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January 4, 2017
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October 4, 1974
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CU IPHOTO ACC[SSIOA ,O.1 LOT n0. i d i App 6 r- IJl#ase bP7,89" AREA cAws wo.l 3 14 couniT L i1sfONT rucr G[OGRA /HIC COORDINATES 0aIIVQ TITLIE F YAr lnCl 1VTiCI ATorA. TvHoicc _3'H10fT;/0 41-oc 25X1 A OAT[ OI Kiln[ SOU CAPTIOWIED by Y[RI/IID B7 s 60 eved Pa Z 00110006 -1 CAPTION REPORT CM 1NOTO 1,310. San' cApk F e .ROY Nc CIA F[9P78 8 r LOT NO. AREA (AMS No.) 31 j t'E MoE ruc G[OGRA NIC COORDIMAT[S 25X1A DATE Or ICiU CLA331rICAT10N roRr no. RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 SEP 1948 6O- CAPTION REPORT 1 CIA (PHOTO A ASS ID t ar p App For (eJe ClA RW@ AREA UMS MO.1 COUNT RT rROYINC[ I- U rM 1 7 o RNTA CA c[DCRANIC COORDINATES 4L R[r[R[NCc 25X1A TITLE DATE Or PICTURE SOU MV I CAPTIONED R� Y[RIII[D B Rani A,pproved For Releaa4 DP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 falm SEP 19.8 60 -5.3 CAPTION REPORT .o Iw-- eT2RS -1 CIA veoro ACC Sani v A po' F LOT C?Rjliepe CIA L coumloy ro PLACE T LIE 19 Nt I A 0--W-#9-S --TH DATE 6 CAPT11 I proved Par FORM No. 3-05867A0001 00110006-1 SEP 1948 60 CAPTION REPORT Ct4 1MOTO A i z oe LOT MO Appr CO UNTR oved F3 se: CIA F AREA IAMt Np,l C TS/ COORDIMA I Y i G[OGRA /NIC T[S Al* R[r[R[NC[ A l LrJf PtO5Hui1/ f Lf c E O IC fflcf_t___ RDL--- r?e. oAT[ or nc -uR[ 25X1A TA M eled A- RDP78- 05867A0001001 "00U"- seP se sfl- CAPTION REPORT CIA tPnGiU ACCESS ON+q,y LOT NQ. AP,EA 1Ar1 l Lv. RDP7WOU& 00100110006 rP c Az A Wr E ,[O ;AAPN IC 0004DIIIATES rlf ..rrlp'` Wigil n 33 ook IT LE C YPT 25X1 A DATE OF PICTU E SOUR Q ty y Cl A$SIf 1 =l7IQN a" CAPTIQAE:, nv Vflll!Q ^7 ro.- No. sn lase �'e CAPTION REPORT !A-R -05867A ClA :PHOTO aCCESSI `p 5 tot N0. na7 APE a !Awe T e ry CIA R6KA 05&VA M 011000 C P T /9; Rp GOVP AT C fql ao EJ;aa ?nlC COn01NATES 300 zbI eiq 5 LE (;E 5 TV tS TH E /Y/ Ti r"' L IORTiV lEzr/0y tA.D Da7E 0! PI(Tuwl 50ll RCE OE PI: TUw MAY 25X1A Cl a$SI! IC:TION CaPT 104(v PI Y(wlllEO RT �p N 0100110006 -1 sc Ina� �O CAPTION REPORT CIA IPMOTO ACCESSION NO.1 tOT NO. 0 A 7 1 Sano.. oved ik se CIA RDP78Loj86QQ6a1Aool i OOQ6 AREA IArS %C;.? L falp CO I ro?YJ J J, coveAwsl?., O'llfzo GlE0',RAPM I C 100631 NAT ES I TL f '3oo ga '311 31,- ild (IT M twrr u i L-'p i da, 25X1 DATE OF PICTU lyo CZ Y L' I t f PI -For Del--.,e FRDP78 06867AOOOIOOI IFORM 0. to. Approved I'% v E. 1%411 3 CAPTION REPORT Ct a -a PnG TO AC CUSS ION J 1 l0i 0. LJ f 1 .Rf. T a e CIA RDP7 Eo;Pa lc COO4OINOTES ...r 3 .ITC: 25X1A CnTE OF PICTUN 950 CAPTIONC3 P\ YCPIIIfO f 011M NO. CAPTION REPORT CIA