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November 17, 2016
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August 7, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO001002909)0$}5 w. TECHNICAL SERVICES STAFF FIELD SERVICE 1. THE TECHNICAL SERVICES STAFF IS CHARGED WITH PROVIDING TSS a. Such support shall be responsive in the first instance to operational needs as required by the Chief of Mission, and in addi- tion,provide for the general or overall needs of the Clandestine Services, (1) It is recognized and granted that support for one area may require some or substantial TSS activity in an entirely different area. Responsibility for such determination shall rest with TSS and shall require appropriate collaborative as- sistance from any Area Division. ONNSI (INC1.UDI$G C 2, To assist in providing such support, TSS is authorized a specific total number of positions (including clerical support positions) for 25X1A deployment within Headquarters, mission, Any change of function within TSS shall be approved by DD/P. not chargeable to the Area Divisions nor to any other THESE POSITIONS tLL BE UTILIZED AND CONTROLLED AS INDICATED BELOW: Y, "7 tivities hall be accomplished within the total sitioni allotted to TSS annually or as specifically amended under formal Agency authorization. I 25X1A Approv r R,1l~ase 2000/08/21 : 7-00042A000100290003-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO00100290003-5 -2- SECRET _ (1) No Area Division nor other Agency component shall be required to contribute positions. TSS WILL DETERMINE WITH RESPECT TO EACH AREA, THE KIND AND NUMBER OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT PERSONNEL REQUIRED TO PROVIDE TECHNICAL SUPPORT TO OPERATIONS. THIS DETERMINATION WILL BE COORDINATED WITH THE AREA DIVISION CONCERNED AND IN CONSULTATION WITH APPROPRIATE SENIOR STAFF CHIEFS. IF THE CHIEF OF THE AREA DIVISION DISAGREES, HE SHALL STATE THE REASONS FOR HIS DISAGREEMENT IN WRITING AND THE FINAL DECISION SHALT., BE MADE BY THE CHIEF OF OPERATIONS, DD/P. c. CHIEF, TSS, WILL ALLOCATE AF- bD-POSITIONS THE NUMBER AND TYPE OF PERSONNEL THUS DETER- MINED (b),, d. TN THE EVENT THAT SUCH POSITION OR POSITIONS (DETERMINED AS IN 2a) ARE FOUND TO BE NO LONGER NECESSARY IN ANY LOCATION OR AREA TO RENDER THE MOST EFFICIENT SUPPORT TO THAT STATION OR AREA, C/TSS WILL WITHDRAW SUCH POSITION OR POSITIONS FROM THAT STATION OR AREA. e. IN THE EVENT THAT THERE SHALT, BE A DEMAND ELSEWHERE, OF HIGHER PRIORITY, FOR ANY TYPE OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT, AND NO APPRO- PRIATE PERSONNEL OR SERVICES FROM OTHER STATIONS ARE AVAILABLE, CHIEF, TSS MAY WITHDRAW POSITION(S) FROM LOWER PRIORITY STATIONS FOR ALLOCATION TO THE STATION OF HIGHER PRIORITY. f. Initial allocation of positions will be reported to the Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : P57-00042A000100290003-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP57-00042AO00100290003-5 ' SECREr 25X1A Director of Personnel and changes during the year following will also be reported via appropriate personnel actions, g. A TSS activity shall be carried out under policy supervision and technical control from C/TSS but personnel so assigned shall be subject to the administrative con- trol of the Chief of Mission or Station, and for this purpose shall be thereto attached. 3. PERSONNEL ASSIGNED TO OR DESIGNATED FOR TSS OVERSEAS POSITIONS (EXCEPT CLERICAL) WILL CARRY THE APPROPRIATE CAREER SERVICE DESIGNATION AND BE UNDER THE CAREER CONTROL AND technical SUPERVISION OF CHIEF, TSS. FINAL ACTION WITHIN THE CIANDESTINE SERVICES ON THE SELECTION, ASSIGN- MENT, REASSIGNMENT, PROMOTION, DEMOTION AND TRAINING OF SUCH PERSONNEL (EXCEPT CLERICAL) IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHIEF, TSS, with benefit of endorsement as appropriate from the field Chief of Mission or Station. CLERICAL PERSONNEL CURRENTLY OCC 2OSITIONS OR PERFORMING TSS DUTIES AT OVERSEAS STATIONS WHO DO NOW CARRY THE TSS CAREER DESIGNATION WILL NOT RE GIVEN SUCH DESIGNATION WITHOUT THE PRIOR CONCURRENCE OF THE CHIEF, TSS. IN THOSE CASES WHERE THE CURRENT INCUMBENTS ARE NOT ACCEPT- ABLE OR AVAILABLE TO THE CHIEF, TSS, THE INCUMBENTS WILL REVERT TO THEIR APPROPRIATE CAREER SERVICES UPON COMHETION OF CURRENT TOURS OF DUTY AND BE REPLACED BY CAREER SERVICE PERSONNEL DESIGNATED BY TSS. I1 EONS 44A, CATED TSSkO OVERSEAS SUPP T r P'6V ial a. THE USE OF THE PRESENTLY AUTHORIZED DIRECT CHANNELS OF COr'4UNICATIONS BETWEEN TSS HEADQUARTERS AND TSS FIELD ACTIVITIES MAY BE CONTINUED FOR THE SPECIFIC PIJRPOSESFOR WHICH THEY WERE Approved For Release 2000/08/2WIAIRDP57-00042A000100290003-5 Approved For ReIease 4900/08/21 : CI RDP57- 0*100 100290003-5 ESTABLISHED. THE USE OF THESE DIRECT CHANNELS FOR NORMAL ADMIN- ISTR! TT'JE MATTERS, INCLUDING PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION, IS NOT AUTHORIZED. b. Dispatch CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION TO AND FROM THE FIELD ON TSS PERSONNEL AND OTHER. ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS WILL BE THROUGH THE AREA DIVISION AND FIELD STATION OR MISSION CHIEFS CONCERNED I 1-- accordance with this procedure (1) Outgoing: Releasing authority by TSS with coordination by Area Division prior to pouching. (2) Incoming: Action copy to the Area Division with infor- mation copy to TSS direct from the field. THE Special Support Assistant, DD/S IN COORDINATION WITH TSS AND THE AREA DIVISIONS CONCERNED, WILL IDENTIFY THOSE POSITIONS NOW ON AREA DIVISION FIELD TABLES OF ORGANIZATION WHICH ARE BEING UTILIZED FOR TSS FTRPOSES DURING ALL OR A MAJORITY OF THE WORK TIME OF THE INCUMBENT, AND WILL INCLUDE SUCH POSITIONS IN THE INITIAL ALLOCATION OF FIELD POSI- TIONS TO TSS. r IES MAY1,k? OVID OR D TRA G,, - -