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November 11, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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July 19, 1965
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uf,5U.NGTON ST,ci JUL 1.9 1965 Sanitized - Approved For Release: Cl CPYRGHT CPYRGHT rrobers Re~ease Transcript Bearipg On Otto Otepka By CECII, HOLLAND 51nr ',Intl wrlirr personally tonic it up with Hobert F. Kennedy, then the attorney general, in 1964. Ken- nedy indicated then, the testi- nnony showed, that he saw no reason to reopen the case. 5. Otcpka flatly contradicted the testimony of John F. Reilly, former head of the depart- ment's office of security, that Otepka asked to be taken out of the Wieland case because of his testimony in the Senate hearing. Otcpka testified, the transcript reveals, that Reilly brought up the question and that when Otepka. was relieved of his duties as chief of the evaluation section, he was effectively taken out of the case. Headed Cnban Desk The Wieland case goes back to the Eisenhower adm,inist.ra lion Sand questions raised of that time on Castro's Communist affiliation. Wieland was then head of the State Department's Cuban desk. III a 1962 report, the subcom- mittee said a great quantity of intelligence on Castro's Com- munist connections earome to his desk, and then added: "The committee was unable to document a single instance in which Mr. Wieland passed any of this material lip to his supe- riors or mentioned it as credible In any report or policy paper." The transcript revealed that subcommittee members repeat- edly questioned State Depart- ment witnesses on what was described as the unusual course of the Wieland investigation and 1 how It was finally resolved. It did not reveal who finally ordered the Wieland clearance reaffirmed. The Justice Department,' the. transcript revealed, found, insufficient grounds for a perju?1 ry case growing out of Wie-, land's testimony regarding ails failure to disclose on his appli- cation that he had been known as Montenegro. Otepka has remained on the State, Department payroll pending the hearing, but has, been given. only routine assigns' ; ; h ments,' ' .PGIAb3b Sanitized - Approve For Release : CIA-RDP75-00149R000600040150-9 ena c eves tga ors hay released transcript of close hearings on Slate Dcpartmen security practices which ar, expected to be a factor in ti department's efforts to fire Ott F. Otepka, one of its top secur AT officers. The testimony, going back I 1963, deals with the controve sisal case of William A. Wielanc , Lntin-American expert in th department, in connection wit Fidel Castro's rise to power I. Cuba. The transcript is one of seve the Senate Internal Securit subconnmittee plans to relea ibeav'ing on the Otepka case. Otepka, once the department chief security evaluator, w ordered dismissed for disclosin classified information. to t.h Senate investigators. A dopar mental hearing, deferred seve al times pending release of th tanscripts, Is now schedulell for mid-September. Given Renewed Clearance Highlights of tile testimol, included: 1. Wieland received renewe clearance last year despite t adverse evaluations, with th second raising the question security. 2. Otopka accused Wieland o giving false testimony in sayin he saw Castro only once on th Cuban leader's 11)58 visit 1 Washington. According t inform a lion he obtained, Otopk testified, It was at least si times. 3. Wieland failed to disclos on his personnel form that I' Once went by the name o Montenegro. 4. The Wieland ease was twice referred to the..Iustice Depart- ment fqr rulings and, in one, Secretary of State Dean husk