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December 19, 2016
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November 21, 2005
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June 3, 1974
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jitne' .1974 CONGRESSIONAL' COR SENATE 126funlidge'Mitii709."11,2e-ilbrisT6 dobldibrlitIM030046-6- , UNITED STATES ARMY-Continued Grade and. same et mem a". Position oh Ogees' ' Projector., authorized ? airjfsleel aides as of Jene.30,1974 0-8: BernsiO ?t. CommanOng Carteret, .Walter Reed, Army, 1 leitnatedialr ic,zt en/Weise:Washington, 04: Bervy5ldneB ..a 6 - Mon (Airmobiley? and Fort Campbell, Fort _ Cabeit Ky ; 0-3: Blakeftekt,Wttti.?easly CoMatandingGenerak 1h8 ILS. and ?Coonntanding, General, U.S. AMY- , "Readiness Rogiore, George-G,,;t,.. ? Meade Mciv- ? . - 0-8:7Brown,,CliartesPIL' =2.:S.1.'Comnsar,Mim Geaverait -U.S.. Army lett arid 14 f. '44 fiwwid pink_ Evaluation- Cam rrIltid,, Aberdeen Previa _ = 04: Burton, Jonathan Comm 'lug General, 3d Armored Divisioo. - ? -? ' Ariny-E 0-3Cantlay George ....^ .L .Depu4y U.S lilitno eyfnt:zpirx4 rnlawec Represent Cees- ative. North k ar-1,11eec ielatr A gelginen. ? ? ".'" 017^ !'peliner,- faded, fitainey EquiPment, Detivery,Tee,i , Cambodia, _ -24 Cobb. WPa?1`t US' Gm'almwetiM7rt41.r Army e v ? 0-8: Coleman, Wil -7ltarn4.... Cornrnatuhistg, GE04 0-7(P): Crawford, Albert rtig?Manager, Army Tactical Data Systems, ? Fort Monmouth, Wk. 0-8: Cuninorehanai CbileaJoint ,.1181111tary.-Adias _ery. ' C anomie. Joh* Comenaing Ginneak; U.S.- Army Combined"; ?I - - , Arms CenteriCommandant, U.S. ArrnY ,..!Corennand5arni GarteraLSta.Colleger Fe* Leavenwentke; lane. ' 0=8: David.tAL.Cesmding Genesai'll.S. Array, Bain Cram- 04: Davisom Fredienctif' ?eamova,dingPtem.41 kw, whew ?It ,?'? Barradrs,1*"`?ArmY War Cakalle.CmAsfa 0-8: Davis, FrardiNiell,geL-11..? Commande - District of Vissngton, Washington , D.C. ? 0-8: Del Mar, Henry"..?-....-?Cominander',.filliftary Traffic Management and ,f; ierminaiServiar?WashinktOn.D.C. 0-8: Duquernin, Gordon Commanding General, lot Infantry Division. ?- and Fort Riley, Fort Riley Kans. ? .0-4: Flits, 'rime** CarifillaPldifre-Gestfaii - [Ranch, Redstone Arseeek ma_ ? 0-5: Emerson, Flenryl ? " ' Commanding General, 2d Infantry Division, Korea. 0-8: Fair, Robert Commanding General, 2d Armored Division, 04:Fitzpatrick, Thomas E., Jr... Commanding General, 32d Army Air Defense . Command, U.S. Army Europe. 0-11: Forrester, Eugene L.__ _ Commanding General, U.S. Army Administra- hart Corder' Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. . 04:Toster, Hugh F., Jr-----:....'Commanding General, U.S. Army Electronics O-8- Fulton g co ? clan 0, " ? Comnrand Fort hien t . amending, eneralG.S. Army Recruiting, Fuson, Mk ? ghtidtir.ii-11-trarisportalleM' ? Coiderwmi.ar4, Commandant, U.S. Army Trans- 0-8: Galloway, James6h6f: *isn't U.S. MilitarySceei FoeFEaztls Mission for Aid' tri: ? 0-8: Gard, Rbbert 0., Commanding General, U.S.T ' Center an r Fort -d Fort d . Orrii"narrailinil George41., .Gerterall U.S. Army Security 0-8: Graham, Erwin M., 'Arm..y t.ogistical". ? Center, Fort tee; Vat. - " '? 0-7(P): Gress, 'Thomas Commanding General, U. Si. Ar T Center and FortDix, Fort Dix, ? 0-8: Groves, Division Engineer,. AcmyngineosNJ. ' sion.florttrAtfanfc New Yo k, N.Y. 0-8: Guthrie, Fein Deputy thief oiStakt.acificCOnruniarti-23.:_a `"'" '- 0-8: Hamlet; Jamas F.. 04: Heniom MwQL , 0-8: Higgins, Hugh 'r 0-8i Hinrichs, Frari&L- 0-8: Nixon, Robert ? 0-8: Hughes, Cart Corremornfing General, 4th Infantry Division , and FOO Carson,Fort Carson, Colo, ',Vornmarttling Ceneraf 914 infantryy. DIMON*. - and Foriermis, Fort Lewis, Wash. ,Cornmarrding General U.S. Army Trdop Sup- ?". pert CommenekSt. Louls?lido, ' t sr- ? - CA, r n a rfdi, f tg G (we a 1, tn.- Army ? SY,stemsednintand,,St Louis, Mo. ,? _ Commending Carteret, Army T ? Center and For. Jackson, Fort,laclisen, &eget" U.S. Parrey,Pacific, and Commanding General, Tripler- _Army Medical Ceote 04: To be minimum..., =. Sorgeon, 0.5 AronY, Europe and Commandin General', U.S?.., Army Medical Sornm dF germ*. 11-,;.-1:"Ifi, . 0-8: Hank Ira A., Commander, U.S. Support Activitiee - ? - roup, Thailand- 0-8: Kendall, Maude* Chairman/Army Member, 1.1.5. Delegation. ? ??? Joint Brazil-United States Atilftary Com. mission/Commander U.S. Military Group, ? '1,": 4? Brazil. " , 0-8: Kissinger, Resold Director, Jointlactkal Communications Office, ? Fort Monrnouttr, NJ. 0-8: Kraft, William it, Jr ? anoint Stafk U.S. Army, Cur opecAh Arnry.-2., 0-8: Kroesen, Frederick Commanding General, 82d Airborne Division, ? Fort Bragg, MC. r. 0-8: Levan, C. CommandingGeneral, U.S. Army Air Defense , Center and Commandant, U.S &nip Air Defense School, Fort Bliss, Tex. Grade and name el ?Meer ? Position. a erACer Projected authorized/ . assigned enlisted aides as of June 30, 1974 0-8 Mabry, George L., Jr_ Cornmandefr,UP.S1 Army Forces Southern Com- mand, Fort Arnador, Cana Zone, ' 0-8: Mackinnon, Robert N Commanding General, 25th Infanty Division, 0-8: Maddox, William 1., Commanding General.. U.S. Army Aviation ? Center, Fort Rocker, Ala.- 0-8: Marks, Sidney CammandingGerreral, U.S. Army. Alaska 0-8: Mathesem.Salre lL. Commanding General, U.S. Army, Rersortneas ? - = , Region IV, Atlanta, Ga. 0-8: McAulifte,": Dennis P.2...-1.1:Z Deputy Commanding Army . ? ? ? ' Combined Arms Combat Development ? - Activity, Fort Leavenworth, Kans.. 0-8: McDonmegh..reseern'Commanding General; Ns lidantry Dlviaiem ? -` ? ? ?- ? - U.S. Army Europe. 04: McLetni,lAlliaer ?Chief of Sta4f,8th U.S. Army, Korea__ _ 0-8: Mellen,, ,M0087 W.---:-c Cornmender, lailftary-Assistanon- --- ' wand, I/mann& ? 0-8: Milloy, Aftert.E. 1.' "; "Commanding Getteraf,-U.S-nr Ary;'? Readiniser7 - ? -? ? ' 'fiespott IX, and Deputy Commanding Gen- ? ?-? e?rA, fitly U.S.Anyty. Presidio, of San From : . risco, Calif. ? , 0-8: Moore, Harold Cammanoing General, 1.4.-Army. Military a. . ?Personnel Center, Alexandria, Va. 0-8: Murphy, Raymond IP-. Dopey Commanding General, U.S, Ansty?AD" ' - ? Defense Command, Ent Air Force Base, 0-8: Murray,listin,E ? ; 1, ? ? Defense Alta-ohm Republic of Vietnam 0-8: Myer, Charles ___ Commanding General. U.S. Army School/ _ ?? Training Center? Fart Gordert,.Ga. 0-8: Neel, strufleols CreurrianrimgGerteral, U.S. Army Health Sery, 04: Noble, bivisicesionCeEmnmaginie71,,r Firi,r1Sam Houston, Ter.- 04: Ott, David, mot,,rnvern.g -*-? - 'General, U.S.' Army Field Artillery Cenilee and ? Commandant, US Army Field Artillery School, Fort-Sill Ok.a' 04: Parfrit, Harold R.__ 'Commanding GenEngineer General., U.S. Army ' Center and Commandant, Pleitlift,,Josepir Commanding r GeMrsZt BUI,.r.,!rAtly Tank, t,?.? - , Autorriative.Cornaiank Warren, - 0-8: Powers, Patrick W' ' Commanding. General, U.S. Army Readiness ' ?' ? ? ? Region It, Fort Dix, NJ. ? - 0-8: Raaen, John C., Jr Commanding General, U.S. Army Armament ` ? Command-, Rock Island, IR. 0-2e Reseborough, Morgan G Commanding General, U.S. Army Readiness Region and Fort ()evens, Fort Doyens. , Mass. ' Ryder, Charles W., Jr,? ... Chief, Joint U.S. Military Aid Group to Greece._ 0-8: Heiser, Rolland V _ Commanding General, 1st Armored Division, Army Europe_ ? - OA: Shoemaker. Robert M. Commanding. General, 1st Cavalry Division. ? ? ? Fort Hood, Tex. 0-8: Sidle, Witrareki...'L.::,:.1.,..,LX? Commanding General, Army' Readiness.," ? Region VII. and Deputy Commanding Gen. . ' erakSthtl.S. Anny,FortSam Houston, Tex. ' 0-.8: Sirtglautr,- John Cornmanding Generak U.S.. Anny. Readiness -..? ? ? - ? - = ' Region. VIII, RockyMountain Arsenal, Colo, 0-8: Smith, James 0_ . .. Commanding General, U.S.. Army, Readiness , - Region V Fort Sheridan, ilk 04: Spraginm Chides .. . Commanding General, U.S. Amy. Traipin - Center and.Fort Polk, Fort Polk, La. 0-3:Starry, Deirm Commanding, Generak U.S. Array Armor Cen.- ter and Commandant, U.S.,,,Army Armor 0-7(P): Street, Commanding General f.t Region, US. Army ? Air Defense Command, Stewart, field DN.- , 0-8:Sweeney, Arthur, `COrr.inantfing General., White Sands Missile ? - ?Range, White Sands, M. Mex. n 0-8:Tackaberry. Thomas Chief of Legislative Liaison, Office of the Sen. ',Mame the- Amp,. Washingtork 0-8; Tarpley?Jkornas W.; ?Commanding. General,. U.S. Army Infantry Center and Commandant, tk.S. Army In- ' _ fantry School,. Fort Benning.,Ga. 0-8: Van Lyellemal;, Doan CommandingSenerak D.S. Army Qtrarterman-,-- : _ter Center and Comrriandant, U.S. Army 0-8: Vinson, Wilber COATTrf3IHrtng_Generel,, Army, Southern , European Task Force, - 0-8: Vogel, Edward II., . Superintendent. U.S. Army Academy at - ? ? ? Science', Fort Self* Houston; Tee, , 0-8: Wagstaff, Jack Chief, Military Assistance Advisect - Germany. - - 4Z, 0-4: Walker, Comrriartrfing General,, 3d Infantry Division,. 0-8: Wier, James: Commanding General, Fitzsimons, Army Med. - '? ''? -IcalCanter,Denver, Cole. - 0-8: Wolff, Herbert.E...,-..__- Deputy Director for Signal I ntelligence Opera- tions National Security AgeneyfiCentraf. ? ' ' SecunlySereice, Fort George G. Meade, Md. 0-8: Young,. Robert Commanding Genera., U.S.- Army Training ? ? Center and. Fort Leonard Wood., Fart 0-7: Buckingham, Clay Assistant Division Commander, 1st Armored, Division, U.S. Army Europe: ?? 0-7: Burnell, Bates C.- ..... ConunandingGenerak.U.S. Army SAFEGUARD ? , Systems Command, Huntsville, Ala. 0-7: Books, Albert Commanding General, U.S. Army School/ TrainingCenter, Fort McClellan, Ala., Approved For Release 2006/02107 : C1A-RDP75b0038b0t000700 30046-6 S 9548 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD --SENATE June S, 1974, Approved For Release 2006/02/07p;0fJ4 authorized/ - assigned - aid:reale:1 Position of officer June 30, 1974 _ Grade and name Cf officer 0-7: Feel, Lloyd I 0-7: Fele, Philip 0-7: Gatsis, Andrew 0-7: Sadler, Jack R:-.--mimerma 0-7: Nutting, Wallace 11..-==_ 0-7: Hardaway, Robert M., fii 0-7: Healy, Michael D......=es ? - Commanding General, U.S. Army Ordnance Center and Commandant, U.S. Army Ord- nance School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Commandant of Cadets, U.S. Military Acad. *my, West Point, N.Y. , Commanding General, U.S. Army Support Command. Hawaii. Chief. Joint U.S. Military Advisory Group; Philippines. _ Commanding General, 1st Infantry Division (Forward), U.S. Army Europe. Commanding General, William Beaumont Army Medial Center, El Paso, Tex. , Commanding General, John F. Kennedy_ Cen- tor for Military Assistance, Fiert Bragg, 0-7: Hiestend, HarIyJL,,m Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence - Center and Commandant, U.S. Army ire ? ? telligence School, Fort Huachuce,- Ariz. 0-7: Key, Milton, E.e.areamis== Commanding General, 56th Artillery Brigade, 1 U.S. Army Europe. - 0-7: Koehler, John , Jr...== Commanding General, 38th Artillery Brigade I. 1 (Air Defense), Korea. e - 0-7: Krause, Freda-itch C'es..;: Commanding General, 19th Suppert Group, ` 1 *ore& - 0-7: Latham, Willard.meariesim Assistant Division Commander, 3d infantry ? - U.S. Europe. 0-7: Meroney, William H., lit., Commanding General, Madigan Army Medical , 0-7: Metheny, Orvil ^ Co?nemntaenrCleTra,ccesie7tistkrea, Military Traffic n Managementna;aendeTairir.minal Service, Oak- 0-7: Morton, Richard Ueeze....:-.e. Commander, Eastern Eastern Area, Military Traffic' ' Management and Terminal Service, Brook- 0-7: Mullens, cotinum, adveing Gecnolnraj,,a6ntdi: Region, U.S. , - - division, U.S. Army Europe. nice- ..-----------Fort tions System Agency (Provisional), Fort 0-7: Munson, James Ass'stant Division Commander, 1st irmoired 0-7: Ogden, Doreard W., Jr Commanding General, U.S. Army Commu 04: ost"Th John ir _ Monmouth, NJ. -.-:-.. Commanding General, U.S. Army Seaport _ Thailand. -RDP75B00380R000700030046-6 _ Grade and name of officer Position of officer Prilected authorized!: assigned enlisted eidee Its et June 30, 1974 0-7: Scott, Willard W Commanding General, V Corps Artillery, U.S. 1 Army Europe. 0-7: Redman, Albert, Jr.--in= Commanding General, U.S. Army Communks- - Hans Command, Continental United States, _ 1 Fort Ritchie, Md. 0-7: Sniffin, Charles Assistant Division Commander, 8th !Wintry - Division, U.S. Army Europe. 0-7: Starker, JIseph CommandingGeneral, U.S. Army Combat velopmerit Experimentation Command, Fort Ord, Calif. 0-7: Stevenson, Robert D.,==. Commanding General, U.S. Army Baffin Bre. 0-7: To bi an-nourteed- Assistant ulknyliseion Commander, 3d Armored U.S.Division 0-7: Swenson, Richard W.= CommandinGenerae.lf.Sr.nArmy Commenica- Army u pe. t I ns Command,oin Et.lrgaeny Rigel utloa Co; 0-7: Ulatoski, Jeterb R_. Commander, t ca - ter Vietnam. 0-7: Weaver, WilSurri 0-7: Woodard, GilOrgt , , Commanding General, U.S. Army Communlea- tione Command, Pacific. - Commanding General, Lettermen Army Medi- cal Center, Presidio of San Francisco Calif. Chief, Military Assistance Advisory GAWP. _ Ethiopia. Commanding Genera 31st Ale Defense BO-- Congtntli lorrge.G.teenaedrZUF.;.r1rn`,r 4Fe?-ation al Test and evaluation Agency, Fort Belvoir, Va. Chief of Stele Allied Land ForcisSootheesleen- Europe. Director of Operation% 3-3, U.S. En/epees Command. Director of Logistics, 1-4, U.S. European Command. Director of Security Assistance, 1-7, LS. European-Command. Director of Operations, 1-3, U.S. Reuben - Command, Macddi AFB. Fla, Deputy Commanding General, Modern Army Selected Systems Tests, Evaluation and Review, Fort Hood, Tex. eel.. 0-7: Vow, Harold 0-7: TO be announced....-e---eze. Cobs, Elmer 04: Tobiason, Orville 1--ier----r? 0.-8: Hatl, Charles M -0-8: Appel, John it 04: Patton, George 0-8: Lekson, John S. McChrystall Herbert J., ' . ? :.- 0-7: Gregg. Arthur .1 Commander, European Exchange Service-evens 1 ? ??.. Notes (1) A ".(P)"' following an officer's grade (e.g., 0-8 (P)) indicates that the incumbent has been recommended for promotion to the next higher grad projected to be in en aide standby or training status. Grade and name of officer Position of officer - UNITED STATES NAVY Projected authorized/ assigned _-_- enlisted aides as of June 30, 1974 0-7Ct Moorer, Thomilli-..;= Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, - 0-10: Zumwalt, Elmo R. Jr____. Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C- . 0-10:Coueins, Ralph ^ Commander in Chief, Atlantic and U.S. . Atlantic Fleet and Supreme Allied Corn- . - mender, Atlantic, Norfolk, Va. '0-10: Kidd, Isaac C., Jr - Chief of Naval Material, Washington, 0-10: Gayler, Noel A. AL.....,----- Commander in Chief, Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. ? 0-10: Weisner, Maurice F ? Commander In Chief, .U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl - Harbor, Hawaii. - 0-10: Holloway, James L Vice Chief of Nava/ Operations, Washington; ? 0-10: Bagley, Worth Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces; Europe, London, United Kingdom. 0-10: Johnston, Means Jr.rsce,:.-e. Commander in chief, Allied Forces, Southern ? Europe, Naples, Italy. 0-9: Mack, William Reeerezeareet: Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy, An- na poi is, Md. ? 0-9: de Poix, Vincent Director, Defense intelligence Agency, Wash- - Merin, D.C. ? 0-9: Michaelis, Frederick Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S, Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Va. 0-9: Wilkinson, Eugene Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (submarine warfare) Washington, 0-9: King, Jerome H., - Directotri Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washing- Weinei, John Assistant to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs-of 0-9: Peet, Raymond Deputy Washington, D.C. Defense (secu- 0-9: Miller, Gerald ? DerpituYty Diilacig:,)1WortinsPiklIenffiP.Cfa get Plan- ?. Air_Force Bac se, Nrebr. 0-9: Minter, Charles S., Jr. Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee, 0-9: Shear, Harold F Diir3eCtri as...._u Belgium.ma_ ne warfare and tactical Beshany, Peale A CoenttarAnelfir, ?le.t,-raTaanrnlje:;:nsseinCgotinnritlantef, , RepublicTlitei, of Taiwan. 0-9: '(annoy, Frank Commander, For ce, US. Atlantic 0-9: Cagle, Malcolm W Chreleoll IlenavrfanilkidVutation and Training, Pen- 0-9: Harlfinger, Fredericki. airsefoira,'Litmand Support Programs, Office of Chief et Naval Operations, Washington, ?0-9: Bagley, David DeDiuet-y Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower) ? and Chief of Naval Personnel, Washington, 0-9: La Bourgeois, m No aides are Grade and name of Officer Position of officer C aides 33 of June 30,1974 \ ? 2/2 - 212 t 3/31 2,2 1 , - ? 2/2 t 2/2 i ? 22 - 2/2 1 712 ? 212 2/2 ..._ 212 -? 2/2 i 212 -1 - ---- 212 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 212 2/2 212 111 111 1/1 .5/5 0-9: Talley, George C. Jr?amea Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (piens and .. policy) Washington, D.C. 5/5 0-9: Long, Robed. L. Commander, Submarine Force; U.S. Mantle 3/3Fleet, Norfolk, Va. 0-9: Turner, itansfield.,.......== President, Naval War College; Newport, R.te.e 01: Plate, Douglas C.,, Deputy and Chief of Staff Commander in - Chief, Atlantic, and Commander lo Chief, . U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, Va, 0-9: Houser, William Deputy Chief of Navel Operations (Air War- - fare) Washington, D.C. 0-9: Cooper, Damon Chief of Naval Reserve, New-Orfetens, Laezm 0-9: Selzer, Robert S--...----eeee-e=e Commander, Amphibious Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, San Diego, Calif. 0-9: Rapp, L-.-- -as--i Commander, 3d WilliamFleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 01: Price, Franit N. Director, Ship Acquisition and Improvement. Office of Chief of Naval Operations Wash- - - ington, D.C. . 0-9:_Moran, William ?I ? Director, Research, Development, Test and - Evaluation, Office of Chief of Naval Opera- lions, Washington, D.C. 0-9: Finneran, John G Commander, 2d Fleet, Norfolk, Va.etereeieeert. 0-9: Bayne, Marmaduke G Commandant National War College, Washing- . irffion, D.C. 0-9: Wheeler, Kenneth R. Vim Chief of Naval- Material, Washington, D.C..- 0-9: Custis,Donald eite.cme--.Chiesufrg, BeounrucueneoffaMi eadkthinee Naanvyd ,Sviurasgehry and Washington, ton, .0-9: Hayward, names Director, Navy Program Planting, Office of 2/2 J_ . of Chief of Naval Operations, Washington. ? .. ? - 2/2 0-9: Baldwin, Robert B ---- Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific _ Fleet, San Diego, Calif. 212 0-9: Murphy, Daniel L. Commander 6th Fleet, Gaeta, Italy - 0-9: Steele. George P., Commander,7th Fleet, Yokosiika, gr? 0-9: Weschler, Thomas ft..- ..-ee. Director logistics 1-4. Joint Chiefs of Staff-, Washington, D.C. 2/7 0-9: St. George, William R "Deputy and Chief of Staff to Commander is - in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, 2/2 0-9: Perry, Oliver H., Jr........;;.-.Chairman, Inter-American Defense Board, 2/2 - - Washington, D.C. 0-9: Moorer, Jos eph P...._..-a-.. Vice Chairman, U.S. Delegation, U.N. Military 2/2 Staff Committee, New York, N.Y. 0-8: Riera, Robert E.- - - Commandant,8th Naval District, New Orleans, La. 2/2 0-8: Freeman, Mason Superintendent, Naval Post-Graduate School, Monterey, Calif. otli?Gylsig oFd rio6ed3( 611.141ra Naval Disteict, San Diego; 3/3 3/3 3r3 3/3 3/3 3/3 4/4 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 IvikPfweVOfiartgattika tt+3200M2/07 : C June-3, 1974 CONGRESSJONAL RECORD ?SENATE - Api5MgMear-WriMser20tRUOTERurtiMERiffixr5B0073801?0007410030046-6 . mum STATES NAVY-Continued 8 9509 Gradtand name of officer Positioned-officer- Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted aides 33 of June 30, 1974 Chief, Military Assistance Advisory Group, Portugal, and Commander, Iberian Atlantic Command, Lisbon, Portugal. 0-8: Isamu, Roy M Commander, Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Md. ? 0-8: Andersen, Roy G.. --Comanindard, RN Naval District, Norfolk, C1-8: Charbonnet Pierre N., Jr? Commander, Fleet Air Mediterrean, Naples, , ?Italy. . '' - r4k 0-8: Burke, Julian T., Cogiemeatncliqeoritfo&erVace . Force, U.S., Atlantic-, 0-8: Morrison. GeorgAS-.J.I.,...--. Commander, H.S. N2V81 Forces, Marianas,. .1 - Guam, Marianas. - 0-1: Woods, Mark W- -----,Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Force, DS. ? - ' Pacific Fleet, San Diego, Calif. ? 04: Ramage, James 2._ Commander, Caribbean Sea Frontier, Roost velt Roads.P.R. .,- ? -., 0-8; CarrnodY, Martin B Commandant, I211(ffivat Dittrict an Frill- ' deco, Calif. ? ? = 04: Armstrong, Parker Commander, Serviceroma; tr.s., "aciac ? -? ? ?,4 Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.......... 0-8: Donaldson, James D., Jr-- , Commander, Fleet Air. Western Jac! 0-8: Exch, Arthir. Novae -District Washingtoe,' ?. Washington, D.C. ?- 0,8; Turner, Frederick C . Commander, Carrier Group "FM?, ,Athens, Greece 0-8: Pugh, Miens M., Commandant, 3d'Havak?Distriet Brooklyn, /Cy. , ? - ? ? ? ? 0-8: Miller, Ward Commander, finial Base, Los Angeles/L. - - ? - - Beach, Los Angeres, CAC 0-8i Ferris, James ' Chief of Naval Air 'Training., Corpus Christi 0-8: Livingston, William U.S, Defense Attache, U.S. Naval Attache.ared - , U.S. Naval Attache for Air, United Kingdom,......... London. Unitedi Kingdom_ 0-8:Snyder, Edwin K_ Chief, Legislative Affairs, Navy Department ' Washington, D.C. - ? ??' 0-8: Ninny. James Deputy Chief of Staff, Commander in Chief, :?,= U.S. European Command, Vaihingen, Germany. . ? 0-8: Erly, Robert B ----- 1/1 1/1 Grade and name of officer Position c4 officer Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted aides as of Juni 30, 1974 0-8: Kane, John D. H., Jr Commandant, 9th Naval Distrid,Great lakes, 1/1 Ilt 0-8: Bass, Thomas E..? 111 Commandacit 13th Naval_ District, Seattle,. 1/1 Wash. 0-8: Tahler, Graham Commandant, 6th Naval District Charleston. 1/1 S.C. 0-0: Wentworth,; Ralph S.,. Jr__ _ CorAntraanntidcertleCerle:r-fDoutrver Forge. U.S.. 1//, 0-7: Cooley, Samue: M., Jr Commander, Ic:fand Defense Force, Kam*: _ Iceland. . -? , -, , 0-7: Shelton, Doniphan B Commander, Naval Base, Subie? Subic Bay,.,1/1 - ? Republic of Philippines. _, ... 0-7: Morgan, Henry S., Jr _ Commander,11.5? Naval Forces, Korea,Seout, VI 0-7: McMullen, Frank D., jr Commander, Submarine Farce, tti. -Pacific 1/1 . -,..s., / Fleet Pearl Harbor, HaVraii.? 0-7; Rogers, William it: Cosmuzian jdnntr.S. Naval Forces, Japan, Yoko.% 0-7; Rectanus, Earl F........ .. _ Directo'r or ttavat Intellipnce, Waslifnatok , 1/1 2/2 9-7: Coleman, Josepir L.1_2._ . Commandant, 4th Naval Distriet,Philadelphia, .1/2 , ton, Term- _ ,? , . 0-7: Sackett, Albert M____ .. Chief of Naval Technici Tralliirrir Milling- 1/1 0-7: Rumbre, Commandant, Tat Nave District, Boston, 111, 0-7: Blount Robert IF Commander; U.S. Naval Forces, Southern' Command; Commandant 15th,tfavatpit 0-7: Denton, Jeremiah , Jr__.., Cogninclant,mAarmid Fiirces, Staff College. " Norfolk, Va. - -,? 0-7; Paddock, factrard Commandant. 1411r? Naval' Distriet Peart " ,- Harbor, Hawaii. ? . 041133503, Cali .. . Chief, Navy Section, U.S. fitiliary *GT01;0' - Brazil, Rio De Janeiro,.BfaztI- ? _ ? 151/151 , Note's: (1) Provisions of 10a U.S.C. 7579 vest authority for determination'of individtial authorize!. require. (2) 'Navy has no prevision- tor issgornerst of public quarters stewards* formai training lions of public quarters stewards with the Secretary of the Navy, rather than with thirSecretary or for assignment in a stand-by status. No such assignments ace reflected, in the above fisting nor of Defense as may have been implied in Senator Proxmire's letter of Oct. 13,1973. Accordingly, the are any such assignments authorized. Secretary of therievy may make necessary revisieristetheabove-listintas military reasons may. !METED STATES AIR FORCE CEILING--234 _ , Grade and name of officer ? Poi tion of officer Projected authorized,/ ? assigned enlisted 'aides as of '1et0, 1974 STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND, ? ? OFFUTT AF BASE. NEBR.., 0-10: John C. Meyer . _ .. 6:amender:in -,. 0-9: James M. Keck ..... Vice Commander in Chin ... . f__?_. . .. 0-B: Martin G. Collada ...... ff Chief of Sta _. 0-8: Ray B. Sitten? . . .. . . . 0-8: Edgar S. Harris, Asst 0-8: Andrew EL Anderson, Operations 0-8: Eugene L Hudson_ DCS/Logistics ' 0-8: Harry M. Darmstandler____ DCS/Plans___--- . . ... . .. - . -- 0-8; John It Hinton, Inapector General- 0-8: Billy J. Ellis 2 Air Force Barksdale AFB, La.:, ' 0-9: Richarnlit.Heben_-_?_:-.Commander ? 0-B: Eugene Q. Steffes, Commander: 15 Air Force March ART, 0-9: William F. Pitts._ Commander______ 04: Chmten F. liffintee,,eiLLAfirieletriverender 8 Air Force Andersen AFB, Guam: ?. Ift? 0-9: George H. McKee__ 1 Strat Aerospace Division, Vin. ? ? . cfenberg AFB, Calif.: ? 0-8: Jobri?W. Commander - MILITARY AIRLIFT COMMAND, SCOTT AFB, ILL' 0-10: Paul IL Carltois----1,-..-..00mmandev 0-9: Jay T. Robbins Vice Commander_ 0-8: William A. DleifiCh.? Chief (*Staff --------- 0-8: Alden G. Gluck DCS/Operations_ 0-8: Thomas A. Aldrich' DCS/Plans - -- 0-8: Warner E. Newbyl ? ' DCS/Logistice-- 22 Air Force Travis AF13.,Cat'4j,_.? ? ?? 0-8: John F. Gonge - - Conimender. 0-8: Ralph S. Saunders u.__ Vice 21 Air Force McGuire Afik. _ 0-8: Lester T. Kearney, Jr.. Commander 3 2 ` 1 ; 2. 1 ,1 2 1* -1. Grade and name of officer Position of officer , , Projected ? authorized/ 'assigned ??. enlisted? _ ? aides as of hoe ao 1974 AIR TRAINING COMMAND, RANDOLPH AFB, TEX 0-9: William v:MaIrTife"..:., Cominander, 0-8: Alton O. Slay .:-ViCe Commander,...,, ? AF Mil Tog Ctr, Lackland, AR _ ? 0-8: RoberiVC L. Cbmmander. Keesler Tech To Ctr, Keesler AF Base, Mist: ? ? 0-8: Bryan M Shotts" Coniinander Chanute Tech Tog Ott, Chancre- AF Base, 0-8: Frank Wll. E iott, Sheppard Tech TEM Clz, Shego- pard AF Base, Ter.: 0-8: Robert L. Petit........ Lowry. Tech Tog Ctr, Lowry AF Base, Colo.: _ ' 0-8: Charter C. Pattille....- Commander - Comminder eernerander'' MR FORCE SYSTEMS.COMAJAND . ANDREVISAF13,.14CL? ? 0-10: Samuel C. Phillips Commander._ 0-9: John Ft tftnisoir ? Ifice Commander 0-8: Vernon R. Turner Chief of Staff .... ....... . 0-8: Robert T. Marsh' DCS/SYsteniS. .,`. Aeronauticahlys - DiefFrighf-` ? Patterson AFB, Ohio):. 0-9 James T. Stewart Commander . _ .. 0-8 Dough* T. Nelson. - Vice Commander ------ -7-7.-- 0-8 Benjamin N. Bellis__ Systems Program Director, 0-8 Abner EL Martin' Systems Program Director, AF High Test Ctr, Edwards?AFO, ? Calif.: 0-8: Howard M. Lane' ? Commander AF Spec Wens Ctr, Kirtland Al' Base, N. Mex.; 0-8: Thomas W. Morgan.- Commander 'Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : C1A-RDP75800380R000700030046-6 , LAJ.NtalitZSION AL Kt LU KIJ ? Jt.IN i .16 ALLOCATION OF ENLISTED AIDES UNDER DOD 675 CEILING TO BE ETFECTIVES JUNE 30, 1974-Continued Approved For Release 20@61/10007-tACIARRIZOPIP5-1300-380R000700030046-6 ' ri` Z6The.4-//4 , Grade and name of officer Position of officer Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted aides as of June 30, 1974 AF Contract Mgmt Div, Kirtland AF Base, N. Mex.- 0-8: Donald G. Nunn USAF Space and Missile Test Center, Vandenberg AF Base, Calif.: 0-8: Jessup D. Lowe - Commander Armament Development and Test Ctr, Eglin AFB, Fla.: 0-8: Henry B. Kucheman, Jr. Commander Aerospace Medical - Division, - Brooks AFB, Tex.: 0-8: George E. Schafer I- _ ' . Commander' AF Eastern Test Range Patrick ? ? 0-8: Kenneth R. Chapman..; Commander Electronic Systems Div. L G. Hanscom AFB, Mass.: 0-8: Albert R. Shiefy, Commander_:., TACTICAL AIR - COMMAND, LANGLEY AFB, VA., 0-10: Roberti. Dixon_ Commander 0-9: Dale S. Sweat Vice Commander 0-8: James A Knight, Jr DOS/Operations .... - . ------- Center, Nulls APB, Nev.: USAF Tactical Fighter Weapon 0-8: Gordon F. Blood Commander.. 