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December 14, 2016
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September 8, 2000
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November 7, 1949
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Approved For Relefe 2003/08/05: CI 718A00QQ0020040- 3' ?-'?saL OGC- S.V[ 1:1Ma'1 ORANDTTh FOR: Chief., COAPS Entry, Status and Disposal of Aliens REFERENCES: (A) Memo to DCI fr General Counsel, (C) Memo for DCI frCOAPS, dtd 4 Nov 1949, subject: Proposed Admin. Instr. re entry, status and Disposal of Aliens dated 28 Oct, subject: Proposed Admin. Instr. re Entry, Status, and Disposal of Aliens. (attachment 1) - Draft Admin. Inst. (attachment 2) - Memo to Exec fr General Counsel, dtd 29 Sept Memo for DCI fr General Counsel, dtd 3 Nov, subject: Proposed Admin. Instr. concerning Aliens in U. S. (Attach 1) 1. The references set forth the administrative problems involved in the entry, status, and disposal of aliens. We believe they clearly indicate the need for eentraliZed' control directly responsible to the Director for the adminis- trative aspects of this problem and the liaison with appropriate outside agencies. 2. The draft Administrative Instruction, attachment 1 in reference (A),' o des for such control and places it in the Operations of COAPS. Originally this function was placed in the General Counsel in which it grew by force of circumstances. This involved the Legal Staff directly in operations and seems to be an improper function of such a staff section. Reference (C) recommended the function be placed in I&S. The same criticism applies to the exercise of this function by that Staff. 3. If an Operations S. erf Pf is created under COAPS for coordination of operational problems, it would seem appropriate they handle any alien problem which is common to OSO, OPC, and 00/C. We feel this assignment will be efficient and logical and would relegate the Legal Staff to its proper 25X1A ApprovedforRelease 2003/08/0 - - 8 ANDARO FOR proved For Rel as 2003/08/05 Office Memorandum, ^ %cutive Registry 718A00 4020 NITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO The rector of Central Intelligence DATE:28 October 1949 .FROM : General Counsel SUBJECT; Proposed Administrative Instruction Re Entry, Status and Disposal of Aliens. 1. Enclosed herewith is a proposed Administrative Instruction concern- in'n one of the more difficult. problems within CIA. -A draft has been coordi- nated with,OSO.and meets with their approval. A draft was furnished to OPC some time ago, and, although it was indicated they might wish to.make some coxmnent, we have received no further word from them. 'It is felt that publi- cation of this Instruction 'is necessary at this time as an appropriate ad- ministrative control measure. It is purely procedural in nature and is not intended to affect planning and substantive responsibilities. 2. The problems which have occurred and which give rise to the neces- sity for the attached Instruction are set forth in-my memorandum to the Ex- ecutive, dated 29 September 1949, which is attached hereto.- v 3.. In connection with responsibilities concerning alien problems which this paper will place on this office, we believe that your wishes are accur- ately reflected. This is based on a discussion of the problem with the Ex- ecutive and the Deputy Executive. Wherever the principal responsibility is placed, we feel it is absolutely essential that administrative control and coordinating responsibilities be set in one office or unit. 4. In contemplation of this office assuming the responsibilities out- lined, we have made an estimate of the amount of work which will be required. In addition to the normal processing of the numerous individual cases, we pro- pose to initiate research in the entire field of handling aliens within the United States, with particular emphasis on the problem of, disposal of aliens .once they have served their purpose for CIA. We feel this research is essen- tial to a successful program. Such activity will, of course, be coordinated within-CIA, using existing facilities wherever possible. The problem of dis- posal appears to be the most difficult and complicated aspect of the entire problem. Consequently, we propose to assign the duties in connection with the above responsibilities to an individual who normally will have no other work assignments. We propose to use the existing_P-6. slot in the office for this function. In order to have adequate secretarial assistance,.we propose to assign a CAF-5 slot. Consequently, we find it necessary to request two additional slots for this office. The slots are proposed as a P-4 (P-5) po- sition and a CAF-5 position. We regret the necessity for such a request, but, after careful consideration of the workload and responsibilities to be assumed, we feel that the additional slots are the minimum necessary to successful ac- .complishment. 25X1A Ends: 2 LA ENCE R.,, HOUSTON . 1. Proposed Admin. Instruc. on subject. ,20 Memo to Exec., 29 Sep. 49 fr GC, ' re _Prtblems' Relating to.Subject. Approved ForRelea$e 2003/08/05 :. CI