Major Alterations to the Power Generating Plant(Classified) by Office of Communications, Comments Concerning

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November 11, 2016
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March 24, 1998
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November 26, 1956
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78-05-201 A000100110009-3 25X1A6a', 1. 049D Logist-I frCM Director of C '.visits received informatio by a copy of DIR 38W3 (OUT the expenditure of pmt at the - 2. After dis s' follcwng information was 0 a* gonerating es due to rapid ages in 25X1A6a , 25X1A6a 25X1A6a office of O=Mmicaticns and the three ng Fw YET tw-- with four 100 $ iT Banerators prm=IMS stars at the receiver station VWn a and autborized replace f Office of Camm=jcatian etoc s ? eroanditure of ftaft to Bid e frOO Beal. Estee I%w OC-Z representatives appreci.- e ffi . c era oft o th l de s had been worked out M d that ~--_ sta e etc. Vbjeh were pre a by their u&Awe. ad sense to inlu a all, station facilities, limiting it to rurOlY ions facilities. "ice of E mcations had. approved ruction to enlarge the generating Approved For Release 199SQ&gft CIA-RDP78-05201 A000100110009-3 Approved For Release 1999/08/ rator ca ity ex. is tbin the corm equi t a% Lion apetia . RDP78-05201 A0001 00110009-3 /5`1 utiltlea? etc., )fact ate.d be 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release"' AjIt&: ?1A 100110009-3