem* she may be flattered as a woman kor her rael 1m imaginary charges, her ability in other respects is belittled. The rwoults are serious. Aot only does it gravely dosage her mora 'e and her self-respect as a capeble person, but it al** induces after seal* % feeling of desperation, whereby she has to fight for her position evert Inah of the way mith the =accustomed fervor of an o144ashioned sutrragette. This should eertainly not be necessary. It is no loom quasar? in America, end it should not be oversees. 41. The Reporting Board, If it is to function es such, should do so independentty of the Dixie:to* of SI lathy/Meth it is associated. This Is t t believe, amply illustrated in this report. ta no onion to mwe the eortribution or the ralal value of tion in Bone. PrIm what I maw of it, I should say 14 lis viitua/ly Nothing, or done it so badly se to ask* oomilaeatively viola**, The materiel we Mailed "al UM9PiallY lantAtrobviting* amd Mere *ere siceiemt4 when we emelt forget TAO unplaosento mem* of limp elteatien la eaWhieless over the materiel itself. but the ontimmotesse ewe obayt.mtive4 Oen we saw abet happened to the matcrial V, Ito Use It left oar Otte*, rtitret Ameitral **porting Itoicr4 It. tsotorettn. sibtmt th,to tworlionith 10044 1104 I 41 lr" ?' CIL 5 4$ 4 allei ?fl pidessit esseeietion with the Ii fore 2 von @vette**, 2 tan toy nothing Um- IA Mese. It a** net a chwful Mama to slay that it was geed to any *aro Vieepeittully aribuittedo All:1044 - I lharr$44 Net%irat ' licgt40; npriassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP 13X00001 R000100410001-8 ogeOmeA1/2-;tie; sr' t. , ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Scopo of Rioart alstory of &ports Sectionl Rome *f Protamms of law Reports Notion, Italian Divisioa, $1 denotral etitioisms Isecemeadations Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 - 1,64.1ktitiPtta,ti?taiat -t" t?,? ? " ,,,,,a.as,,sat,faa...,,41,,,taLabsitIOtle/M4KiratatttaAoll'agtkaf .01a...atireArgett-'94011tletnera . ..., , i:t4y. "t'?!..' ' r,,,,,,g , t-A- ..v.- P...i..='-f? m-?""t"--"?10;"":' '1 4- 1 .:?'''' ,--- ^ . --.I. ?? ,,, ? "?-t'?'' ?'" -???? ..,- ,t, - , ,,,q ,? :,-,k, .,, ''.. ' . ' ' -.;'-,?...H`-'''ita .1%:4" i.' t?" " ' l'? II!) t'' '' '''. t - ? t;"' .... ?? , I t,??:_:?'. ! ,,,:;,, .- ir:'...?.? ;.1,-,?al. 4 : it...X?If :,1-1. ?:'',11' -,,,:- , ' ? - ." '''''.:11 ',..:.;::"?: ' ' '': 4...4" Lr,,' 't '"?:".". 4-,?it zu. 1 , ,,/, ? ? ::?, . , '' ";:f. .,..,'. 4 ' . tl:C:', - :t? teal .,;..,?:?.,, ii? ,4 ? e7 ???? ; ' t '? - ', :. -...s!:ii:?.'t . ';., , 1 :;?:- , :, A , ',''? , _ ? ".';., 7,,,, , . ' ,.? , -.,,,.,.....,,.., ,?:,......,i,..:,,,-. Iza,,-,-,.,-,.... z-- : S",..",4",,4"' /'"" 26: vi. .. --' .,,, ,:- - "---',.',':', .,...i-j."*.,-,. -- ;')???-, ' ,'..' 0:- .- 'f? ' r., , ..:t3.,,' ' 7' ? .,:? ?, ,, , ,. _t.J.8, ... ,.,..,. ,:?.. , ,, :., ?., -..-,...-.......? - . ? ? , o.f ? : "- . ' ?'-';',11.'' ? ' " ,',' ",,a;4;i1-4 .10:./..,:s!, ? 1 ,1.i." ? - , ? : : ? ' , ? ??Va"'".:1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 '1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 11111111111WINI , 11111101111101100/1101110166 weromium J, ?? frit-, '47 if 'L eptroff'" ? ^ A' UNITED STATES. GO g Virtrator Sactetariat Roperts (Ma* fallacy: Noircnbso Reveals IL" 1. t ; DAU 104111794 4. .; \ A Coat* %Twang* was aliftaredbLI tho deraans Sopte0or *MI* eft suittaik, rcor 1111 InWateattlert MOP leaxgalwarge ? roport g?itearilimeit :tat aireatimvat and lat as a aavitau pArisatowt *mull Id" litittraticsa toy tho Adagotteano la Mart* 1945 Mila4001101 4V, ?-? L r 4 11111111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ' - _ ? 4=-?-?:,'"?-1,,,. ? , - , ?-? ' ; F , 4.07L1?1 I. ? r? Lit,8 , r 4:z xvte01.4 v. 114,0r, ? ?L'; " ;-* ?31' ? 8-1-0001-17001-0001-0000X?1,c1C11-V10 S/60/ eSeeiei Jod panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI a a r NOW-141to '21-N V. 4:INP5ritto 7 3. ? 4 **wet( peveekt* et Mob yam eq, tee am lirt POlniPot 11044 eve time,' grit law, mot oryit 0/04, 4PIV ?IlletIJ loS.$10111teST ,z? at' "ewe";IT trenne011944. VeAts&re Inv 1044e teurfeirct *ape foosektead ii,acdea rpootatirie Ot Ctin iontiveinet strtlitteae, g 01X, MEW *APO illakdOM *awl** ginillatr* 01~0 BM IMMO SUM liNDIVM1113 .NO VIZI= MitIONiCII SIMMS OIXEMile ID =UM 40111114101rad bit V bit -e immimmi? moo 8- 1, 000 1,1700 1, 0001 1-0000X?1,c1C11-V10 S/60/ eSeeiej Jod panaiddv pue Pe!PsseloeCI 40, uecIassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25. CIA-RDP ? -.4;:.ter.. 13X00001R000100410001--8 41.,??? ,srAY11 44, rt?f,- 1%?.. ,F? ? ?Ms laper sloe boa qu1 innoeporated in it To the but o4 mr immory it me* lot agentItt, Nut slimly 48.4*.I.* in the hooding. I was interrogated OA this, In bat.. tzis mos troogbit up at every interrogation* I told themI knew Major pappert viury WAANtlytt that Z did not knot east ortganistatim ha belouged to, and that I bald pmst xecat, oxt to valezetorr on trip while my' oar vas be ropsirwi in Luxembourg; that the ream= all of tat mar. eapiured mat that the situation nap vas wrong; that rar ** ft** War vappart ws* la the &may Corps and 7: thought 11501' undoubtedly sena* t340401 amp** Infantry*, tat I eould not be sure of this bateau*** being in lbs *Mc 1E *SS 00t familiar with the our nommtlaturiov * tioast it Irmo Colonal aiblin? taid zdU,bait / Ussi hnowo, bins in New Tork, Isawlas taats in %bat larmstesat basizosi witealt, they sabs4 ae / kiwi what MIA at rfr atkesp* raossa. parts* sad I sada I alit not. Timor sake% as At X law ifibers Utlists *Mee las in parts ard X tsal4 41.4 *at amsot sontast with Um was soistal? TA* *kW tab* tbey kept refarriat bask to sea the fast test P*P3;04at 11401 tede IstertaLastio4 vapor em his* .stiizis they %hottest 4atjzj.WuiiideatifitA hisa in eaelik foommi issellimpag. work* To the best it sg sessry tjoy ?iiti not swain MI? Womiretmo tior sou twasa um ilk a vent asaiieroos busisess? Ifissair 1mieh toict 4.11t ala4200rnigret 116d ?,31. Ift0041 mai a*ii Mont *swot sivilian inow ukatiPtiotto Sad that bath Iwo. Lagowtro aad I Imre is s vory b. arts / tftusa vitt NV slaty that T vas a NieVal obsorwari tbat s ultesiation *Vat iman, aesieNtts that 2 bows siotktag or his wort; mad that Z ha4 *1404 vet that sarlaki.it avamthtsurc. Itito Agee salmi as it I Wsow Walter Itooker404. wI-41 Wait I itias, tOtt the% oss latie a peitelt soda ~Set old I loom *WAN" OW) kttik 00.0, UMW *Sark he 1140 iltiatiebrit 110 Wel cir imps aaint linicoon wet** lipereqs. 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Can? and was run by. the Luftwaffe* / was again put in solitary oprfinewent in this hovpAtel* but hod a 'wry oo tiib3. sU rooatelth runni4g waters I was itiverrogstea her first en ootoWer 23 and 24 by a (lemon lia,*1 Wiser of e oomper- albs lesitut of 2ftelo to 91ar savys I ao sot know his Ames /row oet-)or 24 to wloaabgr *t rcwhinod is solitary oonfiaiment and was .ullowed to telk to no One 4.16: *441 oat Intorrofeated? Thie is more or lima the *anal irustom of Wing to f.vdtst oac 4w** ox Noweinbec S at 5 eollusk they took me to airmail 471 looked ue sA 4 wal Onto. 1904441 *ells are Ivry bed affairs -. the haat is eonttaled frost otit424*. yutl ars only gives one blankets the window is halved and painted, end per,,, of the lift it*Mest 1* to1rIt14 awl other tines there is no hest at ells It. 043;4 Eptaidita. 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OW *bout two hour* of this Ito **at at boo*o itortanoirk end Gm* 'oat bo 404 NO Val to Nlag tufts X wee *gait. put Wok Into solitary likriro*NtrX Iwo opctvaitrro i* ettvilian ikotioss we on* movhd 3absitlit and the other Meow, Issest qi * Wain tel. mar Voittittort it wee a vary attraollvo 14*01,1 torisor14 mow* Viy *polo ttMs smitanottil* amit*tottookro 'WS io the pleeo tb,*y td.k* $4 via* d%Iwy P0000ldior 6447 isiotienti, vaiwt sod 404 thook 404 %root thou* otat ? 404 try to lot tutorookttoti Vitt* *as XMed * soot ittooir thor* sad hadt reAaadlimitt tooksitag AO them tifo peopio* stik*,.toria 01, intitteroptioa her* wee 044S-Vils? ifloY stitOty **it $011 tf yo* tiro* 4miiit 1hro411% a souse cf ititglaot oatti ler Outs istorottiogii trot raitt* They were ivory *eh ititerotterd viatisit 1016044. low** it* 4trosolq *Au* the we *Mt in poirtioularq vemit **PO l*t ari#114 ha,if 1144wori, .ae*PsiroftheLrtY. &Mail! ilitititS404 he 0,0*, 4tfat tatty' imositiOSIg #1110443. IWO * INWS Sif*Itojuii4t 1144 WHO e *loom * jeeistrr My* Wi00141111 ti4 Oft* Mori* *4 460 041446 Stet*** Z 10$k*Avit 40000 noo0 **** n*agatailloN with toom ftrA Wm :010.70 40444411 WA he i406 141.4. to %Mote feit tilto yeersit awl*. tbo. ootolipetioak woko n tho VW *co* Awmiwttlid *Ith MI" Olrousio emu U.?My. elolitet tio Q011,1,114n Visfroottmosi. otpouted Ofoorottiott, %yr" ,Nr* :go *tor ottlaoriers with. u* at this $E4te 46, 54,04014, 1. I Mt* tiaok 1* Saltaistrit put iato a4tiory?- f?of 100011/061, U.1444044911 eat** 400 14.4 on. Wish Mott the ilitorittott0A WOW 4$100,, *40,4 of MU. $114115$14 itss erf en4 iloor our to, afteproft* mkt Wig 10 4044 ouitt beilw #0ileol 4 1,4100 400 itt 0001 Mitting Imo. felt ,Wati 4114* Ulf O*1.7 ow to av414 boine **IA *e. the %VIP 1+ teel rouge ot *ettoesiortrim -AU vita 1 41co. - afati to b*. that X 00114 write e41 mu* 1 fii..-1/440449WrO .1bzlemaftd-t7yediii, ?Vo Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/25 : koN-r 1../Classified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 rat, ".4tItt v ,1 retoril said that as ear ati 1001?.* ooaceraed be 001214 40td MO to the Costepo cod the ac(10.1A". -Us hettter. Atter two mom Wars ot this sort of titiv be sit, *I will Cosa Oa book Q11 yqlt eat oast rot% oat to *dee Witt* I said it wait hard for as tatieve Was lie I bat Wart ill so May times. as-sed r would be locked up Om I VA rack to labiotair*? SO assured se I would aot he and I found when iSot haat to tb* htpttt I mks tree to leave 111 tom end liolaile with ths other prisonsrs. *** ttto last Use MA interrogated *boat tortkise roliatine to the aims* Awes WO:Jr witiON t *44 411100114r0d* tie ease yes definitely *lased end never rel. L/04010d* t Mita cm of tkos mosia danerrokae peril* for wisoner is when hi is Mac set*Aeloa rpm. isaktwer. 141.4 patio* et solitary eonfinement aul tarroottets Aar usually release. yea is* a lane room with other prisoners or Ova rim * allgrafalt 4WelYttliti Or' teM011014 to *task vita others6 'Tow sense ot relief tzli *I woe* you are t04101.1 tc tiak ftwokly to *the other prisoners. The roes twin cAttwole littcote or their VIM avid,s.fl b plootked Vier** I aotioski this tww,1040Y so mow, Uses* OVItik litlith U. mars istellieest lariettors? eta Ilsowtsit*se $ loft obe:rwaree4 at 120* with * draft ot 6114 traveling by trillik? tit Vet.* 84 WittUr ** 3? ihtsamp is Isom 44 NU* Lia, 40 is * teorOtent *ONO OW *LI 4014 air parsownel? %ay Orli* hero bolt Oberlarsel alter lateo- itiodom set 41" sat:fitted with cloUlaie Paraisited byk* 101 Woo. Erto catle' vas in 41.141161d e lotosse (uric; sueritt Hater Allied offigert eat I wansot seyOtlftik rffik Ullt soft* Asitaitn? essetatilwe ability eat saniteensitt of this saw es administered estparal Way 411t its) WA* bore eikettla IWO WWI Itiospital 00,1411, hit tommotteil7 641-4101101 opesmact sal Mar reotived 14e, best of care insofar as it Imp 01101444411$ laassilak to, 4c Vas Vbe li11tto4 *Apply. itt 1110014*1 egaijwbant, tray, ?tot * *MT thanlipsitilialtga destsitt la *Wee. Csiteide the 440474 40044 Vtio rofkii it* *fa Wow* sticisihatretita *Met *hate woo a eoclett stars certain viiimrs vow. itio44 patitivial iatorraistiete lisfesio the, moo rolosood t thit toilMat Wt. I s#44.01 ttoky urt 9*P ir. soliteryg sat low laterregiateti alottoit voliti041 11100 by *Om Dwitittleaat tag ft Sr. nr1111/014014 * *MUSA' ito to. 041 moat dwiWtOi** tros ts itoottoptot464, vtoop **** totortoto4 blood*. joint poUtiool Tie** 0611 obit loll thimzeht ,ottioite *ma otitartioui Watt% 4* to NW Owroosio? I t)4Abit kboir 11010,110.110/1 moo low law Woe tilbiAtt *Mg 11110,011010 StAiStor *Ad 101144110 .M04 400. *0? thi40001410041, lib** WOW 0.4.11 liWik St Wilt WO* pithiest* WO 10040 404 114, 004 OW Set* ? ft** t***410 if "Os IL W4 m4*. trtar*Wira geoltsi, farktit * Ott tiW5$04' act presisataMt 4;411.4 **IA - 144441* 01* atkigio!4 040 43,04* ofttimotip liorslia*:. 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Dweemb*xr the AO Wiz ambito& aibueont? Tize WOO to of 114C? sad UmentliattNe on ft* tom asd two of os r seven boe'ital buildiwo were oompletely teat:wet. alut %capitol was kumaked around end the town vas flattoned* Trom then 4u tae ?sonata/ was *caplet* conftsiong as it was Poll at looal nouadied and none et us retorted attenti.qn. On had ao *Mug beat* light, z to, On SatUrdsy. Noembtr, Ow 2 TA* iltarniztAalms, ono of' tae a*XITAA stAff at 04-'40 tuft* earm down and Wined a* up, retuning its to Dalsg (.tsia 1 tam 1'4 the hospital there until O.K..telaper 2f* arld mme more or 1ex4 a:41'11"W for another month, 'Theo I reagoarai suritelontly to perfameortain Mettles* 001, stark asked no to 047 tia wir a 'vtarteknetus -miaow or kill stet and I sated ea rieentive tor /gaud Otiimp 10.41trarien, sfte *amp b*d?gee* imply of International Red Woe* tea, *az coravelty **LI rung and the GoVOWA2m2hority is fairly sympathetie* Lt* 4010 Sockm, wista to utemmori for the Germans* Major Dorsseifor was in sharp of patItiasa twparrogatian end 1bay were hoth ooperative* X would mir that OA, MZ Li &Ilse WI we* ***Waved the beet prison camp in Oeriany under the Cou*V2 tatiu **a met theipc too affieffire eeoperated wits (101.; $iderk and helped, rather them irttedcred a hi* 2111/440riebt.i, ON* Ws* 414*$.6 Luftwaffe authority* Vali** Lae Iwo Itioated caa bleh pie**ofgrotud about eight-4423th* of a mile ruse 110aUtor. *Wow* woe /a the tars or a reetanitin flatrou4041 bY klettlgo. hortoit wriv* fa*** about 15 boot talk. A wareing etre x*oli oroun4 the ikattrer peotneter goat 30 fleet Amide the battokt viro0 you *aro warned you an b* *at if yoga arao**4 ;Otto *Ow" TAW. the euepoual *ere five *Truk" writ* *aUbotbriate coo bir soat hall via Utah*** .0?0 kalf of ow barraolia 1.40 Oi* ittet Urn, et~iiii WA tem talaaefle a 4e7 it 0J eM(ow at AP The tiso tor tort* ',gloat Atootailttg Eon the emator coup OKI vilither its mire Itelrioi two er Atoe Aleele day* Was atter Isersiogrr.fl to 3/00 the ion 'too* It*, to use Vist folt$Witait irtikla the tuaratod Artte4 ISI 7* to 2000 they mutt loop oft tM f000titoofine trovitio ISO oovil4 loomeoa liainoto0 WO* Iwo turikatl ;004-? $0,tL IV. SW we am/41y toroo4 a mood, of yoUo. do, loose in too( ecu. fotals? ea* ~mow st law omot a MO toot. *an. by tiostisto jaw *eh *or* 134.4*. rbiit.ipoPe VW* *Ur raid oheltettio 1*-- UtetatiNg, Ammo *as otoectly t* a "clot stete? %or oer* .fifftek Votiwt elsoolSolea, ixt litiok ow ion mod" "aro la loos, oastlaYt woo ameitlly el42my, he *0 My* * low eulititt Titar Utilkood. int iiiiiiittekte thii. ***10110Dt to *lit the toit Mit* go *Why *II tivotakoril 1841tift pookohroa _ mos *mow** Oil 414 0 *11406 $6, .6tOlinakailakk No lka4 a ogiod inpAy Ofivissit ousirtiodioa woo 145 loaf at 0000 0 if?ein they furitisited Oar.* t? so *PM 00 u t. *quo .r4lor; t?1 *ft 14 ...4 LFAI. rjf, 4r. kig it?.; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : ? Tr,. ??( ? I-444 Me last saveral veohn. Iletaler VD* Mr* Or 15114 sr otmeatairt bombing 2and. strettug. tawait 2IS the Oirlialk Atuthoritioa heard; that the kearieen forois i.artr* troillvarst, *boa 12 kilometers ..at at inialar. Iliad from than on there **ft 2111%;2$ moors sot* aroma the assop a* to what woad happen to ua. V* be- lt/014 that vs imuld be mattibelt omit at am amen* azia our *it* were a great 71140104o* lee ewe oleo advised toy socoa at oka? Corset atooges, whom vo had natusge1 substi,dize lath migaretteth *to** that Cerotain 3ohoe1dt1 in *harp of the Curt 4101 /111 MA at Tarr stramit fanatimal party teens/soh ins threatening tqa Wino loath osmotic heture leaving* le spent a very unoomefortahle night and at five the 100;113lag WS *ere told to yet oe the root, Atter =Oh biok*riNt tf**Ic lust forth hetemooen 3tark an& Beaker* that Oarovane **id in *cold, heel) three officers of the poorgassat statf* Stark, monelf wet Isrt Amp* tow dootorit the padre awl tgle MO ilia youadea, lent *bout 341 of our aongeonelsoioned pernarmont staff. This Aott ,10, to sore% mot agoi to etay? ?hi* trans?art rearshol ottt at 7130 the aairmt4gtt liWra* mh* At **auS 401/41; se oomld hear our tetillery cad heavy maohlao pa tiro to the *met meA tior-th* an& Cterman Krim; to the out owl nontbs Booker had lett a /plaid t strim ettaomrs owl WS iNtal ? WA &too T.6 'Iowa Into had sorted 4r, thAir *lea teal, osit1t. mkjott barasitikr meal elearw ot the Oarmane awl Lit% litY oh rkiwtet attlAiorio ittmt 9 3100 moat of tb* Cilatorea *MN in to air ObAtOLit t4iTok" 1.424 tt **WA be *afar eith teme thou CM their aide. After the, fire pew ware in- ters** 100141 war* 100411111 to lay doito 'Emir arm* .141 U elelook ?el" Stark ask*, the Ciretwoo *0114* V* home his son tura in 411 their veeposs? timid tr4 tt* *Mit Wit trot St** ivs Ito cainia ikup more or leas ilk 0611110bi at the whole sittrAt-Uove* se posted *Or ittwortg Le the tower* eiral the //1406 Mr* 0p0444 nOtrjr tWeillikt4 tootta04 ail I aroitud la* avoriat the deo ouvt latibt. *tot% ott nee* lihxth 280 ;A. 'ftleatitsix-* 7th, .kreoorovi* toolltly*4 arrives,' 1*, * J**P. I** 4ntglimoat wait to& to divteloael honitquoixteiresft1 hi* to eiVise them of our Ikistatuk. SO* team,* otfotA IVO * 144gb1ins eitOtisueit ell arowyl AI through 29th alitti *144 p4t000ttat's 0040 1v0 firer to US frOft $U; OS OUrroittidiS4 OptatrY, trorednisibCithe, Ittlit we *me* at to a total et. ronsid:r., 730 pritkorarso ow* S UN* 0-4 1 ow c4tigairib mit et ti 0% haring oohs f3,00 itgl- Vat ditalgi$0114* tioliiisd esti triOki* VW* 31* relif41147 teNitiowg pi own" 0'0 txPvisill Mau Sobioacta istaw titaistt Owe *aftU ttiroAggailiers. 14.10 wart: IOU *V9ftititli4.* lot Ow mom or Wok ttrAt over VONNegtoneat at our oalay. Oh ay 2,41 0, iwitiows **Wm** at *air ititteuitiftee arrived 3m4 moo ct Ulm 0440 teeming NE SUM IR 'Poem& toe WO it teoteila bo Soh* ti vo Wore they lora Maittdilatit to ifteeetetio co** so Col* &NM Lag 4444444 to leava- anit report OsitIttitoa tot 10kjar eablempirei k*kaatto Wo 4011a Ogenea sir at wetslor **141 1014 Apacti I* Ilk' 141001141 *WV 0404 Ortoigai lio**044- ctomas4* $14 goondit1oa moot 0* oft Oar lootorktomativsty ot?tosaint Ocut tM *lsy irroluse, )110 Veitirr oho* betiOrestal so4 qkill* WOOS* IP" .01,4" WArtuttioity. 110 AO wait tok *ow ix 400 loottteit a?S* littitiorsi oaso iMitiroomital 1* 4aviagi IA avow/WU* giatigip aat tindloeftetat 431 pfrotonnal fats Delea are Mat tiolonvi ftwooig Iowa Jorsowigio* tuft** 61.0banb iifr Aril ft 1 air tt *WOO tit WI* 41Iira :1 arai tippoiataititt * 444640 *mow ? ? ? k ?,? ? !;:' ' .itt,1*-S ;:x?Itt??#?),' Ji-t4W Pik0'16,401 ? ?:**2. ?, 2, ? ", ? * ?*; ?rqatoit-- ,-,...,tgr.a44,4trAtwamysmaimaimii64.4e400,111440 - = i??;.?? ??? t I - Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001 Room nnainnnl_g Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 , ? itt5 -71 t:'? ? --."(fait-Arm%p e ccr4,1V Aitlsohnit to ? log I kept ooverlms the last few dors at Nitta tuft* Ali our reoords at tsuleg Vat ware turood over to or Tease. PWX SHAM These should Insluoto a scmpleta Ilst of all the rrioonerst possine through the Dam and th* is of the Stalag to whale* their sars sent /rola thers, with date of %rani amd dsparture from 3altag $s risoner I not two no* wto could hex, been oonnested vith nss or 0,0E* osier awed Ohavalter tad Col* Slut* bs wma been with SO bransh of 033 'Wore 04441cris snit offsted to be of visslarteass as a Ilagnlitt* Col* Stark roliPitate4 his star, to ms and he know, mono than saGiogh to hava bean In the orgrtisetAon*Th totbev umakeas Adanton? letlsh paratroopers Re claimed to have %an Cep- towed LS Angler uhaw on is **doh* Whom Dept* Anthony Barlite, ovr 1,r1441.4 etals- ter* Vas adltivad 4 Oa nerinsot, tn lahruary, that ha was to be 0201x Nr, .11 J6.54r Memo* VW* his a asssaga to, doltvar to a Colonel Wilson with a A; akork six .,...' idiroam* r ? ,' ? 41. 5... .., . ? ....=. ,-, 4, ".7,4,1.:.. , -'-=1" ,..?.'`.- ' ' ?Q a 'a - e ' ' ' ' -' ' 4.,11. ..."?.,, ' -, :.77$ at. It - -,:- A i -. ...., t: . -,? .:.,4 'if,: 44 r :V " a '17 ? '',-. /;.?.. 0..4. ;? =, .,?;",.., ... .4. --Ye'. ?-+ ;,..; ` .f.:..{ i.1.4 . r t r 4.: ? ... ? 4-- CAI viii?101.9 0.1.44,, , 4: 001511A *0 #0.* 4114.144it* ' tf, ,kt.0,011.i:-, - -ei? r ltox-1 iii , , 4, t ASt -ft, tett' gt". ii-r-At4 **, 000 3, . 