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August 7, 2001
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ONI Dec las,*~ J 0 ftLs90h9f8"i:gC &-00658A'No100080017-2 SECRET File SECRET NTAL tal as not to be susceptible of joint effort, This re- It is considered that all operational or combat in- ence and its dissemination is so exclusively depart- qu tree methods for rapid handling and dissemination 'which includes the quickest transmission possible. Do The of Naval Personnel must, be performed by the Navy and therefore Even If the Army, Navy and State adopted the same fling system,, there ould still be much mail of in- this adjunct of OKI Is considered to be exclusively de- partmental. Mlles and Accounts etc. The activities in this field are in accordance with the directives of the Bureau of Supplies and Ac- counts as well as CNI and are considered to be exolu.- sive departmental, fail, Filers, etc. o ONI and it is therefore not considered practicable to eliminate the CR1 mail Room and files. SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP64-00658A000100080017 G' R RE (A) E~ Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00EM(QpWDfP80017-2 neecessary, control and Dissemination of Hi This activity controls the dissemination of top secret and high level material within the Navy Department and therefore is considered to be exclusively departmental. 11. Naval Records and Library 4.. l M41 This activity is a purely Naval library and in' eludes historical Naval records. It is not an intelli- gence library. This activity is considered exclusively departmental,.. because convenient access to Naval per- JJ T D CTION 1, Ps r h to jCal Wa4fare Susceptible of Separate location ONI CIO effort. satisfactory. State, War and Navy are all interested in pay- chological warfare and it is ,considered that it lends itself to joint effort. 2. Susceptible of separate location O G effort.. _ satisfactory. and it is considered that this activity is State, War and Navy are an interested in susceptible of joint effort. !zecial Publications N Not susceptible of A-2 GIG effort. ONI Should have central location but could operate in separate location, CRET SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27 :.ALA-RDP64-00658A000100080017SECRET. Approved For Re ase 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-0065j1p' WQ ..017-2 SECRET This activity produces Naval Intelligence Pub- ne. While it may be that an exclusively Naval Intelligence publication, as well as an exclusively AxV Intelligence publication, may be desirable; still, activity lends itself to joint effort for purposes of coordination and the pooling of talents of -writers and clerical help and the production of possible Joint publications, Nepr*ductian Not susceptible Should have central of CIO effort. location. considered that reproduction can be inc economically accomplished by joint effort. X16 Not susceptible Ar-2 of CIO effort. CNI Some benefit in better training and some a Should have central location, but could operate in separate location. tired by operating training as a joint venture. 6. MI$ Not susceptible Should have central A-2 of 010 effort. location, but could ONI operate in separate location. Common pool of translators Mould seem to be more economical as it mould avoid overhead and insure more beneficial employment of the entire group, Photographic Intelligence Center (PIC) +IINI N N111 III I I ~~ ~1w M I N~ ~I~i te location ara Not susceptible of Se ~ ii Approved For ease 20 &T f9gA-RDP64-006 ~TUff (8d17-2 i 3EufL Approved For R'ease 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-006 017-2 SECRET (a) Photographic Interpretation Training- grammetr ' and Carto graP by Training. b photo c Terrain model production. d) Terrain Model Making Training. (e) photo Intelligence Operations in Washington for JCS (f) photo Intelligenos, Operations in the field. (g) Photographic Intelligence Researchc -While the methods of training and omplolring photographic intelligence teams now differ in the Army and Navy.. still it is believed that it is adaptable to standardization and joint effort- 011 (NO PARTIGT'LTIO) 1. AM-Section of = lion of the BID (0100-1200) plus Army Co mnunications and the details of all installations (government osmed