9 Air Force Shaw AFB, S.C.: - 0-8: James D. Hughes Commands AIR FORCE LOGISTICS COM- MAND, WRIGHT-PATTERSON AF BASE, OHIO 0-10: Jack J. Cotton__ - ____ Commander 0-9: Edmund F. O'Connor Vice Commander 0-8: George Rhodes Chief of Staff -- 0-8: Edmund A. Rafalko -- -- DCS/Plans and Operations.. - 0-8: James A. Bailey DCS/Comptroller '0-8: Herbert J Gavin ? DCS/Maintenance Sacramento Air Material Area, McClellan AFB, Calif.: 0-8: George W. McLaughlin- Commander Ogden Air Mat Area Hill, AFB, Utah: ? .0-8: Bryce Poe It. Commander San Antonio Air Mat Area, Kelly Commander AFB, Tex.: 0-8: William A. Jack. Warner-Robins Air Material Area,. Commander Robins AFB, Ga.: 0-8: Robert E. Hails. PACIFIC AIR FORCES, ? HICKAM AFB, HAWAII 0-10: John W. Vogt, Jr V Commander in Chief 0-9: Carlos M. Talbott Vice Commander In Chief.. - 0-8: Winton W. Marshall DCS/Plans 0-8: Ralph T. Holland DCS/Logistics 5 Air Force Fuchu AFB, Japan: 0-9: Robert E. Pursley Comdr and Comdr U.S. Forces, Japan 0-8: Edward P. McNeff Vice Commander - 13 Air Force Clark AFB, Philip- - - pines: 0-9 Commander - 0-8: Leroy J. Manor Vice Commander - ? 7 Alr Force Nakhon Phanom Air- port, Thailand: - 0-8: Jack Bellamy - DCS/Operations and Pest Chief of Staff/Oper- ations U.S. Support Activities Group. Grade and name of officer HEADQUARTEPS COMMAND USAF, BOILING AFB, TRICT OF COLUM DIA 0-8: John- L Locke.._.--- . . .... Position at officer Projected authorized/ I assigned I enlisted aides as or Julie 30, 1974 USAF ACADEMY, COLORADO 0-9: Albert P. Clark - I Superintendent AIR FORCE PESERVE, ROBINS - ' AFB, GA. -0-8: Earl 0. Anderson__ Vice Commander-L.-- AIR UNIVERSITY, MAXWELL' AF13, ALA ? 4 0-9: Felix he Rogers Commander Air War College: O-C James V. Commandant "E? Hartinger. AF Institute of Technology, _ Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio: 0-8: Frank J. Simokaitis____ Commandant_..- ... Air Comd and Stf College, Max- - well AFB. Ala.: 0-8:John P. Flynn, .. BOMMelidaet USAF SECURITY SERVICE, SAN ANTONIO, TEX. - 0=8: Walter T. Galilean Cornmander_-- ALASKAN AIR COMMAND, EL- ' MENDORF AFB, ALASKA . 0-8: Charles W. Carson, Jr Commander USAF SOUTHERN COMMAND ALBROOK AFB, PANAMA 0-8: Arthur G. Salisbury Commander OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, WASHINGTON, D.C. 1 0-9: Daniel Ja hes, Jr Asst Secretary 1 Pun Deputy. Defense Nuclear Agency: 0-9: Warren D. Johnson Director Defense Supply Agency, Wash- ingtorr, D.C.: - 0-8: Joseph J. Cody, Jr..... Deputy Director, Contract Administration Administrative Sallee. 3 0-8: Donald H. Ross Assistant Director, Plans, Programs arid - 0-8: Abralam J. Dreiseszun_ Commander, Defense Personnel Support Systems. 2 Center, Philadelphia, Pa. National Secui ity Agency, Fort' 2 Meade, Md.: 1 0-9: Lew Allen, ..... Director__.? U.S. AIR FORCES IN EUROPE, - RAMSTEIN AB, GERMANY -- 0-10: David C. Jonas--- - Commander in Chief.. ? - 0-9: Louis L. Wilson, Vice Chief 0-8: Wilbur L Creech DCS/Operations....-- 0-8: Edwin W. Robertson II Inspector 16 Air Force Torr elan AFB, Spain: 0-8: Salvador E. Felices-___ Vice Commander 3 Air Force RAF, Mildenhall; England: 0-8: Evan W. Rosencrans_ Commander_ _ The U.S. Logistics Group (TUS- LOG), Ankara, Turkey: ? - - 0-8: Arnold W. Bras*ffil-_-_...." Commander 17 Air Force Sembach Air Base, Germany: 0-8: John C. Girauditi V Commander AEROSPACE DEFENSE Com- MAND, ENT AF BASE, COLO. , 0-9* Royal N. Baker Vice Commander 0-8- Kenneth C Dempster DCS/Logistics. . ? 14 Aerospace Forte Ent AFB, Colo.: 0-8: Ohs C. Moore------:= Commander ?rant:. JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF, ? WASHINGTON, D.C. 0-9: Louis T. Seith Central Treaty Ore (CENTO) Ankara, Turkey: 0-8: Colin C. Hamilton, Jr... North Atlantic Treaty Org (NATO) Brussels, Belgium: 0-10: Theodore R Milton..., Industrial Collage of the Armed Forces, Fort McNair, Washing- ton, D.C.: 0-B: Edward A. McGough HI_ Dep Commandant ALLIED COMMAND EUROPE Shape Hqs Cas-:eau. Belgium: - 0-10: Russell E. Dougherty_ Chief of Staff . 0-8: William W. Wisman. Special Project Officer Static War lios.==. - 0-8: Richard F. Sheeler Asst Chief of Staff, Operations_==== Allied Forces Southern Europe (AIRSOUTH) Naples, Italy:- ? 0-9: Joseph G, Commander and Comdr, 16 AF-aseriosettt=i 0-8: William H. Holt_ Chief at Staff 6 Allied Tactical AF, .larnir,- Turkey: 0-9: Santard K. Moats Cornmancier_-.. Allied Forces .Cen. Europe (AF 2 CENT) Brunsum, Holland: 0-8: William E. Byran, Jr_ Dep C/S Open and Intel Allied Forces Northern Europe (AF-North) Kolsaas, Norway: 1 0-8: Kendall S. Young - - Air Deputy raw Director, Flans and Chief of, Staff, Combined Military Planning Staff. NATO Military Commission (Mil Rep), U.S. - Representative. ?411.71=MMIMS111111 --a Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B00380R0007Q0030046-6 3 1 Jun,e. 3, 1974 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD ?SENATE ALLOCATION OF ENLISTED AIDES UNDER DOD 675 CEILING TO BE EFFECTIVE JUNE 30, 1974?Continued Approved For ReleastbaRfi/024()ZE:AkRpRZAIN0380R00700030046-6 S 9511 Grade and name of officer Position of officer Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted aides as of June 30, 1974 EUROPEAN COMMAND, VAI- HENGEN, GERMANY O-10: George J. Eade Deputy Commander in Chief 0-8: Edward Rotkovich Director, intelligence 0-8: William R. Hayes Deputy Director, Logistics 0-8: Foster L. Smith Director, Plans and Policy_ ... .... . Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG), Rome, Italy: ? " ? - 0-8: George M. Johnson, Jr Chief............................. Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG), Iran: ,, ? , 0-8: Dew( Chief... ....... JOINT NORTH AMERICAN. AIR - .,DEFENSE COMMAND (NARADy AND CONTINENTAL AIR FENSE COMMAND (GONAD) .? ENT AFB, COLO. - 0-10: Lucius D. Clay, JrCommander In Chief arid Comdr, Air Menne Command, ADC. - ? - 0-8: John M. MeNabli_ DCS/Intelligence 0-8: James E. Paschall DCS/Plans and Programs.. 21 NORAD (CONAD) Region ' \?? -- - Hancock Field N.Y.: 0-8: Ray M. Robison, Jrz -Commander... . . 24 NORAD (CONAD) Region 4 Malmstrom AFB, Mont.: ; 0-8: Lawreace J. Commander. 25 NORAD (CONAD) Region, ? McChord AFB, Wash.: , 0-8: Jack K. Gamble- Commander_ft. PACIFIC COMMAND, PEARL " ? HARBOR, HAWAII Z4'11%, 04: William G. Moore, Chigf otStaff_ 0-8: Eugene F. Tighe, DCS/IntelligenCe 0-8: Lawrence F. Tanberg_.: _ inspector General U.S. Support Activities Groin) (USSAG) Nakhon Phanom air- port, Thailand: 0-10: Timothy F. _ O'Keefe_- Comdr, 1JSSAG and Comdr, 7 AF. UN Command/U.S. Forces, Seoul , Korea: 0-9: John R. Murphy Chief of Staff Military Assistance Advishry Group (MAAG) Taipei, Taiwan- 0-8: Slade Nash . .... ALASKAN COMMAND, ELMER-, MENDORF AFB, ALAS5A 0-9; James C. Sherrill---- Commander in Chief and Commander Alaskan , .r NORADRGN^ U.S. READINESS COMMAND, MACDILL AFB, FLA. 0-9: Ernest C. Hardin, Jr--------Dep Commander in Chief 0-8: Woodard E. Davis, Jr Director, Plans and Policy Grade and name of officer Position of officer Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted Sides as it June 30, 1974 U.S. SOUTHERN COMMAND, QUARRY HEIGHTS, PANAMA 3 0-8: John B. Henry, Jr Chief of Staff 1 Miscellaneoys: 1 0-8: Welter R. Surgeon to the President, Washington, D.C CH I EF OF STAFF, USAF, WASH- INGTON, o.c. 0-10: George S. Brown Chief of Staff, USAF 0-10: Richard H. Ellis Vice Chief of Staff, USAF . . 0-9: Duward L . Asst Vice Chief of Staff, USAI ' 0-8: Hernver ... ... Air Force Reserve Chief and Comdr '0-8: Roy M. Terry Chief of Chaplains_ ? ? . Comptroller of the Air Force: , 0-9: Joseph R. DeLuca Asst Comet for Audit and Comdr AF Audit Agency, Norton AFB, ' Calif.: " , 0-8: Henry Simon Asst Comptroller Inspector General: - ? ? 0-9: Gerald W. Johnson Inspector General Deputy Inspector General, Norton AFB, Calif.: , 0-4: Ernest t Crags.-- ... Pep 10 for Inspection and Safety and Comdr.. . , AF inspection and Safety Center. . Surgeon General; ? . , , 7 - 0-9: Robert A. Patterson....: Surgeon General, USAF_ . - ..... 04: Maxwell W. Steel, Jr... Dep. Surg. General -f Deputy Chief of Staff/Personnel: 0-9: John W. Roberts DCS/Personnel 0-8: Ray M. Cole - Asst DCS/Personnel AF Military Personnel Center, - Randolph AFB, Tex.: ' 0-4: Travig R. McNeil Asst DCS/Pereonnel for Mil Pets and Comdr, . ? AF Milltary'Personnet Center. Deputy Chief or Staff/Plans and . ? Operation*: 0-8: James E. Hill Asst DCS/Plans and Operations.... .. 0-8:-Charles I. Bennett, Jr.., Den Director of Plans AF Test and Evaluation Center, Kirtland AFB, N. Mex.: , 0-8: John J. Burns Commander__ ...... ______________ .. ... - Deputy Chief of Staff/Programs and Resources: 0-9: George S. Boylan, Jr__ DCS/Programs and Resources 0-8: William W. Berg_ . .. Asst DCS/Programs and Resources 0-8: James k Hill Dir of Programs______ . .. .. 0-8: Maurice R. Reilly Dir of Civil Deputy Chief of Staff/Systems and ? , Logistics: ? 0-9: William W. Snavely PCS/Systems and Logistics.... .... . .. Qeputy Chief of Staff/Research _ and Development: -- - ? _ ' 0-9: William J. Evans : DCS/Research and Development- - I Nominated for promotion to major general on Feb. 6, 1974. including known projected reassignments and retirements as of that date. Also included 11/8 11 . - . major general nominees expected to be promoted when confirmed by the Senate. Actual alloca. Note: The above allocation leaves 11 enlisted aide authorizations for brigadier generals The Bons on June 30, 1974, could vary due to retirements, reassignments, promotions or transfers to/ specific 0-7 positions will be designated at a later date. There are no enlisted aides on standby or fru, puuqu quarter,. . . ? in training. The above list represents general officer positions and incumbents as of Jan. 25, 1974, . . .. . . UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS Grade and name of officer ? ? . ? ? Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted aides as of June 30, 1974 0-10: Cushman, Robert r., Constantof the Marine Corps; Washing- 0-10: Anderson, Earl E- ----------Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corp; Washington, D.C. 0-9: Robinson, Wallace H.,"-Je...f. 'Director, Defenae Supply Agency, Alexandria, 0-9: Axtell, George C Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, Norfolk, Va. 0-9: Keller, Robert P Commanding General, Marine Corps Develop- ment and Education Command, Quantico, 0-9: Lahue, foster C.. Chief of Staff, Headquarters Marine Corps Washington, D.C. 0-9: Wilson, Louis H., Jr Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii. 0-9: Beckingion, Herbert Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations, Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, 3 2 2 2 2 Grade and. name of officer' Position of officer Projected authorized/ Talf."43 bides as of June 30, 1974 0-8: McLaughlin, John 0-8: Fegan, Joseph C Jr -0-81 Brown, LeslIe 04: Miller, Thomas H., 04: Barrow, Robert H -- 0-8: Houghton, Kenneth 04: Bohn, Robert D_..rsas 0-8: .8011113, James R .. 0-8: Snowier), Lawrence F.a.,:es Commanding General, 4th Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, Calif. . Commanding General, Marine Corps Feesult Depot, San Diego, Calif: ? - Commanding General, Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, N.C. Commanding General, 2d Marine Aircraft Wing, Cherry Point, N.C. Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. Commanding General, Lot Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, Calif. CommandingGeneral. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, ti. , Commanding General, Marine Corps Supply Activity, 'Philadelphia, Pa. Chief of Staff, U.S. Forces, Japan, Honshu. Japan. Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B00380IR000700030046-6- - 9512 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD --SENATE Approved FAVIAiereNte1MarsiDatt-BOMEMIrionitimmed6 June 3 1974 Grade and name of officer Position of officer Projected authorized/ assigned enlisted aides as ot June 30, 1974 0-7: Taylor, Robert W Commanding General, 34 Marfne Aircraft Wing, El Toro, Calif. 0-7: Lanagan, William H., Jr--- Commanding General, 2d Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, N.C. 0-7: Berge, _lames H., Jr Commanding General, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, Glenview, 111. ? : Note: The Marine Corps will have no public quarters enlisted authorized. - Mr. -PROXMIRE. Mr. Pres.ident, per- haps my colleagues would be interested In knowing how many servants are located in their States. -It will only take a minute to list them. - Alabama has 8, Alaska 4, Arizona 2, Cali- fornia 39, Colorado 17, Kansas 4, Ken- tucky 3, Louisiana 7, Maryland 21, Massachusetts 3, Michigan 2, Minnesota 1, Mississippi 2, Missouri 2, Montana 1, . Nebraska 15, Nevada 1, New Jersey 7, New Mexico 4, New York 11, North Caro- lina 8, Ohio 15, Oklahoma 1, Pennsyl- vania 4; Rhode Island 3, South Carolina 4 Tennessee 1, Texas 22, Utah 1, Virginia 50, Washington 4, and the District of Columbia with 189. Any unmentioned ,States, such as Wisconsin, have none. Mr. President, I ask unanimous con- sent that a list of military servants by State be printed in the RECORD. -"- There being no objection, the list was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, as follows: OrricEas atm Sinivatirrs Assroxim anAsame, Felix M. Rogers, 2. James V. Hartinger, 1. John P. Flynn, 1. Vincent H. Ellis, 1. William J. Maddox, Jr., 1. Bates C. Burnell, 1. Albert R. Escola, 1. SLAMS Charles W. Carson, Jr., 1. James C. Sherrill, 2. Sidney M. Marks,!. =sorra Jack A. Albright, 1, Harry H. Ellestand, 1. _ - 1 1 drade and Caine of officer Position of officer Projected authorized; assigned enlisted aides as of June 30, 1974 0-7: Nichols, Rcbert L -- Commanding General. Marine Corps Base, ? Camp Pendleton, Calif. 0-7: Quinn, William Commanding General, Marine Corps Ai, ? ,Statios, El Toro, Calif. , aides in training or a stand-by status. No such assignments are reflected in the above listing _and no starM aisignmentS _ ?-? Mark W. Woods, 1. Martin D. Carmody, 1. Ward S. Miller, 1. John N., McLaughlin, 1. _Joseph C. Fegan, Jr., 1. -- Kenneth J. Houghton? 1. Robert W. Taylor, 1. Robert L. Nichbls, 1. Williaro R. Quinn, I.- re ? William B. Fulton, 1. - John C. Batten, Jr., 1. - James C. Smith, 1. _ John D. H. Kane, Jr.. 1. _ James II. Berge, Jr., 1. nkriMuirs Eugene J. Forrester. 1. . ? low* None-, - John H. CuslUxtan, 2. Gordon J. Duguemin, 1. Dennis D. McAuliffe. 1. COLORADO Charles C. Pattillo, 1.? Royal N.Maker, 2. Kenneth C. Der:tipsier, 1. ? Otis C. Moore, 1. Albert P. Clarke, 3. 