IPHGTO ACCEsS 10N N0.1 LOT N0. nArE AREA TAWS se: CIA RDP,7WMn- 'q,0001001 EO:aA7 �C :oOc OIN Ai ES f vIlC 3o arJ '31 3E f E,E,,: K I iIE t� aULT E C w I&V dC E- UG ti a s o f TNT_ .c S Cxac t 25X1 A DATE OF PIC10iE SO Co CEASSIFICAi ION C.P71O.EZ, rr vEulll!O ^I E N ani z sc ,,.e eo.s CAPTION REPORT 1 CIA IPMOTO ACCESSION NO.I Lot "NO. Qmr%LZ roved F so iA/l oo AREA (AV! Y0.1 COVN FROV IY.0 �l.C[ 7 G P E0;RA?Ml1 001DINATES I TL M &L C Ps 25X1 A DATE OF PICTURE S R 1 (15 0 CI ASi1(ICATIO C A P T I O N E I v 1 Ir I[ D i -Approved Forrxeleasse !lt (ORN No. $0.53 CAPTION REPORT CIA IPnGTO ACCES5ION No.I Lot N0. i� PAT[ Ak(A T _ase :CIA RDB7 3 OM 1 +EOi4APMIC .0OI.,_.,[ OS^ l `RC 4 I I TL c V-1 DATE OF PICTl1 �F cl.sslluTlo� CAPTIONf 41 Yf WI[IEO �_1 FURY NO. 00100110006 -1 sv IoAe eo. y CAPTION REPORT CIA KPM.GTO ACCESSION %(),I tot 0 40. JDATI Saba, Ar%p loved FdrgQ(Fase C I A RD W -G&ITA000 100 11 000fk ARIA is., %U.) CVO( RY I I 4i I j(;o s %11#9 rE0 L006DINATES TIT LE 3 f. 25X1 VATE OF PICTURE SU CLA55fFICATIO room NO. %.PC P liLized AppFeved For 3-05867Annnl GO 10006-1 ;E' I%&* CAPTION R EP owl CIA N0.1 101 N-0--/V pil- 071-0ar-M001 001 100061ot,,- APEA pqF-I 1 I c-bp FAN IA n so-v /,f.? 25X1 CIATE Of PICTURE C A S S I F I C A 7 10 N__ OfiY MO ioved Foi Qa'ea..-,qu 78 06867AO00100140-0-0-r-m-1 CAPTION REPORT CIA.. IFtIGiO._,rC[$S1 t k 1 3 l0T N0. ,aE, I,Y[ %c,. J else CIA- D vGOS4 v R V/9 ,Er .EO'iR ,PNIC C004pIN,1E5 rin 1 i1: Of7 V 0/2 rq MS M E Q T,s 1Lc_: _yf A vC T oAI___nom 0,40 at n o ff- QL So 00 s P -1LRaE MBE T ii 25X1A [-ATE OF ulC CIASSIFICA110N C,PT ION E: ^Y v I u I f 1 g D !T FORM No_ 05867A000100110006 -1 SE 19"(t so CAPTION REPORT I CIA LPM610 Ar.C(SSI 5'kl[4 LOT No f Ar%lr%lo%vin AREA I A.S 'L,% ....�d D0a47G?A00010011000@;-i/� z o S L4 IVI-4 I C 0 001 DIN AT c 25XlA DATE Of I( t)41 I i I s 0 CAPIiCj.[a P fOAY NO 1. a C, MR78-0 001 1 00063-1 CAPTION REPORT 25X6 Sanitized -Approved For Release: CIA RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 Next s) In Document Exempt Sanitized Approved For Release: CIA RDP78- 05867A000100110 CIA /PHOTO Ac Sa 9d Approved &Melease CIAj- RDRMOK67A00010011000 -1 All[ Al AMS 040.1 4-lm l COUNIRT FaocF I PROVING lAC1 to GEOGRAPHIC COORWMAT[S 0 7 D /,0 5. MAP R[f[R[NC[ T i NiS /tic G 4 I'7I'ss I H 6t/ O i is S Cri9k 25X1A OAT[ Of PICTURE I SOUR CLIISSIPICATIOM CATION[O ST I ""'into Sf IP78-058WA0001 00110006-1 anitize r ved F `sEr t94a 60-53 CAPTION REPORT �O 1- M71l-1 CIA [Fm.010 ACCESSION N(,.) OT N0 017& pATt _2 AREA I A. 