A Plan to bring NIS Coverage into Alignment with known User Requirements and IC Priorities Guidance

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November 9, 2016
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October 20, 1998
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March 14, 1973
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):- Approved For Release 199 MDP78-0559 14 }Aarch 1973 25X1A1a MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director for Intelligence SUBJECT : A Plan to bring NIS Coverage into Alignment with known User Requirements and IC Priorities Guidance 1. The Plan reduces General Survey coverage from 124 to 83 countries (listing is Tab A) on a schedule of 20 to 25 General Surveys annually (present schedule is 30). The Plan shortens the average maintenance cycle from approximately 3 years to less than 2 years and continues to gear frequency of maintenance to the co- ordinated country priorities. Procedures for updating will become increasingly flexible as production of the new bound-by-chapter format progresses. The quality of analysis and of writing and presentation will improve as the Plan, even with manpower reductions. would better align coverage with production and processing capabilities. The Factbook would continue present coverage. 2. CIA manpower requirements under this Plan could be reduced approximately 15% to These figures exclude PSD and external contracts. 4t :E;, H_XT AU'TH: L. E M. 25X1A1a IMPDET CL BY 019641 Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 Approved For Release - DP78-05597A000200010048-2 (See Tab B for further breakdown.) VIA manpower allocations to the Program have been severely reduced during PY 73 and at present are not sufficient to greet scheduled rbligations. 3. With each cutback in the Program in the past, contributing components have tcncled to reduce resource allocations beyond the Program cutback to ti.+.at the NIS effort has been chronically under manned. Quality and schedule both suffer. This Plan for reduced covera-,o provides an opportunity for contributors to bring production obligations and resource allocations into better balance. Accordingly, the --stun ted possible manpower reductions; are not in direct proportion to reductions iii coverage. 4. Roder t history of the NIS Program shows reductions in costs to the Agency as follows: FY70 FY 71 FY72 25X1A1a In FY 72 the NIS Program accounted for less than .6% of the Agency' a Operating Program and slightly more than 5% of the costa of intelligence production. Costs for the current fiscal year will Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 Approved For Release 1999 - + P78-05597A000200010048-2 be further and reduced as re6ult of an >ppro inxtely 2:?`','? prod t1c:.ic+a c~its::c . rc iti;cg frc p perii,:,nr4el reductions directed is e-s x j;- 197 "o ,:wk 4'rzti;?z.:~ to climiratn :he Program in interc:3i::; eurfF:ce ironi Lime to time. Consc-quc,ai:i , Lhe fu1lo.ving reasons for continuing the r: organ i at :h~ .a: i azum, but viable, level indicated in this m.c r,orar dum t.r fn u mittcd for consideration. a. Tlh.- is only U. S. Government publication scrier; that pxc~is"~~ coordinated, :uthoritative, regularly c; datc:d, and oa "w1f basic inform- ation and analysis of all sigziific t 7.rp ;cis of ti:: countries of national security interest. b. The PIIS serves known requirements of a large and varied audience. An averzge of 400 copies of each General Survey (on 30 countries) will be disseminated during FT 73. The C. nernl Survey in used in Embassies, military commands, aboard Navy vessels, in training facilittem worldwide. It is used for basic reference and general orientation by briefers, staff officers, desk officers, case officers, and planning staffs, Approved For Release 1999/09/20 CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 Approved For Release 1 DP78-05597A000200010048-2 In rx;lUary and civic:?:n agencies, and by government contractors The nature and interest of the audience was 25X1A5a1 val+_dated formakl y by o major user survey in 1969 and is informaUy v~ci d tcd on a continuing `-axis by fan mail and by requests for addi iod .l co ?iea. C, ty utilt.;ing in the NIS the specialised expertise available to the vs: ious departments and agencies of the Government, rind by broad dirsem.ination of the General Survey and be Factbook, duplication of production effort in the ba i.c intelti6ance field is minimised. If the Program were abolished as a community or national intelligence effort, we kn ,v from. e,.