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December 15, 2016
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August 1, 2003
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October 2, 1970
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Approved For"R~lease 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T0097~61730~~t7 25X1 DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE Central Intelligence Bulletin .: .Secret ~ ~. 2 October 1970 DIA review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 25X1 gpproved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For Fuse 2003/1 SECRE"1'DP79T00975~7300020001-7 No. 0236/70 2 October 1970 Central Intelligence Bulletin CDNTENT S JORDAN: Army and fedayeen elements are said to be disengaging in the north. (Page 1) SOUTH VIETNAM: The new commander in the delta region hopes to clear out the enemy there. (Page 5) COMMUNIST CHINA; The leadership turnout at National Day celebrations offered further evidence of a break in ranks. (Page 7) CAMBODIA: Communist pressure along Route 5 has in- tensified.. (Page 9) LAOS: Government forces are having only limited suc- cess in improving their position. (Page 11) SOUTH KOREA: The opposition p-arty has chosen its presidential candidate. (Page 12) CHILE: Allende's refusal to meet PDC demands has increased strains within the party. (Page 13) 25X1 YUGOSLAVIA-CHINA: Increasing trade (Page 15) ECUADOR: Purchase of French tanks (Page 17) SECRET Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For-,ease 2003/10~T~CTia=RDP79T0097~17300020001-7 JORDAN: Army and fedayeen elements were said to be disengaging in north Jordan in the wake of a new truce agreement reached there yesterday. Arab cease-fire observers led by a Sudanese colonel opened talks in Ramtha with Jordanian and guerrilla officers following Wednesday's heavy fighting in the north. The .resulting agreement provides that armored units of both sides will pull out of the Ramtha-Trbid-Jarash triangle under the supervision of Jordanian police and the fedayeen command. Fedayeen must not carry their weapons in the streets pending their withdrawal to their bases, which is to be arranged by the three-man follow-up committee scheduled to arrive in the north today. Jordanian tanks must pull back two and one-half miles from either side of the main road from Syria to permit the movement of fedayeen supplies., but all other military movements are to be frozen for 48 hours. .During the same period, all armed com- mandos who wish to go to Syria will be allowed to do so; unarmed commandos will be allowed to go to towns in the south. Jordanian officials and civil and military police are to return to their posts. Newspaper accounts indicate that the agreement was being put into effect, at least in the Ramtha area. Jordanian security officials were said to have reoccupied the border post, tanks were ap- parently pulling back from the road, and commandos were reported to be handing in their guns and de- fusing their mines. The number of carloads of armed fedayeen in the streets fell off rapidly. These reports of fedayeen compliance are surprising; the fedayeen had seemed strongly entrenched in the north, and radicals among them had appeared deter- mined to fight on. There are no reports, however, of the .agreement being observed in Irbid, the major fedayeen stronghold. (continued) 2 Oct 70 Central Intelldgence Bulletin SECRET Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For Release 2003/10~CTi~'RDP79T00917300020001-7 In Amman, meanwhile, armed fedayeen were ob- sex?ved manning at 1et~st: one checkpoint, although they. may have been working with the army. Jordanian authorities .have report:ed that "nearly 200" commandos moved out Wednesday--?.little more than a drop in the 25X1 25X1 Central Intelligence Bulletin ~FCRET ppr ve r ~ - Approved For,~lease 2003/16~f6'~'CY~( t~DP79T0097y~17300020001-7 25X1 While the future of the fedayeen movement in or an is anything but clear, the commandos, at least, do not seem to consider themselves defeated. Many are said to regard their performance against the Jor- danian Army as a victor and their morale a arently remains hi h. Central Intelligence Bulletin SECRET Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For'~lease 2003/1~'~~I~-~DP79T00917300020001-7 GVN MR-4 Major Enemy Base Areas Long %uyen A.N. S'a6kNG- Chav Phu (Chau Doc) K@EN. - Rach Gia O. PHONG \ Base Area 4 ~Cao Lanh Phu Vinh~ ITra Vinhl 3:EICRET / CHUI,ONG THfEN BA XUYE ~oy U Mlnh FOfest ~ic hanh Hu~'` p:: ~ CSoc Trangl B A C LIEU (Bac lieu Vinh Lotl SOUTH CHINA SEA 25X1 Approved For lease 2003/10fd1~C?k'RDP79T00975,~7300020001-7 SOUTH VIETNAM: ~he aggressive new commander in South Vietnam's delta region hopes to take ad- vantage of the enemy's weakened condition there to clear out the last major enemy base are as _( Major General Truong, who formerly led the respected South Vietnamese lst Division in Mili- tary Region (MR)-l, plans to try the same tactics he used in the northern provinces, hitting the enemy's main strength