'Luci us D. Clay, Jr., 3. John M. McNabb, 1. James E. Paschall, 1. James F. Hamlet, 1. Raymond P. Murphy, 1. John K. Singlaub, 1. -James A. Wier, 1. CONN-SOT/CUT ? ICKSTOCK Sidney B. Berry, 1. William S. Coleman,!. - _ Donn A. Starry.]. None. None. 11.01ODA, Henry B. Sucheman, Jr., 1 - Kenneth R. Chapman, 1 gruest C. Hardin, Jr., 2. Woodard E. Davis, Jr., 1. Bruce Palmer, Jr., 3. John S. Lebson, 1. Malcolm W. Cagle; 2 DELAWASZ . None. AR.PIANSAS CAL/YORNIA. William F. Pitts, 2. Charles P. Minter, Sr., 1. John W. Pauly, 1. Jam F. Gonge, 1. Ralph S. Saunders, 1. Howard M. Lane, 1. Jessup D. Lowe, 1. ? George W. McLaughlin; 1. Henry Simon, L Gerald W. Johnson, 2. Ernest T. Crag& 1. Omar N. Bradley, 3. Elvy B. Roberts, 2. Robert G. Gard, Jr., 1. Albert B. .3.111loy, 1. Orvil C. Metheny, L Robert M. Mullens, 1. - Joseph B. Starker, 1. George S. Woodard, Jr., 1. Robert S. saizer, 2. Robert B. Baldwin, 2. - Mason B. Freeman, 1, Fillmore B. Gllkeson, 1. 'Robert E. Rails,!. Earl 0. Anderson, 1. Walter T. Kerwin, Jr Donn R.. Pepke, 2 , Salve H. Matheson, 1. Charles R. Myer, 1. Thomas M. Tarpley, I. John W, Vogt, Jr., 3. ?? Carlos M. Talbott, 2. Winton W. Marshall, 1. Ralph T. Holland.!. 'William G. Moore, Jr., 2. Eugene F. Tighe, Jr., 1. Lawrence F. Tanberg, 1. Carl W. Hughes, 1. Robert M. MacKinnon, 1. .Andrew J. Gates, 1. Maurice P. Weisner, 3. William T. Rapp, 2. William R. St. George, 2. Parker B. Armstrong, 1. Frank 0. McMullen, Jr., 1. Richard A. Paddock, I. Louis H. Wilson, Jr., 2. IDAHO None. Richard M. PiAiban, 2. . Eugene A. Steen, Jr., 1. Charles E. Sragin, 1.- ' Damon W. Cooper, 2. Robert E. Riere., 1. maims None. ? mantissa) Samuel C. Phillips,. 3, John B. Hudson, 2. Vernon IL Turner,]. Robert T. Marsh, 1. Lew Alien, Jr., 2. - Glenn D. Walker, 2. William H. Blakelield, 1: Charles P. Brown, 1. - Herbert E. Wolff, 1. Lloyd J. Paul. 1. . Albert Redman; Jr..!. ", William P. Mack, 4. ?_ Roy M. Plarnari. 1. ? Albert B.. MUNI, Jr., 1. - Morgan Cl. Reseburough,-1. Richard B. Rumble, 1. _ 3.trciazera9 _ Robert .7. Baer, 1. Joseph E. Field*. 1. omas H. 33arlield, 1; ILLINOIS Paul K. Carleton, 3. Jay T. Robbins, 2. William A. Dietrick, 1. Alden G. Glauch, 1. Mae A. Aldrick, 1. Warner E. Newby, 1. Frank W. Elliott, Jr..!. Bryan M. Shotta, 1. Charles C. Noble,!. )sissonsx - ? Frank A.:Hinriclis. 1. Robert P. young, 1. - Lawrence J. Fleming,!. NEBRASKA -10b31 C.Mayer, 3. James M. Keek. 2. Martin 0. Colladay, Ray B. Sitton, 1. Edgar S. Harris, Jr? 1. Andrew B. Anderson, Jr., 1. Eugene L. Hudson,!. Harry M. Darmstandlee, 1. John R. Hinton, Jr.,!. Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75600380R000700030046-6 Billy J. Ellis, I. Winant Sidle, 1. Gerald E. Miller, 2. Edward H. Vogel, Jr.,-1. ?NEVADA Robert M. Hardaway III, I. Gordon F. Blood, 1. Approved For Reitessea006/62107Jr..,CIA-RDP75B00 NEW HAMPSH/RB None. NEW JERSEY Lester T. Kearney, Jr., 1. Albert B. Crawford, Jr., 1. Hugh P. Foster, Jr., 1. Thomas V. Greer, 1. Harold A. Kissinger, 1. Patrick W. Powers, 1. Dorward VV. Ogden, Jr., 1. NEW MEXICO Thomas W. Morgan, 1. , Donald G. Nunn, 1. " John R. Burns, 1. ? -- Arthur H. Sweeney, Jr., 1. NEW YORE Ray M. Robinson, Jr., 1. William A. Knowlton, 3. Richard H. Groves, 1. Oliver D. Street III, I Philip R. Fen, I. Richard C. Morton, I. Joseph P. Ivloorer, 2.. William M. Pugh James Ferris, 1. 'UTAH Bryce Poe II, 1. ' VERMONT None. VIRGINIA Robert J. Dixon, 3. Dale S. Sweat, 2. James A. McKnight, Jr., 1. William E. DePuy, 3. Henry A. Miley, Jr., 3: Walter P. Leber, 2. - Orwin C. Talbott, 2, - Woodrow W. Vaughan, 2. Jack C. Fuson, 1. George A. Godding, 1. , Edwin M. Graham, Jr., 1, ? Harold G. Moore, l', Harold H. Parfitt, 1. Dean VanLydegraf,.1. Elmer R. Ochs, I. . Ralph AV. Cousins, 3. ? -? "- Frederick H. Michaelis, 2., 'Frank W. Vanroy, 2. - Julien J. LeBourgeols, 2. Robert L. J. Long, 2.. Douglas C. Plate, 2. John G. Finnegan, 2. Roy G. Anderson, 1. , , Julian T. Burke, Jr., ?I. Ralph S. 'Wentworth, Jr., It Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr., I. Wallace H. Robinson; Jr., 2. George C. Axtell, 2. , , Robert P. Keller, 2. Richard J. Seitz, 2. Frederick J.-Kroesen, Jr., 1. ? Michael D. Healy, 1. ? Leslie E. Brown, Thomas H. Miller, Jr., 1. Robert D. Bohn, 1. William H. Canagart4r., 1. NORTH DAVOTA ? NOEL, .."'"W;`= 01110 James T. Stewart, 2. Douglas T. Nelson, /: 4 Benjamin N. Hollis, 1. Abner B. Martin, I. Jack J. Catton, 3. - Edmund P. O'Connor, 2. George Rhodes, 1. Edward A. Rafalko, 1. James A. Bailey, 1. Herbert J. Gavin, I. Frank J. Simokaltis, 1. ? OKLAHOMA David E. Ott, I. Oiecortr-- None. - PENNSYLVANIA Franklin M. Davis, Jr., 2. , Joseph L. Coleman, 1. James R. Jones, 1. RHODE !SLANG Stansfield Turner, 3, SOUTH CAROLINA James D. Hughes, I. Robert O. Hixon, 1. Graham Tahles, 1. Robert H. Barrow, I. sauna DAKOTA None. TENNEn Albert M. Sackett, 1.' ? Harold R. Aaron, I. George S. Beatty, Jr., 1. Robert Bernstein, I. WOR8OW00030046-6 Henry R. DelMar. 1. Thomas H. Tackaberry, 1. Thomas H. Moorer, 5. Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., 5. Isaac C. Kidd, Jr., 3. James L. Holloway UI, 3. Vincent de Poix, 2. Eugene P. Wilkinson, 2, Jerome H. King, Jr., 2. John L. Locke, 1. Daniel James, Jr., 2. Warren D. Johnson, 2. Joseph J. Cody, Jr., 1. Donald H. Ross, 1. Abraham J. Dreiseszim, 1, - Louie T. Seith, 2. Conn C. Hamilton, Jr., I. Theodore R. Milton, 3. Edward A. McGough III, 1. Walter R. Tkach, 1. George S. Brown, 5. Richard H. Ellis, 3. , Duward L. CD:1W, 2. Homer I. Lewis, I. - Roy M. Terry, 1. ' Joseph R. Deluca, 2. Robert A. Patterson, 2. Maxwell, W. Steel, Jr., L John W. Roberts, 2. Ray M. Cole, 1: James E. Hill, I. Charles T. Bennett, Jr,. 1. George S. Boylan, Jr., 2. William W. Berg, 1. James A. Hill, 1. ?Maurice R. Reilly, 1. _William W. Snavely, 2. William J. Evans, 2. ? BELGIUM - Rumen E. Dougherty, 3. . William W. Wisman, 1. Richard F. Sheeler, 1. . Walter E. Lotz, Jr., 2. George G. Cantlay, 1. Charles &Minter, Jr., 2. BRAZIL Maurice W. Kendall, 1. Carl T. Hanson, I. CAMBODIA 1114111 W. Palmer, 1. -At: -ENGLAND 4 WASHINGTON Jack E. Gamble, I. , John Q. Henion, 1, , William H. Meroney, /II, I. Thomas E. Bess, III, 1. WEST VIRGINIA None. WISCONSIN Norte. - WYOMING Robert W. Maloy, lt ' William V. McBride, 2,, Alton D. Slay, 1. - Robert L. Petit, I. George B. Schafer, 1., William A. Jack, I. Walter T. Galligan. Travis R. McNeil, 1. Allen M. Burdett, Jr., 2. George P. Seneff, Jr., 2. Robert L. Pair, 1. C. J. Levan, 1. Spurgeon H. Neel, Jr., 1. Robert M. Shoemaker, L WASHINGTON D u. John D. Weni`el, 22 Raymond E. Poet, 2. Harold E. Shear, 2. - Frederick J. Harllnger, David H. Bagley. 2. George C. Talley, jr., 2. William D. Houser, 2. , Frank H. Price, Jr., 2. ? William J. Moran, 2. Marmaduke G. Bayne, 2. Kenneth R. Wheeler, 2. Donald L. Custis, 2. ; Thomas B. Hayward, 2. Thomas R. Wesehler, 2. Oliver H. Perry, Jr., 2. Arthur G. Esel, I. Edwin K. Snyder, 2. . Earl F.' Reetanus, 2 - Robert E. Cushman, Jr., Earl E. Anderson, 3. Foster C. Labile, 2. Herbert L:Beekington, 2. Creighton W. Abrams, 5. Frederick C. Weyand, 3. Donald H. Cowles, 2. ,Phillip B. Davidson, Jr.. 2. John R. beano, Jr., 2. Edward* Glanagan.-jr., 2: William C. Gribble, Jr., 2.. ? Fred Kosnet, Jr., 2. Herron N. Maples, 2. William W. Potts, 2. Bernard W. Rogers, 2. Edward C. Rowney, 2. Richard H. Taylor, 2. Vernon A. Walters, 2. Walter J. Woolwine, 2. , Evan W. Rosencrane, 1. Worth H. Bagley, 3, William H. Livingston, 1. ET13.10P/A. Harold D. Yow, 1.' " =ROPE Arthur J. Gregg, I. Andrew J. Goodpastor, 3. Melvin Z9,18, 3. George S. Blanchard, 3. - Arthur S. Collins, 2. ,Williara 1%.Desobry.?2, - John D. McLaughlin, 2. John Norton, 2. Howard W. Penney, 2. James W. Sutherland. Jr., -Robert C. Taber, 2. Jonathon R. Burton. 1. Thomas E. Fitzpatrick, Jr., L. William R. Kraft, Jr., I. Joseph C. McDonough, 1. Rolland V. Heiser. 1. Sam S. Walker, 1.' Clay T. Buckingham, L Wallace H. Nutting, I. Milton E. Key, 1. Willard Latham, I: James A. Munson, 2. Willard W. Scott, 1. Charles R. Snilltn, I. Robert D. Stevenson. I. '- Richard W. Swenson, L. Orville L. Tobiason, I. Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000700030046-6 S 9514 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD '--- SENATE Charles M. Hal?,19 -re p.?6-tanor Release 21}128LO2AGLI,I.5441131;75B00380R0 James W. Rance GREECE Charles W. Ryder, _____ _ 1 Frederick C. Turner,......" 1 stralK George H. McKee_ __ __________________ 2 George S. Morrison_____--- HOLLAND William It Bryan, Jr resislan Samuel M. Cooley, Jr_ -... John 0. Appel, 1. George S. Patton, 1. _ GERMANY David C. Jones, 3. Louis K. Wilson, Jr., 2. Wilbur L. Creech, 1. Edwin W. Robertson II, I. John C. Glrauclo,.1. George T. Bade, 3. Edward Ratkovich, 1. William R. Hayes, 1. Foster I.,. Smith, 1. Michael S. Davidson, 3. William W. Cobb, 1. Jack J. Wagstaff, 1. . James W. Nance, 1. Caries W. Ryder, Jr., I_ Frederick C. Turner, 1. :7 GP.A.24 , George H. McKee, 2Y_ George S. Morrison, 1. HOLLAND Timothy F. O'Keefe, 3, Ira A. Hunt, Jr., 1. Thomas W. Mellen, 1. John L. Oskeu, Jr- 1. UT Arnold Arnold W. Braswell. 1. Sanford K. Moats, 2. Harris W. Hollis, 2. Jambs V. Galloway, 1. vnrrivssr joha E. Murray, 1. _ Joseph R. Illatoekl, I. . Mr. PROXMIRE. Mr. President, I also reciuest unanimous consent that a list of _U.S. military servants assigned to various foreign. countries be printed in tt.e Rae- ORD. There being no objections, the list Was ordered to be printed in the REcoaD, as follows: AttrILITARY SERVANTS .Assiowsn " officers: William E. Bryan,. Jr., 1. - ICELAND- Samuel M. Cooley, Jr., 1. Devol Brett, 1; ? ? ITALY Joseph G. Wilson, 2. William W. Holt.. 1. _ George M. Johnson, Jr., 1. Wither H. Vinson, Jr., 1. Means Johnston, Jr., 3: Daniel J. Murphy, 2. Pierre N. Charbonnet, Jr., 1. JAPAN Robert E. Pursley? 2. Edward P. McNeff, 1. Welborn G. Dolvin., 2. George P. Steele 31,2. James 33. Donald.son, Jr., 1. William IL RogerS, 1. Lawrence F. Snowden, 1. KOREA John R. Murphy, 2. Richard G. Stilwell, 3. James F. Hollingsworth, 2. Richard T. Knowles, 2. Hubert S. Cunningham. 1. Henry E. Emerson, 1. William E. MoCleod, 1. John J. Koehler, Jr., 1. Frederick C. Krause, 1. Henry S. Morgan, Jr., 1. NORWAY Kendall S. Young, 1. OKINAWA Wilbur C. Weaver, 1. PANAMA. Arthur 0. Sallibury, 1. John B. Henry, Jr., I. William B. Roseau, 3. Robert H. Blount, 1. .?, PUERTO RICO James D. Ramage, 1. - PHILIPPS= Leroy J. Manor, 1. Jack R. Sadler, 1. Domphan B. Shelton, 1. PORTUGAL Robert B. Erly, 1. SPAM Salvador E. Felices, 1. TAIWAN Slade Nash, 1. Philip A. sesbany, 2. Servants Russell E. Dougherty 3 William W. Wisman....---...... - 1 Richard F. Sheeler 1 Walter E. Lotz, Jr_ __ _ 2 George G. Cantlay 1 Charles S. Minter, Jr.. 2 BRAZ/L Maurice W. Kendall Carl T. Hanson.. CAMBODIA William W. Palmer _ _ NGLArm Evan W. Rosencrarns Worth H. Bagley William H. Livingston.. - Bert A. David, 1. PACIFIC Donald V. Bennett, IL Robert R. Williams, 2. John R. Guthrie, 1. George L. Mabry, Jr, 1. Harold D. Yow ETHIOPIA EUROPE Arthur J. Gregg Andrew J. Goodpastor Melvin Eels George S. Blanchard Arthur S. Collins 1 Bert A. David 3 -June -3,1974 Devor Brett - - =AL! Joseph G. Wilson__ -__ -.- William W. Holt...-. 3 George M. Johnson, . 1 Wilber H. Vinson, ____ 1 3 Means Johnston, Daniel J. Murphy Pierre N. Charbonnet, ? JAPAN Robert E. Pursley. Edward P. 'reborn G. Dolvin George P. Steele II James D. Donaldson, __- William 13. Rogers Lawrence P. Snowden...-. John. R. Murphy-.____ Richard G. 3 James P. Hollingswortb-_. Richard T. Knowles_..... Hubert S. Cunningham . . 1 Henry E. Emerson___----- 1 William E. 1 John J. Koehler, Jr..- 1 Frederick C. Krause___-____._.___ _ Henry S. Morgan, 1 %NORWAY Kendall S. Young.._...._.......,......-------- -. 3 2 2 William R. Desobry 2 John D. McLaughlin 2 John Norton 2 Howard W. Penney 2 JaMes W. Sutherland, Jr 2 Robert C. Taber 2 Jonathon R. Burton_ 1 Thomas E. Fitzpatrick, Jr 1 William R. Kraft, Jr - 1 Joseph C. McDonough_ 1. Rolland V. Heiser Sem S. Walker Clay T. Buckingham Wallace H. Nutting Milton E. Key Willard Latham Jaraes A. Munson_ Willard W. Scott Charles R. SnillIn Robert D. Stevenson Richard W. Swenson Orville L. Tobiason 1 ?amine Donald V. Bennett________ __ 3 Robert R... Williants---=. 2 John R. Guthrie -- George L. Mabry, Jr.-- _____ _ Wilbur C. Weaver.. PANAMA Arthur G. Salisbury__-.---- -- John B. Henry, _ 1 William B. Rosson__-_----.-- 2 Robert H. Blount.- ? 1 1 James D. - 1 1 1 1 1 Charles M. Hall ' John G. Appel__ George S. Patton.. ,GRRMANY David C. Jones Louis K. Wilson, Jr Wilbur L. Creech Edwin W. Robertson II_ John C. Giraudo George J. Bade Edward Ratkovich William R. Hayes____ Poeter L. Smith Michael S. Davidson 1 1 1 Leroy T. Manor_ Jack R.. Sadler.: Doniphan B. Shelton_- ______ Robert B. Erly_______-_------ Salvador E. Felices---.. TAIWAN Slade Nash Philip A. ._ 2 Jack Bellamy-___ _ ---______ 1 Timothy P. O'Keefe 3 I Ire A. Hunt, Jr 1 1 Thomas W. Mellen John L. Oaken, Jr. 1 9 ruing= I Arnold W. Braswell 1 Se.ufrod K. _____ 2. 1 Harris W. Hollis 2 3 James V. Galloway-- _____ Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP751300380R000700030046-6 June 3, 1074 CONGRESSIONAL -RECORD ?SENATE S 9517 and admirale' than ifiStelyeek1 eve EitER vettease farig/faiigg :rgsAIRSR7Appomosp700030046-6 zero, own to not one single them -do these things ernselves. Their training started away back. One enlisted aide for the Chairman of the To my way of thinking, it is a good was a nonacademy man, made Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff' who hopefully will investment. It is not a matter of working Staff of the Air Force. be confirmed in the next few days. We people and degrading people. What bet- All their record of attainment, their had him before the committee today. ter association could they have than an reasoning?I remember what Senator Not one single aide for the Chief of Staff association with these intelligent people Carl Hayden told me when I first came of the Air Force, not one single aide for who worked their way up the ladder for to the Senate. He said: the Chief of Naval Operations, and not 30 years; highly educated people, peo- Spend your Bat two years learning how to one single aide for the Chief of Staff of pie who make decisions that affect thou- be a senator. the Army, who 'Is now in the hospital. sands and thousands of people; people They have spent all these 20-odd years So this is not an effort to effect a redue- who give orders upon which thousands learning how to be top officers, and I was tion, but art effort to go clown to -zero. I S and thousands of troops will march at proud of them and I predict for both think that is something the enate the giving of those orders. 