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December 28, 2016
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June 20, 2003
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December 1, 1962
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Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 Next 14 Page(s) In Document Exempt ILLEGI Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 11 5X1 5)025X1 D 25X1 D A he Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A0002003901,2!2 GT.Tf,DED MJSSILTe.7. AND ASTRONATITICS IIsTTELL1G7.11772. COMMITTEE MINICARD COPY 1 December 1962 \./ MEMORANDUM FOR Holders of GMA1C-Deploymemt Working Group Report, Soviet StArface-to-S_Aztzee Missile De oyment dated 1 January 1962 SUBJECT Listings of GMAC Evaluations on Soviet Surfe.ce-to- Surface Missile Deployment Lotions ,IFourth Revision) 1. This memorandu.m and the attached tables supercede those published on 1 October 1962 and disseminated under control number I Third Revision. The report dated 1 October 1962 should be destroyed in accordance with the existing instructions for handling material. 2.I hotography o revealed continued construction activity at the seventeen confirmed IW:SN( complexes. Unidentified construction activity and the extension of service roads indicate expansion at some of these complexes. Constructic..n progress has been noted at the existing sites and newly identified sites have been observed under construction at Kozelsk. Svobodnyy. Teykovo. Yedrovo. and Yurya. 3. In the report dated 1 October 1962, ICBM site configurations were categorized to reflect the differences in idle signature. In review. ICBM site configurations are as follows: TYPE I - First generation soft site with a single rail-served pad similar to Launch Complex A or 8,, Tyura Tarn. To date. this type has only been observed at Plesotak. A 0000714 ((FOURTH REVICSION) Copy (4 of .14/0Copieis Page 1 of 2Z Pages Approved tir PIe 2003/09/02 ? CIA-RnP7RT05139A000200390072-2 TO A n 4i: 1 it Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 TOP SECRET TYPE II -Second generation soft site with two road-served pads similar to launch Complex C. Tyura Tarn. This type was first observed at Yurya and subsequently at 11 Vier locations. There are two basic configurations of this type. Mod. a Mod. b TYPE III- A hardened ICBM launch site observed at Launch Complex D. Tyura Tam and eight confirmed ICBM complexes. Each site consists of two launcherlgprobably silo typeand a control bunker. The degree of hardening cannot be determined from available evidence.. The excavations during construction are about 200 feet wide and 500 feet long. 10 BLi . * The NSA and USAF members of GMAIC believe that there are three configurations of this type. They assert that the TYPE IV site described below is another _modification of the TYPE U site. A 0000714 OUCH REVISION Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A00.020_03 Of2-2. Copies or?.'. Pasts S 25X1D 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 TYPE IV - A soft configuration consisting of two roma-served launch pads. This configuration was fIrst observed at TYUMEN and subsequently at three other confirmed ICBM comple=es, It differs from Type H sites as follows: il) the pd sep,uation. is 820 feet instead of 980 feet; ,`42)) the ready building is 820 feet from the pad and is smaller q115 x 130 feet); and 't3) there is a "plus sign" pattern to the rear of the pad area at most of the sites under Construction which may possibly be. related to guidance. 