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December 28, 2016
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August 21, 2001
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August 6, 1957
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Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000300040002-5 No. Pages : IM SECRET-~ PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE MEMORANDUM RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS VYAZMA, USSR HTA-M28-57 6 AUGUST 1957 COCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE IN CLASS. r ^ OJCLASSiFtED CLASS. ri!'.ANGEO 10: TS a) C NEXT AEViEJ DATE: AUTy: u2 0954 BATE: 1q>sa.. FdL'tG i4'ER:O~ WARNING: HANDLE VIA MW CONTROL CHANNELS ONLY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This document contains information usable only within the TALENT CONTROL SYSTEM. It is to be seen on a MUST-KNOW BASIS ONLY BY PERSONNEL ESPECIALLY INDOC- TRINATED AND AUTHORIZED. Reproduction is prohibited unless approved by the originator. DECLASS REVIEW by NIMA/DOD SECRET. pproved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000300040002-5 - Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78TO4753A000300040002-5 This material contains information affecting the National Defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws, Title 18, USC, Secs. 793 and 794, the trans- mission or revelation of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2001/09/07 : CIA-RDP78T04753A000300040002-5 Approved For Release ift 0g/p~O 4753A000300040002-5 RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS VYAZMA, USSR HTA-M28-57 6 AUGUST 1957 Approved For Release/O'If? A- 04753A000300040002-5 10? 0? 70 EUROPEAN mo ~? ROV[,VA N d.rm? LYA V RWA . d. BA RE U S S R Am pStRO NT VAYGACH . . . . ~ OSTROV KOLGUYEV k?cO Vor i MURMANS kk?~ ~Ie Z ror k Kiy o d cs c- , andalaksha _?;V 4r --- U:i.Um Ij ?~ 1 ? E M.red pe W FT ~ w ` ~b a? 1:16,000,000 JBelomorsk ' oQ ARCHANGEL otovs 0 100 200 300 400 Q dl^skOy` Ukhm Statute Miles Onega K?^ 0 100 200 300 400 8g Kilometers V o ah^w` 60? m ~e Q A ~ pol?^ 60? S LA is. 0 trozavodsk Lake D ? Syktyykar ' E ELSI on ya NKI L Q ? ~ ERO o.Fe L cL of b rg 9Q TO -,V A li Kotlas Kono hg AH\Kt ? Ror~. N rn g ? ~UU Q A IIN NINGR R BE QHN Tt,G\ Q ~ ~ J S `7~ S'Lt R "b Ta H d J ' k REqu (j Ndvaor Reservoir a V oa KIROV Gla MOLOTO G ,~1 an i's Kotel'n ch SHCHERBA ~~ti Li paJa Pskov V K ? KOSTROMA SVERO\.0 ME,SK\V YARO VL' IZHEVSK ' ? KALINI VLu Klaipeda kiye ' d.9 BaJti VANOV V' TOUS ' y ys KIY Z ? GOR g\NS v UNAS ~-. Rz w LI NG `'~ o OHEL Vladimir Volgn ? MO C UFA ILNO VITEBSK 0 SMO NSK d BralYSt 0 GORSK U -Vol MAGN\T0 o ~t~ k i ees0? MINSK an t? a Mo ULA ile Saransk t SHEV g v A 8aranovichi Bryansk? uY PENZA W O L res GOME_ EL TAMBOV HKAL Pinsk of Ur 50? Rovno Chernig0 URSK V Ura' k RONEZH Balashov ARATOV ubinsk 50? emyfl Zhitomir ? Ak~ KrasnYY Kut SUMY tt L'VOV IEV CZBC N KHAR'KOV Valuyki ?? POLTAVA Don innitsa UNG, ,HER ITS LINGRAD DNEP ETROVS VOR06 ?o KIRO GRAD ? IL VGRAD V.rkhniy Bozh?nchok CLUJ IVOY ROG ZAPO ZH E ALINO R U I A SHAKHTY G Gur'yev 'k $1 ISHI TAGA ROG A N 1 ~Q R 3Pya^-z A 0 EV ZHDANO OSTOV 0rasul alin OD Nt rson a s f ASTRAKHAN S$q ~ SEA OF esr AZOV KERCH' t? horetsk BUCHAREST SIMFERO KRASN AR Stavropol' r' he+chenko d na6e nsta SEVASTOPOL' o ^ a Novorossiys n 'r ?Maykop SOFIA Stalin Tuapse J G R IA rgs BI- A C K ? A ROZNYY Makhachkala F S PL VDIV O Sukhumi DZAUDZHIKAU ?. ~' '?,,,~,? E ST ~o`Porun Kutaisi TIFLIS O Batumi 40? o a S OpAR Zonguldak ?~ ywa i inods6 40? Samsun and net4e a T j.l Trabzon a AN K E s~cB Kars enin an ? BAK _- Kirovabad q y KARA Y Eski hir AN .^~ ~ SE9'? Some bou^d?n s show" o? ehs moa ore de i cm bo?^d- ? hra IZM h l d d l b ( ) E urum Prp9 , -1 ^.c.::?d os c i iiSe e IR ?ds 19- y e y r.c?g^a. U^;e.d Smres G??er^me^r, the Ua.d Smae: Go?emmene lAstara N L?t,;o and Q hos noe -g^i-d the ,^corporoero^ f E-i. G o o I A , , r Lieh...i? ineo the So?ie Uion. TABRIZ 1gpN Base 13268 10-54 30? 