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December 9, 2016
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September 1, 2000
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October 5, 1949
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Approved For Release 2000/09/11~CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ~~~~ ~~ s~~F c~oRnz~~~~ ~~ut~~ a~ ~~t -"+ i ~'k'iec~dox9 ~k~bitt, Preaic& n Drano. , i # . , .... i . ~ a .. a ..... , , ..... i . ~epa~r,.t.,~~ir~ o,~a'~s.te, yt, '#'yy g~,~ i~!taa is#aaaaita#~ aaaaasrta asaaa:a~~~iNil~n~ -?1 o77a4 Vow ~1 ~~~i e a a a a?? a a a s a? a a r?? a a a a e a r e f a ail@P~~tf.~~~4 ~+L LiY`~ A~" raaatiilsa0i-flt4?fii~,~I?'fil~~ri~+ ~~ ~7B ~~ +'~i"^a r w. t t* a o+~.x,~B.L.~yt i# a a a# r t a a a a r- a s e. a a a r s r a t i a i ti~~~~y ~y~ }~~ ~f ~}.#. a e~p.~2k] LISJ V~r~.l., a, e .. ? a a a s a f, a s: a. a? a a a a. a.? i ~8~t~' K/1iiQ~ 4 ~.E V~~ ~~ C(y~?~~ ? ~~ ~L3,~8~'i~..I~,i ? E 1 a+ a a a e. a s a+. r s a+??+ a a i il3~rp,8rtTtierit GF,~ 4ri.i~ ~.i,i;` (~~,?~~ a a i a. r. a a a r i a a s e. ?. a a? i;i+~~M~r ~+i. ~Y~'ii ~y~~tr'~ JA~~I~Cr~T 25X1 A a,~ . ....~~aat~al ~rlt@37.~en~o ~.~ene;~ ??+. a a a a s a a ti i i a#? a s.? ~E1~~81 Irlte~3.l. ~.gentse A,~~ZiC~r a s 1 a a a a a i a a a a i a' ? a a a a at~~Tieii ,I~.PL ~W"t~. y~'.~~..1~. ~11 i.T.b a4a~ i91~~i,~~ a a t a a a a a a s a a? 4 i i a a a~ ?? V~~,}(,,~,~~,4,ff,41L ~+yM,d~S.yV, ~~3{.~~~~ ,(ar~ p~~p~~~ a t. a a a+ a a? e a. s a a a a? M i Getl~,x'al. xll~)~~igenoe ll~8i~ . it 1 i \ ~s~ Approved For Release 2000/09/1.1 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09~~/1rr1rr :~~CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 .K~.1~~ 1 ~ ~I ~~3 ~.S~'I~~I ~~ 138Tt t~ntlemen, thin confe~renc~es was called ~ar3~arily to look intt~ thl~ procedur?~s wh9.al~a ncaw contz~l #~~ cc~ordinaticin ~rescess, tca ~ a- Ior~~ at the hinery ~rhich has been god ~lthout any mayor? overa~.l charge for neaarly a yeses and ~ ~ Y~-~Y ixi ~.tt~ presezat fQr~n, and vrhich although f`U,nGt$c~ningg produces q~tea&a of proportiana that seeer~ unnea+~a!sarry,, and watatesd to 14ok into the matter and sees i~ tie proaedurea needed s~ens~ing, an$ if , along ~t llnee. Aa I said, 3.t is ri~uari].y a ~;utestion o~ the mach~aaer~rt hec~tse it was fought that at thls level +~~hic~h ins def`initely' ass far ae +~o6rdi,nation ,gc~ee, the ~ro~rking level~l* matters of ~vlicyj such as those aich are nv~ before the ~ttee of the IAA aiaorild net proper3,y bez brought. up z~r diss~asee~#: heret becauas thi,e meeting ~ro~;z~.d have no of.fieial etandirzg in that regard.. 'T#ae department of Mate sent in a latter in ~u;gust suggesting ~d Agenda Item fiber 1, by st~t~xiividing it into twcs parts, as folloxss ~~+~) ~"he relaying IAC i~pa~rrtments of regaests x~.thin their ass9gnesd .fields of subetantiwe reepona~ibiiitg~ ~b~ 1'fae arr~.nging for departmrantal crsntributionr~ tiff appropxiate natiansl ilntel3,#.gesnce papers. ~ reserved to me that those mzg~;ested item ~rere'< rather an expansic}n e~f ~g~enda It+rm l., i~-l~ ie entitled: of inf~armation on 3.niti~ctirn of pro,~+~at It fiesta into matters ioh are? nox, ar~.~ :~ra.ter o*` fat3tf in one fog or another, pe~~ befc~rer the tandir~ C~ozrmdtte~e, ate: l ~naxndesr if could not etd.ek to the original agenda. re,ther .than get into those ra~.ttera ~hf.ok~, it seems to ~ are ~VAti It 3.s trues, o,~ courses, that thirsgs are being taken ~.p in a,. general. 'say'. ire a.re now ~-orkng, , C and ~I~ policy than matters of s~r~Qrct3natican rr3eahani~, ec- to ~rpealc~ under e pretty essential elements "~'heres ar+a rather approaches ~rlaich it ht be ire profitable to tatt;e up h~sr~s, rataxer t~u4n something +~nt~irely nes~r. Z don't ~noar ewer thez'e are any ether members of tan these matters or zmt. It sae+esmed 'b mss that that ~rss probs~+ly outside the CesmpAtetlCe of onfsren+ce, and it xaa certainly sin a level rict~~ ~e nrrn~t cnntemplr~ted in the wort~iza;~ trf tare original. agersda wh~,ch was sent around. ~a 1 s~~ dais: v-aa conceived of or1~;ir~sll~r as a meting to di.scus~e ~ch~.nery. Z ~rou2d prefer to Approved For Release 20 : CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 SSE ~.~' you have no violent objection. ~~A~tiSt I th~.x~k the other raattera X3.11 be d1x-cauffieed in tip. fihen it th+~~re is roes r~b~ect3.on, ~ s~uld like to Set ~.ntv the agenda a di~acza~ tape ~ir~t r~uea~tions aml. The ~x.,}~sr~~e o~ ;3nf"t~rm~.t3.on on 3.nitiation. c~i' pray ec ~duros for the z~4ordinat~.on process are yet oat in T~C7~/1 anti I~GI/2. Xn the past have hied var3.oua ~ar~+ nor the e~cchan~e ~~ inforr~stion an the i:s~t3~t3.on cal prr~~ecta, ~`I`hat i1~ CTA prcr~ects, oP c~zrse. questn aboYat it, the situatir~n rerx~ai~,1'roa~ tour F7ca~nt o~ v3.e~ar, +~t~t3rely u~asat~- is3'acct+ary. ,i.r~ 4~.e .t~.rs'~r plane, let $~e~ sad Vhat hav~+ nev~''~r ~a~en ~e'a~rr+~s;~.'~ta.t. xn~a~t+~r the 3.nforaastic~~x an prc~~ecate ~ hand, or contemplated, .~~?~~ all of th;e a~ene3~e sash as ia~ cont~.ir~ed ~.~ cur o~'n ~nth1 ~ Rr~;~ort. ?Phe exr~eption ie i~. hs~ve received their tatse Reports, their x~eparts of pra,~ects art hang; but ~ have vex' ~aeen succees3`u~: 3n ~ett3x~ s3.na31ar documents from any o.f tt~e 3~litary ~enc3.ea, 1 don't knrv~* why. pia actives e~'forte hav1! been made irx the last s3~ ,~ntt~ii,s ar so, ,~ Par ae I a~ aerate, but ~ s2x>~ald like to explore that ~uest3.on a bit. It e obv3sata.et that ~ trine c?ocrd3.nat3~n of intel~.3.~ence produativn 3.e 3mpc~asibla~ unless theere a dull a fr+de interchange v~' 3x~'or~se.t3~rn can pra~ecta in hand, or con- temp~.ated. l see zio way ~.~ prerrent3.n a ~?ne~.deratale easux~e of dupliaa~t3~an it r'y~~' ~:~ xorls3.n 3n the dark. I~aplicat3,on Sn the f3.s~ished pro~eote can probably be headed o3't, Ott at t:7e.t ther~a iae implied ~. rraate ti~ time ~ eff'cirt. ~:~ there any reason ~y ~'e can nc>t exne 3.nforr~tic~n on this bs,sie> anti ~;i~ you, I dc~n ~t cor~aitiar that the p,~ent exvk~an.~e cad the Monthly Statas Report ie .fu13~,r tiefactox~`. bv3:o?~aly' You e+~t out, either quarterly ur manthly2 3~o~p pi~ua hc~p+~s ~t~r the prcduetian of the folloin~ period, and as ~e all kz oc well, re sab~eat to ix~t~arraptiane~ by higher aatharty at every pQ3.nty ~Q t~18~'~, t~'3.e~' 1r1Z"E! riot the CO~lete afl~-~T, O~ Gp12X`32fr I18 #~' C~I+~e O~' t~1tt~$4 pr+~i;,;~'ar~t6 ~.$ T'Wt t~'I~ ttt-Dr~alete~ d~l~??'1" tC? the f~u~~tiQXl. ~~ '~ ~a~e t3,mey 3:t ~rould teat aes3.etance to ue to knoar ~rhst line of mark ~e c4ntemplat+~d 3n the various de-partmenta~. Intelli~nce or~aniasati~ar~e. for instance, ia~ there a~tything publ3.ehed 3.n ~l~~C, ~lonel .~vell~' ~~:LLs ~. prc~~eat system o~ the advance ~r.~ we are ~ain~ to da next ~anth7 ~A~fi~e Yes. LC3~i~t ~t ae ~ucah. ~e ~e opt~rate over there,; a request f+~r ~ox~ came ~.Xl ?i3'I ~"~r 1.t9 pa~8ed t0 thCb p~'Rp8'3` eect3nn for action, d ~.t 2IlCiT8 t3X` 1.esax~pn ~~~." Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 20d~~~ CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 day '~ ~+~ prv~ acts, off' atiurae, arad lc~rag range in t~atezre 4jA~i~~t des, the request was wade so~.e t9xue ago, d+~ ~a recall apprcaaimats date off' that4 I ate not sure how fob it tree. Cerinly ~~ ~- c~th~+rs are twenty-fr~ur hour babe. k~AH1L~C~~: ~d all Yiav~- thBtM I:.t3t~a ~ don't belireve i~a~re the act~a~al. ~rork P~~' i'or t~ze next ~anth. ~A~.