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November 17, 2016
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July 15, 2000
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April 30, 1954
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25X1 A r ,r J, Approvq I For R lease 2000/0 ?Q 0259A000100090005-5 - _ 4 d''`am C A a l 1 pr 95 .A-44-14-.. - 9 3 Off M 0FANDUM FOR: Deputy Di rec to r? of i r .ining I. The purposes of this !emo:rr:ndum area: 25X1A e To report that, for : t least a first edition of the Collection Regulations Control Staff, DL,/. , considers publication by the Office of Training to be prefer- able to publicr.tion br the Agency. b. To recommend that we i..roceed toward publicotion. 2. You already have some of the pertinent facts: e. b. When, in December 195;3, 1 presented the manuscript to Kr. Baird and you, it was su; eted thrt publicrtion by the Agency might be desirable. I agreed to get opinion. 25X1 A After brief consider- vion, be was inclined to concur in the suggestion but propose=d further study after informa1 coordina- tion with all appropriate Agency components had been completed. c. Coordinr-tion at division level was completed with all Agency components concerning which the manual gives the name and. says anything beyond a super~ficial reference. Appropriate changes- all rolativeiy minor .?ere made. I then presented the manuscript to tine Requirements Str=ff/FI, whose name is not given in the manual but whose work is, in part, discussed. Interest in the project t1,1-ere was such that the original time for reaction was substantially ien thened. t ltimate reaction was f .vor- able and has, I understz n', been conveyed to Mr. Baird. 4. With all apparently appropriate coordin,-tion thus cosy, leted, I took 25X1A the manuscript back to I received it from him yester- day with the verbal opinion stated in paragraph 1. he indicated that this opinion was based. on three others: a. That the man, being analogous to a college textbook, is squite different from anythie tusfar issued as an Agency publication. b. That the automptic ditseminatio:n customary with Agency ublica- tions would not be conducive to the cordial reception of this kind of material. c. That the manual could best follow the example being set by the 4,,, ?pps ;ry: publication and use by O/ , further distribution upon request, and onaidera.tion of Agency issuance when and if the market warrants. I therefore recommend that, provided the substanc~:~ has passed your review, I be authorized to consult frith the heads of the basic courses Ps to the format best suited to instructional use and teen Document No. ver the manu:uscript to the 4 R Section/M3 for o)ublication. ... NO CHANGE in Class. C '-R DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANGED TO: TS DDA Memo,.,, 9e Apr 77 Auth: D4.VQUF Date: I,. H s{ C 090005-5 25X1A