40-;,-, ?10kiSfol' , 'tv "Ard.' t: V tr .;:?4 7,;.; ? ia ? ?IF1' ' .1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Flet4 Report by Aurelius J. Nrentl The zathor of the attached Field Report, Lt. (jK.) Aurelius kartati, Yerehant }tarty* but oarried SA a olviltar on OSS rosters. is Oven * ratline of *superior" by Lt. Colonel Justin OtT;rien and 1-ther officers wi*h wham he worked. 11* is a quiet, thoughtfUl, cour- ageous Individual who laltelopod & sliectly frustrated 3omp1ex upon 14.7ntsierii with 044 tn cro, Parenti was by no means alone in his sense ;le inflrk rtty. Taward the end de operations in ETO many were eflieted, taw to th. raot, &aoorditli,-- to their omr. reasoning, they were not allowed la perform 1'410 luttee ()or w* they sieve employed or for which they -Wooed ttemsolles beet tittmd. Z Voss:fit tbis rtefabOotakotrisation bitoausa or the DWild"01,111 ittjJtefalenti nee placled in this report. Most of the sins and oletAiteloot gitn st1oh Parenti eApro3see dIssatisfaotion are or minor nottut44 oo-urring In all crs1 eli armies, corps and divisions down to s1*Aj Iva VI ? For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00-001Rnnn1nna1nnrm o Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? SECRET V. August 1946 1 1 1 1 IT 3 alters' William J. Donovan FROlt AureliJ:, J. Parenti SZF,J3DTt Fi1daa'ort 1. vaCautrNOT In 7Yovember 194, 1 WSW eerving as Radioman with the verohant varine. A request for volunteers for foreign duty of a hasardoue *tures., orLginated by OW and transmitted, to mF headquarter. in Seattle, leshiartm, by garehal Diumko then heed of the WSA, was brought to my at* tentn I inquired as to the qualifications and was informed that radio.. men sith lanfuege qualification* were aaoeptable. Regarding the specific tsturett tht: asnrerto I we* to10 no, more than that there was a. oartain amount or danger involved-. On that meager basis, I aooepted the offer and In tuis *our** arrived, at the office el' the WSA in Now York, there to be in- treed bv two KenAlemen to ?loth's, one a philologAoal examiner, who tested and aoproved my frinahr arA the other a man whom / afterwards idestifted as an Army captain in OS$ Ifeedquartere in London. 3oth men de- cltmee nat caly to ten me tateNpr whose *lapis's the project was formulated* but *los to, le*t. their nAmit; for future reforenoo. Although the project wow Olsouseod in the most neWloue of term** 1 gathered that the underground "potty-M.4;s in onsmriheld tatritory was in queitioa. I was issued a special pasevert end ehleked oft in a matorbeat to a **tip lying at anohor in the seorolois. On 20 Deoomber Ma, we sailed tor illotionds vitt Liverpool, resohent bwallon sad the MA *Moe met 10 jannar7 1944. I roe kept sequestered in the Rizseell Square diatriot an& lorsktel7 fa- .svo--sei$o titttrtiOire it$ 1010040.4 two* by variouo sioakbors of 0111 towtowl Azy orivgitot*p. troationed us. rogioAlts $ir motivation and inquirod as to tt,- orgatatonor tnI/V14 Attar 10,014-1 1044.kil Ot thiot ourtain was ruvg glogett ont tb. show by Ili* ilioneari*O33030 that *sok quantity of Fronoh rooruits Y* elitellebte Met It ems al low* t000siovy to ommidor otployint Amer Io* en4Aroleet** Ahem 1 wee *4 U. point of rOurniAg to the, SteiteS4 Mr. rted, rifith4tow. Ade foil4 ** mOch, of the wity Vtrough thi" WOlbook 0400 ma ehts A*4 eneohle4 me. to methods sod techn,q400$ *S*Iteod go and, another 1.441A etsertait efot *304It314044 ow to Ow with OS * *lotus 0140tto 4tritirrig*0 trio, -*gat ltrovtAttuisly platotrott? Igo 40**4 minci 144 Ciathollpor ttris eftgott to hart* 04 traatoforrodt OU fro* Wrap Mr ittAtiti. with WU. ttiOrtoo* aro/tot 1#1f ttostivw. ft* 41*. Imo robrwory 1044* ."1.1 .pr ? 1 gib ? neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 . ? *;:e.it ,.. .3341/1ftionolsoattalmtioluk-MOSVEMS1 1 a. February . April 1944. ontinued training in photography and microphoto- graphy with Field Photo Branch. Iliorke4 ma translations (French and Italian) for Raporte Division. To ease bottleneck in Miorofiln Reports Departs. rent. worked nightshift for 5 looks developing and printing, outting, editing and splioing films for R000rdek rest*. Did a survey of oommunioations facilities for Lt. Col. Qiiiiries as w guido for the droving up of missions. b. werch to October 1944 1 1 Asoigned to the then Wor. mow Lt. Colonel Justin otRries. at the Frew* Desk. Duties as followso Viorafilming of personnol Mks of Proust and Sus? SEs vents. Proasseleg sokt Aling of roporto coining from agents in flea. 10144 to Area VP AU Lt. Douglas Aldeu as Aasie4i *an* Artefiag ?Meer* Collaborated it briefing, itquipplft and diofatohing teams to the fiold and lm taking Imre of pereonel espeets of agent.' *Frain.. Lend* IntermIttently, gathered material fUr Frau** sod SuesioA tome repatriated. Worked with Altos in oothag Wine' affairs returu of Inuipmment. outfitting with, olothott relation, elth OrMitt Wog., oomosa4datioao, smote, ro- ily's,* le Wrikone or ffirsb. Atrirooki ilistebor 1;..typsiat to rt of Proust NKr *Olio* affair's it Lost4oit erne*. Capteiat ireirt Itarie ikt thio time@ 0 !It* loft reeomeol 14 bet pew, S*Ae Woe* Asvmettio* .044 14/40 ollivilioett cif *WOW Ott ./1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Ap ? roved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ?f ry.11. rtIrki "i ler.-t, :VW at bell* or assistance to the Policy and St, Germain Sohools. Since SI revirded those sohools as operating under its aegis and did not look fa- vors:My on the Ittrwion ot Sa.T* the sttuation was difficult. The liver- attire need ot tha =rent wee or traWng aid* and so with the help of VIIS end the Aa Depot im Paris* MITTS at Le Vesinet, and SHAM I gathered end distributed chart*, diagrams* map** photographs* 0/12 reports and other training aids. I also for%ged In Paris book shops for dlotionaries* it. CompAnder Caseady called upon me to do an emergenoy tutoring job o.Name (*in** called Lux* 1) team. It woks planned to drop them on the illhery of the advsnoing German bulge and to allow them to be over- run, So, tn the ill concealed hideout cm the Avenue quentin Bauchart* the team AM t had msrtinc and afternoon sessions for 8 days and we managed to otrter security, pereotai prot4ctive toohniques* codes and oiphors, report- LMT and map rstaing* at least to the extont of minimum essential*. The dro-tping of enemy parachutists in tho environs of Paris .x.vsptaid the stucsometion that the Paris region was a less oircumepeot choice es a %misting ere* tkaN, the UK* When it appeared that the schools would transftrred to the VIG 1 wee reoalled by Captain Shine to Landon. 'While there / hatit the fnllowiug responsibilities* Procursowt and diesemihation of training aides tilm* report*, foreign journal*, charts* medals* photographs* MI publioatione. Supervision of area security. Area fiesurity wise eyetematisod aud Improved within end without. Workpig out and oonduotind the *PIN Cage Penetra- tion Ilobeemits Agents rrepering for field drop* were sett out, to. the enemy camp at Veretonotn* Urdi Whir. they were received and treated as tmetv prisoner** ailluoary ? July 1046 Se eApeoded telt there as f pater need fat me It Cactiala Aldestot ?Ma and trefeferred vat to SI lo begi* work with the Mat Proem* *tag Greta* !mere afflicted iigivifta mgek help as pessitle to cleferwelpited **4 ifiderftetted etT1ee4 At the, 401004 op * #10011. ,011.410$ ie lilt of my fet *WO*. I. 4incidcoltt itt 4 4 Milto ? 104,04D0A3,044 roved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP1nYnnnni D (inn Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 '44:50Patt,'",: SECRET 4fre. - to and from RVPS, - an medical and dortal trips. - in procurement of British papers. - in procurement of ci7ilian clothing. 2. ?*rsonal ffairs of agents ;? ? .??71; ra*K-Aeoftest******Moodo0.4 Supervising all movements, mai1 and communioa- tions. 2. Innoculationsi medical and dental treatment. S. Relations with X-2. 4. Coordinetint, tho agents' movements with their desks. with Se Branch, with R&D, and BCH. 5 Atrangements with Foreign Servicess BI, Baki, Dosa. Liaison work between desks and DIP. Squipping and dispatching of agents. In these, properly the responsibility of the desks, we 000asimally engaged during emergencies. Incidental work on the Dutch Desk, the respon- sibiltty of Captain Alden. is teams were revovered, wdeprocessing" oame into existenoe and aept&droach of my time. During and after the time agents were being de- teethedtrutaO3 fend/or roped:listed, liquidation of desk sffairs was called nort / 4rew up definitive files on Dutch Desk missions and *gents. 6. Oen VaJor Reau arrived to assume responsibility for liquidation, lterWed w-th hie on such snags as arrangements with the BI or the 7th Army A*Ritt, also. Andris, brought to the la te be fitted with an artificial limb ead to all intep4, and purposes abandoned by the Americans. In early July I was reoruited by Major OfBt4eo for Par astern 01/0t as s Coaduotine Offimer to China. On 19 July 1945, I left London for rfesftlok. $mottland ohonee / ass flown to the states. On 22 July / arrived ittOttwa,,114 t,0?40??044- **1100,4 R? Otto of 1e** *era ?fotakeosi ostrs *Root* *flietivo halt telttiliutt siwIrpHrt few ht I igthiv sea event**, ?ff, ? w-ixit-A0pgatie.0.4041`1f TOAT o n IQVX, ramb*r ? eispeoto ?I OU sotlyttios otu ouittett *trots two, inborosto $em (40.0 4toeuoiloto brilipmawr* of it. 0$1, in my 144044ftio 1444 ilto Irittoh. Dutoh, sad Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ECR ET PrICR 413:151iITY It Is s sad fact that the closer one was to the front, the verso eis.cam.,, the secmrity ut the organitation. The Paris area WA3 perhops tv verse kn this mipect? Folf-heerted security checks on French civilian ersorreI. 4 pest:one:4* cirloice of loclktic,n for headquarters, the fact 41,41,t no succosatul 4hide-oul* was ever established, the easy identifioa- ttov, or c43 tt.e freedom with which stranger* wanderoid unecoorted 40.ound the truildivi. al1 indicitc that security in the Paris region was Iovislor or-,-Istallited nor implemented. f3etwoen the disordered situation in terrttory av4 the meticulous security it home base, the oontraet was tr-orrrucus. 'ot late In the game, was a system met up for pooling A.vd itecure filtnr catinels roe classlried materille. rh4 nonstint reorganisation, changes of command, shiftinp: of r4(1401A, sn4 phyttical di*plaoaments were a oouroe of disorder and irri- tetan, 444-411 wore tiut roescra advanced for ohilting offices and jugrling 4Jeirlttrxestto AtaiTs ifrportint onouf01 to compensate for the resulting strug- t#41 sit ellootiston to the nowAy imposed, order. In a number of 04008 our ,totLlij tollar44 61:404 lultord ne moment seemed to be loolang, For example, on self' r1,5qr EA 11 44De1renor one eoula find an extreme divergence of view r41.,4eNtitio: (0)* edvisahltity or the extent of working with the British; mom* ,Irritwe or off:onto were committed to * polio,/ of almost anglophobiao ob. enruclkonIsmi other* were deeirou* of *abstaining amicablv relations. In a sttwittsfi shtst demanded * certain amount of oollaboration with an even lemeoltency 4pon the 3rittsh? it le unfortunate that personal whims were not sieDiolieed t*P oolitieel dtrectAves, tioth 111 will woo erected by the care. t1/4,1k* elowtapisA 6:" enti-Arttish eenttments in the presence of Aritioh geom. tset * isna !noft LU *till milky him* bred or s...gravoted distrust oy the British, Aitimurft lob* cot it imigtort of brooh s faoilitated vertical tivterr.revoh;, qrstIone. 4imtvr4vbr5neh) penetrotton was otter rtiouti *Tr 3 AAP WI Mit ? en fire tiosrhoyesto* pl,*4 ter "110110,/14 tiA11111? it6.0014 40 100 hood 141,0-$* *orteuoly hsodsd 0$01, AO, Dirromum* roa if imu...*voqueittc4mwet, petbIlweef 10A1 unionOern eire th* problems? '1/44$1044,11. r?:., PP, rt. tie Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP1 3X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ,1114"%-tosgo found it difficult to recognize valid excuses for many alamplee Of tardinose in ?saes of vital importance. "Relax; this is the Arre zannot be so effective soporific to conscientious members of an 0::eottqc LrApillaKance organization. which must always devise short?outs ltt or44r tr ompete with an enemy 13 Intelligent and resourceful is ws ours. pa for penetration of Germany were made at least a roar too late to make any grand scale contribution of s sort oowmensurate with the resources of OSS. Alvekntage was not taken of the excellent opportunity iprforded by the oonsori;tion of French labor into ,ertany. In fact both the French and Conon penetrations come too late. kmch of the blame for the tardiness of the mman venter, is laid to the exodus in August Septem- bar 1944. on the group who "thought the veer was over. 4a accurulation of foreign luggage and clothing col- leate4 in Washimgton for use in the field was %sat eniloed *broad uatil it* usefulness had dwindled alarm- 1/107. MD dometstroted lactic of either ingotwIty aathority in *et elploitirg foreign sour*** until Dolgtum tad been won book. Uost of the Proust and bus. sort team' had their 4hoios either of taking a stook 0041, of bread sew luggage so compromising thlt it was e*Ilod * 40?0 oatio** or Of securing luggage in the Cts14. Likewise with foreign equipment' a stook item or tooth* to toomo **a oittok, a completely twitoro of unknown aspect doubtless on file with the Gosiepoo 4, JKAA0 ovdovis took sueW too lent; to out. Wbon soo 041 odor* swro available tho Toro a boa. tits policy tousedes *gents, ofif iaoiflsted be4wee0 so$41114. timA4 oolfority. Osetyloso rooruilmont was por4- f*WW,01. !Of **our* tiontst but the look of is*, it9ooktos* ostorNii ouporviolos oat., ip itorovel, aottrol 01 %Ante oftitr reoftitmailt, trod 'IA. *hero of 1340. )2161Mtin hor * satic,1 fotatavity of, totoonitoliim it %MO *00 frk.04040 94 *Moe pool ortio homportitg .om, mw110,4*4 4106.4ner Wit *A 0,01*et hist ordovoi s oar _ , L--evaptart..1 ? ; r Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? ' 15?Jr gfrit'ettlfaiS01;50014,-.1:." Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 --)IFTICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES wassmarom as. Dc. 7 September Having escrefully read attached report from Major Joseph D. Croll reoemtly retormed nMAIL IBT where Us served as Chief for the Special Ponds Divisions South Easit &die CammandAX wish to comment an said report as folloWIPT is) Major crtii refer* to the eettimg up and placing in operation of the sew Pirlitbilmo Bram* boekkeeplag wets" which became standardised Li eli thentese *ad, proved highly imeeeesful, Wiic espeetalky sails *ttgation to tho ossellent opoperstion ***mate* to Us rinemee brameh tv the British im am. t ) A$0 ha* been referred to 1,* almost all reports from Finance Wreogib Chiefa in tom Field, Major Croll 'mints out that the oper-0, Mamie th.le Smooth were howitiosprod by lack of wham** information, on taupe epevotione, Ibis, timed *a toomposto by Major Croll oad 006400*, toopooro to heft boon due to either overaighi or seeurity oroo-?oolloolowom000lhok r000ktif woo thotitmos ones itiffioult for SNP gilmases Rrfm*As to hove avoileille %Ow megossary foM40 in livieOrettight coetrosigice *two loompootalliot tostoiroid. it011ow?ri its Om V*liow Wittio? Itto triowilier Opiti tho7 moo WOO 'Woo of vat Oltootioo* thot ,nooll000 Sotorsolk wow oloS. s.MOP** omorsomoy Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 -VrialKNAZIEBEMPREVY-Wirik Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? IrOve+4. elemandei. (4) Uajor croLt recommends the standardised auditing of the books in his theater. Mil. seed wee recognised more than one year ago and was met by the appciztment of special auditors for all theaters a* soon as queltlied mon -ti Id be secured led sent to the Field. i*) The value a the Boara Review is referred to in tho report and rocommmodation mita* that whare such a Board is abolished, some similar Committee be appointed to let in its place. This recommendation Li approwed by Wash] ton. if) Dm regard to Major Croll's reference to the transfer of various adoeumte from uovouchered tweds to rouohored funds, this transition wfte ftret r sod as being possible by the apeolal Funds Branch Chief LA *WO *ad steps were taken a* replay as Ixoesibl* to erromga fwr Une nocessery tramsfere in all theaters. In many oases iftimg* require4 much tine and detailed work and the process osme deoldelly at* p.4 tho look of trained men representing the tscei, or vouchere4 funds DiviolOft in the itield. Lt. ACodring $00peested with the them Special Ponds Branch im endeavoring to ~rest- 14Ah1ie persomnel e. ($) Ojor 41%11 eecomboodi that bode *aide available for. And aossiMpos est* *operate arm/110ms It Us Ifteld, ahiolid be justified ty essuZto tros emeh istopendent 404140*. Wis, rather than ** NON* oweraIl assomptlaihmosis, of 'As Waiter This is, of oromposp 4 $onsd teseomasmOmttss *st oftemk442ftill4 tv aocamplash in odeammee *trot* the tout,* *wow in OM/ opstation is meesSem#117 7Y- - norinccifiad and Aooroved For Release 2013/09125: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 de' MEMIbtriF Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 - - ' tveet,.1. ascertain until tontine:L*4* However, fcanner operations and their suoceas or Cailurs, should be used as a basis for authorised expend- itures for oostesgplatsd isAtv.re 07crations. Probably, a truer picture obtaLued by wirithin? the (1010.40 schism/sweats of any one theater ealist the overall cost of the thee:ter* Clair, TIMMS BROM Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 tev, _ . _ . ?PL.. AlIFTWA?NOWND4wP0PREMEgMi=601111-'" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 (IF ? ,;21..1" OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES wASNINOTON 21t. b. C. r0: 4Lian 28 August 1945 lb. Dtrestor Catte Finitace 8rameh 64164gCrt Report of Returning ()Maur. S I* compliance with General Order Mambos* 63 issued 16 August 1944, the fol1Oring report Is skibmitted by Major Joseph D. Croll, MICR (formerly mao of Special Pumas !MAC) to the Director through the Chief of the nuance lireach: R In Offloer arrived in New Delhi 21 Mardi 1944, On 044 t414 oft/ger took over all cash, curreneies, *to. from Co]. altery $oy** who bad take.' over th? taaetions of 8pootal hands along with dt.t?o Altar dultioci O 1 April 1444 tho 114100inkta 'emir* oltaavoi frost oisglo ofralf7 boAkooptog to the present dottblio outry bookkoopin riotern. Moro twory *Lib a leaohoe of othior Amor** that hot to I)* *ado. At that time tosoly *11 aitoittadvas of these otag that Par TWA wore troaaforrott to tho Now Zon4 ClitWo witi11.4 tit toot, most of .31totto adirs000s wore for 101 ,or 2044 sidvatiose, lowa fivaltr troasforrod 'Mott pepper thooktoro? Also a maker 44 iaolliiwitoalt biami r000rtao4 aitivaompik tem. Witohiltttiot to .fistasoo ttilittli MOWrwa4.V411-11011 offflamioal war* rtakny 610041010d ter to 8#1#01414: Amtit4 Ornmse t. $010, *sad Vim bitlisimm of **oh 'tumidi to him andl 41446/44*** oirtlintito APItir? Wirt W14 41$41 11 Adttieweest say kind 111040, 10.040 510 taw 'Ottltit4 ,Ufri.1-*Kt 14, tho *Olt ei.st* ur Mos, iisiviittoo ielka ioatika tat Nu qv Cr 214 t-11 1$04A0K 4250,,OgOrti*tiroV,W4314341WMAtttradi**14.tv3.-4.* otwipi4i,"*.v4sKare.4-it:410.? t ? ' - 4?, -r- ? tit05.1-4` ..........::!,:: i , r C.,-...:: . 1 ? , . .. -i-..:.:" ? ,:-::- oot ---,' - ??, ' ???-s?..offtvoAt.:::*e: ? 'Av....so; , 1. 1:44'41.4, ."k? 'k ..-:.... . . 2 ??? z?-?- . 4. , f(2. :- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? "1- " I 1 1 1 1 A. - ?1111-4-.3.0, S. S. 4?1e r "4 orgemtsottom ewoopt Aloodowtla* rorooi. new rotated to lot OSe SC REI Z. The duties of the Chief, Speoial Panda Official, SAC were the %alma *6 ear other theater* the finanoing of field operations, paying of sgente, soeuring proper ovary-mole* for operetta*** *to. Also, this upkeep end maintenanoe of Stedquerters In Xandy and the various oaaps in Ceylon as *oil a& this New Delhi Officipt and certsan expenses in Coleutta ftlso were hy =AC* S. ?rem a spool/al tunds ?oint or view the Britioth were most coloporaNive in esrouring roe 053 UAW Jap Occupational Bursts Rupees and Jap Occogablanel Streit* Dollar** There warn a long delay tn the British moomrtag tar RAMT3 they had been mode by Do Ls Rue in Inland trot the original plates hold by pc LA ft.. However, the overprint (serial nomemr, ast*, signature of treasurer), mbieh had formerly *Inv' been overprisoko4 is Thalisnid? lose met primieri on those notes. Theeefore? this everpqma 4* be made tn, Wise Tha British did not have ol4 tau lisht clogom from *doh to otopy the *vial *Where* dries,? ste. lowers able to ***two orio* *oovitots t toe 3altt noto* mod forwoodod ttais to 0* British. Vprist_140?1144 itto ***** at thia * htrif lour* **wtf c UM* wee* woad orestk 3240041, Trait ttot Um. tiowerld SSW rostoty.d VA* *MOW* of ?49.1iiiito trevi****1.6 Ifa* Drat* We totroostli tows* tO Or* Um* liodtte *04 looly 0,00r t, the AS* Corp*. Um,* woo mob* of too,00ms for this' 04 Ossolik Coowpoolf1444 mosopi to oritromoly "1444? oit Mot *met Wit Ow (ow lead too ti# ow Ik~i: tf) 11000 arSitskiourt *Alga IWO the Vrttiok Golvolp? **** MOO /*two Ito twiletwo* ttb* 110, Norlino**** tor oil Ookimpriotot 10004410MOICIMMMOkti liAlloiost pmriatooNokrifowthof /*dog 0) 1060 *WA a ? -.,: - , ? ? -_ n';',.:, " - ".' .' , ? . ? '?? , ,-.'f, ?? ? to 1 . r`r , . , v. ?"", Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010041nnni_R . