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November 11, 2016
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September 16, 1998
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July 22, 1955
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LAS VEGAS (Nev.) JUL 92l9i5 REVIEW-1 'M Zed - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP70-00058ROO0100 Circ.: e. 18,556 S. 19,232 Front Edit Other Page Page,/ Page Date: JUL ?9 j955 From Where I -Sit By A. E Cahlan ou nave to learn arithmetic rn ari me tic to become an en engineer. Arithme- tic is not being tic taught in most American ?public schools these days -?st for bade .er, Man uL tr iagh ; -- etwv v4. ,v,vuslrueuion, wnere Gomm uni We're eitperirrieg with new conc t i ' re e m xes, kwilcffeW types of Tiding f1a,terlal and !mow de- aran't. py, -signs to withsC>d maimum ex- byt to r , ~ L pu by a su ern p ,p atgrouatoon-aso. ar fifteeJ which he. ' exp M in the fact that 1 gotten away from tll El,}!er, we ttfng very, 1 short of Eat ier this year for.; instance, States cl th l a~,. ;..~? e net 1esu t..~ras they that student tedpeatioll ..should. he were imported from the far corn- liltited tct,; English, niathmatics, era- of the earth. In this 'case, of h tort' ylnguages and., xbe sc- coui ,. we're talking about skill- rio5, ; scientists and technicians at;te which Is outnumbering our, pyn skilled men more than two :to. one - on the land, on the sea and in the air. } the sad; sad fact, yes TRAGIC &, .f Cdr., t, from the standpoint of na- r_pnal welfare, is that NOT have the skilled, scientific man- r~wel: in pur factories, labs and , ? armefl ,,fp es_to match the Rus- 15sians. in turistic 'War. If you're 11 sffllrs s,.. lined. ii 40rne back with the -familiar: aq ?" the an- MEN, irises r,--- ab. tee. e airs 13x14 t we have enough Mien trained to -Ah meet the nrohlems of tha; nrac ,,t irate without working ing at least 1200 aeronauticul en- scietlc, pa`rtfoulax yphysics e ointed .put that two years of for g ar ed,probaiy because the. ed- c ors discayered that with the ac , of proper foundation in: Eng- le s it a, r__ _the_, poor young- 0 or,uguage- So. hey pass- d-; the responsibility on to the olleges. gineers a year since' 1951 =3n 1951 we gave diplomas to 1 such technicians. But the ? num T has be,n 11imil7lsh_ing '.criticai . ever sine. At the most recent' com- mencement here In the 1, pited States, exactly 645' diplomas were granted to' aeronautical a eers and*this in the midst of 'ii'ien- dons development and 99 nce- mept in the air age, g ew er and fewer engineers each year We're building supersonic born- ith w grave dan tht tu gerahe yong hers of tremendous power. We're men of this country who are cap- building guided missiles which=able along this line will diminish to are intricate;. and potent. We've the vanishing point. perfected anti-'aircraft weapons which have,fllhre than a million Actual parts ly, we're losing in a very .FTueSn Slulrg.tTain- important race to the Russians .. Ta 9._ a Lc_ repair and -_-_ ,_ . A rv? M uu WtyYG.._thosei job at Geneva this ~weekV about engineers. ft r( 1 'jFW" peace, are still rushing prepara- many no* as ,fie _d ?gears i tion for Push-button- warfare, ago and }geed mangy dies as training hundreds of thousands of & = electronic _~` . Sanitized - Approved For Release -CIA--# i CPYRGHT I, Of course the general reaction i? j is: what's the difference - i f youngsters don't learn mathema- tics they can make a living doing something that doesn't require it. Then they go on to buttress their arguments with the declaration And it's not that young me that, after all machines d 't i , o most aren nterested in thi fasi scna of the work today .and' men's ing field.` It's just that they aren brains don't have to grasp intri- being taught the fundamental cacies of mathematics and, sci- Which make It possible for. the ence. to understand the subject. Hu "_V" d'reds high school graduate But the significance gong . far give?up their planned engineerin deeper - to the survival of the courses after the first-year nation, as a matter of fact, and cause they find the, going TO here's how: TOUGH Th' b .eyveeen trained I You may or may not have read taking it easy. They haven't th here some months ago the sto f nd ti e ' ry ou a on Th y don .wo t kno h l of how industry is feeling ' ,the to study, to concentrate or to rea pinch of fewer and fewer traineq son. They lost out all the . wa engineers to the point where pror from. the primary grades to uni gress and r d p o uction are biit egn- vexsy and the colleges canno Wing to lag. How the universities make up they deficiency. of the nation are graduatin f - The. plain, simple fact is tha we're reaping on a national ba sis, the crop sowed by' the "pro gressive" educators of a genera tion ago. Give them credit for being sincere though supercilious but also remember that IF some body had planned to destroy o seriously hamper the great Amer lean industrial machine, mightiest in all history, the best place to attack was certainly in the pubes schools JUST AS THEY WER AfltftbfiM,&-_3 ___ _ T_j