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May 1, 1964
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2000/05/11 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300330156-4 Approved For Release 2000/05/11 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000300330156-4 This document contains classified information affecting the notional security of th4 United States within the meoning?of the espionage laws U. S. Code Title lBytSections 7fSafi$794.-The16iW prohibtts-its-transmission er the revelation of its. contents in any manner "'on unauthorized person, as well as its use in any monnor _ prejudicial -to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any forei?n government to the detriment of the United States: It is to be *son. only .4y personnel especially indoctrinated and auth61zad to receive-TALENT-KEYHOLE information. Its security must be maintained in accordance with KEYHOLE and TAI,ENT regulations. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF This report is one in a series on Soviet Ground Force and logistic.. installations being prepared for a DI ,Ci.\ Panel. The series is being coordinated, published and disseminated by \PIC. The photographic analysis is being performed by the N'i'lC Photographic Analysis Group, the CIA Photographic Intelligence Division (NP1C), and the Production Center 1P1c (1)IA). The photographic analysis for this particular re- port was performed b}' the NPIC Photographic Analysis Grou-p. In the interest of uniformity, the titles and letter designators for the facilities observed at these installations are identical with those appearing in the project requirement, \\hen a specific facility is not observed both its title and letter designator are omitted in the report. I itles and letter designators for the various facilities are as follows: (A) railroad service, (B) road service, (C) landing strips, (Lr) udnlinistratiye and troop housing areas, (L) storage areas,-(F) am- munition storage areas, (G) POL storage areas, (11) other buildings and facilities, (J ) equipment storage/ -maintenance areas; (K) athletic fields, 7L) small arm- firing ranges, . Ali driver training areas, (N) tank' assault runffring ranges, (1') flat trajectory firing ranges, (Q) artillery emplacements (Batteries), (lF) infantry or combined arms field traiti- in~ area or courses, (5) special training facilitie , (T) unidentified facilities or tracking activity. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF- SLONIM ARMY.' BARRACKS AND HEADQUARTERS, 8TH TANK DIVISION (53-05N 25-18E) SLONIM, GRODNENSKAYA OBLAST, USSR BELORUSSIAN, MD 25X1A 25X1 C FIGURE 7. LOCATION OF SLONR.1 AR:1Y EARRACKS AND HEADQUARTERS 5TH TA,',!K DIVISION. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1A TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF \PIC/ 1:-'_'31/6.1 SUMMARY 25X1 D 25X1 D Slonim Army Barracks and Headquarters 8th Tank Division 'Figure 11 is The installation also includes an ammunition storage area with six unrevetted buildings and an athletic field. Training facilities include three small arms ranges and a probable tracked- vehicle driver training course. The area was covered by TALENT photog- southeast edge of Slonim (53-05\ 025- 1 SE). The installation is not rail served. but it is served by all-weather access roads from he Slonim- Riazhanv and Slonim-Baranovichi highways. The Slonim Training Area 'T.%-l) is located 3 kilo- meters (km) east. There is a direct road connection to the Slonim Training Area. Slonim Arm' Barracks Albertin 1L-]l has been raphy in from 0 analysis and 10 KEYHOLE missions dating abandoned and the area returned to civilian use. with reduced usage during the The installation covers approximately 1,450 acres and includes eight administration build- ings, 23 barracks, three storage buildings, Q support buildings and four equipment storage and maintenance areas containing 26 vehicle sheds, 21 maintenance buildings and 6 support buildings. Significt3nt changes since ^ winter months. ? include the addition of - vehicle sheds, - maintenance build- and three barracks. Six vehicle buildings and one administration building were dismantled between All buildings were constructed between - ? Comparative general level of DESCRIPTION OF INSTALLATION 25X1 D nee;' and Railroad Service There is no direct rail connection serving the installation; however, a station and rail yard are located 3 knm north on the \E edge of Slonim. A single track rail line connects Slonim with Baranovichi and Borodichi. Rood Service - There is direct access to all-weather primary roads extending from Slonim to Baranovichi and from Slonim to Ru7hanv. Administrative and Troop Housing Areas Area 1)1 Figure 3) contains two admin- istration and one support building. Area P2 (Figure 3) contains three adm1n- 25X1 D istration, fire barracks and one support building. One new support building has been constructed since Area P3 (1- figure 31 contains three adn--in- istration. 