~"~a Te t3xere ore in C~NZ~ YLs ~t 'to ~Y' iu~o~ledge. ~~~ ~: r~~ee~ ~ have ~.iet. I.t~Li,~ day ~ mice ~ e~xgge~stion7 ~t eeem~z to r~ tYaat the ~~ +~ou~.d #ai~. fox' aexcsh a report, ~ that rht rea~.t in it aotuali~r being regxired to plan su~sh. a progx'+a~, az~i that '+arould offer an v~aportuni~t~v then fcar some soe~xdination. ~c~~t a~+h a re~aeet was made sc~~ t3.me baokc, a~ ~ am r~.the~r surprised tc> hear that tae ~ has not been aend~.r~ yfl'x the 3,iet, beaeuae we agreed t~ ~+~ eo. What ire sc3e~tlzing ~ wig laok into. 25X1 A quested it f~~ ~~. 25X1A 25X1A ~ dean't recall the date. It was approximately ?i:~teen ~tar~the agcy. ti~+~. mat stopped ~3~out six mantes age, 1 bali~tve. ~Hil~~ ~e only cane ~ saw eras tw'o years a~CJ. It started 'bef'ore ~ gvt re? ~l~&1T~~ I don't th~.nk it wa~a ever fc+l2vwed up for~~c~t to t:xrr~ ~+~~ ~`a ~sS,tu~t~itaz~ a~rt~;~; l~.e here+~ .1e~1 ~ ~~ at~r~n~nr~ ~~ ~~+~ ply, ~a~.c~s~.~~y r~rticr~tt7.e~ ~~tl.t~!. a.~o'~Ls ~u-tF~~r ~i~~xzs~at~ ttx+~ prt~bl~r~A ~ ~t ~~ct, ~ I~erst ~s~+d~9~sr~ ~r~t,~ttr~ -- o~ ~rbout ~e~t, ~ report nn ~~~ ~ +~~ d~n+~ ~t~r ~~ lest ~ augrd e~~~ that x~epc~rt inLez~-~~~~ ~ri~r~ ~e~ ~rht +~ 'b~ ~li~r~~a ~t ~~~~~ ~r:zld bet ~ l.p. ~i~ the ~ p:~5.t~t eQ p;1,er~.~x:~ the ~atuf tl~ eacsh a~' as ~ri~.l kx~~ ~~ a ~r~h~re ~~t ~,d ~.~" +~ re'~ueet ZxU~~ U'd ~ fcr ~ti~`O~ElC$ ~A?~ '~~ ~3. ~~~ t~st'c~e ~rtr ~-~b~~y' c~r~ ~ i.t ~~ car A tax' ~p,Sry' or at~te ft free e-t ~ ~~'+3~~~ ~ ox` ot~ '~h+~ ~er~re3. ~;~b~ got on ~ j ~ e;~x~nc~e can be t~ .~` ~t ~t3~4~. ~ can ~+2e $.'~"~ '' COQ, ~ P~ re4~u~.Pet~ri~, axe ~h~t e~cnt it ~r~.ll? 7~`A~~ ~a-~e ~I~ ~~rt~ ~ii3.Ch dta .zx~t d+~eer ~n other ~x~ds? 'mat here ux~~ ~ ~n t ~'~et cst be 3nt.~rrup ~" ~~ hour I+~ter ~ ?~t~9er~#,ocac~. ~ axzcl ~ pra~9.~ ~ e ~uttxre? i~ ie ~.h~.e an ~~r~eeble 1~. ~ax~e '~- ~'o':.a~t~ ~portax~t. ~za ~ #~~~+ ~ t,~a t- thoutxte ycrtt .put o~.'~c e et t~f ~h~t hee the de~sit~~~.~.i~y ~~` 1.3.~ste~ c~~ ~son.~~.detxos ~.n the use cat ~i.~ote is e#~~n ar~? ~ ~~.~ other 2~rid fob txletaa ~1~ ~'~?~t,3r peres~# a~' in~'araa~'t~a~ t;o-.x3d aster c~oo~.r on ~~ hie a~ ~~:~?~ x~ ~~ ~n~ ~ tn~ ~h~.nk ~.~ ou3.~;, ~ t~x~w~ ti~~ ~, t+r~.~.? ~'~ e~~ #.t~a poet s~x~~~ t irk ~ ~ p~ a~' :~ht ~-~ hats ghat axo ~. ~ ' ~i~~i c~~.r~t 1. p?~~aa~b~ re~aLee pt~int ~? hers ~ het ~ s~uvr~3:~Cr~c ~ritn a~.~tea. ~Zt, ~ d4o ~~ ~ 'F,hest ~e sho~3.~! ,~es.~ ~pent# ~ f ~~~~ ot~ a ~sxee~~n n~ e~t~~, of ~ pro~+~cte,~ e~a~ea~iu~.~'' #~ the ~r~.e3h ~7e~ ~~ ~s~xr~x~~ast~n~ Approved For Release 2000/~~ ~A-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ~E~R ~pcat~ibiT.~.t~'s ~. proceee of pez~anent ecchane ~-~ inT"ax~tt~.on pan b+e c~ev+~.caped -- r.~-et rapid pca~r~ible perman+~nt euct~e caf ir~'car~.tisn on pt~cap~aeed I this there ~- aert~~ vas~,ucrn~,~a~ of ~cardi~ in c~ux~ ~p~ but the inten~ fo~'i ~~ that ~.?~ ~+ kind of inforr~,ation can t~hi.oh ~~ can ~ix~ tb~ exit at the be~inning~ 4~h~ ie it utader wad? 'mot ~.~ it aacsperate t~.th the CIS, ehit?rf is caur a~aeat of the coordinat~.on, .~n$ ~. dan ~ t th#.rtk that unt:i.3. we get reaox~e runra~.n~ about caf people arc somebody eon day a~ ea;~: t~~e ar~- thir~ng of doing this. what have ~~ got' ~~:a~at are ~u doix'~ , ~.~ quite pla3.ts k3heln ~u 3acak at paint b. ~.ander ~~a;~aber 3: ~x~rt ~- :xot trtten ~:~~ thing ~ ittS~t3,ated ~.nd. ~~xnder tss;~' and ~ ~ 3/l~a there x.11 bra ~neu~.ta'Cicara ~itt~ the departr~~tte the ccaara~* of ba ~ntributed to ~i,e t~aix~? t T3ef?~rt~ txe de-cside the thing an ~ e3c~ne aught tea k~~ that i,s Y,>ein~~ dano, and e'e n#~ get it caut of 3lster, `t-e is r,~anoeivs~ale system, except thQ teletype, for in~stan ~ trarre~itting a~u, and ~e don't havs that. ~.it 1 donut ~h~ even that ~au~.d be s,~t~.~~ac3#,c?ry, but ~. th~,~ thex'e hail t4 a ~~`e~:t dB~a2. of runni~,g t~rouruf. Cca~ardix~att3.c>n ~ o~ ord. Gc>ord3x~t~.on is rtzna~:i.~ around, I donut k~~ air' cattier meaning it e~?:~~ tca t~sa#, that e1,tnt ~.n tae tta~, at .the moment, ~.~ tie tam tk;.t~.t ea far as a:~ ~eric~noe gcaee ie laakin,~ That ie ~.'~ ex~a-ot1y. The ga.eetican is divf~zied ixatca tt+~a ~ ~eaut ~ the :~.nadequAaie~t of o~ir present mew -~- as ~~ ~noe~ ~e tried varicaus s~-stema far r~preadi~; tkae Nord, so tc~ ~ap~sa~c, 1K~'i8C1 ~e get a z*equest, 'There ie cane t?~e other. T~L~= 'Th~-t ~o~zlc3 be our pririaipal ab~ect3+an. `fie dcan't have the people. es a don't have eStY~ar, and somet3mee ~+~ have cane, and sameti~es we have is the ~vay to dct it. l~~at takes. teo tkal.ngs? people ~-nd t1~ae. ~x~i a1~ya bothered ue? and that is the factor off' time. ~ncTuesticraably, Ong rout utaff ~.txtel:Li~ertce with duet a 13.ttle handf~t~. ~,f peaTale, anal tts tx~f ~n arc,7-xnd and ac~ord3.ra-te, ~.~:nd ~;et ia~rovement in our wca,~, is' liter~.ly ~cassible bec~~ause of a Tareasare caf }~rcadtzz3tican that ie can um t4 ?aa.tis#'y our depart-nt~. req~airemente. ~A~fi~~t I ~ro;~ld anger th8t h;T a~a~r~[7tg tI18t the #~v,e a ,~x'+~at pre~~~tr~: cal' ta,~ pimple, ~~t t~ tg`caAz3.d rxat dream of dca~ $ aaiz~ prca;~gat ~~~.e=h involtres a r.ai.raor el~nt cf +~otardi~atican, tr~.thaut asking yo7a for +~dvive~ e'itno1.zt ccaz~in; tca ;,rc>;.a, ~~e da that ~'T.th ~~~e~ ~acn does t+h::-t tarit~. ua. ~~. the Drell kr~a~n stra;Lght~i~d ~verthe,~.ess tre do that kind of cctordinat3:an. It c~cactzrs ttca me that c~+~r- d~Zation b+ei~.n,g the functiL~:i of ?il~, tre ~xst start ~.th the ~`ormat, (tee hav{ Approved For Release 2000/~~~" 4?J~DP67-00059A00040024U002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/11: DP67-00059A000400240002-9 respetst .for the resources of CIA) and time is then incscapaY~~.e factor. Qf the .personnel that ~e send at ~ther end, who take the fiats ~xui get into their .cars and go somewhere, and discuss ttae pager, and trtert they find they have tta go and see the people involved anay~rray, I think that conv~raatic,ns at the beginnln;; of a pro~ettt would go fax' to'eards salving a great tiny trf the groblem~ that arise at tree early stakes. That i.s ~* ,farm conviction. It iag lack cif agre!-ent can the basics principles tan w~~icah the project is graing tc rest that causes a great deal of the trouble in the text i;ater. LC~S~I,s i~tr C~ ever considered the possibility of 4,~ti.5.i~i,r~g the project ~r6tem of t~arnt~? `~Y-at a.s a aymte~t developed by the Array during the wa,r as a meat of avoiding c3epartmentalisatian, which ier what rre are talki.r2~ aber~at now w.. patting people on project-teams to rangwer specific problems, It s an Intelligence task force. People were cs~.led tageth~ r tca solve iaroblem, and tk--e allceution cf ~oaarls was wade by the chairtan, ar~d yo+~ gtat the mbn and the facilities of the partit:l~patin~ branches into the thing r ~~ht a~+ay, A person from the branch brcaugi~t all of the material v~itYz hfrtt anti participated to the point where ytau rsta draft paragraprze. If that could be done on an interd8partmsntal beetle, and it ~7A to~ald get a coupld of casaferencee over in the Pentagon, ~rhere most of us are located, ire txrtald participate directly in the prc~ecta wit"c CIA. That itr a ver,~ good theory, Rgain, the question o.? tame Domes up? ire I would like to refer to some of the gernt~~mi mho ettr L~r,slly hold these con?? ferencas, It is e~ctraordinarily difficult to set up s fell interdepartmen conference at sncart notice., an ?rt?y sub,~eot, eft any level. And when ~a get these regaests~ vie don.