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COUN I RO[ LAC[ RA C 1 I puCNEs i7v Ho.,,- l /RIQS E/ LLE GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MAP RE /GRENCE 1C TITLE {_I Q!I osWEi E lt Qom_ 19/15 EI.44E_ 25X1 A DATE OT ICTUR[ SO CAPTIONED Ol Y[RI /II RT ea GIA- RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 IDR SEP f9[e R O. 60-53 CAPTION REPORT I�- .erns -I CIA cPncTU Acc[ss1oN Y(/., Tot YD. L t l A roved ar 6 Q Xjump ease CI -RAP r844@818$/0001001100 E L.P. Ili An .A IA- ,,I CO{'f.1 (i Ar 1 7G Nc Ovcrif DU H N s L A 0 1 ,.i AY71,', 00 1 NAT ES vAi� _iw C O Sa SE It 25X1A DATE Of PICTt,y SO CC ASSII ICA1 'APTIQN[:, "t f O11 Al NO. 60.53 CAPTION REPORT C I A I Prf G T O A r C E Si W (OT NO I Sara W- rove'aarkike, X13P7f&W67A00010011(0jM-1 AF4LX (A-' %u., CVL-%7R1 k, R e I u 11,20 1 j V b 14,#*f- RS LL G EG A rlM t t %ATE 5 TITLj VA00 12 ("04 -T 25XlA CLA', I LAI 17 CAPT.DNE py I VERIF1 ed Approved Eor Relea6 I in-n-n-raw FO 10- 50. 5) v A A 5I: 1 A CAPTION REPORT C. CIA IPSLTO ACCESSION C N0.1 lOT NO. OJT[ AREA or "ase C -R t WoFA000100110 1 G COI-NT E q. J: l iJCE ovr Es Dv HO "i91eSE /LL ;CO ;o APNI-, ;OODIgIT ES i ITEE 1 YELLM c a 25X1A DATE Of PICTOQE SO C L A S S I F I C A T I O W CAPTIONE:, �r Foplu Y[ol J"IFD `�T No. rmar Rai 000100110006 scr 1 9AD 'o 53 CAPTION REPORT CIA IPr+O,O ACCESSION NO I LOi %O, ^AT{ rlRekase CI 719@56MA000100110 ABC AREA lAr .�C, COVNT T P R 3 I�:!F 4 iovcNEs Dv o ,FO .RAP.fi: 'OD u,INAT I T L{ O S ASre 25X1A DATE Of PICTIIF CLASSY ICATIDM CAPTIONE_ pT \I srl vl fp PT NO. 05867A000100110006 -1 SE' "'D Ao.� CAPTION REPORT CIA tf`Msi70 ACCJSJojj N(,.j LOT No. 3 APIA IA-R607b 001100 ipcois D I TL f 4 At 0 S.? E'-DT*9T/Oml )aVf4 ro 25XlA DATE OF P;CTof SUu CL -SS I F I CAT, 0;; FOS.. po. A p p v u -Re] e 167A00G1.001 10006- CAPTION REPORT fi CIA 1 NOTO A CC[ g ryoggd Ap L rove (prase Cl/ A PDP/7 -P,6"7,400010011 AREA IA71S MD.1 l 4 3 COUNTR/ R M fvC f- i PO AUTL7 V ARo7r PLACE O V S E GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES 3 "Al' REVERENCE 3 6 __Q f b 13 TITLE Q 0 10- c9 Vi _aOeiD__ a5_D_ �M- i pgss cR rAaclTr. y o 25X1A DATE or PICTURE CusSIncAnoN cAn1oN[D sT nt Sanit' -Approved For Relea vERlntD IA- RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 SEP 19 a 60 -53 u CAPTION REPORT CG tMOTO A Si1D)1 D.[ lf` L lOT MO. AR lAM3 NO./ Iced App 8 d e rg rp CIA, fRDP T il 1 COUNTRY PROVINCE n Cc j uC[ GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES A S ol D [R aav Y.AP R[fCNCE n TITI[ -ts we- R S XPss rr cc? {ZIC oATC of ICuRC 25Xl A }SOUP. E S,- CAPTIONED RY I V[RI /'IEO OT FORM no. ele8s '.IA- RDP78- 05867A00010011000 SE t9fB 6U- CAPTION REPORT 1� 3T114j CIA I.r. AC Sa Apor`oved Fv -W gase CIA- RDP78?0t 7Ap0 ARIA IAM5 P40.1 5 COONTRT r PLACI f j r I lIE 1 f3QIS 5[OGRAPNIC COORDIMAT[5 NAP R[rERCNC[ TITLE 25X1A DATEO e. Iq I cusslncAnoN CAPTIONED !T ved For Relea RDP78- 05867A000100110 -1 rwr Ro. 