4. A total of 137 soft MRBM/IRBM sites 548 launch pads)) have been identified on photography through Mission Based upon an anyais of all evidence on these locations, it appears that site construction has been completed on approximately 90-95 percent of the total. Twenty hardened MRBMiJRBM sites 440 launchers)) have been confirmed to date and additional suspect areas are under study. 5. It should be noted that all suspect locations are subject to continuous review. When a suspect location has sufficient evidence to warrant a4n assessment of possible or higher? it will be included in the GMAIC-DWG Report, Soviet Surface' to -Surface Missile Deployment I dated 1 January 1962.25X1 25X1 When a. location has been evaluated astjaliattars4 by the working group, all evidence including photography will continue to be reviewed for deception, new construction, and unrecognized configurations. The evaluations assigned are based on the latest data and are subject to change as new evidence is made available. Accordingly, these listings will be revised periodically to reflect addition e and changes in evaluations. 6. Although some of the locations listed in Table 4 may have some functional relationship to the Soviet missile programa0 this, assessments are limited to launching facilities. Only major differences in assessment are indicated in footnotes on the bottom of the pages, 25X1A Attachments: Table 1. Table Z. Table 3. Table 4. Chairman Summary of Evaluations Summary Svluittion.a of ICB.1-. Deployment Locations Summary Evaluations of MRBM/IRBM DepEoyment Lo tions Alphabetical Listing of 1,0cions Considered in Det:bil A 0000714 (FOURTH REVISION) Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T054f4A09a,OCAfitOtrir) CoPies Page_ 3 of.....;_z___Pages TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 Approved Forime4Bsgelvw 02 :CIA-RDP78T0543 9A000200390072-2 TABLE 1 1 December 1962 MRBM/IRBM SUMMARY OF EVALUATIONS ICBM CONFIRMED 17 78 PROBA,LE POSSIBLE 0 1 UNDETERMINED 3 12 DOUBTFUL 3 6 NEGATIVE 184 108 CONFIRMED R&D 3** ** TOTAL 208. 208 Tyura Tam Test Range Ka.pustin Yar. Chelkar and Makat NOTE: The above figures represent all the locations evalutated by the DWG and listed in Table 4. The 17 ICBM complexes identified to date consist of support facilities and from two to eight launch sites. See-Table 2). Soft MRBM/IRBM complexes identified to date consist of support facilities and two launch sites with four pads each. A hardened site consists of facility0 two probable silos and a control bunker. At two locations ? Taybola and Pervomaysk there are two sites forming a complex. The remainder of the hardened sites are associated with known soft MRBM/MEM sites and are considered part of those complexes. e, See Table 3. TOP SECRET A 0000714 ur ? evislon) Copy of 100 Copies Page of 22 Pages Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ? Approvpri For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 TOP SECRETI I TABLE 2 SUMMARY NO, OF SITES OBSERVED LOCATION TO DATE EVALUATION OF ICBM DEPLOYMENT LOCATIONS No OF DATE OF LA_TLEST PMS/LAUNCHERS PHOTOGRAPHY/ MISSION DROVYANAYA ? 4. GLAD KAy A 4 1[17ATKA 2 4 KOS TR 0 10 OZELSI 8 25X1 ? 25X1 0 6 6 I December 1962 SITE CONSTRUCTIM STATUS WHEN LAST OBSERVED? TOP S17.4CP.,.ET One Type H (Mod, site in late stage of construction. One probable TYPE HI site under construction, Two type IV sites-both in mid-stage of construction., Two type fl Med. b)! sites- one complete and. one in mid-stage of construction; Four Type H (( sites- two complOe and two in mid-stags of construction, One Type 11P1 site under construction. rot.07 Type kV sites- trA-.