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November 17, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 16, 1956
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NEW LEANS ITEM `bra' Circ : 1 ~lp,Otq fed For Release 2000/08/24: CIA=RMCO10~8R0001001 107,691 Front a i1 p.e? Other pate CPYRGHT Is -Nasser Actin Hitlerish Wit/i1 (Editor'; Note: Drew "I said : 'How ran I accept a I Carson. with this column, message which butte Egypt's roatiaues his dispatches pride?' ~gn from the Middle East. Oth- `He ansi%ered: This wi l I en will follow.) p w> have no p r a c t i c a l conae- EY DREW PEARSON Egypt's pride will only be hurt' EGrYPTIA f .ISRAI LI BOR- by the letter but not in pros DER.-In the f 11 e s of the lice.' American Embassy in Cairo is I Bald: 'Eiden 1 use, fats American public bas' never ezpeetN to hedoe Priebe read or heard about. Minister. It 3cM happened. State Dept. in Washington, but into puree and. says . I will it be. That is"Vokw. For ll it shows t h e megalo- HENRY BYROADS "The A m e r i c a n official maniacal character of the, die- called time again. He tlaltl'.he tator John F tf s t e r Dulles he was ver% sorry. He said had informed Mr. Ades of our Alle r d i t l d n ca r e a s rong y wor - talk and that Mr. Alien was 'Picked, when he bat American forein policy In the Near eta message from the American perplexed He mid-..'Alien says ? Beast en Colonel Nasser. government which might hurt that if he comes to Inform you Egypt's pride and national? of the message he w i l l be HERE IS the way. Colonel Nasser boasted' to the Egyp- tian people about the way he browbeat American diplomats: "Immediately after the arms was announced, Washing. 1tii sent a delegate, George Allen, to Egypt," declared Nas- ser, referring to the man who u as then Assistant Secretary for t he Near East. "Cables from Washington said Allen carried an ultimatum to Egypt. "Then an American official (reported to be U. S. Ambas- sador Henry Broads) asked to meet and I agr-ed. He told me lam. kicked out. And If he goes "He said: 'In this connec- back to Mr. Duller without tion,' I asst're you. you can communicating t Ire message, Ignore all 'is possible effects Mr. Dulles will dismiss him' and I advise ~ ou to accept.' "AIr. Allen came,, but did, not "I asked him: 'A message open his mouth. He sat land Insulting Egypt's natledal- listened to-the Egyptian view- ism and pride? W h a t do point and briefed we on the you mean by hurting Egypt's American viewpoint.". pride and nationalism? . . "He said: 'It is a message THE ABOVE tirade mt:ans from Mr. Dulles. A very strong one or both of two things: message. We ourselves are t 1 i Colonel Nasser has got amazed by the way this mes- into the habit of behaving like saga is being sent. We ask you H i t-I e r in receiving foreign to maintain 'our nerves. You (iplomats. are always ealnt. Do accept 121 Some American diplo- his message with cool nervrK' mate, unless ,Nasser strayed ALLEA Dt t:rO$S COU for from the truth. afraid to carry out HAIN from Washington. L THE REASONS INCHES HO and advisers fnade error regarding i h 38-year-pid Egyptrai L4 are: INSTAL ser bad a good t Egyptian masses Davy, uniform zinc needed help. Thlrist protection. T124 bans orfir most of tlarckled top end bo of the countr"-t f beauty end profs"' made for Communi r, 011o" gArwr../ 9611 ...' d gar e and rrtiolr ser never }remises, spent hi an arms, not for t2) A pro-Aiah side the State U'pi more support for . r r Approved For Release 2000/08/24: CIA-RDP70-00058R000100130036-7