~t al~'ays have tii.e time. Zn fact, w~ ver,F frega~ently do not haver the ti~te to t3o test. That is wsty, in most cos?s, 'tee have adopted the procedure of ser3ding oat ~e paper, as usually we gat the req~:~irement or tYs+~ ra~quest and there is not a great deal of leewt3y in the terms of reference (that i.e not al~-ays the case, ta~~,t actually it is). So that xe have adopted the procedure of getting out a draft paper first, and calli.ni the eor3fersna+e thereafter, arc that there #.e something conareete an the table ~rhen the c:anferencs ~tl3etffi~ It i~t largely a question of times, and of difficulty ~ in assembling people at atiy one place. EYANS: I thiazk era will ga astray if ire get the concept of eceeetublixzg pecaple too stutsh in our minds. I think. the hurt of the rrhQle difficulty is the draft. I trunk ire have touched a paint r+rhich 3.s very iui~,ortant izz ~y mind. ~+~ se~.do~r undertake a req~xest .tar another agency ~rithout going to tr;.~~, The terms tyf reference are set by tree other agency, and the other agency i.s not of ghat they are not eaapear~ are expert in the sa.b~ect arui ire can tell therm Approved For Release 20aDFOr9~~~C A-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 _~_ Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ~E~Q~~ beett~ t}~n they k~~t~ ,#, it they ~. I the then take tY~e terms of refex~tnae ~t~sn that cow tc~ .~ art ~~a of tkzv ings that ~~ and met drra.*t 3~t mac~a up, and ~~ ~n not then ~,et i~acr~ the root I this t'.~t i.t #~ ~-~sc~l~,tel~ vital ~'~~ rye g+~t b~-ck tr> the roots QU~'8~`A~', aT2d j~ersutitSe lii~ p~ t~4 tltl~ he s~3al,L~ ,~C?," '~.~ '~?seII ?~~.~ ~csb thtu~;h. ~e ha-ve had rare and ors BLttiC~B9i~ cad t?~at~ and it an ispensat~le pr,incaip3e, `~kiat gees bade to ts~e t~ ~rhioh is spent at the dens beft~sea the Brett draft. I irzk then ~r1c s~xa~tld ~~ r~ ~n t' rk Eu time. ~t is a daxrgerauet prooetdur~. the k9xu! p~ think ~e keep manning up agslr~stt Q~ar boy's area me~rtir~,* at ~ q ~clc~t~s thief ~r~r~ ox~ s eery z~tsh thing. `fi~ae is of ta:e eseetnc~er. ~t ~.~ an ~.~.us~trat3.on ict t~hit~ ~~ --- y~rt~ petople ~irk~.ng ~ra~* ~n a draft, ~ rat unti3. ~ La#,e did 1t1~ d~.~+30Y+~' t~`tB I~XSl9t ?k~'#+ttre Cz~ ttlis t~i~,21~. A.t9~d. we had a d2'a,ft, ~ ~ ~?~"~' e~! ~-orki~; C3fY tf1~.8' ~~'4~~'iM ~Ck4Y 'thex8 gill Us tit d.`~'~~'t~. ~=a~3y a~~e tt3ex'e aE net $i prr~Pae~' hs~ntlli.~g 0~ thl~ ~~~ ~t $ ~ ~~~' stages. st~mebe-dg ~r~ ~3.d ~Y d~S~,7,~I~Jt'~ t~"1QCl~~~ttw .i.. cater to ~8. it. ghat oan ~c~u t~or~tr3bntes? ~~e-re~ it if y~ ttetn.' 'I":~at,, it sees ~ ~~ in this itartt~ ~cx~~ ~s ,a~z5uxit oi' t9.mr~. ~"t~.t ~~o ~ happen net i~.fre~squerzti~-' s the 23ats are Waiter ~;~~.n~ to be able to tat +act2.y~. ~v of c~ctober, a~ Bret bean that ~n the ~.st, s thissk, ~.nd oar list eras pu~lir~hesd on the ~tt'i of .`ter~ber, and t~f3.a ones that ~ speak ?rf ~rou~.d riot bs In it. ~,nd, het tn~re 3t 3aa -~- a pesri'ectly good Paper. Ttaat is s gaxfeot~ 31 ~ustration, i?~ s~ee~s to ~, o.? the sts cif C~RF to some to talk. to us abofiat the the e neoessity far stern eras they dt~ do that, in the csther areas thety d~art't Y' t:t tYa~ez~e is s .good des].. c~S fric~tivn xs to Sao 1 s~ a 3'~+~re arcs areas in o ~heie t`:~ere- stet ana].~rsts irrho ~i3.]. t t dereka~ and. r,~r~ t4 see a~. TYaey te].~. s1S ao. are t ~ic3~s t~ it, ore have a dif':ferent s~tcary in tat, arad I t~o~i~L k ~~~ ~ right? ~~e unqu~st~anetd taut ,iet that t~zere is rictic~n. l:t 9.s spot~tur. 5~~. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/11,: ~CI~P67-00059A000400240002-9 z'~~ 2 t~aa ~ t~r1~9.nator, or trie ooorditln~ peo~ale ~-? re~~xld iriolis~d onus a~ the ~tt~rdinatin~ and the tiash,9. about pT3 thea~? a ~c~ad grinclple. men ~e errs tree ori~its~r, ~'e ~u~ertazte :~~ aomebtac- else is the or~.~inatcr, "Ghee #.t is ap tv ti~+~m unc~ ~i~ 4ut w~~at a r~scc~rcc~e ~ ~~l~Tx I dc~ntt }raxat ttif have ~.t 4a~er~ttaod ~ a,:r~ba~* that xe +~re elsl.~r~:l.~ to ' entire ~rit3~ut blame ar ~?~alt, ar ar~th9. ele~~ 1n the business. ~ . ~,u~.te realise that thex'e are tiefin~,te e~lortaam~n~e t#~e matfirex', v~ t~'~~!#ie di.~~it~at~.tiaae dq ~vme darn ~ persar~.itlee~ barauee ~u Est, st. Est i$ pe~'tet~t? Their they +aor~e, In Z~tin da~a ~ t knc>~' ~'~ ttae~r ono zstern . ~o , they kna~ 1 ittle, ~'ar art het the perteat pl`?7p~' 0~' the '~tyr ,{ ,,y, ~y ~ .Gt ~~i7" if 'wceZ"K. q .~-~~?ITTa tern ~?arape ~ the ' politburo ~? ~h resulLe ~ at les~at a e a~ fiat tt,e ethers ere daini;. ~ ~ still xx-t abaolwtel~ oanv~raced, ~11an~ that the t~21i t~~ a oaraferencae, or e~rezx the runn~.n around awtau~.d solve e probl.m, because ~t ire ~ '.ap a~,a~.net is rwt duet ~ t~.~estio~. 01' t~ol~ to t~S~. lrz mast tzseee ~e have ~;ot to ~ansu.3.t the ~enta~c~n gecp2s ttlt?? 'aat takes tf~re, ldT~ws Ao fi.he same p~aople ~c~ Yiot~a? Ae ~ rule. .fit zna~r ar ate' rat be the ea. ar e taave~ moro intervie~re pith GIB than ~~.th ether a?eaac~r, ~ '~h~ ~ o~ ontaae t3oortilraation at th~a ~ark~ l.eve~. that yr~u Lt?t~ are ta.2.k f,ng shout eseent~al, .anti in the loni; ran it es~ves a great deal t}~ tip, ~tui ~f ~~trsa 'fie dust d~ ~.t ae e~ e'~-ndix~ prac~dure ~r~.th evea^ytaod~t, 'L#s~ perr~~.ttir~ o~ ctauree, that when ~e are t~~i.n~ira~ about a pxxa,~et~t rre start runner arauzad a~ telk~~ to people at the ~in~ leve3} and ~~ have n~ .d3S~'~.caul~~ It s~+:r~e 'to me that th~et is trie p~aaeatica in met +a.~ the other agenQiea~, e~ccep c~ccaeinnaL"I.y ?~ I rht say ~requentlYs ;-t?u have a ~~. paper ~hi+s~a '~oa3d over ae a draft and fixate hoe been rao previt:aue intimation ~~.atever that tine paper r mat gill be #-he c~~arect;er of it. ~rau e'ere aptinq bei'ox~e cif hour l.th the e'er ~+a:et, Where ~r~s a paper which oa~arr over not eo 7Lora~ can th+s Far fast, ~~aic.h ~ over as a fi.ni.ahed ciraf't. 'mere urea no prs~viaua e~ taoic ~r+~~iss be1'oa-e everybat~y was sati~~.fieti ~.th t'~e paper. It eras painted out at tiler timA~ that if here ~ been a m~aeting o~ the mks be~'ore the :te tir~.t had bean, a ,~rset znar~ of these ditf~Crultiee c~ou~.ti ha` .Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :.CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09~'~F-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 avoided. ~~uare ~ yrau ~-re ~oin~ to end up ~.th ~aertain aonr~3:usS~ons, yota point thr~ gaper a17. througts tctiward thaae+ oonalusi~ons; end i,f mcrmebody violent~.y ob~eots to some o,f the aonolus~.ons, tine only thirty you ~n do ~ gust start a~sin witty a new paper,, or or~~ ug ~-1.t#a a oaatprotn3.a~e ~rhicn really satisfies rut cane. I,c~.,Lo ~ mould like to taorratend trse way that some one Srl CIA c- 4v+sr and taJ.ked to Aram and ivy aa~d Aix ~ni1e the pasge~r ~-as its a dre:Ct sta~ef absolutely inf'oarr~al.ly. An8 oar analyst ~tnt over a~xsd atl Air order of battle ran, and they made tfse aorx~tst~.ons ~ ther dra question about the desirability of user coordination 25X1A r~inim~.t~t of sharp-shc~otin, stta~es r~~wi.le it xas st31]. in the ,~?r].at~g pz~ceee,~ ~.t~~ t~s+~ resutt t3~t ~r~~~ the paper cams over to us for conference ~.t was pretty ~lesn frn~ our stand~+oin `the r?s~.slt wets that when the paper finalx.y vrent thrcut~, it 'sent trsrou~h Frith a at the very ear~,~:ast t:L:,.e. ~1ur diffis~,2ties ar+e ?