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December 3, 1974
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Apprnvpd For Rd THE WASHINGTON POST Turk Cutoff Deferred Two Months toning it to allow nog' tions. The earlier poste ment is due to expire Dec but if the Humphrey e~ Sion is approved wht'n Aid Bill A roved by ~p Harry Flood Byrd Jr. (In 27 1 By Spencer Rich Washington Post staff writer The Senate approved a $2.7 billion foreign aid bill by a one-vote margin yesterday, 46 to 45, after voting to give President Ford two more months to solve the Cyprus crisis or face a total congres- sional cutoff of all U.S. weap- ons aid to Turkey. Backed by the White House, some GOP loyalists and a coa- lition of middle-of-the-road senators long faithful to the aid program, the bill was steered to final passage by Il:u- bert H. Humphrey (D-Minn.) It was Humphrey who won adoption, 55 to 36, of the key amendment giving r. Ford and Secretary of State Henry, A. Kissinger until Feb. 13 one month after the new Ccon gross convenes in mid-January -to negotiate removal of Turkish troops from Cyprus before a ban on aid to Turkey goes into effect. Thomas F. Eagleton (D-Mo.) said all Turkey aid should be prohibiteft immediately be- cause Turkey had violated aid agreements by using U.S., weapons to invade and. occupy portions of Cyprus. Eagleton said a delay would only allow the Turks to entrench them- selves in Cyprus and refuse to negotiate, thus letting them reap the fruits of their aggres- sion and force a partition of the island. Humphrey responded, how- ever, that Turkey had only a ; caretaker government at pres- See AID, A7, COLA ent and therefore negotiations needed more time. It was the second time 'that Eagleton was thwarted in ob- taining an immediate cutoff. In October, Eagleton and House allies Ben Rosenthal (D N Y) Paul Sarbanes (D- 0030-5 PAGE ia- iie to, on. the House takes up its veTSIC' of the aid bill next week, the , ite House will have another ';W'6 months. Sarbanes told reporter he will fight for an immecial, cu- \ra,), however, won 65 to ngreesnent to reduce contribu- tions `to United Nations units from $193.7 million to $165 millicn, and Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) won voice vote ap- proval to drop from the bill authroity to use for hunger in Bangladesh, Africa and Cy- prus $110 million in loan re- payments from recipient na- tions. Humphrey agreed that the money should be reappro- priated by Congress rather than automatically rechan- neled into the aid program. The only money added yes- toff in the House. The sue terday was $55 million pro- could endanger the vuhol' aid posed by Edward M. Kennedy measure. (D-Mass.) for economic aid to The one-vote margin fi- i Portugal' and its former Afri-, nal. passage of the Senat 14 bill can colonies. reflects deep congrPSSion.,i un-, The final bill carries $2501 ha mess with. the a!d pro million in economic aid for'i Gram It has always had )n g Egy,ot, $100 million for a spe-', critics, particularly z :ong vial Middle East fund expected, ,conservatives. But ut cent to be used for Syria, $339 mil years, liberals like rank lion in economic aid -for Is- Church (D.Idaho) and wart rael, $100 million in weapons Symington (D-Mo.) hale , lined, grants and $200 million weap- against the program-tying ens loans for Israel. It bars much of the money g ' a" sup` planned outlays of $16 million 'port corrupt client gnve vertnnents for UNESCO until UNESCO or to develop f jab rte , t t it rob repeals a series of anti-Israel U.S. workers of jobs- resolutions. Church charged ew,rdavtI Other t _provisions bar weap- that aid money ons aid to the military regime "luxury hotels and part-', in Chile., forbid disruptive CIA. ments" and for "suppivl' air- operation in other countries: lines competing with l air Unless the appropriate congres-I lines with subsidized craft sio nal committeesq are notified i I beforehand ,, forbid training of 1 . It's not a reform pi it's not designed to bf the P foreign police and prison c$fi- poor. vials, and restrict U.S. person- Humphrey and his h ckers, net in South Vietnam and: however, argued that ; .e au- Cambodia. thorizati