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December 28, 2016
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June 7, 2005
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April 26, 1971
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I P78B05171A000400030065-9 Nki H'A t llstblM~o~as t regnlait aa~t X00: 71 l. 2. dior-t~sd a ] light Q1 XQO- This daoia tact I~ to .n the nr, d on s in and opsrstioMil +oonaic~s tti ? U 25X 25X 3. As no extra ct has been 0= W,,XMU4,, for tabima gnu . 25X mummu rs request of the I I 0040 d a ao l hsr ra raot the a modsI I .W tabl r nss bYDU ($per uisitioon 5;' )10-n) be add*d on to for tt tel. ft is n -ret od by-- We Off ce that bah MW SPO aad MW 6" light siso i Brest d in 6. Please into Q!'fi a~t~sdTny Did ~u of '~iatii+o~t dsva bs# seu 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Declass review by NGA/DoD ites a celat o s3~ip _s Gi ;ri 1 lujc9 rctr lice:."_t_ dam:' F be t 1 .i'i?;~L Cl? siEiCG t .72 the- P78B05171AO0Q4000300g5 9 asxs"" ?i Approved For Ree 2005/06%23 : CIA-RDP78B05171A000030065-9 Technical Requirements for the Production of the Split-Format Light Table and'Mount for Various Micro- stereoscopes 1. INTRODUCTION These specifications describe the technical requirements to be met in the construction of production units of a Split-Format 15+0 Light Table with ring mount for various microstereoscopes. These light which are included in this document. The detailed requirements for changes and modifications are contained in the body of this documen- tation. Unless otherwise specified, the production instruments fabricated under these technical requirements shall equal or exceed the performance of the pre-production model (when accepted) as defined in Paragraph 1+.3. This table shall incorporate two separate illuminated areas adjacent to each other along their shorter dimension so that their combined measurements shall be approximately 15" by 1+0". The longer dimension of these light sources will be parallel to the length of the spooled films being viewed. Provision shall be made for viewing single rolls of 70mm, 5 6.6" or 9.5" wide film; parallel viewing of two of the same width, or any combination of two different widths, of 70mm, 5", or 6.6" wide film; Approved For Release 2005/06/23 : CIA-RDP78BO5171A000400030065-9 X 20" in size, shall be illuminated by easily replaced fluorescent- type sources. The distance between the two adjacent illuminated areas shall not exceed It inches during normal viewing-operationsI In addition, the capability of synchronous tilting of the Approved For Re? e 2005/06/23: CIA-RDP78BO5171A0 00030065-9 and in-line viewing of two odthe same widths, of 70mm, 5", 6.6", or 9.5" wide film.