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 SECRET telt- partieular1r responsible for P.ht* as they through De La Ruqa had the weekeispin4, of all 3aht pleoes and ware eating in a fiduciary capaoity. aiffieulties anoountered in the fields In certain instanoes the Special Fluaka Ofticer vas not given suffioient time to proourc certain currencies needed Car operwIloas. This presumably was not due to the ,not osercestey of the operationt but oarelessness in/notifying in time the Speci4 Fends Officer to have the said eurreney available. In all oases the operations were not held up but it was neoessary to have the ourreu. vAta ipoeVally flown down from Lodls.' The British were most helpful in r44,-1-1 ec thio. Cit.tona in the field that might be improved: a) A meld audit wymtem should be set up. Aa in soy ul =staid* audit .hold be made wiodioally. The books of SAO toil ft, #111 .tdtted ap to 1 Jus? 1044. 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Tbs lam tilde flaUra ie delosoto aloe,* %Alt authereitit. 111014141411,14 11011011111040111, t obasy to braiseh out isle iscrelstoli Matto aud to grow too tiepin' aleez overfteedsplisaVA loreeamouti, * U&s I. I* bla movorisig sem ION liberrtrikeou sp*aks 144101/of 110.30 01411.1* swit notoos that lito would be of SR a moor 141.11100446 sipswiy? ? tr;f414, v P- 4.77 14 T. Plossiuttai Ottle* ??? t- . ? .ta '7 ? 11- ? ,ttt-PtrKt ? , t ' naringgifiPri 2nd Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 IPINMIVIIIIIII011406110114 Pt* Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Memoratu4vm ? IScirecttorrn IPOOK Wel SI SelliatZ Attaaset report frau IN ik? UtM lbzrp UNITED STATBS GOVERNMENT DAM 5 September 144$ Dta Cattailt 100111 Eer Wilson with It branch ? ffqp 19411 ust31 this altd of 1141, at *Ash time ha .bsoass Prooszloos Otfloori, atttobod to 3X bat --sopsoollikat fay lioisso with I?and; A. axporla ths ossuinatioftamot iresUation of 31 aiiterisLt sabievio4 40t sobetaotiol vat* to all ist Ws Uttar onatoliqtr issi 1. ossittiof to, aososoisitiao for tilos, vemate. so* always the opkuisu or toetori Otaerals sts* sorsiati hawattarli that, ho astaI4 has aulititott Mit valao ik? bOd takao a for (4L? k1 katals: Isirato IOU is MS tot foot swat to Lopioat to bo filiboordoloofNIIft*Iatilet 004001090 1141,V4 appro.** both !moo inut Woos So. sat to 'work it 11?40 lukt Inoik treeiostett M 11043410000- (*noir* ltgatit 200010"Pro (1411 044 OM *t i?Vaiv. callises-i*osot rostleesp last 9.1istroostwili 00* tin *it roottaos? pmwuthso . imvtiwast iStloos0ort, awl; dkotimi_ JO, I* Igo Oa r: Oo as.* 'Ago IOW rs Mk AT .04 *Mk Not peotsf 4 7.1 30 ; 0000W- ? ... _ _ -.,,,r?,:?...,..v?. ..:.,-,,,,,,,? 4 ?? h ? ,, .-.2;,,,, ,. ,,i-' ,7i. k,- ,,.,' ,,,,-'''" ?-, ,,!. .-%v?-', i-,;,1 , , -:.:?.,-1.?:., ...--,,,? ''f;.- !;;P:Toi:. 11, 1-r7 '?? ? q ; , ? L ,jr , , e t ORAPV4fa, .1; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 '1.444 *La* ;sew 14 Ttels gomeonti la extraneous, and (to we at leant) it sakes se *ease* Plevertheless at he says next has a lot to onia-vnd it* In SoatinotIL i do not agree with points 1 and 24, Iecru,' with paint S? aectlkan III I agree with points 1 and 2.4, qesstict wtIther paint 4 in well taken, or 'bathers, instead, the Illesbaddtn croattation only required a little tore time ln which, to *Jell*. Results since Callican left indicate that the 'Latter wa$ the real need. Pint 4 is sett1e-4 in torsi ot Callisires second altermattvs? Point $ owes, soand, bet "ItMAII* (or *WW1) doe* Act some, rio I wit/ omolselou that work with Oases definitely valtable, that he &memo a totter of sloomsodation Prior* for bis basktrounds applidastiomill Aettvatioa and reivalta, Hs is* provocative fellow bikini rift pod) and: It t. largely Nowise he is Orem vecatilva till.. I Woe been atirro4 to pet the otetilent taiatioin so the mes1,44, And isbleh *La 4isktribation. Mr. CaUiMc tiidi,thott doubt MU 0? 141.0 shoos servitors showld be socgit i mor porwaiint Amerie010-' lintel le avow " ailtre00,1011 1104,,gr:, 4... :: - ? . ? ? ., .,..-:r.f., + ? . '' `'. ''sr? C!'-? 1 ' '-"I' * . ' , r :.t: ? ? '' kii4P1041t44?-f4t. 4,..-_ ..j..... i?-? - '. t ? ,..-e-,:., ? , ; r; .f.. ? : 44,? , ? :.-.,.:- : ?-..,..., , , 4.,10 I 1:..-;r7' :' : ' r. ? ,- Vr',.?.';' f.'..;f' ''' - .? . 4 I ?-.; ',.. . ', :I ',J.:0 c... ''I?,?,',..t :i.'. :f i: Irz'''''i". Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-R 3X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ?1??? ? 4.1 't't ? 1 SECRET RCI43110 itaM P. WI Li? .4?1 Akt*Ikitialt 140. 1 ? 4 ? ? lc ? 6 ' 1141,... . RoOtt AVIA49 s pommoiosibasio?fto 0411gRad iraeLaW.0 WOR*OlaNtila: Conatk4.10i. ii:000??????10.640.7.**00401040;11, ?? ??Y'4''' t? ' L Lietar4o04,..w ?_ ' 1. 4 , ,I.7.414 `-?'? , f; 210 ? Is h.., . ' 14i ; `;? ; ? : Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ?? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 CMOS OF STRATEGIC SERVICES 111114SHIIINIGTOti, D. C. 28 August 1445 70: 'Meng: gr. S. ? L. Penrose Mat: tfnr rad ^ Else, Captain, USUCR tee attached field report, b.,/ Dr. S. A. 5401141 TaB. one of the meatiest arxd most lticaut nala reports ws have had. emaileseremp recommend t.itat It be forwarded complete to the tor. - NI% ivtittr*, ST:ltreir Cap titan, USICR VitNatm "ALP Pfrig00-041P.$ 4 WI traci(i I *ir-ZPOttkftt (1411 -FLdCL e.g9 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 _ Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 - Lori Dtiriootiore 04$ tter11141. Osillisos TOCUORt Chietv, SE u** WI' SOOtOtbrillt It Overt .P? Cow:Uvulae ilgurt.-1." 11 Joawaty 114$ to 10 April 104-S? ftspooli tiLitg pl000 for $1 loot-mow sottiritioo ja Gorsiuky? NOM. this tho, twoomilowooklool olOostives oolootolly so regards politiool lottiors. Ivo. yothokiii moor* ($oo 1114411?404 it* LO10111101411110% i'? 10 April to SO VW, %al porto4 vas i sft*1* Wipe tate *11 of Wooer w4flirts NO 10411iterteiik, 14110,414 Ili ?,Z1 ri4efit~ alliglitilig. t* JOS ? SO, ON ie le 11,440, Vloorti4 WA..e4 qv 'Oprig Gorsior soestitt.%pst 4I Calloitts, lir* ormi iiis 100 . . PeolVite4 41. siort 010641, 11166 iposti4i:tor, tit. rtiaika 4011104410 ) liso 1061414.44, ortr* Sadi 70.0100 ..., , . 4.41 Ito ''' Us ail *OM rtioirdits $.14,401 pr,i0.0* ,'?-.14:4411;a44. .A.tatarat.aw. 4`,. ? *4 ? ? ? to?el e r ir ? alma . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 As, 1 w I k.'17NO Alg' !!t741,7;4107..', ,rneywr - ? AvitAillikoiNC3 Peek U3 e Olt has brasehed exali late estivitier ~elated to intelligence Wit* it was uatitted ti attempt sawscisNlly? has spread its efforts tee widely and hes rotataed toe may incompeteat parsons whe had no real fumoti.in. rhe out la the budget way well be a blessing in dis- guise stole. IA will necessitate a eseceabsatioa of effort oa aoro itat objeetive0. 30 ?Ws tends's*/ to grow two rapidly along ovmorly oompliectod mad Wreausratie line*. Aa intelligesee orgeniSation must be intimate# *lactic, wall letegrated, personalised sae stable order to 'scars tbie hest reormItic. O$S has been Remo of these things in Washington nine* late in 1343 awl hoe seldom been es ill, the field. Oaly la amitseriend *blob fortmmatel7 lake eempletely isolated for a long per. iod was the Wool appreeithe4 and here some of the most brillieat re. *Al to *or* elitaiwir4, mica/ if mot all the ocaditions in the tioldo which are not of .(,.,40Li Local olltnifloomise end home* goad be improved by ftehingteno *a tre.acti te. gm. or mere of the shove fuadameatal weaknesses, The occeor,11,60ted tty an Is tile wits lieir at than eertainly ex. . and a groat iscorteckee to the leer effort Nave bele meow* .tkii**4104 at Mot ileyetion, initiative and ability at sortein in- ittculttto?;,+ teepice Ytatateicapo plaeod up* theft tito orgaaicatica Sod rt, ____t at 40(...pintatotia at 'ea* ris_tx"..j2:taIL.-_._a........iofooaomt aware. I, OR%fiti !it iircuttly imoodemi is Wieebados le a* able eseeviiiire 0,104* to *ne COOAS et the Oerseft ilieslea? The Chief ? so far at least Wee tot tNsoe toll 0 le, dote)* wok Mao 10 litooloodost ou4 it be to le be ta tleftitis.t0 .(ckiletTect&L beeve* mere is000li felt. Nis oxomtirive oiteui4 mom obit ite.qms upliiip000., *to busioo lbs 011 oriont solids awl like flopowe Oommomr? tit* elp4teitt isouirt be moo or thee* tealitleatieact 11, fookawor. mesa itsit it end $I at itiosholoa tool Volt ik 0044 coistbottroito **a tociareho aailiy,ste ea4 dieesswination while lotting wooirweirsoot of Sr. wolitOoit totollitoomo both wow" *4 *overt to U. far **op oaf taiwntsfsii'ggi ticationi tI it000moo iscretkinoi diff*iptat tio oogoincOoL ovois74 iwd 041111411 t tVoliag-4600 00104 Immo ow" oita16 of tido Ives.% moot* ficallaisraorift# *ft srpo of IP1,1001Pie 4* 10410110411.1404 it!! 0040 litstad#A* 11.1011 tioi *at UAW* of NI ib A ? minor OM OW scomcite at taiwitAigeete. %rood owli y $I *writ* tilso "sr*, Thia mailock imiontookarvo 44 iiiiimplositak ta i provost"- 440 lotto Loceope* libe buttock clef *al IOW gore of port of lb. mot 04* opal flopot tittk omov 41440)1104 statir 101off moboro 011104Mated* tAmse rito* irt*OtPtifilieolortY 1006,0 to *moo* *t.p.* 4.10814vit cf *. 40.1PW lel, Nilo 001,100?1 IWO t **WWII MRS* eitiot Opp* *awl 04ovit ! .-tret :7. ? r *sic Matta) tI4 be 1trio4 vort4or thin S* ,1414 041401 it 11Mif oporOtioss FVL R0,041ffirwm-404! -04.W.o.VONW 41, r Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 t4' -- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/049L21.4;16.....06001R000100410001-8 ( .? ,- -norozok"01111111111111.11111111 ? ? :It. ? vara.-ra imeofar ac-Ater are directed ageinet Geranny. S. Th* kin of public opinion polls in Geremy has been forbidden by SUM Yet the 083, Gorman Mission ham been requosted from time to time to discover whet the opinion of the German people is regarding 'pertain action' cf the Allied Alltary Governrent. As ? result OBS in Wiesbaden has continued to ask teoletecil iadividuale their opinions and pass these on. The results are Yleiatla and seanirgless end will continue to be so unlesm OSS or some other intelligence agency is permitted to set up and conduct scientifio puN- lit opinion polls. Such polls properly oonducted mould be the greatest single suntrbibutton to overt intelligence in the American sone. . Thome diMoulties confrxInging the OSS mission in Getman)? Which can be laid 1t5 the three. Inherent weaknesses of OSS as a whole *an be traced to three other taotors. 1. The lock of a eompetoat German Doak, especially in SI, until late in the ear. 2. the shift i* priority, necessitated by changing 'vents, from Germany es the number catft SI target in Aurope. 3. rm# tatter confusion prevailing in SEA'S? and USOCC which made it most difricult for 08$ Gervesv to make and execute any concrete pleas for gather.. &a intelligence la the American sone. Wlith tee exceptions the personnel now attached to the SI German Milo-, *tee rwpretteato en of the beet, most experienoed eimi devoted ergenisations so Aar bsvught *pother in the field. It is a pleasure to point out that Command- er Nieter? Lt. Compander Melee and Capt. Lositske Navy been and are doing a mewitiosnt job undier very trying and diff..sult oirsusetenees. Judgement is remerved La the natio of Odder Van der arsent simply because SI operations have 14.44-et full,4,0.,ten under way. Et to MA by the wriier tet if the German Mission can be eut to rissacsabl4 proporitare? stabilised an4 ts bronehes properly coordivated sheft14 tegis so prodIce eseellent th*trulte within the next few months. s - Ms. ?a?fa.s. eAt4,- prw Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 5te: 4 - ? Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 111161016Mis latrestare PIM itterlia4 Ao Wilma wok isenpieriat Arainta liapsrit oh MAU Chimutittervi laimaba 4kassary 2114? 11* II April 11.141s. Mbirwabiliki1/48, olio*/ tor ill foreiweer astivilitee in ilisressi6 garb* Vito lb* thadmison esipesially s rsipbrdep4ttI1sitUrat. Two immerk? 011011011011114 ID MI air* WWI ism sae ailt Omar oallt gs~.,41101110111?. Su Sr* elk MI 1010 plismodask et 11$4/4 14p, bolo .44 Sari* 111004411 respitalgII tiao *OW Ampihamimilie iit1/4100 11.11s0000 *AO rod asibriglias kg logo Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? ` it .1 ,, ????? IT: ..... . .?,* -1 ,,f.=.. z - ? i ' .:-. d ?;:li .....;.:, ...., -r, f. ...., -2 ?. ? ? ". ':= . t - 1.? ;.'i ? 't ..;x.,a. I .- 1.,, -- ?? i- 1 ??,,,, , ', - - - -- ? ?t..,, , .... . ? . L. - - 1. 3' ?-, . - -- A11.-- , ? ? -,-- , . 411.1: , ? o. ? . .....,?; ; . T:f .'?.' 4.,-, ? -,.. _ -- :.- "'? - ..., t .r.-: .. .4, ,..1 1 r $ Z 1 1 .7:144; I - .11 ? =;-... , LI i ?? A ... ?Irr` Pit MINI=NEMORMainigalgellEMINEM11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 i.morimeimmrrwmpriPMEMENPWWWINAMMREMsaMOMMEMMUIMIN111111111 Lim INN lee VirMitivii IAA 1310* 4 IleaNktalladi; *ix 4,2*, melt *Sift 111 isimetidleogi ills ~iv:? 4.1004-46464,17, bre epre34 4$e U. UMW Ng Ikea ireikinai tee vote tesagetivat promo yko netlk tWortiest* The *eft WWI saw wall Is a tivariatis411,00 agmealt 14 U eseesettate eatoesinethme et envy* 41IP WPM killikPlb *101.41.16 Mei Itemeneweide new talsileeee ? ties most IsSaidaatelo 11* Ike implemerg Ise sine tee tepitty "7 eaornexted atini** 11741 tatereibek porossalimaik maill *table is eras, Is sows tiba reestis? 11111 bee lisla moo at them thiiaga IaIiiashimitsta oho* bees la WO Iasi Imo salliat bipaa al? is that tial4rn 014 is Sailimmaimmil WWI eavtams$1.117 vas apeutolioNly tus1s.4 tar * km* par* kw& lea tiro tikes& eipmeekeil eel Mom ease at the wet ifilliceikik I** 11111110 vole abollaaaad? May tt ass sal aleadillitaa? is VWfie241614011 ere est et pink Umak *Imatillaame mark Imes mold Is tagraftedi by 114,114404041 mg Is imam. so, me or a too oboe taalliembat voilialmilOso Tao 1411Witaltiot eseatiplisaied by NO is lib* pane mg at lbw sartaialy tilatot osillowli Nal at iorem% kapertansat Is liar *MA ? km lose Mews paisikei& liesitese et Ow ibiceVe ess. awl Me"? sorliellit Saw davile Mee ***41140.0 pissed was Um by *a ervailasttlia timatt* illifiktAMEMILICSIMILINIedit...tMelgett whi's townremedi wog** *111.0.11,1 tis ma obi* amaintitra *tn. oat Wait &tat at so oorama 4tio4101. Ws *AO tt*, so ter 44' Nee es* Wm oft* 1* Opaol* mak ilia Is 111,010a4sa sad itinks ta be be Osert NW* Ws* Vat% ILO Puisutil. fatould ** OW Ilia low IAA Olt MO* ibm ?Ss4laimmimatt Is Mot rift Isiiiisannisailiash r epoilier nit ampawrilraiiii St tow taimpital owl ar asto a tow moo 4 be *ern amp , ? 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 "( Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 'Kr4;1?.5?.12r4?imeiletll w_7+1 SECRET OFFICE OF SITRATECUC SERVICILIS WASIONNOTOK >4". SP3ILL (.4r4S x so 4.4.961R-GIAM 17 September 1945 IREA9211 TO* Ito Dtrostor $ecretariat Reports Otago SUZIOCT Returnee Report: Ospt. Solidelp *Wel Funds Oz .*Amer for AM/01111, em4 later for Company Do reaosats Me activities La sleazing vp tiao adoataatoa in oosoanting proiodax?ea La Me Orator awl ovilmatto r000mmeattattoao for taturo 'ostairtz.itclam? is osmosto a tioid audit aye** (WI* hos aos b?olios aoliatA1loloo44 a legal roprosoatativit for ovary lolaostoatt. I this ii alai la ottoot), fall it asehiaatiort Of lioard: 4147 6111111011 11141111210014: 10114117111 etc*. 404 the oalialillioilimat at I 1104Uastiloa tor lortattag operational 144100,101* 6441414041141t1 rNet 116041- ;1114.4.? iIkoik PI * wroatais, approve* toy 001. lobs. 444, litlaltookt deo* 10410.11111 ?Nada pob14041 Oa Oa oat 'Oat ft ta a/to Ot 044101614, I oast diato. , ?r" I 1 ; ??L ? -..;s ? ????.1 4,4-: 47- ? ,? ? 4 - 7,- ???!-' ' r . L...4, ? 1' el ? '2- r:*;z:2?,-; ? * Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ' 1R1171.31Algorptu,,,..? OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Wilketill*S11004 Ite, D. C. IN.;\ FIR krel 44,41) 10 September 194$ rtlittlItALVCIt .41.011.111PMPlakimmaltisimIMNPO The Diretlior nag it Piassise Sransh 10314aCif Cemosestsu Attaishod Report Psregrophs t through 17 et attached report tram Copta:A Stflidw mower is the 'min his serious assignments end dust's end therefor's thut exceptiam of Formgreph 04 require so emmaati, The Captain is quite cermet tit *Is atetepact that the Specie Amu Bresch'resords at Caserta cope sist la m.4 Wimps 'Mhos he lerrived 41 rtely? Thuwas due -be the fest %hat War* se* se riaR04,0 Offloar sr enlisted sem areilable in the theater te aitedic Special ?talk ti rimay liblr-bog the esr-ly period of ear operations litek the MA Avow* *Mt Ural tt, 10,14w we*, triwitowr? is the Field to CU, matt sgs? Jeeohoen had bilNitt available to- coed es trm Algie:-.% in Peoesieer 3446 *.ip passgIspo Ito (s) threugh (e)s Ceptain 4olidav offer. *mistral ivOlitgiostilaw* This Offieerp se have others. reeesemente Qv* 01444 Ammo syvtim be estellolisiheiO4 A* noted iu the eassients in Major Crelltc 4%,40044,, MU. 100a.0440 IMP "se ted early in 1144 and net b3 the, mowing OVA ceettingi oe Witt, tseu omit* tots* tbe milli se Ira* possible? The diffieulty tof otmilitatat eleite sot otAtrient eon tor We *sok wee reepossible for tome 414, earanist Vok14440 remmosto thet 004 *Woo bo supplied 1346 ?14,044 offromongialtOr* V& afoot was aiot mor0o$4404 in 1044 464 10414#1414 *Moors 441140 to 04 moitilow,loriowtoosmil 04044 60 meosof Wray** narAnccifipri and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 mom r ? ri41" lurV "SiLNir,t tvzr42 P :1- trmAtkole. mill su4sestion 4,...4t the Boardl or Review in tho various theaters 's sup9Iied with all ordors, rats* etc.* is also dounds It would appesr tnat cos ?aramt soard or Raitiew in ?' Should be responsible for the 'cards to *soh theateT. They abould tnaw best what data is required, Th reertnce to the shortage of ptrsonnel in (d), is a Ttpatitioa almost *X1 sports suball.,ted. This shortage of trained personnel UM the theatort ass 10:i-soiled with ail 705sib3e speed as soon as recognised. & shortAge of *Iota, diff,,c-41ty in Obtaining the hish class ttp? raison re- oi.aad, the lengthy perioa or trainirg necescary, and trtniportation facilities all. aleialcopped the sipdpecv correction or this situation. In some instances to blame in not notifying `Washington of its future needs Chiscia0Y In (Op it is Tee Ado* that some publication with instrua- k this last ainatio? L. the %slice of 5!peciol Pus& be given to operational Ws" sumsbers t-Au.tts were ettevattad far 11414, sissies** Sines it does not sees actriseable so Illa puktak tostrustioboe writ1ag shxdfled about in outside theaters for astiomp ssoaWl rateonst tt would appear proper that a **ireful and thorough steeal Wtertngo LT worreatly hwedied would telt* ears of this situation 4* a fiZe tital t per $0600, Capt W ain idsi vilempiltes .01.8 loath.** WWWart WWILI4Olid44 4V42* h* ',WOW& 440*" La th# ft.141 *at in 100000404 and states iihat ekriod, sece9t 'mother e1.1100000 V1&L1 MAW ie TO OM.* INSfitit ;,?t Ce41,0101 # coin -oho Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and MOIR PRIM ? Afp. ,44!' ? OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES 1111AS4IONIITO4 *11. D. C. Ecasci .11 ?s 6 Septonber 1946 rUs 'rho Director. Office of Strategic Sortie** (rbrut Chiefs Vinauoe Breneh) aiglICTI Report ot acturning Personnel. I, .1m compLianme with General Order NuAtter 6% issued 18 August 1944, holwo ts submitted report of Captain Donald 111. 341iday. reoently Special Puna* =tear, Zumpon7 'V', 2677th Regiment OSS (Provisional). 2. Subject ?Moor wee reeruited in the field from the First Areored Division cm 10 *rah 1944 bx Captain D. C. Crookett. Special ft*ds *Meer, MSDT00 through the Chief FIMA0411 MUM** AFISI. aeportlag *Moor sae *Assigned to Special Pawls Ortioe. gomdquarters? 