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT SEP t9 {5 Iw-- ll;U -1 e CIA (PHOTO ACCESSION M9.) LOT NO. San iti21 6 Approv F 4ffte CIA 7Y0 -WDP 01001100 9 AREA IAMS MO.1 I COUN T T I`I l (/9Nc I 5 .je 6EOGRANIC COONDIMAT[S G MAP REFERENCE T17 L[ lI nL TH 25X1A DATE O. /ICTU R[ cussncAnoM CAPTIONED MT YLRI /[D 8� A- RDP78- 05867A000 -1 IRV t4e MD. CO -3 CAPTION REPORT SE U Iw- w))aS -t I CU (PHOTO AC CE SSION XO.1 A oved r ase CIAiAbP7 01001100 AREA IAMA XO.1 ([OU XTRT I?AN C I PROVINCE I C E I NE IAC- J ITl J A/It S G[OGRAHIC COORDIXAT[a rAf R[1[R[XCl Sa e oar v doL Qy.It'/l ilTipa. 25X1A DATE or ICTUR[ CLASSV7CATIDM CAPTIOR[D RT Approved For Relea RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 ro,lr o- 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT SEP f 9i8 s CI v/l oto AC CES SION it' 6 por @d r 0t ese Cl -RDP /8057.ff 10011001' AREA UMS NO.) 6 COUMTRr I /ROYIMC[ PLACE C GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MA/ REFERENCE j TO TE KTloN9L,_ _.ur0 6 L Pv_slTiO!i r DATE .1 lICl..r 25X1A cusslncenoX cAnoX[o er Saniti Approved For Release :tDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 `"7r l9ie 60-53 CAPTION REPORT CIA 1NOTO ACCESSION NO./ LOT ND. Sanit' a pp oved R e CIAt2bP7Ap01001100 4z .q_6 pfp I AREA TAMS NO.) COUNTRY ROVING[ L11C[ 5'bl AcE 5 EN 19is G[OGRANIC COORDINATES NA REFERENCE 'Sa D4 o c TITLE S Ec p nc Can_ 25 so DAY[ OF PICTU CUISSiT1CAT W M CAPTIONED OT V[Rlfl[O RT Sand "proved For Relea6 A- RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 T�'" EP t 9N 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT S n.D IA- ATIU -1 i CIA 1HOTO ACC S a n l9k e!Ap prove d F f apse Cl AO- VbP780 "7AQP0100110 J AREA IAMS NO.1 i C04VTRI r 17t) c ROTINC[ PLACE -AS GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MAP REFERENCE TITLE To 3 7 I ed!9siv_lA vrona (7ae _Q.jam� /D_T_c1 xi ss_ avTOpfO_. 25X1A DATE OP PICTCR[ I SOURCE OT PICTURE CEJ1331IiCAT10M CAPTIONED OT Tl[O OT San' ed A Y[MI Approved For Relea IA- RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 TDRY D. 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT SEP 1948 1.. erEU -t CIA "fiPl92 /_Q App tSir'd F R e :CIA t15P7 A 5 T3-J AMEA LAMS MO.1 I COVMT MT MOVING[ FLACK 5 M F2 adr 1 SE /.46 Aa s GEDGMAMIC CODMDIMATES MA MEEEMEMCE TITII 3 N g 3tad9 -1aroMOr46_ (l3r_T I!