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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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April 16, 1958
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-Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000100180029-0 0 Mr, Lawrence Mitchell East-West Contacts Office Department of State Washington 25, D. C. Dear Mr. Mitchell: THE UNIVERSITY MUSEUM April 16, 1958 is a brief stAtement of vhat we expect to discuss at the inter- national Arctic Conference, in Copenhagen May 19, 20, 215 also of what I hope the Conference will recommend to the Nations concerned at the end of the Conference. The theory that America was originally settled from Asia via the Bering Straits remains only a theory. A great many Dunes, Canadians and Americana have been working on this question for the last two generations and current theories in the vestern world are very munh at variance vith theories advanced by the Russians. As you know, there has been much an- thropclogical and archaeologicel work done by the Russians in Northeastern Siberia in recent years. .31.1st one example of these differences in opinion will serve. Almost all westerners look to Siberia and no traces of Eskimo, west of the Kolyma. We have recently found traces of very ancient man in the American Arctic, which have no parallel in Siberia. After more than twenty years of work in the Arctic I am convinced that these basic problems cannot be solved unless vesterners actually vork in Siberia with the new generation of Russian scientists and unless Russians are actually &own in the American Arctic 'what these very ancient sites look like. Moreover, the Russian physical anthropologists rking on liv- ing racea have a somewhat different system of measurement than those of us in the west and they will never solve their problems of racial origins unless they measure American natives in their own system Both the Russians and the westerners are concerned about these teehnical difficulties in our research and part of our discussions will certainly be concerned vith an exchange of publications, translations, acientific terminology and with discussions aa to What reeeirea urgent investigation. The Conference will at least serve to iron out theae difficulties. But the essential objective vill be to reach a proposal concerning the exchange of scientists in the Arctic. I am not at all certain that the Russian representatives at this meeting will join with us to recommend State Dept. declassification St release instructions on file Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000100180029-0 :Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000100180029-0 -2- such an exchange in the Arctic, but I am optimistic after my discussions in Moscow last Awe. Therefore I shall try to arrange and encourage a recommendation somewhat as follows: That the six Countries Concerned, i.e. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Fin- land, Russia, Canada and the United States make it possible to carry out combined international research in Anthropology and Archaeology in the Arctic areas. Specifically, and to begin this intermational cooperation, that two or three etcetera scientists be invited to vork in Chukoteky Land, in Northeastern Siberia, pritarily at Bast Cape and Indian Point, but also as far vest is the mouth of the Kolymie; that two or three Russians be in- vited to work in Alaska, particularly at Cape Denbigh, Point Hope and Point Barrow, but inland as far as Fhirbanks. That Russians also be lavIted to work with Danish expeditions in West Greenland and with a Canadian or Americen expedition in the vicinity of Budsonsabey'Canadians and Danes also be invited to work in Northeastern Siberia and if possible with a Russian expedition at the mouth of the Ob. In every expedition the foreigners vill work with nationals of that country. We know that the man attending the Conference are the ones who will be involved in this exChange. Fbr example, Larsen of Denmark, I, and a student of mine, would probably be the ones to work la Northeaster* Siberia, with Levin or Okladnikov of the Academy of Sciences. Debate who :forked on our Eskimo collections would undoubtedly be the man to measure a selection of native peoples in Alaska. Okladnikov has already been invited to work in West Greenland by the Danes, without reciprocity. One specific thing that I weld like to arrange is the transfer of Russians and, Americans at the Diomede Islands in the Bering Straits. This would save us a great deal ia the cost of travel and be the most practical way to reach the areas in vhich we are interested. If the &lesions are able to go along with suCh recommendations I would, hope to bwgin the ex- changes in the Spring of 1959. The working season in this pert of the world is only about two months, Slay and August. The research in Canada and the United States viii quite certainly be financed by this Museum, the Danish National Mecum, the Arctic Institute and possibly the Canadian Governmeat. We would expect that in each case the research would be fin- anced in the euuntry la which it takes place. We realize, of course, that in this area there are serious security problems involved in foreign travel. Inmost cases we would have to work through the Defense Departmett, the Coast Guard, or other parimilitary organizations operating in the Fir North. For example, almost any travel in the far north of Canada vould be carried out through the Arctic Insti- tute and by means of Military aircraft. I presume this is true %a Siberia also. Naturally? I am most anuious to see if the Russiene will at this point accept such an arrangement for Siberia. Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000100180029-0 - Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000100180029-0 -3- We may end up with only pious generalities about the used. for international cooperation, but it is certainly our intention to pin this down to specific times, places and individuals if It Is possi- ble at this point, I should come beck from the Conference with such specific recommendations. Very best 'wishes, 1411 Froelich Rainey Director YR : ad Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000100180029-0