-i in trai(.3- atager OP1.1 in .n early stage, an. d cne in an undeteeanizo& atae of ccinata:kaction, One Type IA Mod, biL sitc? an &.- 3t.?..a?Z: of construction Two Typc sites under conetr7.1;t:. Two Type IV eites intuipo? conntructIon- very early' stage. Three Type gModb),`, - one complotc-., one in 1.;Ais of caavatruction in an early stage of construction. 25X1D Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 25X1 LOCATION 1 Approved For Release 2003/09/02: CIA-RDP78TO ? niaAnnn2nnlAnn 2-2 r TOP SECRET NO, OF SITES OBSERVED NO. OF TO DATE DATE OF LATEST SITE CONSTRUCTION STATUS PADS/LAUNCHERS PHOTOGRAPHY MiSK011 WHEN LAST OBSERVED&'! 9) PLESE71( 8 14 StLADRINSK 4 .(4 SVOBODNYY 4 121 FEYKOVO 8 131 TYUMEN 3 6 VERKHNYAYA SALDA 14 TOP SECRET ? II Throo Type sites a twal of fov, pads complete, Two Type :11.1 one Mod, a and one Mod, 1:0) site s comple,o ? One Type i site untltrf constructir. Two Type IV sites both in micl-st). of construction, Two Type VI sites under constrac.i Four Type It (Mod< b) sites- three complete and one in an early stag.. of construction, Four Type Il (Mod0 b,) sites - two complete,ono in mid stage, and ow: in an early stage of constructior,, Three Typo IV sites- two in mid stage and one in an early stage of construction. 25X1 25X1 Five Type t two Mod, a and three Mod, b) sites - four complete and o! in mid-stage of construction. Two Type 7,11 sites under constructio, 25X1D Approved For Release 2003/09/02: CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 25X1 25X1B TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-R LOCATION NO. Of SITES OBSERVED TO DATE NO. OF PADS/ LA_UNCH4RS 151) YEDROVO 4 8 16 YOSHKAR-OLA 4 ' 17) YURYA 8 16 SUB TOTAi,S 67 132 TYURA TAM 7 14 TOTALS 74 146 0390072-2 25X1 DATE OF LATEST SITE CONSTRUCTION STATUS PHOTOGRAPHY/ WISSION WHEN LAST OBSERVE* 25X1 Four Type II (Mod. bl sites. Statue of construction cannot be determined at this time. Four Type II (Mod. b) sites- one complete, one in late stage, one in mid-atage, and one in an early stage of conatruction. Five Type VI (two Mod, a and three Mod. b1) sites- five complete. One probable Type U (Mod. undetermined' under construction. Two Type ifi aites under construction. Launch Complex A-two pads cchmpluto. Launch Complex B-one pad complete. Launch Complex C -three pads completa Launch Complex D - two launchers 25X1 D complete and two under construction. Launch Complex E -Eutimate two pada /launchers probably complete but not diecernable on available photography. Launch Complex F&G- at leaot one pad or launcher e etirnated under conotruct- ion at each complex. No evidence of pada/launchers on available photography. TOP SECRET ? I ? Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 25X1' TOP SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/0102 : CIA-RDP78T0b439A000200390072-2 TABLE 3 1 December 1962 SUMMARY EVALUATION OF MRBM/IRBM DEPLOYMENT LOCATIONS SOFT SITES OF NO. OF PADS NO. LOCATION SITES AKHTYRKA LAUNCH COMPLEX ALUKSNE LAUNCH COMPLEX ANASTASYEVKA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 BALTA LAUNCH COMPLEX BARANO-ORENBURGSKOYE LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 BELOKOROVICHZ LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 BERDICHEV LAUNCH SITE 1 BORKOVICHE LAUNCH SITE 1 BREST LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 BRODY LAUNCH COMPLEX DERAZHNYA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 