leased), such as Posts, Stations, Arsenals, Proving Grounds,, etc., that are operated exclusively o marily for the use o Not susceptible of mould have central 010 effort. . location. The field of intelligence covered by the XilitarY ion of 1110 AI Ling all nation The field of intelligence covered by the Navy Not susceptible of Should have can GIG effort. location. Section of the MIG (900), plu oaunicationss and RET SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA RDP64-00658A000100080017-2 Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658A0L(V~00i0R1,j- irrsrr SECRET the details of all installations (government o*ed or aged) such as Navy Yards, Naval Bases n. it Training S tations# etc., that are operated exclusively or primarily for the use of the Navy. Gharacterigticg foreign) of naval ships., such as armor,, armament propulsions tactical features,, etc,,, are handled by the Technical Intelligence Branch of ONI. Susceptible of Should have central GIG effort. location, SSN or GIG Allocated to Army or GIG with Naval liaison. LMM ", DER JOINT DIRECTION Sociological Section GIG effort. location, susceptible of Should have central via A-2 ONI ONI Inoludss the Political (3000 Section): Sociologi- cal. (5000 Section) and Who's Who (7000 Section) of the BID# and the Government, Foreign Relations, Political Forces (100 Section) and People and Social Forces (200 Section) of the MIG and the Case History Section (0242) of the Administrative Branch of ONI, ELonomic.Section gig Susceptible of CIG Should have central effort, location. Inoludea the Economic (4000 Section) and Ai: SEGRE'T Approved For Release 2001/08/27.;5IA-RDP64-00658A000100080017S ECBET 1W 111W Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP64-00658A0 0100080017-2 SECRET S's Cit ET Civil (2900 Section) of the BID, and the Financial Mat- ters (300 Section), Industry and Industrial Resources (1400 Section) - Commerce,, Shipbuilding,. Non-Military Vessels and Vehicles (500 Section) and Cow ercial Air and Communications Subheads of Aviation and Message Communication (700 and 1000 Sections) of the Geographic Section M Is A-2 CIO effort. location. CKI Includes the topographic (6000 Section) of the BID and parts of the Physical Geography and Details of places (600 Section of the Mb) and intended to cover the following subjects: a.. Topography e. Location and external phy- b. Meteorology sical features of fixed in.' c, Oceanography stallations, such as cities, d. Hydrography airfields,, factories, rail- roads, etc, aphic Section (Photos, Maps) Uls Susceptible of Should have central. A-2 CIO effort, location. ONI This section contains all the photographic ceptible of Should have central. rps derived therefrom and is considered suitable for joint effort. Intelligence Studies (JANIS) M-S Susceptible of CIE A-2 effort. Should have central location, but could operate in separate location. Intelligence studies are now being produced by Approved For Release 2001/08/27 :CIA-RDP64-00658A000' ( >( 7-+_2T SECRET .Approved For Me'lease 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP64-00658A000',1(,1$1Q97E2T a joint effort and should be so continued. ;ion Plot (for JCS) IMIMIMMMI ptible of Should have central CIO effort. location. Order of Battle Army and Disposition of Naval Forces Disposition of shipping and civil air Such a joint situation plot would be of immense value in wartime, ir. Intelligence J - AID A-2 Not susceptible ONI of CIO effort. Should have central location. This activity is now being Setup as a joint under a JCS charter to study alien air offen- sive and defensive capabilities to include target analysis. on to the functions presently set forth in its should cover the Air Military Section of BID 2100-2800) and the Aviation Section of the MIG (1000 Should not include Civil Air but should include unications systems and details of all installations (government owned or airfields.., aircraft factories, etc., that are operated exclusively or primarily for the use of military and naval ion, c Section should be set up to provide JA:ID requirements in connection with target studies. RS ...MM.M+M,nw SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27,; CIA-RDP64-00658A000100080017 tLGRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP64-0064SSOQOIROBOCOOl7-?LtjRET