~ ~rohievix tYsatt, and s preciselp ttse kind. of thixr,~ ~ watated to brim; c,ut at ttsis ~t~eting, _ haver ypu a~r~thin,~ t?a oantribut~r? After all} you are tl~se 1~eq~~ ono run thy. mecshatrsis~s here, 25X1 A t)n t~sa sut~,~ec~t of t:~te desirsbil.ity of ~e cciordinatican7 25X1A ~~ta1T'T't Ttse desirability and trte practicability. Tne dearability ~haea certasinly been settled, I don}t snow aba~-t the prs~ctiaabf.2.ity erxatctlyt as a Matter of really aomparin~; papers and ~e_tting trte~, in. ~e case tfsat Co:L. LovsJ.3. epol~e of se~ae~d tt> 'cork out very ~re11., but it3 that case apparently your man had then tip r1,~ht then to look e~t tae pager and to d~.saue~t t~~e points. I~.st theta are else the times ehen tae gaper has to ~ lsft there for a t~oupl.e of weeks in an other a~ertazy wtsiZ+~51 Rs beira~ di.scusaed? LA~La A draft was sent overt and I th~c it eaa parson, '~s~c~o is up to tail neok in eo~tt:~.n~ else, and who can ~t be axpectead tc~ drop all of trsa rest of :pis ~rork for what many b+e stn hour, or art houx and a tsalf xit~~ a {3lA axta3.yst~ so we leave tt~.e paper aver tt~re fcrr him to worn on ~~atsen he tsas a ahartce, anc~ very often that charsce gust does riot aotne .fora 2ort,~ tims.~ have dome ti~at~ and do do tctat its Y cases. TYse~? ~;o over sand see t~~se day/~oAryp.s~'c}a{..~,.Aat+~er~r~,y j.ta~nj+d~ thryey ~ic~t .t..o$~,~ep~tyt~,er~,}a yp3n~,/}th.+~/ymepa~nt~rxie `~aye~yL#tse~'Ysa~,.d?- ~s~:ad./.a~y!ch.ce uTiJ iiYRF47 ~4.~ {I ~/~i V ~.1~i5~i. p~.+V~ZV' ~1~ Rai ~V fi1 YF ~k3 WiiiV~ tV Qa~~~~p~ y~QN3~G ~Va.lti~t} 4YY V~1~ changes its ~.t, sa that when the #'irst drat L cents crut it alsaady had our viers ixs it, and our f8C1ts. ~AH~ST~r To go back to your pwrtt of r?~sxt~7ix~ arou~rd, Allan. Oar peop2.e Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/~~~~RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ~if!AD~ut Thare again you alra~a~* Dave a gager in exist+~nce. ~Y arsalysts are delighted to talk aver the grcaepeote Qf a gaper that ie off` + i~iaartarscfe at a11~ And. ~ asp perfe~ztly a+arta~.rs that they ~~.~.. If ncst~ thus I ~r3~.1. issase 9.nstrasGtians that they dcr ~ ~^- that the,Y discuss with CSC ar~lyots the grosgecta of a- gagers ~ca~ have again introduced the drat't f3BI3Tt ~ hav+~s, because it aia~gly bast rat ~or~ed ~xt that may. ncit felt that we ca~ald ga over axsd talk tta Maur as.ysts shout a project, or a~r;ythirdg else. It dust daea s~xat ~'sar& that 'easy, Yflu csxs not expect #dx #A drag eves AP~Ss l exgeet hem tq. BBI`:~T~ they don."t. t'A~~s World ecant~mia gr~a~ects hit us mss time to t. h tsave ahvia=,~tr1y taken ~sonths to do, ~hic~h ire have never heard off" before. Zt se+~~ss to use that at~y~dy ~rtso era:s aomplairs3n~ wauld tome tc~ , as a ,~ersearal. av+~rall uarld initiat~+r: and nabady has +~ver come to ta7.k #A me? excegt a eert~sin #'ewt can the large averalZ aruh,~ectt~ That is my own gersar:el exger.ence its the ease. It is nt>t done I gcsinted that verR,~ shargly, as that seems tc~ to be a Lack exger~eserst ~'ith, anci have not. ~~ courses there are short ones, but it is Wiese gre~-t big things, especsially its the ~oho~aic area ~- very l,asrge e~anaseic re~earts ~'hah gcasne end hit alas oat tsf the blue, Frith a azsart deadline* ere t~s3.cik;~ and. have no fcsots7at~ss. i~.zt the 1~as1`e thirst, is that rte hmvla neat k ~~ abcsu t it fr~~m th,e beg inxs:~rt~; ? ~TTTt ;fie have tz'ied tizse end time again tca cio it, end 1 aarss gaits frank -- 1 don't ks7~catr the details t~~ ~r tre have ?men csraa.'ta3.a~ to ~;et arhere. And all T ears say is that ~ ~i7.1 try again? ~. eu~est, a8 ~- argeait"i.c reaos~mendation caf action, that ~e get ~hra- ever it ie ~- the coordinetizi@; +expert, yr the planning exgert I don't ceraz ghat kixsd pi' ars exgert die i.8 -- ~ 'irk s~ith the ` and your people irz ttse F`aa.r and. find out ~ it works there, and ~y the others. da nat. Lets have a study o~ the cageration that goes on -- how a gx~a~ecst that is initie;ted in the arks sa well, and dcaes not #.rs the others. T'~r That is gacd concrete recor~sendation. a x.11 follo~! that throe ~ csa~rteinly, Lisa arsyhady any ao~nts on that -- why it ~ror:~s, ar>d sca ani t~~~;.a S pro{ald say? it ~ latrgsly s spirit oi' asuageration and ~ri2,~.ir,ess to taut ov+ar tip prcahl.em Frith tiler offset pea~:le. And a~.ssa, aviliingness #~ tt8 the toss raut,bei+are pl?.initag into the ~roric itself'. It is di#``#.aalt to aontasat ~N~`~ .. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/~~~~~i4RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 the other atgencies, ane afLtar t~ye other, but if them i.s thought of a particalar ~~ro~ect, to ~~old preliminar,~ meetings for the garcons wha ere ~a~g to draft it, tC3 het ~t}t~ idea. caf ~Yzat t~'Re ott'aers are think:U abt7ut it, 84 h~ can tie their t.~'I?11~;~t~S intt7 Consider$tian, it wou].ti B~tVf~ 8 great deal of disaree~uax~t when t~'18 draft etf t`?le' PaFer is readry. ~3AI~;1TTa It "eo:il.d, obvivus7.y? ISE,~:x gnat should not talcs more than an hour. If, for instance, you ask. the agencsy to have sore qualifiett person at tris meeting. to dsQ.~ss this sub~et~t for :n lanor, ~ think most of them would provide such a parson for ~rau~, because trey all. recognise t:aat it is better to do it that why, than to tak~b literally days in wranllinl; ever a f"irlal tfraft of it? L?V~.~.I,s It ie time that is tabviously ntat loat? if ~-e cc>>xld estab~.ish a national intelligence pro~et;t, I think it 'evuld cure alb. of these evil~r? 1~t1:l~l~I~'T: It waurld not cure all of them: fit it carves back to the basinass C}i ~ ~ ~ ~ r ~ ~ r s~ '~t8 ~,r~ l~r~~.n~' C1n tht56t~ }~' tf3.e ~~! intel~.ence project b~~ the liar fast? Again the Fmr ~aeat ghat stage is i~ izt 25X1A 25X1A It is at th,e a#,aga xhere a memo for the 'Director ie 3n preparation? Thin iai the first tires it v~i:~l be pres8nted to him, Frith retsommendation~ for action and. sending around tca tine agent:ies for their interdaxaarta~ental t+oordination, prtaduction plsuat a traly coordinated production ple~n? It ie an Sntal3.igence Preaduction ~'l.an, a arse rur~zaiinE; a tr3~1. run tan the Far fast, bat are in the course of ~rorking in other areas? Dn that ling? Jack ~,L4vell~, to tryr tca drat a general overall bovernment intelli~,;ence Yoa ax'e right that ~rhan you get a representative of the orb taf the project that lots of the fellawe d?n't kno ~ ghat they want. '"hay throw it up al;anst the oral and hope ytau will answer Bamething, but they donut km~ what they want? ~'he newt thing that ,`zappers is that that' come back anci want somet#~ing along another line, and go-ur ~raz~c ias duplicated, if not quadruplicated. 1 think it miht be brou~;rat out that there have been instances of starting projects fro;~~ nothing; with a atammittee, particularly an ad boo co~a:~tittee, that have not always produced very st+a~rtlin,gly good results. 2'hey sti7.l took ;xp a great daal of t3a~ae, and didn't br3.n up a very clearly a~;resd upon paper. ~~TTf done of these t~etz~ods atad means are going to be one hundred perr~ent perf+sczt. There ie no question about that, 11 ~E long. range intellience projects ~~~ ~ 4 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/1~~'~tDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ~~~iSm ~ the there is ~t time 1'or cpmrcitteee, and u time ?or other appraa.ahee try ether waye. If we can reca~`ni~e the principle here, that is a31 we ~~ da at this point -~? recc~~;niae the principle that ini'arrr~etion an the i,nitiatinr~ of pz~c>~ecte mearu~ infor~!satian tin a pra~ects that a pra~ecat gill be initiatedf and them brave it ~}~ tp our ~ ~.