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December 28, 2016
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June 26, 2006
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December 16, 1963
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Approved For Release 2006/06/26: CIA-RDP78TO4743AO00300010027-2 Approved For Release 2006/06/26: CIA-RDP78TO4743A000300010027-2 Approved For Release 2006/06/26: CIA-RDP78TO4743AO00300010027-2 TOP SECRET - 370/63 16 December ig63 Copy-'6-of-2 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, Manufacturing and Services Division, ORR ATTENTION THROUGH : Chief, Requirements Bra nch, Re connaissance Group, CGS FROM : Chief, CIA/PID (NPIC) SUBJECT . Photographic Enlargemen REFERENCES (1) ORR Requirement No ts . C-RR3 -80,350 (2) CIA/PID Project No . C 959 /63 1. This memorandum is in response to the above listed requirement requesting the identification of the following five power plants and maximum usable photographic enlargements of each plant: Dneprodzerzhinsk Ges, Chuguyev Kharkov Gres 2, Lisichansk.Tets, Zmiyev Gres, anridneprovskaya Gres. 2. Photol was used to complete this requirement. For the location of the plants refer to 200 Series USATC 0231+-12, 17, 18 and 21. 3. The photo analyst assig this requirement wasl who can be contacted on extension should any further information concerning this memorandum be desired. This requirement is considered complete. Enclosures: 5 Annotated Enlargements (CIA/PID/IB-P-790_791+ DDR-DUPE i)L uj, 26: CIA-RDF $TQ*74a8QgQ300010027-2 CHUGUYEV KHARKOV GRES PLANT se 2006/06/26: CFR 4 4 3A0003000100 LISICHANSK TETS POWER PLPNT 48-56N/38-28E A-R DP78T04743A0003000100 ZMIYEV GRES POWER se 2006/06/26: ~~{=-O'AT04743A0003000 :,?`R-DNEPROVSKAYA GRES POWER 1 !AN'T 40-2L,-N 35-07E lease 2006/06/26: CIA DP78T04743A000300010