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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06367A000100140001-4 THE WOODROW WILSON SCHOOL'S EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM FOR FEDERAL CAREER OFFICIALS AT 'MiIDCAREER Pu.r'-)ose: The Woodrow Wilson School strives to aid a selected. few in top positions in Federal service, or who are expected to reach such posts, to expand. the competences that they bring to society's problems. It plans to invite about 20 such individuals to spend the academic year 1966-67 at the School as Princeton Fellows in Public Affairs, The School's effort is design- ed.: (1) To improve the public service by enhancing the professional compe- tence in and dedication to this field by qualified individuals; and (2) to further the careers of able men and women. Nature: Each official invited to participate in this raid-career program will be assisted in planning for himself a year's educational experience that will meet his needs for the career he sees ahead. The program will be marked. by a notable absence of academic paraphernalia. There is to be no counting of credits and semester hours In planning that educational experience he will, in the light of his inter- ests and qualifications.. be free to choose: (1) The graduate seminars offer- ed by the several departments of Princeton University (2) Woodrow Wilson School seminars that help the mid-career man to evaluate the experience he has had and to relate his own function to the whole government and to society and. the economy; (3) one or more policy conferences in which he will, with schol- ars from the Princeton faculty and. experienced. adrainistrators from Federal, state, and local governments engage in the discussion and analysis of current and emerging problems of public policy; (4) undergraduate courses and graduuatf seminars in public affairs to fill in gaps in earlier training or to satisfy current interests; (5) a research project on a problem of public moment that draws on consultations with members of the faculty and with visiting public executives at the School and aims to distill meaning out of the official's experiences, The Princeton Fellow will participate in seminars and in a wide variety of day-to-day contacts with officials from various agencies of the Federal government, with military and foreign service officers, with public officials from other lands; and. with outstandingly qualified. recent college graduates who look forward to a career in public service. The School also strives to contribute to the effectiveness of the Federal service by bringing together in conferences at the School outstanding public officials and scholars to exchange views on significant contenipo ary problems. Officials To Be Chosen: The men and women who can most benefit themselves and. the Government by participation in this program must possess a high order of intelligence. They must not only be capable of doing, but they must have the ability and desire to distill meaning out of what they have done in and. out of the Federal service, They must be eager to broaden their outlook beyond. DID REY DATE -1-k1 6Y 1 OR16 COMP DPI TYPE U/ 4916 CLASS PAGES a 6EY CLASS __.U_ JUST 71- NEXT UEY RO// AUTHi h11 71.1 Approved For Release 2000/ 11-4 Approved For Rele 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-066 A000100140001-4 that Of e oartlct?ls spec:_al'c- or ' n iv .C'.L"al a enC . NO.., .nees should have f'.e,imonst4 c tecl ?:-ogress ive advance while ei:aplo ed in 2: agency . rDTO-thir6,s of those selected. the f:'_ st three years we're between 30 and 4l years of four out of five had. ac;:::.evec_ the level of GS-1T; or above. All will be persons of proven acco,,,ipl .sinient whose agencies manifest belief that they are read? r for 1rOmotion to pol_.c, xinc and managerial positions nea,_? the top of the Federal ca':?eer service, No;-'nations: Application fo_ ms are not prov~('ec.. Rather it is rec!ues cec' that the SnOnsorin agent include in its nomination a full statement about t he non knee : retailed i n for cation about his age ? a iit , states; nulbe. se and. ages of d.ependents; education and successive positions held since ~i st entering the Federal service ? what the nominee has done in substantive ter s in the sever: al assignments he has had over the ?ears, including the views of t Ile nominee ? S O; Ixic.?oal s OrxviSOrS about Lis :iia? ,or Sti en the enc. l11:i1:t"tations. The t10'17.nating agency Si1Ol'l' also indicate the no i ;.nee ? S l`l Lure ]11 OSpeCtS in the a enc-- and the reasons why the agency believes that the year S educational experience at Princeton will jpi epa::re hi-..q for more challenging; and. resu onsible assi 1'll.uents . A statement of selection for and. participation in the " 7 p C c. ca-veer Pro ra,:1; where r. ~ ~ ?o ~riate should'. be incltu_(_?.ec:._., In ab.Q!_tion it is .-sequester that the nominee pret) and Sl''J' with his agenc; ' s nomination a statement that reviews his own car ee`r develop ;lent his major pollci,r and ru ogram interests his ca: ,eer goals and_ expectations and his Pros;pects for advancement in the ipublic service. He should also outline What he considers his most important contribution to government to date F .Hall r , he should. indicate flow he hopes to benefit from the educational o1or? tun7.t~r for which he is being no~.iin,atecT. From among those nominated_ some wxill be asked to come to Princeton for conferences with members of the School 'acult r during March; selections by Pr.nceton w` ll be announced. on or about 15 April . Substance of the Fellows?V r To be accepted_ in the program a Federal official iust have a COiiL',17.'G:1ei1"G~firom his nominatin agency that he will be assigned to advanced educa,G:i_on under the Govern:'ent Employees Training Act at his cu:.-cent salary for the,d.e tic :gear. The ['.Woodrow Wilson School will pro- -7ri~'.e each i ndivid.ual a felloW'Tsai-i covering tuition and in special c:Lrcu n. seances a cash grant to help, meet unusual costs of moving to Princeton trhich are not re'i T1bur sable by the gone: -n lent , Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06367A000100140001-4