DISNA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 DOLINA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 DROGOBYCH LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 DUNAYEVTSY LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 DYATLOVO LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 GODYKHA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 GOMEL LAUNCH compic...Ex 2 GRANOV LAUNCH SITE IRBM) 1 GRESK LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 GUSEV LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 GVARDEYSK LAUNCH SITE 1 ZELGAVA LAUNCH COMPLEX JONAVA LAUNCH COMPLEX T141111P SES Approved ForKelease ZU03/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 DATE OF LATEST 25X1 PHOTOGRAPHY JVISSION A 000071. FOULYth Copy t%10Copies .P age lf ?2.2? Page. 25X1 25X 25X Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 DATE OF LATEST PHOTOGRAPHY/ l'AISSIT( 1 LOCATION NO. OF SITES NO. OF PADS KIVERTSY LAUNCH COMPLEX KOROSTEN LAUNCH COMPLEX KOZHANOVICHI LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 2 2 8 8 8 *KRASKINO LAUNCH SITE IRBM) 1 4 *KROLOVETS LAUNCH COMPLEX (IRM ) 8 KURGANCHA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 *LEBEDIN LAUNCH COMPLEX (lRM 2 8 LIDA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 LIPNIKI LAUNCH SITE', 1 4 LUTSK LAUNCH COMPLEX* 2 8 MARINA GORKA LAUNCH SITE 1 4 MAYKOP LAUNCH SITE 1 4 MOLOSKOVITSY LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8, MUKACHEVO LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 Ni(DVORNAYA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 *NIGRANDE LAUNCH SITE IRBM) 1 4 *NOVOSYSOYEVKA LAUNCH SITE (IRBMD 1 4 OSTROG LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 OSTROV LAUNCH COMPLEX - 2 8 PAPLAKA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 PETRIKOV LAUNCH 'COMPLEX 2 8 - PINSK LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 POLOTSK LAUNCH COMPLEX POSTAVY LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 PRUZHANY LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 RAGNIT LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 RAKVERE LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 A 0000714 Four h Re7,:isien Cop; ?fief) Copie s Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A0002003?6taa g? 25X1D 25X1 25X1 2 ? CIA-RDP78T05439A 25X1 LOCATION Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIAMP74331651a9A0C0700390070-0.TE OF LAT S 1' SI:TES PADS PHOTOGRAPHY 1 I MIE:s7,Or: R2STE LAUNCH COMPLEX ROZHDESTVENKA LAUNCH SITE RUZHANY LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 1 2. 8 4 8 t SARY OZEK LAUNCH SITE EIRBM 7 4 SATEAKIAN LAUNCH COMPLEX 2. s SKALA PODOLSKAYA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 SLON1M LAUNCH COMPLEX 7 8 41,SmORGON LAUNCH COMPLEX ::1:13M 7 8 SOKAL LAUNCH COMPLEX 7 S SOVETSK LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 3 SUCHAN LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 ,a S TATJRAGE LAUNCH COMPLEX- , 2 8 TORVA LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 TROSTYANETS LAUNCH SETE 1 4 KOPit LAUNCH SATE 1 4 _,UGOLNYYE 6,.. UKMERkE LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 8 UMAN LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 13 URECH'YE LAUNCH SATE 1 4 USOVO LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 VORU LAUNCN COMPLEX VSELIZZ31: LAUNCH COMPLEX 2 'YELSIC. LAUNCH COMPLEX 7 3 ZAGARE LAUNCH COMPLEX a ZTIMERINKA LAUNCH COMPLEX. 2 8 ZNAMENSkr, LAUNCH COMPLEX 8 SUE- TOTALS 1 37 '348 25X1_ Approved For Release 2003/09/0 000200390072-2 25X1D 25X1 25X1 3-.