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December 19, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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May 1, 1962
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Approved For Rase 2006/01/ CL -DP76-00183RQ Q400020119-9 DIARY NOTES DD/S 1 May 1962 25X1A5A1 1. I talked with General Carter an to make final arrange- 25X1A6D ments for the trip to for the period 21-25 May. 2. I advised matt Baird that the Executive Committee had approved his proposals for changes in the cash incentive Language Awards Program and asked him to draft the necessary implementing notice. 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 25X A6D 3. I talked to Ting Sheldon and Mr. Kirkpatrick about I I. Ting said that he would have a DD/I position by the end of the week. Kirk said to let me know if he could be of any help. 4. I talked with and John Bross on separate occasions and finally undertook to prepare a letter to the Bureau of the Budget justifying the _eore .+ difference between the original and c rent cost estimates o 25X1A9A as/red b o 25X1A6D .eo~vx:s5 .. 5. 1 also talked with continuing to be the DD/S Budget Analyst. I told John that I would like to continue the present arrangement; however, I intend that in his capacity as SPA-DD/S, will devote some of his time to DD/S budget matters and will be the point of contact in this office for 6. 1 notified I to put the car, which has been assigned to Mr. Dulles, back in the pool effective tomorrow. 7- I Ireported that was quite "shook up" as 95X1AE1A1 i e a c din g ___ op, result of his telephone conversation with me last week. (nian is sen of the Memorandum of Conversation with MrI -egarding his discussion, which in substance says that the latter sees no difficulty in completing the construction by December but thinks that it is utterly impossible to occupy it by that date.) 8. I notified Emmett Echols that the new Fitness Report form had been approved and that he could disseminate the necessary information with regard to it. 9. I also notified Emmett that the three secretaries who had been assigned to Mr. Dulles are to be relieved effective tomorrow. When Mr. Dulles returns from Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400020119-9 SECRET rng Approved For Relgjse 2006/01/0 q rN P76-00183ROOQ400020119-9 in about two weeks, we will furnish one secretary for a period of thirty to sixty ys. 9. I agreed wi hat the latter would report to the Office of DD/S on Monday, 7 May, to assume his duties as the Special Planning Assistant to the DD/S. 25X1 10, alked with me about the possibility of joining 25X1A6A the IG a turn from II I said that, while I had agreed to this at one time, I was not sure that it would be good for George. (On 2 May I discussed this with George who expressed a preference for some other assignment, to which I 25X1 agreed. Inasmuch asi ill be leaving the IG Staff, DD/S will have no people there. Accordingly, Jack has requested that we nominate a few candidates, and I have asked DD/S office heads for their suggestions. Jack has also requested a Junior Administrative Assistant for his office.) 11. I spent some time with Colonel Briggs (WAC) of CONARC, who was an old friend of General Carter as well as of General Bedell Smith. She advised me that the Army has been directed to take over all language training for the armed forces and to establish an armed forces language school in the Washington area. She has been charged with exploring this matter in some depth and making appropriate recommenda- 25X1A9A tions. I turned her over tol f OTR and told him that I would be interested in knowing how their negotiations came out. 12. Mr. Dulles telephoned to request assistance in locating a downtown office consisting of two or three rooms. He thought that he would like to be near the Metropolitan Club or, as the alternative, near his home. I told him that I would have something for him to consider when he returns in about two 25X1 weeks, and I have asked Logistics to come up with something. 13. Shef Edwards talked to me about the possibility of ho 25X1 has been working on the NPIC continuing this capacity, as 25X1 well as replacing as the NPIC Security Officer. I told him that I thought this would work all right. 14. I advised Shef Edwards that, effective tomorrow, we no longer would pro- vide a security aide for Mr. Dulles. LKW:jas Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400020119-9 SECRET