~niar persans to find the waye ,arid a~.eans of i.~rzpler~entir~, the printip~.e, a can Cipt go .farther than. the principle mere.. ~`~'~ mat gill be initiated. .t think we have practica;~ly covered s~u~aber ~. tan the ag8rldS? L~TA~Ss 1 might introduce for and that par hio~rap~xics-l ~.ni`or~-tian people have ~t special. feeling that they are relegated to the gtt~er end of th Paper pipelin 'rcher3 they wo~xld very muc~. welcprr~ Bch closer di~scuseion t~? ttx~e bio~ap~e3ca1 reports that they require. They ~za.d a very spet~i+al feelin receive a lot of ~x?itten requeate, and t:t~-J share ray skeptiaian^. an ~rritten 1^t?qut=sta~. ~bTTi ire ier pne point mrtiah T Hated before. I err3ald like^ tp ~a~e the paint main that oar main difficulty in the utter of getting together at an early ~rtage -- t?r per~xaps what I are t7iiY~tix~~ a? is after the praduvtiarr of the draft ?... but aerta~ there we Piave run into this question a? ~~riorities, ~ihich ir-cid~entali;~ underlies ~;QSt oaf par coordir~tian troubles when yata really aaaaly~se it. Your p+eaple are l~pr}Gi. fpr your Gttie?a ~- far t:1e lntelli~enae O?`2i+efe a? the t3epart~ent, rs~at~arally. ".~4^~~ay axe burr, You have not aL 8tusu~r~ people ? Tht~y are go irig to keep can ~rprkin far them.; it is their pri?rtary fob. ~r9d ~rhe~n ire come ~ with a GIA pm~eat, it ia~ very diffi~tult, and quite understandably {this izc Hat a Qomplaint bo.t a statement of Fact), tr get the ear of thg analyst at the time urban you Mast get it; px~pvided you. haute a deadline. Thera is na gariarity to CiA productionm within -the departments, s~iprt a? t:~e final, farra~-I caordinataon mee a kind ward for the C~ arkalyste tso~:t.d be spoken to year people early in the gee, it ~rpuld help our geople to ,get 3.nta the habit of doing over .anal. tryin.;=; to get it? t ~'ou can do that in year ahop~ (Remark made to ~:r. ~varas. ~VAt+f:3t Yc}s, par people ~`oald love to ~;et in Qn the early sta~a. Si auld the rest pf yell t3o that tea? 'sea the Ord that if they tw8nt to take something; avex`, to try and bold up fpr ;?~al? an hear end talk wtith the~t. 'i`Tt +err ' have the fine.. r~pordination, alI ri.~,ht, xe ex$e~ct the ~~enple ~~in~a have felled to a very apt3sidersble d+~gree. ~YA~~Sa If they have weed tc~ the i~nprrtance pf t~:+e project, sad ~aaperated frpm the very be~;iruiing, then they are under a mara~, pbli~atipn to ct~ratinue. Thra d9.fficulty casrles when ire are hit by these terrific great drafts. fine report r T ~~ ~1 Approved For Release 2000/09/1~~L~DP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/~tQ~1~1RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 that Z haver %he people spent ~-$ hears gout; over it ~-- a blank of 3t$ ~lc~urs on a draft -~-~ because they had never sr~n it. It is not the. irtft~rm~-tion that. underlies it artd that ia~ something; s~~s are going tt~ 8t res3.:~tance an. l ~il.l try to overcome tYt+~ resistance. Certainly, all of our people are 3nstruCted to dive you a id.h priority. It cs~n Hat al~raye be the first priar3.ty -- but a vary a~1.g`r~ griarity? 3~U~i~1: 'T'hat Sits&ti.on would net arise i.? there x~.s coordinatiars befcar a the draft eras started, ~e analysts '-~ s~.d scot have a leg tc+ stand- vn, but they ~Ys xl nevex' heard of this k>eforer and here this thin; is thrown at its in this finished farm. ~ `1`ite~t is the trouble we ~'ind? It is pretty hard for us to do much on the PaPe~' 3.f' ire dFan't like it tram the Fact?a.r~l or the deductive standpoint after it has all been felled, ~~.' ~ ~- see what you mean.. It we let i.rt on the forr~tlat3Xe stake and snake su~g~,stians as to what material alaa~zld be included from w'liich to z?ake our dsductionsr I think ~'e ~rou~ld be a hell oP a .lot ha~s~ier. loots of times these things are nest abvicrus can the face of them, in the paper, and ct course we don't sl~y~s :nave t:~e basis t?~ determl.ner partictlarly on the political. and economic lirtes? I~AAta~ l trunk ~,Y ce+ntribution to th3.s discuseian, far you ?~+~ (~abbitt)r ins that the complaints our ?tnalgats sake eras ~l Haver saw this bsfore3. ~',is ie a big thing, It has come at rrte unexpect~-d. iii can I pra~ata for it?' That is the basisr that I regard ss satne~Fihat understandable, of our resistance. ~f c=.~urse we find some cantankerous people w'ha tine try to deal Frith on a personal basis. ~e ~c311 certainty see if w'e aan et a study a f the l'ax' East situation, If there is na further discussion, tt~e next -item is the matter of deadll.n.ea. ~"3. llesdlines~ for co~nent and concurrence. 1'rable~~s of l~G agencies in Meeting deadl ine8.? ~" 1n st cases we can f ~s d+~adl~.nas after sx~naultetion ~i.th the agencies . In same caress we aart nat. ~~hen we get a deadline given to us, font is that, ~~+~ si~tply have to work baefc from thas~ --- when rYe have to Yta~+e tl~aa draft, and sa Earth. ~Tnat ~ ~.zitt~ understandat~le. Tt is also `~rt:lerstandable,in those cases, that tna agc~nc '' have diffic~.tlty in etin~; the deadline, 13ut the difficulty vrhit~h l think ~ ~rhauld be able tc~ iresn out mnre is tint of a deadline fix+rd in cansultxti+an r+ith the agencies on somethit~; that is not an urgent t?rmal. praduetion, giving a matter of a tenth ar t~ra tenths for the production ~. and then hxvin~ that deadline net -- 3~ ~M~ Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/'~'~~AA~tDP67-00059A000400240002-9 mffit, Zs there aaxy gray, or ar~t~in~ ~e can do to avoid that' t3bv%ozsly, your chiefs are not perticsa:Larly concerned Frith d;eadlinee set by CZA, car az~ybac~y e~.se~ O~.lt8id8 the agenc3y, bat it happen9 so r~ften that I at~t ~on~.erint ~zlether there i~a not same different ~ racedure w;rich ire can adapt 3xs the setting cf deac3,lines to make them a little more realistic, sa that ire can count on the~i, LaV~:~t It seems tee men in cur outfit, ire sore faced with amass- of deadlines. ~i~ey are all tY~e same? ~~ get the he11 sklxsned out of us if ~+~ mis~o a~ caf them, Can ~xarninaticrn, sostbe of them are ~.mportant, ar~-t same of thin tare sac~t, 5or~e cf them 'ee cGald give a ~rcek an ~sithoat hurtin ar~ybady. .end ~.n fact,, in some cases, ~tnather agency ;eta an e7ttensian of say a xeek, and nobody else i~ informed, end ever~rbody fusses on One thin;; try set it in on the deadline, Shen the ether Creek could have .bean given I think every ePfart should be :Made to give tl~e r~z~rking level all aS tae tir:~ passible. find again .~ point out that some deadlines are ~~are important than c3thex'~? For exa~ple, tt~ one this rsaorritlg i.s an important deadline that has to be t~et? I.f sow indication of the importance of the deadline caald be given, then ?r~e ~`cald isn?a~ ~vhetiser ~ ua're to mark ni~,ht~e ar not, beca:zse that is the pro bl+ezrs, f3AEdZ~"Tt :hat ;~ em~ re.~errirsg to ire not the case where the deadline is the overriding factor, rout at tiiaes it mill came There the dead3 ins is the controlling factor, and you ~rark :ap to it and ,get in mat you have been able to do, L(3V~~.,s Zhere is no difY'erenti~a.tic,n between that deadline and a planning deadline when it bite our place, ~i~~1TTt '1"aka t~sis c-ig paper we ara dcaing far the Army, an ZD request -?