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November 11, 2016
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February 8, 1999
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February 19, 1964
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Approved For Relese 1999/08/2 DP78-04QR000200270001-6 . 19 February 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Security SUBJECT : Office of Security Statistical Report for JANUARY 1964 1. The attached tables and charts reflect some of the activities of certain components of the Office during January 1964. 2. The statistics in the tables are compiled by the component concerned and refer to the current month. 3. The charts are prepared in this Office from the statistics in the tables and afford a means of comparing the various accomplishments, work loads, and activities from the beginning of the current fiscal year to date. 4. Table D has been revised in order to break out a new category of covert cases, Security Access Approvals, which were previously reported in the statistics for Covert Security Clearances. A change in reporting was considered necessary because individuals granted access approvals do not hold clearances for any covert activities. Security 2rWf-AlS approvals are not considered clearances. 6. Following are noteworthy items for the month: a. The Director of Security participated in the following activities: briefed Mr. Don Smith, Bureau of the Budget on the proliferation of security systems; previewed the Security Approved For Release 1999/08/27'. -.Q40(}4RU9 200270001-6 P NIFIN PPE pop C ' ` iJ rn~lcl Approved For Release 1999 A-RDP78-0404R000200270001-6 25X1A6a 25X1 C8c 25X1A9a 25X1A8a 25X1A13c 25X1X7 25X1 C8a 25X1A6a Indoctrination Program; met with Archives officials on the security aspects of the John F. Kennedy Library; addressed the Midcareer Course #2 at-; briefed Mr. - 25X1 C8c on OS functions and organization; discussed with the U. S. Commissioners courtroom facilities and other details concerning the enforcement of parking regula- tions; attended a seminar on industrial security in OS; addressed the Area and Project Security Officers Conference; and visited Dr. Brockway McMillan (Undersecretary of the Air Force) with for the purpose of obtaining special clearances required for members of the Critical Collection Problems Com- mittee, USIB. b. The Deputy Director of Security was coordinator for the during the recent crisis. c. The Deputy Director of Security (PPS) and members of his Staff attended the court of the U. S. Commissioner at the Pentagon to observe the proceedings as they relate to parking violations. d. A proposed Headquarters Notice "Enforcement of Parking Instructions and Regulations" was submitted for publication which furnished information concerning the first hearing scheduled to be held by the U. S. Commissioner as well as the posting and for- feiting of collateral. f. Officers and members of the 25X1X7 were met and facilitated through customs upon their arrival in New York City. Assistance was also rendered to three who entered the U. S. at 25X1A6a for eight wee s computer training under CIA-NSA sponsorship with handling any local emergencies during their training period. - 2 - Approved For Release 1999/08{7 ;CIA-RDP 0001-6 Approved For Release 199 25X1A13c 25X1A13c 25X1A6 25X1A13c 040QAR000200270001-6 h. Arrangements were completed with the Department of State for a waiver of inadmissibility to enable individuals of interest 25 A 3eecurity Research Staff /OS to visit the United States. j. A threatened strike at a classified industrial site has been averted by the signing of a new two year labor contract which also included grievances outside of the classified area. The dispute was apparently caused by a local union leader who was denied ac- cess to the classified area. The company had previously been advised there were no security objections to the admittance of union representatives to the area provided all classified equipment and material were removed. 1. Messrs. Jack J. Valenti and Walter Jenkins, Aides to the President, were briefed on special clearance matters by the Chief, SSC. n. Security support was furnished to the Finance Division on 25X1A6a the movement of sensitive material from to the Headquarters Building. The Finance Division was also furnished advice and guidance concerning the physical protection of official Agency funds. -3- Approved For Release 1999/ 27 : CIA-RD 7, 8-004004R000200270001-6 } Approved For Relee 1999 PI-O4OQ4ROOO2OO27OOOl-6 25X1A6a 25X1A6a o. Technical advice and guidance was furnished to the ap- propriate area divisions in regard to the procurement and instal- lation of ultrasonic alarm systems for p. The Safety Officer reviewed and approved the fire evacua- 25X1A6a tion plans for the Broyhill Building and for 25X1A13d s. The SRD/OS Automation Index Project is initially underway 25X1A9a with the full time assignment of Mr. as Project 25X1A9a Manager and Mrs. as the Supervising Editor. Relative to automation, the Director of Security has emphasized the need for clerical and professional training in this area so maximum ADP benefits can be derived. In addition, he desires that immediate thought be given to the capturing of information contained in synopses and summaries now being prepared by OS components so that through ADP, a print-out of these synopses and summaries can be accomplished. 25X1A9a t. The CIA Damage Assessment Task Force agreed on a format for the final report on the -case. Agency components are re- quired to submit their reports by 15 March 1964 with the exception of DDP which will complete its study by 1 June 1964. Approved For Release 1999/Q JA-R 70001-6 Approved For Release 1999108-127 : CIA-RDP78-040G4R000200270001-6 u. The implications of the recent publicity caused by the news release on the Soviet Union's economy were summarized and as- sessed from a security standpoint. Suggestions for certain courses of action were submitted to the Deputy Director for Support for consideration in connection with future Agency relations with the news media. v. A report was prepared for the DCI to send to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board finalizing actions taken by the intelligence community agencies in pursuit of Recommendation No. 18 of the Joint Study Group. The paper finalizes efforts made in the last twelve months by member agencies to improve their security and counterintelligence programs. 25X1A9a -5- Approved For Release I 99 7.jCIA-RDP78-04004. ,0,,200270001-6