4 A outstanding hal tsee, should keep in mind. -. ? I think it is important that we be rea- Now the Senator would come along One thing the Senator from Wisconsin sonable about this matter and not" sayand jerk the rug out from under them said, and I would like some clarification that no general and; no admiral can here, and they would hot have anything on this particular point because it is have anybody to assist him to perform to help them carry on. Every Senator on , contradictory to the amendment itself, certain duties which ,would leave him this floor, who has taken part in the is that there ought" to be some kind , of free to do the big things and make the debate on this-bill has had an aide here pool, with a certain number of people in big 'decisions and,-Perforin the big, ..,--4.P"! with him, if not two or three. Why?. We iteto perform these duties. Mr. President, I would like to propose spon.sibilities. .?-? ? ' have 'to have them.. That is 'why they ? * _ are ere.. They Pe orna a g y a substitute for the amendment of the Mr. BTENNLS President I yield h Th rf hi hl ' Senator from Wisconsin.; which would myself 5 minutes? portant function. A Senator who tries to provide exactly that.' I would like to go This is partly a Ceremonial function do everything himself is not much of a _back to the language of the Senate corn- that these men perform as an aide. This Senator. promise last year, which was approved comes down from George Washington, We have some abuse of this privilege, overwhelmingly, and which, by the way, the first Comnednder in Chief of the but all of our officers, now; are going .to resulted in a dramatic reduction from - Continental Army. 'He chad these per- have to do all this entertaining and all the House-proposed number of 1,105 quisites, and every succeeding general this protocol and everything else, and down to a compromise in conference of or admiral in. a Comparable place ' or If their. wives Wive to do it all, we are ?11eee" something below that comparable place going to find a great letdown?a'm great . - . -"???" ??? Thia eted/nein.- ha the nature Of -a. - of George Waabington, has had those letdown, a diminution of interest and in substitute which I shall offer after time Perquisites. They have official duties to the attractiveness of the office. on the. amendment has expired would be perform, they have, official entertain- I just hope the Senate will not adopt the exact amendment paeeed last year nient to perform. I am not making ex- this amendment. Let us not kill this by the Senate by a vote of 73 to 9.1 think cuses for them. You are not going tuA thing that does have a meaning?not it would comply with the effort of the Pollute them, not this easily anyway. much to us, raa,ybe, but it certainly amendment of the Senator from Wis- But this is a part of the protocol. I means a lot to them. - consin to reduce ta a great degree the am not very familiar with it. I am not a Mr. President, how much time do we abuse that has obviously taken piece, biit general, and I have not been around have remaining? not seek to go completely down to zero, many generals, but I know this is a part The PRESIDING 01rIeThete. The Sen- because there are certain eases, as the of the protocol. It is a part of the per- ator from Mississippi has 18 minutes. Senator. from South Carolina and the quisites of these higher officers?and, The Senator from Wisconsin has 15 min- , Senator from Mississippi have enumer- be the way, they are mighty scarce utes. ,ated, where e.raisted ,aides are essential, down in Mississippi- Ne.have only , two Mr. STENNIS. I yield 9 minute& to_the and necessary. - - ? - ? - down there. So this is 110t a local matter Senator from Georgia. , I am. not defending the present num- with me at all. We have some training Mr. NUNN. Mr. President, I do not ber or the age-old practice, but I am bases for the Air Force, Air and Navy; think I need that much time..I would saying, as the Senator from Wisconsin they have a lot of sunshiny days down like to Just go back over, briefly, the his- has said, that we need to have some kind there. But this is a serious matter, and tory of this particular effort by the Sen- of pool here, and this amendment would, this amendment just totally knocks all- ator from Wisconsin, because I think he in effect, provide for a ceiling of 218. of theta out, abolishes them as if it were has made a very diligent effort here, and This, as I say, would be in the nature of something evil and sinful, which it is not he has pointed out some flaws in the sYs- a substitute for the amendment of the lt all. tern as it previously existed. Senator from Wisconsin: This aide service is -something which Until December 1972, there were 1,722 Mr. PROXMIRE Mr. President, will ..e.courages the wives to carry out their enlisted aides assigned in all services. In the Senator yield? Maybe we can work part all during these military careers, May of 1973, the Secretary of Defense something out. - and they do have an.. essential part. It reduced the authorization to 1,245, to be Mr. NUNN. I yield to the Senator from. encourages them to, perform their func- effective March 1, 1974; - - ? ? ? Wisconsin. tions in the hopeful expectation of these In consideration Of the fiscal year 1974 me. pRoxmaRE. Prior to our discus_ promotions coming an time, and that- ?authorization bill, there was a ceiling es- sion on the Senate floor, We had an infore they will have some of the things that tabltshed of 1,105 ? aides. I believe that maI discussion, and I told the Senator I go with the promotions. _ was In the House Armed Services Com- was reluctant to modify my amendment We cart argue here till doomsday mittee. in accordance with his suggestion. But I bout the numbers, but my, point is, let Finally, in the House report' mem- wonder ff it would be possible to modify u3 not just abolish an institution. I do -panted by the authorization binea fiscal the pending amendment a little to .pro- eot know; I would settle for some num- year 1974 ceiling of 675 was established vide that' there be a? pool out of which ? her. But / really do not 'want to see this by Congress. That was the result of a these men could be assigned for specific Ching just abolished as if It were a compromise between the House commit- purposes to assist with entertainment _enishment on the military. tee number of 1,105 and the bill as passed functions and that kind of thing. By the way, all these men are not by the Senate last year, which contained - What concerns me is that these men _:.iends of mine, but with all the shift- an effective ceiling of 218. are- assigned to a particular, specific ad- :'.g around and everything all of a sud- So right now, Mr. President, we have miral or general, and assigned to him as ,:11, we had to have a new chairman of a ceiling of 675. This represents a reduc- a man-servant, for 4, or 5, or 6 years, or Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that called tion in an 18-month period, of 61 percent, even more. This seems to me to be what is ',1r a new Chief of Staff of the Air Force, -or 1,047. The amendment that the Sen- fundamentally wrong with the system. ed I do not know when! have been any ator from Wisconsin has now proposed I see the Senator's objections, and I 'ore favorably impressed than I have is not an effort to reduce it further; it realize there are heavy entertainment ? - en with the new men who were sent in is an effort to knock it completely out, responsibilities and so florae but it would Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000700030046-6 S 9518 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD ?SENATE ijume 3, i974 seem to me thafq'PaYgtfarrAeoIRISe 2ppplyAlgiDga-R9g7.M03W01497929:419(11k6naval or mit tary ca- pool, we might have quite a different sit- uation than with the present problem of an admiral More or leas owning, in ef- fect, an aide. I might point out also to the distin- guished Senator that this aide does not perform the kind of functions our staff assistants do. The admirals have cap- tains, lieutenant commanders, and full lieutenants to the speech writing, the clerical work, the mail answer- ing, and so forth. That official service to me is fine; no one objects to that. We are talking about washing the dishes, cleaning the house, gardening, chauf- feuring, and that type of responsibilitY. Mr. NUNN. I think the Senator- pre- sents a good argument, and Ido not of- fer any rebuttal to it. I would like to take a look at any kind of modification lan- guage the Senator might have, and have 1,en opportunity to study it. - -- Mr. PROXMIRE. I thank the Senator. Mr. NUNN. Mr. President, in concIud- Ing my brief remarks, perhaps we can get together on some kind of language that would be satisfactory. The substitute that I had planned to offer would cut the overall ceiling down to 218. This would be a reduction, a substantial reduc- tion, from the present number of 675, and I think that it would accomplish the purpose that the Senator from Wisconsin has in mind without necessarily slapping In the face every high-ranking general and admiral that we have in the service today. I would certainly agree to look at any other language the Senator from Wisconsin (Mr. Peoxienue) might have in mind for that purpose. At this time, unless someone wants me to yield to theme and I would be glad to do so,, otherwise I would like to suggest the absence of a quorum. - Mr. STENNIS. Mr. President, just act- - Ing on the spur _of the moment 'here, I ? commend the Senator from Wisconsin for being willing to do something about this thing, stopping short of cutting it out, altogether. The Senator from Geor- gia, the two of them together, have made a mighty appealing suggestion to me. To give them a chance to go to work on the language, we might have a- quorum call here, to be charged to each side, and if they disagree on any language, we could let the matter go over until tomor- row; and if they have not agreed, then we would have 10 minutes to a side and then vote on it. ,- 4 Mr. HART. Mr. President will the Sen- ator withold that request for a moment? Mr. STENNIS. Mr. Preeddent, Iyield to the Senator froze Michigan such time as he may need to make his proposition. Mr. HART. If the Senator from Mis- sissippi will temporarily withhold, as I understand it, there are two concerns. One is with respect to the number of Army, Navy, and airmen who will be put into a pool to do certain things for high- ranking officers. That is a numerical problem. The second problem is to make it clear that those functions shall not be assigned to them, such as, for example, cutting grass or washing dishes. That is the second aspect. I hope they attempt to respond to both of them. . Joilesrorr) . Is there objection to the unanimous-consent request for a call of the quorum? Mr. STENNIS. Mr. President, I will state it this way, if I may-restate it. I ask, unanimous consent to suggest the absence of a quorum with the time to be charged to each side. Mr. GOLDWATER. Mr. President, will the Senator from Mississippi withhold for a moment? I would like to make a few comments while the two Senators are conferring Mr: S'rENNIS. Mr. President, 'I yield 3 minutes to the Senator from Arizona. _ Mr. GOLDWATER. .1 probably will not take that long. The_PRESIDING Otoruneet. The Sen- ator from Arizona is recognized for 3 minutes Mr. GOLDWATER. Mr. President I do not understand the concern of the Senator from Michigan relative to the various tasks to be assigned to enlisted men. While I recognize that the GAO ha. discovered, _ whether rightly or wrOngly?and I do not have the faith in that office that some of my other col- leagues have?that not all the enlisted people volunteer?in fact, I know that they do not?I would like to say that my experience shows most of these jobs are eagerly sought after by enlisted men who like to moonlight--not just moonlight for the extra buck that might be in it, but for the extra good food, the occa- siooal "nip" that can be had on the-side, and the chance to serve someone they may have great respect for and want to serve.' I would hate to see language come out that would preclude enlisted men from accepting an offer made by a gen- eral officer, an offer that would mean not only a little more prestige in the ranks but also a little more income for him. I believe that this should be pretty much left up to the enlisted men. While Itis probably true that some are assigned, it has been my experience that these jobs are eagerly sought after. So that I would hope we would not make it impos- sible for an enlisted man who, in effect, wants to moonlight like that, to be able to do so These are the only comments I have to make on the amendment. Mr. PRO/IMRE. Mr. President, will the Senator from Arizona yield on my time?and I will yield myself a couple of minutes. ; Mr. GOLDWATER. I am happy to do Mr. PRO/MIRE. As I understand it, these are not moonlighters in the sense that they get extra money by working for a general or an admiral. I would have no objection to that. That should be en- couraged. That is- a good way for an enlisted man to pick up some extra money and enables the general or the admiral to get the help that they may need. That is good. What I object to, and what the amend- ment is designed to prevent, is the per- manent, full-time