� OUX 25X1A oATC or nciuME Isou cusslncAno" CA i1D "ID Sanitize Approved For Releasv D R.DP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT o ,r. I SEP 19tH "A fNOTO ACCESSION AREA fAM3 MO_ v 3 NO. pp r- R_Ise 67A0 6[OGRAPNIC coo Q P 1 T RDIMAT 1 [5 J` J /j It ROVIN[ OC SI TITi[ V `.'1 V 5 E PI-AC[ �_..y MAP N[I[p[ht!I{` 09jS OAT[ O>r It, 25X1 t 144 e Ws/PleerloN SEP 60 -53 CIA- RDP78- 05867A000 p CAPTI REPpRT [of *o. uro6RAPM[C DIMA itd a PR OYIRC[ I J Y/YY =RfRCf DVS /NG, O1rL �i v 9, T Dart os ncrui 1A 4 A. w S ap"" Approv g ease' "CIASRfjlp- 05867AOO*A)l0006 -1 G[OC1AY[i COODIIAT[S r.r ..1 wow.! IRn/ IP ao c LOi NO. CI11- tPNDI'ORG t ze -_Apo roved Pier 08``TA 9,_ 100 0.E COUNIR l ARU tSM3 NO.1 3 G[OGRJIPNIC COORDINR7[5 nn[ uN TF. US Z th c FA P 2 u 25X1 A or Dt[ or "D'niti r N A-ROP7 6 -1 102M NO. 6d_5 SEP 1948 CIA 1NO10 ACCESSION M0.1 OTC San' i ig$ jApprdved LOi NO. For(gel4ii CIA- DP70- QS867 AQ00100110006 ARU IAMB NO./ NG[ 350M I COUMT ROVI I PIACI GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES J 1`- -I/' I "Al Nt /t [MCl C 0 VTJ0 OS't fLS 25X1A DATE Of PjTUR[ _f t V O CLASSIFICATION CAPTIONLD bT V114IfICU IIT I� ur RO. 0 -53 CAPTION REPORT SEP 19 {R CIA IPHOTO Appr V dd F e CIA-pp 9,5w6 Ao 00100110006 AREA MMS NO.$ COUNTRY ROVING[ II PUG[ ?50/ TT c[OCRArHtc COOIIDINAT[S MAP R[1 IRINCI TITLE d P RJR new_ 25XIA DATE OI IcTUR[ SOURC CLASSMEAT10N CA TIONLD RT Y[MIII[D O Sanitizes Approved For ReleaseA- RDP78- 05867A0001001 -1 rolITL No. 60-53 CAPTION REPORT SIP 194" CU tNOTO ACC[8 FO. ,a edFOl4tifise :CIA- �78 -Q58 GEOGRAPHIC COORD AT[R R F J( 7 TH A/ PuCt MAP M I i TITL['" j F I DATE 01 ICTUR[ 25X1 A CLAS[ITICA110N CAPTIONED 60- Unitize RDP78- 05867A00010011000' ='I SEP 19[8 CAPTION REPORT CIA I.NOTO ACCESSION no.) lOT NO. S gt 6c79Apprcwed Forkei- CIA- FC513&QpC}poy000100110006- AREA IANS NO.) COUMIR, PROVINCE PuCt a SOM it�co IOA tyw Ntg I D ANNNA GEOGRAPHIC COOROINAT[S MAP RLILRLNCL 33n1. ?os3T ,cam TITLE come. 25X1A CAaIONLD BY YUllrl[D n1 Sanitil. A pproved For Release -R P78- 05867A000100110006 -1 ro[r RO. 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT SFP 19R In euu -1 VAll F IPHOTO AC 5 ION. LOT MO. Sffnig j fj- 1App r F e a se :_C 68%IA60010011 -00 PROYINC PIRCP NO.y COUNiRr SU a (Ids o A ivy f 1r C COOROIHAT[5 I TRLL TN F W i/i F M TF 25X1 A oAic Or PICTURC Isoullcc or rlc,uec cuI[slncAnoN vtRintO nT CAPTION R 011 QpQ.6 s +9id 60 -53 CIA (PHOTO A(;54g0j Apor`+ift-d for Fjaase CIA _`I bF7- 08tAc00010011Q6 -1 AREA IAMS N0.1 COVNT R7 OVIw C[ r 1 'U" GEOGR4NIC COORDINATES MAP Rtft Rt%CE TITLE E4C TAI J r 1) _'1 Qf i 6 Tir 25X1A DATE or Iciumt .ouncc cussvlcwnoN CA 710X[0 0T [IT Sanitiz -Approved For Releas CIA- RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 P t9i 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT 1.