this service is adequate ,9'A AID may have to cover the following additional f ie lda t (1) Civil aircraft. (2) All aircraft factories and subsidiary pant factories. (3) The possible conversion of automotive and other factories to wartime production for aircraft. (4) All aircraft facilities including airfields, ide radio and light beacons, air navigation :a similar to the Loran system$ airborne an The Technical Intelligence activities of the War and Navy Departments complement each other. much dupli- cation may be eliminated and the overall efficiency increased if a JOINT TEC ICAL INTELLI0ENCE C ER be provided in which the Technical Intelligence Activities of the Arm and the Navy and the Scientific Branch of MIS 'w it Not susceptible of would have central CIO effort, location.. other activities of common interest, ground radar aide as applied to aircraft ntee Section e under the coordination and supervision of 0-2 and OWI. This center should provide common facili- ties such as reception and filing of informations a Panels and a means of easily undertaking joint studies and A-2 ONI Intelligence Library Not susceptible Should have can. of GIC effort. location. May be problems of accessibility to uses. A joint military intelligence library should be Approved For Release 2001/08/27 CIA-RDP64-00658A f9317A1s'Cf+QT7.. EGRE SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-006j*QQ(j(,10j30017-2 established as a reference library. It would be of tree ndous help in making intelligence studios by Joint effort. atistical Section A-2 owl Not susceptible Should have central of CIO effort. location. believed that statistical studies can be ionage and counter d completed more economically as a joint effort. Not susceptible of CIO effort. (Queestiotnable Should have central location but could operate In separate location. It is believed that this field can be better and mare economical covered as a joint effort.. ry Collection and Dissemination (wartime) susceptible Should have central of MG effort. location. a. Intelligence teams in theaters of operations for the purpose of collecting and disposing (1) Captured enemy documents (2) Captured enemy equipment b. Intelligence personnel for POW interrogation. a. Courier and shipping service. d. Processing and Disseminating Center in Washington. While this is primarily a wartime mieeioni it lends itself to joint effort. Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658A(((f' -2 SECRET 4M v R1" SECRET Approved F r Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00659A OO8'U017-2 personnel to Navy Located in 3lavy Department. jntat ' Ay personnel to Arm gnvestigations of personnel and of cases invo .ng utters and individuals solely within one ser ee bel ieved$ co ntirme to be under the cog l al control of that service. "A Located in Navy +a - pri^ to 11 is 'Waterfron'ts etc.) lante to AM ~harrt Located in Navy il It is believed that the security of private plan aterlront ar Depar^trant. Seamen to Navy Army function ehile the security of water- SEC_ ;fig Information WA 'Establishwnts to may. s.Xal I ar ,tion a Department. Letablieh~aents to Navy. sew law. chile portions of It is believed that responsibility for the of classified information and establisbmente in one services cannot be delegated without a change in basic vea to joint effort. - Al=A ON (NO PANTICIP&TIO e is and must be coordination in these is field, still p it is believed that they dd i Approved For Release 2001/08/27 rc-RDP64-00658A000100080017EVRE Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP64-00658A000100080017-2 SECRET ronte and the merchant marine is logically a Navy function. There should be coordination. Ssbatage. espionage and counter-intellia?enee (do aval establishments to Navy Army establishments Army ated in Navy wren The field of counter-intelligence would seem to to joint effort. However,,, there are differences in organization for this purpose within the d Navy that would render any such joint operations >t. The Arm does not have a central for this acti M.ty similar to that of the Navy. (-2, Army Ground Forces, Army Air Forces, and the Army Forces, are all operating in this field. In addition, the Army Service Command areas and the Navy Districts