Report on Status of Operational Security

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December 9, 2016
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March 11, 1998
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November 7, 1949
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ApproviNgicwspelpase2,00 O*08,:,CIA-,RDP78.1WW00500020042-9 CONFIDENTIM. DOC REV BATE kV? /Co BY t"i 4.)1g7 BRIG COMP . CPI / TYPE 0815 CLASS _C. PAGES REV CLASS UST -)--1---NEKT REY 9-''D /40_ AVE! HA 104 7 November 1949 MEUORANDUU TO THE DIRECTM OF CENT AAL INTELLIGENCE.- SUBJECT: Report on Status of Operational Security 1. I feel that the continuing responsibilities of the I&S Staff for advice to you on formulation of security po1ie2,- I-wit:ire a brief .report on the current status. of "Operational Security". TheOpera- ? tional Security of CIA is deteriorating rapidly.. I believe that im- mediate remedial action is required. 2. While the Personnel, ?hysioal, and Information Security of the Agency continues to improve and may be considered excellent, sound Operational Security is gained through command channels and can be ? attained only, if all operations receive ceNrefUl overall. coordination: and control in both the planning and implementation phases. - .34. Examples of the lack of this overall control, as it effects - security, may be cited as follows: . a. No coordination in planning nor in execution between ? clandestine intelligence projects (OSO)and clandestine opera tionel projects (OPC); which is in some oases tending to com- promise both. b. Confused andlaultiple overlap between OSO, OPC, and 00/C in approaching and dealing with intelligence sources--such as aliens, agents, consultants, and foreign agencies, which is tending ? to threaten or ?blow" sources. or to make such persons too familiar with our operation. c. Grave dangers arising when overall policies are lacking in the establishment of cover in both the training and field phases, and the transition of individuals through various types of cover. 8. While CB responsibility has been given to one Assistant Director, it is difficult to implement due to the necessity of im- pressing CB controls and guidance on parallel offices. e. . There is a need for better intra-CIA operational pro-: ' oedure in the working relationships between the collectors of clandestine intelligence and the producers of finished intel- ligence. While Operational SecUrity demands a certain amount of isolation one from the others.overallsecurity is weakendd by se 2001/08/08 CIA-RQE7A-nrjr090042-9 uRET .COMIVEtir Approved ForNiv*V001/08/08 : CIA-RDP78-0 07A0005M20042-9 the lack of guidance from one 'category of intelligence operations to the other; such as sound requirements to collectors and on the other hend sound CE guidance to evaluators and producers. ? 4. I realize that higher re4hority has prevented you from central? izing clandestine operations. However, pending decision as to the extent of your authority over OPC and in view of the threatened compromise to the security of the whole clandestine effort, I believe your legal responsibility for protection of sources permits you to adopt certain positive controls. RECOMMENDATIONS: I therefore recommend that you activate in the Di rioter office an Operations Control Staff. This staff should be composed of three senior Intelligence Officials, plus necessary minimum assistants. . . These officials should be arbitrarily chosen from. present- Chiefs of Area Bremehes in order to insure the highest qualified persons available. - I would suggest selecting one each from OSO, On, and ORE. The functions of the Operations Control Staff would be to exercise in your name the broad control and coordination necessary to avoid the conditions mentioned. above... It would insure thet clandestine operations or aIl,types:would:be.kept at a: high degree of security and efficiency'. SHEFFIELD EDWARD Colonel, We Chief Inspection and Security Staff: CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/0814 ? 78-04007A000500020042-9 ??4.0