4677111 Regiment 038 (Provisional). Algiers, for period *Web 1446., 1044. Our Indoctrination amd instruction, pending rroposed eiet4mmont elseatlems. InstrAstion resolved fro( Captatn C. Whitlow tad Lt. Aster Stabled WAS of the highest order sad mem as thorough and $* e* ths limited i)isto would allow. The Algiers Special Puads MU* sionstatet teem tin* et Captain D. G. Oroakett. Chief, 6rho Itra* *boom% Olt bt$01,1t4Iitta 'iurtog Of *Ware vtayi. Oaptskia P. 0. Lt. iteter 44h, Souto Censilto, Sergeent Goa. Sort4, and Sergeant Arah0014 ?Ova** 1kt settal duette* were perforieed et this station. 'Lly erAteet orrtoor* 4* Ntloot Wiser deports!' Algiers on Sarah 26. 1944. to **owe *sox esi Spool-4 'tali* Offtwirs Oftleeat tretegie Serrieilo 0314NOt :lite* la *Mit heedzIoartore Ceserim"rb.. Captain Cl* Croeitett ewe sonsittria4 oir arrittel Caortrta end devoted severel do/ 000 0* ey rortueir instrtseitt4n4 reeponalbility and eeedronft1.611.0.7 ronsit Otfteert CMUlkliAll to* *Mot co of April t 1.0104,* The olifte* staff osiestetrotc 00. limn Co Jametteort.: siert- NooStemsporo *se otrielf? r. Tho timetttoste- tho 00,04.4111 apeetil hods 01114,44* wore Otasostitstt tio14 0011 tho priag of lima :op SW lot* upkoott oat Oftifit4040400 of Soottquoittore el* the mil' ott000lioomosoolio, to to olidotoint Or cpVap.VaI Thosv?d from lir 1.44, to thsly ' 400 ototago,? *doh Itoso oat, rovirt, * *Oro t. 4441444 ott 'Ible to . 'ooltovi 4.01010.00 a?iIrostioto.1 Out 40011,4 1114U* *Stomp *petal PtIlii*o $401111.04 oth0Oort $01,010- 104444 estioietoo4 2G* Ott mellow loertso4 *Or* ?"*","" - j ? " 4.) 7.; - Declassified and A (:?K!q For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13xnnnnlpnrminr, oe. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-R0P13X00001R000100410001-8 11111MIMMI rrigt1M.',10f1014:4,9 thi,AWS - rho lirector 6 September 3945 0,03/41ET tarine ported rerorred to tr this paragraph1 who were completely 000pera- tire Um practiosily everi. iris-tame, S. As at April 1, 1944, the Speoial Fund, ()Moe at 088.4AII taaserta) bed * lenge nustar or old outstanding* poorly and inadequately descritedil, tedvanoell of both operational and personal type*, many ell:hick wer* net mutberited properly by competent authorities* Remoras, generally, had cmt tikeseU art and therein** extremely loose *antra over the spending or governmemt Mots* Thts situation had been brought about by the tmetTictent hendlinc ar ilovernmont ftsads by improperly trebled, cud itaintamete4 pereannel !prior to Cie arrival in the Italian theater e a rerstAr ipeoiall Amide i:lerl? when the wrongs were rapidly righted* The loft/Awed isMrts of the Theater Special rands Offieor? the.Commamding ,Wtmer, 2677th Beelsont CaS (Provicionm1)? the Commanding Officer 066- AAlt? the various 3eetton musts (so, $t. X-2, MO, eta.) and the Speoial Nod* IfPloors 036,4hil? vat? the assistance of directives from 083 Wash- tftaten? `traktght about 0 rimy drastic improvement in the rigidity of grnte,-.1 *f gnivuIhered funds* TA The di*solublon of 033-AA,11 000urred on or about July le 1944, att.( the fall aft Romeo, when p*rt of (1180AA11 established iteele in ClAy, U. the remaining seetion? the larger majority, moved Stone, ly to establish a new Needquerters* T/Sgt. 1* C. **Amos temalast is Romig, along with Coptain A. J. DeOis** reeently arrtesa trims A1@ler*4 to represent 3peeie1 ?Wade &lotion, and was detaehed trvis or officep* The Mad* setup nee tom* as Company "0*, 2677th lotiment 4as tOrwriellosell and the Speeiel role. Offiee omitted of two people, Serg**0v 40* g.orielf, abo mks atteehed tone at this timop. aw clerk- tamillorevar, a** mroalt* The temmeading *Meer of Ceara*" 'V doting wilif mmttre Oar et :40,411, "Um we. lit* C01* Wm* a* who's** eompletely somperettro et all tieen. he tualies of the tIJ4 personnel at Company "10, Ilea jrtima Yrcfe..) wore raft etslar y tAo Monolog. *t egierationol tease atieldi orkisitten, net Itelbas tereesselh the finaneimg, and monetary eioceirsiciaist at all oft' ComiMiretf IV** forward dotaehmients,, the eounseling Th4oinnostnOLng elate* in ell thi3Ngo ttn*tal 0z the prnporation and itipopis4it adosito4s4 rtionstal reseed*, Th* Monolog of operational teem* gotag. itto the field lamertMillcat Sit* grcooto, parttime cif tk* WOO MA, by faro the lergeet ospeodclteires of iltoils* 0411.001 *gs* oimirot svitstividr with Ow luavilins hp,U timatiop eiputivivisvik obiotjtor hy Oft or *04 Nut wiVif the omktiOsst enst oistfAtim4 Xtmtinst Plainiecip *140 W. $10. 140400e. ftiotwoffiet oslifiriot of 4411 maim% gt, Operatifriol . '40 144 iiporWolitt teal.* 4 CV4,2+404-t41,01...: Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/25 : Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 immomm 7?.*X 'n11.4,11.-?,1:! 4ner Irtiatall4 too, 5 SOtsr.ber 10I5 ".06"iseifirl * *Minim , .1.4 Th. 04$1410. a couplav "D* was peekkliar twofer as tag-Iv-Way *OA (KAO 40114 0 Itta.3* our uatabliehmeats rambled over a goodly portion of olowtoita Itia$, orietkus a &rest dogrel, of inoompaoirmaa? and tbitIt VICIaglileilkt th14 ,I,ib of ttosnotal ooritrol *oh *ore dittiotaia wad todtrees4. tio 'SO sub-hesactuerters with sooth the hiertosn Firth Aviv sa, Om arts'ish Sizhth,,each, wri.th several advanoe4 sub-..sub-oietaobeerita, triktritssf? *col hoilitrat are** at Britdist (which. lster on moved rorth to * *arsviottant Loemtior4L other eohools aortiree?s betwasU WOO *Ad Aoltinek0i, /obits the a,ctual covekaria awl **Oral headquarter* vim loostsd st 31ipsas itaiy, though later *ovima up to tior sk elsa? Despite tUt a X sookraritatip or d &moo**, ol ear oonoi se , soourato , awl adequtt ? r *cord s of *11rizsater.* were sototained at *shah headquarters; or cletaolusemt 1Dy a atitilosted re4voustol* otaostr, who periodioslly roadered ex omeowokin$ Cur 4-1 !Muds saIs.a*Od tothe Speolsi Fusids Oftteers Gaspe* "I)* for sworiresi VI thu CPsossatilis,Z, Wiser, Compex/ *10. who htut, be** ilertiittsil Irs *As S-...:?,0. ltith tat* imseestorri soxthority. 11, 00 or shout J*01*ry 2, 1904 the Company "D* HeleaTtertere, with 41 phrivtraisl wood Nirther vterth i*to 000lApieli Italy,. timiolly settt'44 dolma IX Florease,vbere the heatvarUers remained umtil the sod oft 0* tiro*** low, %Ad the eventual stiseolutio* of (looroy 'D". This tivoly sort.' bro4144 *bout out almost entire improves:wan in the situatio* sombiocaeit Sot 10i4i soreceediz.6 varagraph, wince wo were thot looatet at a _ *ars vottroklUmi svat for '11 local **tient**, following worste? the u:r moving of vreetiaolly All a o rest estaitiltst tl.i;b0160, Oe rite'. oe Joa4ery, 1904 th infteeuth Osty Otromq tlossi[s%Vwc prIaatpsIly or the Amerioa* ltifth Army and the Britieh %SON *se orwatisisti ix, the vtoluttri st Ovens. 04 Ocospolo/ "WI Verret tbr4twovals 0 (04) via* attaohOi till Vh004 tor intelligence seri*. "AO row Wet 11%11" tor the et_ . This attaeloymok 'proved to 1D* * gr.at !motor latt oor 6 tail to do! Vie OVA $00010.t or t rod woric done 'by 00 so Ititili Met% st440* of` Ow litviliet 0410400. OW 1110 'Were 006 Oa to totter peell our sortie** to Imo le oho itetwit4 MA 'wed tor tholk mos 4tio Nolieretood *mi efpreeist 03$40 00The, rotertloo () sr Imo sotorauloi to totwoato 0* IAA WEEt *riots ,t 046 os roisttem4 a it* 6, Cirrtngton errive4 we Coterauf 4q4" es of es t. *wow, sr &souk Wo *solo of tokostOmo et, daisoeesielet .14 ttirer et demercoly "Ds (14101444 to 1-4osain ow , 0414 Au* to 001, Ogra. ter return home ,efpre votiotellMht Vki-o 4tiststo* ? 10 tfeeause of the **toss et Ow 40 Of *Woe* problosi 04 shossOrs. tit. weithetiso. 1.401 rogise0o1 eoztrol, though thie biett Orli 'frit* ? 004 or MA otiwy, ometo Ms ? t 'twos o a superior Woe Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 a a 4, wt. ?. ? 1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Aki4NtirNMett014VV*CAIVNINVilAl...11., 4444.41-40,11 A4.8,44,1,1&100riliA,24~40.faiegTONIMONEW .6 . '16eotor 6 September 1945 CRET 14. About April 15. /Ova. Lt. Santo Condit? was trwuererred to the Ip?eal Funds Of 21i CorpoAr trnm the Ttiorlter Sreoial Fund* Ottiol. ,aserta, for dtkr to asstst. with th$ eittr inoreasing work. Re remaincd in the Zomp*my **wt. ***Utast until Juno 1. 1946 at whioh Um* he assume my *coouttahtltty mod reopoaolbility as Spools), Funds Ofttoer upom my release iahd reaesigmeoso to Beginostal Headquarter*, Th wit husible opinton, tho servloes ot Lt. ettzfatito ver. net quite eatiaftotoryl hews* too inollniod to 4takw thort *ate. 15. Tho rum% *tap* of the SpeolaI rund* Ofrioe. Compeny "Dv. theft hop debrirflat or all rtalimm operational teemo. This was qui*, a ttoroo4 and Involved procedure, from whioh nosh experionoo and background vim Wald by' oil oonowned. It was not ? *Maple teak4 but1 rathar1 one that roquired ? greet dotal of organizing *ad hard work. The preliminary plitantma for the dobrioting oxeroise* woe done **elusively by compomy "Dv perevanol. thvo0, prior to the aotuel *tort of the debriefing. aseistosoe *** voque*tod. NW received. from Rogimestel Headquarter*, Throe complete debriefing tia03.5, 1141,0h %atilt at trtiS Of three or mote Walls, one of which was * 4pooloa Punic airflow wore organised end cuii to work at Company vDse Hantqwarcers tattettately atter the /Alma big push etartad ii Italy, em4 th.** t4ona oonttumod funotioning uttil all Italian operational teams had fpes gm*. ovor *Ad *atUraotorily eompletad. alpeelal Nnde Scottie* Was revegonted by Captula Ddo C. Croekett, Ceptan AA J Detioeo, Lt, S. *mall? eind the importing *Maw' Oarlala Croekett funotiOnod more or less a*#O advIlisov nod regimental eemtmet, while tho latter throe aetually t OS *11 *goat conforeneee eM ItiZbAroed tho noo4saary Amite to sottle th-4,mon*trel. Wimilify4 to swy, Speelal runds reguIstions were complied wIth two" the (*Air* procedure *ad 0onp7,4e and full reoords were kept on doalsioas 'Pk *Oloma taken the tfle calm rotate-id la the MEET' kpooli4 Numd*, AM*. Coloort*. Itto rsevertimg ofiloor g reilewod cit dully with Company "Dv 4olltivaat aaa (4V0w1440.140A) a Jun* 1. 1446. ft114 pr000sded to via Cavity's*. 11. let*rommo Ocin Ord 040bur U,pavhgraPh 4 (0) (Olt *. A fl$14 wont *yet* W4 tsar octal* should be .4**1* ma *matfett 04414 tweet eli hivekki not Igoe the* oleo rActr Ole ter Vie bewail at She, Speetel 140411 * a* mueri a* tor s iqsow Neadforerter'it (Yr books **1 soontoi Piirtommt ofetsfAe a* $0.0$014 ?nolo Ottioter tii Ow 10000" iegehergaloit WortU em mittitter *e** ow ONO k, mofitis4 em lihee4) tka holt ttkpow *mid My* wen intersect leg*/ repro?* miort 14it;014, Thor* tool. melt oeilanione,thel eervieet * it4eileimi ? -tta ft! LI - ' ..,a, --.... ..? . dt *. . ? et . 14' Declassified and Ap r '1 oved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP1xnnnninrs .1 ? -1, Y. IL .xt ? O. 1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 The Direator co If the Board of Review is to be appesolated abroad, waist dii%ocimat44A of all ordera? rules, regulations, eta. to those at representing tha Board of Revlon, in the field* 3xperieroe proved that tbeir De kAowledge of these things almost made the Board of Review's t ? Acne ridiculous* . Mere has been a definite shortage of Special Funds satiated personnel available to field offices* Requested almost constantly frmm July, 1944 to June. 1945 for -Jhanging of my olerk who was grossly tnefficients ror another, but no cotton was ever taken nor was any satis- faction given. Nik* told by Captain Crookett, "Keep him or work alone. *1 the latter was improotical* In felt, moot of the time we oould have easily tor Dwo Spoolal Nods clerks busy in my office. e, In a few instances, operational teams composed of 4sooriatn personnel. both SO and 00, have been inclined to be a bit oar40- 1.sos in their hating of, and aoeounting for, operational funds advanced mad 131011$.0 Could not some publication be issued gtving 111000 met* or less definite instruotions and advies to team members, this to snvpiement oval instructions given by the looal Speoial Funds Officer* This would be a real help to conscientious officer* who want to keep the best possible recorda* le* In completing this report, my thanks are given to all who *Med seelstei me, whether in Washington, Caserta, or my awn office* tt hr4 beim t pleeoure and *vilege to do my assigned duties, and it ?s hoped that my sovvices 'were *atirs4 estiefactory, 19* goquast is tadt for another overseas aesignment in a stntlir gepeoity Irak :3pecial hada Division at an early date, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 L-9107.1,st. ? P*- 4!C".44Ni'1631'i.'? 1111t00 11,-14 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ?tit 04s, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 inummem _ < wegx.atttiMe SECRET ciLl OFFICK OF irritAlum *Thymus WMIHINCICTONt PL. . C. S X itts'ir) 13 September 1941 IMPIONAIGUK 101 ?too Director Mit smarm' Priturlsom *wort* r,_,Lord Slirre AN. -.mist/Lona= Socretertat ? Deport* Office Er ? Laird) a seikiter fire* a Om SI Reporting Beard eat later or the Seorotariat ist tr0 analyses thou rectors 'data he bellegtoe *erred the tell ettectileneee et 06$ 100 ft I? ntreseee pertteigarlyt evergiesseheate ot terienektilleliteretice oak the etweeeviont 3ea1ousiel, ivbieh *rove? diribtletes le oleo 411414te4 to the iliposiatiess of owebeeosimint eria*Isailemal wwwwWWwiture, impoper us, ? evellaliI. resoefile_ 404 $'04% 40,4110.000basis so retssaewil 0.77 40,4m04X7 D. t. itesports 00100 ti ?,'"` t; ' .?? , raw, Otitt+1?61"--etig'fattee -4=1000 5 .? -1 - 114..,tek' .itztt ? o . ? ,t".`,..,ttr'' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 1111111111111111111.1111111==d and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 MEMML7MNI T ; '..14111,40MI ... - VAC t Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Director, OW 72Rg Chlett Sezrfttariat FROM Salter Lord fkinittle Report an Rs-turning from Overseas DAT*: 24 August 1945 10 On 28. .112/4 1944 I reported for duty at 0530 London, and **a 4ssignod tot the Reports Division of the SI Branch as an As- sistmt Reports Officers About 20 Upton:bar 1944 I moved forward Pspis, where 1 *crud as Astistant U. the Chief, SI Reports Division* On / December 1944 was transferred back to London and es4igned to the Socroteriats I resainod so assigned first loports Officer and later *G Obis: until 7 Ju17 19454 when I returned V, Ilisalliaoon for a For *act assignments 20 The abvelour of duty had a twosifold benefielal effect La she writing ,:xt 1 ribport Inah as thirs First, my position in the ST. Reports Division gave me. an lyttmate, first-hand vie* of Mks aotivitios In the tntelligence 1114,4, whish in the 1aa0 *is I belliove comprised the orgcnissitionts most *portant tion in the $TOs SeeolutIy, Waft swaths in the Secretcritt 4 an unporelleled opportmity to watch OSSIs operatione a* a *hale ** the emeluelons reaChed are set forth below They *aver opal, the period I Deoweber 2944 to 1 :04 104511 mine. it ises dvistiAs that Um* *lone the% I was able to get a real view se overall 011$ activities" It shOUld farther be magNasised tha4 ire every mei* these eoneltutions not only represent purely peraiwiti opiziioastt but also stall sten be invelidated by ity serape? of 'dee wmderleing raetor ge, the situation. 4* In thwimeepopeel !sr strongest ietotion. Is a feeling of setteesoffilenrnt4he efrorts exerted by OS, 1O bore ?omfatter' 04* troAt and eolattritutWaatertally to 'Ube Allied SUeoeles evitatitetiont Is towered bya belie! that the 00$ eontrio IWASonsp mag341seive been st11 greeter Market the ortirmisatidiAls Wert* btrom Issitors4 by at toast tato larportisat tactipts. MO* toottoewks bietudett too *Weft a dellaiuktion bititeat Breathes la the etottaellIS elativittes,- trovielck isopoiltift et nocaleeivoips- tsmetteaskt amponotrooltwo* imotipor use f avallabIe, regosadiees, Asa ,p4res griolor?ile let peibsonsa privileges- .1 0 ? 4- .341,4*.V4R00,4104Mornire., ? ." 11, t?,.,--, 1 On gf'. 1.4 ....,!,.'!.471:V. 4 . ,.?,-,I, . ,, ? 1%1 .4171,F,-.4.4..."t, ; ...c,-.{1 kii........LI.Z.A. 471i, .4?'%' 1- ?,, ;,..',. ....,,,,, 7,:',441????? WO ."?;11f^elieC6?6-.1iA4'. '....V.i?A2,42,??? T - ' , ir ? 40 is, 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001Ronnlnn4l nnnl Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ?-! T till, need was otten abused and made a convenient vehiole for getting% away with all sort* of favors. Aloof and apart from the rest of the orgtnization? X-2 went its own mystttrious way, As a consequence this other Branches lost not only lu morale but often saw Weir own efforts hampered by the existence of gaps whlih a little cooperation from X.2 could have filled. Three examples of thim eXtuation will illustrate my point. First, a1thek Z4 froquently received item* of positive intelligence from its varioum C sources, no satisfaotory arrangement was ever worked out for uransaitting such information to SI. Sea- X.4 offered little or no apparent cooperation to R&A in development of the latter's biographical file on Suropean tonalities, tftespite X.21 some to an enormous amount of t graphical data, Third, X.2 failed to cooperate adequately hen efforts were made in the winter of 1944 to develop jointly Irt th 3Q * Countir3sbo tag. Unit* The embericat an of the Medical Services Branch into CU in- el igen*. field early in 1945 provided another outotand- tng IllustvatIon or the dangers resulting fro* an overemphasia 4%* WW, 9rimah breaW-down. Due to either unwillingness or in- *At tit to acertilinets their activities in this respect with Vt4 110,1 Reports DI-vision0 which was the only office with pro. fot/414$41"la illcqmirlimee In the hiwiling and proaessing of /Milli 0 the pr*pocr editing* evaittation* and dissocination of the Motion procured wee great:4 isipLirefli SItm the other head could two used to great advastago the knowledge, ability, Mir 0i#uate? and contacts of Kedloal Seviviees' experts on CI?- Ma *Ilion** the latter independently received. Mi., *art of cuoproette. rolttionship was *corked out ehereby *1 IP?itittVt protlessiag but sll medifial intelligence would tire verirrre4 in Modloal Sorties* f4r foment And oditing? 'We was * groat Improvement to the sittAtion, but it was not mode %IOUa pod 1.41 o easteetea NW. waste had alr?s4 been icemosifto ** frogiwie sts* ittie Alto 41044i0tit Ow ove eildi at isle*. sti43/4tirgoAlicen oof M4dL .e. organisational sotor whish T belly**, ham. STO4f In an ottort to d. Oh atrueture and thit reamtistlahips between Bramhes, *tin* usits Ivor. set up, Out Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 1004100018 flAkit14 fr 3/ !'FIS +:4?7"triNr/IV**A.3/1440,04,04Wi ;CPA? ,154r404 what was rem y nsede4 was closer, diroct centralized control rron the Szaouti/e0 and tho erect or those half-hearted euper- impositions rather thsto making for greator efficiency and into- irattoa cAs tlftply t lt mother block between the alroady haras**4 RxecutiTe lavT1 art.." the people deep in the Branches who vivre doing the eataal.;,rodultion. The following four ex- saapies sr* tillvivel %a illustrato this situations ) tit!at tn alf late fall of 1944 in an effort to gear tho svAir 11 efforts or the oronis*tion tor the attack against Gar- itself the Flans 4'114 Operations Staff (010110) Wa* created to soardinato tha aotivittes If 31* X-R, LA, SO, and KO* Xxio *ellen% perhaps in *onception and theory, so strong was the po- sitian of the aranshee, howevoro that 0M10 was given no authority to direst or give orders and ma was unable to make effective any lf It* deetstonn. Th4 rosult was that it becalms purely a rem- ltamearting group whose membars had no other functions and who **titled no authority, but through whom everything had to pass a* sr by ritual before bein4 earrict ut4 This only served to slow the vacs vf operations without contributing anything* Uhder that** stsmametaulla, the branch** quickly resorted to *w4try eubtertuvo h%,,TWad subvort the btarf In oarryins out their plans end prole4ts. Arty value that ths &tar: might have h*41 in * rosomondIng capaelty was lonsecuently soon lost as ova* Zbe sltuetlon was aggravated by the raot that some of tikik *toe:, tslante4 lounge)* officers in the organization wore an Ot* stool' ant% therettyre lost to the operating branches at a *Law itits4m th*tr saridies were desperately needed, rsa'ASOMUILattika. ta at *Mott o **ordinate The activities and sorv- 4ts wattage OSS P1014 Det*chwants 104 Missions, a 44elent 3eation WOW wits created in the late autumn ta beadtpso,ter* at Dries The 101410 ions and la at Xiadhaveno tirusselso Toulousis o and with 44. 3 4ti% its *so 3,40 and Oth Armies wore then 4, wstIvely angi operationally responsible to PIVIC last**4 aticaking the *orvieiag and handling or4 if/m*44*k 100.441014 in unp1illwont04 con **41,00016*. **1C01010. Wean able to go diroetly tioer fav ordare, *Applies, transport, coos ational dIreetiveso now everything had to rum witki reslalting lose of ttae and ot ithoi*t * cempleasating gain In overall ors Declassified and A roved For Release 2013/09/25 : niA-ID"r"" A ?. 