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December 9, 2016
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July 13, 2000
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June 4, 1965
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:)79236x, 'Approved For Releas'2000/08 CIA-RDP78-0609600400100010-6 8l,L D R A F T 4 June 1965 25X1A 25X1A SUBJECT: Proposal for a Two-Year CT Training Program , with whom I discussed the subject is not expecting any additional contribution from OTR at this time. - apparently 25X1A told Tom that he had not been able to follow up on the discussion held at the last meeting of the CS Training Board, due to his running the COS Seminar and other duties. In fact, had not, at the time of 25X1A his discussion with Tom, or later with me, drafted the notes of the 1. Status of Subject According to proposal over two weeks ago, 25X1A last meeting. reportedly expressed no urgent desire to get on with the subject. -indicated to me that the 25X1A pending business would be the DTR's "counter-proposal", and that this would be the subject of discussion at the next CS Training Board meeting. 2. Thoughts for CS Training Board Meeting These are some additional bits of general information - they are meant only to help define better the rp~~ FiEI~~(TRTE By 0 1 UFO f Y T E ~ P'.P i'r`F CC RQJBaS? 21 0~08J3O' i.r as r~x .F ~' ~ NEXT Rtv AuTH= H8 74-2 scope of the problem. These are RDP78-06096A000400100010 Approved For Releas2000/08/30 : CIR7$66096Ab'00400100010-6 QF1DENTIAL not pin-point estimates, but probably closer to bulldozer accuracy.' Included is a better breakdown of major subjects, time-blocks, and sequence of training. 3. For seen Administrative Problems a. Financial (1) 01 money (salaries) to keep CTs on a two-year training cycle will probably cost an additional $750, 000 per year. Our present budget runs a bit over $2, 000, 000 per annum. (2) 30-day TDY Abroad Would average out at approximately $1,500 per CT for per diem and travel only. For 200 CTs annually: $300, 000. (3) Additional Staff and Materials Faculty (a) Language Training School May be able to meet require- ment with present T/O, if full strength. (b) Headquarters Training 1 (c) Intelligence School 1 (d) CTP staff 1 (4) Additional Classroom Space in Headquarters, 1000 Glebe, or Somewhere (1) 50-man classroom 1 (2) Seminar room for 15 4 c914'b' Approved For Release 2000/08/30 ~?, h -RDP78-06096 :~ 6 Approved For Releas000/08/31- tDP78-06096At00400100010-6 QQNf1DEN TIAL b. CT Personnel (1) Promotion The CT is presently promoted within the first year of his assignment to the DDP. Shall we consider this to be acted on after graduation from PM, or after the desk assignment phase? This will add to OTR's costs and the $750, 000 would have to be adjusted to include one grade higher pay. (2) Recruitment and Motivation What will the effect of a two-year training cycle have on recruitment? I think we would attract the more scholarly inclined rather than the vigorous, action-inclined type to agree to such a program. c . Comments So far as I have been able to determine, this expansion is administratively feasible, given the funds, instructor personnel, classroom space, materials, and equipment that would be needed. CO F N Approved For Release 2000/08/30, X78-06096M100400100010-6 Approved For Releas 000/08/30 : a f , 8-060968 00400100010-6 4. Schedule and Course Content, Revised a. Time 720 Days - 208 ----- Weekends - 12 ----- Holidays 500 - 30 ----- Vacation 470 - 10 ----- Course Break 460 Subject Time in Days 1. Orientation 5 2. Intel Techniques 15 3. CP Orientation 20 4. American Heritage 10 5. OC 90 QQNF!DF Comments 4 Directorates and the place of CIA in the Intelligence Community The enemy, Revo- lution, War of National Liberation and Insurgency 2 Week Break - Evaluation Received - Area Assignments Made Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : CIA-RDP78-06096A000 Approved For Release-2000/08/30 : . 8-06096Aff00400100010-6 Subject Time in Days 7. Name Check Course 5 8. S&T 9. TSD 23 10. Desk 30 11. Case Assessment 35 12. Language and Area 100 13. Overseas TDY 47 14. TDY Report and Debrief- ing 5 5. General Comments a. Is Two-Year Training Cycle Feasible? 25X1 A Apparently wants OTR to handle the CT for the entire two-year period. Obviously the best training com- bination is (1) on the job, and (2) in training. If we must forgo the ideal, can we go for an extended overseas TDY ? This could be used to combine language and area study. How about a one semester enrollment (language, history, economics) in a university abroad? This TDY could overcome some of the expected reluctance Approved For Release 2000/08 ,,y ,-fZDP78-06096A00400100:010=6 Approved For Release2000/0, =RDP78-06096A'000400100010-6 fQNFJD' of the prospective CT to go into another long training cycle. Is such a TDY feasible for the married (even with children) CT ? b. Overseas TDY and Future Assignment Is it to be station connected, tourist, student? to area of assignment. Is 30 days worthwhile? I have given that transporta- tion is the principal item: (1) Round trip to Japan - $1100 (2) Round trip to Europe - $ 500 (3) Average round trip per CT - $700-$800 Per diem averages out at $18-$20. c. Advantages and Disadvantages (1) What does a two-year cycle add that a desk and overseas assignment won't give ? (TSD skills ?) (2) The value of an extended overseas TDY ? (3) The added consequences of resignation after two years. (4) What effect will a two-year cycle for CS-CT's have on DDI and DDS-CTs ? Approved For Release 2000/08/311 j -RDP78-06096A 1 010-6