assignment of an en- listed man to a general or an admiral. Many of these enlisted men serve reers working simply as a servant and that is all they do. That is their full- time job. It is that kind of thing that is wrong especially when they belong to a particu- lar general or a particular admiral and are assigned to them on a permanent basis. _ What we are trying to work out is a pool so that when these men are as- signed, it will be on a temporary basis and for a particular function. In addi- tion, any time a general or an admiral wants to hire extra assistance, of course he is free to do that with the enlisted personnel, There is nothing in this amendment that would prevent that. Mr. GOLDWATER. I am glad to have that asurance. However, I should like to ask the Senator one question: What would it do to the -Filipinos who now serve the White House and the Naval Academy? This is a -full-time job with them although they carry Prai%ted rank, - Mr. PROXMIRE. The Senato - is right. That is another problem. But they would not be assigned by this amendment, be- cause they are not on the permanent staff of a general or an admiral, Mr. GOLDWATER. That is correct, but they are on the permanent staff of our Commander in Chief. ' Mr. PROXMIRE. The Commander in Chief is not covered by this amendment. Mr, GOLDWATER. I am glad to hear that Mr. HART. Mr. President, in fairnese to the Senator from Arizona, before he arrived in the Chamber I had expressed some dismay, I guess, that we still do that and provide those facilities. I hope sooner or later that we will fs that.. Mr. STENNIS. IVfr. President, 1 woule; suggest the absence of a quorum with the understanding that the, time will be charged to each side .eh Mr. WILLIAM L. SCOTT. Mn Presi- dent, will the Senator from Mississippi. withhold that for a moment. And will the Senator from Wisconsin yield to me? Mr. PROXMIRE. I yield 3 minutes to the Senator from Virginia. The PRESIDING OleviCER, The Sen- ator- from Virginia is recognized for 2 minutes. Mr., WILLIAM L. scow. Mr. Presi- dent, I appreciate the Senator's yielding to me. As you know 'l ani- a member of the Armed Services Committee and cer- tainly want our Armed Forces to be sei- _ond to no nation in the world. It is es- sential that we retain our military strength:- However,---where fat exists, whether in the military or in one of the executive departments of the Govern- ment, we must eliminate that fat. To have unnecessary expenditure; in any department of Government I belleie, weakens our defense system. ' We have a Defense budget for the com- ing fiscal year of appraxime,tely $87 billion and personnel costs are estimated to increase under that budget from 57 to 58 percent,. _ I am concerned about the continued Increase in the cost of personnel. It seems to be in the national interest to look into every-department of Governmer t and see Appi-oved For Release 2006/02/07 : C1A-RDP75B00380R000700t130046-6 WiFrOR000700030046-6 S 9519 Jzfrie 31 1974 Appriwed FG94-ClarASiilti'iktIgtEceilkifkIN3n6019 here we can eliminate waste. That back the remainder of his time, I will should"' include the Department of De- yield back the remainder of ray time, and fense. we can have a vote on the amendment. Mr. President, I believe that the argu- Mr. STENNIS. I yield myself 1 min- ment made by the distinguished Senator ute. from Wisconsin does have merit. While I Mr. President, I think the Senators would hope that some compromise will have worked out not a compromise but be reached on the matter, a compromise a very, fine amendment that has some that will be carried to the other body by substance, and lam going to support it. the conference committee and not be Mr. HART. Mr. President, will the Sen- weakened in conference, I see no more ator yield? - - need for the military. to have servants Mr. PROXMIRE. I yieltatiiena e r to than top officials he the. civilian part of from Michigan such time as ,he may re- the Government , ,quire* I would therefore Nine that we can Mr. HART. Mr. President I inquire Of eliminate the concept of any Govern. the coauthors of the amendment then merit, official having servants at taxpay7 concept, their intentions, theindefinition era expense. ?, f r of " official date." I therefore commend the distinguished - We have been talking about. the bur Senator for the argument that -he,has den entertainment much oe,:which is made here. While I hate to -disagree with officiel. But there is also the casual house the leadership of my own committee, I am inclined to support the amendment of the Senator from' Wisconsin unless some compromise is reached. Mr. PROXMIRE. Mn President, I ask unanimous consent?because I under- stand that with the time limitation, have to do so in order to modify my amendment?to modify-, my amendment to add at the end the following clause: Except for 218 such.. enlisted men assigned on a temporary basis by, the Secretary of De- fense to meet officiatresponsibuities. servant activity that some of these men heretofore have been engaged in, such as cutting the grass. ' We know human nature, and it might be that a general would feel that he is going to have friends in tonight and the grass has to be cut this afternoon, and that is -pretty official. That is not my notion of the function and the purpose of any man. in the military. That gentle- man can do what some of us do?hire a man or, as others do, cut the grass him- self. If he is faced with big decisions, he hae to let the grass wai t - - What that would do would be come ? promise with the suggestion by the dis- Mr. PROXMIRE. I appreciate the (mr. Senator's question. I think the elarifica- tinguished Senator from Georgia still tion will be of great help in providing for an amendment that means some- be 218 men available; but they would thing and is effective. not be assigned to specific, particular I would say, for example, that official admirals or generals. They would simply busin.ess and - official responsibilities be -available to be assigned on a tempo- would refer to- entertainment at parties raiy basis to meet official and I stress which are official parties, to which other official responsibilities, ,That would meet officials are invited, not private parties. my principal purposes. . I would say that chauffeuring would be The PRESIDING ?reel:tee. Ise e -h-r-. an official responsibility that would be objection to the modification? and proper. But duties such Mr. WILLIAM L. SCOTT. Mr. Pres- as e ing lea the house or doing the farm- ident, reserving the right to object, I dry or doing gardening or serving at wonder if the distinguished chairman of strictly private parties is obviously and the Committee on Armed Services and clearly riot official. the distinguished ranking member might Mr. HART. When the Senator indi- indicate whether they would press for cated that chauffeuring would be ?ill- this amendment that is offered by the cial, he intended to refer to chauffeuring distinguished Senator from Wisconsin or the officer around, not the family. whether it might be compromised away Mr. PROXMIRE. Exactly. Chauffeur- in the conference between the two bodies. Ing the officer on his official duties, not Mr. STEIsTNI,S. I yield myself 1 minute. chauffeuring anybody else in the family Mr. President, the Senate conferees al- and not chauffeuring the officer for puie ways press, in every way they know how, poses not related to the officer's duties. for the Senate bill as passed, and that s Mr. STENNIS. I yield myself 1 minute. includes all amendments--Mg and small Mr. President, I do not want to see and important?and all amendments are this thing whittled away just by colloquy important. There lana question about on the floor of the Senate. We still live that. I do not think I could assure the In a time when someone has to cut the Senator any further, " grass. That may be what is the matter Mr- 'VIM-JAM L. 8001-T. With that with America now that too man of us assurance, Mr- Presidentelr4hdraeeraY", want ,the other fellow to cut the ;Tres reservation. _ : and wash the dishes. The PRESIDING OseeeCER. Is there I see the electric dishwashers. All one objection to the modification? has to do is to press a button. How is Mr. THURMOND. Mr. President, the anyone going to help at an official func- distinguished Senator from Mississippi tion if we are going to exclude washing has expressed my view: the dishes? The PRESIDING 01.1,10ER. Is there I do not think we ought to whittle this objection to the modification of the away. This language has a meaning. No amendment? The Chair hears none, and one has to go into the Army now. They the amendment is so modified. are all volunteers. That is true of the Mr. PROXMIRE. Mr. President, if the other services. Senator from Mississippi wishes to yield Mr. PROXMIRE. I agree that if any of these functions are performed at an official affair of any kind, or for such an affair, obviously the Senator is correct. Someone has to serve the drinks and wash the dishes and clean up, serve the food, prepare the food for official func- tions. All of that would be official. But if this is done simply for the officer and his family, and personal friends, I would say it is not in accordance with the amendments. The officer and his family are free to hire outside help, or they can do it themselves. - It seems to me that this modification meets the only really legitimate require- ment that the admiral or the general may have for servant, because he has extraordinary responsibilities, and un- der those circumstances the military servant should be authorized ,to serve. Mr. NUNN. Mr. .President' will the Senator yield? ? - ; Mr. PROXMIRE. / yield. ? - NUNN. It is going to be almost impossible for us to define on the floor of the Senate the precise nature of every detail as to what is official, but I think that the spirit of this dialog certainly should be taken into Consideration by the Department of Defense. I would think that, looking -at legislative history:, the momentum that- this, particular move has had over the past 2 years, the Sec- retary of Defense weeld, do well to ine terpret this strictly: so that it does not become an excuse for one loophole after another. - refer the Senator from Michigan and the Senator from Wisconsin to a let- ter from Assistant Secretary of Defense William K. Brehm to Chairman Heazee of the House Mined Services Commit- tee. Mr. Brehm indicates in his letter some of the alternatives that have been looked at and says that there is an effort in DOD-to go into this" s ' - Rather than trying to define preeiseli the word "official," we should leave that to the judgment of the DOD and let them consider the dialog that has taken place here and the fact that there is a genuine Interest in this matter ma the floor of the , Senate. s - Mr. President, I ask unanimous con- sent to have printed in the RECORD the letter from Mr. William K. Brehm, As- sistant Secretary of Defense for Man- 'power and Reserve Affairs, dated Febru- ary 4, 1974, to Chairman Helmer. There being no objection, the letter, was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, as fellows: e - Assrwrairr Sitcarrawr pDrareNsr, Wasitington, D.C., February 4, 1974. lion. F. Emmen Meese', Chairman, Committee cm Armed Services, Rouse of Representatives, Washington, DEAR 34.:11.-C141113vviAbf This is to-advise yo;;" of the ,current status of the enlisted aide program. Although the Congress has already significantly reduced the aide program by establishing a ceiling of 675 aides, we have reviewed the program to try to identify al- ternatives that could feasibly seduce further the number of enlisted aides. In December 1972, there were 1722 enlisted aides assigned in all Services. In May 1973, the Secretary of Defense reduced the authori- zation to 1245, to be effective March 1, 1974. The IIASC, in Its consideration of the FY 1974 AuthorIzittion B111, established a ceiling of 1105 &Wes. Thiaily. in the Conference Re- Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75600380R000700030046-6 S 9520 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD --SENATE , June .5' , 19.74 port accompa.nARIRRYSitt212eAPPIPNLIRATRPRZ?NPANP099,7PARNMA. from New -York (Mr. FY 1974 ceiling of 675 was established by the Congress. In sum, the number of enlisted aides is being reduced by 1047 or 61% over an la-month-period. Under the 1105 ceiling established by your Committee, all generals and admirals occupying public quarters would have had at least one enlisted aide. Under the 675 ceiling', it will not be possible to authorize one aide to each general or ad- miral occupying public quarters. ' Our review reaffirmed that the majority of public quarters occupied by general and flag officers are old and large, and assist- ance is required for their care and upkeep. Also, many general and flag officer represen- tational requirements are such that. these officers need assistance. The HASC report on the FY 74 Authorization Bill recognized the validity of both of these requirements. Along with essential external representations, gen- erals and admirals seek to enhance morale and interpersonal communications within ,the military community by hosting appro- priate social gatherings. These functions re- quire assistance in quarters. The basic prob- lem is how best to provide the required as- sistance. Our review concluded that enlisted sides can best provide this support. Com- patibility with military environment, flexi- bility in work scheduling, and adaptability to varied duties are the more obvious advan- tages of using enlisted aides. The uncertain availability of qualified personnel on the civilian market and. the inherent limitations regarding irregular workloads and knowledge of military customs, protocol and procedures make the use of civilian personnel less ad- vantageous. In arriving at this general con- - elusion, alternatives for reducing the num- ber of enlisted aides have been considered. These alternatives included: (1) replacement of old