4. .1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 -4?1551;-'1:1 Plitr.%lkta*e?,,ssr-Fsf fatftt.Vdt 0.410,40.41/4,444,e4r le too 4,1.4,1.4.4-.4,twallottP.4.24,04.44,-,4 ..;31MtgettiteleWli derliness or efficiency. Instead of a valid coordinating body ?I= became lust another channel that the people responsible for action had to go through to get things done. (o) Personne: Section, tit the bo ginning of 1945 a central Personnel Section fPERSO was crostini. to direct the disposition or the organize. ticu's personmel in such a way as to inure the best possible use or the pervonnel available, to formulate common policies for the admInIstramion af personnel, and to work out a program for permonnel redeployment and reassignment following the end mf hostilities. This was a badly needed institution, but from tts vor7 inception it carried no real aue.lrity in a realm where the Branch in Ch last analysis was always sovereign. Playing no real role, ?HMO resorted to a time-bonorld bureau- *ratios alternative for maintaining existence it del/sated it- self to a funottma *here everything had to be passed through it, *wen if only files were kept and tharts made. PR1130 thus be- ammo lust one wore channel between the Iftesutive and the people doing the work. In, fulfilling this role it did succeed, however, in dove:Wiling a lart?, atttt of officers who could have been bet-' vis*4 tu the *pore-tang os%d of the organization* td) In a torither effort to our. some of the administrative headache* *UtahI belteve resulted in the last analysis from the eseggsreted oaphosle an todepomdeent braneh structure, a greatly exlendo4 SecreiArtut ose delcOoped for 03110, London, around the *id of 00414, Thollecrotiolotre functions and personnel were eloandot Los:Ludo supoweisiima over the issueince of orders and 411cotts**, saatto-4 over the aochanbes of poueh transmislions, snd handAing the treraniseiom of interwoffice eorrespondence* Waal* all tiotts. tholimit in WO had always tee* in the province of the *4j*n tSorvicos and since the new arrangemente did not *pelt:Inc-ally tiovieve Mose offices of these duties, the re- to so exttel, rat *Tam elm von WA *Ire* ficarlogio, *unfit viatling *KT of ths tart*t, Carthelvmove *to, 1* Sbe toitortiaMioilon 144, re, *et, 14%, An effort So fait *MO% 1 Oat appredo matta- ? Nit. ; .11V4 *itito i. om War edministratIve agency ruotwr** This superinposition created Ilestles wi thou* notiecably allow leo it liag intended to sure* The Seorem freettly bikeypered b these new responsia 1sv411.Iti400 for thi, Om. %1 that all a largo staff over-all orsonnal short. bet 4 P as. a ors -6, s'?i? rummies was a third ? aosivitio** At a tiao oitio spas. MOW et** dos. sig mit Ow toboorb it A - 7 ar?-? I 70 ? 414 IS -4. 4 6-6 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ; .1; .47 a ? ? All S. ? S. ? 4. ??? 'la ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 , - , ???, ?????,..... ??, ? ? I 4014mdtd simoat hearttreAking that in the same organ/cation and within easy reach ti34411 of the things needed wore present but hopete*sly comette4 to innumerable nonproductive enterprises? 11 ono was -olind to their existence; it waa In fact all the Aor* exesper*ttng 114 krlow that they were there but were un. touchable stmply to4,ause they were usually pet Branch preserves An4 to 40t Chem would necessitate outting across some inviolate Ana saeroseAdt Bruno,h. limo It wee In short the same old story* to I11ustrat45 thtu ttuatton of plenty in the midst of poverty ta A1.1 toe easy. A hair ton examples will sufficet f4) ___________________ In the niast of the final drive through Germany 30 o projosts to support the Allied advanse, which o- the 414putoh behind enemy linos on sabotage and t opers.hlons or scores or agents reoruited from Basques jpiNnt &old the Pre. 4erstany Committee of the West CCs* Pro,Pect)6 lifotwevitr valuable a role these projects might Nitta 011040 under the oireumstances in whish they *el,* oonceived, the eAr *glided $o Abwwitly that With the shortened budget already Immtn,4 on Me horimon and with the nocessi0 ot developing post- Itte activttles an a large scales it seemed A serious waste 401attnue cogegtn* and trainIng this personnel. Nevertheless, preparattaesa, for leiiiticning WO*, projects continued for many ~Us *gilt*, the end of the war# elthousih it was never clear ex* *foal evanAt wham they ware to be directed. Despite, however. what oppekro4 to be a gook delaying action by $0 in dotonso of %ht. oveserve (thet,i. lest one In Western Rurope) some sort of 00/4044001 vitai oftst em b ditettion of the Comotanding Officer 4.1%-*7 sere finally oetiered disseived early In Itay l94. 00 azLial.gal, 4notatior ommnpte or nonp oductive us* or resources, 'ctmuveywor out% 04# fonnd in the X.k Art Unit. Orl inslly RIXT 4 4 4* 04rflf ma twal activtties bj mOJIng use of the *tali- It* ntemetlancl eft dealers tm4 by forrettA; oat whatover ;Aswan secilan*0 41Ilaittles 44ght he 1 volved In these circles. me An Oftit ease nowhes,st me*/ ju ttty the effort and oxo put toto t44 U*4 the 4,440 641400 limitless resources it skard*Jeftly havik bisen *We to ins1444 tihe Art Vat's work as to of to* sittility* Was /Nen wits not the sass, and with so tt St 44 COV7 1,4044 the Wilt Wee gworally rorogniso4 **A40. -3 0 t rr rir.11. "54 tad+ 10* *a* Vo Pt. et AI* 15. *hi st'J - 1.0 , 1. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 n 4 ? ?!` cq' Aes 1 S. idssitied and Approved For Release 2013/09/25. CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 VI 1.0F0;0: A.10.4"Za f!..T.4.44, tif ..%1A-*M04,0?41r0111"r*Ift #19.,1c,Ne'Ve fq.-tek-r-141r?P VPP1,0,12404141,9greafanten# EAT CU'x Urat ranks high. Consistin? tlf a group of experts work. in at Oxford microfilming pictures of the British Adm1ralty !Photographic Library, their work b7 1945 apparently consisted of rephotographin4 scene* that could be taken by any U. 3. Consul, could be lifted from most National Geographic Magazines, and frequently could be purchased in any U. S. drug store. (d) When appeared Garman-occupied Scandanavia would be liberated sometime before the rest of the enemy in Western Eur- had capitmlated, 31 developed two missions for dispatch to Oslo ikrd Copenhagen, called reopectively KITTEN and EANSEL. Thee. missionA *ere to work into enemy territory from their newli liberated headquarters in muoh the same way an MELANIE and 35141NSTTE, h. 053 bases at Eindhoven and Brussels. Later X.,20 MLA, and Communications personnel wore added to fill out these KITTEN anA ilAN321 projects, but they continued. to remain predominantly 51 enterprise*. Both plans were basically well" cmaistivid, but before an oppov.tunity cams to put either into orfwet* the war situation, had changed drastically the whole lermany was oweerun and enemy-occupied Scandanevia did not WA to the Allies until everything else had been taken. Under Mese ah*ngcd 4trcumstences the best course would have been to -311* boch ITTIO and HAMEL and save for other hard-pressed aottvities la* expense and resouree* that would otherwise go Latta these project*. The situation now called instead for two 434. three sposialists to be sent into each country with the 11M-* ttelay who? Lt reopened. But although the basic purpose no im4er lAtetc. the Branch machinery, like the mills or the 44400 ;:rour4 /00017 but so inexorably that both missions were Itay4tahld :ksacke417 *A soneeived "hen it was assumed the enemy *04414 fr,411.=0,* 444 out in Germany itself. It was only in :104 'ANAt tke sitOstloo west tinclly rectified and sufficient 410Avw4q noon on high obtained for the Commanding Offieor to 4/4or the withdrawal or both miasions. * *Ivotki, made posa411mr use ot ceponsivo, specialised ipsvacompt *na ;'144111314,0 *airom dO, and 1 believe :or the amount gag tt eslult4 asnisimi last slater and op.ringi consist'. Itaig manly 4 Wte aomolus azonto, POW" and CAPRICOAN proj- 4ott* **re not Twatitiodo There Ls, furthermore, as fr, AS I IOW.* no reel indication that the few black radio and newspaper proleate *blob were 44Mo:tope4 over had arq notioosbli offset *NI th. 04soma osopls. 110 gated vt way monoy but monoposs Itsei **010ac impiert Gesmawlepetking peromnol who were deeper.' otott, romitdoli whom St was putttog on it* groat Gorman penetration 4ftipek **sly La 1944* It to trio Chat Ita arrtnipmfent was made , "Nrk, ..011.Plemrlog ;4- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CiA-Pn04--- Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 7- 'Thr o t .*,,ICLIVIJ.V4r0"tt- whersby 740 German-speaking personnel were made available to Si, but as tar as I know this arrangement was never very effective 4r G11-embracinz sad the 1110, London, operations continued with" u1 lct-cip. In the emergeney that existed the real solution woull have been to suspend the Branch,* activities entirely for & The contribution that this personnel would then have =Ade if asstgned to the development of secret intelligenoe plans and projects woull Witte outweighed by far their usefulness in curt ng up sutpCA radlo programs which few Germans listened to and caustod no appreciable effect even when heard. tf) Pield Photo Documentation Pro cot. As valaable as Field Fhoto's oontributions undeniably vitro in their IPDP project, their European Coastline projeot, and thetr tricinAug films, little usefulness oould result from nbs timer, labor, and expense gut In on their Documentation Project ef OSSI.V0 itotivities. The ouly arguments oounter- ;Al*nclag the que9tionable vanity of the whole scheme lay in tNi rt possitle Mstorical And educatimal value. Person- *el *his stew thee alms bein4 made of day to day situations *IAN 'which they wore thoroughly acquainted will vouch for the alsleadlnis tonseptions embodied it them. Any historical or *du- 4ationa1 *vela. was Wore*y negated, and the making of theme plc- Wrest bacemo verftly a silly waste of time by most *livable pers? woJianel whose hUit Went. could easily have been used elsewhere. Ug) Ittoeksa? tlks tra# ?told Photo doPmmontation Mee, the War could uave ellon of odmeational and historical use but he Oterlos 484W detinItity wee not. Instead the project 11,1.4 the overitta*t o: *trout 60 exsellently (041111.4 per" said vrta tilurtnic the hstdimpreseed winter and spring Of ere aroutly meeded on lamediste operational projects. Th. raleskry'o peontial use:alness was nullified by the fact * wrIteroo howevcr enthusiastic, had tor the moat part oet 4trivot tittrat.gtrant4 acquaintance with their field. As a result they Iror* forceit to rely almost entirely on files, and it sose without ea A4 that not only does the sise of I file not neseiim ea.4?rtlipt CM* temporlance Of IWO 1***iff, but "*M7 Vibal deciw oss***$ and basic policies aro neTor put ThiApn41 1I7t* toriter Vhtng* with the proper root *i*ha,1s tit to h$V40 It done by $ome 4inted 4 VW10 wee done in the LP N t * written by tho Dranch Mary Maiste. was dOne A / *suatrise4 it Ih.firanoh. MOO of the 4P iwe ? ens, usually missing fire Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-A I. ? .1 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 s? 1.0.? ???? fr. an ths real ator y at hand, and having all the weaknessea that necesaarily follow when an outsider Is looking in - an outsider in fao:t who usua1L7 hadn't even begun looking in until the party was all over. 8. A considerable over-amphaals on peraonal privilege pro- d a. fourth factor limiting the contributions of OSS/tTO. Likemoat of the other Ills I believe this one too stemmed from problem of Pranch dominance. This was so because the oul- pri s were those aelf-centered members of Branches Who were so dedicated to the principle that the Branch can do no wrong that, like toulip XIV, they tended to think wlOotat est mai" and attrib- ute' to themsellres the independence from executive control and authority that thy had 30 often seen given the Branch. The Szeoutive realised the free rein enjoyed by these individuals but usually wan :Ielpleas to do anything about it, being frus- trated by the same tundamental concepts whie gave the Branches their dominant rIlo and backed them and their personnel up whenever an leaudo of fine authority arose. The resulting ab- sence of centrel and Impartial supervision often made indivi- duals* behavior subject only to their discretion and personal sense or responsibility, events proved that these were ex- tremely tenuous is in a Theater of War, where money and faolli- ties were plentiful and the restraining ittfloot of convention and exemstive control Tsry smell. Illtstretiona of the situation aro tammerable;a roll, examples of the type or abuser prevalent will sufftetet !*) Misuse at oars and the (3S ;lane for private purposes; tt,) Vft'ustiftod trtavel to Londen and Paris for purely para=tal peasoni; f ) risme* DC the orose-ohannel phone for personal pur- poses; (41 Utause *f ()solo facilities for personal purposes; 441 kbus* ,at the poueh privilege; cr) diver17 ostioubstXous aIle#14 and living quarters; (4) ftwolsa hate' atcammodations armanged for ordinary westounoll by ca,ole and telepbous despite adequate 4.11,04mg catalttine titled by this rest of !PO per., silana$49 ,???Pz.:10.-'0!!!!ie ) ? ;4,744 ler!" !"?:,,-,rgrKW-E npdassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? ; . ? ? I ? I. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 lionomm k:410.:.11?11P,I5VV.44-1v31440f.PrIPOr-;t?Nner..^,,,Wt.....,??s ? cr. ' ? ea.4411?-?4%,..41 7he e, Ile or Those specific abuses (bad enough in thcimuelves) m&de for more Lzenorel (and even worse) evils which further limited the effeotivenegs o.r the organization. For one thing, thin sit- uation encouraged trle continued presence of a number or indivi- duals wto had rrequenlly high rank but no 3ob and spent their ttne lounging around 'Noaping the benefits of the personal privi- ' es W4143 allowed thimn. Again, the situation provoked the ire 4rmy officials, who were often quite aware of what was going and thereby hampered the organisation in its dealings with wo* Theatar. Furthermore* It was a sltuation which could not help tut he'll* & b,a4 effect on the morale of the vast majority of 083 oersonnal, 'exc were plugging along always unselfishly Alnd sznetimes in considerable danger* a. In cutlinina the above factors and their bed effects nIt sant tt ciatoure the splendid achievemente of OS/RTO. The point in brin6ing them out is simply to emphasise that 0111 more could have boon achieved had it not been for these elements, all *f whe I thInk basically stemmed from the faulty but fun- damental organicational concept which *entered around the sanc- tity of the 3randft struoture, The fact should always be kept tr% mind* riowaver, that the good fur outweighed the evil. If 3renoh tileulsrit7 was dominants it should also be remembered that 2C the Si Raah Section sot a new high in illus- trating tlow afforent Hranches could work together in the clo- se:1A Masson'', 4,41C.ac tr needless superstructure was prevalent, It should he remirsbored that when there was an element of direct tzsautive control and participation* as in the case of the aaard of Review, valuable results were achieved, If Branches tAsused Moir facilities in sloe connections, it should be rmsembere4 thet on other occ*siOns they did an amasing job; for *Amstple4 Wietivatch of over, 100 agent team* to Germany between Nelesiber *ad We Ds v MA's excellent weekly periodical, "The Suropeen, toltniaal Rapore; Piold ?hots IPDP project of photo- craohin port*, sic:immunisation lino*, bridges, and other strati,- its titroughout Western 'rums; the hundreds of ;:ons of sarpttoe iroppel by SO to Standanevian Resistance; X02's splen- 424 ?aost*reo t enelm7 espionage effort. LA France; the ever eflystent and (Ftreful handling of finances by Special Pund4; and s0,00 cmpertli profe4sionel IOW Communications in handling prob., lomis maiging fro* routine Xeslatil Center traffic to numerous 1010.11101 agent ilarcuite* L a. 'lastly, if there were factors *hi h called for correo tint. tt *414 not the Caul% Or the 1Ximutivt that solutions were hitmt rtn44 to London Won.' P0r40*, Osotain Ammar, and ttc gioltanel 3141#4e grtlivid4,4 ~sideway ablis loodership. Wise, ? ?' ' trirrt oz. ? ? tr.. ???-.? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 -y ..Abstbaa. tt?p.-4.n 6.1.*fab..hibt. b:t bat----ara raboacbsassas s aaereti, azd for$,sighted, they all seemed to appreciate the problicas @t hand, did their best to solve them, but in the long run were helpless; fox always In the background was the funda- mental concept of Branch dominance. The apparent accf*tanco by wasbilaston or this philosophy defeated the best efforts of this capable executive staff to produce a truly integrated ef- fort. It was in fact a basic philosophy which no human being could beat, ambodyins as it did the strangely contradictory thesis that the parts of an organization are great*r than the 'hole. m1,4 Walter Lord ? It Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ?????""? ?;-.-.;,q ? ?,"t.j ? , ?6 1...44tsgmaerist , - 3 .??? - ?*, ? ' = , ' v. ? ? - 4 : ? .; P4' e - ? 6 - 1 , i` ? A ! " ???? ? 3 'r? ,? 4 5r. " and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 v?- ? ? 'ifite,r.PV;#* - ? 4i . , c ? 4 4. ? ? a. JP' , ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 `4*IttiMAMMailt,V.A.Wthi"*01414~0aSWCii4,..ftOr0;10)tStn47101614"141,r48%.04 if (0 AbZoseli rfirt. 64 biome FTeLL ce Memorandum ? UNITED STATES NMENT )4. The Dixector 1):1(xnA7Soptembor 1946 To WISPICT l? Copt* Aldan "Ito served as briefing and deem patching *Moor for Sussox agents and later for the Dat4h, Germant Belgian and French Maks or SI omphtklma Via Oolloving weaknesses La operations in WO: lop tact of adequate airlift. ks Psalm, to *tills* fully AB Emu/pronto r goy inadequate mabors of personnel 11,4(t. training area. 411,1 tnaesquate, facilities for 36T areas. 2 The Orsneb Chief's coverin4 ammo, beyond descriAng stove (criticisms as saseurate*, sakes no eamaent or Copt ? Alden's reipossansiations. Declassified and Approved For Release 201 ? 3/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Sk14,13144Tb I. '*,*,,tow altIot's ttelA rdport, thoutb ortiot tor the two ' ;, %lwo wil4 wort it soversi l* v*ry twourett. go tords tO kv wooly sodost tr looribtue hit own work, 2. 1 1)*Ileiro tbat ***ryon* who wctWod wAkh Ockt*in Wall 1 Iri41$ '041don *nd Voris voccro,t001 thet h* to 4 very lootous wr4 .:eel ot;tett*At ertnert g* show*4 ennoptIo(el lnitiotive in A411,14tg nal? 100311(04 *Oti Oystometi*ttc proo*Aurios. 1 Ocw it gr, ;70aorg* MOM, 00*4 of tt* Otlitelot of 100110;011o* #rodut, 01,14 (51P) thoug.ht vey htttay or 0.4:t9341 XldoitOm wor boo 01010,4s itk4 *-4A1.0 44$ 10,- a it **Wel tisks*, S. 141.toto &Wet t* solleittitod to tiate cove th* woO, a lot. 101. 0'"rt4,4 ',4 9.40.4t0E *no be Wo* Opt041414 WIA *illingrella to do 440 -00; tt, Vb-thp4160 *0 qmdr, twto 000.011414 oV hi* astiooltg WI' 00/47 po,W004 tt,oro 1* not Wiat.* $ 04t think or Ao is better or vt 6r ':tftt/. Kliter, l* tow et 1**v* *144 0004 voturt to S A tAgtati (& 4ovtolter IVO, ete, Oftriwn *411 am* Mr. b*TOT0 Ituitift wo.4 liedpf ,t* %o sonm of iitio&pets% wo0; *0 will oojoao uttovpi,, taw ftpts 'al* to ituobttetco to guld* blIn? throu0, the INI," vi41 1, toi Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 -,1- ? ? ?11-4' 41. ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP 'a VA! ,,,LCRET 1.4 13X00001R000100410001-8 t? liso.overe t-it, there was no one t lre with the necessary expor- iAnce to ,r1nsro tes-etch agents, l'.e.mfore I wts sent back to Lot- ion t,A sez u7 ar A etr` prorram exclusliv?lr Dor lelanie Yiesion. On my arrivsl in ipondcr. I ta.,overed thAt $1 had decided to put re 'n charge of the preTAratIon a' all konts At that time being sent from the con- ttent aa3 not ottierwise assved to 4*.istinr desks (that is to say, :114 not origira'ly r.orvorn -yaelf with LaborT'-ist or Polish Desk agents, 11t140, 01117 two ?Iesks luMeh 0 that time ,1 an itint program in Lordon), tlkat tIme Sotn.1t isslon ail?! German desk/ Paris, were sending atonts t. s UT eor training and despatch* Later on the lortnch DesOaris also eiA mepdinr a;pattn* Ilth the creation of DIP my elatc,dons became a -Art of t?.at or arizatiott. 