-TARDSYY..'ES TOP SEC ET :110N B -"Er.; (..) V (:???? ? ? BRODY Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 c_s; _,. OF NO. OF DTE OF P7-7, 0 OG A Y TS L_1 -3 D Z:-NrA N Da6077:-:?7cr;.1, ELGAVA 11 1 2. 2. 7 MOLOSKOITITSY 2 ? NAD'VORNyA 1 2 MGRANDE 7 2 *PERVOMAYSK 2 AL-PER VO MA '1St( ff 2- SA T.E.1}Q_A-ri 2 013.ncThr 1 -2 SON.? L. IFky BoL A Ai 2 TAyBOLA # 2 1 2 ZAGARE 1 7,H1w.1. EFUNKA GRAND TOTALS 157 :588 Sites Not Located News* Sofa MR)E3MtiRBNI Sites TOP SECRET A 0000714 25X1D Page -277, 'Po-7-zer:, Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 25X1 25X1 25X 25X Approved For RelejeaG.(girS94-. CIA-RDP78T05439A000200390072-2 ALPHABETICAL .U.ESTINC. OF LOCATIONS CONSIDERED DETAF,1_, EVALUATION PLACE NAME :ICBM IvIRBM.ISRBM AKIFITYRKA Negative Confirned AKMOLINSK Negative Negati-ye ALMA ATA Negative Negative ALSUNGA (See KULDIGA Area) ALUKSNE Negative Confirmed ALII.KEL Negative Negative ANADYR 4 See UGOVNYYE KOPI ANASTASYEVKA Negative Confirmed ARALtSK Negat?ve Negative ARKHANGEVSK Negative Negative ASANOVSHCHINA (See OSTROV) AY PETRI Negative Negative 1 BALAKLAVA Negative Negative BALTA Negative Confirmed BARANO-ORENBURGSKOYE Negative Confirmed 2. BAUTINO Negative Negative BELAYA TSERKOV Negative Negative BELOKOROVICHI Negative Confirmed BERDICIFIEV Negative Confirmed BEREGOVO See MUKACHEVO) BERESTECHKO (See BRODY) BEREZOVKA SARATOV -ENGELS Area) Negative Negative BEREZOVKA (See DYATLOVO ) Li -2/ t zz-zaiee missile facility. A 0000714 L-ourth Revij topi:as Page / of 22 Pages Approved For Release 2003/09/02 . CIA-RDP78T05439A000200391772-2 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 T05439A000200390072-2 TOP SECRET' 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDE7WTO54.89/4144)2110a9a07/11-2 PLACE NAME ICBM MRBIvI/IRBM BERINGOVSKIY Negative Negative BORF.1-10V (See GOMEL.) BORKOVECIFE7 Negative Confirmed 134,./RSHCHZV ISe r SKA.L.A PODO.L'SKAYA) BREST Negative Confirmed BRODY Negative Confirmed *BULZHENO Negative Undetermined BYTEN (See SLONIM) *CHAADAYEVKA Undetermined Undetermined CHA PA Y EVKA Negative Negative CHAPAYEVSK Q,Negative Negative .CHELKAR Negative Confirmed R&D CHEREPOVETS Negative Negative CHITA CSee DROVYANAYA) CI-MA-L.0V (See ORENBURG)) DAUGAVPILS Negative Negative -DELYA TIN Negative Negative DERAZHNYA - Negative Confirmed DXSNA Negative Confirmed - DOBROVODY (See UMAND DOLINA Negative Confirmed DOLON? Negative Negative DONOK Negative Negative DROGOBY CH Negative Confirmed -? nit OVYANAYA Confirmed Negative DUBROVO Negative Undetermined DUNAYEVTSY Negative Confirmed Approve-de& RiZa4e-110 A 0000714 ..k.ourtt..... Revision) Co9-742 of joaCopies-, of 22 Pages 3/09/02 : CIA-RDP78 25X1 25X1 TOP SEC:IZTI Approved For Release 2003/09/02 . CIA-RDP7131p54AEICka0W9f012cg N PLACE NAME DUNDAGA (See KULDIGA Area.) DURBE (See PAPLAKA) ICBM MRBM/IRBM DYATLOVO Negative Confirmed ENGEL'S. iSee SARATOWENGELS Area) FEDODOS1YA 1 Negative Negative FRUNZE Negative Negative GLADKAYA Confirmed Negative GLAZOV Negative Negative GNIVAN See ZHMERINKA.) GOD Y KHA Negative Confirmed GOMEL Negative Confirmed GORODOK (12V0V Ain) Negative Undetermined GRANOV Negative Confirmed GRESK Negative Confirmed GROBINA (See PAPLAKA) GRODEKOVO (See BARANO-ORENBURGSKOYE) GUSEV V Negative Confirmed GVARDEYSK Negative Confirmed 1-IIIUMAA ISLAND Negative Negative IECAVA (See JELGAV.A) IRKUTSK Negative Negative 1TATKA. Confirmed Negative IULITIN ? Negative Negative IVANOVO {Se. RINSX) SMLGAVA 30NAVA i Possible cruise missile facility Negative