- -7.1% 1 SE i CIA (PHOTO AC Sa ON. G.11 App'Wbd F,or ase CI YRDP7- Q5P.7_A900100110006'-1 AREA IAMS NO. J1 COUNT RT MOPING[ rucr r /1411 P12 GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MAP R[I[RI NC[ 25X1A GATE Or PICTURE SOURCE 01 T cusslncAnbN CAPTIONtO II vERln 4 Sat 1tized Approved For Relea A- RDP78- 05867A000100110006 -1 sEr tsie 60-53 CAPTION REPORT i CIA (PHOTO ACCESSION MQ.1 LOI NO. 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DATL OF ICTUR[ 1951 ISOURC[Of ICTUR[ News _1 orbn L 6 CLASSIFICATION ,Real ricted 25X1A CAPTIONED NY ks poE 11 1 MD. a 0001 00110006 -1 P f9 {B 60- 3 CAPTION vn IA -nau -1 I' CIA 1 NOTO ACCESSION NO.1 T NO Saii Appo E Q rpe4 ape :CIA FtDP78- QffiU AREA TAMS hO.1 K ROYINC[ I f LACI G[OGRA NIC CO D' Ai[S O N O R K H- 2s} Q C, i NAP RL /LRLNCL' C_z iv _3_ 1- 7 c TITLE p hoto No. 1 on pngo 9) V1eT of Knreibuk Iron and Stool Yh �orks 25X1A DATE Of ICTOR[ SOUgC[ Of ICTUR[_ cusslnunoN lies icto 25X1 A 25X1 A CATIO roved For Releae CIA- 000100110006 -1 PORM sL s CAPTION REPORT 3 I CIA (PHOTO AC SSIOI{)I, Z LOT ND q I RJ^ A'� anI .A Ove r 'r y Q se :CIA j'(,,'!jL7(Ch7 Z 0100110 6 -1 AREA CANS NO.) OL I I< I COUNTR Turkey i PRONISC rkisehi. LA E:}:ischir GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES `u+fl MAP ""RLNCE s TITLE (photo Nod 1 on page 24)7 view of ;he Kilicoglu Tile and Brick Factory at skischir 25X1A DATE OF PICTUq[ SOURCE 0/ /ICTUR a -9 457 CLASSIMATION Restricted 25X1 A 25X1 A CAPTIONED BY v[eiii[ii -ur S elease CI 000100110006 -1 I TORY MD. 6Q 5 PTION REPORT SEP 1948 a.o a -�nu -1 i CIA (PHOTO A; 'M App S v H d F Q7r RQc CIA TDP 8,67gQ,p 100110 06 -1 V .F AREA IAMS NO./ (COUNTRY PROVING[ PUCI 8- a Turkey E'sl:isehi_r Eslcin-eiiir GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MAP REPLRENCE 3 9 6 3 0 3 1 E TITLE -C- (photo No. 2 on page 5 North vier of the Kilico lu Tile and 3ri6_ Fact a', Eskleehir. 25X1A DATE OF PICTUR[. SOURC[ 0 PIC c !_4 sl CLASSIFICATION Restricted 25X1 25X1A cArnoN[o VV vEplrfro nT WrOVO)ftr Releae CI A000100110006 -1 T SEP DtY f9E R 8 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT t CIA (PHOTO A [w ptjoV' 9d F Qjr f Z p l g s? CIA RY3P78 5 67p01 5 Oo 714 TANS NO.) COUNTRY �___CE PROVINCE 8 k Turkey Eskisehir Eskisehir O[OGRAIHIC COORDINATES NAr REFERENCE 30 c TITLE (photo 1loy 3 on page 26) S outhern vie of the Kilico .