-perience that .carious individual agencies would soon find it n*cessary to be-Sin production of a basic intelligence series on their own. d. The NIS also serves knows needs of the producers. Preparation and coordination of NIS contributions enhances the development of expertise and of analytic and writing skills among the analyst/producers. The General Survey -Appr-oved_For-Release..1-999/0-9t2II. O D.Q -004&.2-.. Approved For Release 9991 G - P78-05597A000200010048-2 provides a quality publication outs.-t for analysts who, under the limitations of the new Publication Guidelines, might otherwise lose zhe edge and serge of purpose inherent in seeing their work published and used. 25X1A9a JOIN KERRY KING Director Basic and Geographic Intelligence 2 .Etttztchmei.ts as sued Distribution: O&2 - Addressee 1 - Ch/NISD/BGI 2 - D/BGI D/BGI:JKK.ing:mjc/2845(14 March 73) Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 1fl VTSF D NI,`:t C;OVE''.RAG CC PLAN Grp. p 1 (21 countries) -- coiucidw with the 21 countries assigned highest priority in DCII) l/2. Within this group, major powers either hostile to or not firriily allied with the U. S. and countries that have a role in situations that pose a serious threat to U. S. interests would be maintained at least every Z years, the remainder on a 2-3 year cycle. Egypt WESTERN HEPhlISPTTT'IRE 25X6A Brazil 25X6A Approved For Release 1999/09/20: CIA-RDP78-05597A00b1b'0d'10048-2 EASTERN EUROPE Czechoslovakia East Germany Poland U.S.S.R. WESTERN EUROPE France 25X6A-RD Italy rl 4" 14 Fr FAR EAST 25X6A North Korea N orth Vietnam People's Rep. of China South Korea South Vietnam MIDDLE EAST 25X6A E '? IMPDET CL BY 019G=I1 Approved For Release 1999/09/20 : CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 Approved For Release I 999/09/2O,':.,C A"- P78-05597A000200010048-2 Groh > II (02 countries) -- excludes, in addition to others of love r priority, countries listed in Section D of DCID 1/2 and comprises those that demonstrate some degree of hostility toward the U. S. or are important to specific U. S. national interests -- political, economic or strategic -- and at the same time exhibit symptoms of internal instability. These would be maintained on a 3-4 year cycle. AFRICA EASTERN FAR EUROPE EAST Algeria Ethiopia Ghana Libya Morocco Nigeria Rhodesia Somalia South Africa Albania Bulgaria Hungary Romania Yugoslavia WESTERN EUROPE Burma Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Nationalist China 25X6A Sudan Tunisia Zaire LATIN AMERICA Austria Belgium Cyprus Denmark Finland Philippines Singapore Thailand MIDDLE Greece EAST Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia Dominican Republic Ecuador Guatemala Nicaragua Panama Peru Venezuela Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Afghanistan Bangladesh Iran Iraq Jordan Lebanon Pakistan Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka Syria Turkey 1r~i 1 ;I~j Approved For Release 1999/09/20 ?GIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 :.. TA'? 1' Approved For Release 1999/09/20 CIA-RDP78-05597A000200010048-2 NIL, hESO(J.RC.;;S A1,T,OC/?.TIO`1 (CI)) Coninnitincnt Resources Proposed FY 73 Program FY 73 25 GS Society Chap- ters 2 Factbook Contributions OER 29 GS Economy Chap- 16 GS Economy Chap- 15 ill/Y ters ters 2 Factbook Contri- 2 Factbook Contri- butions butions NISD/BGI NIS Editing, Process-NIS editing, proc- 55 M/Y ing, and Publication essing, publication, and Country Profile and Country Profile Chapter Production Chapter production ''")MMMER CE (Contract) ar. of Eco. 20 GS Society Analysis Chapters DOMESTIC Completing con- &INTER- tract commitment NATIONAL for Detailed BUSINESS Sections and proc- ADM. essing support for 6 GS Country Profile and Economy Chapters DDO 9 GS Intel]. and Security Chapters OSI 8 GS Science Chapters T'SD Printing 41 GS Political & 25 GS Political 23 M/Y I 13 M/Y Society Chapters Chapters 2 Factbook Contri- 2 Factbool. Contri- butions butions 9 GS Economy Chapters 9 GS Intell. and 9 M/Y Security Chapter s Proposed Prograin 9 m /y 55 M/Y=:- 25X1A1a 9 M/Y 8 GS Science 3 M/Y 3 M/Y Chapters (in-house) (in-house) 25X1A1a Printing *Includes augmentation of Country Profile Staff k; ?~" IMPDET CL Y 01O'3 Approved For Release I 999/0 j ,j1t- rf [lj 8- 05597A000200010048-2