Confirmed Negative Confirmed A 0000714 1Fourth *vision) Copy 18ofAab Copies Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439A10(42003: I I af2 zz Page; 25X1 25X1 TOP SLCKET A.L/UATION VV PLACE NAME Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-ROM.105439A00020031.BM KAMENETS PODOLISKIY ( See DUNATENTTSY) KA MYSHIN Negative Negative KANDAGACH Doubtful Doubtful KA NDA LA KSHA Negative Doubtful KAPUSTIN VAR Negative Confirmed R&D K.ARABABAU CSee SARY OZEK KARANGIT 1 Negative Negative KARKARALINSK Negative Negative KARMELAVA ((See JONAVA) KEDAINAI Negative Negative ICHAA.PSAL.0 iSee RISTID KHABAROVSK (See ANASTASYEVKA) ? KHASHURI Negative Negative KHVALINSK Negative Negr.tisre KHYROV V Negative *Undetermined KIEV Negative Negative KILDIN ISLAND 2 Negative Negative KINESHMA Negative Negative KIR ENS K Doubtful Negative KIEV E.R TS Y Negative Confirmed KLAIPEDA Negative Doubtful tuasov (See zilli-age?NY) ? KOLGOMPYA Negative Negative KONICOVICHX (See PETRIKOVD KOROSTEN Negative. Confirmed KOSE (( See TALLINND KOSTROMA Con.firrned Negative KOZELSK Confirmed Negative 1 Possible cruise missile facility. 21 Confirmed cruise missile facility. A 0000714 -re 0":1:.1".t.2 21.1P,71f):10C,' Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T0543_9Q000 -uopies Page of 22 Pages PLACE NAME TOP SECRET EVALUATION Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDM3144439A000200garg3/2//R BM KO ZHANOVICHI KO ZYAN Y (S ee POSTAVY) *KRASKINO Negative Confirmed Negative Confirmed- KRASNOARMEYSKOYE (See SARATOWENGELS Area) KRASNOYARSK (See G.LADKAYA) KRASNOZNAMENSK (See RAGNIT) *KREMOVO Negative Negative ICRIESTANOPOL (See SOKAL) KROLEVETS Negative Confirmed KRUPA (See RUZHANY) *KULDIGA AREA Negatice Negative KUNGUR (See PERM) KURDZHIPSKAYA (See MAYKOP) KURGANCHA. Negative Confirmed KURITICHI (See POTRIKOV) KURMENI Sc MAR CIANA MADONA) KYSEITYM Negative Negative LEBEDIN Negative Confirmed LIDA Negative Confirmed .LIPNIKI Negative Confirmed LUTSK Negative Confirmed LIVOV Negative Negative LYALICHE (See K.REMOVO) MA KAT Negative Confirmed R&D MALAYA SA ZANKA Negative Negative MANKOVKA (See UMAN) MAR CIANA/MADONA AREA Naga ti v Undete:.-mined A 0000714 Fourth e-aision CopyJLofCopilt 77age of 22 Pages Approved For Release 2003/09 02 : CIA RDP78T051 9A000200390072-2 TC)1 3.!-E,C.1.7...Y1' 1 25X1 25X1 25X1 PLACE NAM F, ?I 0 Approved For Release 2003/09/02 :CIA-RDP78195439A000200.89, 7.2-akii, 3 -1vIAIIHNA GOR KA MA':?(KOP N-LEDF,N?A?r, MEDVED MOLODETa---KOYE q, See UMAN%; MOLOSKOI:TITS'l A/CONTYG`,INO MOTOL !i See PIINTSK) 1Ndc;srati-7c,- N-:-_-gall;...:?? Comfirniesi Ne MOZHAYSK 1\-Te3ativr ? Nega.t.17:-.-.e ? MUKACNEVO Negati..71., Confirmed * MUR MANSK Na z: Doubtft:1 NADVORNAYA Negatf. ?-? Confirkr??:ed ? NENOKSA 1 Negate Negati,:-e NIGRANDE NegatiK,re Confia.-med ZNYAYA VERKHNYAYA a:11-n 411 NIZHNYAYA TURA 5ee VERIti-INYAYA SALDA) . NOR-1,125KNegae Nf...gati?ye v NOVAYA MEZINOVKA Negative Negative ? NOVITSKOYE f, See SUCHAND. NOVOLITOVSK See SUCI-1AN; NOVOSIBIRSK NOVOSYSO-YEVKA Confirmed Negatir:-e NOVOVES (See NADVORNAY) *NYAN1DOMA OBOZERSKAYA 'OLEN YA AREA ? 1/ Possible cruiterzu3i1e 21 --For MRBM. BAA-- lind---te77.-nirte.:1, 11.