- nist facticss. d-'e dot that lest spring, and the deadline ~:s. set originally far scs tig~o in Au~st. What was postponed until 1 September, end then is Septems~ier, and then 3. October, ~tnd Z understand ghat it is nc~w l~ October, lia~reverj there is na particular rush about that paper, $s far as :~. kno~r, elthcrugh at some paint th+~ army is Ding tc~ sa;~, 'Listen, ~e ere expect:~ng to have this to use, parr about its`' Anti ire heve ~,ct to ~;et it oat same time, But, nau those deadlines, :~ think, sera ,fixed af`~;sr cansultatic+n, end yet they didn't stick. ~*t~at is the ans~c~r' i3J~~i Z think a~ua~s of the deadlines trouble gaps bacEc to the coordination concept aP the paper. ~i~31iLT"S't T~-,is Brae, midst tk~~orou~;hly. Zt im ~rtsite3 as the driven snc>r~! S~iJ~3~is ~eost of tae trouble is that then ana~.yst has ors alibi. becautse he hRs ~t knovrrz abort it i.n the besginning, tie says, rZ have tc~ talcs ~ time vn thus' particra7.arly an the SR's. }~T~ Approved For Release 2000/0'1 CIS-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/1 ~:~I~1-P67-00059A000400240002-9 a problems in themselves. ~' spa hay scan ~t ~t a~zch loner, as suc7h. ~n this paz?ticuls~r paper, ~.~ eras ~ de~finit f~.l~r cx}c~rdinatetc~E at its inception -- slltaration of x~rrk eras ode ~~~.th tk~ ~`uZl knta>xledme aced consent ~.~ all ~- and still ~~ don ~ t eat t,e paper. ~~ '~~ tro?~b3.er ~ that it vaas~ not ode with the kne~rledge xd ce~neent Sr?es cat then people, as have yours, have been tin things relat:l ir~pvrt.~nt things. `l'he priority pble:a ~ with us all, internally, ~~- ernally. ~ is mrast urgent t3~at ~-e meet theair desadlines, but then there #~~ they deadline far a p$per that takes. a long time to do, you re- coz~#~ar the pr3.~sr3ty ~.~ tine gees s~xt.. 1~A8~`~'a Z take it that thez~e is not Bch ~e C+~n des about rhea c~eadline~ problex~. car ~heathe~r yc~u neat cane of caur t~e1~~a '~itl2 s can taxe irk ov~dr, and w#~a o brr~? it ap tca see- it vie have been ove~rloc~lCira~ something, ire pvs~ihly able t~ ia~p~ave twat aituat3on. it is certainly r~a,~or prc>b7L~ms? althou~~ it is one! that ia~ a sources ref constant the 3rritaticanaa ttzat with tl~m~ ciceda it ~;z1.d be very much appreciated It a peacap~.es could e~vel/~penti as aazch ti.as am passible. t3ac~sionally a prca3e~ot ocaQe:s gro.xcblea at is the very- e~wrt deaadl~.ne of a Pe:~r de~ys~ and thean you .~"ind later that that prt>~ect is still ka.ck~.n~, arQUnd ~reesks later. end th+~y feael, art t tip could haves been taken on its ,y could not ire have beer given a. littler a~care t3~+~?: i~13B1'1t Yes, t.~,tg 1 thi~it ~aul.d bring axe very nioaly intca the neat ttiro p?intsa because ~e have found in our shop that thee actual preadaeti?n of a draft ie real3.y the q~zickea~t part of the ~rholea prob3.e~~ exact; theres.f'ter, gust can the ~c!~anica~l. end of ~.t, you haves the prc>ble~a of repx~aduatl~an. It ba sotuc~c ~ our printixt~; ~.~lace! far .tar lorsger t,r~n it hoe take3n tMes eRnalysts to vrrark of Vk#~6 Mi~~ ~~ V~i~ ~3i 11 ~~84i1*. question o.t ecancurrences ~- fc~rma,1. azsd otl~r~ ~ftrar caraferencses a c~raf t ie ~raducQCl,~ and ,a~;rea~ar~t is reacha~ at t ~ar;~ir~g levesl. ~'he a,~ended draft is then circ;zlated fax formal aoncurr~anceae, car disaerY~,.~ eo~nt, and that is ~hesn ~-e begin to b~ar~ into ditticaltiiem~ (~?~iv'icauet3.ya ideal saltation erould be to have all cat they Inteell~enae chief's eaittir~ arou~ gt e tscaordination c~anf'erence, end have thes,~t all Lritial. the PaPe~'s but of acaux untortutYatelYs they den#t feel they have the t#me to sparer far th~.t sort of thira~g Approved For Release 200 1`A-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 as you have td dca too. 'You leave to postpone ye~ux~ papers e?arnetimes tea. a lpopho~.ea ~. providing gau do a~omething e~lse? That i$t inevitabl+~. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 SEtRE~ axt~r X11. ~u~, ~a a~x#r~,ty ~~' t p~ra~z1 ?~~her ~n theaa~eiwe~ ~ they ~ ~3~tr~ox~3. opi~3~n ~~ ~ quint ~~.'~?~ send ~ din' ~er~r~% t~9~C of Ls'~ ~z~te~3.?.~ncae ohi~t~ o ~ ~c~~g tFC33 ~3~a tEi~ E~7Z3~SP2'"8X~8 c31` d~,~t~eal~t ~ P e~hitsll rs~u~et~ 3n~'~~11~~s tii~'~'i~x~t~ d de. dog 3~~~sn tr~a~ ~athvrity a~ +~ rsprant.~t cif pap~r?~ In other ~nrd~, ~ e~at3rdi-t~.c3r~ ~s'~renc~e for t~~~ir ~~~~ oar ~enai~~ ~ ~ aol+~ cif as ~"~. sge~-k for i~~ d+~p~x went r3~~~ ~r ~ r+~~a~ta~9 d3.~a~~z~t. i~t nr~~, ~ ~~3pl~te ~a of ~. ~S~t ~. tt~si L'tz~~ ~o~~ baoi to '~'i'tl3 c~u~~Lian ~f d+d3.~.r~~~ . ubeLitute to ~ ~it~~s ~~~~ tt3t~ p~r~n r~~.a:,~ rt~~.ee. ~rr~ i~ ~~~~r~ ~~ ~e.~spta~~r~ #~ ~+~,d ~e3raer- ~o~aa~ wiaa dp~a nca~ r.~.y ~'~ tha pro tt~ '~ ~trcra tit g~.r? ~r~~ Pimple stn a+~m~ f`ra.~ a a~+ealc3~a, ~ ~~ rra~~xr- `.mat happeaaa~ ~~~~ ~?~;r~t pric}r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ lr~t ~~` t.t~l $ k~va dot t~f3 .fao~ r ? , s ~ ~ y ~y,,,,,~ i~l~ ~~I.~~~+~.K4? ~i~ ~~ 1~.iMYt r~' ~"LS~~a~ r~~~~l ~1 r {331 e3 ~'~, t~'i&~ti ~'~ fw~3~ ~ r~ ~.$~. a Q.~ i'1.~. ~O ~+~3~ ie pt3.~ ~~~ ~: a~ ~~i~~ off' b~~ ?~;a L~T~ `:.~ a az~ota3~r ot~ ? ` 1~f ~'or ~ ,~. '~ ~i~~ta c~~~ ~?~' i~! artd cabvio~ th~ra: ~r ~c~tthi~ ~o a~ 3a~zoh . d~dl~.t3~es *~- ~: i~'ar~3 t~e~~s~]:.~r~3~~3n scree ~3r c~th~, c3~` heir eh=' ot~ thi~r ~att~r t~ftrr+~ e~ tsr~~"' ~~ ~?~ perec3ns Ito e~i~~xi to 9ge f~.~3.1y .t?~F the Irrte~~.ii~ex~o+~ ~f per3a~ ,~ Approved For Release 2000/ IA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 bra at#,et'~t the conference axe f#.xaa~]. xe~ht can teat paper. ~rno~rp op9.n~.e~ns aa~.c~.d c?.az~r~y pract.va~.ly tY3~s B~.HTTTe ~l~t is ~rhmt we have hoped fo ~Ft~ Oxuts car tie they hr~v+e eantended that irl the Pixzal revision og the ~.~, hive s. conference, and everybody w3~.1 agree ~~ to wYtat the ~a~ea gill bo, and then when the final. copy cEatT~llr~ over for aonc~arrence or dissent ecmething nee is in it, and they say it has been cha oh a may that 3.t ~,ives t~ eu'~;~e~t a "new slant, a~ that that ie tha kaasi~r i'or their dis~nt. ~ can not give ~u s specific ~.nst~exxc~e mf that, out I have heard theltt that t.'xat is oc- +s~sianall,y the case. ~nE! then a haw'1 pease ap that army has agreard to this gaper 'lts tina~, daraft ~,rtd then dietsents on the .final gaper. ~zt they say that ante- "~ wi.tYx him, on the.t. ;bye have the sai~ oo:erlt Pram our people, relatians~3~a cif the ~Cinal paPa~r tc- what hAl~ been a~~reed ---- editing t into e i`ixael PaF'ar ~liatt wars neat gx~evi~ously ocn z~ider+~d~ and see--"~?riti is a c3~.f'ficclt tdiing, and everybody sin underst~aaxd that th$t will h~61'b. ~lltlre are two a,~pecta. tan the other harnt, than probl~al p~babl~r relates to the proble~t in the Ser~ric~.~s, that Est timers ~s th;3.ix~ within the departm6nt ~at4.th other ~tuthox~~tieaa outsider the Sntelligencea e ~-vmetimes conaalt t!r~.th petop].e ixl see;#.z; wh+~thex' this tcauchea can ,interests, and so cxn. i~~ try to do ~tlayt~~a.ng of that ki.rid, to ~,et air opinions eationa, atie~sd of timrs. fit there ~ril.l be time+~ accasion~.~ ehen cans tarn ceantx~al owe ae`n po~,nts knit in dealixtg with aom+s other elamenta caf thlr ~-+r~aartr~el3t at have +~uit~9 the seats .Px'ltedoatt. That is cane reason. if y~au, ha-v+~ t~f3re th~-rt cam eletllent of a I~partmertt involved, ~xare than one element of yGUr rarganisation, tktsn you hav+a a use o~ ,pcaa~oible snb~rsquent disagreel~ant. ~e may be told somet~~~.ng kay aar~l~kaady cautside that we wex?e not aware 4t bsfor+~t, Which w~:Ll. eor~e~rhat srloti:lr the opinion. mat, I t.~link, arcs tt7o txo aspects of thin problet~, a~ it 3.nvrslvss ~efa3. *~ithin yo;xT O~TI da~p8rtmexit before yCa'1 Qolate t~ tYle rEltil3g. it ~.nvcalves great care In re-drs~f'ting after the 111$eting, 6Cs 4136 ~.