1.t that tire I was called :t.ief Conducting OtTicor. I was it other words the "Desk* for all or those* miscellaneous %toots errIvit;z fret the aontineot for traininf and derlatoh in the UK., -101ause It fle4iIittes for traixlitig cind despatohing SI agents In CA, UX P*4 blown ItmotIvated. it was mecessary to blgin from sero iz sett,ing up an agent proJr,rtt.m., At that p4 nod Schools and Trainin45 had become) a separ. ate trArt.01', uk pruct:.cally without faoilities and inxtructort. To corr. 711ests situatton further, the Chief of ST was hospitalised it Paris* rt. elks therefore sore time, in my opirion at least three mortIls, before an tdokvato 9.Fent pograr was sit up* eithour,h of oourse, superhuman efforts wore Tok4e by SO to cops with the problem from the very start. 4. Ir late February of this year, the long needed expansion of '4.TO etmlly took risco. Up to that time as I have said, I had been rube- ttorits *4 tho (;erman, melgian and French Desks without interfering im tit* sprat ::rogliamo of the Labor and Polish desks. With the reorginisc- ttomv oe DIP less designated as Agent Processing Officer to supervise the PrAttult*4Lon of *It DIP Wont*. Simultaneously with this move, Frenoh, -44.tan end :strImas leeks -more set up. There never was a oeparate Dutch 4sh4 so I *ontinaed to Traction se the autch Desk, in addition to my other tatims, Vy ,:,irtmetry duty was than to coordinate the agent programs of all tb-* iesive. Vlsristore perfeoted the pattern of preparation which I had alteeldy been ZolLening myself and tnetructed the new desks in to method prooetiore. 'civaduelly ea the desks moo to know better how or system earted? they needed loos guidanoe from mo. 2/1, the last menihs of DIP *se:Witte,* Pinotions boiled down essentially to the followings 4* Ilterea** with therz)ritish for new agent material dirrittag to tpe lontiment. hooessin or orrilting *Melts, ie, seenrity checking in ttlte Revd tiktmela7ps6rietie khool, edioal and personal *um** And assignoirt to 60- are*. -t,1,????,h-4.tif?#?14?1?644_,y.?,1-, o 111 ??ftt Illison between att 4s4 so ',4;ierttsion ot the 4414* in the preparation of the *tent rsts trw withish taay wete obligsd to Imp to OhOw orogreJs, *t tke swiss preparatift. ? tt Well La rz, tor Uporture of agents- OS 111011 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13XnnnniDnrm-, A is is isA " 1 4 '? 16" A. I. I. 4. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 AMMONIUM ' SECRET 71..e at enumeration of duties does not cover oe Pours?, the rumerous numottons stiohI had prior to tl',e exparsion of DIP. Before that time lat.t tot only the fumItiors erumerated above, but also the problem of er stories, equipment, packing, briefing and desp&tohing, in other words, ewerythine the desks, the DIP Su-ply Offiaer, and the DIP ?per- ation (:4?ficer subsequently did. 5. Tr rard to sly association in the Sussex Plan, I have y prala. nor tho amellent marrer in which all this work was done and Ty collesfuss. I have always felt that the Sussex Plan was adrirably and ,,.arried out. What ha.Tered is, of course, history and it vrf113oust to add tanythinz to the existing record. A3 fin. 3-p, I consider it 3x'remtly unfortunate that it 'torte boar obliced to start from serttch. Aller the experience of iuseel Plar, it would have been logloml that all of the knowledge -sired 4.nd all the facilities set up shoull have been *plied to the pro- rrez- fr e netration of 'ermany. When 1 returned to London on Novem- ter It, there vas almost nothing left or the elaborate SI facilities tinttt r had kuovin rormerly. Tere was a iall radio school, Vilwaukee? 3rlitoolly 30/t up 67 the Labor ,Noak and at that time newly attached to 3Yr. The Lator .4)sk likewise tIA,d the excellent 2s.oh section for cover starlets, a section th.oh efts later detaohed from Labor Desk and made a se,arst4 Jeck under P Re-D had a, considerable amount of supplies, but ot -Litogether adequate' Other than tNe Radio 6ohool, there was no train.. liar are* fzIr 31 *fonts, no training prtgram, and no instructors, I shall mot a teept to sketc.h the dAveiopmont of DIP, but wish to emphasise the 1-4r1U4 !ii:Leultleas under fibich we struecied, Sn Was the first to treily and kr a portr, or to had an excellent training program going at &re* 7, newly obteLne4 from O. On the other hand I personally had only *et' quekittioi seatttamt, &Waugh occasionally other unqualified officers motre atteohed to my ortice for *hoary* work. For weeks my d'oy ran from ma to 24c0 Piui1, utioN my one qualified assistant in the hospital, the task toloss *vial more 1,4eisnsolas. I point out these difficulties not as oritiOavo but ao ap *toleration for the inadequacies of the agent '4'01444 PrIrraz fror Loirqh to lost,ruary, I realise that during that time veary etrart *am bleat; 20.4o by J/P to obtain qualified personnel and that 144 re-uutt or leir liras the subsequent expansion of the division. Alael4 : vs* bat 101.04e *newt), to administrative matters to know why we did tcrt mew?* aftequ4te luslitiad nerSornelp I naturally tend to place the 'lam. mitsr raalm*. am sore Irt.at Yr. GeorZe Pratt and Vej07 flans "loft* are tally, *LI lkitty ocruld, I have %he highest respeot for them and -h4tr work, Alwle RIO. the exparatan tn ocraohn01, there was a crying li,lf44 tot Aot, 4s.. ealoauss of ny experismoe tn the Sussex Plant I natur- *Ili41mght Ls tofts of a tratninr arse, antSa brieting area. A,though vrT 13.1 *14 ts oautd !o obtaAn * briertrg *rot, there was actually none it tt,,,,ovortton ontit tato April of tnio year. thil meant that all of our brief 4,11, tat ttg* os.* lost /*adequate* La. shOrt, Dm and SxT would have U*** In ,Atielti 114ttel ittor t.tney had possesSed in Osoember? let us PAY. v64 tsolUttee an pOraotrtuol 410441t trey coma finally to possess in April 404 oe Wie 04t ' 4 - , .1; tot Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 , , ? I. / 1, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 '.?11'..4#1,'""1"!01.11,MotitiattiAkowt...040 no_ s 444104billhaOrillatai 7. In '+?nfe 134.5. I went to Feria once more to coordinate, recovery of etirents their return to tbe UX for deprocessing and their anal liquidation on the oontirents I wee engaged in this work until gry 4e,Aii.rtttre from, :kris on Julzr l, t that time the liquidation was nearly co-,plete. ? it closing I wish to reiterate some of the major failiKs 1: ts; progreo for the penetra'Aon of oermany, oven though I reelise th?t these points heve been brought out by others. 1h5 :allure to provide adequate airlifts. In spite or tile lifficulties which we encountered in proper. iNr titeme we actually did have team* ready to pp in 4eaember. At that tin, the air forocc would not fly over their targets The failure to utilite J&EI equipment or a greater *cals. It Wlie proved subsequently that the Mr: set WSW unreliable in a blind drop. If, in the begin - Maw, more teems could have been sent out with only JOI equipment (tame tero were not .elourh trebled VT overstors) or If later tha Wit szeems hid been Oxon 04 ea an smergenoy device* X um convireed that the *bowing of the OSS In Germany would have boven different. 1 4ay thila fully rvalising the dtf6.- oulties whiah Cosarendsr Simpson encountered in expand.. intr, the use of %Mt. Dtr 4L kl,d0P pV4in AC -;811410, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010041nnnl-R Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 , ci Er, ? , St' r, ? %;"14# ? " - ` :?; - ? - ? 4'41 -rekv r , 4120},11.1- ' 41,^ irt 1' , ? i" " ' ? ' ? "-? '? ? '11. 14, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 " '!...,;?;,..t. ?- 1.. -? e' i i ..,. , 7+, ' ..:;. ?: : ..: t ' ,- ,... , ,,'', ? ? :: .i.'.5.i'i ' 't"-'''',51:' , ...,, - '''.7:,-':',i, '., - . -; ;5'7 . 55 . , . 5,. .1 .... , :,?,'. -.:',5-15-.: 1 ;,,,, , 1, .. ? ,i,',,V-1^' ... , 4 .--, ,.. ,-?k; -? . .i ,r.; , , ,,,,,,-5,- .; . i '715'?":"'''' "'? P.4 '5,75 .7.5, 5- '?', , :. '- ' ,,,, ,,. 3 ? . ,' 1.,,...--..-;t7,.,?,.,,.- -.?,,:i-.....44-slr..:-,-, .? , - .. ...?-..:,,,,.. -,,....,-.4.,? .-:.-sr.7,,....1 ???,, ...???:,,,...,..,,,. . -.. ? :?,-,:?. ..?,,:,:,- ,-i....,'?;-..!%?, ,-,, ' , , ?-? .' ., 0...;.? ?-?-.1t-ii.,..?..? , ..,....,.. ,,I.,..-,,..;????-1,'.e ,,...: , . .. .,,:i..?,.,,):.,!..:,...,,,,...iii,:: ,,,J., , i...-i',-,. - . -;????:?? ..,..?-' -...; "r! 1 ,t ? I _ ??,r ? , r t '41;;;). 54'.14;s: ? . 1?5 ;5 _ ..- .? ? 3, Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES Wita4RNO1O4 Mk 0. C. 8 September 1945 G EMILIO OVLN noream I concur in some measure with Lt. Comdr. if nes an?alysis of why SI accc. shments in SEAC were limited by the straA ht-jeaket of Col. Cougblin's orthodoxy, 1 cannot .ead tilis sole difficulty 14 Lt. l. Booth's report. On the contrary can only draw from the irrational statoment of details tad the report as a whole the clear-cut conclusion that Col. Booth was of questionable suitability to be In charge of SI utilities In this or kny theater. It Iremember correct 7, Col. Booth mas misunderstood methods toiled to elicit appreciation froa his superiors la utr, In Spatn, an& in London. His job with the Army in Fras appears to have been somewhat v^re successful but hers soln the r.pot 6f his Activities disclosed a &tens ive tons, V4rseitcrot oneiderv4 his tics* generally digressive and un" *cud 1 c of CoX,, Booth, priauily tram hcareay ant tmfrosions *amid traps his report* and corresVonlenes, NOR 1,km 4urfi4uity in Wag *underctoce anA #41110*.toit*i a oltuac1a4 los most ourpriseio in vim of rosev4s $ lic,roktof a eta t to duty in A.C.Sg ? 1111. . . Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000lnn4l nnn I_SI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 - NOMPAlleallielkft /7e9Y7 UNITED STATES GOVETINU litrekttcw. COS Oerogratl. Wavidifir CUM) MOW MLitt t es.? s6,140- Dant 5 Septfistber 1945' 1%4a Report of LI, Cole Valor !tooth latactoad horovitik 13 ttait revoke. U. ca. waiter demi la Apt% MI6 lit* We %Alb searpiod rok itor pookitime sno? as work 04 not *hislikix* ma arftlitteit ttnt 11144140* ykrio TIMM mute tuntistrierftaLL %moo ot the *boil toots I ow regaiet44. Comage, 1110i,ftapitinet Not" Tar Slot Sri 110 00SOW/14 mperkt elee L. eflito *401:101.41t, :Ode SOU Still0 miti ***Wm P. I iiijr?swith 'the sententiy of lit* Oen. tom *Mom. r taidAg stopik or tittio twirltivk s.t losk u.Mitibitt MY Wit 11011elt *0101100101k 'LCaMOolocernint scram., mai tt moo wilik *tick hot it Piikteligilsiat 7 -;??' ?t ' 4 , i?sss,KssivaSsfssisir4. ;;,' AI; ;V: '1V.kif'*44 -1.' ::..s. r.: / -``''' r;-..! - , 1,i,J.t,-:,4i!.`_ii?-iViiii.; ' 1..,- Hf T.- '''' , .. : i $is :>,"?,.. ? ? '-''''''..S i ' ' ' ? iiT,,::: 4,, tf',""-." ii',` -i ..',I''i..? 1 4.ri. i -4' : ? -. - 16400-irmii4voke,-. ? ,_. '' ., ,? $1.'e.,,,, - ? ,i ,...si :F?.. ' ? , ?--nt ?? '4.:jr4, " '''' :.e? - ?:: ? z? ,. ?i- - . e ',f,?:. 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(2) Cry out sublumsivo end arbotrgo ftetivities, ovtioirlly ouch notivities ns intorferc with omemv linos of communication rnd movomonto in th7ough Thailand; but every proctution will be trkoli to ovoid procipitrting promature Jwp tO4sur o of Thrliand or seriously jeepard tLtr uporPtims undor (1). (3) Orsrniso ord trnin That rtuJilstance forces. (4) Supply ores, rmaunition ond other supplios t* thc Thri Army owl other rosistenoo forces ror purposot inelicrted in (1) And (2) above. rk. In carrying out thp foregoing mission, the fel- 4 !All 4. obsorvodt (1) Trio 410t141101 Amorican ch,!rnotor of Potivitios ThelIAnd will bo protervod tnd no Lomas- ton wtil be given thrt Aseriern o.n4 /*Mat- olf%ndsstine orrntte04040 Are intowto4. 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SI &objects latalliosoe Is latieaossa Theater /ii SECRET It Immo epporo0 Nall goon after Colo Ocompais vest to 4 Usk that 11014 wall develop the sato tosskases wed haws that ohogrontortatof Itatv ti. that rAttle their toottag latelltosas vaa good* ousted$ latelli:ioses wooki virtigtlr loaktlige tilts tee deo tr th* wist,City le mist Rad la* or 'breadtAh of Ca, aki these tramilletwi4 amid him, Despite tregalet sod osettaosi grease to the osatiery. thsr slam to their Nola, Ante' 41miemptiams, onerywhare ooesht to Wm. II to smithies lost So stet fellation oe $42, tamiLay all "wagtail aver to a 413 thsr osirrloi 'ibla le Oat admit Aire (0 WV trot tia et orders IblobirstAsa awl oat 3.117 sot penes r ersosissi? Use ea Oil* oit Illosagitstea /4irst truiliptemi & jogressaal to other tasks totAtest_salkistg oar vow aottfits4; illhaktegtoa. 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' ' . +il ': s' ? . 111111111.111fttampil SI Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 rsztlati Mt *au *MO MK eirstiati, nta /7e7 Ir I * UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT "TR: Al Await 1945 - stactiltisoiat 104?141 Sopa* of lit* Owl* Miller Soot& 1. PIrst cit all dais tlio *it Is solo tow tits tripport .,' . *Litt yothable loo ittosoil tit * Iirtarait 120Itt _ litieway, it varl. Sem *a * pa, to ow abiale.opiceilitabot Ss tile row% auk Sat Ott itaganttr sit aft bot oir dkallimilo two* 2.. Ito goomaimlatimi! 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NO0 11091iv It 104mi 34101001040 tliP'1401A ION 4 IS* *Mei , , 1# ..1104011k.1 kb; - . .CIM04114-4 *Oa* *I" to id* k ?-; - 4ftfr 3:61.1 , e .tt ? Litg ^ ? ? -;??? ? e. ? ?8 ?. ? e ? "' 4W,;; ? " .? ? ,??,-) ?v? - - ? ? 4r F'- .,-.. .5....;.-. ? i?- ?:6-..- --': .'??? -,-.?,.., 7 . La ?? . ,,;!,,?ti. ?:;1' i r ....0.. .?.5 ,t ' '?????:" 8 ?---,9'4...?" " ---' 4 ii,',';'' tt',?,. t ' ): !:: ;3:27.4;it jg 01 '... :,11 ; ,?..c.' '7 , ki:??;,-. , :, I.:, , .._, ? - ,% , ;- - ..tig :7,,,, ,.-.? &r, - ,..?:.d. ,...-_ - :,,, ;r?iftlti?r?e:? 61-t-q ?,11 ! . ? , ? e? .1; 2, .?... ?=.,,!, ? ? ? . '1*41?1144$2*44Atkilit444 "tigaelii,61;?16.4Y,T4-: ,,r,l,k 6"- ..h; 4,-;145J1,45..r.....,...iire -? ;'-? , - ?,; 218?e?,?-?,` , ! , -??0 r1thl...?:77k , r f?Ti; Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 vpc rakk-?, SECRET 21 August 1945 Director, OSS Mab: Lt. Col. Waller Booth Jr. 3UBJSCTI Report on Field Conditions It ts my opinion, 4ased an my experience as Chief SI IBT from C April 1945 to 3 August 131.5? that this position of this SI Branch in that ?hooter left mugh1..o be desired. I consider that ono factor in my own lack of success was the Allure on the part of FESI Washington to understand the SI situation in the IBT atd the scope that would be accorded the SI Chief. It had been my under- standing in gaahington Nivfor* going to the Far Mast that as Chief of SI for the rer I would have authority to oarry out the plane which had been 4loceseed with the Chiefs of the 31 Wrench in Washington and with General Onnovem. It les my belief that Imago to be responsible solely to Col. amegh1lm4 This woe not the Immo. Comdr. Taylor's divergent ideas are brooght, ova in Mem int Also, the twoceeeitiy for Chief to direst and coordinate the theater- side astivittes of $I woe obeAted by the deactivation of Det. 'wont 101 mmd tho Art14 Perther the Sr/ Branch wee well down the line in the scale of impsttints to Deptachmme. 404, mod the five months that I spent in the Theelier mime cos con/tool, and not too suoneestfUll struggle by SI to put .he *meet in what we ceneidered ems it. proper perspective. Ovum ny, return to taw: in lite fitoly atter being absent on r mission ? soverel se4kie (*rattan, I found that the situation," free an intelli- once potort of view, wee at its lerset ebb. I believe that Major Reeds 's lostw to *az, show 400 Annexfl, demoribes it accurately and cloner4. DI aiditiciot Le So$4. Reoittbia Letter I is otteehing five other annemes ottitoti I howttoee will Oro a oletscre at the objective assigned to -404, SI le 46t41,1* at ocnariilt,. sod the roeulter I rope% that 2 scald nct locate wawa* *I 24A to 41Nt MO as this mess& isteilloonee amid tWe annexed tAltls prowided tor, at itlen et thy ton proposed bemos, I Sauffillma Intel Us tgelmortJi,e.C3Oriftszkr 44krialitrOW. Orti4?1114, a Noporto SOlitiono ? ititiolo 106-11/aoir 1064. *ft, tridaitlig Of/altos at losen. UN& In mow 1120 Segii male pbssmplaap volherespirosisott in the bolAof %Mt* A. Wiloomla $an sir* meoeptted, the intiklikkg?no? plan wood* mo4amatli 4 ioilladiod4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? ..?"7 MIR ar6 " toc-T3'" Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 q4*-- . SECREF ke DETACHMENT 4C4 Q BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT AKEW.IL P !MTH EAST ASIA T APO 432 gs, Smpected tu se* you in Calcutta. I have written you a couple of letters which the front offitle would not let go out as they said you'd sletog (,n a few days There nas hem rather a complete change in the picture in Kandy. 3Z no langur has any control whatsoever of its personnel or anything at all to aay but operations or the intelligence personnel to go on 7.hes6 I was tala not lo mg ago SI was following a policy in Siam which sea mot the same 44 the Detachment polioy. This was because I mem visit- selling Intelligence to the leaders of the team. Also the Col. told theft qcod 41 U, intelligence, then Operations in that order of rturtv wore the objectives of their trip in. This has changed. The List teems have been told no intelligence activities. Survey what intel- ligence possibilitles are in your area but do not develop them. This is apparently beeauss of Greenlee's advice that Betty and Ruth want to handle oft intelligeuce plus the dee.:11 on the part of any to avoid being just an int*Iligence organization. The picture now is - 31 handles the intel- Ilona* tiondrig flmethe ield may. We see no signals on policy or in- structaono. Temp are mode up without the advice or recommendation of anyone from SI. Raj. Scofield* reports directly to Coughlin and Moecrip, 14 da 'set keep in the operational picture at all. We are fres to send *igmaas to the rield atter *leering Taylor. As a matter of fact a copy ramie ko Taylor, Mi, send nothing out without going through Taylor, we 44m net iventact veretiona without first going throUgh Taylor. Our per- sonnel ale tontilad as 4 'mill under control of Xoscrip aria we have nothing tob. *47 ag to Whirs our people go or what they do. In fact Taylor said it had )meetn proposed that no more intelligence briefing be given any parties eatAle Into 31sa. Thee, *re the lame poop' some in, different jobs but, still close to Mit asr or peworp eh? apparently hay* a rather sharp knife out for you, ittY i Ss it *wet but Miro knits is out and being used to your detriment In the uottial sly 043 underhanded w*y. Aghlln is t,rying to mak* a worlo sot-up with Taylor aa 0-2. 01 cin otthout Ntylert* 0*K? and Taylor doesn't move without Cora 's' fl aott-Fritish fesaIng is qt114 strong, perhaps with moon, frailiOy atpit, tid up *Ad waostise too a ogre, **no ttle orionA dti fie4 tit with tA* OrAntRil iiirtomp ty to either go home or ask for a atjon. Coughlin is O.K. but his Maas nri teri*, pop. wakigtetan a* Branatiso *110$ Ow* how you, tool hu &We as nflsr saws to be any roam toe *'):4-444,.. a f04. C. SIN4 * 100# .21 avapossoly in the mointivs tft 11'10 tnulitiOn00, sato4of whore WOO tit loft the jOttof IIta polott *441-4440/31g Iatew4 cif 040* M , .7Y0 11.71 elift 44.01- 10*,Tveli 411.,4?-7.10 ' ? 101k .? mmti4,044 11 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 s.? A = ? 14 '4-1?? r ? Ai ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 #441 r ?41.k"'isftty-' tF4! e '404",tPin4,rtgOei*rertle ..:,.,?? I would like to RIO. T. D. in China to look the place over and see if there is a place for ma toD fit in. If not I'd like also to see a enerals I know quite well up there and 306 what cooks with theu . tf nothing develops Pm willing to go home any time. kir train- thog has been intelligence in several of its phases but I'm interested in gettilv this war cirer not divining the post-awar political situation when the policy is no,: even disclosed. fialid was it by SI to Camp Y as SI nersonnel officer in on with the IMEXCM operation. 7,4,safeelkste,et.fo,kUretoe.e0-4 .? 