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November 11, 2016
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July 28, 1998
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Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54 DJ 338A000100020009-3 rite, ano vUven is or? ? Tile marcin 0, bmted by a cwtain motb eve quite worV modmi au =m !_t a p?` #isb tee' V"I cc+ t: r? .ti -rts of the Northwest the Zak a t rt r? other note or c?--ta_? i , the "M o the Arctic user For coed atop y Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-Q .338A000100020009-3 Pied tea ciscWt-Are t ea r- t iry and A2A* the supp of Came ant :: country. We o the Ieztst arctic co tx , not POPUU' purposes md a .22 rte' A excl. At lowt 30 if .t . one L mm,* ; sUere ir. the North beCanne arWone hh fish there two wept ee be rro needed isMng e ) 1d also be carried. 4kw for L-Ake tr= ut 2-- to 3 .ineh hooks are a t .e . tp er Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 but geaerul - afforft more Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-OQ338A000100020009-3 wzellmit "or i e x. A ZOO foot 1=gth 3/8" hWV s id most t1eracfir n no s t tt ! bt rsr ' be pztIck and Mien curved aUc into thin not avvear *_ ,duc . or deep water th p e tidos and curr n u e r i t n z t I T h lelend ten in the t AithLLe Ly -r or the volar secured wt qpwial gear or -.Ad to iftAo. Approved For Release :,,4-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-01338A000100020009-3 a I f cotton or G abot is the a-wal r l-nf or ttord which owl W br 4 Rh the hwd %,I- fiat. The Uvers (e Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-Q0338A000100020009-3 tit it parts Lit of Vie fjord seal or=U a ?. s3. v Via. cal or ani pax" o ; Is Ir:i e the me t r for a :x pfd in to i-i y u Lial foumd in the : if I VA ku cs t J 1uw l d. They are of to ' drift or Pae Their ,, 1,r tt of :f'o`b: a S a=cX Approved For Release: QIA-RDP54-00338A0001 00020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-OU38A000100020009-3 t AU ie bu St, ott h or e ` be used for bait* ,obJwt At h. M-ummU o o In this spa be or seap-letbuco) . and rW be eaten raw. b!C -an* is n o t al=Ws plmtqa and in Caribou are z and : '1c - distributed tic "M rove For Release : CIA-RDP54-0 338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 7M abundant :~.:: are to .or p3 WAM + v'-y1i K' By far the rcest kon and in Ale0jim and make rji-pT,,t u h f r r t or t o s h e l t e r ed mwaitair. ; avail le n abundance, spr:La,-, the herds r fail in t' Maw ior, on t s'` the Owes" of the rjosmdto in the far in Car st easily -ppr ach-d a in lea-ge numbers whereas to ill nm a th are ? tc'yxl and l Tb4dr , t ht poor but their mise of anal and hie w. 4c. r U-Is reason the ha cr should alw~qs at=e earlbou against cover is availL-ble tz Niter sho-jZ avoid or Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Appro ied For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 clone. Car n 'a.as %d berds we #ow only W- 'O "4t3: the nd E Ix. .0 a s U brmM so= nrm tomato May Jin of u - ez bilk ntr or of 11&4n Twrlt-ny papprowhed close* A waurAed - or a .wther bow with ymaio tiowtlm ? a# 1 at,tack s but one bears Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-09838A000100020009-3 xW b di i ratturc. 0-40 Ord t -kv a- tilat of 01 at : B. Thqyj t i ao-wim 0: It zio ? a rd above t o I mam. -,;-aed In tAc rcti.3, Approved For Release : Ol RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 A rabbit mu e In winter i U 3 b' the wrtbem forte t r to AUskx 1aric, when remit -us-in of rabbit e~4m 00tw, 010th for it .k a ht ancle mm-Al ant-al Uv : eolmtee such gees the z b 7 a ~ the rabbit is one eU at for 1 Approved For Release,.;. 4-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-OO&38A000100020009-3 In t? rth t t but ge rivers it =W be 81 into that b=ka, The I of the =zkrat ie "V r-n an, but some, distrizte wad Very h as ;. , . e5, swnwx mrn (~ Birds B~is a ;s too c a ea. may a :ems species of birds re*WA in the vszW be , T~ben fat the a ale tat and paraUel t it Approved For Release : C RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 and there op udooa ft for the ptarmigan to go, through. slip-knot nooses 3 inches in diameter, made J'rom thin e, are placed so that the ptaxmian will get its head e. Once caught the. bird q .c'k y strangles. By this rs of ptarmigan n be snared in one night in one oenerall,r speaking the northern coniferous .ores', birds found t co==n Bane bird here is the spruce grouse. 