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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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July 9, 1962
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Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78 p6'367A000100140003-2 NAWIf Release; Mondays J'.tlY_ i2_62 From: Department of Public Information Princeton University (Telephone. WAlnut 1-6600 Extensions 717, 718, 719) An initial group of nine Federal officials will enroll this fall ire Princeton University's new educational program for Federal executives in mid-career, -'resident Robert F. Goheen announced today. Established in the University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, the program has a two-fold purpose: to improve public service by enhancing the professional competence in and dedication to this field by qualified individuals; and to further the careers of able men and women interested in and concerned with problems of governmental operation and policy. One of several fresh approaches to high level education for public responsibility, it is part of a comprehensive expansion of the School's graduate :grogram, and is designed to deepen the basic understanding of the public servant, to broaden his horizons beyond his specialty and his bureau, and to cultivate in him the capacity for foresight required in public office. fill of those comprising this first group range in grade from GS-13 to t,`-17 while their service to the Federal Government extends from eight to twenty- two years. Appointed as "Princeton Fellows in Public Affairs" they will undertake individually arranged programs of study to meet their needs and those of the agencies which they represent. Plans for a great expansion and a major advance in the Woodrow Wilson school's post-graduate program to prepare personnel for careers in public and inter- national affairs were announced by President Goheen in August, 1961. This signifi- cant development was made possible, he said, by the generosity of anonymous donors who had established an endowed foundation with assets of approximately $35,000,000 for ~Q f 9ErgRleas&- ?/fl 1 :#tEI M8.06367A000100140003-2 -more- Approved For Release 2000/08/21 : CIA-RDP78-06367A000100140003-2 1~ *Ale w, - 'rinceton Fellows in Public Affairs In support of the mid-career program some thirteen Federal departments and agencies submitted more nominations of highly qualified persons for Prirdetvn Pe11bw- ships than could be accepted. The nine candidates selected are from seven depart- ments and two agencies. They firer Dr. C. Wayne Bills, 38 years old, Director of the Nuclear Technology Division at the Idaho Operations Office of the Atomic Energy Corm scion; a research chemist who received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado In 1954. Wilbur W. Bolton, Jr., 46, Director of Program Management, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Department of Defense. A native of Twin 1`alts, ldaha. A.B. degree in Economics, Occidental College, 1941. Graduate Study in Public Administration, Syracuse University, 1943-44. David H. Green, 36, head of the Employee Relations Division, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, U.S. Navy. Yale University, 1943-44; M.A. in International Rela- tions, University of Chicago, 1950. Walter 0. Jacobson, 46, Director of Civilian Personnel, Headquarters, United States Army, Europe, Personnel and Administration Division. Native of Chicago. A.B., cum laude, 1937, Allegheny College; N.A., Columbia University, 1939. George R. Milner, 38, Insular Affairs Specialist, Office of Territories, Department of the Interior. Formerly Alaskan Affairs Specialist, and Program and Planning Officer. A.B., 1947, University of Oklahoma; M.I.A., Columbia, 1949. David M. Munson, 37, Deputy Director, Bureau of National Capital Airports, Federal Aviation Agency. Formerly with U.S. Bureau of the Budget. Attended Illinois College and University of Chicago. Dr. Kenneth E. Ogren, 43, Director, Marketing and Economics Division of the Economic Research Division within the Department of Agriculture. Program in- cludes studies of market organization, economic impact on markets of technological and other advances; public distribution programs; economic theory and research .__s -Appro%'bdPFdinft s*bt2OW/