50? Approved For Release 2AQC~04753A000300040002-5 RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS VYAZMA, USSR t I. Vyazma is located approximately 100 miles east-northeast of Smolensk and 140 miles west-southwest of Moscow. It is the junction of the Brest-Moscow railroad and the north-south line from Leningrad to points in central and southern European USSR. The Vyazma railroad .yards and shops suffered heavy damage during World War II. A comparison of photography with that of 25X1 D World War 11 reveals the following changes in addition to repair of war damage. The roundhouse in which locomotives were formerly serviced and repaired has been replaced by three sheds and one shop building. Near the north end of the rail yards is a new fenced warehouse area con- taining seven large buildings. Nearby, a transshipping site has apparently been abandoned. In the southern part of the yards a new passenger station and service building has been rebuilt on the site of the old one, and a new freight shed has replaced several small sheds. Just north of the main hold- ing and receiving yard is a former turning loop, now used for car storage. An area with rail. sidings located east of the main holding and receiving yard, has been fenced since World War II. Nearby is an abandoned turning Wye and rail line, the southeast portion of which is now being used as a road. Components of the railroad yards and shops at Vyazma are annotated on the photograph and described in the accompanying key. Approved For Release 200/~097Qi-FO4753A000300040002-5 Approved For Release 2?/P9?glt&W$T04753AOk69~6b466a2-5 KEY TO ANNOTATIONS 1. Machine shop and service building, 360'x 50'. Rebuilt on former site. 2. Car shed, 210'x 80'. Rebuilt on former site. 3. Freight shed, 485'x 35'. New; replaces several small sheds. 4. Passenger service building, 115'x 60'. New since World War II. Elevated pedestrian walkway 160' long attached to this building gives access to the passenger tracks. 5. Passenger station: 150'x 85' center section; two 75'x 140' wings. New since World War II. Built on site of former station. South classification yard, approximately 3000' long, 15-20 tracks. No basic change in size or trackage since World War II. 7. Turntable, 90' diameter. No change since World War II. 8. Repair and service area. Completely new facility replacing roundhouse and shops. 9. Locomotive repair and service sheds: one 195'x 95', and two 240'x 90'. New since World War II. Each shed has three through tracks. 11. Main holding and receiving yard, 3700'x 350', 10-15 tracks. No basic change in size or trackage since World War II. 12. Open coal storage area, 2000'x 440'. Approximately same size as in World War II. Number of tracks not discernible. 13. Former turning loop. Now used for car storage. 14. Fenced open storage area, approximately 2400'x 500'. Contains three storage sheds: one 150'x 30', one 130'x 30', and one 50'x 30'. Also contains twenty possible storage sheds, each 30'x 30'. Area originally served by rail, now served only by road. No change in size since World War H. 16. Fenced area with rail sidings for possible storage of military rolling stock. Area fenced since World War II. 17. Abandoned turning wye and rail line. SE portion now being used as road. 18. Holding and receiving yard. Consists of 4-6 tracks, with two tracks serving a loading platform 700' long and 60' wide. Same amount of track- age as in World War II. 19. Former railroad transshipping site. Not rail served as in World War II. Apparently abandoned. 20. New warehouse area. Seven buildings: two 210'x 75', one 280'x 85', three 160'x 85', and one 140'x 75'. Area fenced and rail served. Con- structed since World War II. Approved For Release 109'f/OJ/IIT:'g-R'i5fr7'8ST04753A000300040002-5 RAILROAD YARDS AND SHOPS VYAZMA, U.S.S.R. 550 13'N - 340 19'E 25X1 D SCALE 1:16,000 HTk428-57 Page 5 Approved For Release 2 109654f753A000300040002-5 I HTA-M28-57 I I REQUIREMENT: Prepared in answer to RR/HTA/E/I`t14/57 requesting changes since World War 11 in the Vyazma Railroad Yards and Shops. COORDINATES: 55?l3-N - 34'191E F~--{6 -6- Approved For Release 20 /Cg(??R R 753A000300040002-5