3/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 411 v ..1.1111111 11 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 ? CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 8E CET 10WWW01116 01114.11 OP sTIAMIMO SWIM Litlft sum MOIR MAIM' POWOUVat140 of Thailesei in At4etigote* math Oireettre se tio fkoster lommeeder to Stretocie Seevi008 Ortimmr. IS? 0 ptpfttocia Vervioda Ortlitet Is the qeelpinn involved Is to peeetvat* Theilead in the noes eeiteosivo sow possible het& In* 'Newt t* *wit *pyrethrum ond Mitaret tuvellissmte nog yet mein itibta it tte 4?,1geeetve litou'd V the Theatre C*61411gelrif dated 141 wy 1941# smd (41 stappeot %hi, semallentiaft. to I ho414 ogiimmed usably*** ilapsows Gad ?APR is $1041 eeemoo bosh, tm sour seeu vitc onsnootess allow Mt tV Ulte f OA 444 mobiluklit tOlo oporottosal Om in itoolt km4 oel *# 044b to stow II mute *et Witeltibts. itspasoe or oupetWo Wattlittair tin okieh ers, oolosioet4ma hoo 4mlosed Lm 10414,014 340 40,64rpliewato thee La *4 Wort to *row* o posotirottos to tho eemeeetimo patois PArtfters the Wee* eliWiteli INFO *et those or soy 3k4A0 popeopip Sw ,401# loop vittok I solomAtio4 moo drum kr fame% Ditoktays on* no yeagentsa4Da isfeAiase geft tike ~WO 106411104 rtfo savehowS mug I. 4E4 ****41?eirt4 Me& nod ishais14 b* *NNW tomtits Weretve **finite ftelebeell Ore 000014 V** otudwettits*lkno Whom smik Orin* im000laiiition =44004 **Mow* Vls toile* ? doellAtik wittes illemittsoiestiktit 4.401110 siscesv se 44' MOM* 401NOtikir jAi MO Smell 01144411 .1# ireosrakoi otatOnvi 1-A0 pow. 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Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified andsu Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 mmii sinumnrimmumi ."2 is TIM 6.0011140141. 11110WWVON arm lova imiry 06411. t OWIls mot stow I t bit emitt, tett* Impolli ibimilt to le ow tpartiwis owl *4 mit iwilmtin it* 'mat its tborimaxtr asi vo? etweill41100 41*# *WI ait IOW *re morok *Rs Usti* ito opirsida iimr* wit lgollAbittam Via eir AM* wait vat 414**** tkt eakirrAlitratost ***141 momb? moo* ti WOW rivoitititg titok ioes stiortiso *0 two fail %toratil4.tot UN* virtialitc trAimmioilhe. 1010* eilt **a olosig* I* lb* ObiIS 6 *WI mi.* at tik mop* 1ivtM* 410mqpise Om sot 044 impoie0 sOk tiotr 1.141o. astima wit prosipitiskti Mtll Mir $A Si PiktilOr tbi 'OW 44400411.144 amopkiiitaid Oak tliMititt" teriiM$I it i?i*it idattlow* ICI3k irshiotttsr *WOW* 140110/M*Imat onif*14.4 plimotet t4.1 tom* to woos 410$440 Us* WO ***Ivet b* smoifirs* IOW 9* 404o 4101144r, t11 1* ilitodir morietimo slip*** 4. 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HEAD4CARTZRS Office of Strategic Services SECINEr Indla Burma, Theater APO 402 torlth,ly Rlporte Major Reeia 23 July 1945 1. It appearn tla me tat the best way to avoid dupli- cg:lon beZween the !II and Opero monthly reports would be to 4,anfins tae SI reports as regards operations to listing the IntellIgenoe obtainod from operations and the contributions CSS op*ratioas whloh the Branch has made daring the month. !Insi normany tmeladit: a. Personnel tarnished '4, instructions and briefing suppliel Di-e*ttons to field agents through Opera 2. A* an 4xample, SI should not list Siren results tinmv tban AIA Intelligence prod*Ooka as an $1 asi14airesiont but touIl *tat* vitat motion el hole Wien during the month to ob- tain better siosultw'froq Siren mad leave it to Ow? to ro,"0 % cra fliv'en at a watae. buplieettoft between Of an Reports goOtion re- ports1ocs not se4st t* so to re4Mire *orrection. L", TIMOR loamaridero Intelligenoi Offisor :'01014, loiltata 2r. Roo %sift * 't*.tetrip 104$4,' - ';??? neclassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 111111r 11111111111111111111111011111.11111.1.111111 S. hi`t.Niti AR TERI OFT= or STRATEGIC 5SRVIOZ4 INDIA BURRA MATER 20 July 1945 SUBJW Homthl Reports - Dr, Sootieldsa lomments rc : Intelligenoe Offioer we **INNs that the monthly report serves two pur- poses, (1) mmmarisms our aotivitiett for the Mtrategio Servloss Qfrioer, and (g) keep', the IttehinOola 51 Branoh Informal att to the progress being made by 51 Ln urrying lavs 1,,k4fl'alL etrategio plans as tet forth In the memo ri fpuli 4eneral Donovan. goofield's stttsments, *re misleating and seen to ike Vber unfalr. The Reports toard is ono iteotion or the SI Venom, both here and in Vas)ington. The meports !Ward, rt*gi *404 Mr, Lloyd Ornorge to submit a *anthill report ltrect to them. Therefore, hie report is for the Aosporta PQAtri, Wellington, through tits Shier of 329 The 51 1ont417 report eammarlzo0 the totivitiee 0 the 10nrd as Jne of tile tolettions of $1 Branoh, The $1 araapith was given 4!703 ?Ileftiono, (1) to ocllsot military and other intelligenoe, 4114 (21 provoitainc atd evaluating this iatellisonoe. n1.4* 4.4eslatta were npo1 a3 called rqr.WW031101114*,40 44Y114, Andaman*,Ilt*bars, MallYa, tad Ovottras orikemph lc vnehloRton 4X -4 be informed ?tithe progress Wilt *re makini, It is furUer directed %heti in order that we olay ne ?ully Intormodo Branch tn4 field reports sum- Mftri10 lemon month tho progrest of all ootivittele lodertaken it Implomentatict of this 44oument?. sIfft_oten. N'ttnexh In $41, 4411 ottitrely v#0 mem*kr7 of ftw-soti ti, Ap0104.en4ly ths, ih Zn Wa rippelvt bat not n00000-avy 00 wt and othiiiT ibblin01% re r If the Operatiohe Offios *Moo erratiooal report so that the the pilooper number of nopies, rations Offioe report 40 a ''-171111 out the 32 m1,1110116 oton riiesivss t oopy of our * of the Operations Office re- s. lhmritore 1 believe that a intlitaitry ftt opporationa Is essential. that suarts 0044 in-, elubte CMV4. tovorfttloons whertl "I personhol tra 40 ively In gage4 tm oflii*otAn4 inrormation. `r VOL 1119444 010 Major 0.61,44,1 grow Ot4i $1/404 ,4 mom - A,nrrwpri For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 111111 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDF)13X00001R000100410001-8 mom MI es 0 ? SEINT 17 July 1945 stnigite ittonthlY ePorts Lt. Cosir. Vcitsond L. l'aylor te1 it germs Orris:ter 1. isfter reading the various Ofttaohment and. Theater e parr ta for :unto I oossteritell to Colonel Coughlin all follows: 4Botit theDlitaatiment and Thnater alporte fro), the 3. Bran Imre couplets dmpli,tiatliotte of the repatts from the Choerations Offias and the s Rep;?..rts Board, and aontaaned lie additional Italia. It would sees there asCAP 11" manors of a pw*J I nittwo to be rerortaci. epg., alteration* in %to trai-Ding program at Osap 11, a. OD MR Margin ot Jessorandus Colonel Cloughlin :Lao peampd* *attention Toy lavistlfratWvand vaeossksad o.almtotIon. 4 1 -- * 1, ',,,,-...,?',.. . , '- 1 l?' - ..F.-i.. C 1 amistol rt. Strakfiris Ifrl ?Miler Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : ssr 6, ? V*/ 4-4" O'se s It?r 4,71, ?:? . , -44" , 41? ? r-s Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 r 1-0. *4 ' - - 4 ? 41o4r. tiaet wubjecre Ir regard to With he should be con- suZtewt taform04, 41,14 the correct ohunntle to follow: n. N114 of the, 14ties of the intelligence Officer t* to attlie tne Strategic Servloea Offioer on Intelligenoe pol.ta- and zo mate rsoonmendatiOne in regar4 to operational ar pollo ?toolel*ne trots is point of view of the Into111- -enae braAtmeg. obviouelY. thin require* that 11he OfrI3,4r 111 ..1414eIf inforaci al to the view, need* and .wileme of the branch headn. It will alAaye be assumed by qtrAt*41c vto ?Moe, that the recommendation, of the :nteIliptenzge Officer represent the agreed vial,. of WA, Xntielltronoo branches unleso it iP 60001t104417 indlimatd tcla: there. sroThnttn opinione or Wit there hes not t..46(pit nportunity for lieousaion. When there le * alsagr.*- lonl !:iltlemen the Intetilgenee ()Moor tind one or more Of the ooado the ltrategic lervi4ae0 Oftioer may vIek In loma, baneS, to nave iiseenter develop, )ti plat of flew nort twil/Y* In totutr awe*, he mity not4 2t the Strateg30 3pritchee Offiaer lonealtet lireasaY with * arlexth tkolas hi eve:Jame !IV:. the ',love express,* by that brettitai head tialt4 Om a IF*1 or tRo. Intelligenee ?Moors wiles* tMt con-. tr,trr acaoirionIly stateim 464 tat*L.-*Iotemoo Offiver '1,11 be alitton by tbd brigitat /*ad. Istutfl tag* qewe of the 1.4'41.1i4enee two strattIvic sultaws *Moor twits* Anfor*D4 of t4e UMW' a* It affeet0 Uwe. (41 ST*0140 A* *oat *le tattallpiumil Orti WITh rosto#1* 191r,1000 43 Th Q'ai nowe ct itortou0Sioos* r 4 re41040s4 frma the Otratiog h. Anattar reepomel Ief:,:ior tie hlghwleiel litaleo* Tigti*.it *tat** er Wiled *WNW -;41a* NuitAst iser? covorowlair to opito1401 u0siettlai Ao ItAtotoli lum44 *mum itt, 4Ittiossed, tff1400 till one mmkg* *01; * Offloor a42t 4*tortine 011.11, hio640 bitor* advlivpiE ke tits, 10* it*tmaitliosto ont tam Zikt ? Ot- 41nOlit they havin or* I14 I*10011Apnee sub3*41* * tn 041 SI AM . ? * ? ic,1 ???? ' ? e ? elltt!". ? ''..?1?? ;4J: t'rri-.;.--? A ????t.4 s --- ? $. etei ronmvpri For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDID13X00001R000100410001-8 ? **her own liaison, but branch heatti sboula consult with the telticence Offlo-tr vier poseible? Wore dilsouseing lavortant policy matimmOrttkkpiathoritlies outal4s this he1Ld- 41A?rt*rs? *ad in any case shoild report ,4 hia on such cosivwritektiana %n writing, when the oubject matter is es- ge4lallyt and tricky. la the retwasibilit/ of the Intelligence rites. to guporvise the work of the three intellAgenoe .artaaea. This supervision is viewed by the Strategic% Ser- wtces Officer as covering all puss of branch activity, tnc1.444Ag adO?ftletrative questions* but it Very general in eaarsater. lap Intelligence Officer has thi power to sake ro,calsvadatiolas fl natters affecting the geleral efficiency or tat brarobes - such ILA assigAsents of key personnel . tftthmr tm the Ttr&Aoglo Services Officer or to the branch tsfkads directly, Th4 Intelligence Otiser boo Iwo paver l* forforesh mmtatatio4, on branieu eblefes but it is aIiiparliy the duty of rtve latteo atthor to aOCipt the res0a.- Iteatation or to indicals olearlr his disagreelsent so that tAl *ass van be reortsltd to the Strategist Services Officer. ...IV:vises the Intelllonce Of 4104.4 be informed, *A4 givtninoipmrtunitr to es** r ndattons in regar4 CO 14417 estiaA Insteh elect* tho- eftiolopriv: of s Irraktoh. 1 .41,4 3 fitiuUU and )4v at OfttPOW tion at *Atilt 7,24s ittraktesto Ser. vattoolitt of syseti Prowirril 14?464rolonoto as tw.* itkoattStes "-s ? ? ds by -0.ory tion ikal 14 (0) Olttato? polloteo cit *fence *ant 44414.1.101* Ot atterrala*Ws ark Swat** Offlia0i lir*nah Wasto WU", wttle *Web al 0 ? r. 71; ???? f'444 ? t, i 4 ^ t:/...4.? ? ' r t'taa , ;.; 4 / .0? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: 11111111111111 MMEMOMMEMEMEMEE roggeontiZglagiii01=10:.?Ili:ki-oluTPiwligggili)11;1141(g).1-8 tplltCIRE11: 4 re1atjr stiipn the intelligence branohes and the sp9.2ta1 Assistanttor Use Planning Officer whenever any spc- citic problem ls dealt' with. Obviouslyt it is not intended that a branoh heal should obtain the approval of the intelligent's Offioer *very awe be sets foot in the operations ?Moe; nor will a dotal:10d report be required on *very conversation, If the principle le perfectly clear that the Intelligence OM- zer !Ls r64eponalble for oot.krJination and the branch head is responsible to the Intellioxenoe OffXoer for giving him the opvortunity to eucrAinate, then oomnon sense will inttioate 'twit matter* the Intelligence Officer ohould be consulved abo40, 17 rettlitio4: the foLlowing, hovevarl, me7 not be sufficient- CI) Coordinatton is facilitated and Iptamablef tlato mita' b* saved if the Intelligence Officer le se:moulted at th, iraft or project elmige, rather than handed tme tistith,4 produot for *Alivtrow. .? ? 4 ? In * 4e Ammitaitumo Aemerer the4* Laterwd,twlinon rolatiane. out ant correotiag tAinor, tAst rtegi teattt-ptar Can 414itttr boo mo s parent tha* a or ol fia1tOwttiosM ocrt4lue17 oontravened 0$ ?*A 0,0 2114 InClruetions which were nCt n tholliVe Will elm* a *or is interested th. trcaepeote of 004. 4114 **Awn inter-branch or * 14 04131 by 00$41tant4Z Winting It ;o 4f faiikiVF?etioiNitanliion tvtd. rurtA4r; it US re- r goOloy in r*Ipord to t40 Its 14-14 *ft* tf - )5edev4 tat WIT 2400 at 4 e _AP U.411, Xtfixe411*4140'' 44 4 Chr O'lre4a" vtlI44 ? Mr4i. 440 -eAll AL Vaf * a tsIv4, to ot,sogni404 that th* pro**duret and prinr tig mimr*hdum sirs gotiral Ara ismve 4v4i1i54f As *ft so AO* Intollig**** Of. ;to *oop*mitivw**** et branoh As** will - .tstolt w*d Ui3 eery/ out lbw Arilt" Wimp 144 Own 102 ton nor srgutontsMittmg 4. 'Art 41d. 41" 4P/ff'' Mte,44 -gv,40 TAVLOR 11:1:1117; 2 ft eltr r-to E1f -?Ianri Annroved For Release 2013/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? ? I. ? ? . , Declassified and A proved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 SECRIST 141140R4NDUU 26 July 191t) TC LU Coxiverned FaCg: Colonel cram G. Coughlin The following statement of the reasons for OSS pertiolpe.Jon la to SIREN operatioa and the duties of the American teams operating in Thailand has been approved tor aim in tho brieftng of these teams. It is distributed for the Laf,)rmation (?,f &ad guidance of all personnel having responaibilities in conneotion with the reoruiting or -rain- tag of team members. 1. Agyrioan Mission. American sApport of the Thai Undargrouiff___mont Is motivated by the tact that Theilaud, the only independent country iu South Emit Asia ? at the present am*, is actively engaged in organizing an waderground resistance movemert against the Jape. The SIRE aparvitign is a uancrete expression of Amarlean f,Aendsbip sad good will tcomwod the Thal people and is also a concrete clamonstration tr4 Vie Thal Underground of their desire to work Ifith And assist our alde against the ;sp. In addition Thai- witl neetramacliy be one of the principal enemy emoapo routes, and an mpp..rtunity will be presented to tuella locums Avon the enemy and to obtaln valuable intelligence durine that ret.reat. B. plipapatampjli 1 Under wad. A powerfill amaad Uutt: a a c no e ground move- :mat. ti real Identity is a closely guarded secret. No action 6f dal MIA may be taken without his approval. This applies ta supply drops, arming of guerrillas, and any type of military 4ation. Organization or the movement in particular areas TeeL aezora117 there is an area chief in charge of %II' litorrt114 ultivities and the work of the Amerilan team (lanes 'odor ht4 direetton1 it addittoa, there is a Thai inteiligence 44Nat 4u0 ta responsible for securing 431 intelligclo. la the Is alrewly ()youth% A network for that purpooeo rt .44 or zrtato kaportancie that the Ameriean team develop the It004410t It04,41b10 wiztritliA flaationehlps %Oda both the area (thief wild the tntell14IsA4* 414611$* ' tt Otould be understood 'bat the members of the 4merto* *ex Ommin muter commemod 0 411116 Detachment, ?Mori moia* Olousd, of th* Commons* OffIcAr through the Operations *Moo,. itad sto emote la Whilh the las4er is in doubt as '40 Favor 40410* at* to goo rsfer1?e4 immediately to this Meadluart Amorilss Looter of onah team as 040100 and final aatho too sisekistrio 4 ht* toms, but theta,* 4hAel of the sue:yr 6-4 slow, hos 4Ktborit7 ovor the guerrilla personnel4 3. tkA2212111.2E.W.Sig9tta* 146014 Amolipsin "14 T 44..? 4 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001 R 0001 on.dinnni_p 1 4.1 ? t" / I 44? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 SECRET ? has four principal responsibilities: (a) Guerrillas. The principal job of each tomm is tbe :,raining or one or, in some cases, two battalions of guerrillas. The training is primarily in weapond, military tactics, and military intelligence. This training is carried on under the direction of the area guerrilla chief. Atter the training, program is completed, the American team leader will act as military advisor to the local chief. Memburs af the American team may undertake command functions with raspect to military operations only if so requested by the Llama. chief. It should be understood that the local guerrilla ...thief has no authority to commence military operations of any tind without approval by Ruth. 4b) Inte4 li'vence. No member of the American toltm acts as a ?;enraX irte1iteaoe officer for the area. the That Intelligence agent on the ground has already sat up an IntelligeLen notworic and he will continue to direct Tud op4irate this. The American team may advise him or asstst 1lLm in any manner it' ithe agent so desires. Intelligence Ac.tivity or the American team, unless otherwise agreed with r.r.te Thal agent, should be principally directed to the support ? guerrilla aWavities under the chief by training Thai per- sonnel in military tntelltgence objectives and methods, In Addition, the loader of each team has been requested to furnish I report, after one month's observation, of the efficiency ? IntelLigenco 1?andling in the area, with reoommendations for uy ponsibte improvamente. ia the usual case this report will oo pre.parea in aooperation with the Thai intelligence agent. Asulr1,3an taut la net, under any circumstances, to set up i dnteLt intelligence network unless authorized by the &cella. guerrilla abler and intelligence agent and by Ruth, (0) Juna. The American team aets as the supply ahaunel for the amaze, or the guerrilla personnel in his area oad after tho intiltration of an American team no supplies 0111 be Iropped Late that area unless appraved by the team towler. Ma clothing cr personal, equipment is to be furnished t.o. the euArrilia , and no equipment or supplies of any kind *re to be letilrred to the That army, No mrms are to be die- trtbuted witrot approval of Huth except for training purposes. JpoeW %Apply relmiroments of the local guerrilla chief and latenneo 'went will be handled through the American team teadov. fdl anwla. The American team has, in va4h C344 its own eommun a ons equipment and arrangements 1tht:tin Headquarters. in addition tho Thai intelligence %out tan a 9tftlinr 3stup. Meet groups find it preferable to tufo only *0$1, et thews (*ormolu tor regular communication to 4e/triqupirtors. 3uc1a arrangemmt is satisfactory, but both u441AVOL4 !)ci wied ouoanlonally in arder to keep them oacapo 2q.rpoolm or IA 043* of damage to one set Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010041nnni -R Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ppos. t SECRET II 4. * 4111,40400.04... 441-14:,* ?..1 .. ,.. , ? .. ? . ; r-7.. 1 - ? ,. ..- ? .t. i 'I, - ;,!?,,; . - - .. ? . , 11,?.?,.,,...:: , ,,,..?, ''..1 ?t ? ? ? ? % .....e."'??7 'P I I ?, ..i. . c..11.? ' . .e. e... .:.- .. ? . ?- ?,- ? .r.- . . ? 6 ..--; ' , `- - f. 1 ' .". ? 1. r ' - ?.'" : ' 1..,... .,? .? . , ??...... .. ,.. ,.. ,. ditik,1441V44.4fi 111. ? I ? ? ; ? ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 erw Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 e /, SECRET 0 Au liOut li45, r fLWt otmlrrs.tIon in the e all houra of tr at. r moralag .ett me oneouraged to thinit ttat Vru 14 le441111i *491144 t'llvvrd the mutrao of Intel- 114,no, vaaration tuat L nuvocate. 1 am so eertain t, I, ri4ht on* that 1 im aolau to attempt ;ca 41)1 pApor sow* of the th(1.44hts that A. have, r.ou arule?ietely enosigho tin,n trying to axnrt.as f4e seam days oast.. Merle ars thr.4, Wass espoeiaIly that A. 11-1 th,4t. you will do: t elott Cor Vivhc,u011. :) :4mat colOWIAfts os Chat tho Wee or in- rofftikottias * maxAmum roir ,t 60 mon now, hoIdins the romoind*c o4t, Acti1 *.).4Jav, is e poor owe* His Osalo 4i;T:e4AVI, to 0* thnt loaal eesurity will not *taw -Lore t=;den unat nnombi41? of torei4ners. 1 am ours tatot 4s, elm bte 104.sauliht. ta rise that 6 or 6 strain- vrs WIT#V I* fullt se Itch a jeoverty to local as- eurtvy -* 14 or ifae Un the athwr hadd* the adVenta- 4*0, Qs an,.1 to amp of the immediate introduction 151P 4044p Cali stroodth or. throstfold: scla arettav *1:4Aysioal *scarity tor the taffies tWough tmereRsed nro,poosr. b* A*0*.i4ra1U04 or training ot ail twos, 441AnDtatian it sisppiy, fl.-rf4stion et communications, lo.fiv4& defeelftWeent et intelligens. network*. Upon ta* kv=1441 4e$1,04* ths *scarily or the balm, in ataialog 044*07, and the lealtiNum .1.14104111 of operation* %Me *clam -4 * 40 4* wowoltince whitish our men will te***IVo? ?? ? TA tow ?., ? .te ? ? - 5.11- ? to. , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R0001nn4innni_p SENT 1 PH. ; ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Tn4 oat.; kAope tnut we on have et boIngttfl L404 &sal r,may to rundtion Is to have everybody L t:ulknad and on the spot. 1r ye wait until 0-Days *143tr tt *11,1 ba 400 lata* believe tbet wil teams Clould understand tAar, *ell dovieloped intoWzonee networks are assen- .141 ie security and operations. Purther, i think t,h* End trio 10 or eneh team should bo aoquain- u;th tem, deltaiis or our original plans They vao-WIA 4o etiv6 at breed and lofty a vision La possi- b6* lA tIto form ox ? goal to shoot at. intelligence ociv4ct,Jusan4114 t*OUiZ*14 stroteelos political and ec- Anyto: ell unie 6ftau14 be ir-aehed to the 10* axo otIolblon hAs bin raised that t4e above tay lelf!rd to upset ngents already In the arose, 4144 4 04k1.