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November 17, 2016
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March 10, 1998
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April 20, 1959
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Approvediirwor Release 2000/09/11: CIA-RDa78-02820A000500020033-8 0111011?1111?111.110111141111,1111,111M. 20 April 1959 nEMORAMUUM TO THE FILE &hBaBLT: Report of Trip to Cedar Repide, Iowa Ile On 2 April 19590 I arrived at the eenide, Iowa, to obeeree the erection of a 2 ee obtain practical experience which will be use, fee this type. Uc gar when in 25X1A5a plant in Cedar 25X1A5 c ,.odic Antenna telling Tnt re antennae 2. The 70 ft. steel supporting towers had en erected bellore my arriVal, ee that I was unable to learn much about thatephase of the ereetton. However, )7, wee thoreughly briefed .y the erection crew an the procedurea that they 4 eueloyed in the aesembly and erection of the towers. 3. The re indee of the first day ens epent In attaching the rot r aseemtly to the main ma ;t and lifting it into its eupporting trunnion. Tt/it5 proved to be a time consuming and dangeroue operation, due to the tact that in this cane the neeembly vas being actomplished in a manner which was directly oppoaite to usual peucedures. The reversal of assembly procedurea was ma dat ry becauee the 6.wm ank antenna array had been previcusly aseembled and partially erected. However, during the first erection, a high tenet of wind twisted the mast aections and the mein boom was dropped, damaging only certain sections of the element* and towers vimi were replaced, leaving the main center boom in one piece. Under normal cenditions the rotor aseembly would be placedint its trunnion firati the 20. ft. eeetions of the boom then being -attached, one at a time. This procedure makes aenembly of the boom and rotor a relatively simple operation. However, attempting to attaia the rotor last and then raise the entire 105 ft. length of boom into Ito trunnion proved impractical. 4. The following day was utilized in attaching the elements to the boom and preparing the winches and lifting assemblies that would finally pull the en- tire boom and antenna array into its upright position between the towers and inst its upper bearing. 5. On 6 April, the actual raising of the entire array was initiated. A winch mounted on a 10 ton wrecker wan utilized for the lift. A 5/8" steel cable wan used, passing from the wrecker, over the top of the two /Oft. towers, and attached to the boom, which was lying on the ground, at a point approximately 35 ft 0 from the outer end. In order to prevent side sway and provide a means of guiding the boom between the towers during the raising process, two trucks (one placed on each aide of the towers) were utilized. Attached to each truck was a guy line, which in-turh was attached to the boom at the lifting point. By control- ling the movement of the vehieles0 the centering of the boom was accomplished dur- ing t e lifting procedure. However, precise eorrdination between the two truck drivers and the winch operator presented some very tense moments. Despite these obstacles all went well and the boom was bolted into its bearing by about 1900 that niemt. Approved For Release 2000/ 78-02820A000500020033-8 4. I Approve%LiFor Releas -R4W78-02820A000500020033-8 owimifti?Twomompoitimmot, ATaillECT: Ileport oZ Trip to Cedar apit: ^ 6 7 April 1959, was spen in making final guy adjtataa 1-, and diuussing the do's and don'ts that shceld be followed in future erectior T. In conclusion, I recommend the following items uhict I think will li..aeLlitate the erection of this aize and tyee antenna, and imooe the sarety ag the liffting operation. . Expansion or screu type guy anchors should not grount conditionc, are definitely very hard and Two extra anchors (whether earth or conerete a posttion that guns antathed to each will stegde the lifting proceas. This will eliminate the d enced with trucks. o. Tre stresses being applied while raising the hc ahceld be removed from the supporting towexa. by pouring concrete bases for the towers of sue supports for the rotor assembly trunnion are ma. foundation. In this manner the stresees impoan operation would be applied to the fandation at of the supporting towers. utilized unless fat all times. plececA in 1Le boom &ring Itlaulties expert, 25X1A5a1 )D1 and rotor assembly 1::s can be accomplioted 1 o sive thet the e part of the tower (uring the lifting ier than to the legs 8. Photographs or the deseribed operation are on file L the Field Engineer- Ing Section/SEB/OC-E. Astribution: Original - Routing/File 1 - b Caron? Monthly Report Approved For Retgrodis'enciffrgill ? cIA-RDP78-02820A000500020033-8 _ 25X1A9a