~.tt~.6 ;ting~.+s that Ottr anall7'~rts ~~ti~`? :have begin t lJt$z~ Cas+aa, kaut 1 CILn Gite cne 'karat S l~now -.~ ~6ar6 th+s aktetl3,~es n, and then when the fil3ml. dra~`t crates raver that c:iaange n s~tat 'ka+aen made, aaaad that: causes a lot of tronbl~e* It may be axt Honest mis~utad+arstand~ ing of ghat was agreed upon, acld txa mis~ttes of th+a :mm+~~:ing kaeing kept, grad it a,.a a question of a difference oi' opinion, ~t nappenedr is the ~ for ~artaagal.. 25X1A Yeau will, rasemtier that i.t xas ee~ren ~e+~ks after th+~ meeting tha that xas lr~de~ to try to record that, ~her~ ~ras~ certa;~.nly x~a l.ntent~n Approved For Release 2000~~~I~A;RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000~9~11r~1A-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 e ~o rout at our ~- tc~ let everyb~ac~y _~~~+ ghat xre dc~, S~~FaT~'Ts That aas~laiut hae been deg ~ n~.ber of time. the ~eet:~ daes not represent ecaurately o~hat ~~-s agreed ozu~ that is the feat that fxa your case th+~ t~ea~raph.i+~ de~tks ~~'~ a crack et it 2at+er~ a~ in the case- ref the Service A~enc.es the chief i~ the r~rt e'hv injects the galicyy iY ar~yt into ~.t! Ark mat a~ txy~ to e~~lcrs t tk~e fu.x~.t ~:~ r~9:t here ~~ 01. ~Cept~I.An? It is abvious that if #~~~ paper of ~ ~x~e inti.a~tas kno~'~.ed~e on t~~e part of t`~e agency repre-~ of the thin~sing t,f the peap3.e vri].I eventua~.~~ ~aa~z on thira~ beoa~xse mat ~ac-d ice all c~F this tiaae spent in oo~ere~r~oes'' T t dc~e s rug t rich the le~rel at ~hi.ch the decis3.on ie ~;a:.i.n to be made. ~+~ t~zere any ~sy in ~rhic~h c~c~uld cut dc~~rs the distance bet~-een the cocrdina f'ina3 ~xuthority~ '~'~s le that our fault? IiQ'~.x t m3,~ht vary within e~-ch organi~t~n, ~n fl~ we have the ~- ~.ed #otaii, cif 1.t3h T a~ a ~e~tber, end ~e get a~.l t-i the ~fis and SR's fzx cur atf'~.ce end ~~e sent theme to the var~.our~ ~eo$,raphic desl~s. ,at is ~rhere the x~dl~tt~.tin b~gi~ ~- r3~;ht in r~ur m~taif. I kns~~' that the Far asst Seaztion ~oxdirla~Lic~n wf.th our ~"ar Est Seotioni but have never see~a anyone ~m '~ Fsr East :~ectian firom GI,A in gur ataS'i ofiic~e. `mere have been ot~ex bears of GlA came over an variaue larwer prc~~eots. ~-~`~ axe e'e applying to the ~+rrong officte or3.gia~a~.l;T? IL mi.'at bs better i.f you app,ied to oa.r off'icea T th;t, ~e pass og the reoa~ndatian ths.t goes to the fral. ~e net take its cif ccur ~~fi~t Yc~u arcz the people ~ar~t to get ati aroand tbt~ table at the final drat conf'erencea ur opinisin that ~aose of'f`ice is te.in ~'rr~st's afire. 25X1A - if ~clone~. ~~rl 1e tal~in~; about pre-~oac~rdir~-tion~ 1 dcx~' .~~`~`~ ~n't v~ normally go thraxgh his offi n thought of ~ They cr #,~ the p+~pla- on the ~eraa de~,at. ~u+uld ba chimed ,.~? Ate: l dox~rt t~~ink rye t~su~.d be the ~acaord~.riat~ors fox the desl~sj rreca~,xse the desk is the one 'rho haa~ the infvr~zation, but xe are on the hi~.h~rr echelon Approved For~Release 200 'CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/1~~f~DP67-00059A000400240002-9 a would lie to ~w ghat ~ ~a^ri~; on, and tmuld 1 i~ co;ald be ir~~cted in itx ~ediate].y? Zt miht dp away ~r3th Would- ?~ an excellent idea. ttaia t~ruld ind,ic~tte that a eereo flf indivi~3ual gQn,ferencee -~r3.th the a~enaiee up tv ~ in what way we ~Znparavc~ this grt~aese. ~ you think that tit ~ +~re at a desks 8n eaa~e pro,~ept, arui perhage xhether we think the ~b uld havc+ to be ut~.d be a ~ ide$=' of yo~.r ~.nast~ ~AT,fi!`a ~~ the past ~ have rein irxtp some ~rabl+~~s ~.n 133. ~ re~ae~t~er one ~'a~ue paler pn. ~aceer~e fihat fat ao~pletely reversed, rtnzch to the aeteanishment even or~ax~i da ~ into personne:t s~.tuetians tQ kr~cw abou` t the .~aat +~~'? ~t ~e@mS tS3 e.~ d3.~~'icalt to har~1.+ ~iut na~a3.ly, as ~ said before, we try to have the ~erer~n W represents lb bs the one. rho +~tubleg SffiTTs Z'es, 'but it 1.s there. Ag a matter cf` facts Navy, that i.s, ~.dmiraa~. ~1is ~.s very apt to di~aent an po2ltica3, matters. ,feel that xe have an interest in the ~rha~.e p+~pea~, ~ That ie as paint of view ~o s~cn~t share, It seams tm me there a zit cif l,agic in r+estrictir~ th+~ departmental cc~mmer~ts tc> the interests oaf a dep~art~~snt, 1.y hard tv aepara~te politiCa~. a:Pfa~irs. Ae y>`au kix-t~, ~'e ~~~ ~e sad that ~e are ca~mment3.ng only vn the suh~ects of interest tc ~e Arty, ~ there.~are ire usua),3.y s~ aa~ray ~rc? the palit3csa3. and a}canam3,c F~xt ranee 3.s- a Ie vie ray sc;~t ~mething v~1ie's~. ~ seem to us to aa.A~:ect the ~ and ~e mill discuss it, B~IT~t ~e ~iohac~y co~3.d say that the golitics3,. mattearaa and ee~+h~ffiic matters do nr~t affect t~a.e A r~r the ~iavy Qr r~rin~` do. A~ Farce. Whey most It per can. neat resolve this definition of ~ncurrenGe her+~, ~~?hen tative somffis arou~3 to the di~`ferent a~encies~ parti~ul.arly to yore, that sub,~ect could be diacusa~ed a7.on~; w3,th the sub~tect af" the repre~enta.tives ~2u> a~+er hers, T think that ~rau].d be of va~.~te to res. alp. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/O~~y~-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ertainly ~-? an a~read dei'in3.tinn,. ~ donx t th3.nk xve need ~ of hape riot: h.~ com~.:ittee far the pua~oe+e/defir~ ~cr~nesrrence'. ~~~31T~x ~kzt we ~r~ ese what we oxen ~+at 3n ~ may off' ~ ~-' dePir~i.tic~n. thix-k,a1~, that that there eho~z].d be ncr reeentsnt by at~ever, iS there ia~ di~~ent? :3oz~ at ~Q ana3.yat~ htt~te gotten the opinion :~ c~b~ettte etrezkznaely to a disnt. t, ,t lit eo~sthing like a ~nrity opinion on a d~.acus~tiun. 3u~t that the reader caa;n take the d3.eaent intt~a coned~raton. deg alb. we can tc~ e,vc~id dissents irz then cr~ord3.natic~n prvc+~ee. 'e try tv irr~n out the dif'~icultiea and the d~if~erences cif opinion, 'l~.t Bret czerta~.z~ly nat ,~oi.n tca auacxeed in every caxse. 'tie have your opinican and yo7.x havA yr~urs, and '+n those s~l.seh, moaxt certainly there ah~su2d be a p!aa~bl,iehad etat+ement of dseen#. there the irritation comae in o~ iie In these cases where a~rseaaent ha;e been achev~ec~ araut~d the table, and then a weak or ea lat$r names era official. d3,seent. mat tt~st c+~t~'tainly annoys ua, 'be~ueutxe xe hays done a13 that we can td inn ~.t out, but we have not gotten to the people xr~ are recotmnendation tc~ the chia~f. Fow does ~.t happ~tn that 3:n the case o~ the SF? can Portu~sl,, at the ~'iina~, meeting t~ertain chan~ee were agreed upon,; according to r~ur analyst, and When the over thox?e chan~exe h~td ~t been madeY chile t~aey a~rtted at td~e t:~Zag? still they could not c~onaur in the ~ina1. dra~'t,and they .had c~r.~ider-~ rorxble #.n betting th.o ae chaxs~ea ~-de. It teak two or three days, An certain ry vft83. queaxtione. Chaxigee had been made two or three ~alacee, 'erhere it was most ir~>oz'tant, the cthanges had not bean madt~. ~~~I~'Tx That ~auld mound vary much like a pure slip. does not happen often. 25X1A. It was the n~att+~r of seve~~ ~reeke, end ors personas ~mrd aai.nat .~ ~3a~td8r ii~.."5 $~'y2'BaEd tOY th8t mL1C~' 'i~~.$ th~r{B. ~8w your an~8t $ta1 a~;resd to that nad not been done, P4saibly aha~ was right, fat that aai~ze mie~r~cleratc.~d. She z~i~ht have >.xndsrateavd the t a chime ,ould riot heve r,appened, TTx Z?t eAUndga liks a misun~ierstandiz~,, but ~.t is certainly s?