-Ju Tiln an-1 3rick Factor-,- at E:,: :i3ehir. 25XI A DATE or PICT UR[. SOURCE O[ ICTUR[ cusslncAnoN Restricted 2 5X1 A 25X1 A CAPTIONED BY vERmr. p fo fd--For ReleasO CIA 000100110006 -1 r T" 1 9 2i 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT SE N -nrns -I CIA IPHOTO ACgS@490 V, a rz tC, Appffigd FopRglqarg CIA- A 011 W06-1 AREA (ANS NO.1 I COUNTRY PROVINCE 9 L I K- Turkey I Eskisehir GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MAP REFERENCE 30 T9TLlE oto Noq It on paqle 27? Prror plant; turbo-generators- an:1 cont-ol KillcoClu Tile and Brick Facto m! -Sai i 9 25XlA 1 5oulictorrictupit CLASsiriCATION Restrictc!d 25XlA 25X1 A CAPTIONED A 000100110006 -1 mv ffi& For Releas0zaA l 's" F l p",9'4 0 i 60-53 CAPTION REPORT CIA (PHOTO A LOT 110- iriWi6d-AppovedFW-Riete4et:CIA"'K'bP7- ARIEA TAMS NO.1 -1 I tL TUJ? j PROVINct LACF Z:ey E.,: e',. 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Brick actory. 2 5X1 A OATE OP PICTUR[ I SOURCE O PICTURE CLl1SSWICATION Restricted 25X1 A 25X1 A CAPTIONED BY VcRIFI[D BT nr& f or Releas{ 00100110006 -1 TORY 10 SEP 1418 48 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT CIA (HOTO ACga4 Ap P k ho d Fqr-Rq)egqe: CIA; Pt)P70-0b.8&7-AO0010011)DdO6-1 i LOT AREA (AN -Z 1 COU"TRY I PROVINCE PLACt 8 ri%tirim. y ---7 S e h i I ir GEOGRAPHIC COOROINATIES MAP REFERENCE 7S Er TITLE CLFhoto 1 10 on paZo Bric 'LU Evicyt 4 ck clay press =d cutting :7-3 the!c:ilicoa Tile and Rrick Factor-j- il 25XIA, OF TURE -Outc" OF C1A551nCATION Restrictei 25X1 25X1A CAMONKD V S ;RMED 11V oWgUor Relea w 17AO00100110006-1 -;Icm -1 11 CAPTION REPUR I r CIA (PHOTO ACCESSION MD.1 I LOT NO Saq i igS Approve Fob RP*gsP CIA- RDP78- 05867A0001 AREA CAMS MO.1 CO UNTRT -I_- .j 3 ROYINCE PLACE oZ/ K T urkey Esr:isehir Eikisehir GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES MAP R[7[NLNCE TITLE (Moto N o. 11 on page 291 Qier__n e clay press, cuttin machine, block tra: L t th Filicoglu Tile and Fart c): t ac .or;r._ 25X1A DATE or PICTURE SOURCE Of PICTURE CLASSIFICATION Restricted 25X1 A 25X1 A CAPTIONED BY Relea IA 0100110006 -1 SEP 1948 60 -53 CAPTION REPORT CIA (PHOTO AC SSI j LOT NO. a Approved RrrR e CIA- RDPZ8 -gBf; A Q100 10006 -1 A CA UMS MO.1 I CO UNiRT ROYIhCt LwC[ K- 'I1u' �y Zskisenir E1 ;i1hir GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATIES MAP RETERENCE 39 6 /V TITLE Moto Nof 12 on page 307 Press room and i:ilicoE;lu Tile anti Brick Factory. -25X1A DATE OF PICTURE SOURCE O r= 6-C3i -7 s! cusslncAnoN R es tr ;cted 25X1 A 2 5X1 A CAFTIOhZD BY Sa roviMtFlor Releastm- A000100110006 -1 EcREI IID. GO -53 CAPTION REPORT SEP 191D CIA (HOTO ACCESSION no.) LOT NO an' jzeO 3Appt oved FoQke)epssq CIA RDP p 0G110u1 lUUUb-! AREA (AMS cOuN-TRT ii.imi-ct- 3 Turkey Esk isehir PLACE UFO -NAPHIC COORDINATES MAP REFILREW E TITLE P 110 t 0 NO- 1 3 on POL9 30) Cradle transporl. oe=bke Kilicoglu Me ani F 25X1 DATE Fr1CTu I.S7URC CLOLis Restricted 25X 25X1A CArT,.... LL PjAMR For Re1eamjq 67A0001 00110006 -1 REP F;OE'Pml 9ND. CAPTION N,