-.,ossiiele Approved For Release 2003/ Undete7,?rnineel Undei?e-,?:rnee. C- C :5'.30774 09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439 A000200390072-2 25X1 25X1 25X1 P.L.AC E NAME TOP SECRET25X Approved For Release 2003/102 : CIA-RDP78TLh91A0W0A0.396092 }:CBM MRBMy IRBM OLEVSK See BELOKOROVICHU 01,1GOPOL. See BAL.TPO OMSK Confirmed Negative ORENBURG Negative Negative OSTROG Negative Confirmed OSTROV Negativ-e Confirmed OTAR Negative Negative OVRUCH 2, See USOVO and L1PNHKa) PAPLAKA Negative Confirmed PARYSCHE (, See NADVORNAYA') ? PERM Confirmed Negative PER VONIA YSY-* . Negative Confirmed ...PETRIKOV Negative Confirmed FEVER Negative Negati-,-e PIL.TENE (See KU L.DIGA Arclat PiNSK Negative Confirmed PLESETSK Confirmed Negative POC,HaNOK Negatie Negative PODPOLO YE Negative Undetermined POLO TSK Negatkee Confirmed PQ 1_,TAV.A Negati-:ye I-Tzgative POLIZAP.NYY URAL Negaiv2 Negative 1" A V Y Negatie Confirmed PR OKHOR Y taS imat SP3Aa5K DAWNYY'd ?Pa 0 Va.) Ei.?,1Y:t. Negat.:1,7e Doubtfal l'qtgati?7,,a Co rifi Negative Co nfi z-n Pz....A.K7:' Ff., Conlirried A CC 00'714 .25X1 fok 7VP9 c:cs Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439Ai Off- PLACE NAME TOP SECRETJ ALUATION Approved For Release 2003/09/02 ' CIA-RWP-MtgalciAnnn9rbffight4MRBM !USTI ( KHAAPSALU)) Negative Confirmed ROZHDESTVENKA Negative Confirmed RUSK I ( See ALUKSNE) R UZNANY Negative Confirmed SAAREMAA ISLAND Negative Negative SALANTAH ( See SATF.IKRAhl SALEKHARD Negative Negative SAMLAND PENINSULA Negative Negative SARATOV- ENGELS AREA Negative Negative SARNY Negative Doubtful SAROVA ?? Negative Negative SARY OZEK Negative Confirmed SARY SHAGAN1 Negative Negative SA TEIKIAI Negative Confirmed S E MI PA LA TINS K Negative Negative SERGACH Negative Negative S.EVASTOPOL.' Negative Negative SEVERNYY SUCHAN I See SUCHAN) SHADRINSK Confirmed Negative SHAGAN ( See DOL.ON) SHEPETOVKA ( See OSTROG) *SHESTOVO Negative Undetermined SHEVELEVO See OSTROV) SHIKHANY Negative Negative SHISHCHITSY (See GRESK) S/MUNA See RAKVERE) SKALA PODOLiSKAYA ? SLAVSK a See SOVETSKD *ISLAVYANKA (See KRASKINO) II ABM R&D facility. Negative Confirmed A 0000714 tka Rewitaion) .opy, .of ife Copies TOP SEC115110 3age 2:3! Pages Approved For Release 2003 09/02 : CIA-Kuvtd-r05439A000200390072-2 25X1 25X1 25X1 'ALUATION PLACE NAMEApproved For Release 2003/09/02 ? CIA-RDP7.13WW9A00020019/1RBM SLITERE ( See KULDIGA Area) --SLONIM Negative Confirmed SMORGON Negative Confirmed _ SOFIYA ALEXSEYEVKA. ( See BARANO-ORENBURGSKOYE) SOK.AL Negative Confirmed SOLY See SMORGON) SOVETSIC Nega.tive Confirmed SOVETSKAYA CrAVAN AREA 1 Negative Negative SPASSK-DALQNYY Nega.;-,ive Negative *STALRNABAD Negative Negative SUCHAN Negative Confirmed SUDAK Negative Negative SUROVATIKHA Negative Negative *SVALYAVA AREA Negative SVERDLOVSK Negative Negative- - SVOBODNYY Confirn-led Negative 7-, TALLINN . Negative Negative TAMBOV Negative Negative TASHARA Negative Negative TASHKENT Neo. tive Negatkre TAURAGE Negative Confirmed . TAYBOLA Negative CcInfir2ned .. - TEYKOVO TX KS TOMSK , See ITATKAI TOROPETS TOR'VA TROSTYANETS -4 - a. A% IP. 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Negative Negative c Negative Undetermined Undetermined - Negative._ Negative, I Referred to as Ugolnyy in some documents. Since Beringovskiy was 1orme.e. ? known as Ugolnyy, the DWG has selected Ugolnyy Kopi as tLe correct place. name for this IvIRBM/ERBM site, A 0000714 :Jo r(e?rsaaoav Copyk of Ala Copie Approved For Release 2003/09/02 : CIA-RDP78T05439115K2b0 0075A-2?_? -Pa2e 3 T0? 3ECT 25X1 25X1 25X1 FL ? ?". T ON Approved For Release-2003L0.9/112:_cm-Rop_7*105430A0002011391111111144.31M , V 0 -2; E 317.A.L.1.A.-VA VOR 1.1f li-SEL,17T7B YAKUTSK VASVA See VERICI-INYAYA SALDA,q YATSUKI: DYAT.LOVO..) I EDROVO YEKA61TERHNOVKA Sc SIICHAN.)) YELSK. YEVPATORIYA 1 Neg2..t.3.-ve Negativ Confirmed. 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