whenever possible. He sees the situation in the delta as less serious than in MR-1, and believes aggressive pursuit of weak- ened Communist major units and local forces in the delta over the next two years can destroy most of the enemy's remaining strength. eneral Truong gives first priority to pene- trating Communist base areas, including the Seven Mountains and U Minh Forest strongholds. He plans to construct fire support bases there, and eventu- ally clear these areas of enemy forces. While .acknowledging that such tactics will be difficult and costly in lives, he believes it is essential to deprive the enemy of their strongholds. ~eneral Truong gives second priority to root- ing out as many members as possible of the enemy's network of local cadre throughout MR-4. He admits that there are many old Viet Minh families who give the Communists a basic strength in the coun- tryside there, but he points out that this situa- tion is no longer as serious in MR-4 as it still is in MR-1. Truong also intends to take a more direct hand than his predecessors in MR-4 in run- ning the Regional Forces and Popular Forces in order to improve protection of transportation arteries and of towns and villages. t is almost a tradition in South Vietnam for new military region commanders to introduce broad new programs and reforms, but what progress is 2 Oct 70 Central Intelligence Bulletin SECRET Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved Fc5-r Release 2003/1~'~~I~~DP79T00017300020001-7 made comes slowly. Other South Vietnamese com- manders before Truong hECRET Approved For-?lease 2003/10/01 :CIA- DP79T0097~A17300020001-7 SECRE CHILE: ~$alvador Allende's refusal to meet the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) demands for "demo- cratic guarantees" has increased strains within the p ar ty,,.~ ~'he PDC council announced on 30 September that Allende's response to its demands was unsatisfactory and that the guarantees now-must be incorporated into the constitution by legislative action. This position probably is not acceptable to the left wing of the party, and its publication increases the likelihood of a divisive struggle at the PDC Na- tional Congress this weekend. Other developments have strengthened Allende's posi ion. The Roman Catholic bishops of Chile have issued a formal statement that in effect counsels "Christian acquiescence" in his victory in the pop- ular election. The Marxist-controlled media have praised the statement effusively, and on 29 Septem- ber presented a television program designed to dem- onstrate the "compatibility of Christianity and Marxism." ~In the economic field, French and British in- terests have signaled--probably with-their govern- ments' approval--their intention to conduct business under Allende by firming up pending financial plans before the congressional runoff. Two French auto- motive firms will proceed with a $2.2-million minor- ity investment in a new assembly plant, and British banking interests will go ahead with a $10-million long-term loan to finance imports by the Chilean Government develo ment cor oration. Central Intelligence Bulletin SECRET 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 25X1 gpproved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved For Fuse 2003/1~~f~DP79T009757300020001-7 NOTES 25X1 YUGOSLAVIA-CHINA: Yugoslavia has established a specia section in its Federal Economic Chamber to handle trade with Communist China, which this year is expected to be more than double last year's low level of $2 million. China recently contracted for six marine diesel engines that could be worth over $1 million. And for the first time in ten years Chinese traders visited the Zagreb trade fair where they discussed a purchase of freighters and tankers ranging in size from 15,000 to 70,000 tons. The expansion of regular freighter service, first established this spring, will further facilitate trade betty e -the tw u t ( continued) 2 Oct 70 Central Intellibence Bulletin 15 SECRET Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 Approved F'or Release 2003~~~A~~~1~--RDP79T00~37~A017300020001-7 French AMXv-13 l.,ght Tank SECRET Approved For R`~iease 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975~7300020001-7 SECRET ECUADOR: The government has authorized $15 million for the purchase of approximately 50 French AMX-13 light tanks, according to the US defense attache. Military leaders, arguing that Ecuador's newly discovered oil fields must be protected from encroachment by Colombia or Peru, apparently have overcome objections from civilian officials that the national budget could not support such expend- itures because of an acute fiscal crisis. These officials successfully thwarted purchases of sim- ilar tanks late last ear and of 'et bombers this August. 2 0 c t 7 0 Central Intelligence Bulletdn 17 SECRET Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 25X1 Secre~pproved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7 w~ Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79T00975A017300020001-7