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December 12, 2016
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November 9, 2000
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September 2, 1958
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Approved For Release 2.0011,/08/.27,:.icAXRDP-6140,091R00020011000 CEATRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Washington 25, D.C. *ARMY Declass/Release Instructions On File* 25X1A PkoD /a-3- / 2 September 1958 liEMORANDOM FOR: Members of the Chapter IX Subcommittee SUBJECT: Minutes of IS Chapter n Subcommittee Meeting, 29 August 1958 I. Meeting Held 29 August. 1958 A meeting of the NIS Chapter IX Subcommittee was held at 0930 on 29 August 1958 to discuss an Arty proposal for an adjustment in scheduling to allow for the production of the NIS Chapter I Annuals. The following were in. attendance: Arthur Cavanagh Nr. Alvin Munn r. J.V. McWairy Nis' Mary Sensing - Mr. William H. Meyers' Mr. Ralph Foie ACIC (member) ACSI (member) AWS (alternate) USNHO Charts (meMber) USNHO Oceanography (member) OCE CIA (chairman) CIA 2. Consideration of Army roposal _ _ . _ , . _ _ _ ee. The SUncommittee considered an Army proposal (Enclosure I) that one Chapter IX be dropped fram the F7 1960 (contributors' FY 1959) schedule to allow for the prepa*ntion of the 12 Section 19 portions of the Chapter I Annuals to be completed during FY 1959. The Army member explained that the Army positioti extended to other fiscal years as well, and proposed that future Chaptet TX commitments be changed from 8 to 7 Chapters IX per year because of the additional work load imposed by the Chapter Annual program. Both WAHO members agreed without reservation to the Army proposal. The AWS tepresentative also supported the proposal, although he indleatedelhat a temporary shift in personnel had been mate to meet immediate deaWines. The ACIC member reported that an extra person had been added to the staff to compensate for the additional work required for Chapter I Annliels. Since the Chanter IX is a joint effort of components of several 'agencies, however, he stated that ACIC would not object to 1...1 proporal e Chnpter IX Subcommittee recommendation for nis Committee consideration; The Chairman, representing CIA as a Chapter "A contributor and es flip ahepter TX coordinator, indicated that no provision has been made in D/CG4fer edditional personnel and that Chapters IX, Sections 19, and the $eetion 11,-,yr-t-.ona of the Annual will be delayed unless m some ed,f!ustment is made! in schedi.o_ine. N4g4 --ed Approved For ReleatOrnigiVirlsditRbP011030/14"0:60akATO091t6 , hin e meaning of the esmiw , cs. 3 an , the IF 13STIISSiCW - or_ revelation of which in Li; nr:,;1 to an u3,13t:i3rized person is prohibited 25X6AJ u 0 25X60 Approved For Re lease(204/031-2g11 CliORTM,A-613391R000200110001-6 SUBJECT: Minutes of NIS Chapter IX Subcommittee Meeting, 29 August 1958 3. Stibcommittee Farposals for NIS Committee Consideration The members of the Subcommittee estimated that the preparation of Section 19 contributions to 12 Chapter I Annuals is the approximate equivalent of one contribution to Chapter IX. The Subcommittee therefore agreed to recommend alternate proposals to the NIS Committee for consider- ation: a) that the Chapter IX requirements be adjusted from 8 Chapters per year to 7 or b) that the Section 19 portion be deleted from all future Chapter I Annuals. 