and large quarters, (2) 'use of civil- ian personnel including Civil Service, and (3) personal hire .by generals_ and admirals through an increased compensation system. Replacement of the o/d and large general/ flag officer public quarters is not a realistic approach. It would be extremely costy, take considerable time to accomplish, and would not result in an immediate reduction in number of aides. Also, the Don recognizes that primary efforts should be directed to- ward providing family housing for- families of enlisted personnel and junior officers. The employment of Civil Service person- nel is a possible approach since there is no known legal bar to their employment as aides. Within the level authorized by the Congress, we plan to explore further the practicality of using Civil Service personnel (perhaps wage board employees) in lieu of enlisted aides. In examining this option, we will seek to determine the type of duties that could best be performed by civilian person- nel. In addition, consideration will be given to expanded use, as appropriate, of direct- hire or indirect-hire foreign national em- ployees in lieu of military enlisted aides overseas. Should this course of action be de- termined feasible, we would, of course, seek the prior approval of both the House and Senate Armed Services Committee. The personal hire of individuals by gen- eral/flag officers who would be compensated with a personal money allowance or by re- imbursement also has some potential. This would require specific statutory authority. Consideration will be given to requesting such statutory authority when the practic- ality of using civilians, as discussed above, has been determined. In summary, general and flag officers in public quarters often need assistance to care for those quarters and to meet repre- sentational responsibilities. While there ap- pear to be no reasonable actions that can be taken immediately to reduce the number of enlisted aides beyond the 61% reduction already in progress, there might be other implemented in the future. Don will pur- sue consideration of all practical e.nd ap- propriate alternatives within the level of effort authorized by the Congress. Sincerely, WILLIAM K. Minim. Mr. PROMAIRE. I think the Senator's suggestion is very reasonable, except that I would not want to leave this completely to the judgment of the DOD, based on past performance, because they did pro- vide regulations that no servants will any lodger be allowed tO babysit, take care of pets, but they permit them to do laundry and gardening and clean house. The spirit of the suggestion of _the Senator from Georgia, that "official" be construed strictly, would eliminate the kind of functions we have been discuss- unless they are directly connected with an official party or affair. Mr. NUNN. I do not disagree with that. The Secretary of Defense would have to determine what an official party or af- fair is. I do believe that the legislative history indicates the Senator's intention In this matter, and it is the Senator from Wisconsin's amendment. I believe that the Secretary has been put on notice that the Senator from Wisconsin expects a rather studious approach to this matter and that frivolous activity is to be cut out_ Mr. PROXMIRE.- Mr. President, I ask for the yeas and nays. The yeas and nays were ordered. Mr. PROMMIRE. Mr. President, if the Senator from Mississippi will yield back the remainder of his time, I will yield back the remainder of my time. Mr. STENNIS. I yield back the re- mainder of my time. Mr. PROXMIRE. I yield back the re- mainder of my time. The PRESIDING OrraCER. The ques- tion is on agreeing to the amendment, as modified. The yeas and nays have been ordered, and the clerk will call the roll. The legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll. Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. I announce that the Senator from California (Mr. Caawsrow) , the Senator from Arkansas (Mr. FoLsarcirr), the Senator from Ha- waii (Mr. INorrys) , the Senator, from Montana (Mr. MANSFIELD), the Senator from New Hampshire (Mr. McINryaz), the Senator from Alabama (Mr. SPARK- MAN), the Senator from California (Mr. TUNrisy) , the Senator from Texas (Mr. BENTSEN), the Senator from Idaho (Mr. Csroacn), the Senator from Massachu- setts (Mr. Krairmay), the Senator from Missouri (Mr. SYSIni'GTON), the Senator from Maine (Mr. HATHAWAY), and the Senator from Minnesota (Mr. MONDALE) are necessarily absent. - I further announce that the Senator from Utah (Mr. Moss) is absent on offi- cial business. I further announce that, if present and voting, the Senator from New Hampshire (Mr. MeINTYRE) would vote "yea." XvIr. GRIFFIN. 'I announce that the Senator from Tennessee (Mr. Blame), , the Senator from Utah (Mr. BENNETT), the Senator from Tennessee (Mr. Briock) , the Senator from New York (Mr. BUCK- Jams), the Senator from (Mr. Mardras) , and the Senator from Ore- gon (Mr. PACKWOOD) are necessarily ab- sent. ? - I further announce that the Senator from Oklahoma (Mr. BARTLETT.' and the Senator from Oklahoma (Mr. BELLMON) are absent attending a funeral. The result was announced--yeas 73, nays 4, as follows: . ? , , ? [No.- 222 Leff 1 ' YEAS-73 Aboureek r. Fong Nelson Aiken. Gravel Nun:a Allen Griffin Pastore Bayh - Gurney e Pear ion Beall Hart Pell Bible Efartke Perci Biden Haskell Proxmire Brooke - Hatfield ? Randolph ? Burdick Helms P.iblecff Byrd. Hollings Roth Harry P., Jr. Hruska Schwelker Byrd, Robert C. Huddleston Scot Hugh Cannon Hughes , Scott. Case Humphrey William!. Chiles Jackson Stafford Clark Cook Cotton Curtis Dole Johnston Stennis Long Stevens Magnuson Stew mean McClellan Taft ` McGee Talmadge Domenici - McGovern Thurmond Dominick: Metcalf Tower Eagleton - Metzen.baurn Weirker Eastland,. 0 Montoya, .? Will.ams Ervin err, orYoung Fannin Hansen. 0 McClure Goldwater . ? NOT V'OTING-23 Baker Cranston 0 McIntyre Bartlett Fulbright Mondale BellmonHathaway Mow Bennett Inouye - Packwood Bentsen 0 Javits 0 0 Sparkman Brock:000 Kennedy Symington Buckley Mansfield Tuna ey Church 0 Mathias So Mr. Prtoxivnars 0 amendment Na. 1370,as modified, was agreed to.: ' AMMTDMENT NO. 1378 Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr 0 President, I send to the desk an amendment. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will state the amendment. 00000 The second assistant legislative clerk proceeded to read the amendment as fol lows: On page 17, between lines 20 end 21, In- sert a new section as follows: "See. 703. Notwithstanding any other pro vision of law, no funds appropriated pur- suant to this or any other act may be used for the purpose of carrying out; research, testing, _ Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. Mr. Presi- dent, may we have order in the Senate? The PRESIDING OFFICER,. There will be order in the Senate. Mr. RUMPFIREY. Mr. President, I will ask the clerk to reread the amend- merit, because it is an important one. The second assistant legislative clerk read the amendment, as follows: On page 17, between lines 20 and 21, in- sert a new section as follows: "Sec. 703. Notwithstanding any other pro- vision of law, no funds appropriated pur- suant to this or any other act may be used for the purpose of carrying out research, test- ing, and/or evaluation of poisonous gases, radioactive materials, poisonous chemicals. biological or chemical warfare agents upon dogs." Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75600380R000700030046-6 June 3, 1.97,4 ? CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-- SENATE S 9521 Approved For Release 20p6/0i/07 ; CIA-RDP75B0p3?2 Mr. HUMPHREY.- Mr. resident, I small piece o cart age is removed from ea t M 092rapM0,41?-?a0) became so ask for the yeas and nays on this amend- their vocal cords." It is not clear whether sensitive that they would not voluntarily ment. - elrninating the dog's ability to bark is for the sake of the dogs or for the sake of the laboratory technicians who have to work with them. Mr. President, what is it that makes It more humane when you debark ,a dog?, The pain is there, the suffering, and the Inhumanity of it all. The procedure of testing and evaluat-? walk. The yeas and nays were ordered.? Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, when Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I will Senators read that, they will be ashamed just a -few minutes. I am offering that they ever permitted this Govern- this amendment, because there is a hue ment to indulge in such things. and cry in this country protesting what Sometime back we had a Department the Department of- Defense is doing in of Health, Education, and Welfare which relation to testing and evaluating permitted people in Tuskegee to endure poisonous gases, -radioactive material, the ravages of syphilis simply because they wanted to see what would happen In the name of research. We have stopped that kind of inhumanity, and we are going to stop this one, too. My amendment will provide the De- partment of Defense with a clear direc- tive to stop the use of dogs for the testing - of radioactive materials, poisonous chem- icals and gases; and biological germ war-- - fare agents. ' As a matter Of fact, we Ought not to be testing these agents anyway. We have - signed conventions and treaties to do away with most of the products that are used in what we call national security, gases, biological warfare. - How bad can we get? Not only have we signed treaties that eliminate the use of ? these *eapons, but now we continue to test them and use a defenseless animal, an animal that has brought joy and bap-i poisonous chemicals., germ warfare Ing poisonous gases may be described as agents, and nerve gas On dogs. The mill- "huma,ne" by DOD, but the results are tau branches are continuing to use dogs devastatingly cruel. Mr. President, I ask extensively in "gag' test programs" even unanimous consent that at the end- of though the public.. and Congress - have my remarks the scientific description of complained about, stich research. :?---. ,-,.. the behavioral changes, signs, of illness, Now tate U.S. Anna*, Edgewood Arsenal, and finally death of beagles used in a Md.,ais , advertising: for 450 beagle; pup- test of .MEA,. a poisonous industrial pies to be used to test poison gases - ' ar chemical be printed in the REcORD. ' I avant to say, jocularly, that 1-servid There being no ,objection, the scien- an 'administration in ,which beagle 'pup- tine description was ,'ordered to be pies were in the news.,I remember when printed in the RECORD, as follows: - - the President wad- scolded for picking [From ,the American Industrial - Hygiene one up by the ears. Here the Pentagon'Journal, vol. 21, 1960, p. 374J: Is is using them for testing of poisonous.' THE EFFECTS OP coarrareaes 'EXPOSURE TO ,..? ci, .,., , :1'^ . ANIMALS TO ETHANOLAMINE VAPOR gases or other materials. Now I will be moriserious. --: .':',"--i'''W 4 :-:,,t; ,.:_ ,4r4,a(ty-raorris H. Weeks, et al) An' Army spokesman has feta:let:rt.? - "The effects noted in three dogs (Ncis. 177, complaints about the Edgewood Arsenal 179 and. 480) exposed to 102 ppm MEA.'tor use of beagle puppies by sayinC,"The' Se days' were ware quite marked. At this con- dogs will not be exposed to nerve gas a centration MEA condensed on all surfaces The-issue is not whether the dogs will be, causing the pelt to become wet, matter, and pineSS to millions of people. When we talk T,: The used to test war chemicals or not .Th greasy., On theafirst day of exposure' dogs about dogs We are not talking about rats issue is the appalling nature of the eufshowed inuneeeliatobte idniscomfort by. all uneasy' and mice; we are talking about housea -, demeanor, chamber door,' eg. fering which the 'dogs must experience looking for rescue in tests of radioactivity and other non an " muzzle. nekinv hold pets, , . vigorous head panting. muzzle Within .few ClO not know haw', the 'rest of t weapon"' poisonous gasee. - '. hours, rs. a. they were Llivating and vomiting. Senate feels, but if the Department of Beagles have frequently been used in They became.progressively more restless and Defense is so hard up for research tech- variou.s kinds of gas tests ftbY the 'MS. 2g4 ti:ours of initiation of ex- beagle puppies to conduct its research, .iing between periods of niqueS that it has to advertise for 450 Army and U.S. Air Force. Just last fall quiet. Within e r Force advertised their intent todepressed, posure all were Attempts to at- then we had better close down. the re- th tract their attention byknocking on th purchase a supply of beagles to test the chamber door (normally enough for t e search' a . o_ not have anything more to hydro_ _ produced no-response hydrazine, carboa monoxidethan-eYe.shifting -Their apathy ad deoptrhees: except that I ask Senators to join m Say. 1 d y"leffectsoffiourocarbons, frezone, meta_ sia.stie, response) gen. cyanideiAllnf the a ' 'and'wi ' * e in , - , e u sion progressed to lethargy lir..18 hours. Their , SUPPOr 6 of this amendment. .' - - be tested with bee poisonous gases appetites were immediately affected, ins- - . Mr ROBERT C. BYR.D. Mr. President- until they have clied from the effects of,- proved somewhat after three days, but were' will will the distinguished Senator yield for' not good any time during exposure:- Their the fumes. Why beagles? The answer a question? ' , - feces began to softn the sixth day and Mr.liUMPHREY. Yes, ,I yield. given by the Department of Defense is en o this condition progressed to diarrhea by the - that they are ari "inexpensive, purebred eighth day,, but improved by the eighteenth Mr. ROBERT C. I3YRD. Would it be - animal." ' ---.. ' ., a, - 7 - ,, , day. aa, ,. :. ... a , ,..?...