13 barracks .uid seven support h.:ild- ings. - coverage reveals three new barracks, three new support buildings and an administration building which had been dis- mantled. Trackage observed on all coverage indicated all areas are probably occupied. General Storage Area There are three general storage buildings located in area E 'Figure 3) -which is adjacent +to barracks administration area h3. Ammunition Storage Area Six buildings are located in area F (Figure 31 and have the following dimgnsions: 110 by 50 feet, 115 by 30 feet, 115 by 50 feet, S5 by 50 feet and two 100 by 50, feet. The 115- by 50-foot and 85- br,- 50-font buildings were identified from I ALE\T coverage as possible munitions checkout and transfer buildings. All buildings are unreyetted but are situated in tr,e folds of small hills. TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF FIGURE 2. SLO',''IM ARMY EARRACK5 HEADOJARTERS "TH TA^:K DIVISIO'J, SLONli1, USSR, 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF FIGURE 3. SLONIM ARMY BARRACKS AND HEADQUARTERS 6TH TANK Dl 'ISION. S;c+c^ co-ailed i.o.-- TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D 25X1 D Other Buildings Seven support buildings are located in area H(Figure3u Equipment Storage/Maintenance Areas Number and dimensions of buildings in these areas are tabulated below. yohiclo 2 \e icIe -hod- 1.n ? t; A ehiclo -hod- 1 7!i '~I! 'chicle -he?d- 1tn~ 1 \ ehtcle -hod 21" \ I Aiaintc'TI anco 1, \ I'' \Ialn I en an ce 72 \t ai nt on an co Supt,ort l,ulldir~c- . A ohiclo -hod- .r;n 22 Alai n 1 ) 4 ( 1 t. (? 1nr! ^, 1 \1~~int on f] nco l't! y 4ti -1 1 NI ru (,n an 'e \ chicle =hod 11!) v 4! I vehicle -bed 1 75 \ 111 NJ'] nt onance 7!!-?, \lai nt on anco 2 \laintenanco -r! \ 11' \1:11 nI On an ('P 7(4 \ " rupi,ort I~uiidin_- \ obi -Ie - tied - ,!! y 41i \lai ntonan cc? 1:;04 ? Eight buildings Et-~ o vehicle sheds. 170 hr 40 feet. three maintenance buildi,.it-s, '0 by. -S0 feet. one vehicle shed 1('by 10 feet and two support buildin_s) in area J 1 \1'e2 e --;t observed on ~} El"I101-1 photography. Six build- ings tone 50 by 30 feet, one 170 by 40 fee, aria four 40 by 20 fe(2t) in area .T 1 vv"ere observed dismantled on ~photn_r.lphy. 11~.1yy around scarring is observed on both 1 ALIX-1- and KEYHOLE photography. I .=."e.. dais identified a vehicle maintenance' park frOn2 TALENT photography. FOu'-- n?~intenance htsildings rec 1l)))hr3~ feet and One 31) by 20 feet in :rc.': 12 we c 25X1 D first observed on ~KF1'13:.)Li= photog raphy. Ileave ground scarring is observed in this area on both TALENT and KEYHOLE photography. .Area J2 is identified as a vehicle maintenance part: from TALENT photography. Area J3 was identified as a vehicle mainte- nance park frcnl?0- 1 ALENTI' photography. Two new 220- by 40-foot vehicle sheds we re observed on - K I Y1101-1- Photography. Vehicle tracks lead directly from these areas to the adjacent driver training area. I r )eked vehicle trackage at the adjacent driver tr":i::in_ area indicates the probable presence of armor. i leavv. trackage in this area suggests active utilization of the buildings. Athletic Field The athletic field (K, Figure 3)is unchanged since Small Arms Firing- -R-ai ges ------?----- - - Three small arms firing ranges are located at the installation. One iLl, Figure 3) is 990 feet long and 165 feet wide, with firing positions at 330 feet, 660 feet and 990 feet. phe second 1..2. Figures" 3` is 4O0 feet ].qn and 7.5 feet wide. The back wall is bunkered. The third ~L3. Figure 3; is 400 feet long and 73 feet "Vide . 25X1 D 25X1 D Driver Training Area Irregtil,:' -round sc arrina indicates a 6.000- hy 4,500-foo, probable driver training area d. Figure 3). Trackage pattern indicates use of this area by tracked wheeledvehicles. heave _. and scarring is evident onm"1-_ALENTand KFYI101F photo_raphy. The size of the area" and the pattern Of -round --inc scar- h a. -:-iJo gone no change fronm 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 D I r Air Turzel Chart Sorio= Jd.od. Doc- G_' (-E('RET) 25X1 C (TOP SECRET RI FF)Jul 5, ( OP SECRET CHF_~S) S:~l'.'. Jan 57 (TOP_ ECRET CHE'"~) Out G ; (SECRET No Furoi-,n Di,-('7 TOP SECRET CHESS RUFF 25X1 C