~ntething o be s~drs that nnbocl~r epee c3id. 7 sir Approved .For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/~~i~DP67-00059A000400240002-9 25X1A _ I thi.n~c the Pflrtu~al ease should be put do~+n a~ a vary excaeptional ~ane,~ I happea~d to be chuis~an, and rot all of the ~~es mere scaQe verbati~u. Th+~ttw had been a pr+eviaus eon.~arence with ya~ar member, ~ind Y thin'~s there Est n sores ~.isund+~rstanding on rso~ items that apparent~.y had been agreed upon ar~d e'ere not P~~t iri they Pager, bxt it eertai~~.y is net a tgpioal ease 4rdin~srly et these meetir~s ice make verbatim changes and. x~eord thear~i and ons #,han is ~ustifiascl by the n+.~nber of ocaasictns, It dt~ea xxzt Peen very to the a~sneiex~, 2hr- dit'ticu~,ty' ~it.'~ t'rie ~~~ s is that they arir so vcalu~ue~ t~atcrrd:inarit,~~pc have ne~tlhad ~~t3.a:~s. In feet, the ~aatin ~n t`CTI~t~ai ~~~ in it~~~ aT1 lt~CCe~,t V~~ ~~riK7G1g.~~~.J? y,,,, q,, ~ aTil C1Ekite ~LXr'f9 ~'i17at r9tiQh f`.~~es are more e~JhlsSi.$@d in t2'ieix' r+epBr~- canc~arrence t~i~g ire very, very difficult. because of the phrasing, 1t to ,sake a dec3.sio~. for a dissent on let's sr~ a pa~~er that eames up a~ar~et that everybody i.,s 3n a~re~sient~ and attar tit ~e m~e nr~ chan~ee u~ess ne of your economic papers, in a+ihich a ats.te~tent is zssde of the amic pr~~pecte e.nd it is based on imbzediate ~zircumstances~ 'Where are some reasons ~'ar th~~~i,zag that air estimate of eoar~mic ,praspeata are good for abc~~tt a tenth ar~c~ are not r~ucn gaol ratter teat. That i+s one theory on v~hich see people cParate, that ,arty esti~-te cf the petrole~i~a situation is good for zro~, but r~c~t t'ar 3ot~, ~~, t:~~it is not nude sleet in th+e Paper. ~ ~e dissent that'd If used Quts~le oP a certain context; a series of litti.e thus in ~hier~ ire had. agreed, di,.s~nt, but. if say ire den;t agree rri.~th ~saa~e of the faat~t, 'the first think ?~ get back is ~`~+nat da you mean by this: ghat are err feats?' ~.it, dsr dissent an the basis of a series flf small things? I~ there is a grit of Pescoe or mar, ~u can write a wonder~Ltl dissent, ar yin had be ab~,rs to acrncnxr. Z don't agx~e that diss+snt should be then light-~~eartedl.y, ~titts frank3.p, in the Iatelligence net~rork as. a mole, Y ddn~t Tike the idea of di.s~ante. I t.2ink we ahvuld be $ble to agree In thr' araxi~.tm xzumb+~r of 3m+sa. danrt haver a final +cmwrt at appeal ~rhich says that this its this y the agency rori21 spe~-k, and so ~e ar+~ gong to gave tc> dissent. Z te~sl that the less dissents tt~e bs~,t+er~, which. i.s the reason ire take ~;rc>at care in th+srn. ''here are many, maw shad~ss of things that arise in the kinds a~' pap+ere produ~sed iC~l make the dieeant;ia~g proa~ese~ a very difiieui.t one. I t is a dl3f'f icult one. 4 ~$ 11M Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 ~nd~r ~.t lies an err~rt3,ona1 aspect, I thiz~k~ ae much as axayth: ...,. the issw~ ~~' what respax~sibi~.lty is involved in the camtsurrence. +~lavious3.y ~ ie 2xivolved, ar alas ~e ~cauld rat do the darn t { end then there is the c~u~etion at how n~u.eh respor~sita~.lity. That is the r~aclc on which the ~2'iole thin ke+~ps eraghirr~ in myr t~f~`~;cA. t~ver arui aver 8~ain, ghat dotes ~sa~bstamtial dissents reean' And they e~! '~e are reeponsib].e ~'ar this th'. Iiat~:ts.' zen, ~'~=hat 9.s tkze l,iffiit~ It sees xxot say s~to~.d acoazt~eny the paper, but not covered, and when calls :far a dissc~n ~t~3ci it 'oe possible to w`csrlc cut a .farm wh1~3h ~rou~.d take came ~~ at these l~rderlines cases; It is tr.~e that ~u have an lea ~i~.tt~x yaau ~'et+~l r~tuld it be passible,. Sor instance, to re~ae~t that an a~ez:aies particular cns~enta, 4~ tale CVt~eAtSs ~>:lt SoItt8~8CCQII~?~~j tt1G paper 8t? it w'c;a~.d i1C1t be Co19si~1?Ped ~IQ19ket~liY2~, very ~aieepinQ about a diasent,~-~~ic~h you hesitate to b s~?~Y becau$e P~`a~`aPh ~ is & little bit Ci"f tt'"3@ beam axed that Trott troald lice td paint out ~3ex"'~`il~in th9s aberut ~."~,~ iiyW.'MY ssxtd V9~:~t 9ll:M~ p6 ~Rd~ K~ ~aiG p~pRid. ~~!W'd~~d W~A~ .4iyk7 vv~~V ~+4y4 ~tJr~i1~? ^+W~lr~ u~.d not be co~emts ou trivia ~ use o or~tiri iacatian +~if PSateri~, ^~^- biRt s+'~'#rl~' abservatiOns til~A~21'1 t~'l~ a~eAQy thiT9k8 are !'3~ `~'l~.Y P~~"'"` B d~,.sB~D~1ti ~e have Bono #,~aat ~ ?arma3. ,footnotes. 25X1A ~~~ ~'ou have:' BAH~~'s I~,tt there are roproduation dlPficu~.t3.+es in ghat. 'here again,, the t5a~t camas up. I the we haves done it enly twice. th~.nls it was trice, pmf, was caxly ~.ra ther ~~ ~sh~re a land dissent was pub~,s~ied as a con~zent. eybe Mice eri~ace then, l seem to r+~a+ember sv~e .footnotes? but ~ dce~'t rsmber the paper. It has been quite rates. ~~ Q;~ten in pr3ntin~ a dissent ~roa put it on the last page. ~~ny ee~uld zx~t the Qc~t~xemts th$t I3r. ~cl~ee su,tsted be hat~dl.ed in the r~~ne ~'aa~hioz~. ~~ould that put toa catch of a load on the pra,zrter' 3ABBl~Tt xf ~e pexblished all 0~ the contents, we might et ourselves in for d bit there, ~~ t}h yua3 you ~rould have to publish the ooaem~nts very sparingly. i~uut thet~e are gct:as~.ons mere tt~ agenda have ideas they wc~u~3 .dike to coesuunicat reader of tY~e paper wi.thcrut dissenting ~s, tl~eere is a thought on the whim: 1s i.ape~x'tatst~ aryd we w'auld like to have it g4 along; with the paper. ~ s~~ Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :CIA-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 :~~I~r~67-0005JA000400240002-9 have tried to do Frith the +xyaue~rA,t~s vraffi to inoorporat 3c~~t h~.is~h all tha co~uaente. x'hera may ba a middle ~rouxid. Find. at ynrzr coordination oe~nferance that one agengg~ rrt+e~np9.atea a ~lissant k~eaause there. are dit~`erenaes wh3cih can nht be recanciled, but the a,~,ency xaald be perfadtly happy eiraplY to have hin idea put into the comments mrithtrut ?~ d3.~sent. It iai that Bart of think; ~rhich I hav+~ in mind instead of trying ts, reach a caz~promise, xhic:z frequently is u~lrable. 5impl.y leave tie paper armor ut~tatxcd, and. put th~afopit~ion in as a oorament. Z ~as~ not eugg~s~t:kng that that published in ttaeir entirety. kfkrui 8f thing Z am-~ referrir~; ts>, whex'~ fnr c~~r parp~-se~ `ecktld clear Door u~nderetanding of the uaetulnees ol" the paper. to put in sr~mething that frQ~n auz ,point of vier we .feel t feel vre :~ dr~nft kna~r how often any of the individu+~l types of aa~ea ~vald if the paper tells the ~rhola story in your opinion, this ~ a hard far inetanca, yaiz can not say, ~~'his paper 3.e thin.' Xau might fe+e2 the same ~y about aura. But ~e feel that Ke bear same bx^.znt gf the paper T'~x e~ ye~e, but the s~FStion is ~dre to drag the line. 'ehezi r-e part9.cipa you very much for coming over. ~o ,rumr~rie+~ a bit: s i,and 2 to a certain extent, ire xill look into the detailed mecYzaniam cif our respective ~`ar fast divisions, and see if aons3thixag aan c ug a~,l around. ~'a will came aver and confer ~'ith eac~~ of you three (the ire thc~u~ht ~ could into the text. &.it Z think ire certainly cou~.d not er~th vt' time that this xould ba true. thintc th3.e has bean an extremely valuable, thaugh txy rto means dei'initive ea~j gentlemen or whoever you designate, an the quest~.an of xha we should contact on the entire coordination procedure. And eve will try to work tap n ~~r snd acceptable definition of ~ concurr+ttace' ~',~~ '~~at ~ri3l hive to go through the standing Ca~n3.ttee 3.i' you are gti~g ~/ 3 ~ 1, Z, and 3. ate span talk abotat it before it gate there. ~Tt I baps ao; ~e metating ad~aurned at 12c35. Approved For Release 2000/~A-RDP67-00059A000400240002-9