differ. Radical readjustment in organization and geographical boundaries would be necessary in order to obtain smooth joint operation in this field. a and Travel (wartime) to Navy Located in Department, air and rail to AM During the past war,, the field of co travel by ships was assigned to the Navy and that by air and rail to the Army. I tion but is not particularly self to coordinar>- .eptible to joint effort. SECRET Approved For Release SEGREJ Approved For Reuse 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658A QVqp1f-2 The Coast Gt StCRET Customs, Immigration and Naturali- sations, and the State Departm interested in Believe that little can be accomplished by F wartime) his activity. joining the efforts of the War and Navy Depart' nnel to Navy Army Personnel to Army Located in Navy Department. the War Department to censor the the Navy Department to censor the mail of b . personnel in conformity with National Censorship While it is believed that uniform rules and procedures would be beneficial,, still,, it is-believed end result can be better accomplished by coordination rather than by joint effort. JOINT DIRECTION Contact Register Not susceptible separate location ONI of CIa effort. satisfactory. The collection of ign intelligence from sources within the country would seem to lend itself to joint effort in order to avoid duplication and to have all the information in one pool available to bo' Censorshi wartfine) .Cable Radio, Telephone, Tele rah and Myllian_ . Not susceptible Separate location of CIO effort. satisfactory. appears that this portion of the censorship SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658A0001T1008'00'T7`2 SECRET -12- Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658AOQU00080017-2 SE CRE field could be operated more efficiently and more econom- icaUy as a Joint effort. It will to National Censorship in wartime., doubt be transferred Approved For Release 2001/08/27: kRDP64-00658A000100080016ECRE1 Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CIA-RDP64-00658A0000I0 ENCLOSURE (B) TO JOINT . Y-NAVY INTELLIGENCE M&Q DW Intelligence up - Intelligence Associated Activities Eclus ve Departmental 19 Personnel, 2, Supplies and Accounts 3, Mail, Files, etc. b. Naval Records, and Library Top Secret Control and Dissemination Eer Under Joint Direction 2. 3. 14. Intelligence oPaticc.pation) Lion to Army' 2, Navy Section to 'Navy 3. Agents (Foreign) to SSU or CIO Merger Under Joint Direction 1. Poli.ticta,l., Sociological) 2, Economic ) 3. Geographic 4. Graphic Intelligence Studies 6. Situation Plot 7. Army-Navy Air Intelligence Division Psychological Warfare Economic Wartare Special Publications Reproduction ?raining Translating Photo Intelligence Center (JALAIO), Including Military Air Technical Intelligence Military Intelligence Library Military Statistics Sabotage, Espionage and Counter Intelligence (Foreign) Dissemination (Wartime) OA,$_~ SECRET PERSONNEL SPAC M;'"'" . (in sq (No Estimate) 3 17 t500 l 1 3 1400 2 62 21,000 6 30 19,000 3 2 750 1 3 4 500 1 4 2,000 1 7 1,000 4 622 19,000 10,000 100 6 31 15,0 1 39 10,000 2 5,000 1 3s000 32 46 7sBOO 16 36 15,000 1 100000 1 3 3,000 1 500 1 600 ENCLOSURE (a) S E C R E T Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658A000"0* 0`'-r-2"" SEARED Approved For Release 2001/08/27: CIA-RDP64-00658A0000' 1,0*0Ft1E- - . .... A%. *0 SECRET tic Intel pacer men vy Personnel to Navy etigations Army Personnel to Army Security Naval Information and Establishments to Navy Arse' Information and Establishments Army 11. Allocation 1.. Seouxity (Private Plants? Naterfronte, etc.; Priftte Plants to Arrq 27** laiat~frontsa Merchant Seamen to Navy (Inactive) sabotage Espionage & Counter Intelli. Domesti Navy atablishmenta to Navy 2 10 1,200 Army I Btablishments to Army Co=erce and travel (:aartime) ships to Navy (Inactive) Nyair and rail to Arm 4. censorship (wartime) Navy Personnel to Navy (Inactive) Army Personnel to Army III. Merger Under Joint Direction l.. Contact Register 2. Censorship (Wartime), Cable,, Radio,, Tele- Phone? Telegraph and Civilian Mail 1$200 (Inactive) C 1 TA 11$ 471. 154,450 lC of these enlisted men includes one (1) enlisted man . (ins ft) 2 17 2 0400 3E0RE Approved For Release 2001/08/27 : CtI -RDP64-00658A000100080017-2SECRET