**0 Lo be * rallaoys I doubt that ts Is e al-nee Aitiont 4110 would not be delighted to obtain Niko mseletanaiti Mit an intaltigence bassi rulay starroll, and a4,44414do sou.a give hi41, The situation must be a4.44d4=14 lar111414 :314t it is my experience that more $0)04 slIA eAn bs ore,?ad by * orogram or mutual 4$614* tans- that ay tanc or diaisses-rmire* otliwaruiwatulisior 3i* 1 140;t1- (Allen. or kt himmiar, set up an 31 de- rtalmmt?*clialw A MOW** is projected for long rang* ii a*. fh, soturution W44 MAW knt,ndeig tt, *a to suipplopt what we already hat but to al4ftwro Ito ito earel oUsin-ing mush or the ?roam my Ikall10011 oli,m to wit it ollp and the milk too* This 031i be lqmc only Oy **Swabian* lewo gat intelli- erto* oerecnnel in avorywboro, sad runstionin& inov- WinV7 &*lefikahtd 411,1 daVOIOP *411,401 g 11 romin or Aritam 40 t* th74; !oat; rate* 4opertmon4. ef1.1,13 Ot44 what ne-penm at 4104, le no lander nay i4e 064sir txt saall o4o4Inua to be Intereste4* 144 tato poetess% 4040*** Omit any 830 had* :"3 WOW tr Lnd the tlime i hops that you *Ili bentor iff-t NO% 4401, SO On your old tipsy/4W* awn itallw= wAlor. ypi. *tiro t isolnd to ask har to olve you par- eitt*51. tO M10!t 4 day, r4d*04. t* gligis. Ohat do you think or M4A. 1A4 WA ae41 or eli.A41id4t and Puwe him main:Okla personal a4ataat by cfti or *WW1? Allt 100otio Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 4.,;;,...,.", ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,LH';'-'s,4?,,,,,,,,,,,?,....,,,,..?,,_;. ,'..44 ;;I?Ift?16t-Z,' ''''44.11. r" ? z- i...4!:.? , -:?4.-....- - ' ' 41.- ,-,' -..--01.1Aso,.; 4???EA.,*; 4 otqz....o,4,4f,-*410-'. h ........, I, i';':' ' ? i c r ,s. t q: '- r ... , p, 4' '''''''' ' . 1 ` ' ..i..tt W3,41660. ts???-,,,i,4140,11..,a,A , 1...*Pir Odfili'44" . .,/, .1 NO 1:44$1,510t40 4 t? ,1/2.W 4.,.4? g'-''' ..,' ' '-'7,;544411.1"H' il'.. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 4: ea ? - 4-43;446L4 . t and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? Ft-r: ? ? 41.0. C ' Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 41.,1,1tit 44.= ' It/ yi..trarf., ri:44 of, +4W,t4ru-r_1=4 J. Lift-01:*tiviiiKmaeips- '1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? EtECRET of black und whito propaganda is as follows: Black propaganda is any ,Topaganda that is supposed to have an its source a resibtenco group within the enemy territory. White propaganda, on ii t, )th'c hand, I propaganda dropped at Ulf: enemy thich is iwown to h( initiatod on our side of the line. The OSS-PWB bt,un vonting since February very successfully anu compl te liaison with MB has been kept in mind at all tiw,s Witt) LP mutual (Lid of both partiea concerned. Thi:- Un. picture of xorale ovrations in the Novth African theater of operations which I respectfully sub- mit. to you. Charles Peck, Jr. 2nd Lt. T. L. 8ECRET Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? V V. Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R00010041uuu iu SECRET supplies needed from tiv stits and if a r 'cora was set up by higher ,)rioritylsuch reluisitions cccie hunor(d by Washington aut' returned to us, a greater maxiwum efficiency coulc be ac- cumplished. It is a pleasure for ..1( to state tnat perfect r.lation- snis exist between the 0 branch anU the higLer officials in command. Botn Loi. 6ambio, thc operations officer, and Col. j bin, Ln comwandIng officer, have a high xegard anu respect for the wori;.ings of the i4 0 section and botn, at all tiles, ale will:int, to hive t,leir energy atu ,uthority towards the comdletion of one of our campaigns. This nas proved ,??ectt hsstt to us with both tLese nwn in accord with our plans Laxium (.fficiency is gained in ex-editing all iceas frow th(ir initiHtion to their p,rformance. We uu thit, 11.1v, a clear picture of whit is being tauc.ht at the school: in the stites. We have been eiving the pro- grams atAl 1,aes of Lie courses but do not now exactly What thL progrAm of training entails. I woula suggest tnat a detaitect re ort be suhmitteo to Mr. Varner, giving exactly the functions atAi INor4. of the schools in th( training departm.-nt in regard to training of l'ers)nnci for oversea,;. On the return of Lnat report .4.r. Warner wouad hL able to voice his opinion of the necessi:y of tliose courses. It is our opinion that tlic 0 personnel coming over fron th?? -t_t s h-ve no conce.ction ot the lac_ o'.2 material we must or %,itn in the creation of ideas. It sLoulrb :;,ade r'1 ear Lo tL(...in at school that all we have in thc way f ecui-ment to wor, ,et the- present time is a man' E. brain int. his two hands; thdt rtencils are cut by hand, thkt leaflets must be printed by local printers under adverse conOitions; that supplies mutt b( plocurc,d from wany channels, someties teuious and mean. If this was put over to the student in anI 0 school and at the completion of the coure he was forced, through his own initiative to create an M 0 camp in through nothing more than the aforementioned head and hands, he will be prepared to do a better job himself and count less on the services that will be available to h.at. in conclusion I may st,te that in my opinion m 0 in North Africa rias become a 1;;Iru-hitting teem t)., men .nd uotLen deter- mintd to do the job. ',11en ono bears in mint th_t on February 12 of this year there was absolvtoLy no M 0 in North Africa an6 then foul zont.s laLor one sees the results of team worIc of the 1. di- viduals connected r.ith our branch, one can't hElp WCrealize the fleic joh that has been done. I may, at tais point, bring out th 0SS-PV43 agree.ent for the North Afrie...n theater. The agree- ment is as follows: That OSS M 0 is to handle all blacs.. popa- c,anda ano PV113 is to handle all white oropaganda. The definition SECRET ..111011116. - Or. ? ? se 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? 06 4 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25 r woo #44nAtti4fltDI t$4 CIA-RDP13X00001R00010041uuo El c. Office Memorandum ? UNITED SiATES Gi-ZNIR/i1CrEWI" deel# TO Mr. Williamson DATII; 31 May 1944 nom kt.. Peed. LJfljBCt M (.) Report ? IV '47604r * 44irt4 414 I 1?N* ? Tho rollowlng 18 a rt-port slibu,itted by Lt. Charles Pocit, on tho activitios of the M 0 8ranch in the North African Theater of Opr-Tations. To start wAthl the physical sot up of the branch at this Llme 1:3 rtS r011OWS: in North Africa one-half of out Nissen Hut Is devoted exclusively to M 0 opo rations. This hut has a partition which divides it comp.1,4,ely from the other section, giving complete security to all M 0 material. In this hut all &I 0 personnel in Algiers woi.k. There Is also another hut - a large safe, guarded by a duty officer 24 hours a day, noven days a week, Oving complott- security to All M 0 documents and material at all timos. .dok in Itav at tho present time Villa Maria, M 0 villa, ber.n turnod ovor to OSS A I I as an officers' club and all p Tsonnel originally billotted hcre has been moved to Algiers. All oilulpment to bo used for dissemination in Italy has been movod to the castle at Caserta and pa in the hands Lr Olfrord Procior who is the M 0 representative in Italy at this time. In hari M 0 maintains 4 small apartment and also a desk in the 88S duilding down town. At the present time the Hari ?Mee is in a state of flux with M 0 Algiers making an earnest efrort to starr the point completely as soon as possible. Thct.o hlu:, boor some talk abodt placing an M 0 officer at Dastia la t.orslca to htlp In the disseminatiun or M 0 material Into rrauce. 'he pert,onnel is as follows: lit 'ad the branch at 411g1ers at tho present time i$ Mr. Oone Warrnor, Chtel of M 0. It is Mr. Warner's job to lay down tho policie8 or the M 0 staff in the North African thoator; to hand out az,:3Ignmonts and missions of the M 0 start' and to a0011 work moving towards its firal dissemination. Under Mr. Wark,e is Cnpt. kt. 1.41wart, Deputy Chief of tho branch. Capt. lik?NaTt at this time 1. handling the admints- trAive Nv.)14 for t.tt Nort4 African theater und also is senior ?Moor Ln charge of Ar.v personnel sttuchod to the branch. BECRET , .01.111110 ootpase 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 400' 4 ? V ? Declassified and Approved For Release 20 13/09/25 : CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 FirHt Liolitonmnt jack: Da?.,,ts Is on temporary duty vith Lho brt.rich from 8orVicos, ponding rinal approval or trnnsrer by Mr. Wapner. Lt. Ulm:Iola etalins to hay ociltorinl which, at thu plosont tiolo, is boing examined by the chior or tho twanell. Hettd L11.: Art 1.A...)pa1t.mo11 L i b vai,91gnt-,14 LIU L.tI nbo rg on Lompor.Lry rom ChunejiI . Ennign bt..,rg in charged With 03ponn.1 1311 ILy creti L In of 111.1 l'ormn of ;11.1- u.'3,Jd in any or 1ane ii U cimpr.iihnr3. lie Win U irrady tiuccessfully corn- plotod mslny illustrations which havo been usou aroainst tho enomy. Starr Sgt. Waltur Wolsbackor 1ft Wing used as an editorial writor , t ttso n3 0 creaLivo 1.6(NA nal in Vnturo campaigns. Ogiu boittp hula for the YrenVII show bocnuse of his under:,Lanulug wIth Lho Fronch situation. He roads anti writos Frunch fluontly and has hmu practical, experience in m 0 T which has jurl comu town From Naplos. Cpl. navvy hrt...4.:0o and Upl, J0110 Clemento haVo both hot= UI' nt tinvinL, tnc Italian sho'A becausc of thoir 4novledge or ttallnn psychuLugy and roll"ion. Doth spoati., road anti writti Italian CLuontly anu nro now b. rt hoLpful in the pro- duction uC twAtlrlal to bu nsoa in Ow furthcomini; L'rench show. Private harb.tra Lamers (WAG) has orovod U great assot to Lno organtzntion. Privato Lamer$ Is mullIngual. Lho spoaits, reads, sold writes twlish, Vronch, Gorman, C:wch, Polish, orblan, anti Cr.)a.tInn. Miss Lauwcrs groatest contribution to Ulu braneh was Lu' derinitc, understahning of th.1 Gorman osyehol- or.), which unablod hor to present for t'ttt.ur un mny idols whioh vioal0 nover havu b0ol:1 thour.ht of by Amorican-thining .'?rsonnci. tioundln6 out start' at Atgiors at tht pros nt tit4e IL Viennese olvilian,whostl na.10 1 not nv, who 1,1 oroving a kr,,11 H!.1!itit Lo tht br.ineh by .1 .11..toment CroLi Mr. Warnor. Wil,h Liit nxeoptIon or (.pt. 1wwart PrIvatt, Laue..rs, U il othor !Iersonncl IILtILL1 tfl0c tV0 huv.- had exporit-nco In Tidily. Also in Wt. rtvid whose namos aro Capt. API Lee, ano 8t.lt. John Uloot. stilt in It but. ar. Lt'lt It was n000ss4ry Cur M . rnt.= 1.1%.13 to loavo rrom on In( tt, to tc.la ?'.ortt I. t'?'( PAb mon Arlity, Sgt. t oil At tilt' prosoat are lclvc fur Africa !;hortly. tear theru s:;eoi;.11y fron .1?);_io r At. t, ornn re hn 111,1 k_s i?roc t or 8.8 thy, rt .iretient .111 . Jr. t1.1.1-1 1. t t "1 r ? tut:. rov? net in that lro ;inn tsnt,a1),.. t cOtal?-t 1 .11 " " itn Tito in Yu *on 1,,tv Jot' futti1'0 o.oratIolts lroady ln.to -44 SECRET Visti ? ? sir' '.4. S. nt- Release 2013/09/25 1 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 ? 4 . Ai. ? 0 ????:. 8-1-0001-17001-00011-0000X?1-d0-V10 SZ/60/?1-0Z eSe3i3I JOd panaddv Pue Pe!4!sseloeC1 - ' tv. ? ? .41414 '1/4.,m4tRirAr'? 5 'Ai ' I1?11. Tei I ,.)11 13803g %). J ? ; 11 ? 110 1 T11: 14 1-11:1 '17.H ? 6?I I 111.V 1:().1 I I1' I 11 J1 I 1 3 () I ..111, 11 " 1 1 ..711( 1 1;*^I 17/ 11 4. I ?` I I !1 .; '1 1 " 1 (`,1 ? ' 1,1 1 1 A i t ,) ik1 III I 1.4,1 10111 ;It%) VI:?133. (3] .1.1A0 ?,-)11 1.1 II '1 1 III .1.)?' I Jit) 'A I ,11,0,.)V?I ouv ,joil Ija, i-14.) 111%11 . I MI IIij ? 1:1' ; ji: Ito .?i ;1111(1.1. 't 1.4 (1 .1 I it, y j ? I. ?',i(),I, (itl .?.1 ),j IR I ?it) .:?11 .1. ,11tits ? S.`t1 '1 -11,1,J" IC`ii(' 111?1 ?'11 1 11 I 1 11 1 I1.1 ki 1'lit 1k3 'I 11101 11 '11(I,1 I 1 I, , 1 1.) A ,c.1 .) A I; 1.1 ;.1 1 I "t1T-itics-r r? I. ? I :moo I ,;,,111.01, Ili ? 1 3 III 11.11,Pvi 1, ? T ;jpj () 1 3111 5? , 11 , ? II Il.),).1,1 ? : .1-411314 .3 111"/ 11 r 31r1 111 1 Ilk 1 1..1.100 1 U' IDO' ; 113 '111 r'cl I 1' .1.31'1', -3111 If) .r.4 )1*4.11) 'II "1 MO.' )14 I Ij 1 " 411.1111 i11.1;) .t .1' :1 ?111111() 1 ? 110 1 11: 1 1 ? t; II 1 ,1 t;t1 ill 1 .1 (*) .1 .3 ./ '01 1 1311131?1 .1(I.3 I (iI1/41 4 11.4..1,11.-) r1/4 ; .1,11111, 1,11) ) r :7) ? 1I?/ (1(.11 ' 7 '.I ; 1:-11 1-11I1.1110..1 ? :?.:1.1( .I-) ie) .1.11e .1-4(i 1 )(MI 13111' .L,,j I .;111.1l314.) ,111 I i; 1 1Ij, ? 4. I j?"),)-1 1 V )11 1(3 .1) 33 1 IC' 1 1141 titti,(1.) i't 14 I m ?417.01*.) I (.."(i ,111. 1j )11 )111 il() 4 .4,4 1.11. ? 1 tr) ? ,\*.i pin" 1 4! II 4 I t.1-111114,3 ti'")-) t.1 '1' )111 .)) ))).)1 II) 'MI I IP)11.111(1 1114?1 4 .1 )4 f? ? 111 11-7'1'10 11 ) .1 1 e) I ? 1 1'11 .;" 1 ) '; .11 1 1 1 11. 1 1 3 311.11.1 CZ.4 )1,),.1(' !:'I )...4 '1 I .11) I () 111 Pei" I I I) ? I" fit ? 4411,4ti," :4(11 (1 ' a?; j(' 411'1 I 'I)] r..,4 y ??, II111 1/ I" 1_1.-'1?4141 4.)(1 1,01. 1 I .1.-111 1.3 1 1;1' 1 11(0' '11 1 ' 11' 1 I I IC) '.11 *If 17 P.) 1 :7; III.) 1'111 11.1110 3 1.1') !, 1 1110 1; 1 11 1 11 11 1 " I Ii' 1' .)) II -41(1'1111 /11110.1 ATM 1111 .10.14 4.1(' ?"1.1 1,41'1111 1 I l'.1 iCIlY r...404) I 41:0.1 m4,400.111.4 oti . i().1 ti() i1^41311 g )4001 44411,0'11 I 1?1.1 3311 I 1 ()II (3 I ,11 4 '1I:.1.1.) i 1 "I "W) 1 11 .4 .1,111 ,,111 411 1 SI! t .01 1 .1 i? 3 I .) () .1 1:3,I .1 )1'..1 1' v', 'IN :. (11( .1 Tr.-N().13i I g I ?4 .) 1 ?1' ) , 1 . ,) 1 .1.1 V 111.1c N ti ' 11 I 14 II I l'?)11.q( ' 1.11 I 11 1 1 T 4: .1( I 1- co) it N I, E ,:.) 1.r -pi nr-41; (") ?? Hi 1 Awl :: ' I.' I ? , , 1 ? ; 3 I / t ( ) 1 '11111. "'"1 "1 t' ? 1 c' 1 ? I PT I '11.)"1,)1. i li 1 ; I, .1 3.1 I .1 I ( ) .111 III . ? r: T" T f 1 ki i? ':' 4 - , '..4 p., In.I(IN III ::::(1 ICI ? L..4' i.ji,Hi 'moil ?;111i 1 II; -4.4110 1(1 t)]' 011 1 II*';'4 1,1.1V 11 1.1('IN , I , I 1 I 'II 1"1,(,,1 4.. ': I ?orli"11 ) 1.1 1 4 c I t.r I- 1 ?r .11 ? I tit; , ; A ).: ) ! 1. ,. II, ?.? , I In:" 14 1, ? ,t)11 ?1,111 _nil,: 4?,1 II 311-1,4110.11.: 1,1 .101111-4 -.1., At 1.1I.o t, I pl.), 11.3.3,1 -:, 14 6 0 rl ? ri ...01 1 r.in : j 1).1 A I .1 1 1? A f i II-) .1 4.1 i ;ill 1 p I ./ 1 4 )1 III 3.) ? i I) ) ? : 1 I ] II.) i 4 ;in 1? .j .j 1 .1 1'11 .'1 1 ...7 (30 4 PA1/11"11`,' 1 11111:14 '1.4)11i#1 g 11It'?'? r 1111" 'II nil r )141..31.4 I TI in! TP? ill 1111.). HI' gli 11 A11,11t1 ? 41111 e ill' I I1'1/1111?lt,..4 II I( 1111038 1..1 1 ? I"' ..4 4111100 'I -14 j 8-1-0001-17001-00011-0000X?1-dCl-V10 SZ/60/?1-0Z eSe3i3I JOd panai.dv pue pe!PsseloeCI ? '1,.^.1?1 fe-N ? 1 17 6 '11 ? ? Declassified and Ap roved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 4.1?. ? .?????4, ?""' II ? 4 1.Nittr4 nital,- iwArmr,f**Mil=1"Eritl.gltrigtrittraMtArek--Ita.wilft...-. - -4- SECRET us now the power to cut our own wants without consulting Netusa headquarter. Th t power is good within our theater and will now cut th Lime to less than a day for issuing orders of travel. Ani Dperational supply needed by ja 0 personnel is furnished ')1) requisttion from the operational supply offecer. Regulauiel supplies are furnished on requisition from the suppl: officer of the 26th 77 regiment. Supplies are handled efficienely and a request tatzes no time at all to be filled. Under i. new operational supply set up operational supplies within the teeter can be issued within 48 hours. Operational supplies to the U.S. are handled through the operational supply officer and according to their priority urgency are issued within thirty days or sooner. Thus hi 0 can be completely maintained within tne theater, except for certain special equipment which can only be gotten from the U.S. The next point to bring up is to try and describe how ii 0 ideas finally end up as M 0 campaigns in enemy territories. A typical example will be given A group of M 0 hit upon the idea of starting a campaign called nIVJe Longe Nachtly. This campaign, in English, means "Flow much longern. Each leaflet had an idea which tied 1,11) with "How much longer will welklieve that Germany is impregnable from bombing" or "How much longer will we believe that the Russians are mad men.? Accompanying these slogans is an illustration that tied ue with the particular slogan. So far this work is done by the Art Department and the Editorial and Planning groue within the 0 branch. Now thet the idea is formulated it is given over to such people as Bruzzee and C:.emente, who are familiar with tne Italian picture, with instructions to find a printing shop, secure the shop, and have these pieces of propaganda printed in sufficient quantity for dissemination. When this is done the finished packages are giren the Deputy Chief, Capt. Dewart for dissemination. Capt. Dewart then checks with the operations officer and finds out what proportioeate share of container space will be allotted to hi 0 on the :uture mission. As an example we will say that 20 percent of the container space in a future operation will be given to id 0. M 0 picks a package and hands it over to the operations officer. The operations officer, in turn, places it in a container along with other materials from other groups and sees that the container is put upon an aircraft, then goes over enemy territory and at the pin point previously arranged drops the container to a resistence group. The resistence group takes out all the equipment in the container plus the 11 0 propaganda and then disseminates the propaganda from the interior and an M 0 operation is completed. This policy has been in effect for tne last few months and has proven very successfu. inasmuch as the time element is cut to the minimum. However, we have found one drawback which, at the present time, is being remedied. We have found that tne resistence groups in the interior cannot devote a proper amount of time to the dissemination SECRET '11:043.314.1edzitiPaA,v?zuw.i..4111aA, - _ - A nrirmiPri For Release 2013/09/25 . CIA- DP13 1R000100410001-8 ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/09/25: CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8 amp& of leaflets, stickers and poiscn pen notes becauoe of the highar priority or other branches on thc Services. As We had depended on these agonts to do our work we also had roalivaed these ce'ents had not\been recruited for M 0 work but fo 2 I or 8 0 worX 4nd, theroforel could allocate what time was loft to an M 0 miss4on. An 4 romult or this M 0 in now in tin process of recruitint campaign tOHM41 to local French civilians to hd dropped in tho interior attached to those rosistenco groups and responsiblt polely rmr tho dissemination of M 0 material, In tnis way the theater will be or gri!aLdr accuracy in the work that is being done, These will tako the part of the so..callod campaign teams which aro on papor for the North African theater of operation but havo never been put in practice. We have had a successful completion of many missions coming to un In the form of lotters und wirem received from tht, rosistenco groups that their complete missions ware attained, moaning that the proportionate share of M 0 material aiso roachee its destination. Mr. Manor takes groat pride in tills fact as to this date M 0 in North Africa la the only branch that has actively produced M 0 campaigns in this war. Prom this experience and the experi- ence of thi. Lela of M 0 pnrsonnet in Italy we have, in readincss at 1;n1H Limo n well..rohnded and versed group which can jump in and do 01,Jralo Qparations wol.k on a minute's notice. Thia team at the prcsent tliJe 1H '!eping busy in Algiers preparing for the Vliturn. In regard to tho future a greater overall picture for M 0 is desired. We hot ,e within the near present time to have at Dari in Italy) qt haqt1 in Corsloa, and at Rome, Italy, complete teamm oF mon Cully v(it.d in coverage of M O. From all thee points and fron the e:op:11.1onhl viewpoint the whole Mediterranean theater will be well :tivered by our branch. Our greatest needs at the present Lime ar.1 In pervennol. Stymied by a bad T 0 we find only two :11101,:i fir onlistod personnel. To successfully work we need el .entel nomecr of enlisted men. As a remedy for this we so,,;0:!L u.4ny olvtlians be sent in the theater as tiOv2IblQ.j i tit d -II tilt, civilians we can net, Yde don't fedi you snoul,, AunliCientionn of overseas dut7 11,11 a badly ptaced c lvi Ii ,i r unt.,A ciite problem to LID. Our wants tt t pros ni t h.t.y Oorman thinking and writing per I. We ohio ,icoo h(.1.Lcr Ilomi300 wit it 0 Washington im tho ovocuroltieet .d hi 0 ftupplioti ht a quicker pace. In the past we hoVe rooh, thA thontlIF. kuly elapse between Lhe requisition and the Mud :ditoment, ond the eamp8i101 planl vibi(Nh is dependent on this nhipmol. s complotoly oat of (Litt). Ile are able at nii amcs, becauno of tAo fine set up in Aigiors, to k.eop the I,L,)0 or advance ;,-v,Z some campaigns must bt 3o Limed as to be no more tan &tys after the original initiation. Depvitdont on these, 20 da.; may be some kit r:j1J1-.1, te?tzttego?.Wolltr ol'Prtette,*`' t ' 4,74A Ted and Aooroved For Release 2013/09/25 CIA-RDP13X00001R000100410001-8