'Wherever shot, or it may be snared like the ptarmigan, country and aural streans are more productive of bird life Tec ?, e: Tom inexperienced man the arctic. barren land. or in the northern fore .fse a1 as a orgcncy food because fish can be caught in and with side equipment. Gill nots provide the easiest ? nd most efficient fish gear. A tax inch mesh gill net 30-40 feet. long we'-chs but a few po=ds and in most places would provide plenty of food for small party. The technique varies for the different kind of f Isla and he loce3ity. ,s should never be used in s at water. In a large river, nets an eddy, while in a small be practical to set nets across the stream, In, a ots should be set at right angle to the shore, preferably off a it or headland vdiere the water deep close to the shore, Nets may Approved For Release :0--RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 be also set near the entrance of a small creek or t A gill net used in opea ter a paced at about 6 foot intervals and sink-era o floats,. The n' from the floats. .bu'ay* along the -i along the hould f t c: be attached to some object o: chile th out by a Ward fastened to the large float, if no boat short net may be pushed out from the shore by the use of a or several long Its, lashed together end to end, f the pole then hold the net in pl be. used in place of a boatv with a. net oan also be practiced in meter : in rivers and in when the ica is ie ice is thick it is not very easy to set a foot thick it is not difficaalt,. it row of holes are out in the ice, spaced ten to twelve Idn rope or halyard is passed under the ice by means of er of a bating up aaa: ?-nst the undersurface e and by place under the to d to the net so that %ten the net is hauled out on on or removal of fish? the .in' to place under the is provided with floats and sinkers to Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 ApprovTd For Release : CIA-RDP54-0033BA000100020009-3 #v1 " d to a n d : e r + e d u d iee 4 at t imma-es new t bottcm tlyu- e is below or the, ? z td. tV a art one the canter hole cau&t mder t ice in o the not s the Ice atA that the at a dept or 'or ake trot or pike ri&y be profitable ixt a xe Or C reed object #+ eaw'UC Via- c bQ umid ehaU raD Una Approved For Release A-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Appeved For Release : CIA-RDP54-6e338A000100020009-3 ('.sE3a7:v tc'q-vis f)f MI Lie du SPOGIOS Owe E mite r m" t.,., *`1 a'C :aer or, 0 Taro. "the char sae Approved For Release : CRDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 I-W t4e, year, in wilt vat*-,. It in rots. In the wA near the ~1 Lei":t s Ot from pia txc~ M ids= 3 e n ; no trt xZ La an anx-rtimic;( a a def nitc 1,- . Tim _)nos rxmt r edible s cciat I } 1 w Da x - 0 " toe1 (Awzita Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 ApproVd For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 a& by, of s pink # , Lch edible, a men. ::, gyred in Y it1 befog the beta t, ad brom beam. aid or a dog, _ obtaLne his Approved For Release : G RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 eta) . h fr= one to Brow of To9e-002= d Is fomO in ram d turn r . atr or ecdWedo ap root Is r U` Of the U =it of t"WO very, rich in ata= It at the or clustured stem *= ca, Approved For Release :1-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-0,&338A000100020009-3 pQ: h river lawlaUdas edible a7 th n=ntalu p omwar orRe ea a : A R P54-0 338A000100020009-3 rr Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Abt t th ugout Vie Atic on brigh .fl outline in sbirt O the pin ,b tlumt t tee fo,,md north Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 `1 I be resod Al frm a Alm,* we nod of ra! t Approved For Release : CVI.RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 .oua pet zrwp brown Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-003J8A000100020009-3 f; i acid that bitt z mmmoas . . A' in vntw,, fl, gut Put c ?- ai t,$ d.: a It S best with b s widah. -: iftto 'read or b uit, w r nerds into ch grow an the ; id# ljr r. izazi4 are attacimd to roe ' , - by M-o (Cetrl- ab, ors are Approved For Release :- 4-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 an the edg colonies in rater saw it piers hills ate 1e~ by a deww,, b in . :t a-shaped t 1 } f trem,, o r b d. The Approved For Release ftCK-RDP54-00338AO00100020009-3 Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-Oa338A000100020009-3 Grawl,und to entiroly r, a : %l all atl r' tvw't,w: am vb1pf'l and in mamn" I nod t" Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 Of the lzgcr Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-0@338A000100020009-3 The mr nad a us h L* abU to talk to all the tribca d of h i m Irr cankia r . AU p on cb i to food ,i. rww times Ime-AS to Wan he cmtactz with i ' have adopW dorm. of of the Is v acts of r Dud a _..a as t1w Approved For Release : CIA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3 ApprSved For Release : CIA-RDP54-09838A000100020009-3 >* l PAW ~ftlv Oruz . T order g ie -< you to A betmw 40 mid 50i t S'(L""r it3.va 'eoj, in the A.r ttc Approved For Release : ClA-RDP54-00338A000100020009-3