-..a.aa .... __ ?? possible for us to agree to put this vote Well, now, I may be a poor witness for "Two dogs (Nos. 179, 190) developed moist over until tomorrow? -- - ' . - - this case, because I am prejudiced, but rales by the middle of the second. week. This I had a beagle another la "Lady," was HUMPHREY. Surely. sane was was associated with a 'low-grade 'fever 103- - -,Mr ;ROBERT C..BYRD. A good many., and I am not about ready to. serve -In 104?), which ran a eouse of about two weeks.' -- ' the U.S. Senate and let' Lady's name be On several occasions dog No. 179 seemed Senators on both sides of the aisle had desecrated by the U.S. Army's testing" of ' moribund but recovered each time Until the been told -there would not be any more 25th clay?when death occurred. Leg -muscle rollcall votes today. Had I known that , poisonous gases on beagle dogs.'.'' -4.- --a a ...tremors, w ' were noted in the dogs after about . the distinguished Senator desired a roll-- Furthermore, it as just an '-Outright seventyhours.' these increased- variably. in' call vote, I would ha-'e alerted them in . shame that the Army and- the Defense severity during the exposure. - ? ..'.-g" - ' different, , a manner. But far their protec- Department continue' this kincrof in- ."Headshaking by the animals sethe begi". -' 'mon if we can agree on a t e to vote.'- humane practice/ am the author of the rung of the ex- are contributed to:hemna- t--0-Mo' rr-row,-I-wa-ui-d---ae- agree - ', ' '-. humane slaughter bill In the Congress tomsts (blood blisters) at the base of the ' . , of the United States, and I remember ears and edema (swelling) at the ear mar- Mr. HUMPHREY. May I 'say . to the protests saying they could not have that gins. Though headshaking stopped after the .- majority whip that it is perfectly agree- kind of legislation, that you just could fourth day, most of the ear margin-tissue able with lie. As a matter of 'fact,- I, - was necrotic (rotted) at the end of the eX- , brought this amendment up at this hour .-- : - not ---?ehange WhaCWR3 goingablvia the slaughterhouse; but we did. - aa -- - ??- Theisikin aroundthe-scrotit and .-because I know it is not-the Most basic j'a- ' ., Ierimue sternum enta sensitive about the )b day amendment on the bill, but it is a matter' I hope to get the Senate to remind raw and of some concern to me personally. 1 feel the Army, the Air Force, and other exposure. At these and -other points, this branches of the service that there are condition gradually progressed to ulceration; very strongly about it. But I thought - , better ways of listing gases and radio- by the ninth day the ulcers were covered by we could dispose of it, take care of It as active particles than doing it upon dogs a thick black eschar (dead tissue). Sooth- quickly as we could, and then get down ing ointment did not seem to relieve the ir- to the more substantive provisions of this . that are the pets of millions of children ritation. The areas of ulceration were (1) bill. But tomorrow, if the Senator can' and and their families in this country., on the amendment. The DOD argues that its testing pro- slicordoyt-to-al.f0000rt coecontact regions - . (sternum, arrange a time, I am prepared at any cedure is humane. It says that the dogs (major scrotum, folds )o,v(er) j!xi)fcipg aerated ,y be ee nareastoes, time to vote es, . are "debarked" before the experiments and under ears), and (3) skin tension areas Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. I thank the through "a simple operation in which a (around eyes, nose). The feet of .the two Senator. _ Approved-For Release 2006/02/07 .:.C1A-RD075B0-03130R000706030046-6 ' S 9522 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD ? SENA 1E June? 3', 974 P BOOVOR000700030046-6 aRDIEll ran'ti proyedTcatItReleasliagpfgOgrig briletal3p 75 nd it was o y Zet=l1:MTZDTT for those reasons that I suggest the., the Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. May I ask the distinguished chairman of the committee and the distinguished ranking Member on the other side of the aisle whether the following agreement is satisfactory with them? I would ask unanimous consent that, if it is agreeable with the Senator from Minnesota and other Senators, there be a time limitation ori the amend- ment by Mr. McGovelue, amendment No. 1347, of 45 minutes to the side; that the Senate convene tomorrow at 10 o'clock; that at 10:30 the Senate resume the con- sideration of the pending bill, at which time the amendment by Mr. MCGOVERN will be before the Senate, and the time on Ins amendment, totenna 1 hour and a half, will then begin to-run; that upon. the disposition of the amendment by Mr. McGovetue, the third amendment by Mr. PROXMIRE, No. 138a, be made the pending, question, on which there will be a limita- tion of 3 hours to be equally divided; and that upon the disposition of that amend? - ment, the Senate then resume the con- sideration of the amendment of the dis- tinguished Senator from Minnesota (Mr. - Iiirefegaler Mr. HUIvIPHRze . _May I obtain the attention of the majority- whip and that of the chairman. of the Armed Services Committee, the distinguished Senator from Mississippi (Mr. See/erase. e I asked for the yeas and nays. My in- terest is not to see whether we would have a number of rollcalIs. I am inter- ested in the legislation. I would be per- fectly willing to ask that the yeas and nays request be rescinded by showing that we were going to have a favorable yore here. I note that we would have been able to get a favorable vote, and I just wondered how the chairman of the com- mittee felt. How does the chairman of the committee feel about this? _ ? Mr. STMNINIS. Mr. President,- if r may respond, I have not had any chance?I do not think anyone has had any chance?to look into this matter at all. I feel that there is no alternative of- fered here. I feel that it ought to be looked into at least so that we can see what the services say about it. I would want time to present their view and, perhaps, the view of others, too. ? I do not think here, late today, in view _ of what has been said, in effect, that we were not going to have any more votes, that we ought to vote on it now. - Mr. HIMIPFIREY. I was not seeking . elude the development and irnplemerctation the yeas and nays. . --e?e -e-7. by the centractor of a plane-Jr utilizing plant, Mr. STENNIS. I understand that.- equipment. and personnel previously utilized Mr. HUMPHREY. Mae; I say to the in performing defense contracts or subcon- faajority whip that the Senator worked tracts. in one or more of the following enter- it out the way he wishes. I shall not P "(f) fuel efficient transportation systems, press for the yeas and nays tonight, but including rreeet transit and rail transporta- enetime tomorrow, we could.. do it the eine, systems; nest thing in the morning so far as I am "(2) eonstruction of moderately priced concerned, housing- or Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. May I say to "(3) the development of any product or he distinguished Senator that the Sen- equipment or the sale of any service utiliz- ing a new method or technology that will aror from South Dakota had been as- conserve fuels or other material in short ared his amendment would be the first supply or that will increase the feasibility of rder Of business tomorrow; the Senator recycling any material in short supply. feorn Wisconsin (Mr. PROXMIRE) had "(b) Priority shall be given under this title eeert told that his would follow the ells- to supporting economic demonstration iosit-10/1 of the amendment by the Sen- projects that will: Senator from Minnesota's amendment would come up third tomorrow. Mr. HUMPHREY% That is agreeable to me. - - - Mr. STENNIS. I have no objection to the amendment of the Senator from Minnesota coming after those other amendments. Fifteen minutes to each side. e Mr: HUMPHREY. Yes. Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. I modify my request accordingly, allowing 15 rain- utes to each side- on the amendment of - the Senator from Minnesota. - The PRESIDLNG OleFiCtii. Is there objection? _ Without objection, the_ unanimous-consent, request is approved. Mr_ McGOVE'RN, Mr. President, I can up my amendment 1347. The PRESIDING Orratereg. The amendment will be 'stated. The assistant legislative clerk read as follows: - - On page T, after line-25, add a new title as - - "TITLE VD?ECONOMIC CONVERSION DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS "Sec. 705. (a)- There is hereby eel ahlished within the Department of Defense an office to be known as the Office of Economic Ad- just-meat (hereinafter in this section referred to as the 'Office'). It shall be the function of the Office to carry out the provisions of this title, under the supervision and control of the Secretary of Defense. - "(b) There shall be at the head of the Of- fice an officer to be known as the Director of the Office of Economic Adjustment (herein- after in this section referred to as the Di- rector'), The Director shall pe appointed by the Secretary- of Defense. "Sec. 702, (a), There are authorized to be appropriated during the fiscal year ending June 3e. 19'75, the aura of $100,000,000 for the purpose of conducting economic conversion demonstration projects under this title. "(b) Any contractor shall he eligible to Participate in an economic conversion demon- stration, project under this title if such con- tractor, within the precednig twelve-month period, had in effect one or more contracts or subcontracts providing for the perform- ance of services or the furnishing of materials or equipment for the Department of Defense, the total value of such contracts or subcon- tracts exceeded $10,000,000, and such con- tracts or subcontracts were completed, can- celed or reduced, without replacement by similar contracts or subcontracts' to produce a net reduction equal to more than 25 per ceeittun of the dollar value of the contractor's besiness with the Department of Defense. "Sec. aoa. (a) Economic conversion demon- stration projects under this title shall III.. ? . "(I) utilize, to the, greatest extere prac- ticable. the existing equipment, facetlea, and" employees of a contractor; "(2) have the greatest. promise ef long- term economic vtabilitye "(3) utilize or develop. technologies that conserve fuel or othet materials in short supply; "(3) utilize or develop technorogiesethat. conserve fuel or: othet materials In short* - supply: ' - "(4) pursue unique products, technology:" or- production methods that are not direct.", competition with busbees that are-not eligible'. for assistance under this title; and ? "(5) - be located in. areas with an uneme? ployment rete of 8 percentum or greater or which are likely to become 8 per centum or greater as: a consequence of the curtail'- meat. or cancellation of a defense contract. -- "See. 704. In- carrying: out the previa/one', of this title the Director is-authorized to,: "(1) make grants to- any eiigible eontrac- ton sufficient to cover up. to 50 per centum..,:e' of the cost pe planning any ecoeonec con- version demonstration project; "(2) make or guarantee low-interest, long- term loans far the purpose of assisting any_ eligible-contractor to carry-out an- economic"- conversion demonstration project; "(3) provide technical and, managerial assistance to any eligible contractor to assist such contractor to plan or carry C Ut are:. economic conversion demoWtration, project; "(4) prescribe such terms and conditions ? on assistance provided under the tetle- as _ may, be necessary to:protect the interests ol the United States and Insure the success of- the program authorized by this title_ "Sec. 705. In .pericrrning the- duties as- . signed by this title, the Director is authorized to: 7"." "(I) employ on. a temporary basis, or eon. _ treat- with, private firms or Individuals with - expertise wilier may be helpful in f riding - solutions to specific. economicadjustment problenes; ? - "(2) secure the assistance of other Federal agencies which administer economic cleqelope meat programs or conduct activities which . might utilize the facilities or employ the , manpower of 'contractors eligible for assist- ance under this title; and "(3) transfer the authority to use funds - provided under this title to the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Iloualee and Urban Development, or to the head of-e. any other department or agency or the Federal Government which has an opera- tional program that would be useful in the- planning and implementation or economic conversion demonstration projectae On page 8, line-1, strike out -Trims Ver and insert in lieu thereof "TITLE VIII". _ Remember section 701 as section aoi. Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. Mr. President., there will be no more rollcall votes today. The PRESIDLNC OreaCER. Without ? objection, the amendment of the Senator - from Wisconsin is temporarily laid aside, and the Senate will proceed to consider the amendment of the Senator from South. Dakota. Mr.:McGOVERN.-WhtIe we have ,3en- ators on the floor, Task for the yeas and nays. The yeas and nays were ordered. ORDER FOR RECOGNIT/ON OF S ATOR MONTOYA TOMORROW Mr. ROBERT C. BYRD. Mr. Presic'ent. I ask unanimous consent that after the two leaders or their designees have been recognized on tomorrow under the stand- ing order, the distinguished Senator from Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75600380R000700030046-6 r S I 4..LitS4i AP-Proved FEIRSetaig.,p06/02/07 : CIA-RDP75800880R080700030046-6 Li"L ROMING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) FROM: EXTENSION NO. Legislative Counsel 7D43 DATE 5 June 1974 STAT TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) I . The Senate in its consider- . 2. ation of S. 3000, the Defense Authorization bill for FY 75, approved an amendment by 3. Senator Proxmire amending the National Security Act of 1947 to define the Agency's role over- 4. seas and within the U. S. The bill now goes to the House. 5 . (Excerpt from Record attache6.T) 6. .. 7. GE GE L. Legislative Counsel 8. cc: Dili DDCI 9. DDO DDI DDM&S 10. DDS& T OGC IC 1). IG NIO 12. COMPT 13. 14. 15. Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000700030046-6 ' Ain us! P..,"2.5:tis crrprr 7 cowl DENT1 AL ri IIITERHAL licr v ? ;