4? Revised Sehedulefaand Yorecasts_for 1960-62. If a change in the number of Chapters IX to be scheduled per year is approved, the Subcommittee proposed that the EY 1960 schedule and the forecasts for FYs 1961 and 1962 forwarded to the NIS Committee on It June 1958 for consideration be revised as follows: Schedule for FY 1960 Contributions due NIS No! and Area at DIGG 30 Iraq 13A'' East Germany 76 Costa Rica Dar 59 Apr 59 hay 59 Aug 59 '.;CC French West Africa Bel) 59 aT4 53- Eupt 2orecast for ?i 1961 Oct 59 glater to OBI Aug 59 Oct 59 Nov 59 Feb 60 Mar 60 Apr 60 Nov 59 Jun 60 3V:q 50B Nigeria and BritiaA Came oons - -4 ? aamionalist China ',3614. U.S.S.R. (five credits) Approved For Release 290,1/08/27: ClfRIDF:61-00391R000200110001-6 Approved For Release NA149.8#2,1qp,14414P4140001R000200110001-6 SUBJECT: Mlnutes of NIS Chapter IX Subcommittee Meeting, 29 August 1958 Forecast for FY 1962 NIS 25A Gibraltar 50A Ghana and Togoland 39 Chile 103 South Pacific Islands 14N Poland DAN Communist China 44. Thailand The Chapters IX for NIS 51 fLiberia), NIS 52 (Equatorial Africa)) and NIS 83 (Peru), which were removed from the VT 1962 forecast, will be reconsidered at a later date when the FY 1963 forecast 16 prepared. 5. Comments on Section 19yortion_of Chapter I Annual for NIS 7 The Chief of the Coordination Staff read the very favorable comments received. from OBI concerning the Section 19 portion of the Annual for IS 7, Denmark, and also reported that the suggestion had been made orally that time spent in its pir,,,:paration by some of the contributors was excessive and that perhaps tAe information should be less complete. The consensus of opinion of meloltv:1,rs of the Subcommittee was a) that the minimum amount of time was being expended for an adequate treatment of the subject matter and b) that the quality of the product should not be sacrificed. 25X1A9a Enclosure! .ilemorandum from Army Chapter IX Coordinator, 28 JUly. 1958 IS Chap,er IX Coordin:tor Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-_RDP61-00391R000200110001-6 P -A-la 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP61-00391R000200110001-6 0 LIC:ja-Tik 28 jiily 1958 3,2KCi'llAiir.041 FOR: The VIS C7oz-,.ptor pter I% 103) Mefeence isImide to eonversions azong -eel)resentrAive of yGu2 oce and OACSI ZrzTwXl1 ainogu;'-;: and 21 Dann : :egar&iiig the problem of capacity -7;a T.6m.:Allcz L-J3 Chzntelr I 2 iJiprObletia and thE3, Ary p(xiGion vz,ls presanted to the Ghalwan, ILLLComaittee by the Army.UA3 Committee Repvesentative, in , -yra'adum file ACSI-I0N, 2Ubject: IS Production Schedule, FY 1959 CV' Oated 17 ijun 1953. Pa:tag-mph ab olf this remorandur,is of special :VAT:e.z*t athe NIS ehapte.kC Cc or end is Quoted or information: Adr n'nd?avy are in agreeT2ent, aft,er reexarth.ca- .;;f:c1 worlAoad, that no c'.61,1.o need be deleted froa the N. 1959 -dLebecause of the Telpireint :o Annuals However, Amy will not be to oApoot ..prcductior, of on Cbapter It and 2Aacommende deletion o-Z 96, .-J,hapter capAcit: gained :Crum thiG deletion will rxi:17.)poi; pr-:;:a-4.action of Sectiors I- I,ilnuals]." lo s;3sued the;',1;7 :17111An,Ii ci:ttee has already ofic ofthi3 joweve2, in view of the recommen- dioiAd dbovo reE;ax-alng the le .On of IS 96, Chszter IX from 195 s..11.i.eallie It Is recles';ed .:41et NIS 96 "'enlace NIS 50C L1 th:y1- =,t2.1)A. -11,12 datsz Qc; 19;a) IT ;-mt bnck ancordincly i.e., 50C; mplaces 5T4,C 97 etc. g:Tmy, 45.Chm.:ptov XO c axsnoh Approved ForReleas940.01418/27:.:,acIA7gW61-00391R000200110001-6